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Daigo Character Guide
Version 1.0
By John Culbert <tigeraid@fighters.net>
November 1998

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     ________                    ________
    |___L2___|                  |___R2___|
     ________      Special       ________
    |___L1___|  Config Buttons  |___R1___|

                .-------------Square- WEAK PUNCH (1)
     D-PAD      | .-----------Triangle- STRONG PUNCH (2)
                | | 
   U/B U U/F    | | 
      \|/       | | 
    B--o--F     | | 
      /|\       O O 
   D/B D D/F    O O 
                | | 
                | | 
                | | 
                | | 
                | ------------Circle- STRONG KICK (4)
                 -------------X- WEAK KICK (3)

NOTE: These are default PS settings; they can be adjusted in the options,
and the L/R triggers can be set to programmed macros of button combinations (eg. 
P+K, etc...)

QCT  = Quarter Circle Toward (roll from D to F)
QCB  = Quarter Circle Back (roll from D to B)
HCT  = Half Circle Toward (roll from B to D to F)
HCB  = Half Circle Back (roll from F to D to B)
 +   = enter commands simultainiously
XX   = Buffer/Cancel into following move
SJ.  = Super Jumping
DP   = Dragon Punch (F, D, D/F)
FB   = Fireball
BVA  = Burning Vigour
TC   = Tardy Counter



Once again, Capcom has almost redeemed themselves from the Vs. games with a
decent fighter. Rival Schools originally came out in the arcade and has now been 
ported over to the Playstation. The graphics are polygonal like Street Fighter 
EX, however Sidestepping is a new added feature, allowing for more depth in the 
playing field. The game plays similar to the Vs. games, but
certainly not as unbalanced. The combo system is also similar, with both
chain and air combos, but in no way as flexible. Overall the Tardy Counter
system is what truly makes the difference. After blocking you can interrupt the 
block stun and counter--however you need to have the right move to counter the 
right blocked move, or the opponent can recover in time and counter your Tardy 
Counter ;)... it can become quite complex, but not that difficult to grasp. 
Overall the game certainly isn't the best fighter out there, but it is a hell of 
a lot of fun with some depth and technique, and often great eye candy as well.


Daigo is a real power character, and by no means for novices. Although he is not 
particularily fast in most ways, and lacks speed in his Burning Vigors, he makes 
up for this in raw power. Mastery of Tardy Counters, combos and a good grasp of 
timing are required, but mastering this character is truly satisfying.


-overall high damage
-devastating BVAs when they connect
-excellent combos in air and ground
-good possibilities for Tardy Counters


-overall not too fast
-significant delays on BVAs
-excellent air counter ability (with timing)




This is a Meter located at the bottom of the screen; and as you perform 
moves or hit opponents (performing Special Moves fills it the fastest), it 
will fill up. Once it is full, a one will appear beside it. This means you 
have one Super Level, allowing you to perform a Burning Vigour Attack. It can 
continue to be filled up to 9 levels.


This is a devastating move that can only be performed when at least one level of 
your Vigour Meter is full. Daigo possesses three BVAs.


This is an extremely powerful Super attack where your partner jumps in and joins 
you to pummel the opponent. This attack varies depending on your partner, and is 
done by pressing any Punch plus any Kick.


Super Jumps cause you to jump very high into the air; to perform a Super
Jump, quickly tap D before jumping.


To perform a Throw in Rival Schools, you have to press 2+3. Throw range is quite 
close, and if you miss a Throw, your character will grab at the air. Each 
character has one frontal Throw, one Low Throw with D+2+3, a Back Throw with 2+3 
from behind, and an Air Throw with 2+3 close in mid-air. You can escape a Throw 
by hitting 1+2 at the same moment the opponent Throws.
NOTE: R2 is also set default as the Throw button.


To recover from any knockdown, press any two buttons. Your character will flip 
in mid-air and land on their feet--this allows you to defend against possible 
follow-ups, including attacks when you're fallen to the ground (which can be 
quite painful). Certain attacks, such as Throws cannot be Tech Hitted. ALWAYS 
press two buttons as you are knocked down, just as a rule of thumb.


To perform a dash forward, tap forward twice. To perform a retreating dash,
tap back twice. Each character can perform a variety of Dashing Attacks as well.


To step into the background, tap 3+4. To step outward, tap D+3+4. This can allow 
you to avoid linear moves such as Fireballs (see Tactics for more info).
NOTE: R1 is also set default as the Sidestep button.


To quickly slide behind the opponent from the front, tap D+3+4 up close... this 
can avoid linear moves and counter (possibly with a Back Throw).
NOTE: you can also perform this with D+R1.


Both L1 and L2 are set default to two of your character's Burning Vigour Attacks 
(see Moves List for Daigo's specifically). Remember however that many characters 
have 3 BVAs...


Immediately after holding B or D/B to block an attack, you can interrupt your 
guard stun by performing any attack (Regular, Special, Team-Up or BVA).

A brief flash will occur and your move will execute. Hopefully this attack will 
hit before the opponent has finished the recovery frames of the move you Tardy 
Countered. If they manage to recover earlier than it takes for your counter-
attack to execute, they can block or snuff it. Thus it can become quite a 
complex system. Essentially, you have to make sure the move you use to counter 
is fast enough to hit the opponent in time, as well as have the range to hit 
them from the blocked distance. It is IMPERITIVE to learn this system to play 
this game effectively.

NOTE: as a general rule of thumb, make ABSOLUTELY sure you wait until the last 
blocked hit of a multiple hit attack to perform a Tardy Counter. Hinata's 
Flaming Hurricane Kick BVA is an excellent example--AFAIK, no matter what move 
you try to counter with, if you perform a Tardy Counter on any hit but the last 
one, you'll get nailed with the rest.


As far as the chain combo system (or "textbook system" is concerned, it follows 
a basic rule:

-Weak Attack, Weak Attack, Strong Attack, F or B+Strong Attack, Special or

However any combination within this basic formula works, for example:

-Weak Attack, Strong Attack, Special
-Weak Attack, Weak Attack, BVA, etc...

In the case of Daigo, B+4 and F+4 cannot work in this equation because they 
execute slowly.

See the Combo Section for more specific info.


Air Combos can be performed against any airborne opponent, after a launcher or 
in air-to-air combat. These combos also follow the same basic pattern as the 
Ground Combos above, with one or two Weak attacks followed by a Strong one. 
However this system is not as flexible as in the Vs. games (or as cheap) and is 
different for each specific character. Again, see the Combo Section.



-Phoenix Fist: QCT+2 (up to 5 times)
-Phoenix Fist (single): QCT+1
-Skull Aura: QCT+1 or 2 (in mid-air)
-Aura Flame: QCB+1 or 2
-Phoenix Kick: QCT+3 or 4
-Normal Throw; Throttle: 2+3
-Low Throw; Takedown: D+2+3 (on crouching opponent)
-Back Throw; German Suplex: 2+3 (from behind)
-Air Throw; Rolling Drop: 2+3 (close in mid-air)
-Slide Kick: dash+3
-Flying Jump Kick: dash+4
-Running Shoulder Blick: dash+1 or 2
-BVA 1; Phoenix Fury: QCT, QCT+1 or 2 (or L1)
-BVA 2; Soul Aura Flame: QCB, QCB+1 or 2 (or L2)
-BVA 3; Super Skull Aura: QCT, QCT+1 or 2 (in mid-air) (or L2)
-Team-Up Attack; Super Parry: any P + any K



Weak Punch (1) -- 4 pts. damage

Standing 1 is a quick jab to the head, excellent all-around poking attack to 
start combos or possibly as a tick. Very little range, so make sure to be right 
up close when you use it. Crouching 1 is a low version of the jab.

Strong Punch (2) -- 12 pts. damage

Standing 2 is a powerful straight punch, bufferable into any of his Special 
Moves, but not particularily fast. Crouching 2 is a quick uppercut which doesn't 
launch--not much of an air counter either, it comes out quite fast but doesn't 
have much range vertically or horizontally.
B+2 is an overhead attack, a powerful downward chop for 22 pts. damage--it can 
be cancelled into a Special Move, and despite its speed it can be used after a 
Standing 2 in a combo.
F+2 is a powerful thrusting punch to the mid-section for 15 pts. damage--it too 
can be cancelled into a Special Move and does work in combos. Altogether does 
not come out or recover that quick, so I tend not you use it much offensively.
D/F+2 is Daigo's Launcher, a step forward followed by a big uppercut. Tap U to 
follow with a Super Jump and combo. The initial dash has a small crouch in it 
and can take priority over slower high attacks--often can be used as a 
counterattack after a Tardy Counter, providing the opponent doesn't use a very 
fast follow-up.

Weak Kick (3)

Standing 3 is one of the slower Weak Kicks in the game, a kick to the knee area 
for 6 pts. damage. Compared to the Standing 3 of, say, Kyosuke, it is pretty 
slow. For this reason, it is difficult to get into a good foot game up close 
against characters with these faster kicks. Standing 3 is still fairly fast 
however, and has decent priority against crouching attacks, and can be comboed 
of course. Can work somewhat well to start combos if within range. Crouching 3 
is a quick low kick to the feet for 4 pts. damage, a fair bit faster than 
Standing 3... can be used as a poking attack up close.

Strong Kick (4)

Standing 4 is a heavy thrust kick to the midsection for 13 pts. damage. It's not 
that quick in execution, but it has decent priority over low attacks and has 
decent range--can also be buffered into Special Attacks. C.Roundhouse is a 
single leg sweep for 10 pts. damage, with a fair bit of range as well. 
B+Roundhouse is an overhead attack, a big axe kick for 22 pts. damage--like most 
overhead attacks, fairly slow in execution, but can catch a crouching opponent 
by surprise. F+Roundhouse is a big high thrust kick to the head for 19 pts. 
damage, which knocks the opponent away. It's not that quick overall and cannot 
be comboed, so overall is not that great.



-Phoenix Fist- (5 hits -- 10+5+5+5+10 = 35 pts. damage)

(Daigo lunges forward with a thrusting punch to the midsection, followed by   a 
short uppercut into a cross punch, into another uppercut and finishing     with 
a spinning backhand to knock away)

A great looking attack that does a decent 35 pts. damage. If any of the first 
hits is blocked and Tardy Countered, you should continue into the following 
hits, which may catch them (some real fast attacks like a Weak Punch or Weak 
Kick may interrupt it). If the entire series is blocked, the last hit recovers a 
tad slow. Overall you should only use this attack in combos, or occasionally as 
a Tardy Counter. Performing this attack with QCT+1 will only yield the first 
hit, and AFAIK there is no difference between it and the first hit of QCT+2. 

-Skull Aura- (2 hits -- 14 pts. damage)

(Daigo hangs briefly in mid-air and produces a ball of energy in front of   him)

Overall an excellent move. Works well in small air combos and can be used in 
air-to-air combat if you are over the opponent's head... beware, it has a small 
delay on start-up and quicker air attacks can snuff it. Recovery is quite good 
however and can also be used for jump-in offense.

-Aura Flame- (3 hits -- 30-34 pts. damage)

(Daigo crosses his arms and stands straight, creating a column of fire   around 
his body)

QCB+1 creates a low flame column around his feet, and QCB+2 creates a higher 
column up towards the height of his head. The Weak version has more horizontal 
range however, and can be used well in combos, or to hit opponents on the ground 
if they are slow to get up. The Strong version however is more important--
although it has a slight delay on start-up, it becomes a nearly inpenitrable air 
defence if started early enough--good deal of damage as well. When the flame has 
actually started, it becomes nearly inpenitrable to ground attacks as well, even 

-Phoenix Kick- (2 hits -- 29 pts. damage)

(Daigo spins around with two mid-level roundhouse kicks)

Overall his best Special Move. It doesn't do as much damage as some of his 
moves, but it comes out quite quick and recovers fast... the opponent will also 
need to use a VERY quick move as a Tardy Counter for the first kick, or the 
second kick will connect. This is an excellent overall attack on defense, or to 
counter a blocked attack. It is also one of his best options as a Tardy Counter, 
due to its speed, or even after Sidestepping within range.

-Normal Throw; Throttle- (1 hit -- 35 pts. damage)

(Daigo grabs the opponent around the neck, shakes them then tosses them   like a 
rag doll across the screen)

A good basic Throw that places you a short distance from the opponent, to set up 
for a running offense (see tactics).

-Low Throw; Takedown- (3 hits -- 40 pts. damage)

(Daigo takes the opponent to the ground, punches them twice then knees them    
in the gut)

Excellent to mix in to your up-close game, doing great damage. It will often 
grab the opponent out of slower crouching attacks. See Tactics for more info. 
This Low Throw cannot be performed from behind.

-Back Throw; German Suplex- (1 hit -- 52 pts. damage)

(Daigo grabs the opponent aroung the waist from behind and hoists them over   
backwards, dropping them on the back of their head)

Great damage, an excellent follow-up to a Go-Behind. This cannot be  performed 
on a crouching opponent.

-Air Throw; Rolling Drop- (1 hit -- 45 pts. damage)

(Daigo grabs the opponent and mid-air, performs a roll in the air and   tosses 
them to the ground)

-Phoenix Fury- (10 hits -- 56 pts. damage)

(Daigo lunges forward with a blow to the midsection, staggering the    opponent; 
he then stands straight, cracks his knuckles, then performs a   devastating 
multi-hit combo to the opponent, knocking them far across the   screen)

Although it has a slight delay on start-up, the initial body blow has EXCELLENT 
priority, so provided you can anticipate the opponent's move, or with just some 
luck, you can snuff them out of their attack with this. The recovery if blocked 
is pretty bad, and this cannot be comboed, so be careful where to use it.

-Soul Aura Flame- (8 hits -58 pts. damage)

(Daigo crosses his arms and stands straight, creating a HUGE column of fire     
around his body)

Highly damaging, and similar to the regular Aura Flame, it has a slight start-up 
and slow recovery if blocked or missed, and has minimal range. This can be used 
in select combos and, like the normal Aura Flame, can make a GREAT air counter 
if started early enough. It also has excellent priority against ground attacks, 
but unless the opponent telegraphs REALLY bad, it's a pretty risky move in this 

-Super Skull Aura- (5 hits -- 43 pts. damage)

(Daigo hangs briefly in mid-air and produces a HUGE flaming ball of energy   in 
front of him)

Excellent move altogether. Though it does less damage than his other BVAs, it 
has excellent recovery, can be used in air combos, and most importantly, can be 
used as a jump-in attack and continue into a ground combo! See combos for more 
info. Definetely one of his best moves.

-Team-Up Move; Super Parry- (1 hit -- 60 pts. damage)

(Daigo runs in to stand in front of his partner--the opponent goes nuts    
punching Daigo, who just stands there and absorbs it, then lands one HELL    of 
an uppercut, sending them WAAAAAY across the screen)

Truly an insult move, but it does TONS of damage too. Your partner sets it up 
with a little shove (blockable). It has little range and has pretty slow 
recovery if missed, so you should use it only to punish missed attacks.



To elaborate on the combo system, it basically starts with a standing Weak Punch 
or Weak Kick, then into another Weak Attack or directly to a Strong Attack, 
which can then finish with a Special Move or Launcher. OR you can continue from 
a Strong Attack and chain into a directional Strong Attack (for Daigo, F+2 or 
B+2) and THEN into a Special Move.

Here is a pretty thorough Daigo combo list (Additions are welcome):

1.  1,1,1 		 			(3 hits, 13 pts)
2.  1,3 		 			(2 hits, 9 pts)
3.  3,1,1 		 			(3 hits, 15 pts)
4.  1,2 		 			(2 hits, 15 pts)
5.  1,1,2 		 			(3 hits, 19 pts)
6.  1,3,2	         			(3 hits, 20 pts)
7.  1,1,4		 			(3 hits, 20 pts)
8.  3,3,2	         			(3 hits, 22 pts)
9.  1,1,2,F+2   	 			(4 hits, 32 pts)
10. 1,1,2,B+2  		 			(4 hits, 39 pts)
11. 1,1,2,F+2,QCT+2 	 			(9 hits, 59 pts)
12. 1,1,2,B+2,QCT+2      			(9 hits, 66 pts)
13. 1,1,2,F+2,QCT+4      			(6 hits, 56 pts)
14. 1,1,2,B+2,QCT+4      			(6 hits, 63 pts)
15. 1,1,4,QCT+2		 			(8 hits, 29 pts)
16. 3,3,4,QCT+2		 			(8 hits, 32 pts)
17. 1,1,4,QCT+4		 			(5 hits, 46 pts)
18. 3,3,4,QCT+4	  	 			(5 hits, 49 pts)
19. 1,1,QCT+4		 			(4 hits, 35 pts)
20. 3,3,QCT+4		 			(4 hits, 38 pts)
21. 1,1,2,F+2,QCB+2	 			(5 hits, 42 pts)
22. 1,1,2,F+2,QCB+1	 			(7 hits, 56 pts)
23. 3,3,QCB+1 		 			(3 hits, 21 pts)
24. 1,1,2,B+2,QCB+1	 			(5 hits, 48 pts)
25. 1,1,2,B+2,QCB+2	 			(5 hits, 49 pts)
26. 1,2,D/F+2, SJ.1,3,2   			(6 hits, 45 pts)
27. 1,1,2,D/F+2, SJ.1,3,2 			(7 hits, 47 pts)
28. 1,1,2,D/F+2, SJ.1,3,1,2			(8 hits, 50 pts)
29. 1,1,4,D/F+2, SJ.1,3,2			(7 hits, 48 pts)
30. 3,3,4,D/F+2, SJ.1,1,3,2			(8 hits, 54 pts)
31. D/F+2, SJ.QCT,QCT+2         		(5 hits, 43 pts)
32. 1,1,2,D/F+2, SJ.1,3,QCT,QCT+2		(10 hits, 59 pts)
33. 1,1,2,D/F+2, SJ.1,3,QCT+2			(8 hits, 48 pts)
34. 3,3,4,D/F+2, SJ.3,1,QCT+2			(8 hits, 52 pts)
35. 1,1,4,D/F+2, SJ.3,1,3,F+2(land), QCB,QCB+2  (16 hits)
36. Jump-in QCT,QCT+2(land), 1,1,4,D/F+2,
    SJ.3,1,QCT,QCT+2				(16 hits)
37. Jump-in QCT,QCT+2(land), 1,1,4,D/F+2,
    SJ.3,1,3,F+2(land), QCB,QCB+2		(21 hits)

Additions are of course welcome.




Daigo's ground offense should rely on quick reactionary attacks and pressuring. 
His Standing 1 is the perfect example of an offensive attack that should be used 
in close range. Unfortunately it is nearly useless against crouching opponents 
or low attacks. His Standing 3 works well in this fashion, but the problem is 
that faster kicks like Roy's or Kyosuke's Standing 3 will snuff it often. Thus, 
a healthy mix of these two attacks, and their crouching versions is required to 
keep up a steady offense; however remember that the crouching 1 and 3 cannot 
start good combos. Overall you can also mix in Daigo's Throw or Crouching Throw 
up close after the jabs and weak kicks--note however that ticks are certainly 
not as effective in RS as in older fighters, so you shouldn't rely on this 
tactic exclusively. At the same time, mix in the Go-Behind in a similiar 
fashion, if the opponent blocks often. Overall his best offensive Special is the 
Phoenix Kick, which will snuff many attacks, especially low ones. The recovery 
is excellent in case it is blocked, and the opponent will need a VERY quick 
attack to Tardy Counter it, on the first or second hit.

However, Daigo's underestimated ability comes instead from the air. Daigo's
offense, IMO, should be based heavily on jump-in attacks. In addition to have 
decent priority on his jump-in attacks, his jumping 3 is excellent for air-to-
air combat, and most importantly his Skull Aura and Super Skull Aura are GREAT 
against standing opponents. Jumping in with the fireball is VERY safe, as long 
as you start it at the right time--it takes a little bit of luck and intuition 
against good opponents, since they could toss out a DP attack or uppercut at any 
particular time. If you think they'll counter early, then throw it out early--
you'd be surprised what kind of priority it has against uppercut-type attacks. 
If it's blocked it is very difficult to
counter, however if Tardy Countered faster attacks can connect. If the Aura 
Skull or Super Aura Skull connect, you can continue into a ground combo for HUGE 
damage. This is IMO the best overall way for Daigo to hurt the enemy.


Daigo also works quite well on defense, however it certainly should not be used 
exclusively. The Phoenix Kick is quick enough to snuff a lot of attacks, 
especially against some slower dashing attacks. One of Daigo's best defensive 
weapons is the Side Step into the Phoenix Kick, which altogether is quite fast. 
Whenever you anticipate a slower attack, or if the opponent misses, nail them 
with the Phoenix Fury or even the regular Phoenix Fist, which still has decent 
Daigo is also quite good at countering jump-ins. If the opponent jumps from a 
distance, you can jump backward with a Jumping 3, or possibly a Skull Aura or 
Super Skull Aura. When on the ground, both QCB+2 and QCB,QCB+2 are excellent 
counters, however try not to use this rashly, because it has limited horizontal 
range--try and make sure the opponent is well over your head.



Thanks first to cka <cka@fighters.net> for some good competition with an 
excellent Akira and Hinata. Also thanks to Ryan Jackson <ryanjackson@usa.net> 
for competition as well.


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