FAQ/Walkthrough by CSafko

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From: "Chris Safko" <devilsofk@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 07:18:47 PST

Saga Frontier

ALL QUESTIONS OR INF. GO TO devilsofk@hotmail.com

	Hi first off I would like to say please give this faq. to anyone that 
needs it.  This inf. can be used in anyone's faq who wants it just please give 
me credit.  This faq. is not just a walk through it is also meant to explain 
some of the battle options and the map options and maybe even a little 
translation for the game.

	1.  Map Options (  button)
	This is all the options from top down.

		I. Status
	This will bring up a status screen that will show some stats and on the 
left you will see your equipment and items, and if you hit O then it will take 
you into the weapon armor equipment screen. If you hit down before you hit O 
then you will see your abilities that are equipped.  If you hit O then you will 
go to your ability equip screen.
		II. Items
		III. Mission Log (don't know what it does)

		IV. Change your Characters Set Up

		V. Equipment

		VI. Ability set up

		VII. Options

		VIII. Save

	2. The Begging of the game
	This will tell the character's name from left to right and what the 
begging screen means

	I. Here are the Characters
		Red(The guy with spiky blue hair, blue cape, and red clothes)
		Lute(The guy playing the lute)
		Emeria(The blonde with green hair in the middle of the screen)
		T260G(the robot)
		Coon(the wolf like character)
		Blue (The blonde hared girl)
		Aselus(The green hared)

		II. The Begging
	After you select new game and then you pick a character many of you have 
probable noticed a screen written in Japanese with numbers in it.
	It goes like this.

			bla bla bla 1 bla bla
			bla bla bla 2 bla bla
			bla bla bla 1 bla bla
			bla bla bla 2 bla bla

	This is simple asking you where your memory card is and the second to 
options are if you don't have a memory card but if you did where to look for it 
plus the last thing without a number is something asking if you want to go back.

	If you start the game with blue you will be given a ton of shapes to 
choose from.   These just signify what town to start in. 

	3. Abbreviations
	Here are almost all the abbreviations and what they stand for -note- to 
see this go to the Map option screen(  button) and use R1 and L1 to see them 

		HP- your hit points DUH
		LP- life points (when this reaches 0 your dead for good)
		WP-weapon points (these go down when you use abilities)
		JP-ja???? points (they are the same thing as magic points)
		Str-Strength (increases attack power)
		Qui-Quickness (increases when you go, speed)
		Int-Intelligence (increases chance of success in magic)
		Wil-Will power (I think it is like luck and increases chance of 
hitting someone with a regular attack)
		Psy-Psychic power (increases magic attack power)
		Vit-Vitality (???; please e-mail me if you have inf. on 		
		this devilsofk@hotmail.com)
		Chr-Character(???;please e-mail me with inf.)
		Def-Your total defense power(how much damage you 			

	4. The Battles

	I. The very begging of the battle pressing up or down will change what 
character your cursor is on then if you press triangle then it will move that 
character into the back field.  This causes that character to take less damage 
and deal less damage with your abilities and normal attack.	Pressing left and 
right will change what party of characters you are attacking with (this will be 
explained more latter).  Pressing O starts the battle.
	II. Status
	Press triangle when you are in the fighting menu screen
	III. Ablilities,Items,Weapons, and Magic
	Just press left and right to switch between weapons,items,abilities, and 
	IV. Abilities
You normally start on abilities.  These are just add 	ON's to your normal 
attack.  You can tell if you are on abilities because you will see a sword in 
the upper right hand corner of the screen which will tell you how many wps the 
ability takes and how many you have left.  When using an ability sometimes you 
will see a light bulb flash over your person's head and he will do a new move.  
That means you just learned a new ability.  You can also learn new weapon moves 
too.  What new moves you learn is completely random so if you get something good 
be sure to save.

	V. Grayed out Abilities
There are only two explanations for this either you don't have enough wps (or 
jps if it is magic) or you have earned too many abilities (or spells) and you 
have to de-equip some and equip your new ones
	VI. Items
There are two ways to use items.  One is to equip the items on to your character 
or another is to equip this special potion that you start the game with onto one 
of your characters.  That special potion will let that player use all the items 
you own.
	VII. The End
When you win a battle you get fully healed (except for jp, wp, and lp).  Plus 
you will sometimes see one of the abreviations over a players head.  That means 
that area of his stats has increased.

	5. Explanation of 1 IV.
This will help explain fighting parties.  In Saga Frontier 	you can have up to 
15 characters at a time!!!  Only 5 can fight at a time though.  What you have to 
do is use this option and set the parties you think will be good together up.  
To switch in between what party you want to use when you get into a fight before 
you hit O hit left or right.

	6. The Walk Throughs
so far I have a up to mission 4 comleted with Red, up to mission 5 with Emillia, 
up to level 3 with Coon and I might put in the full walk through for blue I 
found.  If not then look to Gamefaqs.com to get it.

		-note- This is were my typing gets messy

		I. Red

Mission 1
			Red starts out talking to his girl friend in a car about 
some Doctor Klein and then is attacked by  Doctor Klein!!!  The car crashes and 
his girl friend disapears and is thought to be dead.  When walking away for help 
you get attacked by Doctor Klein.  This is your first battle and you will get 
killed easily but luckily some girl in a power suit saves you (don't know her 
name).  You will now get to use her.  If you hit over then go to the last 
ability you will quickly cause him to run away.  After that the girl turns you 
into some sort of power robot guy called Alkaiser.  You agree to join this team 
so you can get revenge.  Each mission from now on is trying to track the doctor 
guy.  You get sent up into a flying bird ship.  You will walk around then meet 
this girl (who is actually the robot that saved you) and she tells you how to 
turn into alkaiser.  From here you can go talk to the captain (His name is Hawk) 
and choose the first option to go to your first mission.  You are teleported 
down to Baccarat casino.  When down there if you go up one flight of stairs and 
talk to the last soldier playing slots towards the bottom of the screen they 
will all get up and run away.  Quickly run down a flight of stairs and talk to 
the elevator lady.  Choose the second to the last option and that will take you 
to the basement where you must fight (not necesarily but you should to learn 
abilities) soldiers and then a boss character.  After beating the boss Mission 1 

Mission 2
Mission 2 takes you to some town called Shrike.  -note- You will have this move 
with red that is always (I think the first thing you can select.  This move will 
turn you into Alkaiser.  From the airport go down into the lab with a bunch of 
crazy scientists.  Find the library and look at the first book shelf.  A secret 
passage will be revieled.  Go down the stairs and go right.  Then go up all the 
way to the top and go into this room with a monster looking guy held captive.  
After you beat the scientists you will get a hidden character.  -note- you can 
not turn into alkaiser when you have a team mate, their are exceptions though 
(like at bosses) it would be wise to put your partner into a second fighting 
party.  Now leave this place.  Now you could go to the temple at the bottom left 
of the main map to gain levels or go to the town.  When in the town stay at the 
free inn at the upper right.  After that go into the play ground and talk to the 
kid on the far right (you can talk to any kid but this one will make you fight 
the least bad guys).  After beating the bad guys go to the upper right of the 
map and into a park.  You will see some soldiers at the bottom of the screen and 
then will turn into Alkaiser and attack them.  -note- put the hidden character 
back in your party.  After beating the boss Mission 2 is Completed.  

Mission 3
Mission 3 takes you to ???Manhattan??.  When here try to buy as many items as 
possible then go to the airport and talk to the attendent.  This will put you 
back on the ship.  Go down the stairs and talk to the blue haired girl.  Follow 
her and then talk to her again.  This should bring you to a bank where you will 
meet Lady Campbell (if it doesn't talk to the pilot).  Now after the seen where 
(I think) she tells you to help her get to the top of the bank (??? I have know 
clue my brother hasn't translated it yet I'm just guessing) you go onto the 
ship.  You will be attacked now by a group of enemies.  After you kill them Lady 
Campbell will join you.  Now you should have three characters.  If you explore 
the ship you will fund Ruffus, BJ&K, Aselus, and her friend.  You will also see 
blue but I don't know how to get her.  To get BJ&K go to the third (maybe second 
you should explore the ship once before this mission to see where he normally is 
because thats where he will be now) floor and walk down the path towards the 
bottom of the screen. Take the middle door kill the bad guy go out come back in 
and you will have BJ&K.  He has an awsome attack that will take off in the 
1,000's (but it takes 7 wp).  Now go towards the main entrance towards the cock 
pit.  When you are about to enter madam campbell will say lets take another 
way(actually something a little longer but lets leave it at that). Now go to the 
second floor and go to the one path you couldn't take before.  When you try to 
go in it will ask you something.  Choose the top choice.  Now run through this 
so you dont get blown off by the wind.  If you try to walk you will get blow 
off.  If you make it you will now fight a easy boss.  After the boss is killed 
Madam Campbell will leave you and so will BJ&K.  You can get BJ&K back just go 
talk to him again but Madam Campbell is gone.  

Mission 4
I think you have to talk to Hawk now but you might just atomatically go to the 
next level which is Kowloon.  From here you must go up the stairs towards the 
bottom of the screen then beet up the robot that beat up the guy.  After this 
you will see somebody run down a sewer.  Chase them!!!  Every once in a while 
you will see them so you know you are going the right way.  Eventually you will 
make it back to your ship(Why is it on the ground in a sewer???)?? Mission 4 

-note-I think I have mission 5 & 6 switched around
Mission 5
Now you will go to the Magic Kingdom and enter a fighting contest.  To do this 
just stand in line untill you reach the receptionist.  Now talk to her and do as 
good as possible in the fights to come.  After you win or lose you will see Dr. 
Klein talking to the King and Queen of the magic kingdom.  From where you start 
go left,up,up,bottom right and then you should be in a room with soldiers.  Kill 
them and then click on the vase it will open up a secret passage.  Go 
down,right,right and talk to the guy between the soldiers.  This is the boss.  
Kill him and its on to Mission 6

Mission 6
You should start out at Kowloon.  Talk to the green haired girl outside of 
Ruffus inn.  She will join you then go get Ruffus.  After that go to the airport 
and choose the last option then the 3rd option.  From here go to the bar and get 
Lute.  Now go back to Kowloon.  Now go to the airport and choose the 6th option.  
Go to the right then talk to the red monster outside the windmill.  He will join 
you.  Talk to lute to get him back.  Now go back to Kowloon and choose the 2nd 
option.  Go to the place almost directly left to the airport.  This will get you 
another robot.  Go back to kowloon.  Now choose the 3rd option.  Talk to te grey 
hared guy and then leave.  Now you should have
The morpher(Simian-made up)
Greyed Hared guy(Betta1-made up)
Some blonde(Beck-made up)
A robot-Turmoil(made that up)
Stock up on items then go to the airport.  Choose the 5th option.  This will 
take you to Kyo.  Talk to everyone then go to the bridge thing.  You should see 
some blue kind of guy.  Talk to him and then you will go back on your ship.  Now 
you should be back at Kowloon.  Go to the airport and go back to Kyo.  Go to the 
place where the old monk went.  Now click on the banester and you should get 
teloported into one of Doctor Kleins base's.  Go through this till you get to 
some green tub of ooze.  Kill the soldier standing gaurd and then this will set 
off an alarm.  Quickly leave here and then you should fight a boss.  After you 
fight the boss you will be taken to the airport.  Instead of going to the 
airport go to the bridge/garden place instead.  You will find another character.  
Now this is the extent of my faq.  I sugest gaining levels with Red and his men.  
You should have 10 people now.  Please e-mail me at devilsofk@hotmail.com if you 
have any problems or questions or even comments.  I hope to finish Red's 
walkthrough and include Emillia and Coon next time.  If there is anything I 
should add e-mail me.