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Subject: Rival Schools Evolution Disc Secrets FAQ - New Version!
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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 06:08:22 GMT
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Evolution Disc FAQ - U.S. Version
FAQ Version 1.1
Updated 11/17/98

This is just sort of a catch-all of all the info I know about the US version
of Rival Schools: Evolution. Also, since most FAQs pertain to the Japanese
Version, I thought this might be useful.

1.  Unless otherwise stated, everything described below can done playing the
game at 1-star difficulty.
2. "Any Gorin HS Students" refers to Natsu/2, Shoma and Roberto.
3. "Natsu/2" means either Natsu or Natsu2 will work in the situation.

Doing this with certain characters opens up hidden mini-games, including the
ever-elusive final option on the "Extra" screen.  The order that the names are
listed are main character first, then the partner.

Kyoko + anyone: opens up final option "Kyoko's Office".  Using your Dual Shock
controller, Kyoko can give you different kinds of "massages", similar to the
massage you can get in Metal Gear Solid.

Natsu/2 + any Gorin HS student: Service Mode.  A fun volleyball game.  Like in
Tekken 3's "Tekken Ball" game, instructions for the are found on the disc

Shoma + any Gorin HS student: Home Run Derby.  See how far you can hit the
balls.  Check out the Capcom ads in the background!

Roberto + any Gorin HS student: Penalty Shot.  A fun 2-player game where one
person kicks the soccer ball while the other plays as the goalie.
There could be more combinations, but I doubt it.. ^_^


Getting all S's in Lesson Mode yields nothing. -_-  In the Japanese version,
this is how you opened up the Edit Mode.  While the American Version says that
there is an Edit Mode, this is a misprint; I guess they dropped it before they
could change the package (or maybe they forgot). That is why there is an empty
"slot" on the main menu screen between two of the mini-games.
However, I recommend going through Lesson Mode so you can familiarize
yourself with the basic mechanics of the game.	Plus, there is a certain
satisfaction to getting 100% Mastery :)

ANIME ENDINGS? SWEET! Beat the game with anybody.  Good endings will show the
"good" anime, bad endings will show the "bad" anime. There are only 2
different anime on this disc not including the intro.  You can view them
later on the Extra screen. BTW, I use "good" and "bad" to *loosely* describe
the events in the anime.  The animation itself is top-notch quality.

Some quick notes about endings on the Evo Disc: 1. No voices, but otherwise
they are the same as the Arcade Disc. 2. You cannot save the endings you get
on this disc, as you can on the Arcade disc. 3. Get a good ending by
completing your Chapter 7 match with a Burning Vigor or a Team Attack.	You
will then fight Hyo, the one responsible for Justice High School's evil

Beat the game 24 times with anybody.  Each time, you get an extra character.

All of these characters have "borrowed" moves from other characters in the
game, with the exception of "Weapon attacks", as the 24 kids are unarmed.

All 24 characters have the same good and bad ending, both involving
Hayato-sensei, so they're pretty funny. ^_^

The characters are based on results from the Edit mode that wasn't included in
this game.  That is why there are four girls from Pacific HS that all look the
same except for their faces, which could be edited.

All 24 characters have the same voice. All males sound alike, all females
sound alike, but females don't sound like males.

All 24 characters have 8 color palettes to choose from.

Thanks to David Buddy, ig88@airmail.net, for his suggestions.

Fred Davis
Go PlayStation!

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