Batsu by RPajooh

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Legal Stuff: This faq must not be used under any circumstances.  If 
anyone wishes to use these faq, they must first get my permission. 
Basically, don't take credit for other's work, but please print it!  
Anyways.  Faq created by: Richard "RYU" Pajooh 



Basic Moves:

F = Forward
DF = Down Forward
D = Down
DB = Down Back
B = Back
UF = Up Forward
UB = Up Back
U = Up

LP = Light Punch
LK = Light Kick
HP = Hard Punch
HK = Hard Kick

* = Indicates move can be done in air.

. x 2 = Means motion must be done twice.

Special Moves:

Guts Bullet*: D, DF, F + P

Guts Upper: F, D, DF + P

Crescent Star Kick: D, DB, B + K

Shooting Star Kick: D, DF, F + K (must be done in air.)

Burning Vigor Attacks:

Super Guts Bullet*: D, DF, F + P x 2

Rival Launcher: D, DB, B + P x 2 (tap P for more hits.)

Super Shooting Star Kick: D, DF, F + K x 2 (must be done in air.)

Team Up Attack:

Double Guts Bullet: LP + LK or HP + HK


1. LP, LP, HK, F + HK.

2. LP, LP, HK, F + HP.

3. LP, LP, HK, F + HK, HP Guts Bullet.

4. D + HP, HK Crescent Star Kick.

5. Jump in LP, D + HP, HK Crescent Star Kick.

6. D + HP, B + HK, HP Guts Upper.

7. LP, LP, HK, F + HK, HP Guts Upper.

8. LP, LP, HK, F + HP, HP Guts Upper.

9. LP, LP, HK, B + HP, HP Guts Upper.

10. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, U + LP, LK, HK, F + HK.

11. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, U + LK, HK Shooting Star Kick.

12. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, U + LK, LP, HP, F + HP, HP Guts Bullet.

13. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, U + LK, F + LK, HK Shooting Star Kick.

14. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, U + LK, LP, LP, LK, HP, F + HP (timing is 
tricky.) -thanks to Gamepro, Issue 121.

15. B + HK, Super Guts Bullet.

16. D + HP, B + HK, Super Guts Bullet.

17. Jump in LP, D + HP, B + HK, Super Guts Bullet.

18. LP, LP, HK, Rival Launcher.

19. LP, LP, HK, F + HP, Rival Launcher.

20. LP, LP, HK, F + HK, Rival Launcher.

21. LP, LP, HK, F + HK, DF + HK, Rival Launcher.

22. LP, LP, HK, B + HP, HP Guts Upper, UF + LK, Super Guts Bullet, 
(when you land) Team Up Attack.

23. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, LK, Super Guts Bullet.

24. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, LK, F + LK, Super Guts Bullet.

25. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, LK, Super Guts Bullet, (when you land) Team Up 
Attack.  If opponent does a Safe Escape, the Team Up Attack will 
not connect.

26. F, F, Hold Forward + HK, Team Up Attack.

27. F, F, Hold Forward + LK, Rival Launcher.

28. LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, LK, Super Shooting Star Kick.

29. Infinite Combo: LP, LP, HK, DF + HP, U + LK, LP, HP, (when you 
land) DF + HP, U + LK, LP, HP, (when you land) DF + HP, U + LK, LP, 
HP.repeat.  This combo will not work if opponent does a Safe 
Escape.  There are many variations to this combo, for effect, end 
it with a Tag Team Attack.

Advanced Strategies:

Guts Bullet: 7/10

Batsu lunges forward, throwing a blue fireball.  This is the fastest 
fireball in the game, also a little more powerful than most.  However, 
it disappears after 2/3 of the screen.  Also, it is not useful up 
close.  Sometimes, your opponent will have time to counter attack, 
after you nailed them with a Guts Bullet.  Try using it during a combo, 
or after a Tardy Counter.  It helps with trying to keep a distance from 
your enemy.  The air version is much safer, and you have a better 
chance of hitting someone.  Time this move before using it.

Guts Upper: 8/10

Batsu dashes forward, and does a ground uppercut with flames 
surrounding his hand.  This move is powerful, fast, and can be comboed 
in easily.  Also, if you opponent does not Safe Escape, you will have 
time to jump in the air to continue the madness.  Don't throw this move 
out; use it during a combo, and after a Tardy Counter.  This move will 
also connect with opponents who lay on the ground.  If Batsu misses, he 
will be left open for a good second.

Crescent Star Kick: 7/10

Batsu does a 180 degree spin kick, while jumping in the air.  I though 
this move was worthless, until I found how to combo it in and when to 
time it.  This move does decent damage, and has priority over most 
attacks.  Unlike most of Batsu's attacks, this one has great recovery.  
Even if you don't connect with the Crescent Star Kick, it will still 
leave you close to your opponent.  This and the Guts Upper are the best 
moves to do after a Tardy Counter.

Shooting Star Kick: 7/10

Batsu does a super fast dart kick that goes at an angle; also he adds 
some fire for effect.  This move racks up about 5 hits, and is his most 
powerful Special Attack.  It's a decent air combo finisher, but you 
better off trying to nail someone by just simply jumping in on them, 
then busting out the Shooting Star Kick.  Even if they block, you will 
be extremely close to them.  

Super Guts Bullet: 8/10

Batsu does a huge Guts Bullet.  This move is extremely powerful, fast, 
and is his best air combo finisher.  This move takes time to get used 
to, because of the initial delay.  It can be comboed in on the ground, 
but only after certain attacks.  Don't expect this one to hit someone 
from afar, they can see it coming, and simply sidestep.  Times to use 
it are; after a Tardy Counter, during a combo, or a counter to a 
Burning Vigor Attack or Team Up Attack.

Rival Launcher: 8/10

Batsu knocks his opponent in the air, doing a pre-set combo.  If you 
hit P rapidly, it will add a Shooting Star Kick.  Oddly though, this 
one is only in the Arcade version.  Why is that?  This one is easier to 
combo in then the Super Guts Bullet, but does less damage.  Sometimes, 
your opponent will also get a chance to block in the middle of it.  
Despite it's weaknesses, this gives Batsu a fast close up move that he 

Super Shooting Star Kick: 7/10

Batsu does a super version of a Shooting Star Kick.  Now this one is 
only found in the Evolution version.  Hmmm.I wish they just gave him 
the Rival Launcher and Super Shooting Star Kick.  This is just as fast 
as a regular Shooting Star Kick, plus a little more powerful.  You can 
combo it in the air, but the Super Guts Bullet is a better option.  
Once again, try to jump in on your opponent with it, or counter when 
they try to attack.  Not the best, but it has its uses.

Double Guts Bullet: 9/10

Batsu's partner does a gut punch, and then they both launch a huge 
double fireball that gets 7 hits.  This is one of the best Tag Team 
Attacks, because it is fast and powerful.  Also the start up, the gut 
punch, can hit standing and crouching opponents.  Use it often, or 
better yet, use it as a Tardy Counter.

Batsu is a well-rounded character (he's my favorite), and a combo king.  
Batsu can easily destroy someone with two or three combos.  Most of his 
moves deal great damage, and have high priority.  Also, Batsu is 
extremely fast, and can go from a high attack to a low attack in a 
second. Batsu's two weaknesses are: 1.  His moves have a horrible 
delay.  2.  It takes a lot of practice to make Batsu the best.  He's 
not as easy to learn as others, such as Hideo, but when you do, it will 
be worth it.  Batsu can play a defensive or offensive game.  I like to 
stay extremely close, trying to set up for a combo.  Batsu can be 
played in any fashion, just find the one that works for you.