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--------------------------------Character Test---------------------------------
Ver 3.0
Algus Sadalfus
By Algus
Ver 2.0  Mar 24, 2002


05/03/06 3.0 - Finally updated to include more then just skeleton content.  
This massive update has attempted to catalogue as much about the debug mode 
as possible.  Formatting has been improved to conform to my other guides

03/24/02 2.0 - Various Corrects

1.0 - Initial release


1. Disclaimer
2. Intro
3. Gameshark Debug Room Codes
4. Debug Room description
5. Credits
6. Additonal FAQs

This guide was originally composed as a quickie reference for the SaGa 
Frontier message board at GameFAQs ( since questions 
continually popped up about how to get to the Debug Mode room 
(And with good reason! The SaGa Frontier Debug Mode is excellent)

I cannot guarrentee that the latest version of this guide (if there is 
another version) can be found anywhere but at GameFAQs, so be sure to check 
there before emailing me with questions.

I will do my best to aid you if you have trouble, but any Gameshark codes 
are provided as-is, in other words if they activate the secret self-destruct 
sequence on your PSX then it isn't my fault :).  

Why does this guide exist?

There is no definative documentation on the SaGa Frontier debug room for one. 
I am assuming that most people that play SaGa anymore are people who have 
long since beaten it and have bought a gameshark or are considering buying 
one in hopes of getting some new life out of it.

If you like SaGa then the debug room should be right up your alley as you'll 
be able to create parties you could only dream of before.  The debug room 
makes it possible to construct parties you'd only dreamed of before.  
Want to keep Asellus in Red's scenario? Done.  Heck, want to use Red in 
EVERY OTHER SCENARIO? Done.  Emelia gets mechs, T260 gets Mystics, 
anything you can imagine happens.  No longer is Rei an obscure character 
only usable towards the end of one scenario, now she can be a serious 
player in any party! 

See the appeal? And there are many other interesting things as well. 


Credit goes to Macanfly of the SaGa Frontier message board on for posting these codes.

NOTE: I have done this with my gameshark CDX Ver 4.0.  I do not know what 
will happen with older gamesharks or non CDX gamesharks.  So dont email me 
with technical problems.

First the debug code

8001300C 02E1

This code will put you in the debug room.  From a new game or a  loaded game.

RegionMap in item spot one
(make sure you dont delete something you may want later)

3001288C 00FD

This will create the RegionMap item for you that you need to exit the debug 
room.  I used it when I first entered the room and it froze my game.  After I 
reset it (erasing the codes or 'turning off' the gameshark) and loaded my 
save in the debug room it worked fine.  However, unless you input the 
following code you wont be able to travel much of anywhere

80012B7E 0000
80012B80 0000
this will fill all the region spots on your map, including giving you several 
locations not normally accesable.  I am not sure what these regions do but 
may put it in an updated version of this FAQ.

I suggest that you start a new game, get to a safe spot, save, then restart 
and use the codes. I believe that if you go there directly from a new game, 
you risk breaking the plot.  Also, doing things like leaving important areas 
during story segments is probably a bad idea.  Use common sense.  

For the sake of having a common frame of reference I will be referring to 
the example file I used with a Lute game.  Lute can get more use out of the
Debug Room then a lot of characters since his scenario is so short and little
can be done to "break" his game.  

You must follow these steps to succesfully get the debug room to work.

1. Save your file
2. Turn off your gameshark and/or reset your PSX(if using CDX) THE CODE CAN 

If you leave the code active it will repeatedly dump you in the very first 
room of the debug room.

3. Head east once the gameshark is off.  

If you want to follow along then do this: Start a new game normally (ie 
without the Gameshark) and pick Lute.  Play through the brief introduction
and catch a ride to Manhattan. Make sure to equip the backpack as well. 
Remember the region map will take up the first slot on your inventory list
so you don't want anything that you'll miss there.  This goes for future games
as well. 

Just for a quick note, Lute's item list should look like this:

Backpack (1)
Cure (5)
PowerCure (1)
MagicStone (1)

Equip the backpack just to be safe.  If you really want the 5 cures then put
either the PowerCure or the MagicStone in the first slot.  Just don't get 
hasty and delete that backpack.  Unless you don't mind sharking it back
in later.  You WILL miss the Backpack if you don't have it.  But you're a
SaGa Frontier vet right? So you already know this :) 

As soon as you arrive save your game and turn the game off and stick 
in your Gameshark.  

Make sure you've got ALL the codes on, you do want to leave when you're done
correct? Once you've enabled the codes, start SaGa Frontier and load your
game data.  Lute should appear in a big blue room.  Don't! Talk to the slime, 
unless you like having the game freeze.  Alright, you should head one room to
the east.  The music should at this point be gone and you're in a big empty
room.   Save and note the file does not list a location.  Now you need to
reset your system or do whatever to disable codes and reload the file.  I
believe that if you save in the first room with the slime you aren't "truly"
in the Debug room.  

Alright, now onto Debug Room specifics: 

Head east, you should only have to pass through the room this once if the 
code is off, but you may have to do it multiple times.  Now you will be in the
"Hall of recruitment" and should see several rows of characters.  These 
characters can all be added to your party! :D 

If you talk to a character it will list their name and some Japanese text.
You'll have two choices, both in hiragana that say:

Hai (yes)
Iie (no) 

Picking the first option (Hai) adds that character to your party.  Talking
to that character and picking Hai again removes them from your party.  So you
can use this to tailor your party as you see fit.  

I recommend NOT adding characters that would otherwise be recruitable by
that character.  It's all well and good to get Asellus at the beginning of
Emelia's scenario but you don't want to wreck things for yourself later on
do you? Also, make sure to save enough slots for required party members. 
Since we're playing as Lute you only need to save one slot for Captain 

Also, note that monsters are all represented as Slimes on the screen, if you're
interested here's a list from left to right

CommonMec(??!?!?! See below) 

CommonMec and Woman
These are two "extra" characters.  CommonMec is the character in the top-left
corner.  Woman is the oddly placed slime between Mei-Ling and White Rose in
the middle row (she's on the left side) 

On the status Screen, Woman looks like T260 but is spinning for some reason.
In battle it seems Woman looks like Rabbit.  
Here are her stats: 

Name: Woman
Race: Human            Sex: Female
HP: 90                 LP: 9/9
WP: 15/15              JP: 0/0
STR: 19                BroadSword
QUI: 10                ----------
INT: 13                ----------
WIL: 11                ----------
PSY: 17                JunkHelm
VIT: 15                HardLeather
CHA: 10                LeatherGlove
DEF: 23                LeatherBoots

CommonMec is Type7 and here are his(its?) stats

Name: CommonMec
Race: TYPE7            Sex: Neutral
HP: 130                LP: 20/20
WP: 40/40              JP: 0/0
STR: 20+15             -----------
QUI: 10+5              -----------
INT: 20+5              -----------
WIL: 10+15             -----------
PSY: 5                 -----------
VIT: 15+10             -----------
CHA: 15                Hammer
DEF: 10                MecBody

CommonMec's Hammer and MecBody are not removable.  

I believe that both of these characters are fully functional if you want to
use them so have a blast.  CommonMec's hammer is pretty potent though and
will make early areas very easy.  So you've been warned. 

One last thing to note about the character hall: Here's a quick list of which
characters Lute can get in the Debug Room that he can't get in his
scenario.  Remember to leave one space for Captain Hamilton later on.  If I 
have time I may do lists for all the playable characters.

Dr. Nusaken
White Rose

Quite a choice as you can see.  Also, that first row looks to be all main
characters but what is Fuse doing there, hmm... Anyway.  When you've finished
getting recruits, head east.  

Now we're in the "Head Character Selection Room" This room lets you set what
character you want to see on the overworld.  I don't believe it has any other

The choices are:

Red - Alkaiser (Alkaiser is the Red standing above the rest of the row) 
Fuse(?!?!?! WTF!) 
Monster Riki - Riki (The human-looking Riki that you see for most of his
game is the one standing above the rest) 

Also note the characters are named by their Japanese names here, Coon instead
of Riki and so forth.  

What's the deal with Fuse you ask? Well, as the story goes he was originally 
planned to have his own scenario (8 was the number of scenarios in Romancing
SaGa 3 so I guess that fits) but his scenario was cut due to time.  I guess
you could name Lute Fuse, get the real Fuse in your party and use him instead
of Lute (Remember, Lute doesnt HAVE to be in the main party in his own 
scenario!) and have yourself an IRPO adventure. 

Anyway, let's head east again.

This is just a room with some sprites, you can talk to the sprites to see
what their name is.  Another east for some more Sprite Showcase, though some
of the sprites are neat to look at. East again! 

Character sprites *yawn* there's Alkaiser and Leonard as a human on the end.
Ok, let's go east.

Boring, boring, monster sprites.  Are you enjoying the showcase? East! 

More Sprites, Riki wiggling his butt at you, a dead T260 being worked on by
a garden gnome.  Hey, I've got a novel idea, let's go east. 

A giant Octopus, some kid hanging in the air (yeah, yeah, its from T260's
scenario, whatever.) I'm walking east right now.

Look, a row of the more badass characters in the game (Oh yeah, the mermaid
chick is there too).  MOving right along, to the east.

Sweet Jeebus, Im seeing double! Hey, look its Alkarl.  Pity he cant be 
recruited... :( Are you going east? 

Well, there's that hottie Lion Princess, but she's not hot enough to stop
me from going east.

GAH! The scientist from the Bio Research Lab, he's making them all spin! 
Damn him! I'd better get east before he goes whacko on me! 

Ok, these sprites are getting really boring.  Look, a dead Asellus and a 
couple dying Asellus's and a...WTF? Asellus with red hair?! Well, I guess
that's cool, must be what she looked like as a human.  I think I'll head
east, closer to Bunny Emelia! Well, she's a hottie, but I'm going to have
to east my way out of this room.

Look, Power Rangers, glowy power ranger crystal things, a bag of money I can't
touch and all in all just more Sprites.  So I'll have to go east! 

Ciato, Orlogue, various menaces, nothing to grand here.  Head East Young Man! 

Monsters, bleh.  Maybe there's a restraunt around here? I'll try going 

Treasure! Aww, I can't get it :( Maybe I can find some help to carry it to
the east of here? 

*sigh* Nothing cool, Thunder just sits there and spins and wont help me get
treasure.  And I thought I was his bro or whatever.  Guess I'll have to look
for that restraunt again.  East. 

Robots, Monsters, and oh my! I hope you like looking at Sprites.  Guess 
which way we're headed? No, this time Im not saying it! 

And here we, well well! What's this? What's this? Alkaiser transforming!
What's this? What's this? Fuse and Lute and Red as mechanics! 
What's this? What's this?


WHAT'S THIS? She has a naked friend! Oh me oh my! What's this? I don't 
sound like Jack Skellington at all! 

And look at Riki, he seems real excited by being near Naked Asellus! Ok, you
want the story here? The rumor is that Asellus originally had to escape
Fascinataru by being burned alive by that giant furnace thing, or something
like that.  I don't know the whole story, but nakkie Asellus and White Rose
are the remnents of that discarded plot idea.

Or they're just getting ready for a steamy sex scene :) Because we all know 
how those two are. 

Anyway, now that the excitement's over you can head east for more sprites.  If
this kind of thing is interesting you can see some cool stuff.  Two rooms over
from Naked Asellus is a big Red plot spoiler in that you get to see Alkarl's
identity.  So hopefully you've beaten Red before checking it out.  Three 
rooms over (One from Alkarl's true identity) you can see Emelia pointing her
gun and Evil Asellus from the Full Mystic ending of her scenario.  After
that you'll be in an endless path of blue rooms as far as I can tell, so if 
you want to mess with your party again, you'll have to go back through all
the sprite rooms.  

In total, I count 20 rooms of sprites, so there is quite a bit to see if 
you're interested.  Personally I thought the Asellus sprites were the 
most interesting - clearly from a standpoint of what might have originally
been in the game and not because of naked hotties...clearly! :P 

That's actually ALL there is to the Debug Room, you've done it all, there
aren't any item dumps or anything like that as far as I know, but it's a 
great party customizing thing - look at all the extra characters that can be
added to Lute alone! And Lute has a pretty nice recruitment list, now think
about characters who have a fairly restricted list.  

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me on the "grand tour" and enjoy the debug

Macanfly - Originally providing the codes, to me at least, for the Debug room
SaGa Frontier board vets old and new - many excellent memories and hours of 
posting, even if I rarely visit there these days

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The content of this guide is copyright 2001-2006 Curtis Mitchell.  You may
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distribute this guide for profit of any sort.