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|                - = G U N  S U R V I V O R = -                   |
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|            - = F A Q / W A L K  T H R O U G H = -               /
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|Biohazard Gun Survivor (NTSC/J) Walkthrough                      |
|Also covers Resident Evil Survivor PAL (EU) & NTSC (NA) Versions |
|For The Sony PlayStation Game Console & PC CD ROM                |
|Version 5.0 - 7th September 2000 9:00AM NZST                     |
|Written By Rob McGregor                                          |
|E-Mail - mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz                                    |
|Webpage - http://www.new-blood.com                               /

No portion of this walkthrough may be reproduced without written
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May I add, to people making Resident Evil webpages this is a note
to you: I FORBID any webpage to use this walkthrough without
my PERMISSION. I see many web pages using other Resident Evil/
Biohazard walkthroughs on their webpages without the right to
use them, or having them chopped up. If I find this used in any
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I will peruse action. If you wish to use this guide, please
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will be used.

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| - 1.0 - T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S                         /

1.0 - Table of Contents
     1.1  - Updates
     1.2  - Introduction
     1.3  - Read Me!
     1.4  - Review
2.0 - Game Info
     2.1  - Story
     2.2  - Controls
     2.3  - Characters
     2.4  - Enemies
     2.5  - Weapons
     2.6  - Item List
     2.7  - Inventory/Option Menus
     2.8  - Saving
     2.9  - Tips for Surviving Survivor
     2.10 - To G-Con or not to G-Con
     2.11 - European/PAL Information
     2.12 - North American Information
     2.13 - PC Version & Other Info
3.0 - Walkthrough
     3.1 - Opening
          3.1.1 - Church
          3.1.2 - Restaurant
          3.1.3 - Movie Theater
     3.2 - Waterside
          3.2.1 - Arcade
          3.2.2 - Library
          3.2.3 - Hospital
     3.3 - Sewers and Paradise Prison
          3.3.1 - Courtyard/Guard Tower
        - Night Club
        - Rooftop and Warehouse
          3.3.2 - Underground
     3.4 - Umbrella HQ
     3.5 - Waterway, House, and Ropeway
          3.5.1 - Cliff Side
          3.5.2 - Tunnels
          3.5.3 - Ellemona Testing Grounds
     3.6 - Umbrella Factory/Lab
     3.7 - Final Escape
4.0  - Maps
5.0  - Ranking
6.0  - Misc
7.0  - Files
8.0  - Secrets, Cheats and Codes
9.0  - Additions to be Made
10.0 - FAQ
11.0 - Legal Info
12.0 - Credits Etc.

|                                                                 |
| - 1.1 - U P D A T E S                                           /

Version 5.0 (II)
- There wasn't any _real_ new additions to extend the guide that
  shouldn't have been added ages ago, so Version 5 stands
- Added info about PC releases
- Added info about "Survivor History"
- Updated FAQ
- Added more crazy things to the Misc section
- More enemy updates made from users
- Hopefully should be the final update ever made to this guide

Version 5.0
- Revised Introduction
- Added More Info About North American Released
- Revised Read Me!
- Added New Info to Enemies
- Revised North American Information Section
- Revised Misc Section
- Revised Secrets, Cheats and Codes Section
- Revised Additions to be Made
- Revised FAQ
- Revised Legal Info Section
- Revised Credits Section

Version 4.0
- Revised Introduction
- Added North American Release details
- Revised Read Me!
- Added New Info to Enemies
- Added New Info to Weapons
- Revised Tips For Surviving Survivor
- Added North American Information section
- Revised Misc section
- Revised Secrets, Cheats and Codes section
- Revised FAQ section
- Revised Legal Info section
- Revised Credits section

Version 3.0
- Reformatted Version list
- Item List revised to V2. Doesn't require any more info I feel.
- Moved Review (1.3) to 1.4 and added Read Me! as 1.3
- Added notes and made corrections to sections
- Added Gun Ratings
- Added drawings of screens to Inventory section
- Revised PAL info
- Revised Ranking Info
- Added the Misc section
- Revised Action Replay Codes
- Revised Addition List
- Updated the FAQ
- Updated the Legal Info

Version 2.0
- Item List V1 added.
- European Action Replay Codes Added.
- Basic Euro info added.
- Files added :-)
- Revised FAQ.
- Revised Review.
- Slight spacing changes for ease of reading.

Version 1.0
- Well, what can I say. Full guide worked on, and established.
  Still, there is lots to be added (see Section 8.0).

|                                                                 |
| - 1.2 - I N T R O D U C T I O N                                 /

Well this is not like me at all. Biohazard (Resident Evil) is my
favorite game, and besides the small walkthrough for Resident
Evil I have at my web page, I swore I would never write a full one
for any of the games. But here I am doing it.

Well, Gun Survivor. What can I say about Gun Survivor. It's not
everyone's favorite (nor my own) but for some odd reason I found
the game to be quite fun, for at least a while anyway.

Really I could chuck my whole review in as the intro, but I'll
leave that to the actual review below.

This guide tries to cover everything a player will need to get
the best out of Gun Survivor when they play it. It contains
everything, so you might not want to read the whole thing, or
you may spoil part of your enjoyment of the game.

May I add to those who e-mailed me at my webpage, IT DOES NOT
TAKE PLACE IN RACCOON CITY. I don't know why, but people always
bug me about where it takes place, and even though I have the
game, I tell them that it doesn't take place there, most have
the cheek to e-mail me back saying "such and such webpage said
it takes place in Raccoon." Trust me, I know what I'm talking
about when I say it does not.

Now that I've picked up Resident Evil Survivor (well I rented it)
I decided I better update so that I can also help the Europeans
out a little more.

When I got it out it felt weird playing it in english after seeing
this so many times in Japanese. It was also refreshing at points,
although some of the item details were simular.

I have also finally obtained the direct info on ranking for both
BHGS and RES (at least added some more info that is worth knowing),
so if you have been waiting to see what you need for rankings then
you should race to that section.

I've added a lot since version one, and now with the US version
released I assume this will be the last version, unless something
big comes up, which I doubt will happen. There will be small
updates should a lot of misc things pile up in my mail box after
a few months, but that will be about it.

Other than that, should you have any questions on anything that
isn't covered here then e-mail me at mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz.
Please, just make sure what your going to ask isn't already
covered. A good idea would be to read the "READ ME!" section (1.3)
and the FAQ section (9.0) first and see if your question is
there already. If it's not then send it on over. :-)

- Rob

|                                                                 |
| - 1.3 - R E A D  M E !                                          /

######################### N O T I C E ! ############################
##                                                                ##
## This is just a quick notice to everyone about the game and     ##
## e-mailing me. I know this is important so please take note. Do ##
## not e-mail me reguarding saving within the game. To learn more ##
## about the save features of this game, head to section 2.8      ##
## which deals with this subject. This saves me and you a lot of  ##
## time when it comes to finding the info out.                    ##
##                                                                ##
##                                                                ##
##                                                                ##
## With the US release of Resident Evil Survivor the game is now  ##
## available in locations everywhere. Capcom has still not fully  ##
## acknowledged the reason for the US delay or removal of gun     ##
## support though it seems to have a few reasons such as          ##
## shootings in schools, or delay because they thought the gun    ##
## support was not needed or other such rumors. I assume it's     ##
## just something that will never properly be revealed, so you'll ##
## just have to live with it being this way I guess.              ##
##                                                                ##
## Shameless plug time!!!                                         ##
## If you want to talk about this or anything else to do with the ##
## RE world check out my site, Resident Evil: A New Blood at      ##
## http://www.new-blood.com  There you can read more on the games ##
## talk about the games at my forums and read my Timeline on the  ##
## games. Check it out now.                                       ##
##                                                                ##
## Quick Key:                                                     ##
## BHGS = Biohazard Gun Survivor                                  ##
## RES  = Resident Evil Survivor                                  ##
##                                                                ##
######################### N O T I C E ! ############################

|                                                                 |
| - 1.4 - R E V I E W                                             /

Biohazard heads into a new direction, with Gun Survivor, using the
G-Con or standard controller, the game is a different take on the
whole survival horror genre. This review will cover the various
parts of the game separately. Please note this is not a typical
tell you the game but not review, this review may spoil what
small elements of info you can find out in Survivor.

Story: 4.5/10

Overall the major factor to disappoint me was the story. There
isn't much substance to it, and although the idea could have been
worked on, it's quickly rushed to its conclusion. I have this
feeling that the team worked so much on designing the game, and
getting it to work well they just wrote the story in half an hour.
Okay, so you start with no idea of what is going on, and there is
a slight amount of speech to help the game along near the start
also, but it drops off until you learn what has happened all
happens in the last 10-15 minutes of the game, and the main
character manages to remember everything all at once with a quick
rush to try to wrap up the game in a neat little package. He has
a couple of flashbacks, but it didn't develop enough, and the lack
of details in some things stopped me from understanding some other
things. (such as the fact he was sent by Leon to the island, but
why?, how did Leon find out about it?, where is the island? etc.)
All these could be covered in game (some may be in files-which I
will have to wait for the US release), but yet all he says is he
was sent there and he remembers he's Ark Thompson. The multiple
paths = multiple enemy stories was nice, and a slight bit
redeeming to the story, but was also cut short due to the 10 minute
rush that happened above.  Also, the lost child idea has been done
before in Resident Evil 2 (a lot of the ideas/evens in the game are
very similar to Resident Evil 2), and looses even more of the
story's originality. Overall, the story was the thing that spoiled
the game more than anything, which is really unfortunate, due to
the fact the games usually have a decent story at best.

Once I had the background info from the translated files, the story
made a little more sense, and was enough to give it a mark and a
half more, due to the fact it opened the story a little. Still there
is some work that could have been done on the storyline to this game.

Sound Effects: 7/10

As with most of the Biohazard/Resident Evil Games, most of the
sound effects don't seem to be a noticeable thing, but if you look
for them they shine through to make the experience better, and
this game is no exception. All the weapons are nicely sounded and
footsteps make the main experience, including your sounds of broken
glass being stepped on. Zombies sound the same as in Resident Evil
2, and overall the sounds are mainly crisp and clear. As for the
voice acting, well it's the thing the most despise. I am yet to
judge if this has the worst acting ever, but it really sounds like
Lot goes through about 3 voice actors because of the change in
tone of voice. Quite frankly, the voice for his little sister
Lilly sounds more male than he does in some places also. The best
acting does come from Ark in some places (mainly because we here
him more often than others) but still the acting is way below
average, and could have done with a lot more work.

Music: 9.5/10

Yet, the music is completely perfect. The games are known for their
high quality, excellent music and Gun Survivor has the same high
standard. Music is, as usual, set to the standard of what is
happening on screen, such as a quick rush for a large group of
monsters or dramatic score for story related action, and at
sometimes no music is used just to keep the spooky quietness
of not knowing just what is coming.  I really can't say much more
than that, it's just the usual perfection.

Control: 7/10

Well, there are only 2 things to say. G-Con or No G-Con. Overall
the experience is there with the G-Con, but the game is a heck of
a lot harder.  The controller is rather generic, the settings
rather more standard to the other games, but quite oddly, the
control settings fit this game more than any of the others, due to
the 1st Person View. There are some downsides as to moving around,
but overall you shouldn't have too much trouble with getting used
to it. The quick lock comes in handy quite a bit with turning
around to target enemies and finding other items. As many people
have said, the centering is annoying. And I agree. It's good with
the controller, seeing as you would have to target the zombies and
other enemies a lot more, but they should have had the option to
turn it off, as it's a pain with the G-Con, and also would make
the game a heck of a lot harder, and thus better in some ways.

Graphics: 7/10

Well, even though people say the graphics are shocking, I don't.
They are the best the team could do, and the same as Dino Crisis'
ones, it's just that your seeing them in a larger and different view
point. But, I will get down to the points of it. There are some
things they could have changed, added etc. The blood effects should
have been one thing changed, it just doesn't look right, and the
way all the objects you need to pick up are majorly oversized for
picking up. They could have put some pickup points in the shelves
and such, to make you search for some items. There was also the fact
that all the objects had that sparkle to make you notice them, it
was okay, except I've never seen a rope give off a metallic sparkle.
Probably the best thing is the enemies, they look good for the
way they are being viewed (they are the same models as in Resident
Evil 2 being viewed differently), and there was very few problems
with the animations, although the do seem to skip a few frames every
now and again. Occasionally the high amount of graphics also causes
the game to slow down, it's very noticeable at points, and especially
when you use the rapid-fire gun or Rocket Launcher. Overall, I do
have to give the development team credit for what they pulled off
with what they had to work with, and if they develop a sequel for
the new machines out there now, it will be very interesting to see,
after what was accomplished with the Battle Mode in Code Veronica.

Overall Comments: Game Earns  7/10

Well, all I can say is it really is fun to play. When I saw the
game, I believed the game would be no fun, and I'd end up not
enjoying it. But it was enjoyable. The puzzles are not too hard,
mainly key for a door to exit the area, making the gun shooting
part a more main idea of the game, and that is fun also. It would
have helped if the game had been given some more originality in
some places (the game has so many things from Resident Evil 2
it's not funny), but still is original in it's own right. The game
is a largely interesting experience, and besides the few problems
is a fun game to play, and I look forward to a sequel on a console
that will handle the idea much better.

High Points:
- High Amount Of Shooting Fun
- Multiple Paths
- Excellent Music

Low Points:
- Bad Story Involvment
- Too Easy Puzzles
- Auto Centering

|                                                                 |
| - 2.0 - G A M E  I N F O                                        /

Well, I'm going to work my way through the basics of Gun Survivor.
This should help you understand the game, and make your own
decisions on what is best for you. Well, that's a load, this is
just a bunch of info that needs to be added.

Basically, the game is straightforward enough. There is a little
bit of randomness, but the paths are easy to follow, and you
should be able to get through on Normal on your first time (You do
have 4 continues should you die).

|                                                                 |
| - 2.1 - S T O R Y                                               /

In 1998 a disaster struck the quiet midwestern residence of
Raccoon City. An uncontrollable outbreak of the Umbrella created
T-Virus transformed the city into an inescapable death trap. To
stop the outbreak from spreading, Umbrella Incorporated was
forced to wipe out the entire city. However, this was not the
only location where an outbreak occurred...

Zombies roam the streets. A helicopter flies across the sky.
A figure in white latches on to the bottom, pulling up on the foot
of the chopper to get inside.

"You're not going to get away!"

A shot fires, and there is an explosion, the figure plummets
towards the ground, as the helicopter flies off out of control,
heading towards the ground below also.

The helicopter crashes with a deafening sound, as the pilot rolls
out onto the ground to escape the burning wreckage before
collapsing unconscious.

A short time later the pilot wakes.

"My head hurts... I don't want to believe I have lost my memory...

My past is buried somewhere at the back of my mind. Trying to
recall any of it is like trying to grab hold of fog...

What has happened here? Something is not quite right. My instinct
tells me there is trouble ahead. I have to get out of here.

Who am I? What is destined to happen to me? Am I doing the right

Nothing makes sense...

But wait, one thing is for sure. The only thing I can trust is
this gun. My gun will show me the way... I will survive... I'm
going to prove that I can survive..."

|                                                                 |
| - 2.2 - C O N T R O L S                                         /

The basis of GUN Survivor, is the fact that it works with Namco's
G-Con (Japanese and European versions only). It doesn't mean
playing it with the controller is anything bad (I personally
prefer the controller over the G-Con for playing but you can't
really beat the gun for more fun and for a authentic playing
style) but for those import style types who got the game and
can't understand the instructions here is the info you need.

- Namco G-Con Default Settings (BHGS and RES)

A - Move to the Left (onscreen/inventory)
B - Move to the Right (onscreen/inventory)
A+B - Access Inventory/Resume Game
Double Tap A or B - Target closet Enemy/Object
Trigger - Walk (gun away from screen-tap trigger once again to run)
        - Shoot (gun at screen)
        - Select objects/options
Double Tap Trigger - Walk backwards (gun away from screen)
Hold Trigger+A+B - Option Menu

The G-Con settings can be hard to get to work, and to get used to.
Some people also experience problems playing Gun Survivor with the
G-Con at certain sized screens and with certain visual out
connections (I had problems using a RF on the TV in my room). The
best way to get around these is to use a different TV and
connection, and if you can't then you will have no choice but to
use a standard controller.

- Standard PlayStation Controller (Default Settings BHGS)

D-Pad - Moves character/Moves crosshair
Circle - Selection Button/Fire Weapon when drawn
X - Cancel Selection
Square - Fire weapon when drawn/Run
R1 - Draw Weapon
L1 - Target Closest Enemy/Object
Start - Accesses Inventory/Skip Movies
Select - Option Menu

If you have a analog controller, then
Left Stick - Moves character/crosshair
Right Stick - Accesses Inventory

All other buttons are the same in Analog mode. Gun Survivor is
Dual Shock compatible for those of you with the pads (like me)
and vibration is set to on when you start the game.

If your used to the standard Resident Evil US controls (X is
Select, Circle is Cancel) then change the settings from A to B
type in the options menu.

- Standard PlayStation Controller (Default Settings RES)

D-Pad - Moves character/Moves crosshair
X - Selection Button/Fire Weapon when drawn
Square - Run
R1 - Draw Weapon
L1 - Target Closest Enemy/Object
Start - Accesses Inventory/Skip Movies
Select - Option Menu

If you have a analog controller, then
Left Stick - Moves character/crosshair
Right Stick - Accesses Inventory

All other buttons are the same in Analog mode. Survivor is Dual
Shock compatible for those of you with the pads (like me) and
vibration is set to on when you start the game.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.3 - C H A R A C T E R S                                     /

Ark Thompson
Role - Main Hero
Weapon of choice - Glock 17 w/ inf. ammo

Ark is the main hero in Gun Survivor, and starts off without
knowing who he is. On his trip through the island that he's on he
begins to believe that he is really a mass-murderer called Vincent
that everyone is after. During the game, he will find out more
about who he really is, why he was on the island, and who sent him

Lott Klein
Role - Little Boy Lost/The Informant
Weapon of choice - Multi-colored baseball bat

Once your down in the sewers, you end up meeting up with Lott.
Unfortunately, he decides to run off and you end up following him
for a long distance, all the way to a lab area.

I don't know why, but I believe Lott is really Rott (due to the fact
that the map of his house says "Rott's House" as the title) but it
sure as hell sounds like the characters are saying "Lott!" when they
call out his name. I do also have to ask, who the hell names their
kid Rott anyway?

Andy Holland
Role - Psychopathic Supervisor
Weapon of choice - Gleaming light shining off his bald head and a

Andy seems to be a supervisor for Umbrella. As Ark makes his way to
the library you'll meet up with him, and find that he is calling
you Vincent and a murderer. You hear from him a few times in
various paths, but he doesn't play an important role

Lilly Klein
Role - Little Boy Lost's Little Lost Sister
Weapon of choice - Closets and Bear Faced Overalls (Agh... The

Lott's little sister, who decides it would be fun to be running
around with Lott between various types of monsters. She is smart
enough however to stay home and hide when Lot takes off to the
Umbrella Factory/Lab complex.

Vincent Goldman
Role - Mass-Murdering Scumbag
Weapon of choice - Laughing and Yelling

The real Vincent seems to know what will happen with Umbrella's
squads coming in to clean up the mess that has happened. Other
than that he seems to like fighting Ark, and panicing.

Cleaner Leader (UT Troops)
Role - Leader of Hybrid Human Umbrella SWAT members
Weapon of choice - Loud breathing, and a high powered H&K MP5

When the team drops in, you may get to see this guy yelling
orders. If you pick the right path, he will meet up with Ark
before... well, you'll just have to play to see.

Role - Umbrella Bio-Weapon Creation
Weapon of choice - Large clawed hand, wide open mouth with a
huge tongue.

As with every other game, there has to be a Tyrant as a boss to
fight, and Gun Survivor is no exception. Starting out as a weird
blue freak, Survivor's Tyrant goes through three stages of change.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.4 - E N E M I E S                                           /

There are many enemies you will find in the game. This should cover
them, along with how hard they are to beat, what you should do to
beat them and their general location in the game (if I can give it
to you). I'll put basic info here, but I may add more info for some
of the bosses etc. in the actual walkthrough.

- Zombies

The ol' war-horses of Resident Evil are as usual, your main attackers
they can be found just about everywhere in the game. Zombies
shouldn't give you too much of a problem, except for when they are
in large groups or you are stuck with one in a small location. Any
of the handguns are good enough to take them out. The skinless
zombies are also prone to be dropped quicker by hitting them in the

- Dogs

Mainly located in street areas, the T-Infected doggies, seem to love
running around in circles. Their attack patterns are very random, and
they are sometimes hard to target due to their speed. The best thing
is once you have shot one and knocked it down keep shooting at it to
keep it on the ground. This way you should have no problems with the
dogs at all.

- Crows

Besides the movie theater, and occasionally randomly placed in street
areas, you probably won't come across these flying pests too often in
the game. If you do, crack out any of the handguns and just take pot-
shots at them 'till they are all dead. A very easy enemy.

- Spiders

There are 2 types of Spiders in the game. The normal brown and black,
which occasionally charge, but do very little else but sit there
allowing you to shoot the crap out of them. The others, which are
green and black are vicious little bastards who like to spit acid at
you and also charge. For the easy ones, you could use any of the
handguns, you could also use the handgun for the hard ones (if your
feeling like getting a little injured) but I would advice something
a little stronger for the green and black ones.

- Cockroaches

You should only meet these once in the game (and on a certain path
too). The room will be dark when you enter it, you will be able to
hear them, but they wont attack until you switch the light on. When
you go nuts with what ever handgun you have and you should be able to
take many out, but while still getting attacked. They are a pain, but
are easy to kill. The best idea is just run for the door instead of
wasting your time though.

- Hunters

The hunters also make an unwelcome return. The team hasn't taken the
wussy easy to beat hunters from Resident Evil 3, nooo, they decided
to use the old green gorilla ones from Resident Evil, and man these
things are still as hard to beat as ever. They jump, they swipe,
they do everything the ones in Resident Evil did. If they are by
themselves you should be able to take them out with a handgun
(prepare to maybe get swiped with a claw once or twice if you aren't
careful) but if there is more than 1 attacking use your shotgun,
you'll take them out a hell of a lot quicker.

  Aya Brea <i_love_aya@hotmail.com> suggests:
    "(For) hunters, just keep targeting it (I use handgun C
     for the quick reload time).. if it leaps into the air
     and is about to hit you, take a step back... When it
     gets close, you'll pretty much be guarenteed to win..
     Just keep shooting with a rhythmic timing.. As long as
     you are shooting at it, it cannot claw you... After 3-5
     shots or so, it'll leap behind you, but it never hits
     you... Keep your finger on the L1 all the time (I don't
     have a G-Con) and you'll track it, and you can easily
     target the hunter again... It'll eventually die... As
     for reloading, the quick reload feature of the handgun
     C should be quick enough so probably won't get hit by
     the hunter.."

- Lickers

I still can't decide which is worse, the Hunters or the Lickers in
this game. I have a tough time with them both. As with the Hunters,
if they are by themselves you can should be able to take them out
with a handgun (prepare to maybe get swiped with a claw once or
twice or tongued a couple of times) but if there is more than 1
attacking use your shotgun, you'll take them out a hell of a lot
quicker. As for the darker Lickers, you may need to use a shotgun
to kill them, especially if they come in pairs.

  Kevin Ratten <email@kevinratten.com> suggests:
    "A major use for acid rounds: they kill the red lickers
     with one shot - not so effective against the dark ones,
     but still do the job."

  Aya Brea <i_love_aya@hotmail.com> suggests:
    "As for lickers.. Stay away from it but do leave some
     room behind you.. Now keep shooting at it from a
     distance.. When it leaps, continue to shoot at it,
     you'll usually bring him down during the peak of its
     leap... if not, take a step back and you'll be
     unharmed... When it gets too close, run away towards
     the other end of the hall or whatever, it'll usually be
     too clumsy to hit you..."

  Katman <cgalli@teleline.es> suggests:
    "Notice how they jump at you, then claw you? Now, notice
     how they will pause if they run into you in the middle
     of a jump? Well, stand in front of 'em on purpose, and
     they'll pause before the swipe. Now, step back before
     the attack, and shoot them! Easy! Even better, use
     Handgun D to shoot them out of the air!"

Thanks also to the million-and-one people that suggested Acid
Rounds on the Lickers. I guess they do have a use.

- Cleaners

These SWAT guys turn up everywhere. They are easy to kill with a
handgun bullet or two, and can still usually be taken out easily
with groups or 3 or 4 (at the same level). They can be a pain when
they are higher up then where you are, but should still only take
a handgun bullet or 2 to finish off.

- Moths

There are 2 Moths in the game that are in the basement of the
Prison. Such is this, that with a shotgun (and even with the handgun
if you want to) that you should have no problems taking them out.

- Plant Creatures

These turn up in the Factory/Lab nearer the end of the game. They
are easy to take out with a close range flame grenade shot to the
body (the large part at the top) just watch out for them throwing
vines at you and spitting poison at you. Also, if you can get some
distance between you and them, a handgun will do nicely also.

- Alligators

The hardest enemy in the game. If you trek through the second lot
of sewers, then you'll be attacked by not only 1, but 2 of these
things. There are no large gas tanks lying around for you to blow
their heads off with this time. You will have to be a pro (or have
a rocket launcher on you) to get past these buggers. The only
other hints are to have a lot of herbs and a lot of ammo.

  Chino <mega_jet@hotmail.com> suggests:
    "They can easily be takin down without the use of any
     herbs, just a handgun, for some reason, all the enemies
     besides the zombie can't hurt you when your back is
     faced to them, so you can face you back to one aligator
     and back up, and then shoot at the other before making
     the run to the other side, it's only the hunters that
     can be a problem, they jump in front of you a lot ^_^"

Or should you wish to escape them:

  Jim Karagan <jimkaragan@home.com> suggests:
    "If you want to beat the aligators in Resident Evil
     Survivor, all you have to do is shoot the first aligator
     in the head with your hand gun. Give him a few shots and
     the aligator will move to the side giving you enough
     space to run by it."

- Mr. X

Mr. X returns (or should I say in this case, Mr. X's return).
It's amazing to see more than one in one location. Still a long
distances or in open areas you should be able to get through 2
handgun clips or so, and beat him. If your in close range you may
want to use something else but you should be able to get by with
just using the handgun. Also, as like in Resident Evil 2, he will
sometimes drop you an random item.

  Aya Brea <i_love_aya@hotmail.com> suggests:
    "As for Mr. X, it's pretty easy when there's lots of
     space... If not (like in a narrow hallway) make sure
     the hall is wide enough for you to slip through...
     Keep shooting at it from a distance, about about 10-15
     shots (usually 13 shots) it'll twitch... If it does
     not, keep shooting at it, as he's very slow to move
     and attack... When he twitches after 10 shots or so,
     it's your sign to sneak around him... (The closer he
     is, the better this trick works) and you'll be able to
     slip by unharmed MOST of the time (timing is kinda
     tricky) then get around to the other end and shot another
     15 rounds or so to bring it down..."

- Tyrant

Yes, I had him in the character section, but he's also an enemy,
so he also needs to go here also. Overall, his first two forms
shouldn't give you any problems. In the first area he attacks, you
can just shoot at him until he gets too close, then run around him
to the other end and do it again and again until he dies. For his
second stage, you can run all around the heliport taking pot shots
with what ever weapon you want to. As for his third, that's where
you have trouble. Because of one of his moves he can sometime
block your shots, he also jumps a lot, and he can also pick you
up and slam you on the ground (if he kills you he will skewer you
with his clawed arm before chucking you a large distance). The
only thing you really can do, is to continue to run around and
taking shots when he charges at you or when he's turning around,
and hopefully you will win.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.5 - W E A P O N S                                           /

There are 8 Weapons you can get for Gun Survivor. 7 In-Game, and
one which you have to earn. In here I will go into detail about

|                |
|Glock 17 Handgun|

  Default Weapon
  Holds: 17 Bullets
  Best Against: Just about anything
  Infinite Ammo

Speed   - >>>>>>>
Reload  - >>>>
Power   - >>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>

The Glock is your standard firearm. It holds 17 rounds at a time,
and has an average firing rate. You will be stuck with it at the
start and shouldn't have too much trouble using it.

|                      |
|M8000 Cougar G Handgun|

  Found Weapon
  Holds: 15 Bullets
  Best Against: Just about anything
  Infinite Ammo

Speed   - >>>>>
Reload  - >>>>>>
Power   - >>>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>>

You'll find the M8000 at the arcade store room. This gun is
a slight bit slower than the Glock, holds less ammo than the Glock,
but is slightly more powerful and reloads quicker.

|             |
|CZ-75 Handgun|

  Found Weapons
  Holds: 15 Bullets
  Best Against: Just about anything
  Infinite Ammo

Speed   - >>>>>>>>>>
Reload  - >>
Power   - >>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>>

This handgun is very quick in firing, but is slow in reloading. It
Is also weaker because of the speed compared to the Cougar. It's
located at the hospital.

|               |
|Nanbu 14 Custom|

  Found Weapon
  Holds: 8 Bullets
  Best Against: Anything slow or at a distance
  Infinite Ammo

Speed   - >>>
Reload  - >>>>>
Power   - >>>>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>

This gun holds 8 rounds and is the most powerful handgun in the
game, but it's also slow to compensate. Take the path into the
Library to find it.

|               |
|SPAS 12 Shotgun|

  Found Weapon
  Holds: 8 Shells
  Best Use of Ammo Against: Many Hunters, Lickers, The Final Boss
  Limited Ammo

Speed   - >>>>>
Reload  - >>
Power   - >>>>>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>

The SPAS holds 8 Shells and is a powerful weapon. Although it's
stats aren't the greatest it does come in handy when your surrounded
and if your facing the last boss. It's located at the showers, just
after the jail cells in the prison.

|                    |
|M79 Grenade Launcher|

  Found Weapon
  Holds: 1 Shell (Acid/Flame/Grenade)
  Best Against: Flame works well on plants, Grenade works well on the
                last boss and various other enemies, Acid doesn't have
                much purpose in Survivor for anything but general
                attacks. I still haven't tried them on the Aligators
                yet, so perhaps.... Lickers maybe.... :-D
  Limited Ammo

Speed   - >>>>>>>>>
Reload  - >>>>>>>>
Power   - >>>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>>>>

The Grenade Launcher is back yet again. Using various rounds, the
Launcher will help you greatly. The reason this has such high stats for
both Speed and Reloading is that as it fires it's reloaded so it means
both the speed of firing and reloading are extemly quick. It's found on
top of a car at the Parking lot of the Umbrella building.

|              |
|S&W M19 Magnum|

  Found Weapon
  Holds: 6 Bullets
  Best Against: Just about anything
  Limited Ammo

Speed   - >>>>>
Reload  - >>>
Power   - >>>>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>

The Magnum will be a trusty weapon that will help you many times.
It's located in the later part of the game, on the floor of the
Room with an inactivated elevator (Plant B1) under the destroyed

|                      |
|M20-A1 Rocket Launcher|

  Earned Weapon
  Holds: 1 Rocket
  Best Against: Anything!!!
  Infinite Ammo

Speed   - >>>>>>>>
Reload  - >>>
Power   - >>>>>>>>>>
Overall - >>>>>>>

If your good enough to get S rank, you can be trusted with this
destructive weapon. It will kill just about everything in one
shot. Occasionally Mr. X will block Rockets, but this doesn't
happen often and you should be able to still drop him.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.6 - I N V E N T O R Y / O P T I O N  M E N U S              /

(Gun) Survivor Item List Version 2.0

|                                                                 |
| Standard Items                                                  |
|                                                                 |
| Handgun Bullets - Ammo for all the handguns you will gain.      |
|                                                                 |
| "These are 9X19 Parabellum Bullets that can be used for various |
| handguns."                                                      |
|                                                                 |
| Green Herb - Slight amount of healing from a single herb.       |
|                                                                 |
| "This is a herb that can be used to heal wounds."               |
|                                                                 |
| First Aid Spray - Full health in a can                          |
|                                                                 |
| "This spray will fully recover your vitality."                  |
|                                                                 |
| Red Herb - Triples the effect of other herbs                    |
|                                                                 |
| "This is an herb that can enhance the effect of other herbs."   |
|                                                                 |
| Blue Herb - Cures poision status                                |
|                                                                 |
| "This is an herb that can detoxify poisons."                    |
|                                                                 |
| Shotgun Bullets - Ammo for the SPAS-12 Shotgun                  |
|                                                                 |
| "Shot Shell. These can be used with the S.P.A.S. 12."           |
|                                                                 |
| Flame Rounds - Flame Rounds for the Grenade Launcher            |
|                                                                 |
| "Grenade Flame Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade   |
| Launcher."                                                      |

|                                                                 |
| Grenade Rounds - Explosive Grenade Rounds for the Grenade       |
|                  Launcher                                       |
|                                                                 |
| "Grenade Bearing Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade |
| Launcher."                                                      |
|                                                                 |
| Acid Rounds - Rounds with Acid for the Grenade Launcher         |
|                                                                 |
| "Grenade Acid Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade    |
| Launcher."                                                      |
|                                                                 |
| Magnum Rounds - Rounds for the Magnum                           |
|                                                                 |
| "357 Magnum Rounds. These can be used with the S&W M19 series." |
|                                                                 |
| Mixed Herbs - Various mixtures of herbs will create various     |
|               results.                                          |
|                                                                 |
| "This a mixture of a -- herb (, a -- herb) and a -- herb."      |
|                                                                 |
| Other Items                                                     |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Item Name            | Found             | Location             |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Handgun A            | N/A               | N/A                  |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "GLOCK 17. This is a small lightweight gun, which is made from  |
| plastic and is famous for it's stability."                      |
|                                            Streets Area 1       |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Rusted Key           | Zombie            | Street Area 1        |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a key that looks like it could easily break apart."    |
| Church                                                          |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Chapel Key           | Table             | Chapel Library       |
|                      |                   | Church               |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "It appears to be a key for a chapel."                          |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Clock Winder         | Clock             | Chapel Library       |
|                      |                   | Church               |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "It appears to be a winder for a clock."                        |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Church's Rear Key    | Table             | Church Basement      |
|                      |                   | Church               |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "It appears to be a key for the rear entrance of a church."     |
|                                            Restaurant           |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Manager's Key        | Boxes             | Freezer              |
|                      |                   | Restaurant           |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "It appears to be a key to open the hall entrance of a          |
| restaurant."                                                    |
|                                            Movie Theater        |
|                      |                   |                      |
| 35mm Film            | Shelf             | Projector Room       |
|                      |                   | Movie Theater        |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "The word "Umbrella" is written on the case of the film."       |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Theater Key          | Front Of Theater  | Movie Theater        |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a key for the entrance of a theater."                  |
|                                            Streets Area 2       |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Cracked Key          | Seat              | Waterside            |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This key is cracked and could break at anytime."               |
|                                            Arcade-Bar-Casino    |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Arcade Key           | Table             | Arcade Office        |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a key to access the underground of the amusement park" |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Manhole Opener       | Bar Counter       | Bar - Arcade         |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This could be used to open a manhole."                         |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Handgun C            | Shelf             | Storage Room         |
|                      |                   | Arcade/Casino        |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "M8000 Cougar G. This gun is famous for it's excellent          |
| precision thanks to it's Rotating Barrel blow back action."     |
|                                            Library              |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Handgun D            | Desk              | Upper Library        |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "Nanbu 14 Custom. This is Japan's first automatic gun, which    |
| was used by the Japanese army."                                 |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Manhole Opener       | Table             | Back Library         |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This could be used to open a manhole."                         |
|                                            Hospital             |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Medicine Room Key    | CT Scanner Bed    | Exam Room - Hospital |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a key to open the door of the medicine room."          |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Handgun B            | Desk              | Nurse's station      |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "CZ75. This is a small gun which uses 9X19 parabellum rounds."  |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Manhole Opener       | Shelf             | Operating Room       |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This could be used to open a manhole."
|                                            Prison               |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Prison Cell Key      | Desk              | Office               |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a key for the entrance of a prison cell."              |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Rope                 | Desk              | Prison Hallway       |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a strong rope that could be used for mountain          |
| climbing"                                                       |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Shotgun              | Floor of the      | Prison Showers       |
|                      | Showers           |                      |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "S.P.A.S. 12. This large size military shotgun can be handled   |
| with one arm if used with a stock option."                      |
|                                            Night Club           |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Club Hall Key        | Table             | VIP Room             |
|                      |                   | Night Club           |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a specially designed card key for a club member."      |
|                                            Umbrella HQ          |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Umbrella Key Card    | Floor by the Desk | Main Office 13F      |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is a card key that can be inserted into a card reader.    |
| The word "Vincent" is written on it."                           |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Grenade Gun          | Sitting on the    | Parking Garage       |
|                      | front of the Car  |                      |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "M79 Grenade Launcher. An American made weapon that is          |
| compatible with various types of ammo."                         |
|                                            Umbrella Factory     |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Magnum               | Power Room        | Plant B1             |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "S&W M19. The M19 can handle 357 magnum rounds once the barrel  |
| is extended from 4 to 6 inches."                                |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Activation Disk      | Lab Desk          | Lab - Plant B2       |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is an activation disk for the power reactor."             |
|                      |                   |                      |
| ID Card              | Dead Body         | Plant B2             |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is an ID card of a researcher. You can insert it into a   |
| card reader at the factory."                                    |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Master Key           | Desk in           | Plant B3             |
|                      | Tyrant Lab        |                      |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "This is the master key for the factory."                       |
|                      |                   |                      |
| Rocket Launcher      | N/A               | Inventory after      |
|                      |                   | earning a S Rank     |
|                      |___________________|______________________|
|                                                                 |
| "M20A1 Rocket Launcher. This powerful weapon fires rockets and  |
| can defeat most enemies with one shot."                         |
|                                                                 |

|                                                                 |
| - 2.7 - I N V E N T O R Y / O P T I O N  M E N U S              /

If your new to the Biohazard/Resident Evil Scene, or you can't
understand the menu's in the game (because you have BHGS) then
this section is for you. It covers what you need to know about
the menus.

- Inventory Screen

Once you have accessed the inventory screen you have many options,
and images.

|    ___________________________________   |
|   |  Item  |  File  |  Map   |  Exit  |__|
|   |________|________|________|________|  |
|                                          |
|                                          |
|                                          |
|                                          |
|                                          |
|                                          |
|                                          |
| ______                                   |
||      |    _____________________________ |
||HEALTH|   |                             ||
||______|   |                             ||
||   \__|__ |                             ||
||         ||      Item Information       ||
||   GUN   ||                             ||

In the lower left is you currently equipped gun, and your health
status. You will have a large box to the right of them, that is
where you will get info on various items, and at the top will be
four options; Item, File, Map and Exit. I will go through each of

Item - If you click on item, it will bring up your list of items.
Within this list you can select an item. Lets say you had a Red
Herb, and you selected it. 4 more options will come up. 3 will be
in Japanese kanji, and the last will say Cancel. These four options
are Use, Combine, Check, and of course Cancel. With use you will
use the selected item. In this case you won't be able to use the
Red Herb by itself. By using Combine, you could combine the Reb
with a Green, and then use it. With check you can look at an image
of the items and read some info on it (doesn't help to if you can't
read Japanese) and cancel takes you back to the item menu.

|      ______________________________      |
|     |Equip|Combine| Check | Cancel |_____|
|     |_____|_______|_______|________|     |
|  ______________________________________  |
| | NO ITEM                 | |__________| |
| | Handgun A               | |          | |
| | Handgun Bullets         | |__________| |
| | Return                  | |__________| |
| | NO ITEM                 | | Selected | |
| |_________________________|_|__________| |
| ______                                   |
||      |    _____________________________ |
||HEALTH|   |                             ||
||______|   |                             ||
||   \__|__ |                             ||
||         ||      Item Information       ||
||   GUN   ||                             ||

File - Here you will be able to look at all the files you picked up
in the game again, just incase there was something you missed.

Map - Map shows you a layout of your current location.

And Exit takes you back to the game.

- Option Screen

Once you have accessed the option menu, there is a bunch of various

|                                          |
|                                          |
|               O P T I O N                |
|                                          |
|                                          |
|                                          |
| ____________               _____________ |
||  __________|_           _|___________  ||
||_|           _|_________|_            |_||
|  |__________|             |___________|  |
|             |_____________|              |
|                                          |
|            /|             |\             |
|            \|             |/             |
|                                          |
|                                          |

Adjust Screen - This option allows you to change the placement
centering of the screen.

Vibration - Turn the Dual Shock vibration on or off.

Key Config. - Set the controller settings you wish to use with
Gun Survivor and what ever controller you are using.

Reset - Reset the current game back to the title screen.

Sound - Set the sound volume and output settings.

Exit - Exit out of the Option Menu

|                                                                 |
| - 2.8 - S A V I N G  T H E  G A M E                             /

Okay, so everyone is complaining about how there is no typewriters
in Gun Survivor to save. So everyone is asking how do I save. To
tell you the truth, you can't. Well that's not fully true either,
you can, but it won't save your position, only your guns, ammo,
hit percentage, enemies killed etc. If you load that save you'll
be back at the start with those stats. When you finish the game
then you will also be allowed to save for the same reason (gaining
weapons, status etc.) to continue on with.

Survivor could take you anywhere between 3/4 hour to a few
hours to complete. It just depends on how you do it, so be warned,
you could have to spend up to that much time playing it.

Honetly I don't see why people complain there is no save spots in
the game. It's a shooter people! House of the Dead doesn't have
save spots it has continues, and so does Survivor. Come on, I mean
I read reviews where people took marks off because you can't save
in the game. Absolutly idiotic!

|                                                                 |
| - 2.9 - T I P S  F O R  S U R V I V I N G  S U R V I V O R      /

- I have no idea how many times this has stopped me from getting
injured. When you enter a new room get into an area where you can
shoot the enemies from a distance as best you can.

- You can just about use the handguns for most of the game except
for when you get into tight situations, and perhaps the last boss.
Your choice if you want to take him on with a handgun or not.

- Don't forget to mix herbs. It helps a lot.

Red - 0% Triples others when mixed.
Green - 25% Health
Blue - Cures Poison Status

But when mixed

Red + Green - 100% Health Recovered
Green + Red + Blue - 100% Health plus removes Poison Status
Green + Blue - 25% Health plus removes Poison Status
Green + Green + Green - 100% Health Recovered

- Try out all the handguns once you have all four and find the one
that is best suited to you.

- Decide on which path you will take from what your current ammo
and healing items are like. It's not good going into the sewers
to face the Alligators if all you have is the handguns, and one
green herb.

- As with the other games, Run all the time that you aren't
fighting. It will also help if your going for a good time.

- Also as with the other games, you may want to reload before you
run out of ammo, about 1 or 2 shots left. Especially with the
shotgun, as it takes quite some time to reload.

- When you get into new areas, look around where you started.
Sometimes you will start with your back to a door or entrryway that
is out of your view when you come in.

- Be sensible using the weapons. Flame rounds are good against
Plants, shotgun shells work great against Hunters, magnum works
well on most enemies etc.

- There are various paths to the game, so don't forget to try them
all. You may find some new things happen depending on your actions
throughout the game.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.10 - T O  G - C O N  O R  N O T  T O  G - C O N ?           /

So should you play the game with a G-Con, or better yet should the
gun support be left in the US release.

One word. Yes.

The game is fun either way, but as I have said the game needs the
ability to use the gun. It's extra fun and just gives the game the
feeling it should have. Although the controls are odd, the game is
a different experience when played with the gun.

An odd couple of things popped up about the US version having it
cut. The thing is if it will the support will be fully removed
(ripped out of the coding) or if it will be hidden, because I can
say that if it's just masked there will be people from day one
hacking the Gameshark codes to unlock it. From what I now
understand the G-Con support has been ripped from the games coding
and can not be used with a GameShark code.

Other than that, I want to say if you get the chance to play it
with the gun, do so, it's a lot of fun.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.11 - E U R O P E A N / P A L  I N F O R M A T I O N         /

Amazingly Eidos Interactive were able to release Resident Evil
Survivor onto the PAL market quickly. With Code Veronica's release
in the US, the bad reviews import Gun Survivor was getting, and the
changes to Survivor's Gun Support, it seems Capcom USA is no rush
to release this game in the Resident Evil Saga.

But the difference is that because Eidos will not get around to
releasing Code Veronica until May or June. In this absence
(besides releasing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis over 3 months later
than when the US got it) they have released Survivor with Gun-Con
support to tide of PAL area Resident Evil Fans.

So the game has G-Con support. It's also in various languages. It's
good to be able to have the files in english (especially for those
people who only have the Japanese version and wish to know what the
files say).

Now that I have played Resident Evil Survivor I can say that besides
the translation, the slight name change, and the addition of Eidos
logo :-) the game is no different than it's Japanese counterpart.

The translation is excellent, I have seen very little in the way of
mistakes and even the "disasterstruck" typo in the intro that many
people made fun of from Gun Survivor has been corrected.

Playin it in english has allowed me to understand some of the other
parts of the game nicely and overall fit together nicely. Other than
that nothing special stuck out between Biohazard Gun Survivor and
Resident Evil Survivor.

In some of the sections I also noticed that some of the slowdown
had been corrected. I don't know if this was due to any programming
efforts or if it was due to the fact that PAL games run slightly
slower frame rates than NTSC.

I have BHGS, and I don't see much point in myself buying Survivor,
but if you haven't played the game at all then you might want to
pick up Survivor and give it a go.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.12 - N O R T H  A M E R I C A N  I N F O R M A T I O N      /

   First there was Raccoon City…but unknown to the rest of
   the world, another town is also mutating into a chaotic
   nightmare from the deadly T-Virus. Attempting to flee the
   carnage, a solitary helicopter loses control and crash lands
   in the heart of the chaos. As one lone survivor comes to,
   the sound of screaming and other monstrous sounds
   surround him. Dazed and unsure where he is or why he is
   there, he embarks on a nightmarish adventure where
   cunning and quick reflexes are the key to survival.

   Game Features

   • Experience Resident Evil in first-person perspective

   • The only game of its kind! Full, free movement - no
     predestined track

   • Surprise elements and hidden secrets entwine with the
     Resident Evil storyline

Rejoice Americans Survivor has been released. Capcom released the
game at a very late summer date, on the 31st of August 2000.

The info at Capcoms page has no mention of G-Con gun support,
only mentioning the 1st person view of the game. So I wasn't sure
on the gun support, but from what I've now been told from people
with the game, it now seems the US version of the game has it

On top of that the game is anti-modded, meaning that if you have
a mod chip in your console the game will not play instead giving
you a warning screen. I would have thought Capcom would have
learnt not to do this after Dino Crisis last year, but instead
kept it for Survivor. To get around this you'll need the
anti-mod chip Gameshark codes which you can find in the codes
section of this FAQ.

I also wasn't sure of any changes being made to the game but it
also seems no real changes have been made either.

I think I have everything covered within this guide but if you
find something I should know about and add to the FAQ please
e-mail me at mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz about it.

|                                                                 |
| - 2.13 - P C  V E R S I O N  &  O T H E R  I N F O              /

PC Survivor -

Announced for a recent Japanese release in 2002 and followed by a
European release in December, the PC version is at all counts the
same game as covered in this guide. Should any drastic changes
happen then they'll be updated in here with a Version 6 listing
but I doubt that'll happen.

Gun Survivor History -

Since the release of the game and this guide, Capcom has released
a series of games in the GS series all on the PlayStation/PlayStation
2 consoles. They are:

- Biohazard: Gun Survivor (Japan)
- Resident Evil Survivor (US, PAL)
The game covered by this guide. As it stands Resident Evil Zero
confirms that the story of Gun Survivor is official plot canon by
mentioning Sheena Island in the intro. It's a bit funny to hear it
refered to as the "second Raccoon City" though.

- Gun Survivor 2: Biohazard - Code Veronica (Japan)
- Resident Evil Survivor 2 - Code Veronica (PAL)
Based on Code Veronica this "side story" has no official impact on
the series. Based off an arcade game made by Capcom with Konami it
contains a very Arcade style and many mini-games. Was never released
officially in the US.

- Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis (Japan)
- Dino Stalker (US, PAL)
A non-Resident Evil based gun game. Dino Stalker is again very
arcade based and focus' on easy gun play action.

- Biohazard: Gun Survivor 4 (Japan)
- Resident Evil Survivor 3 (PAL? US?)
The latest yet-to-be-released GS title. Based on a cruse ship and
with a plot line touted to be the original intention for Biohazard
3, this game seems to mix the 3rd and 1st person. Due in Japan in
Feb 2003, an overseas release is TBA.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.0 - W A L K T H R O U G H                                   /

Well, it's onto the walkthrough. Before I start I do have to say
that Gun Survivor has a slight randomness to it. Some enemy/item
locations differ, but most stay the same each time you play. Also
the ammo that Mr. X drops also changes game to game.

Also, if you want to skip movies press Start, please also note not
all movies can be skipped.

If you have problems picking items up, walk over the area where the
item is a few times. If you still can't pick it up, press L1 to see
if you can actually lock onto it, if you can't then you can't pick
it up, if you can, walk up to it again and you should be able to
pick it up.

The guide is played through in Normal, and is the difficulty level
I suggest you play in. There should be little difference found in
easy. Sorry about all the references to "L1" for looking at things
also, I was playing this with the controller, and it wasn't until
after I was finished that I realised that I kept writing that. For
those of you playing with a G-Con, double tap A or B when I talk
about L1.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.1 - O P E N I N G                                           /

Once you have the ability to move, run around the crates and turn
into the side hall and through the door.

Once you're through, you will see the body of the guy who dropped
from the helicopter. Run up to him, and a cinema will take over.
When it will finish, you'll have a zombie in front of you, kill
him and collect the key he drops. You now have the choice of 3

The door to the left of the body leads to the CHURCH, the door
in front of the body leads to the RESTRAUNT, and the door at the
end of the hall of the left leads to the MOVIE THEATER.

If you selected the Church, go to Section 3.1.1
If you selected the Restaurant, go to Section 3.1.2
If you selected the Movie Theater, go to Section 3.1.3

|                                                                 |
| - 3.1.1 - C H U R C H                                           /

Welcome to the church of Umbrella. Once you are inside, there will
be some zombies for you to kill. Once they are dead, take the door
to the right of the chapel.

In this room you will be surrounded by 3 zombies. The best idea is
to run to the right of the zombie in front and shoot them all from
a position against the wall there. Once they are all dead, you can
collect the key from the table around the far corner, this will be
used for the door on the other side of the chapel. Before you exit
get the winder from the side of the clock. Now exit to the chapel.

Run straight ahead and unlock the door. Once inside shoot the three
zombies and go into the double doors halfway down the hall. The
camera will pan around showing you the room. Once you have control
again pick up the file, and go around corner. Shoot the zombie and
pick up the green herb. Now exit back to the hallway.

Run down to the end where the zombies were, and go up to the clock.
You will be prompted to use the winder for the clock. Once it is
put in, it will access the staircase beside the clock. Go down the

Shoot the spider, and enter the door at the end. Shoot the three
zombies, and grab the blue and orange key off the table. Now leave
and head back upstairs.

Go up to the door that you haven't been through yet, and you will
be prompted to use the key you just picked up. Do so.

Go to Section 3.2 to continue

|                                                                 |
| - 3.1.2 - R E S T A U R A N T                                   /

You will find yourself in a kitchen, with a few undead friends.
Get rid of them, and grab the file on the desk. The door around
past the file will be locked, so go into the closest door.

When you get into this section you will see a door infront of you,
but don't go through it yet. Turn to your left, and you should be
shown a storeroom, with a ramp leading down. If you go down around
the corner, you should find a green herb sitting on the floor. Now
go back up the ramp and in the door at the end of the hallway.

You will find yourself in the freezer. Kill the zombies, then grab
the key in the back corner. Make your way back to the kitchen, and
use the key on the door that was locked. Once inside, the camera
will pan around the room showing you the zombies pounding on the

As soon as you shoot one of the zombies walking around, the others
pounding on the windows will break them. Kill all the zombies in
the room, then go around to the front entrance of the room and
exit out the door. Go to Section 3.2 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.1.3 - M O V I E  T H E A T E R                              /

Once inside, shoot any zombies that are around, and grab the green
herb off the counter. Now head up the stairs. Once at the top,
follow the hall around to the next room. Inside, the camera will
pan around the room showing you what is inside. Grab the file off
the trunk in the corner. Go into the other room, killing the
zombie, and grab the 35mm Film. Go back out to the projector,
and go up to the buttons. You will be prompted to use the film.
Do so, and then leave the room.

As you walk or run down the hallway, crows will attack. You can
run or shoot. I usual shoot as they are easy to kill. Either way
head back downstairs. Kill the zombies that have popped up again,
and head into the red double doors by the stairs.

You will now see what was on the film. Now that's what I call
entertainment! Any of you who thought it would be a porno, must be
greatly embarrassed. Pick up the key from the front of the room
and head back out. Kill the zombies that have popped up yet again,
and use the key on the blue double doors by the counter. Go to
Section 3.2 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.2 - W A T E R S I D E                                       /

Once outside you will have 2 dogs to contend with. Once they have
been put down, you can go to answer the ringing phone.
Unfortunately, it stops ringing as you pick it up. Now head down
the stairs to the right of the phone.

Down here you should see one licker. If you shoot it a few times
a second one will jump up from over the side. Once they are both
dead, you should pick up the key from off the seat, and the herb
from the right of the far stairs, before heading up them.

Once your at the top a movie should take place. When it is
finished (or you have skipped it) you will notice you are in a
street. Move up to the end of the van, and you will have another
3 way door decision to make. The door to the left building leads
to the ARCADE, the door of the building straight ahead leads to
the LIBRARY, and the door of the building to the right leads to

If you selected the Arcade, go to Section 3.2.1
If you selected the Library, go to Section 3.2.2
If you selected the Hosptial, go to Section 3.2.3

|                                                                 |
| - 3.2.1 - A R C A D E                                           /

As you enter the Entrepot Arcade, a movie will take place showing
you the "Cleaners" being dropped into the area. Once you're inside,
another will take place of 2 zombies being killed by something.
When you gain control, you will have to shoot a Cleaner, the one
that killed the zombies. They aren't very hard and only take a
handgun bullet or 2.

The double doors are locked, so go around the corner, and through
the single door. You will get another movie. When it is over, pick
up the key off the computer desk, and go back out into the main

Unlock the doors, and kill the Cleaners inside (Note - L1 will
help you a lot with them). Go over to the counter of the "Wooden
Box" bar, and grab the Hook off it, then head downstairs.

Kill the Cleaners down here in the Casino. Occasionally, you
might find a First Aid Spray sitting on one of the tables. Head
through the single door, into the storage room. In here you will
find a Handgun sitting on the shelf. Walk over to the manhole
cover on the floor, and use the hook when prompted. Go to Section
3.3 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.2.2 - L I B R A R Y                                         /

Once inside you will get a movie. When it is finished, head up the
stairs straight ahead. At the top, turn to the left to find a
green herb. Now head into the doors.

When you get in, another movie takes place, and you are locked in.
Go around the book cases to find a hunter you need to go against.
Once it is dead, pick up the handgun sitting on the desk, and go
back outside. Make your way downstairs, killing the dogs the jump
through the windows. Go into the door that Andy went into.

Once inside, maneuver around the bookcases, picking up the file
and killing the lickers you find. Make your way through to the
next room. Kill all the zombies then pick up the hook off the table
before exiting out the back door.

When your outside, kill any enemies, then walk over to the
barricade where you can see the doors to the movie theater. Press
L1, and you should lock onto a hidden Red Herb. Now walk over to
the manhole cover on the floor, and use the hook when prompted.
Climb down the ladder. You will be in a pitch black room, except
for a dim red light in front of you. It is a switch. Turn it on,
and run to find the door. Go through it instead of wasting your
time fighting the cockroaches. Go to Section 3.3 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.2.3 - H O S P I T A L                                       /

Once the movie is over, go around the desk and into the doors.
Once you are through, kill the zombie and go through the doors on
the right. This is the Medical Exam Room. Inside, kill the zombies,
then go around to the controls for the CT Scanner (the one monitor
that is on) to access the bed in it. Grab the key off the bed, and
the blue herb against the wall and go back out to the hallway. Use
the door across the hall, which unlocks with the key you just
picked up. You are now in the Medicine Room.

Kill all the zombies, grab the blue herb, then exit through the
other door in the room. You are now in the Doctor's Office. Just
kill all the zombies, grab the file, then exit out the door back
into the hallway. Now head up the stairs.

You will now be in a long hallway with 5 doors. 3 on the right, and
2 on the left. I'll work my way down each side.

Go into the first door on the right. This is Room 201. Inside you
should find a zombie to kill, and first aid spray on the bed. Go
back out to the corridor.

Go into the second door on the right, Room 202. It contains three
zombies, and a green herb on the back wall, by the window. Go back
out to the corridor.

Go into the last door on the right, Room 203. Inside will be three
more zombies, and a red herb. When your finished in here, go back
out to the corridor.

Go back to near the stairwell, and enter the door beside the metal
shutters on the left side. This is the nurse's station. In here you
will find a handgun. Go around to the lockers, and flick the three
switches. Now go back out to the corridor.

Go down to the end, and enter the double doors there to access the
Operating Room. Kill any zombies roaming around, and pick up the
hook. Once that is done, head back out to the corridor.

As soon as you leave the Operating Room, you will see a lift ahead
of you. Go and use it and Mr. X will attack. When you drop him,
the lift will arrive. Take it down to the basement.

Kill the enemies down in here in the morgue, and head through the
other door. Walk over to the manhole cover on the floor, and use
the hook when prompted. Go to Section 3.3 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.3 - S E W E R S  A N D  P A R I D I S E  P R I S O N        /

When you enter, you won't be able to use any of the other exits
except for the door with the spray painted orange mark around it.
When you get inside pick up the Shotgun Shells from the top of the
fridge, then get the file off the desk. After you read it, you
will get a movie.

When it is finished, go through the door that the boy went through.
Run down the corridor, but watch out because a licker drops down
from the ceiling. If your quick enough you can run right past it and
up the ladder, or you can stand and fight it. Either way, go up the

You will find yourself in a large area, with two doors below large
letters which say "PARIDISE." Go through the two doors. Once your
inside, you around the zombies to the other end of the hallway
before killing them. Then go through the door that has the hanging
sign above it saying "Office."

This can be tricky. You have 4 zombies in here, and very little
space. Try your best to drop them quickly. When you have go through
the other door. When your inside, grab the file off the desk, and
the gold key off the table.

Head back out to the main office, take out the new zombies, and go
back out to the main hallway. Use the key to unlock the door across
from where you are.

Once inside kill any zombies about, and don't forget to grab the
rope. Don't head through the door at the end of the hallway where
you entered, instead go through the bar door in the area with the
lockers and the table.

In the cell area, kill the naked zombies, and pick up the file in
one of the cells, before heading through the door at the end. In
this hallway head in the door halfway down the hall (the one with
the small window in it). Inside kill the zombies as best you can,
and grab the SPAS Shotgun lying on the floor at the end. Go back
out to the hallway.

When you exit, you will be facing a door. Don't go through it yet.
Turn around and you will see a stairwell at the other end of the
hallway. Go down it. When you get to the bottom, move forward a
little. The doors will fall off and 4 zombies will come trudging
out. Kill them, then grab the herb at the end of the hall.

Now you get to make another decision. You can go back upstairs to
the COURTYARD and GUARD TOWER, or you can either take the double
doors leading UNDERGROUND. Please note, the Underground way is
extremely hard, there are many Hunters and Lickers, and 2
Alligators you will need to get through to get out.

If you selected the Courtyard and Guard Tower, go to Section 3.3.1
If you selected the Underground, go to Section 3.3.2

|                                                                 |
| - 3.3.1 - C O U R T Y A R D / G U A R D  T O W E R              /

Come back up the stairs from the basement, and go through the door
at the end of the hallway. You will find yourself outside in a
courtyard, with a couple of Hunters.

Get behind the poles, and shoot the one walking around with your
handgun, while using L1 to keep up with where it's running around.
When it's dead, do the same with the second one.

Now the hunters are gone, you can go up to the far end. To the
right is a doorway, do not go through it, it leads back into the
prison hallway where you picked up the rope. Instead, head into the
hallway to the left. Pick up the red herb, and follow the hall down
to the ladder at the end, and climb it.

At the top of the Guard Tower, go to the other side, and you will
be prompted to use your rope. Do so, and you will climb to the

When you get to the bottom, you will notice something walking at
you. It's Mr. X. Shoot away at him with your handgun, you should be
able to drop him before he gets too close to you. Pick up the ammo
he drops.

Now it's decision time again. You can go to the end of the alley
and use the door there to go to the NIGHT CLUB, or you can go half
way down the alley and use the staircase which leads to a ROOFTOP

If you selected the Night Club, go to Section
If you selected the Rooftop and Warehouse, go to Section

|                                                                 |
| - - N I G H T  C L U B                                  /

As soon as you enter the door you will have another Mr. X charging
at you, you can either run around the boxes, taking a few shots
before he gets close (which is quite easy) or you can run around
the boxes to the doorway (which is even easier). I would go for
Mr. X, as he gives you some ammo for dropping him. Either way you
choose, go through the door eventually and you will be in the main
part of the Heaven's Night Club.

Grab the Green Herb off the counter of the Bar, then head up the
stairs. You will be automatically taken into the upstairs
VIP room. When your inside, grab the VIP card off the table, but be
warned as soon as you do, Mr. X will come and attack you again.
Run or take him down, and exit back to the main part of the club.

When you're down the bottom, you will have to take on another
Mr. X. When he's down, go to the door down the hall, and use the
card reader to unlock the door, then exit. Go to Section 3.4 to

|                                                                 |
| - - R O O F T O P  A N D  W A R E H O U S E             /

As soon as you get up on the roof, you'll have heaps of Cleaners
attacking you. Take them all out (usually 8-10), then grab the
green herb from over at the vent outlets, before climbing down
the ladder on the other side.

Once down the bottom, run to the end to pick up some ammo (if it
stays the same every game, then it will be flame rounds-it's what
I got both times I went this way), then head in the door. Kill
the cleaners in here. Getting the ones on the shipping container
first is a good idea. Behind the container is some shotgun shells.
Now go over to the door and exit. Go to Section 3.4 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.3.2 - U N D E R G R O U N D                                 /

So you've chosen the hard way. Well your first task is to kill the
two moths in here, so do that. When they are dead, grab the blue
herb, and climb through the open vent near it, using the rope when

This next part is hard. Shoot all the hunters you can see in this
area. The ones on the other side of the bridge can jump across, so
be careful. When they are dead, run to the end, and climb up the
ladder. Run through the air shaft and down the ladder at the other

In this area, kill any enemies around, and go through the door at
the end of the hallway. You will be back out in the main area,
except on the other side. Grab the green herb, and go down to the
far end where there is a door you can go through. Follow the next
room around, picking up the red herb as you do, until you reach
the next door. Go through it, and get ready for a fight.

In here are the hardest enemies in the game. You have to fight 2
alligators. Once you finally kill them, head up the ladder at the
end of the area. Go to Section 3.4 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.4 - U M B R E L L A  H Q                                    /

After the movie, you will be facing the doors to Umbrella's HQ for
this island. Before you enter, press L1 to find a Red Herb behind
you. Once you have grabbed it, you can head inside the building.

In the main lobby, you will come up against either Hunters or
Lickers. When they are dead, grab the Magnum rounds off what is
left of the reception desk, and head through the doors on the
right-hand side of the room.

When you get into the next room, run straight ahead past the
zombies, to the lift doors at the end of the hallway. When you
reach there, turn around and kill the zombies. Now, head down to
the other lift and pick up the green herb, before heading back to
the first lift and taking it to the 13th floor.

When you arrive at the 13th floor, you will have either Lickers or
Hunters to take on. When they are dead, take the first door, on the
left wall. After the movie, grab the file off the counter on the
left side of the room, and then go to grab the blue card from the
right side. Mr. X will turn up. Drop him, and pick up the ammo he
leaves, along with the key card before leaving the room.

Back out in the hallway, use the card reader at the other door,
and enter into the room. Kill all of the zombies, and exit through
the next door. When you get into the room, you will get a movie.
When it is finished, pick up the file on the control panel, and
follow the direction in which Lilly left, past the computers, and
out through the door.

From where you start looking when you get through the door, look
slightly left, and you will see a Red Herb to pick up. Once you
have, use the right lift. Mr. X will attack again, coming back
through the hole he created. Once you have dropped him, and taken
what he leaves, take the lift back down to the 1st floor.

When you get along the hallway, make sure you flick the switch on
the wall before stepping through the area where the metal detector
is, or else the alarm will sound and some monsters will attack
(usually Lab Lickers-the darker stronger ones). When your through,
go down the stairs.

You will be down in the parking lot, with some dogs to take care
of. When they are dead, grab the Grenade Launcher off the car, and
head up the ramp and through the doorway.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.5 - W A T E R W A Y,  H O U S E,  A N D  R O P E W A Y      /

A movie will take place after you leave the parking lot. You will
see Lott and Lilly climb over a chain fence, and into a waterway.
Ark will follow them, and you will gain control again.

Go through the gate at the end. You will see a hunter on a walkway,
shoot at it until it's dead, or you can just run to the other end,
and go through the gate. When you're through the gate to the other
section, you will have 2 green and black spiders to deal with.
When they are done with, run to the ladder and go up.

When your up the top, turn left and you will see a Blue Herb, and
a Green Herb. Take both then go to the gate at the end and kill the
2 zombies they're before heading inside the house.

Once you're inside, head to the door beside the kitchen. In the
bedroom, shoot the zombie between the beds, and grab the Red Herb
by the curtains. Go back out to the main room, and go to the last
door you haven't been through.

Inside, after the small scene, go up to the closet. After the movie
go over to the desk, and grab the file. Now leave and go back
outside, to the yard. You will find new zombies to kill, but the
gate will be open. Follow the path round and head up the stairs.

Once you're at the top, you will have a couple of dogs to get rid of.
When they are gone, go around the corner, but watch out for the
Hunter that smashes the door down. Once he's dead, go into the room
he was in and grab the green herb, before entering the door to the
left of it.

Walk up to the machine panel left of the valve handle. You will
automatically switch the machine on to bring the car to the area
you were in before. Just as you leave, 2 Lickers will jump through
the window. You can stay and fight, or run and leave. Either way
make your way to the car, and get on board.

As you get off, the Hunter who jumped on top of the car will jump
down and attack. Kill him and the other Hunters around, before
heading down the stairs.

When you arrive at the bottom you will find 2 dogs running around
along with Mr. X walking towards you. Take out Mr. X, then quickly
get rid of the 2 dogs. Walk over the path and through the gate at
the end.

In the next area, you have 3 gates you can choose from. The one
right in front of where you come in leads to the CLIFF SIDE, where
you will have to go through many Mr. X's. Across the bridge, are
2 more exits. The large gate leads to the TUNNELS, where there is
many Hunters and Lickers, and the last gate leads to the ELLEMONA
Testing Grounds, where you will come up against many Cleaners.

Before you make your pick, don't forget to grab the Red Herb by
the gate that leads to the Testing Grounds.

If you selected the Cliff Side, go to Section 3.5.1
If you selected the Tunnels, go to Section 3.5.2
If you selected the Ellemona Testing Grounds, go to Section 3.5.3

|                                                                 |
| - 3.5.1 - C L I F F  S I D E                                    /

After the movie, you'll hear Mr. X thumping towards you. Dodge him
or drop him then continue up the hill. The path is straightforward
enough, and you just have to get past the 4 Mr. X's (who won't give
you anything for dropping them), and exit through the gate at the
top. Go to Section 3.6 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.5.2 - T U N N E L S                                         /

Follow the long straight tunnel, killing any monsters in your way.
Go through the double doors and follow the wooden walkway around
to the next door.

In the next room, pick up the ammo, and then go out the other
door. Walk along the walkway, killing any enemies that jump onto
the platform, and go in through the door at the end.

In the next rooms, kill the monsters, and pick up the green herb,
sitting by the big tanks with the Radioactive logo on them (Mmm...
nuked green herbs...) before heading up the stairs. Go to Section
3.6 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.5.3 - E L L E M O N A  T E S T I N G  G R O U N D S         /

This is very straightforward. You follow the obvious path to the
end, while shooting all the Cleaners. There should be about 30 or
so to kill, which can be easily accomplished with your handgun. A
very easy section. Go to Section 3.6 to continue.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.6 - U M B R E L L A  F A C T O R Y / L A B                  /

Once your out of the last area, kill the enemies in this area and
head towards the gate at the far end where you can see a large
mansion. Once you're through the gate, you can take on all the
dogs, but the best idea is to just run for the 2 large doors.

Once you're in the next area, take out all the hunters. If you try
the main doors you will find they won't move. Around the corner of
the building to the left is a green herb. Now go around the corner
to the right of the building to find a door inside.

As you walk forward inside there will be a movie. When you gain
control again, run over to the back wall where you will find a
case of Grenade Rounds lying on the floor. Take them, then head
down the stairs.

Down the bottom you will come up against Mr. X(s), so drop him or
them. Follow the path around to the end. In here you should find
a Magnum on the floor (kick ass!). After you pick up the magnum,
flick the huge switch on the wall to bring the lift up. Run over
to the lift and ride it down the bottom.

Once you're at the bottom in the power room, shoot the naked
zombies and head on over to the far door to the left of a large
power indicator that is currently showing red lights. The whole
mission here is to get an Umbrella Key Card to access a door. To
do so, we have to switch the power on and battle a few monsters.
Once you are through the door, you should be in all hallway. Kill
the Lickers in here. Take note of a large blue button on the wall,
it will become important soon. Head through the door on the left

Inside here you will notice tanks along the left wall. Inside are
some plants. They are of no bother right now. On the right wall
are some Acid Rounds on a desk. Take them, then head through the
other door.

Carefully move down the hall as there is a Licker in the room.
Once it's dead, grab the System Disk and the file before leaving.
When you get the System Disk, there will be a short scene with a
crashing sound. That is just the plants escaping, but you can get
past them easily. On you way down the hall on your way out, watch
out for Licker dropping from the ceiling. You can run down the
right side of the room (where you got the acid rounds) to avoid
the plants.

Head back to the power room and go into the other door after
shooting more naked zombies. Run around the main area to the
end, and use the System Disk on the panel there. An alarm will
sound and you will get a very Metal Gear Solid style movie of
Zombie's escaping from a doorway. Turn around and run down the
hall to go kill them. Once you have, go into the area the zombies
came from to find a case of Grenade Rounds. Now go back to the
area where the big blue button was, taking care of any zombies on
the way.

Go up to the button and push it. It should open the big shutter
doors, to reveal 2 plant creatures, and the dead guy who has the
key card we are after. Kill the plants, and take the card. Go the
the other end of the hallway, and use the card on the doorway.

You should be in a large room with a couple of Plants. Kill the
plants then flick the switch at the end of the hallway to open
the door. Pick up the Blue Herb and the Flame Rounds, then go
through the doorway.

There will be a short scene involving the monsters, then Mr. X will
appear, and the door at the end of the hall will close. Take him
down and the door will open, along with you hearing Lott yell again.
Pick up the ammo Mr. X dropped, and head through the end door.

After the movie, kill the Hunter then there will be another. Once
it is finished also, turn to the left and you will see a First Aid
Spray you can pick up sitting in the corner. Now go through the
single door you were facing, and Ark will wrap up the story in a
small flashback movie.

Run down the hallway, past the "E Area" door and enter the door
at the end. Once inside shoot all the zombies. On a panel on the
right side of the room is some Magnum Rounds, pick them up. Then
go to the control panel in the middle of the room and access it
to unlock the "E Area" door in the hallway you were just in.

Go back to that door, and flick the switch to open it. When it is
open, kill the Plants inside, and go through the door at the end.
You'll see a Tyrant in a status tube. Grab the file off the desks
on the left side of the room, and the lab key off the middle desk
and head back out of the room. Run down the hall, and half way a
movie will take over. Depending on path you took at the second
choice (Arcade, Library, Hospital) a different person will turn
up (Leader of the Cleaners, Andy, The Real Vincent), and be killed
by the Tyrant who has escaped.

When the movie is over, fight the Tyrant and when he's dead go
through the door which leads into the control room where you
unlocked the "E Area" door. When you go through, a movie will
take place showing you the Tyrant changing and getting up.

|                                                                 |
| - 3.7 - F I N A L  E S C A P E                                  /

Go through the door on the other side of the Control Room. It will
lead you into a long hallway where the doors will blow of and some
sort of enemy will escape. If you're playing the game where Andy
was killed by the Tyrant, then there will be no enemies to fight.
Take them out and take the lift at the other end.

A movie will take place at the top. Run down the hall and to the
left. Pick up the shotgun shells on the ground. You need to open
the gate before you can use the train though. When you do, you
will be attacked by Cleaners, so make sure you have your shotgun
ready so you can make a quick escape to the train doors. Flick,
the switch, and turn 180 quickly. Shoot the 2 cleaners in front
of you and run for the doors of the train.

Ignore the happy music, you haven't finished yet. Once you have
control, run down the hall and into the lift. Once all the movies
are finished it's down to a fight against the Tyrant. For his
first form at the heliport you can run all around the
heliport taking pot shots with whatever weapon you want to. As
for his second, that's where you can have trouble. Because of one
of his moves he can sometime block your shots, he also jumps a lot,
and he can also pick you up and slam you on the ground (if he
kills you he will skewer you with his clawed arm before chucking
you a large distance). The only thing you really can do, is to
continue to run around and taking shots when he charges at you or
when he's turning around. Will you win? Only you can manage that.

"But don't worry... we can fly as long as we have fuel" - The End

|                                                                 |
| - 4.0 - M A P S                                                 /

Street Area Part 1 /
 ________________________/____||   Areas
|                       D2     |  1 - Helicopter Crash
\ D3                           |  2 - Alley
|______________________     D1 \
                       |  2    /  Doors
                       |       |  D1 - Church
                       |       |  D2 - Restaurant
                       |       |  D3 - Movie Theater
                       |       |
                       |       |
                       |       |
 ______________________|       |______
|                                     |
|                  1                  |

Church 1F /
|              D1 |
|S                |  Areas
|___________      |  A1 - Chapel
|           |     |  A2 - Library
|           |     |  A3 - Hallway
|   ________|     |  A4 - Rec Room
|           | A3  |
|           /     |  Doors/Stairs
|     A4    \     |  D1 - Street Area Part 2
|           |     |  S - Stairs to Church B1
|                    |
\      A1            |
/                    |
|                     |
|                     |
|      A2             |

Church B1 /
| |
|S|_______________   Areas
|       A1        |  A1 - Hallway
|_______________/_|  A2 - Basement Room
|                 |
|       A2        |  Doors/Stairs
|_________________|  S - Stairs to Church 1F

Restaurant /
|     |            D1   |  Areas
|     |     A4          |  A1 - Kitchen
|     |     ____________|  A2 - Wine Storage/Storeroom
|     |     |           |  A3 - Freezer
|_____|_____\________  _|  A4 - Dining Area
|    \____  \           |
|    |      |           |  Doors
|A3  |  A2  |   A1      |  D1 - Leads to Street Area Part 2

Movie Theater 1F /
|                |  Areas
|S       A1    D2/  A1 - Lobby
|______/\____    |  A2 - Theater
  |          |   |
  |          |   |  Stairs/Doors
  |          |   |  S - Stairs to Movie Theater 2F
  |          |   |  D1 - Door to Street Area Part 1
  |    A2    |   |  D2 - Door to Street Area Part 2
  |          |   |
  |          | D1/

Movie Theater 2F /
|           A1      |  Areas
| S  ___________    |  A1 - Hallway
|___|           |   |  A2 - Projection Room
   |            |   |
   |-  ---------|   |  Stairs
   |     A2     |   |  S - Stairs to Movie Theater 1F
   |            /   |

Street Area Part 2 /
__________________/      _/\_
              __________| D5 |________________ _ _
             |                               |
             /D6           A3                |
             \                  D4           |
             |__________________/\_____  ____|_ _ _
             |       |                 |    |
 _/_         |       |                 |   |
|D7 |________|       |                 |    |
|____________    A4  |                 |A2 |
             |       |                 |    |
             |       |                 |   |
             |_______|_________________| ___|__ _ _
             |                                |
             /                A1              |
             \D1            D2      D3        |
             |______________/\_  ___/_________|_ _ _

Areas                  | Doors
A1 - Street            | D1 - Movie Theater
A2 - Waterside         | D2 - Restaurant
A3 - Street            | D3 - Church
A4 - Access to Sewers  | D4 - Arcade
                       | D5 - Hospital
                       | D6 - Library
                       | D7 - Library's Back Door

Arcade 1F /
|       |        |       |
|  A2   |        |  A3   |
|_/_____|   A1   /       |
|                \     S |

Areas        | Stairs
A1 - Arcade  | S - Stairs to Arcade B1
A2 - Office  |
A3 - Bar     |

Arcade B1 /
       |        |
 ______|   A2   |  Areas
|      /________|  A1 - Casino
|  A1           |  A2 - Storage
|               |

Library 1F /
|       |   |            |  Areas
| A2    |   /            |  A1 - Lobby
|    |  |   |            |  A2 - Downstairs Library
|    |      | S          \  A3 - Study Room
|__/_|______|            /
|        D1 |     A1     |  Stairs/Doors
| A3    |_/_|            |  S - Stairs to Library 2F
|_______|   |____________|  D1 - Library's Back Door

Library 2F /
|         |    |         |  Areas
|         |    |         |  A1 - Landing
|         |    |         |  A2 - Upstairs Library
|  A2     /  ||||        |
|         \  ||||S       |  Stairs
|         |    |         |  S - Stairs to Library 2F
|         | A1 |         |

Hospital 1F /
 __|   |      /         |  Areas
|      | A4   |   A5    |  A1 - Waiting Room
|      |      |         |  A2 - Medical Examination Room
|  A1  |____/_|____/____|  A3 - Hallway
|      /__ ____||___ A3 |  A4 - Medicine Room
|    __|  \         |S  |  A5 - Doctors Office
|D1 |  |            |___|
|_/_|  |   A2       |      Stairs
    |__|____________|      S - Stairs to Hospital 2F

Hospital 2F /
 _/|   |    |    |      |  Areas
| D1   | A4 | A3 | A2   |  A1 - Hallway
|      |    |    |      |  A2 - Room 201
|      |__/_|__/_|__/___|  A3 - Room 202
|         A1            |  A4 - Room 203
|_/______________/____  |  A5 - Nurse's Station
|    |      |        | S|  A6 - Operating Room
|       A6  |   A5   |__|
|____|______|________|     Stairs/Doors
                           S - Stairs to Hospital 1F
                           D1 - Door to lift to Hospital B1

Hospital B1 /

|D1     |    |   |   Areas
|       |    |   |   A1 - Morgue
|  A1   / A2 |   |   A2 - Power Room
|       |    |   |
|_______|____|___|   Doors
                     D1 - Door to lift to Hospital 2F

Sewers /
|  |__________________
|_A4____/             |
        |     A3      |
        |____________/|  Areas
                 |  | |  A1 - Cockroach Room
                 |  | |  A2 - Channel
                 |  |L3  A3 - Managers Station
                 |  | |  A4 = Hallway to Prison
                 |  | |
                 |  | |  Ladders
                 |  | |  L1 - Ladder to Back of Library
                 |A2| |  L2 - Arcade
                 |  | |  L3 - Hospital
                 |  | |  L4 - Prison
                 |  | |
                 |  | |
                 |  |L2
 ________________|  | |
|                |  | |
|L1      A1      |__| |

Prison 1F /
    |    A8    /        |
    |  _/___/__|        |
    |S|  |     |        |
 ___|_|  |     |        |___
|        |     |        | L |  Areas
|-----   |  A9 |  A10   |   |  A1 - Entrance
|        |     |        |   |  A2 - Foyer
|-----   |_____|        |   |  A3 - Office
|        |     |        |   |  A4 - Admin
|-----   \ A6  |        |   |  A5 - Hallway
|    A7  |     |        |   |  A6 - Rec Room
|________|__  _|        |   |  A7 - Cells
|     A5       /            |  A8 - Hallway
|/_____________|________|___|  A9 - Showers
|              |            |  A10 - Courtyard
|     A2       /     A1     |
|              \            |  Stairs/Ladders
|/_____________|____________|  S - Stairs to Prison B1
|        |     |               L - Ladder to Guard Tower
|   A3   | A4  |

Prison B1 /
           | |
      ___|     |  Areas
     |         |  A1 - Cells
     |___| A1  |  A2 - Moth Room
     |         |
 ____|___|__/\_|  Stairs
|              |  S - Stairs to Prison 1F
|      A2      |
|              |

Guard Tower /
|  R | Ladder/Rope
|    | L - Ladder to Prison 1F
|__L_| R - Rope hook. Allows access to Street Area Part 3

Street Area Part 3 /
__________________/   | |
_ _ __________________|S|___________________
_ _ _=\___D1__________   ___________________|
          \           |_|

D1 - Door the Night Club 1F
S - Stairs to Rooftop

Night Club 1F /
|           |             | |      D1|
|    A3     | |           | |        |
|    -------| |           |_|   A1   |
|___________\_|     A2     _/________|
|                         |
/D2  __________           |
|___|          |__________|

Areas            | Doors
A1 - Storeroom   | D1 - Leads to Street Area Part 2
A2 - Night Club  | D2 - Leads to Street Area Part 3
A3 - VIP Booth   |

Rooftop /
|                 S |  Stairs/Ladder
L                |__|  S - Leads to Street Area Part 3
|                |__|  L - Leads to Street Area Part 4
|                |__|
|                |__|
|                |__|
|                |__|

Street Area Part 4 and Warehouse /
 ____________________ _ _
|               |  |
|               | L|          Areas
|               |  |          A1 - Alleyway
/D1             |A1|          A2 - Warehouse
|      A2       |  |
|               |  |          Doors/Ladder
|               /  |          D1 - Leads to Umbrella HQ
|_______________|__|____ _ _  L - Leads to Rooftop
 _______________________ _ _

Street Area Part 5 /

    |       |  Doors
   _|       |  D1 - Night Club
  |       D2\  D2 - Warehouse
 _|         |  D3 - Umbrella HQ
|           |
\D3         ------
/           ------
|_          |
  |         |
  |_        |
    |       |
    |     D1\

North Sewers /

|       | L4|
|       |   |
|       |   |
|_______|   |
        |   |
        |   |______________________________________
        |A5 |                  |  /    |      | L1 |
        |   |                  |  |    |      |    |
        |   |                  |  |    |      |    |
        |   |                 _|A4|    |      |    |
        |   |________________|    |    |      |    |
        |___/_____________________|    |      |    |
                                  |    |      |    |
Areas                             |    |      |    |
A1 - Channel                      |    |      | A1 |
A2 - Vent                         |    |      |    |
A3 - Walkway                      |    |      |    |
A4 - Pond                         |    |      |    |
A5 - Alligator Run             ___|    |      |    |
                              |   /____|______|_L2_|
Ladders                       |   |            |   |
L1 - Ladder to Prison B1      |   |            | A2|
L2 - Ladder to Vent           |   |            |   |
L3 - Ladder to Vent           |   |____________|___|
L4 - Ladder to Street Area    |       A3         L3|
     Part 5                   |____________________|

Umbrella HQ 1F /
    |                           |
    /D1          A2             |
    |_      __________/\________|
      |    |                 |
    __|    |                 |  Areas
    |      |                _|  A1 - Lobby
    |      |               |    A2 - Lift Hallway
 ___|______|               \    A3 - Exit
|          |       A1      /
| S        |               |_   Stairs/Doors
|___|      |                 |  S - Stairs to Umbrella HQ Parking
|___|      |                 |  D1 - Door to lift leading to 13F
|___|      |_________________|  D2 - Door to lift leading from 13F
|___|                        |
|___|    A3                D2/

Umbrella HQ 13F /
  |              |           |  Areas
  /D1     A1     |           |  A1 - Entryway
 _|_________     |           |  A2 - Main Office
|           |    /           |  A3 - Control Room
|           |    \   A2      |  A4 - Computer Room
|     |     |    |           |  A5 - Lift Lobby
|     |     |    |           |
| A3  |     |    |___________|  Doors
|     |     /    |         |    D1 - Door to lift leading from 1F
|     |     \    |         |    D2 - Door to lift leading to 1F
|     |_____|____|____     |__
|     |     |          |      |
|     /     |    ______/ A5   |
|_____|     |   |      |      |
|       A4      |      |    D2/

Umbrella HQ Parking /
\D1                 | Stairs/Doors
|________           | S - Stairs to Umbrella HQ 1F
         |          | D1 - Door to Waterway
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
  |S|    |          |
  | |    |          |
  | |____|          |

Waterway /
|               |                  |                |
|               |                  |                |

L - Ladder to Lot's House

Lott's House (Marked as "Rott's House)/
|         |          |
|  A3     |   A4     |
|    _____|______/___|
|    \            |  |        Areas
|____|  |         |  |        A1 - Yard
|    |  |   A2    |  |     |  A2 - Living Room/Kitchen
|    |  |         |  |     |  A3 - Bedroom
|    |__|____/____|--|-----|  A4 - Kid's Bedroom
|                    |     |  A5 - Pathway
|L       A1                |
|____________________      |  Steps
                     |     |  S - Steps to Ropeway
                     |     |_____
                     |           |
                     |     A5    ||S||
                     |           |

Ropeway Part 1 /
     |    |
     |    B
|||||S    |____________   Areas             |Stairs/Access
     |    |     A3     |  A1 - Gateway      |S - Steps to Lot's House
     | A1 |__________/_|  A2 - Waiting Room |B - Board Car Here
     |          /  A2  |  A3 - Engine Room  |

Ropeway Part 2 /
    | D2|                   Areas
 _/_|   |______________/_   A1 - Gateway
|D3         A3         D1|  A2 - Bridge
|______________________/_|  A3 - Yard
                  |      |
                  |      |  Doors/Access
                  |___   |  D1 - Door to Cliff Side
                      |  |  D2 - Door to Tunnels
                      |  |  D3 - Door to Testing Grounds
                      |  |  E - Exit Car Here
              ________|  |   _________________
             |           |___|                 |
             |    A2      ___         A1       |
             |___________|   |_____    ________|
                                   |       |
                                   |       E
                                   |       |

Tunnels /
                                 |   S2||||
                                 |     |
                                 |____ |
        _________________________|     |
 ______|                         | A5  |
|      /             A4          /_____|
| A3   |_________________________|
 |   |
 |   |___________
 |___________    |
             |A2 |
             |   |
           |       |  Areas
           |       |  A1 - Cavern
           |       |  A2 - Wooden Walkway
           |       |  A3 - Power Room
           |       |  A3 - Skyway
           |       |  A5 - Storage Rooms
           |       |
           |       |  Stairs
           |       |  S1 - Stairs to Ropeway Part 2
           |       |  S2 - Stairs to Mansion
           |  A1   |
           |       |
           |       |
           |       |
           |       |
           |       |
           |       |
           |       |
           |       |
           |  S1   |

Mansion /
 |                        |  Areas
 |                        |  A1 - Yard
 |                        |  A2 - Garden
 |__                    __|  A3 - Courtyard
 |  |                  |  |  A4 - Mansion
 |__|                  |__|
 |  |        S   A4    |  |  Stairs/Doors
 |  |     ________     /D4|  S - Stairs to Plant B1
 |  |____|        |____|  |  D1 - Door to Cliff Side
 |           A3           |  D2 - Door to Tunnels
 |___________/ \__________|  D3 - Door to Testing Ground
 |                        |  D4 - Door into the Mansion
 |                        |
 |           A2           |
 |                        |
  |  |
  |  |
 _|  |____
|         |
/D3       |
|         |
\         |
 \        |
 /  A1    |
/         |
|         |
/D2       |
|         |
 \___  D1 |

Plant B1 /
________/       ____
       ________| _  |  Areas
      |_________|L| |  A1 - Walkway
      |  _______  | |  A2 - Power Room
 _____| |       | | |
|    || |       |A1 |  Stairs/Lift
|    || |       | | |  S - Stairs to Mansion
| A2 || |       | | |  L - Lift to Plant B2
|_____ _|       | | |
      |_________| |_|

__________                       __
Plant B2 /             _________|L |
________/             |        |   |
                      |--------|   |
                      |    ____    |
 _________            |A1 |    |   |
|         |___________|   |    |   |
|A3  _/_______________/___|____|_/_|
|   |                 |        |   |
|   |     A4          |___     |   |
|   |                 |_  |    | A2|
|D1 |_______________/_| | |    |   |
|_/_|              |  | | |____|   |
    |              |  |_|________  |
    |      A5      |  |      |     |
    |               __|      |_____|

A1 - Generator Room
A2 - Power Control Room
A3 - Hallway
A4 - Testing Room
A5 - Lab

D1 - Door to lift to Plant B3
L - Lift to Plant B1

Plant B3 /
________/              ___
                      |D2 |
                      |   |
                      |   |
                      |A7 |
                      |   |
               |                 |
               |       A5        |
 __________           |   |
|          |__________|   |
|    A6    /__________ A4 |
|__________|          |   |
                 | ____|A3| |
     |            |   |                 |
     |            |   |                 |
     |            |A2 |                 |
     |            |   |                 |
     |____________|/ \|_________________|
                 |  A1  |
                 |_    _|
                   |  |
                   |  |

Areas                 |  Doors
A1 - Entryway         |  D1 - Door to lift to Plant B2
A2 - Mr. X Lab        |  D2 - Door to lift to Subway Part 1
A3 - Hunter Room      |
A4 - E Area Hall      |
A5 - Control Area     |
A6 - Tyrant's Domain  |
A7 - Escape Area      |

Subway Part 1 (Plant B4) /
                       | D1 |
                       |    |
          _____________|    |______
_ _ _ ___|_________________________|____ _ _ _

_ _ _ __________________________________ _ _ _

D1 - Door to lift to Plant B3

Subway Part 2 (Plant B4) /

| D1|
|   |__________________
|    __________________|__________ _ _ _
|   |
|   |_____________________________ _ _ _

D1 - Door to lift to Heliport

Heliport /
|                    D1 |
|                       |
|                       |
|                       |
|                       |
|                       |
|                       |
|                       |
|___                 ___|

D1 - Door to lift to Subway Part 2

|                                                                 |
| - 5.0 - R A N K I N G                                           /

Ranking is a standard of the games, and this is just the same. But,
unlike the other games, the ranking system is a lot harder to work

When you finish the game you are ranked on a few things. So it is
from these that most of the decisions on ranking will take place.

I have removed the ranking system as I can say what is needed
now. I can also now tell you what requirements are needed for both
Biohazard Gun Survivor and Resident Evil Survivor. The answer came
to me as a bit of a shock. Resident Evil Survivor does have a S rank.
This makes it the first Resident Evil game ever that has retained a S
rank from the Biohazard games.

I also amazingly got an S rank on my 2nd playthrough Resident Evil
Survivor, so I can figure out from that what doesn't matter.

I have reconfigured the system.

Requirments -

- Play Normal Difficulty
Basically all you need to know is that you should play on Normal
Difficulty, I haven't played Easy right through but from talking
to people I can assume the Rocket Launcher can only be gained in
the Normal mode.

- Be quick
Beating the game in under 1:30:00 seems to help. You may need to
play through the game a couple of times to know the paths.

- Don't use any First Aid Sprays
This may sound hard, but if you get good enough you should only
ever need to use herbs.

- Shoot well
I kept my hit accurasy % above 85%. I believe anything above 75-80%
along with the rest of the requirments should give you a S rank.

- Be smart
Pick paths that your good at/quick to finish. If your going for
the quick time this is important.

- Use Common Sense
If you look like your doing well in the game then you'll probably
get the S rank. I didn't realise how well I was doing in Survivor
and I got the S rank. Afterwards I could see what I did to get it,
I had just played the game quickly and quite well.

- Kills
While the total number of kills doesn't matter it seems getting a
certain number (probably over 150) in the game does. I don't know
why they set this, but I've seen people fill each and every other
requirement, but get like 130 kills and still only get an A.

- Continues
For some odd reason I have a feeling that continues don't matter.
For a test during the first game I played of RES, I decided to
use 2 continues. When I finished the game I still got a A rank.
I didn't use any continues in the S rank game, but I believe that
using at least 1 continue won't drop your rank. It is best to
play safe though and hope not to have to use it.

Edit - People have confirmed that depending on actions using a
single continue can contribute to loosing Rank. So it's better to
not use any at all if possible.

These things DON'T matter:
- You don't need all the files
- You don't need all of the paths done/3 deaths seen
- You don't need all of the guns
- You don't need a certain number of total kills like 999 or need
  to kill _everything_ in your path.
- You don't need to get certain requirments on top of the S ones
  to recieve the Rocket Launcher. An S rank will give you the
  Rocket Launcher.

|                                                                 |
| - 6.0 - M I S C                                                 /

I decided apon making a group of notes on various bits and pieces
you may want to know about Survivor.

Location In The Game

Although people who have played the game can tell you that it's on
an island called "Sheena Island." The fact that there are both
mistakes made by people and desriptions. The first reports made
after the TGS at the end of '99 put it in Raccoon. There are also
mistakes made in the RE Survivor instruction book where it says
"Against the backdrop of a deadly T-Virus engulfing a town in the
mid-west of the U.S.A., a helicopter...."

Within the game there are the herbs, which the Botany Book in RE
makes it sound like the herbs are to be found in Raccoon only (if
that was true this mistake is made in Code Veronica also). The
zombies also are from Raccoon Streets in RE2. The one with the
black top is supposed to say R.P.D. on the back. :-)

I can see why people were saying Raccoon, but honestly when you
play the game you will see that it's not Raccoon City.

Capcom Poking Fun At HOTD2

Comparing Survivor to House Of The Dead is quite common. It also
seems Capcom decided to provide a little link to the game seeing
as the HOTD games have always brought comparisons to RE1 and 2 :-)
In HOTD2 one the main bad guy is named Goldman. Vincent in Survivor
is the part of this idea, being the main bad guy of Survivor, they
adorned him with the last name Goldman.

Name Game

When I first wrote the guide I had no idea on names of places,
after playing Survivor I could read the info or didn't take notice.
Here are the names of the places in the games and any notes that go
with them.

Church - New Miel Church
Restaurant - Merli
Theater - Southend Theater Cinema
Arcade - Entrepot
Bar - The Wooden Box
Hospital - Center Hospital. Oddly The name above the hospital reads
"Center Hospital" but the sign on the concreate wall above the door
says "Central Hospital"
Club - Heaven's Night
Grounds - El Mona. I have the name listed in theis guide as
Ellemona as the sign clearly reads ELLEMONA, but apon reading the
info it's put as EL MONA mountain road.

Capcom Game Tie In's

We are up to 4. Does anyone know what the other poster in the
Arcade besides the Dino Crisis one is of? It's hard to see, but it
looks like it's of something. It's more defined than most other
posters in the game, so it has to be of something.

DarkVegetto e-mailed me to explain that the poster in question is
of Darkstalkers 3: Vampire Savior. Thanks DarkVegetto.

The most obvious one is the Dino Crisis posters in the Arcade. They
stand out quite a bit. The other is a poster for Street Fighter in
the childrens bedroom. It's on the wall by the bunks. The logo and
Cammy's face standout, but the poster blends in with the wall if
your not taking much notice.

Mark MacDonald added there is an old Famicom Ghouls N' Ghosts
poster above a bookcase between the two desks in the childrens

If you find any others, e-mail me their location.

Rotts House!?!

Oddly, the map for Lott's house reads Rott's house. I have no clue
as to why this is but have been told the following

   Olarnaby@aol.com suggests:
     "Lott's name probably is Rott because in Japanese R's
      are pronounced as L's"

   Ryan Whaley <ryanwh@netins.net> also says:
     "Yes the reason that the character in Gun Survivor is
      written as Rott, but pronounced Lott is because there
      is no real "R" in the japanese pronuciation (just like
      there is no rolling "R", rr, in English like there is
      in Spanish) so instead "R" are pronounced "L" so Rott
      is pronounced Lott. (I was suprised at first when I
      was called Lyan once)."

Magnum Extention?

A few people e-mailed me, the first being Dean Moore
<xian_chi_xan@yahoo.com> about the Magnum being extended. By
using the Gameshark you can get this extended magunm too, which I
have been told is more powerful. Perhaps Capcom decided the
enhanced magnum wasn't worth it seeing as the attack and damage
couldnt be displayeds any better than the normal magnum.
The info you have on the magnum in the game mentions the barrel
being able to be extended. No extention parts are on the disk

By use of the Gameshark you can have the gun.... though I haven't
tried it out, I'm not sure on how well it works. If anyone does
try it out, then do so and e-mail your results.

Weird Glitches/Misc Funny Things

When you get into Lott's house and head into the bedroom, if you
very slowly move around the corner of the room and look at the
zombie in the middle of the two beds. If he doesn't get up, sit
there and watch him. I'll leave it to your imagination to think
about what he's doing. :-P

When I was playing RE Survivor and heading down the "El Mona"
mountain road, I happened to stop in the large gully where the
Cleaners lazer sights could be seen. When I pressed L1 (to target
the enemy) I would lock on to them. Shooting them would cause a
glitch where you would kill them, but they would pop up on the
screen 2 or 3 time larger than normal size.

In the same loaction, on the last bend before the exit gate I
became stuck on some invisible object on the left side (heading
towards the exit gate). To get around it I headed to the right
side and I was then able to continue on.

Here are a couple of glitches from Mike Whiteman:

   "First off when you get into the alley behind the
    paradise building and kill the tyrant go down the
    alley into the room at the door at the end. Kill
    the other tyrant, after that there is a desk and
    some lockers up against the wall next to the door
    that you walk in. If you try to walk in between
    the desk and lockers you will.

    The next one is outside of that run down mansion
    where you have to kill the three dogs now walk up
    to the side walk that lead to the door get close
    to the door and use the auto focus butten and it
    will focuss on the side walk, I am not sure if it
    is a glitch or what but it is there, if it does
    not work the first time move around a little bit
    and it will."

Bayonne brings us this interesting thought about the ropeway:

   "Well, aside from Lott and Lily's accents being of
    English descent, after leaving their house and going
    to the rope way, I've noticed something a bit odd.
    Every time I play the game, I laugh about this one
    little thing. The sound that the rope way makes
    sounds just like the "Tardis" from the British sci-fi
    t.v. program "Doctor Who". Was this intentionally
    done? I don't know, but I just found it comical."

Wei Jia brings a list of trvia based on Survivor:

   "Do you know that when you press start during the game
    to bring up the status screen it sounded like the RE2
    status screen selection sound?

    Did you know when you are in the Rott's mansion, the
    zombie can be sniped without being notice if you stand
    quite far from him?

    Do you know that you an do headshot for all monsters
    to make them weaker or to kill them instantenously?"

I did actually note the 3rd one in the guide (it weakens and slows their
attacks) but I think it's worth the addition. I'm not sure about instant kills


If there is any other glitches/odd things/misc info you want to
add e-mail me at mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz and I'll add it with

|                                                                 |
| - 7.0 - F I L E S                                               /

During the game there are 13 files to pick up. One stays in its
location every time you play (as a way to make you go to the point
where it is) but is still put into your files folder after you
pick it up the first time.

The 13 files are located at:

1 - Table in Church Rec. Room, Church 1F
2 - Kitchen Bench, Restaurant
3 - On a box in the Projection Room, Movie Theater 2F
4 - Desk in the downstairs library, Library 1F
5 - Desk in Doctors Office, Hospital 1F
6 - Desk in Supervisors Room, Sewers
7 - Desk in Admin Office, Prison 1F
8 - Cell in prison block, Prison 1F
9 - Desk of the Main Office, Umbrella HQ 13F
10 - Computer Room, Umbrella HQ 13F
11 - On the Desk of the Kid's Bedroom, Lott's House
12 - On the desk of the Lab where they System Disk, Plant B2
13 - In the room with the Tyrant, Plant B3


All (Gun) Survivor Files Listed

These files come Courtesy of VBG

The files come from the European Version of Resident Evil
Survivor. They are not translations of the Japanese Version.


File #1
Church Managers Diary

October 7, 1998

Today, the leaders of the each section of the city, including
myself, attended a meeting with the commander.

The briefing was on the destruction of Raccoon City. During the
conference, everyone placed blame on William Birkin. He betrayed
the company and wanted to keep the G-virus for himself.

The commander told us that if there is a traitor like Birkin in
this city, we should execute him immediately and without question.

I wholeheartedly agree with the commander's orders. This city is
as vital to Umbrella as that laboratory in Raccoon City was.

No... It is actually much more important.

We must not allow a biohazard to happen in this city. We cannot
let Umbrella's efforts to buy the city and establish these
billion-dollar facilities go to waste. We should keep a closer
eye on the behaviour of personnel in the future.


File #2
Restaurant Owner's Diary

October 4, 1998

I heard an unbelievable story.

A small town in America, Raccoon City, was destroyed last week.
They said that all the residents turned into zombies, and the city
is now completely deserted.

Umbrella Inc. is rumored to be behind the incident, but I don't
know the details. Although the incident occurred far from here,
across the sea, I can't help but feel anxiety if Umbrella is
truly behind it.

I hope that this city will be okay...

October 6, 1998

I heard another interesting story. This one is about William
Birkin, who supposedly destroyed Raccoon City.

He was the creator of the virus called T, or G, or whatever. He
tried to use the virus for his own purposes. Unbelievable as it
may seem, he injected the virus into his own body and turned into
a monster.

Also, the virus leaked into the sewer and it is rumoured that rats
spread the virus around the entire city.

October 8, 1998

What should I do? One of the workers who came here for lunch
mentioned that the T-virus IS on the island. He said that there's
no possibility that an accident could occur here in this city,
but... I'm not so sure.

I decided to work for Umbrella because of the money. But now I've
grown tired of opening my restaurant for only Umbrella workers.

There is nothing new or interesting left for me in this town.

I guess it's time to get out of here before it's too late...


File #3
Slide: Raccoon City
"After the Destruction" Report

Date: August 5, 1998
Report from the U.B.C.S. member.
Part 1

The biohazard that occurred on May 11th at Lord Spencer's mansion
and bio-chemical laboratory ended on July 25th when members of
the S.T.A.R.S. teams destroyed the entire facility.

As of 8/5/98, there are no signs of viral leakage in the
surrounding area. However; we must continue to monitor the area
with extreme caution.

Our secret operative Albert Wesker, is M.I.A. and is presumed dead.
However, we have just received infomation that Jill Valentine and
Chris Redfield are  preparing to report the incident to the press
and their police chief.

I request that this matter be addressed with the utmost urgency.

U.B.C.S. Commander
Nicholai Ginovaef


Date: September 30, 1998
Report from the U.B.C.S. member.
Part 2

At this moment, I am in the clock tower situated above Raccoon

The city is overrun with zombies. It is safe to say that Raccoon
City has been completely destroyed due to the biohazard.

This situation is different from the accidental biohazard in the
mansion. We suspect that it was intentionally caused by one of our
company's researchers, Dr. William Birkin, the creator of both the
T-virus and G-virus.

I have researched both biohazard incidents, and noticed that two
issues need to be addressed immediately.

The security of the virus stored in our worldwide facilities must
be improved. Also, we need to re-educate our workers. Biological
weapon viruses will surely become our primary product, so they
should be handled as such.

All personnel should take extreme care not to allow any more
biohazards to happen.

U.B.C.S. Commander
Nicholai Ginovaef


Date: October 6, 1998

We've had extreme difficulties collecting the sample data for
T-virus contamination and tactical data regarding the B.O.W.

The new B.O.W. we call "Nemesis" was more ferocious and intelligent
than we had expected. As a result, many U.B.C.S. members sent to
the area have been sacrificed in the process of collecting combat

I expect the researchers to analyze the combat data and use it to
develop an even more evolved, ultimate B.O.W.

U.B.C.S. Commander
Nicholai Ginovaef


File #4
Umbrella Top Secret File

Umbrella Confidential Document


This file contains the data for the B.O.W.s created by the virus
contamination that occurred during the biohazards.

The first biohazard was caused by the T-virus leak at Arklay
Laboratory on May 11, 1998.

The second was the large-scale biohazard at Raccoon City which
happened 4 months later.

Although they have not been confirmed yet, note that there may be
B.O.W.s other then the ones listed below.

The data for those will be filed when it is ready.


B.O.W. FILE #1: Zombie

Humans who are contaminated by the T-virus. They have lost their
consciousness, and wander around on their instinct and appetite to
satisfy their hunger for human flesh.

Tactical procedure:

As their movements are slow, they can be easily eliminated if you
keep enough distance to snipe.


B.O.W. FILE #2: Cerberus

Dogs which are contaminated by the T-virus. Their bodies have not
rotted as much as that of the zombies, so they can move much
faster. They are very sensitive to noise. If they hear you run,
they will pursue and attack you.

Tactical procedure:

You can eliminate them with a hand gun, but since they are fast,
it may be difficult to aim.


B.O.W. FILE #3: Licker

They are created by a mutation that occurs when a zombie is
contaminated by the T-virus. As a result of the transformation
process, they have conspicuous features like exposed brain tissue,
and they move around on all four legs.

Compared to the zombies, they possess incredible agility. They
have no eyes, and are unable to see. Instead, they have an
abnormally evolved sense of hearing.

Tactical procedure:

As they attack in response to sound, you should be careful when
firing at them. Since they are very keen to hearing footsteps,
you should avoid running when they are around.


B.O.W. FILE #4: Ivy

B.O.W.s which are created from plants.
They can move on their own will by using the vapors inhaled
through their skin. Watch out for their tentacles which are used
like whips.

Tactical procedure:

As fire is lethal to them, a grenade launcher is a very effective


B.O.W. FILE #5: Hunter

B.O.W. that is created when the T-virus contaminates the human DNA.
Since their lower body muscles have been enhanced, they can jump
incredibly high and attack enemies with razor-sharp claws.

Tactical procedure:

Just before they jump at an enemy, they stop their movement
momentarily. You should attack them during this time.


B.O.W. FILE #6: Tyrant

The ultimate result of our B.O.W. project with the T-virus.

Based on the regular Tyrant, the more ferocious "Enhanced Tyrant"
and "Nemesis" which is even more aggressive and intelligent, were
created at our European branch.

Tactical procedure:

There are virtually no countermeasures against Tyrants' incredible


B.O.W. FILE #7: Prototype

They are not yet complete, but logically speaking, we can create
and mass-produce more ferocious B.O.W.s by adding certain materials
during the process of cultivating Tyrant's genes.

However; there is one problem...


File #5
Medical charts of the patients

Name: William J Smith
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Height: 181cm
Weight: 72 kg
Physical condition: Good
Mental condition: Languid
Tranquilizer 10mg in soup for every breakfast.
Hallucion 5mg in bread for every dinner.


Name: Jennifer Campbell
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47 kg
Physical condition: Good
Mental condition: Unstable
Since she has been confined for a long time, she has become very

Putting drugs in her meals is ineffective, as she rarely eats.
It would be best to put the tranquilizer in her drinking water.


Name: Ryoji Yokota
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Height: 177cm
Weight: 50 kg
Physical condition:
According to the results of an MRI, a vein tumor was found at his
cerebellum. Worthless as a product.


Name: Karelina Albachakov
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Height: 155cm
Weight: 43 kg
Physical condition: Good
Mental condition: Good
Tranquilizer 10mg in soup for every breakfast.


File #6
Sewer Caretaker, Andy's Diary

September 6th

I've never seen him, but I heard that one called Vincent has
become this city's supreme commander.

Officially, he is an elite sent by Umbrella headquarters. In truth,
he is such a fiend that he would not hesitate to kill his friend
if it would promote him.

Well, since I live here in this dark sewer, it doesn't mean
anything to me...

September 20th

I heard a disgusting rumor...

The new commander Vincent, orders the facility personnel to do
savage experiments every day on kids brought in from all over the

I don't know why those kids were brought to this city, but it sure
is disturbing. Well, I don't want to get involved, so long as it
doesn't affect me...

October 10th

It seems some terrible accident happened above ground last night.
I don't know any more details, but I heard that Commander Vincent
has done something cruel.

November 9th

Today at last, Commander Vincent came down here for an inspection.

We made small talk, but I could see nothing but cruelty in him.
When I took a picture of him as a souvenir, he became very angry...

He is such a jerk!


File #7
Prison Chief's Diary

October 20th

Today, we received a reply to our report about the incident where
20 guinea pigs committed suicide the other day.

The headquarters does not seem to have any suspicions and says
that they plan to gather replacement guinea pigs soon. It's too
late, but now I'm starting to regret that I sent a fake report of
a mass suicide incident, when it was actually a mass escape.

However, as long as I stay in this city, it means death to me if
I dare to oppose to Commander Vincent.

I'll never forget the cruel smile of Vincent when he was shooting
at the boys who tried to escape from the prison on that night. It
looked as if he were killing a bunch of insects.

Commander Vincent is indeed a very cold-blooded person, just as
he is rumoured to be. He is a true murderer. I am in a position
where I am supposed to report the truth to headquarters, but I'm
so afraid of Commander Vincent... I don't know what to do...


File #8
An Imprisoned Boy's Diary

September 5th

16 days have passed since I was abducted on a street in Congo by
the men in black, and was brought here. I didn't understand what
was happening at first, but I gradually became aware of the truth
of this city.

We seem to be confined here to serve as guinea pigs for a medical
company called Umbrella Inc.. All the residents of this city work
for Umbrella, even the women and children are family members of

The guinea pigs seem to be gathered from all over the world. The
guy in the next room is from China, the one in the front of my
cell is from Brazil. The rest are Russian, Japanese... It's like
a world trade show. Its strange that they are all around my age.
The youngest is 16, and the oldest is 19 or 20.

Those guys from Umbrella sometimes take us to an arcade or to a
nightclub so we can enjoy ourselves and relieve our stress, but I
won't let them deceive me. I will escape from this place, no
matter what it takes! I must...

Anyway, the most important thing to do now is to organize and
gather our comrades for what lies ahead.

September 10th

Recently, the others have been behaving strangely. It seems that
they have put some kind of weird drug into our meals. I sometimes
lose consciousness, too.

I have to be careful.

September 21st

I can't believe it!

Another friend of mine, Chin, from the next room, was taken to the
factory on the mountain. I don't think Chin's coming back. He will
meet the same fate as Anna or Jacob who disappeared last week.

I know... I know what happens to those who are taken to the
factory on the mountain...

When they took me to a nightclub yesterday, I overheard a
conversation that some factory workers were having...

Under orders from Vincent, the commander of the city, they cut
open our brains and extract some kind of material, whatever they
call it.

All I can say is that Vincent is a devil. No... Not just Vincent.
Even the women and children in this city don't treat us as human
beings, but as guinea pigs.

All the people in the city are evil. I will surely be killed if I
stay here any longer.

We have to hurry and execute our escape plan!

October 9th

The time has come. I have noticed the Umbrella people have been
visibly disturbed for about a week or so. Rumor has it that there
was a terrible accident at the Umbrella laboratory somewhere in

All the prison guards seem to be very busy gathering information
on the accident, so security isn't as tight.

We've organized our comrades already. Stojkovic and Enriquez are
supposed to steal the keys from the guards, Sankhon and I will act
as decoys, and Yoshikawa and Fellipe are in charge of gathering

October 10th

We have decided on our escape route. The plan will be carried out
at 11pm tonight. We have twenty members seperated into two units:
Unit A and Unit B.

Unit A will go into the sewer through the ventilation slot of the
confinement room, while Unit B will use a rope to climb down from
the surveillance tower.

We'll use the rope they used to tie us. If we fail, Vincent will
surely kill us. But if we stay here, Vincent will order them to
cut our brains eventually.

We're dead either way, but I'd rather die trying to escape...


File #9
Commander Vincent's Diary

October 10th

Last night, a group of guinea pigs confined in the prison escaped,
took weapons and caused a riot.

The guinea pigs who were responsible for the incident were all
shot to death by myself, but it will cause a lot of trouble if
Umbrella headquarters becomes aware of this.

This could spoil my plan of returning to headquarters and
collecting my reward for my great achievements here in this city.

I ordered the prison chief to report the incident as a mass
suicide, but I will also have to order the others who are involved
not to talk about it...

November 8th

The people of the city who have been opposing me are now trying to
gather information, intending to report to headquarters what I did.

Yesterday, that little boy, Lott, told me that a spy sneaked into
the city. I guess that spy may have something to do with the
rebellion happening here.

I'll let him for now, and see who he works for and why he is here.

Then I'll kill him.

It's a sad story that the only person that I can trust in this
whole city is that little kid, Lott.

November 19th

The people of the city seem to be preparing to hand the
prosecution report to the headquarters people who are delivering
the new guinea pigs next week.

They say that they have evidence of my doings. I can never allow
them to reveal that.

Those civilians will regret what they are doing. I'll teach them
what happens to those who oppose me!!

November 22nd

Now they know who holds the power!

I've spread the T-virus all over the city. Of course, it was done
so that it looked like an accident. The city should be completely

Now I can go back to Umbrella headquarters and get promoted for my
great achievements at the factory.

No one can oppose me now...!

Wait... There is one person that I have to take care of. It's that
spy. I have to eliminate that rat who sneaked into the city!


File # 10
Wiretapping Record of Vincent

We can no longer tolerate what Commander Vincent has been doing,

To deprive him of his position, we must obtain conclusive evidence
of his evil doings, and report it to headquarters.

We realized that he is very intelligent and cautious. As a last
resort, though it was very dangerous for us, was to wiretap his
phone conversations.

Finally we obtained evidence that was potent enough to deprive him
of his position.

This tape contains his conversations on the prison breaking
incident last month. It proves that he shot those young people all
by himself, and that he tried to hide the truth.

Furthermore, this tape reveals that before coming to this city,
Vincent had killed his colleague only for the purpose of his own

If we could hand this tape to the corporate people coming to the
city next week, he will surely lose his position for sure.

Then the city will be peaceful once again.


File # 11
Lott's Diary

September 10th

I saw some prisoners at the arcade today. They all had sleepy eyes.
One of the girls even slavered. Some of the boys were glaring at
me. They wore rugs and smelled rotten.

Like dad and Commander Vincent told me, they are very different
people from our Umbrella families. Dad told me that they bring
them to this island so they can operate on them and make them into
decent people.

I think they are doing the right thing. I hope they will become
decent people sometime soon.

October 15th

I heard Commander Vincent killed those people who tried to escape
from the prison.

I wonder why such a thing happened? I know they are inferior to
us, but did he have to kill them? Is this what I believed in?

Umbrella and my dad were supposed to help the inferiors by
operating on them...

Why did he kill them?

November 23rd

The city is in total panic!

Monsters are everywhere and they are attacking people! Those
Umbrella people who were very nice to me suddenly started
attacking me.

I need help!

Please someone rescue me!

November 24th

My dad and my mom turned into monsters.

One of the survivors told me that Commander Vincent turned the
people in the city into monsters.

I can't trust anyone now.

I have to survive and protect my sister Lily, no matter what!

We have to escape from the city together!!


File #12
Factory Worker's Diary

August 5, 1998

I can't stand it anymore! I have to take the subjects to the
operating table and sever their skulls to extract a part of their

I do this over and over, day after day... It is awful. Guilt stays
with me all the time, even after I go to bed.

Commander Vincent instructs us... "Do not see them as humans.
They are just raw material we use to create Tyrants with." But it
is we who cut their skulls. I can never consider them as just raw
materials. They are humans just like we are.

I asked Commander Vincent about ways to reduce their suffering,
but he ignored my request, saying that by using anesthetics, pure
Beta Hetero NonSerotonin cannot be extracted.

Even if it is the company's orders, I don't believe what we are
doing is ethical...

I'm sure that I'll be sent to the worst possible place, when I die.
Or perhaps I should say, I'm already there...


File # 13
How to extract Beta Hetero Nonserotonin

To establish a system of mass-producing Tyrants, it is absolutely
necessary that during the process of gene cultivation, a large
amount of pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin must be injected. This
material is one of the human brain's elements.

It has been revealed that the material is mainly produced by the
pituitary of people at the latter period of developing secondary
sex characteristics.

Also, medical data shows that this cerebral material is produced
in response to the excessive secretion of noradrenalin that is
produced from the locus ceruleus in the brain stem.

Noradrenalin is the cerebral material secreted when people are in
a state of extreme tension or fear. As the Beta Hetero
Nonserotonin only exists in active cells, you can't extract it
from a dead brain.

Thus, the best way to extract the material is to cut open the
subject's skull without anesthesia. This will cause the excessive
secretion of noradrenalin.

The pituitary is then ripe for immediate extraction.

Vincent Goldman, Commander
Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island.


|                                                                 |
| - 8.0 - S E C R E T S,  C H E A T S,  A N D  C O D E S          /

- S Rank Secrets

If you patient and skilled enough to get a S Rank in Gun Survivor,
then you will be able to earn an M20-A1 Rocket Launcher.

It's destructive, but it won't blow things to bits. It will take
out most things in one shot. Mr. X can block the rockets at a
distance. Hunters' backs will take 2 or 3 shots. Dogs can dodge
them sometimes, and for some odd reason occasional zombies will
take two. All boss forms will take 1 shot only though, as will
both of the two Alligators.

- Randomness

If I've said it once, I'll say it again, my guide is at best about
the items. Gun Survivor has a fair bit of randomness to it. I would
go through some areas, and get zombies, then next time get Mr. X.

As for items, there is no randomness in the items except for what
Mr. X drops. Overall, you shouldn't have too much problems with it
and will be able to take the necessary actions needed.

- Decisions

If you've played the game, or read my walkthrough, you will know
there is some points in which you have to make a decision. These
decisions will decide which person is killed by the Tyrant.

Arcade - Leader of the Cleaners
Library - Andy
Hospital - The Real Vincent

- Alligators

The two alligators you will come across in the sewers can be the
biggest pain due to the fact they are the hardest enemies in the
game. The best idea is to lay into the first one until the second
breaks through. Go back to the first as it will probably be the
closest, and kill it a quick as you can. Run up to the end where
the ladder is and turn around and shoot the crap out of the second
one. I've accomplished it with the CZ-75, and a crap load of herbs,
but it was easier using the other stronger weapons.

- Gameshark/Action Replay Codes

For those Gameshark savvy people (like I can be sometimes) I'm
nice enough to include these Gameshark codes for you to use for
various versions of Survivor.

- American Resident Evil Survivor Codes

These codes code from the Game Software Code Creators Club.

|                                           \
|                                             \
| All by: Raven-187                            \
|  |                 |                           |
|1E|Enable Code V1   | D001714C 023A             |
|  |(Note 1)         | 8001714E 1000             |
|  |                 |                           |
|2E|Enable Code V2   | D001714C 023A             |
|  |(Note 2)         | 800170C6 1000             |
|  |                 |                           |
|3 |Infinte Health   | 800A8584 00C8             |
|  |                 |                           |
|4 |Have 50 Item     | E00A88C0 0002             |
|  |Slots            | 300A88C0 0032             |
|  |                 |                           |
|5 |Infinite         | D00B608C 0001             |
|  |Continues        | 800B608C 0004             |
|  |                 |                           |
|6 |Handgun A & Ammo | 800AF800 0000             |
|  |                 | 800AF802 0011             |
|  |                 |                           |
|7 |Grenade Launcher | 800AF910 0008             |
|  |& Ammo           | 800AF812 0001             |
|  |                 | 800AF814 000F             |
|  |                 | 800AF816 FFFF             |
|  |                 |                           |
|8 |Handgun B & Ammo | 800AF818 0001             |
|  |                 | 800AF81A 0011             |
|  |                 |                           |
|9 |Handgun C & Ammo | 800AF820 0002             |
|  |                 | 800AF822 0011             |
|  |                 |                           |
|10|Handgun D & Ammo | 800AF828 0003             |
|  |                 | 800AF82A 0011             |
|  |                 |                           |
|11|Shotgun & Ammo   | 800AF830 0004             |
|  |                 | 800AF832 0005             |
|  |                 |                           |
|12|Magnum & Ammo    | 800AF838 0005             |
|  |                 | 800AF83A 0006             |
|  |                 |                           |
|13|Custom Magnum &  | 800AF840 0006             |
|  |Ammo             | 800AF842 0006             |
|  |                 |                           |
|14|Rocket Launcher  | 800AF848 0007             |
|  |& Ammo           | 800AF84A 0001             |
|  |                                             |
|  | Note 1 - If you have a mod chip             |
|N | in your system the game will not            |
|O | work. Use this code to bypass               |
|T | the lockout.                                |
|E |                                             |
|S | Note 2 - If the first code                  |
|  | for the mod-chip lockout doesn't            |
|  | work then use this code                     |

- Japanese Biohazard Gun Survivor Codes

These codes come from the Asian Gameshark Code Center and the Game
Software Code Creators Club. If you have any problems with them
don't contact me about them, contact them by going over to their
message board at http://www.agscc.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi

|                                          \
|                                            \
| All by: Ar.Zone, Boycode and                \
| Know@bangkok.com                             \
|  |                 |                           |
|# |Unlock Protect   | D0017962 1040             |
|  |                 | 80017962 1000             |
|  |                 |                           |
|1 |Infinite HP.     | 800A8974 00C8             |
|  |                 |                           |
|2 |Bullet All Weapon| D00704A6 2462             |
|  |Doesn't Decrease | 800704A4 0000             |
|  |                 |                           |
|3 |Max Slot For Use | 800A8BD0 0032             |
|  |Items            |                           |
|  |                 |                           |
|4 |All Weapons      | B0080008 00000001         |
|  |                 | 800AFB20 0001             |
|  |                 | B0060008 00000001         |
|  |                 | 800AFB60 000A             |
|  |                 |                           |
|5 |Infinite Ammo    | B0070008 00000000         |
|  |                 | 800AFB22 0009             |
|  |                 | D00AFB5C 000F             |
|  |                 | 800AFB5E 0062             |
|  |                 | B0060008 00000000         |
|  |                 | 800AFB62 FFFF             |
|  |                 |                           |
|6 |All Items        | B0060008 00000001         |
|  |                 | 800AFB90 0014             |
|  |                 | B0060008 00000000         |
|  |                 | 800AFB92 0001             |
|  |                 |                           |
|7 |All Weapons &    | 80063D78 0A00             |
|  |Ammo (together)  | 80063D7A 0011             |
|  |                 | 80063D7E 0A01             |
|  |                 | 80063D80 000F             |
|  |                 | 80063D84 0A02             |
|  |                 | 80063D86 000F             |
|  |                 | 80063D8A 0A03             |
|  |                 | 80063D8C 0008             |
|  |                 | 80063D90 0B04             |
|  |                 | 80063D92 0008             |
|  |                 | 80063D96 0C05             |
|  |                 | 80063D98 0006             |
|  |                 | 80063D9C 1007             |
|  |                 | 80063D9E 0001             |
|  |                 | 80063DA2 0F08             |
|  |                 | 80063DA4 0001             |
|  |                 | B0070006 00000001         |
|  |                 | 80063DA8 000A             |
|  |                 | B0070006 00000000         |
|  |                 | 80063DAA FFFF             |
|  |                 | B00F0006 00000000         |
|  |                 | 80063D7C 0000             |
|  |                 |                           |
|8 |Status is Always | 800A8736 0000             |
|  |Fine             |                           |
|  |                 |                           |
|9 |Max Weapon Slot  | 800A8A70 0032             |
|  |Code 2           |                           |
|  |                 |                           |
|10|All Weapons and  | 800AF9B6 8000             |
|  |Ammo and         | 800AF9C0 0001             |
|  |are in Infinite  | 800AF9C2 000F             |
|  |quanity.         | 800AF9C6 8000             |
|  |(Note 1)         | 800AF9C8 0002             |
|  |                 | 800AF9CA 000F             |
|  |                 | 800AF9CE 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AF9D0 0003             |
|  |                 | 800AF9D2 0006             |
|  |                 | 800AF9D6 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AF9D8 0004             |
|  |                 | 800AF9DA 0008             |
|  |                 | 800AF9DC 000B             |
|  |                 | 800AF9DE 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AF9E0 000B             |
|  |                 | 800AF9E2 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AF9E8 0005             |
|  |                 | 800AF9EA 0006             |
|  |                 | 800AF9EC 000C             |
|  |                 | 800AF9EE 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AF9F0 0006             |
|  |                 | 800AF9F2 0006             |
|  |                 | 800AF9F4 000C             |
|  |                 | 800AF9F6 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AF9F8 000C             |
|  |                 | 800AF9FA 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AFA00 0008             |
|  |                 | 800AFA02 0001             |
|  |                 | D00AFA04 0000             |
|  |                 | 800AFA04 000F             |
|  |                 | 800AFA06 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AFA08 000F             |
|  |                 | 800AFA0A 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AFA10 000E             |
|  |                 | 800AFA12 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AFA18 000D             |
|  |                 | 800AFA1A 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AFA20 0007             |
|  |                 | 800AFA22 0001             |
|  |                 | 800AFA24 0010             |
|  |                 | 800AFA26 8000             |
|  |                 | 800AFA28 0010             |
|  |                 | 800AFA2A 8000             |
|  |                 |                           |
|11|Item Slot 1 Mod  | 800AF730 00??             |
|  |(Note 2)         |                           |
|  |                                             |
|N | Note 1 - Use together with 50 inventory     |
|O | slots code so that all items and            |
|T | weapons can be shown.                       |
|E |                                             |
|S | Note 2 - For ?? use a hex value between     |
|  | 00 and FF                                   |

 - European Action Replay Codes

These codes are for the PAL version of Resident Evil Survivor and
come from GameBusters Paradise <http://www.gbparadise.de/> Should
you require any support for these codes e-mail the creators or
post at the UBB at their website.

|                                           \
|                                             \
| Codes 1-3 by DiamondCutter(dc@amiga.ndh.com) \
| Codes 4-9 by UL1@blaze.de                     \
| Code  10  by Slab (slab16@hotmail.com)         \
|  |                  |                          |
|1 | PAL2NTSC         | 8002 6292 3C00           |
|  |                  |                          |
|2 | Infinite Health  | 800A 8734 00C8           |
|  |                  |                          |
|3 | Ammo Won`t       | D006 FD9C 0002           |
|  | Decrease         | 8006 FD98 0000           |
|  |                  |                          |
|4 | Y-Fix            | 8003 5E0C FFFF           |
|  |                  |                          |
|5 | Infinite         | D00B 623C 0003           |
|  | Continues        | 300B 623C 0009           |
|  |                  |                          |
|6 | No continues     | D006 2DAE 0001           |
|  | Used             | 3006 2DAE 0000           |
|  |                  |                          |
|7 | Time stays 00:00 | D00A F9B8 000A           |
|  |                  | 0006 CFF8 0000           |
|  |                  |                          |
|8 | 50 inventory     | D00A 8A70 0002           |
|  | slots            | 300A 8A70 0032           |
|  |                  |                          |
|9 | All weapons and  | 5000 0908 0001           |
|  | Infinite Ammo    | 800A F9B8 0001           |
|  | (Note). ROM      | 5000 0A08 0000           |
|  | Version 2.2 or   | 800A F9B2 000A           |
|  | higher required  |                          |
|  |                  |                          |
|10| All items (Note) | 5000 0608 0001           |
|  | ROM-Version 2.2  | 800A FA30 0014           |
|  | or higher        | 5000 0608 0001           |
|  | required         | 800A FA32 0001           |
|  |                                             |
| N|                                             |
| 0| Note - Use together with 50 inventory       |
| T| slots code so that all items and weapons    |
| E| can be shown.                               |
| S|                                             |

|                                                                 |
| - 9.0 - A D D I T I O N S  T O  B E  M A D E                    /

It's got small.... thats good. This stuff is just common and I'm
not sure if it will ever get updated. Oh well :-D

1. Add corrections/updates to info/correct any spelling mistakes
   missed. Collect large amount and make future update at some
   stage under same version number.
2. Add more FAQ's if needed - More email(!) = More FAQ's.
3. Keep guide user list up to date if needed.

Is there anything else???

|                                                                 |
| - 10.0 - F A Q                                                  /

Here are a bunch of FAQ's I've received at my website on Gun
Survivor. If you have a question for me, feel free to mail me at
mcgregorr@xtra.co.nz with it.

Q - Is the game set in Raccoon City?

A - No. The game is set in a new location. Some island named
    Sheena Island where Umbrella is creating new monsters. I have
    no more details on it's location in the world, nor any town
    names or anything more than that. Capcom felt like restricting
    the amount of info they released on the island in their files.

Q - How do I save?

A - You can't save your location in Gun Survivor. If you die and
    don't continue/run out of continues then you will be given
    the option to save. This save will start you back at the
    start of the game with the guns and ammo you earned, along
    with the stats you have gotten. Also, when you finish the game
    you will get the same option to save.

Q - What is this about no gun support in America?

A - Capcom USA are removing the GunCon support supposedly due to
    the increasing violence with guns within schools during the
    last year. If it's masked, Gameshark codes may come, if it's
    cut completely you will only ever be able to use a controller
    with it.

Q - I was playing Easy, and the 3 other handgun's had unlimited
    ammo, do they have unlimited ammo in Normal mode also?

A - Yes, all the handgun's have unlimited ammo in Normal.

Q - Can you play Gun Survivor with a control pad?

A - Yes, it is playable with a normal controller. For a better
    experience, I advise the use of a a Dual Shock Controller.

Q - I heard about a special Beretta M92F G-Con made especially for
    use with Gun Survivor, do you know where I can get it from?

A - Supposedly ASCII Japan made a Beretta GunCon for the game,
    only problem is the fact that I haven't seen it on sale
    anywhere on the net.

Q - Will a G-Con work with a 100hz Projection Screen?

A - Unless you want to go against what the G-Con's instructions
    say, and burn holes through the TV display while playing, No.

Q - Could the idea of the Cleaners in Gun Survivor come from the
    Resident Evil Caliban Cove's "Tri-Squad"?

A - Could have, I wouldn't really know though.

Q - Will an Assassin Light Gun, or Konami's Justifier Light Gun
    work with Gun Survivor?

A - Assassin... I'd say if it supports G-Con Games then it would.
    As for Konami's Justifier, it doesn't work from what I have
    been told, sorry.

Q - What about the Scorpion Light Gun?

A - Well from what I can tell yes, it has a G-Con switch, so if
    you have that on then it will work with it.

Q - Can you give me a list of Light Guns that work with the game?

A - No.

Q - When can you get Survivor in Europe?

A - It's out now. Certain areas may have more trouble than others
    on having copies for sale.

Q - When is Survivor out in the United States?

A - So far Capcom has set the date at 31st August 2000. For more
    details check:


Q - I have Biohazard: Gun Survivor and it will not run on my
    machine. What are the Gameshark Unlock codes for it?

A - The code is:

    D0017962 1040
    80017962 1000

    If you have a Gameshark Pro add C1000000 0000 to the code.

Q - Where can I find the translated files from Gun Survivor?

A - Here in this guide. Check the files section.

Q - I have the Japanese version of Gun Survivor, and I'm trying
    to play it with a American Playstation, model #SCPH-7001. I
    used a mod chip in it and I have the 3 in 1 converter. I
    first tried to load the game with the mod chip (4 wire
    version) and got the anti mod protection. I then took out
    the mod chip and loaded it with the 3 in 1 converter and
    still got the anti-mod protection. What can I do to play
    this game?

A - Ugh.............. bye! No, honestly I don't know much about
    mod chips in games. I know that the older the system, the
    less chances there are that games will work, even with mod
    chips. 7000 series shouldn't have too much problem (I have
    a 7500). But I also know that people usually use Game Sharks
    to get past anti-mod protection, and so the best idea would
    be to get a Game Shark and use the code in the question above.

Q - (Question in General Coversation) This game called Resident
    Evil Survivor.  What console is it for and why have I never
    heard of it?  When the hell did it come out?

A - A question I get all too often from the US RE Gaming Public.

    Resident Evil Survivor is a First Person Shooter/Puzzler
    in line with the Resident Evil Series, and marked as the last
    Resident Evil game to be made for the PlayStation (until PS2
    comes). Although it gains poor critisium, the average review
    pulls in 7/10 :-)

    It was released in Japan in late Janurary (just before Code
    Veronica) and was released in Europe in the beginning of
    April. The US release date is set at the 31st of August 2000.


A - The question I get the most. And although I have a section on
    saving, and the first "How do I save?" FAQ most seem to miss
    it. I case you did miss the whole save section here it is again!

    Okay, so everyone is complaining about how there is no
    typewriters in Gun Survivor to save. So everyone is asking how
    do I save. To tell you the truth, you can't. Well that's not
    fully true either, you can, but it won't save your position,
    only your guns, ammo, hit percentage, enemies killed etc. If
    you load that save you'll be back at the start with those
    stats. When you finish the game then you will also be allowed
    to save for the same reason (gaining weapons, status etc.) to
    continue on with.

    Survivor could take you anywhere between 3/4 hour to a few
    hours to complete. It just depends on how you do it, so be
    warned, you could have to spend up to that much time playing it.

    Honetly I don't see why people complain there is no save spots
    in the game. It's a shooter people! House of the Dead doesn't
    have save spots, it has continues, and so does Survivor. Come
    on, I mean I read reviews where people took marks off because
    you can't save in the game. Absolutly idiotic!

    Please laugh at the poor idiotic folk who told me it's easy
    to save - by dying and not continuing. Point is you're only
    saving your items progress - not where you were in the game
    you mugs.

Q - Okay, so it's not out in the US (yet).... where can I import
    the game online?

A - I don't support any importing sites mainly because I don't
    often import, but if you look around the net you can find
    the game for sale. The best idea is to look for a copy of
    Resident Evil Survivor, as it will be in English.

Q - Is Ark Thompson really the writer of D.I.J.'s Diary in Code

A - Who the hell started this crap? Your all trying to torment me!
    I got about 20 e-mails about it in my e-mail box not long after
    CV was released, and I been asked it at least once a week if
    not more from different people since then.

    Come on guys, think. Read the diary then think about the parts
    of the game it mentions. It's the freakin mouse!

    Or is it? http://www.new-blood.com/images/realtsur.jpg ;-)

Q - How can a mouse write a diary?

A - As Thomas Wilde put it so nicely in his Plot FAQ, "He's a very
    smart mouse."

    Well, really it's just a joke Capcom put it. Why do so many
    people have trouble with the idea of game companies having fun
    every once and a while?

Q - How the hell am I supposed to use your blasted Ranking guide?
    It doesn't work!!!

A - Thats because it's this guides one biggest flaw... the Ranking
    of Survivor is just like trying to get the Katana in Silent Hill,
    no one is really sure what exactly causes it to happen. I was
    how ever able to figure out some things that do and don't cause
    changes to rank. I try my best, and can only say that you should
    too! I did manage to get a S rank on my second play through of
    Resident Evil Survivor, so I do know it's possible quite early
    in play.

Q - Why are there no GameShark codes for the US version?

A - I thought this would be rather obvious, but a few people managed
    to ask me this. The US version isn't out and so there isn't any
    codes for it.

    Now the game is out Gameshark codes can be found up above.

Q - Why did Ark go to the island? I heard something about Leon sending
    him. And why does everyone think he's Vincent? Is he supposed to
    look like him?

A - Well basically answering this spoils most of the story. Ark goes to
    Sheena Island indeed on inquiry of details of Umbrella's operations
    at the request of his friend, and one of the protagonists of RE2,
    Leon Kennedy.

    Ark thinks he's Vincent because after he escapes the helicopter
    crash, the events after lead him to think he is. This was caused by
    him to because he visited the island as a spy and pretended to be
    Vincent inspecting the island. This is why no one questions his look
    except for Lott who actually knows what "Commander Vincent" looks

Q - What's Andy's story, is he good or evil, and what's his role in the

A - Andy is basically a good guy, but he's mistaken due to Ark saying
    he was Vincent when he was spying on the island. Becaause of this,
    and the fact that Andy now knows what Vincent did with children and
    that he released the T-Virus on the island he's taking revenge.

Q - Is the cleaner leader Hunk?

A - No. Hunk is still around in Code Veronica which leaves him alive
    through timeline afterwards. The leader doesn't survive.

Q - Does the cleaner leader have a name, or is he just the 'cleaner

A - As far as I know he is just the 'cleaner leader'. Recently people
    have been e-mailing me with info from the Prima Guide which says
    the cleaners are actually called "UT Troopers."

Q - Does the Gun Survivor Tyrant have a number, like 002 (RE1
    Tyrant), 103 (RE2 Tyrant) and 038 (RE:CV Tyrant).

A - If it's around I'm being blind again and I missed it. Other than
    that nothing springs to mind.

Q - What is the game called, Gun Survivor or Survivor? I've seen it
    both ways.

A - In Japan it's Biohazard Gun Survivor, for the US and Europe
    it's Resident Evil Survivor. The gun has been removed from the
    US title as the Gun support has been also, and so sticking with
    Resident Evil Survivor, Europe takes the title also. The easiest
    way to title it is just Survivor as both titles have it in the

Q - What does Y-Fix mean in the Resident Evil Survivor codes?

A - The Y-Fix codes will adjust your screen should it be offset.
    Basically this option is pointless in Survivor as you can do
    this in the options anyway.

Q - Can I change Survivor from 1st person to 3rd person?

A - Umm... no. *odd look forms on face at the 4 e-mails which
    asked the question*

Q - Are there any Gameshark codes which allow you to save your
    position anywhere?

A  - No.

Q - Is there a difference in the number of continues between
    Easy and Normal?

A - Yes there is. I missed this from the guide, but I was e-mailed
    about this also. I'm sorry to the person who e-mailed me, your
    e-mail was deleted in a virus scare my computer had.

Q - I have Resident Evil Survivor and it will not run on my
    machine. What are the Gameshark Unlock codes for it?

A - Check the Gameshark section above.

Q - Does the US version of Resident Evil Survivor support ANY
    light gun?

A - No

Q - I am having troubles with my gun for RE Survivor. It is a
    Predator 2 and it has two settings. Normal mode and Guncon.
    I have tried both of them and I still can't get them to work.
    I have another gun game called Crypt Killer and it works fine
    on that game. What is wrong?

A - The US version (assuming you are playing the US one) of
    Resident Evil Survivor doesn't support any guns. But seeing as
    the Predator 2 doesn't work on G-Con games without switching
    it (like Time Crisis or Point Blank) then it still wont work
    even on Crypt Killer if you are playing it in G-Con mode.

    Crypt Killer is made by Konami. Konami has their own gun
    called the Justifier for which the game works with. If you
    took a normal Namco G-Con you would find it doesn't work with
    Crypt Killer. However, there are guns out there like your one
    which work for both types of Guns (Konami's Justifier and
    Namco's G-Con) but it's just that the US Version of Survivor
    works with NO light guns.

Q - Does the recently released Resident Evil Survivor come with a
    light gun?

A - If recently released means US version then no it doesn't come
    with a gun because it doesn't support any light guns.

Q - What are anti-mod chip codes?

A - Hmm... okay, anti-mod chip codes. If you have a mod chip in
    your game to play imports, in in cases, CD-R back ups, certain
    games wont work because they have a lockout code which causes
    the game to give you a warning screen and won't load. Survivor
    is one of these games. These codes get past that lockout.

Q - What is a "mod-chip"?

A - It's a chip which allows you to bypass region coding in your
    games consoles. However they are illegal in most countries
    becuase removing the region coding also allows software piracy.
    I don't condone piracy in any shape or form and won't answer
    any mod chip questions beyond definition.

Q - Can you power up the arcade machines in the church's rec room
    or in the arcade?

A - No.

Q - How does Lott make it all the way back to save Lily from their
    house in that short amount of time after Ark remembers who he

A - I can only assume that Lily didn't listen to Ark (not
    surprising) and ended up following the path Ark took to the
    factory. Lott then just ran into her as he was backtracking to
    the house.

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