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You take the role of a student going through a full year of school. With your choice of 
actions, your student will develop in physical abilities and acquire the skills of 
various fighters. At the end of the simulation, you will be able to use your student in 
various game modes.

----------THE BASICS------------------------------

The simulation is divided into four seperate parts.

	At the start of each day, a menu screen will appear wilt different menus on the 
left side of the screen. Note that some menus will not be available at certain times.
		MENU 1: continue
		MENU 2: training (available only during the first day of each month)
			At the start of each month, you will be given the option to train. 
training will help increase specific stats which will determine the moves you will gain 
at the end of the simulation.
							increase				decrease
				OPTION 1: jogging	speed					punch
				OPTION 2: push-ups	punch					speed
				OPTION 3: sit-ups	-					-
				OPTION 4: running	kick, speed				-
				OPTION 5: punching	punch					kick
				OPTION 6: kicking	kick					punch
				OPTION 7: reading	-					-
		OPTION 3: friendship levels
		OPTION 4: school calendar
		OPTION 5: option menu
			OPTION 1: access memory card
					-=save options
			OPTION 2: text speed
			OPTION 3: exit simulation
					-=would you like to save?
		MENU 6: misc.
	During the course of the year, Hayato will be giving you exams on how well you 
respond to his commands. The grade you recieve is a factor to what moves you will gain 
at the end of the simulation.
		d-pad:		move Shoma around the base
		squ, o:	swings bat
		left/right:	controls left/right angle
		up/down:	controls up/down angle
		x/o:		kicks the ball
		tri/squ:	super kick the ball
		left/right:	controls left/right angle
		o:		press to stop power gauge. hold to increase angle
	Here, you fight against Hayato. Your victory will factor out your final moves. 
Your lose to Hayato will increase his friendship level.

----------THE GAME------------------------------

	1. last name, first name
	2. screen name
	3. school
	4. gender
	5. birthday
	6. good class, bad class
		OPTION 1: unknown	OPTION 2: math	OPTION 3: japanese	OPTION 4: 
		OPTION 5: s.studies	OPTION 6: p.e.	OPTION 7: music	OPTION 8: 
	7. fighting style
		OPTION 1: all out	OPTION 2: unknown
		OPTION 3: unknown	OPTION 4: unknown
		OPTION 5: unknown
	8. Verify
	9. Facial Appearance

4/1	first day of school. Kyoko help you understand the game more by providing 
		OPTION 1: info
		OPTION 2: info
		OPTION 3: info
		OPTION 4: exit
	exam 1
		(1)forward,backward (2)duck,jump (3)punches (4)kicks (5)final
4/6-13	the first few days will introduce you to some of the teachers and other students. 
options here will not 	effect anything you choose. you will also be given the option 
to select which activity you will be 	participating in.
		OPTION 1: baseball		OPTION 5: unkown
		OPTION 2: football		OPTION 6: dancing
		OPTION 3: volleyball		OPTION 7: walking
		OPTION 4: painting
4/15	recess. recess allows you access to different parts of the school. random 
characters will be at random 	spots depending on various factors. at times, questions 
will be given. your answers will decide whether 	if certain stats will increase or 
		OPTION 1: stay
		OPTION 2: leave
5/20	recess.
5/25	exam 2
		(1)dash (2)side step (3)duck,jump,super jump (4)throw (5)final
6/12	Taiyo Sports Day. here you will be given the chance to play mini games that will 
make your school happy.
		OPTION 1: play with Taiyo
		OPTION 2: play with Pacific
		-=what would you like to play?
		OPTION 1: play baseball
		OPTION 2: soccer
		OPTION 3: volleyball
6/17	recess.
7/6	exam 3 <HINT: losing to Hayato during the fight will increase his friendship 
		(1)air recovery (2)fall recovery (3)team attack (4)combo (5)final
7/15	recess.
8/14	Beach trip. this day will split into a day and night scene.
		OPTION 1: go with Taiyo
		OPTION 2: go with Gorin
		OPTION 3: go with Pacific
		-=who would you like to stay with?
		OPTION 1: Batsu/Shoma/Roy
		OPTION 2: Hinata/Natsu/Tiffany
		OPTION 3: Kyosuke/Roberto/Boman
		OPTION 4: go alone
		 -=what would you like to do?
		 OPTION 1: meet with Kyoko
		 OPTION 2: go elsewhere
		  -=what now?
		  OPTION 1: meet with Hideo
		  OPTION 2: meet with Hayato
	the night scene is random. certain characters may automatically take you to the 
beach or not. if not, 	you will be given a choice to select which floor of the school 
to hang out at for the night.
                OPTION 1: floor with Taiyo
                OPTION 2: floor with Gorin
                OPTION 3: floor with Teachers
                OPTION 4: floor with Pacific
8/19	recess.
9/2	change activity.
        OPTION 1: don't change
        OPTION 2: change
9/16	recess.
9/26	festival. You may meet Hayato at the start who will asks you some questions. 
select any.
		OPTION 1: Taiyo
		OPTION 2: Gorin
		OPTION 3: Pacific
		OPTION 4: Gedo
		-=what would you like to do?
		OPTION 1: play soccer
		OPTION 2: go to the Horror House
		 -=with who?
		 OPTION 1: Batsu/Shoma/Roy/Edge
		 OPTION 2: Hinata/Natsu/Tiffany/Akira
		 OPTION 3: Kyosuke/Roberto/Boman/Gan
		  -=which way?
		  OPTION 1: Direction #1
		  OPTION 2: Direction #2
		  OPTION 3: Direction #3
		<HINT: 1231>
10/21	recess.
10/26	exam 4
		(1)air combo (2)attack recovery (3)counter attack (4)super move (5)final
11/18	recess.
11/28	Gorin Sports Day.
		OPTION 1: baseball
		OPTION 2: soccer
		OPTION 3: volleyball
12/14	exam 5
		(1)dodge (2)tech hit (3)collision attack (4)super counter (5)final
12/16	recess.
12/24	Christmas.
		OPTION 1: Taiyo	OPTION 5: Teachers
		OPTION 2: Gorin	OPTION 6: Raizo
		OPTION 3: Pacific	OPTION 7: Hyo
		OPTION 4: Gedo	OPTION 8: Daigo
		 -=with who?
		 OPTION 1: Batsu/Shoma/Roy/Edge/Hideo
		 OPTION 2: Hinata/Natsu/Tiffany/Akira/Kyoko
		 OPTION 3: Kyosuke/Roberto/Boman/Gan/Hayato
1/1	New Year's Day.
		OPTION 1: go here
			depending on your answers, different stats will increase.
		OPTION 2: go there
			you'll meet with the person with the highest friendship meter 
currently in some different 			costume.
1/7	change activity.
1/20	recess.
2/14	Valentine's Day.
		you get to choose who to visit during Valentine's Day. the list of names 
are separated into 		different pages.
			PAGE 1
			OPTION 1: Batsu	OPTION 5: Natsu
			OPTION 2: Hinata	OPTION 6: Roberto
			OPTION 3: Kyosuke	OPTION 7: Roy
			OPTION 4: Shoma	OPTION 8: next page
			PAGE 2
			OPTION 1: Tiffany	OPTION 5: Gan
			OPTION 2: Boman	OPTION 6: Hideo
			OPTION 3: Edge	OPTION 7: Kyoko
			OPTION 4: Akira	OPTION 8: next page
			PAGE 3
			OPTION 1: Raizo         OPTION 5: first page
			OPTION 2: Hyo
			OPTION 3: Hayato
			OPTION 4: Daigo
			-=which gift to give?
			OPTION 1: present #1 (not recommended)
			OPTION 2: present #2
			OPTION 3: present #3
2/17	recess.
3/8	exam 6
		(1)exam 1 (2)exam 2-3 (3)exam 4-5 (4)all (5)30 hit attack
3/20	final fight with Hayato.
3/24	last day of school.

	9. select team attack
		batsu		hinata
		natsu		kyosuke
		tiffany	roy
		edge		boman
		akira		robert
		gan		hideo
		kyoko		sakura
		raizo		akira (no helmet)
		tiffany 2	hinata 2
		kyoko 2	natsu 2

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