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Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:36:20 EST

			The Infinite Combo Faq 

	      S H I R I T S U  J U S T I C E  G A K U E N


	               R I V A L  S C H O O L S

			By Arlen Kwong (


[Legal Information]

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Copyright (c) 1999 Arlen Kwong. All rights reserved. Unauthorized
modification is strictly prohibited under copyright law. Permission is 
granted to freely distribute this Faq PROVIDED that it is left unaltered.

However, please keep in mind that any submitted infinite combos still
remain property of their owners. In otherwords, if you copy, they can
file a lawsuit against you. Don't copy, it hurts people :(.

<Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes/Rival Schools: United by Fate>
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of Shiritsu Justice Gakuen are property of Capcom Ltd. All characters of
Rival Schools are property of Capcom Ltd.

[Table of Contents]

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Infinite Combos
   a. Batsu Ichimonji
   b. Hinata Wakaba
   c. Roy Bromwell
   d. Roberto 
   e. Gan Ishido
IV. SJG Miscellanious Infinite Combo Stuff
V. Credits

| I. Introduction |

Hi everybody, and welcome to my infinite combo Faq on the fantastic
Shiritsu Justice Gakuen. Initially, I thought the game was very cool, even
by just loooking at the screenshots of it. Well, one day my brother came
home during the summer time, and whaddya' know, he brought home 
Shiritsu Justice Gakuen! After I popped in the CD, I realized that it was
indeed quite a fantastic fighting game. Yes, it had 3D graphics, but since
it had 2D gameplay, that's why I loved it so much. I prefer 2D fighting games
over 3D fighting games, but with the combination of both, it was just
real cool. 

Anyway, one night when I was reading through my usual Faqs on the web.
I was looking for some KOF 97 cheats for the PlayStation. Then I saw
someone state he couldn't do the infinite combos for that game. Why not make
an infinite combo of my own, on the fantastic game I had. And that's how
it began..

This Faq may be pretty incomplete right now (six infinites, what's up
with that??!!!), but soon enough, as I play more and more looking for these,
I'll post them up in an update. Enjoy my Faq!

Disclaimer: I highly suggest you only use these when playing with good
friends that can take a joke and cheap beating. When I used to play
Mortal Kombat at the arcades in '93, there was this really scary teenager.
As I played him, I realized that winning was wrong to this guy, especially
against some kid who didn't play the game ever before.

Disclaimer (Again): Hey, I know some of these aren't TRUE infinites, but
hey, they work pretty good against players that don't know any better.
As the for the "Gakuen Laucher" combos people constantly whine about, well,
try this: When they recover from the air combo, just perform it again!
Or you can just perform a punch or kick before buffering into the next
hit. By the way, Roberto's combo is pretty good to use. If you have trouble,
sorry, but these are the best I could do. Capcom DOES check for these
things, after all.....

| II. Version History |
.2: Hey, I put another disclaimer about how all infinites may be escapable
(due to notices from other web users :) ), as well as updated a Gan Ishido
Infinite Combo (thanks to John Olson!), and I also updated the credits

.1: Only six infinite combos, but a good start. Plan to update when
I can....

| III. Infinite Combos |

-=Batsu Ichimonji=-

His infinite has never been quite hard, but it will still test your
of speed. Make your Burning Vigor Energy at 9 before attempting this one.

o Perform a Burning Knockout (d-d/b-b-d-d/b-b+Strong Punch)
o As the opponent falls, perform a Strong Punch, then buffer quickly into..
o Quickly perform a Burning Knockout, which knocks your opponent HIGH...
o Repeat infinite

-=Hinata Wakaba=-

She actually has two infinite combos to perform. Here's the first one; the
second one will follow shortly. Hey, for the first infinite, make sure you
have TONS of Burning Vigor Energy, about 8 or 9 levels.

o Perform her Wakaba Smash (d-d/b-b-d-d/b-b+Strong Punch)
o As the opponent falls, perform a Strong Punch, then buffer quickly into..
o Quickly perform another Wakaba Smash, which makes your opponent fly into
o Repeat infinitely

Now, here's the second infinite combo:

o Perform her Burning Kicks (d-d/b-b+Strong Kick)
o Just as your opponent rises, QUICKLY repeat the Burning Kicks.
o Repeat infinitely

-=Roy Bromwell=-

Hey, I'm not sure if you'd call this an infinite combo, but it works against
people. Anyway, here we go...

o Perform his Front Throw 
o Perform another Front Throw just as your opponent gets up
o Repeat infinitely


This soccer star also has two infinite combos, just like Hinata. Anyway,
here we go....(the first infinite requires Burning Vigor Energy to be at
levels 8-9)

o Perform his Play Ball! (d-d/b-b-d-d/b-b+Strong Kick)
o As soon as your opponent starts to land, perform another Play Ball! It
should knock your opponent right up into orbit again!
o Repeat infinitely

o Perform his Shoot Kicks (d-d/b-b+Strong Kick). Your opponent will
fall down.
o Perform his Shoot Kicks, which will continually hit your opponent..
o Repeat infinitely

Note that the first combo can also be used in conjunction with the second.
Whatcha ya do, is, if your opponent can get knocked up into orbit, just
use combo number 2, and vice versa.

-=Gan Ishido=-

This is an infinite someone submitted (credited at credits section), and
maybe you should try it. Anyway, here we go:

o Perform a Standing Weak Kick
o Perform a Standing Weak Kick
o Perform a Ducking Strong Punch
o Perform a Standing Strong Punch+Forward
o Perform (d-d/b-b+Weak Punch)
o Repeat infinitely

--- -- --- -------- -------

Don't fret, I'll find find more infinite information in another update.
Please, submit any infinites of any kind you may have, it'll really help
this Faq.

| SJG Miscellanious Infinite Combo Stuff   |

The following are some other SJG Infinite combo things that I'm not
sure are true or not. Anyway, any corrections or confirmations from
the internet public would be nice...:)

-Akira Kazama MUST have an infinite! I just know it. With her combo
priorities and all, and infinite combo just HAS to be here somewhere.
I have a strong suspicion about her pop-up moves. Hmm....

-Hayato probably has an infinite combo, but I can't figure one out!
I mean, he can pop people high into the air, and he has plenty of combo
priorities. Problem is, I just can't execute any one combo that goes
on practically forever (though whenever I play I can execute a really
high damage combo, one that does more than his Burning Vigor Attacks).

-I remember once I had some infinite for Tiffany Rose, but I forgot
about it.. Any confirmations, people?

| Credits  |

The credits..Well, any submissions puts your name in here. Mine will
always be in!

Name			E-Mail					Action
----			------					------
Arlen Kwong		Wrote [v.1] Faq

John Olson		Submitted Gan Ishido
							infinite combo.