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                            ROLLCAGE STAGE II FAQ

                            Rollcage Stage II FAQ 
                               For Playstation
                          By: AlaskaFox(Ronan Murphy)
                            Created: June 8, 2001
                       Date last Updated: July 19, 2001
                                 Version 1.1
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                     i.     Disclaimer                      
                     ii.    Email Notice                   
                     I.     Updates/Revisions
                     II.    Campaign Mode
                     III.   Arcade Mode
                     IV.    Time Attack
                     V.     Training
                     VI.    Scramble
                     VII.   2 Player Mode
                     VIII.  Cars
                     IX.    Tracks
                     X.     Records
                     XI.    Outro


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                               CAMPAIGN MODE

There are two modes you can select in Campaign: TOTAL and CLASSIC Racing

TOTAL Racing is a combination of Racing and Combat. You get points for
Best Lap, Position at end of each lap, final position, and of course
Combat points. The car with the most points at the end wins. You don't
have to finish first to win the race in TOTAL Racing.

CLASSIC Racing is what it says. It's just all out racing, first past
the post wins. That doesn't mean weapons are off, because you can use
them to get ahead.

Winning every track in a League opens a new mode. E.g. Typhoon League(I)
opens Combat Track 2.

Winning a race opens a new car.

Best times are just an indication of how well I did on these tracks. I
may have done better since these times were noted. Don't send in your


Coming first is not the only way to win.
Tactical weapons use and fast lap times
contibute[sic] to an overall score.

Classic RollCage race action with a gentle
learning curve. Try and score MAX
league points for a bonus award.

Type I Campaign(B) - [Beginner]
Cars open: Subsonic Taipan, Vostok Python, Richter Viking(TI)

Typhoon League:
Opens: Combat Track 2
Car to Use: Subsonic Taipan

Track 1: Full Force         Opens: Patriot Knight
Total Racing Best: 15950    Classic Best: -

Track 2: Sentinel           Opens: Unity Panther
Total Best: 16500           Classic: -

Track 3: Republic Loop      Opens: Patriot Nemesis
Total: 17000                Classic: -

Knockout: Deep Pressure     Opens: Subsonic Cutter

Hurricane League:
Opens: Combat Track 3
Car to Use: Subsonic Cutter

Track 1: Mt Sara             Opens: Patriot Viper
Total: 19828                 Classic: 01:08:60

Track 2: Renegade            Opens: Subsonic Blade
Total: 15900                 Classic: 01:15:60

Track 3: Power Surge         Opens: Vostok Raptor
Total: 14600                 Classic: 01:34:83

Knockout: Furnace            Opens: Richter Claw Fist

Tornado League:
Opens: Demilition Mode - 1 Player
Car to Use: Subsonic Cutter/Blade

Track 1: The Helix           Opens: Patriot Cobra
Total: 25400                 Classic: -

Track 2: Archipelago         Opens: Subsonic Stinger
Total: 14200                 Classic: -

Track 3: KnockDown           Opens: Vostok Reaper
Total: 23700                 Classic: -

Knockout: Impact             Opens: Richter Pheonix

Cyclone League:
Opens: ????
Car to Use: Subsonic Cutter/Richter Pheonix

Track 1: Ida 447             Opens: Richter Hawk
Total: 16250                 Classic: -

Track 2: Angel City          Opens: Unity Black Widow
Total: 18280                 Classic: -

Track 3: Port Isaac          Opens: Vostok Scorpion
Total: 19600                 Classic: -

Knockout: Scramble           Opens: Unity Wolf

Type E(II) Campaign
Pursuit Mode
Race All Tracks
Subsonic Taipan(T-II)
Vostok Python(T2)
Richter Viking(T2)


Same as TYPE I but your opponents have a
great deal more accuracy and strategy to
their weapons usage. Want to be a target?

More Classic RollCage race action with a
steeper difficulty curve. Cars are more
powerful than before and your opponents
are nastier and take shortcuts...

Type II Campaign(E) - [Expert]
Cars open: Subsonic Taipan, Vostok Python, Richter Viking(T-II)

Typhoon League:
Opens: ????
Car to Use: Subsonic Taipan

Track 1: Full Force         Opens: Patriot Knight(T-II)
Total Racing Best: 20900    Classic Best: -

Track 2: Sentinel           Opens: Unity Panther(II)
Total Best: 9500            Classic: -

Track 3: Republic Loop      Opens: Patriot Nemesis(II)
Total: 10000                Classic: -

Knockout: Deep Pressure     Opens: Subsonic Cutter(II)

Hurricane League:
Opens: ????
Car to Use: Subsonic Cutter

Track 1: Mt Sara             Opens: Patriot Viper(II)
Total: 14750                 Classic: -

Track 2: Renegade            Opens: Subsonic Blade(II)
Total: 11700                 Classic: -

Track 3: Power Surge         Opens: Vostok Raptor(II)
Total: 18036                 Classic: 01:34:83

Knockout: Furnace            Opens: Richter Claw Fist(II)

Tornado League:
Opens: ???
Car to Use: Subsonic Cutter

Track 1: The Helix           Opens: Patriot Cobra(II)
Total: 16128                 Classic: -

Track 2: Archipelago         Opens: Subsonic Stinger(II)
Total:   850                 Classic: -

Track 3: KnockDown           Opens: Vostok Reaper(II)
Total: 25500                 Classic: -

Knockout: Impact             Opens: Richter Pheonix(II)

Cyclone League:
Opens: ????
Car to Use: Subsonic Cutter/Richter Hawk

Track 1: Ida 447             Opens: Richter Hawk(II)
Total: 20768                 Classic: -

Track 2: Angel City          Opens: Unity Black Widow(II)
Total:  9500                 Classic: -

Track 3: Port Isaac          Opens: Vostok Scorpion(II)
Total: 17000                 Classic: -

Knockout: Scramble           Opens: Unity Wolf(II)

Aurora League:
Opens: ????
Car to use: Unity Wolf
Winning individual tracks opens nothing

Track 1: Velocity
Total: 18000                 Classic: 01:19:23

Track 2: Neuro
Total: 11500                 Classic: 01:12:56

Track 3: Star Dock
Total: 18000                 Classic: 02:13:96

Knockout: Hydroponics

Masters Campaign
Unity Genesis(Type I)
Unity Genesis(Type II)

                                 ARCADE MODE

Haven't got around to this at all.

                                TIME ATTACK

Whats to tell? I'll get around to this


The training mode should be done before you start the Campaign, because
as it says: It's training! 

Car:  Vostok Python Type II (I'm afraid you're stuck with this one)
Help: "Training: Simple, collect the pickups and then stop in the checker-
       board end zone. A Bronze medal will let you progress, but a faster
       time will get you the Gold. Are YOU good enough...?"

TRACK 01: Introduction
Help:    "An easy one to start with, just one pickup to collect."
Time:     00:13:00 / 00:10:00 / 00:08:00
Description: Just one easy turn, get the pickup, and when the end nears,
          brake hard.
Corners:  1
Pickups:  1

TRACK 02: Misty Morning
Help:    "Again, just one token to collect, but there are a few turns and
          patches of fog to distract you."
Time:     00:17:00 / 00:13:00 / 00:11:00
Dscrptn:  Watch the turns this time, they're tighter than before. But, the
          pickup is easy to get.
Corners:  3
Pickups:  1

TRACK 03: Speed is the Key
Help:    "You start this course with turbos, so use them to your advantage."
Time:     00:13:00 / 00:11:00 / 00:09:00
Descrptn: One straight, one jump, two turbos! Use both turbos on the way
          up the jump to clear the gap.
Corners:  0
Pickups:  1
Jumps:    1

TRACK 04: Pit
Help:    "The token on this level is halfway up a wall, so you will have to
          ride the curved surface to get it."
Time:     00:25:00 / 00:21:00 / 00:18:00
Dscrptn:  When the tunnel changes colour, go up halfway on the left wall to
          get the pickup.
Dscrptn2: Just hold 'X' and don't turn at all, and you'll get to the pickup
          and end on the checkpoint easily.
Corners:  1
Pickups:  1

TRACK 05: Speed is the Key II
Help:    "This is your first introduction to speed up pads - drive over all
          of them to build your speed as high as possible, but be careful
          not to overshoot the end zone, as it will cost you time."
Time:     00:18:00 / 00:16:00 / 00:14:00
Dscrptn:  Hit the speed up pads and it should be easy, miss one and it's
Corners:  0
Pickups:  0
SpeedUps: 4

TRACK 06: Mirror, Signal...
Help:    "How quickly you reverse out of the block will determine whether
          or not you qualify - make it as efficient a maneouvre as possible 
          to minimise your time."
Time:     00:13:00 / 00:11:00 / 00:09:00
Dscrptn:  Revrse out of the starting block(triangle), and turn and drive
          past it to the finish. It shouldn't be too difficult.
Corners:  0
Pickups:  0

TRACK 07: White Wonder
Help:    "The snow will really be a test of your handling skills - go too
          fast and you will miss the tokens, of which there are quite a
          few, which will slow you down considerably, so take it calmly."
Time:     00:36:00 / 00:31:00 / 00:26:00
Dscrptn:  Keep the speed around 220 and you should be OK.
Corners:  6
Pickups:  9

TRACK 08: Leapfrog
Help:    "Use the turbos given to you at the start to help across the two
          jumps but be careful not to fall off the edge."
Time:     00:22:00 / 00:19:00 / 00:17:00
Dscrptn:  Use the left turbo for the first jump, and the right for the
          second and you should have no problems.
Corners:  1
Pickups:  0
Jumps:    2

TRACK 09: Vertigo
Help:    "Follow the speed pads to find the token on this course."
Time:     00:30:00 / 00:22:00 / 00:21:00
Dscrptn:  The first speed up is on the ground, but the rest are on the roof,
          that is where the pickup is. After you get it go back down to the
          ground to stop on the finish.
Corners:  1
Pickups:  1

TRACK 10: Theory Test
Help:    "This course holds a little of everything you have learnt, so
          good luck!"
Time:     01:00:00 / 00:45:00 / 00:42:00
Dscrptn:  In the first section use the speed ups on the wall. In the second
          section slow down, and try to avoid all ramps except the last.
          The pickup is just before the finish.
Corners:  6
Pickups:  1


Rubble Soccer (2 Player)


This is something to do for a laugh, or just to prove how good a driver you
are! Because it will definately prove that you're not as good as you thought
you were.

Help: "OK, all you have to do is stop in the checkerboard end zone. Sounds
       easy right...? Wrong...! Good times get you a Bronze award, ACE times
       het a nice Gold one."
Car:  Vostok Python(Type III)

TRACK 01: Introduction
Help:    "Remember... Speed is good, but control is everything. Fall off and
          its try again."
Time:     00:22:00 / 00:20:00 / 00:18:00
Dscrptn:  As the hint says: Keep it slow, don't try to beat the gold first
          time. Just keep slow and you'll be OK.
Corners:  4

TRACK 02: Racing Line
Help:    "The course is thin, so do not even try it at full pelt. How much
          you slow down for that corner is up to you, though..."
Time:     00:20:00 / 00:15:00 / 00:11:00
Dscrptn:  There is just one turn but to get around it you must be going at
          a snail-like speed.
Corners:  1

TRACK 03: Rough Justice
Help:    "The bumpy earth on this track will throw you off given half a
          chance, so take it slowly. Not too slowly, mind!"
Time:     00:21:00 / 00:17:00 / 00:14:00
Dscrptn:  Only the first corner is bumpy, so go really slow there and
          quicker everywhere else.
Corners:  2

TRACK 04: Racing Line II
Help:    "You will need to keep your speed up for the first twist, or you
          will fall off, but beware the end section. It is rough ground,
          so do not overdo it."
Time:     00:22:00 / 00:20:00 / 00:15:00
Dscrptn:  Two steep banks which can be taken at full speed, but slow down
          a lot for the bumpy turn.
Corners:  1

TRACK 05: Slip Sliding
Help:    "Tricky one, this. You will need to keep on the gas for as long
          as possible to make the jump, but the slippery track makes
          that U-turn at the bottom harder than it looks.
Time:     00:28:00 / 00:22:00 / 00:17:00
Dscrptn:  When the sign for the corner appears, hold the brakes until
          you're nearly stopped to save yourself from going over the edge.
          The jump isn't hard.
Corners:  1(U-turn)
Jumps:    1

TRACK 06: Racing Line III
Help:    "Maximise your down force by choosing the correct line. do not
          loose [sic] contact with the track when you are upside down
          or you will be off!"
Time:     00:43:00 / 00:37:00 / 00:31:00
Dscrptn:  The hardest one so far. Keep near the left when you are in the
          corkscrew section, and slow to a halt for the corners.
Corners:  3 (2 bumpy)

TRACK 07: Rodeo
Help:    "This course is quite side, so you can take it at whatever speed
          is comfortable. But be cautious! It narrows quite abruptly, and
          you are going to have to be careful as it dips and rises 
          unexpectedly. Good luck!"
Time:     00:40:00 / 00:34:00 / 00:32:00
Dscrptn:  This one is extra-tricky. Take the first few turns at full speed,
          until the U-turn. Take the next part really slow until the
          final turn where you'll go into overdrive.
Corners:  6

TRACK 08: Cut Loose
Help:    "The mists hide some excruciating obstacles. Advice? Take each one
          as it comes, and keep your speed high for as long as you can."
Time:     01:13:00 / 01:06:00 / 01:02:00
Dscrptn:  There is a mix of everything in this. Take either road at the
          start, they join up in a second. Next, watch that you don't
          hit the other road after the drop. Slow a small bit for the
          corner and take the left route it'll set you up better for
          the next corner. After the uphill, slow alot for the U-turn.
          The next transparent area is quite easy, but slow down for the
          "step" section. Full speed around the banked corner, but slow
          down where the track narrows. Keep it slow for this bit and
          you should see the end.
Corners:  8
Y's:      1(2 if you count: "Y is this track so long?")

TRACK 09: Leap of Faith
Help:    "Simple in style, this course has but one obstacle. A
          death-defying leap of faith. The turbos you pick up at the start
          will be enough, when used together, to get across - just.
          The skill comes from lining yourself up and landing smoothly.
Time:     00:17:00 / 00:15:00 / 00:13:00
Dscrptn:  The first turn and drop could mess up your whole race if you're
          unlucky. But this course shouldn't prove a challenge. Just
          don't miss the finishing gate.
Corners:  1

TRACK 10: Slip Sliding II
Help:    "You will need to take the skid pans swiftly to get any sort of
          speed up. Remember - that surface is treacherous."
Time:     00:45:00 / 00:38:00 / 00:31:00
Dscrptn:  Take the first corner at full speed, and slow down for the skid
          pans(unlike what the help says!). After three "!"'s watchout
          as the road turns icy, keep your speed around 220 and you
          should be home in no time.
Corners:  5

TRACK 11: Bouncy Bouncy
Help:     Again, this is one of those courses where you have to take each
          obstacle as it comes.  Just make sure you know where you are
          about to land - unexpected turns make leaping from the crests
          of hills a bit risky, so learn the layout.
Time:     00:47:00 / 00:44:00 / 00:39:00
Dscrptn:  Take the first corner at full speed, but slow down just before
          the hill.  Take the hills slowly, and take the right road at
          the fork.  After the '!' the road narrows, so take it easy.
          After an S-bend and a left, the road widens again, so you can
          take the U-turn at full speed.  Take the high road at the fork
          and keep to the right before the drop.  The last corner can be
          taken at full speed.
Corners:  8
Y's:      2

TRACK 12: Racing Line IV
Help:     Back to an old favourite - but with a few added extras.  You know
          the drill, but watch for the gates on the twist - clip them, and
          you are off.  Oh!, and be careful at the end.  You might need
          a bit more speed than you think...
Time:     00:38:00 / 00:32:00 / 00:25:00
Dscrptn:  No point in trying to beat the land speed record on this one!
          Keep it slow at the start because the road becomes very narrow.
          The corkscrew section is easy because you've done it before.
          Next comes a bumpy corner and a very difficult jump.  Slow
          down before the corner, but full speed once you've rounded it.
Corners:  6
Jumps:    1

TRACK 13: Flip Flop
Help:     You are going to have to climb this one, using the U-bends to
          roll on up to the next level.  There is only one way to do it,
          and that is to line yourself up and hit the gas...
Time:     01:04:00 / 00:57:00 / 00:50:00
Dscrptn:  After a hard left comes a jump and then a hard right.  Next is
          the strangest turn so far: an outside corkscrew.  Keep to the
          left going round this.  Next comes all the U-sections to get you
          up unto the next level, just keep to the centre of the track.
          Then a turn into a rollercoaster type drop before the finish.
Corners:  4
Jumps:    1

TRACK 14: Hip Hop
Help:     Do not be lured by the jumps intp putting your foot down for the
          sake of it.  If you do, you will go off, unless you are lucky,
          or extremely skilled...
Time:     00:28:00 / 00:23:00 / 00:19:00
Dscrptn:  The hint is there for a reason!  Don't put your foot down(not
          even if you "think" you are extremely skilled).  Keep it slow
          except for the final jump(the third), and this one should be
          easy for us that aren't extremely skilled.
Corners:  3
Jumps:    3

TRACK 15: Moebius
Help:     This course never seems to go where you expect it to, so pay
          attention to the direction warning boards.  The end section is
          actually easier if you enter it at speed, but be sure to hit
          those breaks.[sic]
Time:     01:12:00 / 01:07:00 / 01:05:00
Dscrptn:  The first banked turn is easy and can be taken at speed.  The
          left fork goes up/down/up and the right down/up/down, so
          choose whichever you prefer(the right?).  Brake hard for the
          next corner, and keep it slow for the drop.  Speed up until you
          reach the turn, then take it easy(not too easy, mind).  Be
          wary of the next section because the road isn't straight!  The
          next corner isn't hard but be sure to hit the speed-ups in the
          middle of the road before the U.  This is surely the most
          confusing section in the game, if you don't know what you're
          doing.  When you're in the U, Brake, and Stop.  Next turn and
          follow the U and the finish is to your left. Tricky!
Corners:  10
Jumps:    1(sorta)
Y's:      1

TRACK 16: Soar
Help:    "Make sure you grab those turbos as you exit the first U-bend.
          How you use them is up to you, but make sure you are careful
          with them.  No flying off the end!  Be alert for the finish
          grid too - it is small, so do not overshoot and drop off the
Time:     01:21:00 / 01:13:00 / 01:08:00
Dscrptn:  Don't start off too quick or you will fall off.  Instead,
          after the "!" keep it slow for the bumpy area.  There then is
          a steep uphill and an equally steep drop.  Keep it slow!
          After the U-turn get the turbos, and after the jumps. there is
          a long twisty section, which shouldn't prove too hard.  But
          make sure you brake early to avoid falling off the end.
Corners:  7
Jumps:    2
Y's:      1

TRACK 17: In a Spin
Help:    "This course undulates through the mists like a living thing.
          And like a living thing, it will throw you off it is[sic] back
          if it does not like what you are doing.  Maximise your down
          force with a good racing line, avoiding the gates as you go.
Time:     01:10:00 / 01:02:00 / 00:53:00
Dscrptn:  Again, keep the start slow because the road narrows considerably.
          There's a drop into a turn before it widens out again.  Stay
          in the centre of the track for the corkscrew section because
          the road narrows again.  After the banked corner, be careful
          because the road narrows to the left half only, but you can't
          slow down because you're upside down and will risk falling off.
          Next, the opposite, only the right half is available to drive
          on.  Next you have to fall off the side of the road.  And go
          up three tight turns(good aliteration!) to the finish.
Corners:  6

TRACK 18: Winter Wonderland
Help:    "You will have to mind your speed on this course, and watch out
          for direction warning signs in the couple of places where it 
          takes an unexpected twist.  Do not dally, though!
Time:     01:04:00 / 00:55:00 / 00:45:00
Dscrptn:  Go quickly into the first snow section, but brake before it.
          Take it around the outside because there is no trees to block
          your path.  The turn is easy, just don't go too quick.  Don't
          go over 200 in the bobsleigh type-section.  Another easy
          corner, and next a really difficult section, don't get
          impatient.  Next, the best part of all the scramble tracks:
          The Drop.  But brake early for the end.
Corners:  8

TRACK 19: Top to Bottom
Help:    "The simple rule for this course is: line yourself up early.
          As you come off a section of upside down track, you will be
          aiming to land on a very thin section, and if you have not
          lined up, you are likely to go off."
Time:     00:53:00 / 00:46:00 / 00:38:00
Dscrptn:  Stay in the middle of the track or you'll miss the road.
          Take the banked curve slowly and also the next turn.  Go
          quick for the corkscrew and stay in the middle!  Slow down
          after you land, and thake the right/left section at normal
Corners:  4

TRACK 20: Winter Wonderland II
Help:    "It is time to banish all those fears of snowy surfaces.
          You can take this track quickly, provided you are confident
          enough to control it.  Indeed, you are gonna need to keep
          that speed up for the steep slope.
Time:     01:03:00 / 00:51:00 / 00:27:00
Dscrptn:  As fast as you want until you have to slow down a small bit
          for  the turn and a good bit for the next one.  Full
          speed through the half-pipe and go left/right/left quickly
          to avoid the bumps, and power up the hill to the finish.
Corners:  3

TRACK 21: Manic Scramble
Help:    "This course is quite different to the others.  Brake work
          is the key here, using your brakes to take you down a
          slope.  Tip: Use ALL the speed pads!"
Time:     00:55:00 / 00:50:00 / 00:43:00
Dscrptn:  Go at a medium speed through the first section and around
          the first bend.  And stay towards the middle for the wide
          banked bend.  Slow down and turn onto the grassy track
          again.  Go up the hill, and go onto the sideways section
          go along the bottom and turn up going over all the speed
          pads to land on the next hill, and on to the finish.
Corners:  4

TRACK 22: Top to Bottom II
Help:    "A similar drill to before, but this time you have got to
          land the car, but stop before you fly over the edge,
          this means you have to start slowing down before the end
          of the section.  And watch out for those barriers on
          the upside down sections."
Time:     00:54:00 / 00:51:00 / 00:47:00
Dscrptn:  The first turn isn't easy by any means, you have to stop
          exactly right or you will fall off.  Brake just as you
          go under the sign and hopefully you'll fall into place.
          Next you will have to do a left-right shimmy to avoid
          the barriers, so before, keep to the left.  Another
          fall onto the road again.  Next is an extremely difficult
          thin corkscrew with BARRIERS! Aaarggghhh!  Just shimmy
          left, right and left again.  Then stop and fall onto the
          final section: An icy S-vbend, so take it slow.
Corners:  5

TRACK 23: Soar II
Help:    "There are only two turbos to be had, so be careful where
          you use them.  The first jump is narrow, but the second
          one is the real beast.  Follow the speed pads, and try to
          point the car as far up as possible before hitting the
Time:     00:30:00 / 00:28:00 / 00:26:00
Dscrptn:  The first jump isn't hard as long as you line up right
          coming out of the turn.  Go up on the wall in the next
          turn in order to make the jump.  But try and be as far
          up as possible.  Then two easy left hand turns and on to
          the finish.
Corners:  3
Turbos:   2

TRACK 24: Sheer Velocity
Help:    "Speed, and lots off[sic] it, is what will get you through
          this track.  Be fearless, and hit the gas for all you are
          worth.  What is that, a spiral?  Careful now!"
Time:     01:00:00 / 00:52:00 / 00:46:00
Dscrptn:  Full throtle through the first section and around the turn,
          passing over all the speed ups.  Next, take it slower
          because of the bumps in the road.  On through the icy
          patches and up through the fog at full pelt again.  But
          "SLOW" for the spiral section because the ice makes it
          trecherous.  Just one more to go...
Corners:  6

TRACK 25: End Zone
Help:    "This course has it all.  Do not go flying off the top of
          the first hill, but take it slowly and you will finish it
          eventaully.  You are on your own on this one..."
Time:     01:05:00 / 01:02:00 / 00:47:00
Dscrptn:  You're not on your own, you have me!  Mind the bumps
          going up the hill, and take it slowl when falling down
          onto the track.  Then comes an easy turn, and a humped
          section of track, this bit is easy!  Next another bumpy
          section, that leads to our old favourite: the U-pipe
          section(see that 3 sections in a row, scary).  A turn
          next, and then lots of well-needed speedups to stick
          you to the upside-down track.  Then a tunnel and a fall
          onto the final straight!
Corners:  5


Award for Completing SCRAMBLE:
Mega Speed

                               2 PLAYER MODE

I'll have to find someone to play against! ^_^ Coming Soon, too.

I is a full mark
' is a half mark

I'll have an Ascii art of the Subsonic symbol soon.

Power:         III
Acceleration:  IIII-II
Top Speed:     III
Strength:      IIII-III
Grip:          IIII-II
Weapons:       Shield, SpeedBoost, Missile, TimeWarp
Opened:        Type I   Automatically
               Type II  Win Type I Campaign
               Type III ???

Easy to control, even when boosted. Good acceleration, but a poor
top speed. The number one choice for the first league.

Power:         IIII-I
Acceleration:  IIII-II
Top Speed:     IIII-I'
Strength:      IIII-II
Grip:          IIII-IIII
Weapons:       All
Opened:        Type I   Win Deep Pressure-TI
               Type II  Win Deep Pressure-TII
               Type III ???

The best car for the first four leagues, the cutter is one of the most
well-rounded cars in the game.

Power:         IIII-III
Acceleration:  IIII
Top Speed:     IIII-II
Strength:      IIII-II
Grip:          IIII-I
Weapons:       All
Opened:        Type I   Win Renegade-TI
               Type II  Win Renegade-TII
               Type III ???

Awful acceleration ruins what could otherwise be a very good car. Stick
with the Cutter.

Power:         IIII-IIII
Acceleration:  IIII-I
Top Speed:     IIII-III
Strength:      IIII-II
Grip:          IIII-'
Weapons:       All
Opened:        Type I   Win Archipelago-TI
               Type II  Win Archipelago-TII
               Type III ???

I thought this was meant to be the best Subsonic Car, it's awful! The
grip is atrocious. For a garage which contains the Taipan and the Cutter,
you'd have thought this would be better.


A.S.A.I (Get The Cars Done)



These are my records, I just have them here so you can see how bad/good I am.
Please DON'T send in your records, PLEASE!

Main Tracks
Harpoon   - Deep Pressure    - 00:11:80
            Archipelago      - 00:15:86
            Port Isaac       - 00:19:80
Skyway    - Republic Loop    - 00:09:21
            Power Surge      - 00:21:16
            The Helix        -
            Scramble         -
Outworld  - Full Force       - 00:13:26
            Renegade         - 00:17:70
            Angel City       - 00:16:33
Leviathan - Mt Sara          -
            Impact           - 00:17:36
            Ida 447          -
Ventura   - Sentinel         -
            Furnace          -
            Knock Down       -
Jumpgate  - Velocity         -
            Neuro            - 00:16:23
            Star Dock        -
            Hydroponics      -

Scramble Tracks
Introduction   - 00:16:10(Gold)
Racing Line    - 00:10:83(G)
Rough Justice  - 00:12:66(G)
Racing Line II - 00:14:96(G)
Slip Sliding   - 00:23:53(Bronze)
Racing Line III- 00:38:00(B)
Rodeo          - 00:38:56(B)
Cut Loose      - 00:52:03(G)
Leap of Faith  - 00:11:23(Silver)
Slip Sliding II- 00:38:26(B)
Bouncy Bouncy  - 00:43:66(S)
Racing Line IV - 00:30:10(S)
Flip Flop      - 00:51:10(S)
Hip Hop        - 00:21:90(S)
Moebius        - 01:10:63(B)
Soar           - 00:36:23(Gold, Yes that's the correct time! Try Beat that)
In a Spin      - 00:59:26(S)
Winter Wndrlnd - 00:58:70(B)
Top to Bottom  - 00:43:63(S)
Winter Wndrlnd2- 00:47:76(S)
Manic Scramble - 00:37:13(G)
Top to Bottom 2- 00:52:46(B)
Soar II        - 00:25:93(G)
Sheer Velocity - 00:58:80(B)
End Zone       - 00:27:13(G, TRY BEAT THAT, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Training Tracks
Introduction   - 00:08:10(S)
Misty Morning  - 00:10:76(G)
Speed is the Key 00:08:50(G)
Pit            - 00:17:96(G)
Speed is d Key2- 00:13:56(G)
Mirror, Signal.- 00:09:86(S)
White Wonder   - 00:27:76(S)
Leapfrog       - 00:16:76(G)
Vertigo        - 00:21:03(S)
Theory Test    - 00:50:43(B)

Pursuit Mode
Jet Taurus    - 00:43:10
Figure of Hate- 00:17:80

Survivor Mode
Best Placing  - Track 3

All Tracks Mode
Best Time     - 09:11:60


This is one of the most Under-rated games on the Playstation. I was going
to the game store to buy this with £40 in my hand, and when I got there
it was only £20(and it was only out a week!). So to share my love for this
game, I present you with this guide.
I have finished this game, but for the purpose of this guide, I've started
again. The new modes will be uploaded as I open them.

P.S. This is not meant as a substitute for the game manual, it is
     meant as a substitute for the Game!

-Help - This is the ingame help from the game
-Car  - Car you should/have to use
-Time - The first time is Bronze, the second Silver, the third Gold.
-Description - My description of the track
[sic] - ingame spelling/grammar mistake

-"A" Tadeo for the Layout and Disclaimer
-CJayC for putting this FAQ on his site
-Psygnosis and ATD for this excellent game
-Microsoft for Windows and Notepad
-Packard Bell for my PC(If I put them here will I get a new one?)
-You for reading it

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