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---------------------BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR  FAQ/WALKTHROUGH-----------------
     Version 1.0         By: LuisMan (cloudlgj@ole.com)           03-24-2000

 Well, finally I arrived to the neverending version 1.0. Now I have the
 correct info about obtaining ranking S and Rocket Launcher, thanks to the
 friend Agustín Lagarete, who sent me a mail with the correct info. I don't
 tested it in my PSX (Resident Evil 3 PAL version is now in Spain...), but
 I played the game with a friend in his house, and requeriments are real. I
 added some codes to the Gameshark. The codes are in the page of GameShark
 Codes Creator Club. You can arrive there using the link at GameFAqs. Now, if
 you have one thing that I missed, or something that you want to say to me,
 write me an e-mail and I'll put it here (like the translation of the files).
 If you sent me your ranking or anything important and you're not here, send
 me an e-mail telling it to me (it's possible that I missed someone...).
 Only one thing more: thanks to all the people who sent me their conclusions,
 secrets, info, etc... thanks to all of you I could have finished this Faq,
 if you didn't contact with me, all of this couldn't be possible.


  1- Version and Contact

  2- Controls
     2a) Controls with Gun Con 45.
     2b) Controls with Dual Shock.

  3- Frequently Asked Questions

  4- Walkthrough

     4a) Gun Surviving Tactics: How to survive this horror.
     4b) Mixing herbs: The key to keep Ark alive.
     4c) Complete walkthrough.
     4d) A quiet island: argument of Biohazard Gun Survivor.
  5- Weapons and monsters

     5a) Complete weapons list.
     5b) All enemies, and how to defeat them.

  6- Secrets and ranking

     6a) All secrets and tips.
     6b) GameShark codes.

  7- Hall of fame: The best Gun Survivors

  8- Credits and thanks

  9- Legal

   1- Version and contact

   Version 1.0   02/24/2000

  Ranking S real requeriments added. Some GameShark codes put. All ranking

   Version 0.94  02/10/2000

  Ranking updated. Speculations on how to obtain the ranking S updated.
  Added three endings info.

   Version 0.93  02/07/2000
  Alligator info completed. Moths, cockroaches and alligators added to the
  monsters section.

   Version 0.92  02/06/2000
  Save info clarified. Finished files and paths section. Fails corrected.
  Alligator info added, and more changes.

   Version 0.87  02/03/2000
  Saving info added. 8th weapon discovered. Alligator info added. Mixing herbs
  section and argument section created. Documents info created. 180 degrees
  turn movement added.

   Version 0.80  02/02/2000
  Walkthrough complete. More secrets added, and important info about the
  gun collection. Tentacles and spiders info added.

   Version 0.65  02/01/2000
  Secret guns info added. Story revisited. Continue game info added.
  In the next update, I'll update the walkthrough.

   Version 0.51  02/01/2000
  The first update, and not a big update. Corrected a lot of orthographic
  and grammar fails.
  Added information and strategies on how to defeat the final boss of the
  game, in the section 5b.

   Version 0.5   01/31/2000
  This is a Beta version. I have the game since yesterday night. I have
  finished it, but I can't control it in the 100%. I want to continue
  writing this Faq, and put all the secrets of the game. In this version, the
  walkthrough isn't complete, and the secrets version is not good at all.
  I wish to make a Faq with the collaboration of all of you, so if you have
  something to say to me, write me an e-mail, and I will put it in this Faq,
  and you will be in the credits section. Already, if you have one question
  about this game, or on other Biohazard games, I will be pleased to help you
  by private e-mail. Questions about Gun Survivor will be at the F.A.Q.

   2- Controls

   2a) Controls with Gun Con 45.

  Well, Namco's Gun Con works perfectly with the game. I don't know if
  compatible guns work, but in Capcom's page (www.capcom.co.jp) only mention
  Gun Con 45.
  These are the controls:

    A button:       move to the left.
    B button:       move to the right.
    Trigger button: Walk / Shoot.

  Now, if you would walk in the game, you need to push the trigger button
  without aiming at the screen. If you push it one time, you walk. If you
  push it another time while walking, you will run (very helpful). If you
  push the trigger two times, you walk backward. Moving to left and right is
  able with buttons A and B. At first time looks so difficult, but with a
  few practice, the process is very easy.

  To access to the status screen, push A and B at the same time. You will be
  at the typical Biohazard status screen. With the trigger you can select
  items, with A and B you can move around the items and options. If you
  select an item with the trigger, you have three options: use it (if it is a
  weapon, you will select it), the second option which is mix it (for medical
  herbs, and for recharge the weapon), and the third one: check the item.
  Pushing A and B at the same time at the status, you will go back.

  Hold the trigger and push A and B: you are at the main options screen.
  Adjust screen: For center the screen.
  Adjust gun: Center the G.Con.
  Key Config: Buttons configuration.
  Reset: Reset the game.
  Sound: Select mono or stereo, and control volumes.

  Shooting enemies is simple: just aim at the screen, and your character
  will use his weapon.
  By the way, I had a few problems with Gun Survivor at different screens.
  In a 20' screen with a scart cable, the game works perfectly. In a 14'
  screen with scart cable, the game works good, but sometimes, when you aim at
  the screen, your character doesn't shoot. I tried to play with an
  antenna connection, but the gun doesn't shoot at the screen. Sorry, but
  I don't know the real cause of it. If you can, I recommend you to play
  in the 20' screen with the scart.

  There's a good movement that can save you from difficult situations: the
  180 degree turn. Doing it is easily: just press two times button A or B.
  This is really useful when you have a monster at your back, and you need to
  kill it fast. Thanks another time to CheRRy blosSOm for this tip. If an
  enemy is near to you, then this move will put your character in front of it,
  or in front of the nearest object...

   2b) Controls with Dual Shock

  Dual Shock works great, and vibration function is available. By the way,
  playing with a gun is more fun, and is great.
  Controls are the same with the gun; only change the situation:
  Move around the screen: Analog or digital directions
  Run: Pushing X button, or with left analog.
  Shooting: With R1 you can aim, and with the circle you can shoot.
  180 degree turn: Push L1.
  Status screen: Push START button.
  Main options menu: Push SELECT button.

  At the menus, you can select with O, and go back with X.
  The menus are similar with Dual Shock. Only changes the vibration option.

    3- Frequently Asked Questions

  First of all, I like to answer your questions. If you have anyone, or you
  think that you have an important question, please e-mail me, and I'll put
  your question here. Meanwhile, I'm putting some questions that appeared to
  me while playing I was playing the game.

  Q: Can I play with the gun in a pad slot, and the Dual Shock in the other?
     Multiplayer with Multitap?

  A: No. You should play with the gun, or with the pad. The instructions on
     how to use them are in section 2. Gun Survivor is only for one player,
     because of its argument.

  Q: I have the Gun Con connected, but I won't shoot at the enemies. I
     calibrate the gun correctly, but it takes the same way other time.
     When I try to shoot, the character goes forward. What can I do?

  A: Some T.V.'s have problems with this game, frequently the old T.V.'s
     with an antenna connection. Try to play the game in another T.V.

  Q: I can shoot the enemies, but sometimes the gun doesn't shoot at them,
     but I'm aiming correctly. What is the cause?

  A: In 14' screens, the gun sometimes doesn't work correctly. In a 20'
     screen, the game never fail. Playing through it, I discover some trick
     for when your gun doesn't shoot: turn your gun 90 degrees to the left,
     and shoot in that position (yes!! like Brad Pitt in some films!). In that
     position, the gun always shoot. I can't certificate it, but try to do it,
     it really work!

  Q: Where can I save my game? I was looking for ink ribbons and typewriters,
     but I didn't find anything.

  A: Saving is available only at Continue screen, after the monsters had
     killed you. Of course, if you save your game, you can't make an A rank.
     When continue option appears, just let the countdown running. When the
     countdown had finished, a typewriter screen appears, and you can save
     your game. But this will save your inventory, your files, and your ammo.
     You'll need to start the game another time. The save option is available
     to start a new game when you finished another one.
     But if you want to save the game in a location to start in that place
     when you load your game... sorry, but it's impossible.

  Q: Can I play Gun Survivor in my mod-chipped PlayStation? There's an
     anti-mod in the game.

  A: I have a japanese PlayStation, so I didn't see any protection. By the
     way, I have a code:  D0017962 1040
                          80017962 1000    I don't know if the code works,
                                           but if you have the anti-mod
                                           problem, you can try to use it.

  Q: Has the game the same argument of other R.E.'s games?

  A: Gun Survivor has a parallel story, more or less is about the time of
     Biohazard 2. The character is exclusive for this game. Anyway, there
     are locations that looks like Racoon City, like the Factory, but the
     game isn't in Racoon City, is on an island (thanks to RPGr, who sent
     me this info).

  4 Walkthrough

  4a) Gun Surviving Tactics: How to survive this horror.

 -Act just like other Biohazard game: This game isn't a shooting game with
 zombies and other creatures (just like House of The Dead). Is a Biohazard,
 with subjective vision, and first person gun shooting combats against
 Umbrella creatures. Explore all locations, give all items, use the herbs
 correctly (mix red with green all times you can), and, if you can, dodge
 the enemies, because the ammo is not unlimited (well, in easy level, simple
 gun ammo is unlimited), and try to defeat enemies with the simple gun.

 -You can't save your game, so if you want to play Gun Survivor, you need
 a minimum of 2,5 hours for beat the game. Well, you can save your game, but
 if you do it, you can't access to a good ranking at the end of the game.
 Use it at your own risk! By the way, you have a good number of continues for
 if you had lost all of your life points.

 -When you enter in a location with a good number of the undead, first run to
 a corner, and now you can shoot the enemies. Is less dangerous than stay in
 the middle of them.

 -When you had use all the bullets charged in your weapon, your character
 reload the gun immediately, in an automatic process. The problem is when you
 are in the middle of a battle, because the process takes over three seconds.
 In this time, you're very vulnerable.
 When you have only one or two shoots charged into your weapon, quickly
 change to the status screen, select your weapon, and select the command
 "mix", and now select your ammo. Now go back to the combat, full of bullets.
 This slow process can save you from dying. By the way, if you have the
 handgun C, you can reload very quickly (this gun has only 15 bullets, but
 I think it's more interesting the fast reload. Thanks to RPGr for the info).

 -Try to run all the time. Running, the monsters can't catch you. The zombies
 are very easy to dodge. Of course, the lickers and the hunters aren't easy
 to dodge. With that monsters, I recommend you to use powerful weapons to
 defeat those monsters (the shotgun is a good option). Use the 180 degree
 turn. It can save you from one of those monsters named lickers and hunters.

 -Shoot Mr. X always: The very hard monster of R.E.2 is here. But don't run
 away: here is much easier than in R.E.2. I defeat him all times with the
 normal gun. You only need to discharge a lot of ammo in his body and in his
 head, and reload your weapon like I said before. He'll punch you two or
 three times, but he doesn't hurt you. Is easy to defeat and, of course, when
 he fall he gives you some hard ammo (often shotgun shells) for use against
 hunters and lickers, or for the final boss.

 -Take all keys and other objects. It's strange, but this Biohazard has an
 unlimited inventory. All objects have a function, so make sure that you
 have all of them.

  4b) Mixing herbs: the key to keep Ark alive

 I'm making this section for all the people who don't know the mix utility
 on Biohazard games. Gun Survivor looks like the other R.E. games at this
 point, so the following chart is the same for all Biohazard games.
 The chart is done by CheRRy blosSOm, taken by one of the Biohazard previous
 releases, because he suggested me to do this section:

  GREEN HERB: 25% of life recovery.
  RED HERB: Multiplicity another herb effect.
  BLUE HERB: Cures poison (spiders and tentacles can poison you. I tested it).
  GREEN+RED: 100% of life recovery.
  GREEN+BLUE: 25% of life recovery and cures poison.
  GREEN+BLUE: 25% of life recovery and cures poison.
  GREEN+BLUE+RED: 100% of life recovery and cures poison.
  GREEN+GREEN+GREEN: 100% of life recovery.

  4c) Complete Walkthrough

 I only finished the Easy version, but it looks the same game in Normal.
 Only seems to change the enemies strength, and the number of items. You have
 infinite bullets for the handgun in Normal and Easy.

 Later than the introduction, take yourself to the metal door. Go through it.
 Check the body, and you will have your first encounter with a zombie.
 Kill it, and have the key from his body. Enter the right door, and kill the
 two zombies inside. Enter the door to your right: kill the three zombies,
 take the maneuver of the clock, and the key in the table. Go back, and enter
 into the next room by the door in front of you. Now kill another three
 zombies. Go through the left door, to reach the arcade room. Take the green
 herb, and read the file on the table. Dodge that poor zombie, and don't
 waste your ammo. Go back and put the maneuver in the clock. Go down by the
 stairs. Dodge that spider, and go to a room with three zombies and the
 outsider key. Go back to the clock passageway, and go through the closed
 door with the key. Kill those dogs, and answer the telephone ring (there
 isn't anyone). Go down by the stairs. Take care, here are two lickers. If
 you can dodge them, do it. This is better than try to kill them with the
 normal gun. Take the key and the green herb. In next place, answer to
 another telephone ringing, and a man who called you Vincent (am I Vincent?).
 Use the key in the left door, and you'll see the Umbrella Corps for first
 time, in an automatic scene. Now, you'll kill the first one, too. Enter the
 next room. Now, a man kills two of the corps, and try to kill you. Take the
 key, and go back to the arcade room, and go through the big door using
 the key. Kill three corps, and now take the metal bar in the table. Go down
 by the stairs, and kill another three corps, take the medical spray on the
 billboard, and get out of here going downstairs. Here's the glock C, and a
 sewer entrance: use the metal bar in this, and go down by the ladder.. Go
 right there, and use the painted door to enter a safe room (but without
 saving option). Read the diary and know Lot, a boy who runs away. Take the
 shotgun shells, and go back the boy. Go through the passageway (Caution!
 here's a licker!). Enter into paradise, and know another three zombies.
 Enter the left room, kill another 3 zombies, and reach the next room,
 with a key, waiting to be used. Go back, kill the three zombies another
 time, and reach the door in front of you. Kill two zombies, take the sog,
 and go into the cell. Kill the nude zombies, and go through the door and
 the passageway: Now, there's a right door (who introduce your self to a
 zombie in a toilet, and the great shotgun), and a door in front of you.
 Reach the outside. Kill the three dogs, go upstairs, and then down, using
 the sog. Here's Mr. X. Send him a lot of Glock shots, and he'll doesn't
 touch you. When he fall down, he'll give you flame rounds. Don't go
 upstairs, and reach the next door. You're in a pub: take the herb and go
 upstairs. Now take the VIP card from the table. Mr. X appears another
 time: do the same way, and you'll receive Flame rounds. Go downstairs. The
 stubborn boy of Mr. X is now here. Another rain of shots, and you will have
 more shotgun shells. Now use the VIP card into the reader next to the door,
 and now you can go to the Umbrella corporation. Enter in it; take care with
 the licker in the hall, and take your first magnum rounds. Go through the
 next door, killing the four zombies. Take the herb next to the broken
 elevator, and go inside the other. In 13th plant you will see the first
 twice of hunters. Enter the left door, and you'll see a girl in a monitor,
 and, of course, Mr. X another time, with his respective shotgun shells.
 Near the table, there's an Umbrella card. Take it, and go back to the hunters
 passageway, using the Umbrella card into the elevator. Go with it to the
 next room with two lickers. Enter the next room, and you'll have a message
 from... Your mother? (uff, it looks like Silent Hill...). You'll talk with
 one of the main characters: Lilly, the sister of Lot. Go through the next
 door: you'll see Mr. X another time, full of shotgun shells. Go down in the
 elevator to enter a passageway with a difficult licker (dodge it if you can)
 Go downstairs and reach the parking lot, kill the three dogs, and take the
 Grenade Launcher what is on the car. Go to the next stairs, and go back the
 two boys. Kill that hunter, and continue running by the sewer. In the next
 room, there are two spiders waiting for you: dodge them. Go up by the ladder,
 to the garden; take the green herb and the blue herb, and now enter into the
 house. Enter the parents room first to catch the red herb, and into the
 children room later, finding Lilly here. She told you to save her brother
 (hey, can you see the fantastic posters of Street Fighter II and Ghost n'
 goblins at this room?) Now go back to the garden, kill the zombies and go
 upstairs. Kill the dogs here, and take care of the too scary hunter; go
 through the next door, push the control panel and two lickers will attack
 you (you can dodge them). Now go out, and you'll go with the charger to
 the factory area. Take the other charger, and now kill the hunter. Go to
 the next room, and our friend Mr. X will receive you with shotgun shells
 for you, being scolded by two dogs. Continue to the next passage, take
 the red herb, and enter through the left door. Follow the path being
 attacked by a lot of corps; take the way to the factory killing dogs and
 spiders. Of course, the main door is closed. Go to the right passage, and
 you'll find a door here. When you'll enter the hall, you'll hear a cry from
 Lot. Take the grenade rounds, and descend the stairs. Here it is another
 time: shoot Mr. X. Push the button in the control room, and use the elevator
 to go down. Take care of the nude zombies (like all Biohazard, the Umbrella
 Lab. has nude zombies...) and go to the right door. In the passageway,
 go through the first door you can see. Go to the next room, kill the licker,
 and take the MO disk. Go back killing the tentacles, and reach the nude
 zombies room, taking the left door now. Use the MO disk in the terminal,
 kill the doc zombies, take the grenade rounds, and go back to the ID's door
 room: use the blue panel, open the gate which contains two tentacles and
 an ID card. Open the ID's door and take the blue herb and the flame rounds.
 Now go through the door in front of you, and you'll see a lot of Mr. X's,
 but you only need to fight against one. Take his shotgun shells, and reach
 the next room: you'll see an automatic scene of Lot and a hunter (you need
 to kill that hunter). Now, the typical countdown of all Resident Evil takes
 place. Now, your character remember all about his past (his name isn't
 Vincent, is Ark Thompson; he's a friend of Leon S. Kennedy). Take the
 passageway , connect the blue panel here, and you'll open a way in the
 wall. Take the key in Tirant room, and go back. Now, one Corp is going to
 kill you, when Tirant "saves" you. Now you can fight him (this is what I
 call "The First Impact), but it's not much difficult: shoot at his body all
 faster you can, and he will fall down. At the next room, kill the last three
 zombies, take the magnum rounds, and go to the heliport by the rail train
 with Lot and Lilly. Now, you need to fight Tirant two more times (this is
 what I called The Second Impact and The Third Impact). Well, the tactics on
 how to defeat him are in section 5b. Only one thing: the flame rounds what
 Mr. X gave you works very good into his body.
 Congratulations! you've finished Biohazard Gun Survivor.

 This walkthrough is following one of the available ways, following different
 paths. It haven't all Gun Survivor secrets and info. This guide is for all
 of you who play the game for the first time, and you need help because you
 are in a dead point. If you would like to know all secrets and paths, go
 to the secrets section.

  4d) A quite island: Argument of Biohazard Gun Survivor.

 Gun Survivor has a parallel story in the world of Resident Evil. It takes
 place on an island, far form the streets of Racoon City. If you haven't
 finished the game and you don't like to know its argument, don't read this.
 But if you see that I missed one point, please let me know, and I'll put it
 here. If you have more info than I put in this short resume of the argument,
 please let me know, too.

   "The story starts at a helicopter. Our character is fighting with someone.
 Finally, Ark (this is his name) falls down, and crash into the ground. Now
 he has his memory in blank. He only has one thing in his mind: "I must
 survive". Now he can see only his gun: "This gun is everything I have". He
 enters into a mansion. Now he discovers the mansion's problem: a lot of
 undead walk into it, without destiny, without fear... They lost everything,
 and now they only have one instinct: kill Ark. Walking without a previous
 route, Ark can hear a telephone call. A man, talking hardly and slowly call
 him Vincent: "Vincent... your a murderer, a... murderer!" Now Ark thinks that
 he is Vincent: "Am I Vincent? No! I can't be a murderer!" Then a helicopter
 arrives, charged with a lot of men dressed in black, with machineguns,
 telling Ark that they came to clean up the zone. Quickly, Ark sees that they
 are enemies. Ark reaches the department of a company named Umbrella. At this
 company, he reads the Vincent's diary (can he really be Vincent?). Now he
 meet one girl of about 11 years, hearing a call of Vincent's mother, telling
 him to stop everything. Ark tries to protect Lilly, but his brother Lot don't
 like Ark, and the two brothers run away, with Ark at his back, through the
 sewers. Ark arrives at the house of Lot and Lilly. Lot isn't here, and Lilly
 demands to Ark to go back him. Ark accepts, and he find Lot being attacked
 by a hunter. Lot tells Ark that he is not Vincent, that he is Ark Thomson.
 In Umbrella's laboratory Ark remember everything: "I came here to help my
 friend Leon S. Kennedy!" When Ark, Lot and Lilly try to run away from the
 island, a new monster enters in scene with a destruction countdown. Ark
 annihilates the monster, and he run away with the two boys, when the island
 blow away, in a helicopter. Tyrant appear one more time, but ark, making it
 fast, send him two helicopter missiles, that destroy Tyrant definitively".

  5- Weapons and monsters

  5a) Complete weapons list

 -Glock: It's the normal gun. You can charge 17 bullets into it (easy mode)
         There are four different versions. I did see some differences
         into them, like more fast reload, etc... These guns seem to be one
         of the most important secrets in Gun Survivor.I  recollected  the 4
         guns. The gun works good with zombies, dogs, and Mr. X (really! I'm
         not lying!). Are named A,B,C,D. (Thanks to RPGr for his help here...
         Guy, you'll be at this Faq a lot of times! Good work!!)

 -Shotgun: Very useful weapon. I used it with hunters and lickers with
           excellent results, and I used it with the final boss, too. Mr. X
           gives you a lot of ammo for this weapon when you defeat him.

 -Magnum: Another great weapon. Certainly, the best weapon in the game (and
          in Biohazard games, too). The problem is that there are only a few
          in the whole game. Works perfectly in lickers and hunters. I
          recommend you to reserve magnum ammo for the final boss (you'll
          really need it).

 -Grenade Launcher: Another powerful weapon. You'll find it at the parking
                    lot. It can load Granade rounds (the best for lickers),
                    Flame rounds (perfectly to kill the tentacles) and Acid
                    rounds (good ammo for all monsters, at all). The problem
                    with this weapon is the time to load one round after
                    other. Mr. X gives you a lot of ammo for this launcher.

 -Rocket Launcher: The secret weapon of all Biohazard games. I don't saw it
                   yet, but Phil P.K. told me that he has it. Phil told me
                   that you need to obtain the S rank to have it.
                   This very powerful weapon has infinite bullets (it can
                   destroy EVERYTHING).
  5b) All enemies, and how to defeat them.

 -Zombies: What can I tell from them that you don't know from these creatures?
           They are the most "lovely" creatures in R.E. series. They are just
           like the other games: slow guys, with a tough body that resists
           about 4 or 5 shots. Kill them with a long distance, but be careful,
           at short distance in a big number, they can make a lot of damage.
           The easiest creature in the game. They have three different forms:
           the normal zombie, the nude zombie, and the doctor zombie. The
           last two forms are more resistant than the first. If you aim at
           their head, you can make more damage (thanks to CheRRy blosSOm).

 -Dogs: They are very fast. You can kill them with the normal gun without
        problem. Stay alert, because they attack in pairs. I recommend you
        to kill them in pairs: when they attack, shoot at the dog which is
        sooner at you. It will fall in the ground. While it's recovering from
        the shot, shoot at other. Now you can shoot another time at the first
        dog. If there are another dog, do the same way. If you're alert, they
        are not difficult to defeat. Killing with shotgun is good too.

 -Crows: I only have seen them two timse, at the first minutes of the game,
         breaking down a lot of windows. They are only a decorative object,
         so don't waste your ammo in them.

 -Spiders: You can dodge them easily, but if they put you in a corner, use
           your Glock B and they will be history. They can poison you, but
           always there a  blue herb near to save your status.

 -Cockroaches: You only see them one time, in path 2C. Don't waste your ammo
               in those insignificant monsters.

 -Lickers: Uff, they are very hard enemies. Dodge them all the times you can.
           If you have the shotgun, they are good enemies for test the
           weapon. With 3 shots of it, they die. You can try to kill them
           with the normal gun, but I killed a few of them with that gun,
           and it takes about 25 shots. Of course, they did a lot of damage
           in my character while I was shooting them. Grenade rounds works
           good in their bodies, at last.

 -Hunters: These old friends of the first Biohazard are here with a lot of
           strength. They attack in a big number, but they are easier
           than they looks. Wait in a corner until one of them run for you,
           and using the normal gun, send it a lot of shots (reload when you
           need it with the status screen). He doesn't hurt you, and no need
           of using powerful weapons. But if they are a lot, and they attack
           at the same time, I recommend you to run away.

 -Umbrella Corps: These guys are new for this game. They are sent by Umbrella
                  with the mission of clean the zone (you included). They are
                  mutated humans, with claws like Tirant in left hand, and
                  a machine gun in the right one. They fall down with 2 or 3
                  shots, but always attack in a big number, and they are very
                  fast. I recommend you to dodge them, and run away (they
                  can hurt you a lot).

 -Tentacles: They're the typical tentacles of Biohazard 2. People told me to
             kill them with the shotgun. This is a very good option, but if
             you want to save your ammo, I tell you that I killed them with
             the Glock. They're not much of 7 or 8 shots. One thing: don't
             let them poison you.

 -Big Moths: The same monster of the Umbrella laboratory in Resident Evil 2
             appears here with another one of their specie. Don't waste
             hard ammo, kill them with the Glock (and take care of their

 -Alligators: The hardest enemies in the game. They are really DIFFICULT.
              You'll encounter them at the end of the path 3C. Use your
              best ammo here. I recommend you to fight them (they attack in
              pairs) the second or third time you play the game, because
              you'll need a lot of ammo to defeat them. Take care of your
              life: if your in "caution" level, they can make you an attack
              that causes you a damage of two levels down (so you'll die one
              attack later the caution level). I fought them at the Normal
              level, and I wasted all my combinated herbs. Tyrant is easier
              than the two alligators: I use only one combinated herb with
              Tyrant in his three transformations, but a lot with the
              alligators. Take care of yourself...

 -Mr. X: The final boss from Resident Evil 2 is here, with the same moves of
         that game. He has outstanding intros, but is much easier than a
         simple licker. Equip the normal gun, and shoot him all time you can,
         until he fall down. He'll hurt you a little, but nothing from other
         world. Really, is easy to defeat him.

 -Final Tirant: This tough guy is the final boss of Gun Survivor. You need to
                defeat him three times:
                1st. Impact: You'll encounter him at the final stage of the
                game, at the passageway to the heliport. This form is a
                little bit easy. You only need to discharge two or three
                clips of the normal gun into his body, and he will fall down.
                2nd. Impact: At the heliport. He is the same guy, but now
                he can run very fast, and he'll attack you permanently. If
                you have a big number of powerful ammo, use some of it. But
                if you have only a few of this ammo, shoot him with the
                normal gun. I recommend you to have now about 20 bullets for
                the Magnum. You will need them...
                Mutation: The final encounter with Tirant is just after the
                second impact. Now he shows you his real form. This big guy
                is really tough, so don't think it two times: shoot him with
                the best of you. Only shoot, reload at the status screen, and
                use the herbs when you need them. Well, if you like a
                harder encounter, you can kill him with the normal gun. When
                I fought against him, I only used 4 Magnum bullets, and
                the simple gun (it takes a long time). I needed about 100
                shots before he fell down, and medical mixed herb. Well, if
                you have a faster trigger, it's not difficult to defeat with
                the normal gun.

  6- Secrets and Ranking

 Like all Biohazard games, there are a few secrets, available for all of you
 who can make the records of the game. I received mails that helped me a lot.
 Now I know that when you start a new game with the CONTINUE option, you're
 allowed to use all the ammo that you had at the end of the last game (looks
 interesting... Now I only need to keep some good ammo...). Thanks to
 Leornado for his help at this point.
 Thanks to all of your e-mails, now I can make this section much better.
 Well, let's start:

  Gun Collection
  The most important secret in Gun Survivor is the Gun Collection. Here are
  the 8 kinds of weapons, and how to obtain them.

 -Glock A: Be sure you have it when you enter the game.

 -Glock B: At the hospital. You'll need to take the 2B path to obtain it.
           This gun is faster than A.

 -Glock C: At the arcade room. Take the path 2A. It has a rapid reload.
 -Glock D: Take the path 2C (the library). Is the most powerful Glock, but it
           only charges 8 bullets, and it's very slow.

 -Shotgun: At the bath, just after the jails.

 -G.Launcher: At the parking lot of Umbrella building, on a car.

 -Magnum: At the later part of the game, the room with an inactivated
 -Rocket Launcher: Obtain the S rank, with the R. Launcher requeriments,and
                   it's yours.

  Different ways, the same path.

 This section is for explain the mystery of the different ways to beat the
 game. First of all, I need to thank the collaboration of CheRRy blosSOm here:
 he explained me all the info about this.
 The game has multiple ways to go. They take you to the same place, but the
 path is different. For example: you have two doors, one to the left, and one
 to the right. If you choose the left option, you'll not be able to come back.
 Of course, the situation changes for all of the paths. It's possible that
 you don't see any foe, and it's possible that you'll encounter Mr. X four or
 five times (well, I think that possibility is good, isn't it?). But the
 interesting part of it, is looking for the weapons. If you like to have all
 of them, you'll need to play the game several times, choosing different paths
 in your games.

 There are four places where different paths appear. Depending on your
 decisions, the foes can variate, etc... and the story changes a little (a lot
 of people think that there are three endings, but only change the guy killed
 by Tyrant). Well, these are the 4 places explained, with their respective
 paths, and the objects waiting to be collected in theirs.

  1st Decission

 At the start of the game, after you'd killed your first zombie, take his key,
 and look around: there are three doors. Take the path you preffer, their are
 very similar (one green herb, one file and zombies). I recommend you to enter
 one of them, and in your next game enter another different:

 1A) The chappel. There are a key in the right door to open the left one,
 a clock maneuver. At the left room there is a passageway with a door to reach
 a room with a green herb, a file and a zombie. Put the maneuver in the clock,
 go downstairs, take the key dodging the spider, and use it in the closed

 1B) The restaurant. Is the second door you can see. Take the key from the
 fridge, the green herb of the passageway, the file in the kitchen, and go
 away (very quick way).

 1C) The cinema. Take the green herb, go upstairs and take the file and the
 35 mm. Use the last one in the projector, and go down to take the key, and
 go away (another quick way).

  2nd Decission

 After the second telephone ring. You can see three doors, that contain a
 gun all of them, and a file two of them:

 2A) The arcade room. Going by this path, you'll meet the Umbrella Corps.
 Take the sewer opener, the herb, the first aid spray (if you wouldn't
 obtain a good ranking) and the Glock C from the sewer entrance.

 2B) The hospital. The second door you can reach. Take the Glock B, a file,
 the herb and the sewer opener. Take care with Mr. X, and go down by the
 sewer entrance (the largest path).

 2C) The library. The last door you can see. Go upstairs, take the green
 herb, reach the next room, kill the hunter and take the Glock D. Take the
 file, and go away using the sewer opener in the entrance (a very quick

  3rd Decission

 Right after the prison, when you see Mr. X for the first time (if you didn't
 take the hospital, of course). Both of the ways are very short, and they
 haven't guns or anything interesting. Take the way you preffer.
 There are another optional way, what is explained at the alligator info.

 3A) The roof. Take the stairs. Now go by the roof, killing the Umbrella
 Corps. Arrive at the Umbrella building.

 3B) The pub. At this path you'll fight Mr. X three times. At first time, this
 could sound horrible, but X will give you shotgun shells three times (I
 preffer this way because of it).

 3C) The alligators way. Its location is explained at the alligator info.
 This path is really DIFFICULT. You'll need to go through a lot of hunters
 and lickers. At the final part of the path, you'll need to fight the two
 alligators. This path is for authentic Gun Survivors...

  4th Decission

 Just before the factory. Here there are three ways:

 4A) Right door. Ark will fall because of a rocks landslide. you only need
 to follow the path, being attacked by a lot of Mr. X's (but they haven't
 anything for you...).

 4B) Elevator. Follow the path dodging the hunters and the lickers, to reach
 the factory. This is the shorter way of the three, but if you're not good
 dodging monsters, try to go by the next...

 4C) Left door. Go by the grass way killing all the corps you could see.
 This is the easiest way, because these corps only attack separately.

 These are all the paths. Now, if you want to go by the shoter way, take the
 combination: 1B, 2C, 3B and 4B. If you want the easiest way, I recommend
 you to take: 1B, 2A, 3A and 4C.

 Daniel St. George send me a VERY useful map of the different ways. This is
 his map. Thanks for all the time you spent on it...

 Map of the Paths in Biohazard Gun Survivor

         First zombie [Movies, Clock, Noraml]
         / | \
         | | |
         | | |
         | | |
         \ | /
         2 Dogs ringing phone
          2nd ringing phone [Arcade, Hospital, Library]
         / | \
         | | |
         | | |
         | | |
         \ | /
         Sewer (where you see Lot)
             / \
         Stairs \
          | \
          | \
          | Guard Tower [use rope]
          | |
          | |
          | Mr. X [Jazz Club or Stairs (to Umbrella Soldiers)
          | / \
          | | |
          \ / /
           \ / /
          Umbrella HQ
           Water way
       Lot and Lilly's house
            Rope way [ Grass Lands (Umbrella Soldiers), Fall of Cliff 
      / | \ (Mr.X), or Tunnels (Licker and Hunters ]
            / | \
            | | |
            | | |
            | | |
            \ | /
           Tyrant 1
        (if picked Arcade Tryant kills the leader of the cleaners)
        (if picked Libary Tryant kills Mole Man) 
        (if picked Hospital Tryant kills The Real Vincent)
            Tyrant 2/3
 I obtained this ranking at the first time:

          RANK B

  Clear Time:  02:04:06

    Hit Average: 72%
    Killed monsters: 141
    Continues used:  1
    Gun Collection:  ***** of ********

 Well, with my experience and yours, now I can say what do you need to obtain
 Rank A: -Limited time.
         -About 60% or + of hit average.
         -Don't use a lot of sprays (I used one, and I obtained A).
         -Don't use any continue.

 I think that this is very, very easy to do. Thanks to the letter of
 Phil K. P., now I know there are another ranking: the S. adopted from the
 Dual Shock version of Biohazard 2, this is the real best rank of Gun
 Survivor. Thanks to Agustín Lagarete, these are the requeriments to obtain
 the ranking S.

         -Play it in Normal.
         -Beat the game in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes.
         -About 75% of hit average.
         -Don't use any spray.
         -Don't continue the game, and don't save it.
         -Kill ALL the monsters what you encounter (really important to do).
         -All weapons obtained except the Rocket Launcher.

 Now, you need to obtain a different ranking to obtain the Rocket Launcher.
 This Rocket Launcher can kill any foe in only one shot. Here are the
 requeriments (thanks to Agustín Lagarete for the info):

         -The same requeriments that in rank S, plus:
         -Kill ALL enemies.
         -Kill a total of +999 in all games you've played.
         -Have all the files.
         -Make a ranking S.  

 People told me that they obtained rankings with three hours, and asked me
 how to obtain good rankings. I obtained A with less than an hour. The
 keys to do that are:
     -Don't kill enemies: dodge all of them you can (I dodged a lot of
      zombies, all the lickers, and a good number of hunters).
     -Try to avoid all rooms without useless things like herbs (well, herbs
      are very useful, but you don't need to take all of them...).
     -And finally a trick: play the game two or three times, killing all
      monsters with the Glock (I recommend you B or C), and when you start
      your next game, you'll have a lot of ammo for the shotgun and the
      grenade launcher. Now, you have ammo for killing all the monsters
      without using the Glock (and dodging all of them you can, of course).
      Because of your last games, you will know the shorter ways, and
      you will finish the game with a very good ranking.

  Files mystery

 If you'd played Gun Survivor, is possible that you had collected a few files
 or documents in the game. These files are the same of the other Biohazard:
 tips, secrets and the story of the game. But in that game, you keep the files
 what you collected in the past game for the next. You don't need to have all
 files to obtain ranking S, but if you want the Rocket Launcher, better you
 look for them.
 These are the files, and their location:

  1-Take path 1A.
  2-Take path 1B.
  3-Take path 1C.
  4-At the hospital, in a room, path 2B.
  5-At the library, path 2C.
  6-It's Vincent's Diary. The safe room just before Paradise (when you know
  7-In the office where is the key to open the prison.
  8-First jail in the prison.
  9-At Umbrella building, the monitoring room where you see Lilly.
 10-At the control room of the Umbrella building (where is Lilly).
 11-At Lot and Lilly's room, at their house (on the desk).
 12-At the factory, at the place where you obtain the MO disk.
 13-The Tyrant files, at the room of this monster.

 Talking about these files: I want to put all of them here, but because I
 don't know nothing about japanese, I can't. If anyone of you had learned
 a little of japanese, or if you know this idiom well, please, can you send
 me an e-mail telling what they say, please? All info will be very
 interesting, something... if you can understand only a little, please tell
 me what do you know, please.

  Alligators info
 There are a special enemies at the game, at the path 3C. First, I wish to
 thank all the people who helped me with this mistery: Phil K.P. for his
 first info about it, Daniel St. George for his map and his info, and
 Alessandro for his info about finding the two moths.

 First, just after the jails where you see the first nude zombies, go with the
 rope to the corridor, with a left door that takes you to the bath, and
 another to go outside. Put your character in front the door to the outside,
 and turn 180 degrees. Now you can see a well-hidden stair advice. Go to the
 left of the advice, and you'll go down that stairs. Reach the next door
 dodging that zombies, and fight the two giant moths at this point. Near the
 blue herb there's an air conduct, where you can use your rope. Now you're
 in a sewers very similar to the sewers of Resident Evil 2. Continue running,
 killing a good number of hunters and lickers (well, I dodge them...), and
 finally you'll arrive to a place with herbs, and a door what takes you to
 the same alligator pool of R.E.2 (sorry, but here there aren't any gas
 containers). Depending your last paths, a different character will close
 you inside the pool. Now you need to kill two big alligators. The strategies
 on how to defeat them are in the weapons and monsters section.

 For me, these are the real bosses of Gun Survivor, instead Tyrant is the
 unic boss of this game. The alligators are more difficult than the three
 Tyrant forms. If you don't believe me, try to kill them...

  The three endings

 Well, I can't call them endings. I'm talking about one epilogue: the epilogue
 of Tyrant killing the person who wanted to kill Ark, at the end of the game.
 The path selection 2 is relacionated with this. If you have chosen the path
 A, then Tyrant will kill the cleaners leader. If your path was B, then the
 victim will be the real Vincent (this seems the real epilogue...). And if
 you have gone by path C, Tyrant will kill Erandy. I don't know if taking
 a path or taking other can change the ranking, but it's possible. Anyway, I
 think that the most correct path is B... Well, this isn't important, because
 all of them will suffer the consequencies of the second impact, or they will
 turn into LCL at the third impact (is this true, or I'm so Evangelionized?).

  GameShark codes

 If you didn't finish the game, you can test these codes, or if you only want
 to watch some great weapons like the Rocket Launcher. All the codes are from
 the Gameshark Codes Creators Club, so try to look at their page.

         -Infinite Health             800A8974 00C8
         -All Weapons & Ammo 
                                     80063D78 0A00
                                     80063D7A 0011
                                     80063D7E 0A01
                                     80063D80 000F
                                     80063D84 0A02
                                     80063D86 000F
                                     80063D8A 0A03   -All codes have two
                                     80063D8C 0008    lines of space-
                                     80063D90 0B04
                                     80063D92 0008
                                     80063D96 0C05
                                     80063D98 0006
                                     80063D9C 1007
                                     80063D9E 0001
                                     80063DA2 0F08
                                     80063DA4 0001
                                     50000706 0001
                                     80063DA8 000A
                                     50000706 0000
                                     80063DAA FFFF
                                     50000F06 0000
                                     80063D7C 0000

  7- Hall of Fame: -The best Gun Survivors-

        POSITION  Rank   Time    Hit Av. Killed M.  Continue  Gun collection

A. Lagarete 1    S       0:58     88%       174         0         8 of 8

Ah King     2    S       1:02     87%       137         0         7 of 8

Daniel STG. 3    S       1:01     78%       145         0         7 of 8

Phil P.K.   4    S       1:21     75%                   0         8 of 8

Paulinus FX 5    S       1:26     84%       197         0         7 of 8

LuisMan     6    A(Nor)  0:40     89%        44         0         7 of 8

RAzor       7    A       0:51     95%        41         0         7 of 8

J. Ribas    8    A(Nor)  1:06     85%        93         0         6 of 8

MarinoBerrŐ 9    A       1:11     86%       146         0         7 of 8

MastKilla  10    A(Nor)  1:16     78%        68         0         7 of 8

Alessandro 11    A       1:25     75%       128         0         7 of 8

CheRRy B.  12    A(Nor)  1:27     86%       121         0         7 of 8     

J. Ribas   13    A       1:26     73%       126         0         5 of 8

Xilpher    14    A(Nor)  1:20     81%       190         0         4 of 8

RPGr       15    A(Nor)  1:35     63%                   0         5 of 8

The Game   16    A       1:57     67%       161         0         5 of 8

Armand S.  17    A       1:47     74%       457(GS)     0         7 of 8

DeadEye    18    A       1:49     77%       149         0         5 of 8

Oxides     18    B       1:50     79%       ---         1         4 of 8
Leornado   19    A       3:20     77%       114         0         5 of 8

 Just one thing to say: I think that the isn't the most important thing to
 reach to the top of the rank. I evaluate your results analyzing all the
 skills on all tops of the ranking, not only the time. Hit average is
 important, less kills helps you to go up in the ranking, and gun collection
 is very very important. Now, I want to say it one more time: don't lie about
 your ranking, or I will know it (I can recognize a false rank easily). You
 don't win anything doing it, so don't do it.

 Finally, it seems that Agustín is now the final Gun Survivor. Well, he's the
 best, but if someone beats him and I have some info to update the Faq
 another time, I'll put him here (well, only one more time killing those
 zombies, and I'll be here, he, he, he)

  8- Credits and thanks

 This section is for all of you who want to contribute with my Faq. You will
 be at this section, and I'll send you an e-mail. Thank you.

 A special credit: Thanks to Capcom, for giving us great survival horrors like
 Biohazard series, and for Gun Survivor, some fresh air to the Biohazard saga,
 and a new concept, a new idea. Thanks.

 Now, I wish to thank all Biohazard fans who sent me mail. If you're not in
 this section, please send me another mail: like I said in the Introduction,
 I had lose some good mails. I like to put you in this section, so please
 send me another mail.

 RPGr: Good work, man! You had show me a good quantity of secrets, and the
 real place of the story. RPGr told me the gun collection right info, too.
 Your collaboration is really appreciated here. Other thing... What Rpg's
 have you finished in all ways? I'm a fan of those games, and I'm always
 disposed to talk about them, so right me an e-mail, right? (Now I'm in
 Lunar SSSC...)

 Leornado: Thanks for your info about the continue option, I've not seen it
 after you told me. You can make all questions you like, I'm decided to
 answer you... in this game, and in others, of course.

 CheRRy blosSOm: Thanks man. You'd help me a lot. Your info about the
 different paths were very good, and your opinions on how to defeat enemies
 very useful. Thanks for the weapons info too (it was excellent, at all).
 With your second e-mail suggestions, I updated the Faq another time. The
 idea of files search, the herbs chart, the 180 degree turn and more things
 are from him. You're at the right line, man!

 Zhichao: You had make a good work, too. Your info about the four handguns
 and their characteristics liked me a lot.

 The Ginsu Victim: Sorry for had lost your mail. Finally, I recovered it.
 Thanks for your info about the continue option. 

 Helene: Thanks for your info about saving the game. People sent a lot of
 e-mails answering it. Good work!

 Phil K.P.: He is the actual best Gun Survivor. He told me the S rank, and
 the 8th weapon. Thanks to you for this info, it's very useful.
 Thank you!!!

 Alessandro: Good work on your info about the two moths, and about everything.
 Will be in contact.

 Daniel St. George: You've made a great good work, man!!! you sent me the
 biggest e-mail about Gun Survivor (in five different e-mails). Your info
 about monsters, and the alligator is very good, and your map is perfect.
 Thanks a lot, Daniel.

 Paulinus FX: Thanks for your info about defeating monsters, is very good.
 And now, for giving me all this info about obtaining S rank. Thanks a lot!

 SpeedySwaf: Thanks for giving me the info about the Biohazard novels.

 Ah King: Thanks for your info about obtaining S rank, and for the pic about
 the ranking... Thanks!

 Agustín Lagarete: Real thanks for you, man! thanks to you now I know the
 real requeriments on how to obtain the ranking S. Good luck and thanks!

 DeadEye: Thanks for all your help in all these PSX games by these past
 years, you know what I'm talking about, aren't you?

 Oxides: Thanks for all your info, is really helpful!

 And finally thanks to the people who sent me their ranking. I'm putting
 their names here: Masta Killa, Xilpher, Marino BerrŐ, The Game, Armand
 Soebagio, Razor, and to the other people who sent me their questions by
 private e-mail: Ragoo, Paolo,...


 Copyright(C) Luis Garrido 2000/SPAIN 
 This Faq is for private and personal use. This Faq is not to be used for
 profitable purposes, etc... You can't change any part of this Faq. If you
 want to reproduce your Faq in your website, please send me an e-mail telling
 it to me, and give me full credit at your website.

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