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Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 00:16:59 -0700
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Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes
Evolution Disc Mini-Guide

Notes from the Author: I don't know Japanese! I can only read Hiragana and 
Katakana and understand a little (very little) Japanese. This has been a long 
labor of trial and error so please don't bug me for wrong details. So if there 
is anybody who is bilingual in Japanese and English please do us a favor and 
write the @#$$#(*^%$#@# thing ok? PLEEASE!

Prologue: The Evolution Disc is a kind of simulaton game. Your status, special 
moves, and abilities depend on how hard you trained, and whoever you were 
freindly in the game. For example: if you treat Hinata right, she will teach you 
how to throw fireballs. Also affected is your Super bar. You might start with 
ZERO sometimes.

Menu Screen:
from the left to right column, top to bottom row here's how the menu screen 
looks like.

Left column:
Training Mode:
Hayato Neketsu will teach you every move you need survive. There are 6 levels 
from basic to advanced, and divided into five separate lessons with the fifth 
one always a review of the first four. I suggest before you start the simulation 
to go here first. 

Level 1 lesson 1:
Simply tap forward or back. Remember the symbol for front and back because you 
will need it later.
Level 1 lesson 2:
Jumping and ducking.
Level 1 lesson 3:
Weak and Strong Punches.
Level 1 lesson 4:
Weak and Strong Kicks.

Level 2 lesson 1:
Forward and Backward Stepping. Tap Forward or Backward twice.
Level 2 lesson 2:
Side Stepping. Press both kick buttons (or R1) to side step left. Press down 
plus two kicks to side step right.
Level 2 lesson 3:
Ducking, Jumping, and High jumps. Press down, up to High jump.
Level 2 lesson 4:
Throwing. Press both punch buttons (R2) to throw, or press down + both punches 
for a crouching throw.

Level 3 lesson 1:
Breakfalls. Run into Hayato's kick to get youself knocked down. Then press down 
and any button to break your fall.
Level 3 lesson 2:
Rolling. Run into Hayato's kick to get youself knocked down. When on the ground, 
press any direction to roll or get up.
Note 1: remember which kanji means to get up, roll back, forward, and sideways.
Level 3 lesson 3:
Double Teaming. Press punch and kick at the same time.
Level 3 lesson 4:
Combos. Simply do a two, three or four hit combo.

Level 4 lesson 1:
Air Busters. Press Downforward to send him into the air, press up and do an air 
combo. You only need to hit him once.
Level 4 lesson 2:
Rolling Attacks. Get yourself knocked down, press whatever direction to roll and 
press any button to attack. (note 1)
Level 4 lesson 3:
Block Counters. Block Hayato's kicks then at the same time press back and hard 
kick or punch (depends on the character).
Level 4 lesson 4:
Supers. Simply do your characters super move. (L1 or L2)

Level 5 lesson 1:
Dodging. Go directly in front of Hayato. As soon as he kicks, press down and 
both kick buttons to go behind him.
Level 5 lesson 2:
Throw Blocking. Press both punch buttons (R2) as soon as Hayato grabs you to 
counter his throw.
Level 5 lesson 3:
Counterattack Cancel. Your kick (or punch) must meet his kick and both of you 
must not take damage.
Level 5 lesson 4:
Super Move Counter. Block his kick and immediately do a super move (L1 or L2). 

Level 6 lesson 1:
A combination of all lessons in Level 1.
Level 6 lesson 2:
A combination of all lessons in Level 2.
Level 6 lesson 3: 
A combination of all lessons in Level 3.
Level 6 lesson 4:
A combination of all lessons in Level 4 and 5.
Level 6 lesson 5:
Hit Hayato thirty times as fast as you can. 
After the lesson you will be given a menu with these three options.
Start Lesson Over
Back to Training Menu Screen
Back to Evolution Disc Menu Screen

2 Player Survival Mode:
You and a friend chooses 2 to 4 characters for your team. Each time you defeat 
an opponent, you lose a character, not nessesarily the one you defeated.

Tournament Mode:
Choose your teams and win via elimination.

from top to bottom:
Computer Difficulty: 1 to 8
Attack Strength: 1 to 4
Timer Speed: 1 to 4
Match Count (CPU): 1 or 2
Match Count (VS): 1 or 2
Allow CPU Character Change After Rounds: yes or no
Allow Continue: yes or no
Shortcut: yes or no
????: ???
Sound Mode: Stereo or Mono
Game System Adjust:
       Breakfalls: Normal, flip, with hands, or no
       Super Gauge: normal, start with 0, 5, 9, or always Maximum.
       Back Dash: yes or no
       Back Jump: Normal, small or no.
Key Configure:
       Square: light punch
       Triangle: hard punch 
       X: light kick
       Circle: hard kick
       L1: Super Attack 1
       L2: Super Attack 2
       R1: Side Step
       R2: Throw

Sports Mini-Game:
You should also practice this mode first before going to the simulation mode. 
When you choose a game the menu is always: Start game, (vs 2P), Rules and 
regulations, and back. 
Shoma's Home Run Swing: hit as many home runs as you can.
Roberto's PK Wars: shoot as many goals as you can and block the computer or 
Roberto's Mystic Shoot: hit the score markers and get the highest points you can 
Natsu's Service Shoot:  Hit the big SD heads and get the highest score possible.
Back to Mode Menu

Center column
Character Edit Simulation:
I'll get into more of this later!

One Player Mode

VS Mode

Right column
Cooperation Mode:
If you chose whatever team to be man, then whoever is player two (whoever 
presses start at the OK screen) can control the double team atttack by pressing 
punch and kick at the same time.

League Wars:
You are ranked based on skill vs other players or the computer.

Edit Character Load:
After you finish the school year, go here to load or remove a character so that 
they will be selectable in the Character selection screen.  Your choices are:
         Load (from memory card)
         Add character to list
         Clear from list
         Status: shows your status
Nakayoshi Character: Who you are friendly with.
                     Super Gauge start level                                     
???? Character: opposite of above.
         Commands: take a look at all the moves you've learned.

Memory Card
Auto Save

look at the suff you've earned:
Gallery Pictures: press circle to move forward, x back, start return to menu, 
triangle to remove Icons
Watch Mode
Staff roll
School motto
Edit character gallery

Character Edit Simulation Game

Let's do this together alright? Let's say we want to make a female fighter, 
first we go to the edit character screen:
the choices are:      New character
If you chose New character, you have to give her a name first. The order is Last 
Name, First name. On the left side of the screen is your choices of:  
Ignore the bottom three options because you can go forward or backwards with the 
top Land R buttons. Press Start or the red option to finish the name entry. Next 
is the nickname (the name that appears under your life bar) same rules so this 
is no biggie. Next, choose your school. Do you go to: 
                 Taiyo Gakuen (Batsu, Hinata, Kyosuke)
                 Gorin Kokou (Shoma, Natsu, Roberto)
                 Pacific High School (Roy, Tiffany, Boman)
                 Gedou Kokou (Edge, Akira, Gan)
Next choose your gender. Male is left and Female is right, next your birthdate 
(month/day), hobby (it doesn't matter), and what type of character you are. (my 
knowledge of kanji is almost ridiculous so i'll describe this as best as I can) 
You have five choices:
"????counter attack type"                       "one????concentration type"
"mid-air????type"                               "??????????? type"
"hot blodded type" 
Note that whatever type you choose will affect your status, special abilities 
you learn, how you interact with others, and how other characters will relate to 
you. When that's all done, it will show you the Bio you made and choose yes or 
no. If no, go to the item yo want to change. Then you can make your own face. 

Before we start, let's get one thing straight first. First, unless you know how 
to read some japanese, SAVE your game every time you are given the chance to. 
You never know when you make a mistake. Next, it is VERY important that you must 
have the instruction manual for this. You need to know the names of the 
characters in order to interact with them. Once in a while you will need to 
choose who to go to in an event. This is important because the whole reason for 
this School/fighter sim is to form a strong bond with a character you are 
friendly with in the game as well as creating your own character.

I'm creating a new character as I'm writing this guide so that I know what the 
hell I'm writing about. I created a hot blooded girl from Pacific High School 
named Rei Ayanami (I created a character from Gorin called Asuka Soryu earlier) 
and I want my partner to be (my beautiful goddess) Nurse Kyoko. 

Start of School Year: Registration (4/1)
My goddess interviews you at the gate. Press the triangle button to speed up 
messages. Just choose the bottom option to start the school year. After she lets 
you in, You meet with Hayato and go straight into training. (see above) 

First Day of Class (4/6)
Raizo introduces you to Roy. He welcomes you to Pacific HS along with Tiffany 
(Oh yes my queen! Dominate me!) and Boman. Later you bump into Shoma (batboy), 
Natsu (the Volleyball Amazon), and Roberto (Dan in soccer gear). After all that 
you have to choose your hobby:          Baseball                                           
                    Soccer                                             Dancing
                    Volleyball                                         Boxing?
Be careful what you choose because this will affect your status in one way or 
another. I chose baseball and Shoma takes me to the grounds where we talked for 
a while. The top option is something positive and the bottom is goodbye (I chose 
positive). Here is where your status bar should come up for the first time. You 
should get a black screen with options on the left side of the screen. 
The status bar reads:  Power  Stamina  Speed  ????  ???? 
The options are from top to bottom: Continue (next scenario)

????: this is where you save or load a game, change the message speed, or end 
the game.

Backup: options
Save: options
Load: options
Message Speed: options
End game: options
Yes                       No

Practice?: this is where you review the lessons from Hayato or Prctice the Mini-
????: Review the lessons from Hayato. 
Club ????: options
PK sen
Bakuretsu Shoot
Service S
Home Run Kyosho
You are at the local marketplace when all of a sudden Hinata bumps into you. 
Batsu and kyosuke soon follows and introduces themselves.
Again at the marketplace, Edge and Gan confronts you. Akira stops them and Daigo 
appears afterwards.
two new items appear in the left side of the screen. order is: Continue
Status: shows how friendly you are with the characters              
and who gave you an item (it shows the person, not the 
item).  The order is:
Name:                                            Item ????
Sex:              Type:
<who likes you>: self explanatory
Batsu   Hinata     Kyosuke
Shoma  Natsu      Roberto
Roy      Tiffany   Boman
Edge     Akira      Gan
Hideo    Kyoko     Raizo
Hyo      Hayato    Daigo
School Calendar: shows you the entire school year's events
You will be given a screen on where to go:
           Rooftop                             Clinic
           Classroom                         Grounds                            
I went to the classroom and met with the Taiyo team and went to the cafeteria. 
(Akira and Daigo are at the rooftop, Pacific team in the grounds, Justice team 
in the Clinic, Gorin team in the Gym?, forgot to save.)
A new option appears under continue, Training: It builds up your status, but be 
warned, choosing one of these will significally affect one or more things in 
your status. in order: 

Running: Attack power down, soomething up.
Push Ups: Builds up Punch power and attack strength, lowers speed.                                                               
Sit ups: Lowers attack power, builds up two other things.
Dash: Builds up speed, Kick power. 
Punch Training: attack, punch power up, kick down 
Kick Training: kick, something up, punch down. 
Study?: Something up, something down. 
 (For each of these exercises, effect varies from time to time)
Note: if you happen to meet with anybody after training, DONT piss them off 
because they will give you something.(it varies)
I went to see my Goddess Kyoko in her clinic. (Akira and Daigo at the rooftop, 
Hayato and Batsu are in the classroom, Raizo and Hideo in the Gym)
Training with Hayato, Level 2 (see Above)
Taiyo Vs. Pacific sports event and you have to choose whose side your cheering 
for. I went wit the Pacific team and chose soccer.
I went to the classroom and met with Tiffany and Roy. (Hyo is on the rooftop, 
Kyosuke, Hinata is in the Gym, Shoma and Roberto are on the grounds)
Meet with Hayato again Level 3. After you pass it, you will see what moves you 
have and fight him.
I went to Roy in the grounds, later joined by Tiffany and invites you to eat at 
the cafeteria. (Boman & Tiffany are sunbathing on the roof, Kyosuke meets you at 
the classroom then takes you to a field, Tiffany is in the clinic)
8/1 Beach Season Begins! Hello Bikinis!!
Choose whether to go with Roy, Kyosuke, Roberto or not. If not, you will bump 
into my goddess Kyoko. (If you go with Roy, choose Tiffany. The first option 
will, um, I don't know what the're doing but plenty of gigling and moaning was 
going on. The second option will make you meet with her on the beach later that 
night. If you chose Kyosuke, and went with Hinata, the first option will make 
you go to the Ice Cream stand. The second option will again make you meet with 
her at the beach later that night. If you go to Kyoko, she will eventually 
invite you to the teachers room in the hotel on the 4th floor. The thing is when 
youre walking on the beach with Hinata or Tiffany, you are taking them on a 
DATE. Hinata has a thing for Batsu and Tiffany has a thing for Roy and both of 
them thinks its weird for two girls to go on a moonlit stroll on a beach. (I'm a 
female remember!) Kyoko on the other hand has no problem with it. Hmmmm..)
I met with Hinata on the rooftop and told her that I liked her. (Hyo is in the 
clinic, Hayato is in the gym and takes you to the beach to train, Tiffany is on 
the grounds practicing cheers)
Hinata bumps into me and taught me her punch attack.
Batsu teaches you something in the classroom (Hideo is on the rooftop, Kyoko is 
in the clinic, Roy is on the grounds.)
School festival. I chose to go with the pacific team to the Haunted house booth 
(with Tiffany of course, Boman looks like he can scare the ghosts) This the 
perfect place to build up status, look around the Haunted house for Items.
I went to see my goddess Kyoko on the grounds (Hinata is in the clinic, Boman is 
training with Natsu in the Gym, Tiffany is on the rooftop, homesick , Hayato 
orders you to play softball on the grounds.)
Training with Hayato Level 4 (see above)
Hyo is on the rooftop, I think I made him mad! (Hideo is in the gym, Roy is on 
the grounds, what is Boman and Tiffanny doing in the classroom?)
Gorin Event, I made my goddess Kyoko happy by not leaving her alone. after that 
I went to Soccer PK.
Training with Hayato Level 5 (see above)
You find that your grades are low and faints in the hallway. You are awakened by 
the beautiful goddess Kyoko in her clinic.
I visited Roy is at the grounds and gave me "peace." (Tiffany is hanging out in 
the clinic again, Hideo is on the rooftop, Boman is in the Classroom.)
Christmas Eve, you are planning a party but who are you going to invite? Then 
choose who you want to talk to (I chose my goddess.)
You go to the temple
Hideo gives you something in the clinic, (Hyo is on the roof again, Boman is in 
the Gym, Tiffany is ripping you off on the grounds, Roy is showing off inside 
the classroom.)
I gave my goddess Kyoko a present for Valentine's Day. The last option is to 
move forward in the names.
Hyo gives you something on the rooftop (Boman is in the clinic, Tiffany is 
training in the gym, Roy is reminiscing in the Grounds, Ask Hideo for some 
advice in the classroom)
Hayato's final lessons (see above)
Hayato's final exam. Beat him with the moves youve learned.
The last day of school. If you got a red happy face on the character you wanted 
to get friendly with, you get a special screen, of him/her. (I never really 
thought of Natsu the volleyball amazon as cute, until I saw her end screen, 
Boman, Gan and Raizo? Well, I guess they just can't be helped.) I met my goddess 
at the 11th floor and took me to the roof. (in a sentence I didn't understand, 
she said "maniac" and "Boman"????) In other words, "I made her very happy" After 
watching the hilarious ending movie, a gallery of the person you teamed up with, 
and staff credits with the school anthem (pacific in my case) , make sure to 
pick your double team move.

Make sure to load your character in the  Edit Character Load option in the menu 
screen (right column) before playing in the single player mode. There are 
sixteen slots in the upper screen and five below. As soon as you load your 
character in one of the sixteen slots, you can safely overwrite the ones on the 
bottom, but becareful not to erase the top ones or you will not be able to 
recover them.

Well I hoped this little thing of mine helped some of you. You can do whatever 
you want in this game, do various things, in the end it will affect your moves 
that you learn. Every game is different, even is you write down exactly what you 
did (like me) Example, I saved my game on 3/8, got a lower score on Hayato's 
test and I got totally diffrent moves from the one I got a higher score with. 
Have fun!

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