Asellus Walkthrough by SKarunaratne

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       Asellus Walkthrough - By: Sean Karunaratne (

The story of Asellus starts with Gina telling a story, about a young girl, 
who becomes half human half mystic.

Picking an ending

There are three endings in Asellusí quest and different ways to get each
Full Mystic- Develop Mystic Sword, Boots and Glove, and constantly use them; 
Do NOT save Gina from the Griffin.

Half Human/Half Mystic- Do NOT use Asellus mystic abilities, train her with 
human skills; Do NOT save Gina from the Griffin 
2nd Way; Develop her mystic abilities and use them; SAVE Gina from the 

Full Human Ending- Use human abilities and SAVE Gina from the Griffin

	Chateau Aiguille 
Asellus now wakes up, she finds herself in a strange room. A man by the name 
of Ildon comes in the room. Then leaves Asellus, now itís your time to go 
explore the castle. You will stumble across a room where you can pick up some 
nice items, then Asellus will say they hurt, you wonít be able to get these 
till end game, so donít waste your time. When your ready take a transport 
(they look like little puddles of water) down and exit the room and make your 
way down the stairs. You should find yourself in a room with roses. A man 
named Ciato comes down and stabs Asellus. Then purple blood pours out. Then 
you see Orlouge. Orlouge explains that purple blood is a sign of a mystic. 
Asellus soon wakes up. Now take a transport and you should get a main view of 
the castle. Now go to the botton door which sits their invitingly and go down 
the stairs to the main thrown room. Orlouge will tell you a little about 
Asellus. Orlouge had turned Asellus into a half mystic to revive her after an 
accident. Ildon will then join your party. Now make your way out of the 
castle, just go down from the thrown room and go into main Rootville. You now 
can purchase a lovely gown. Then go back to the castle to the upper right 
branch and talk to the coffin in the main room. White Rose will appear. Now 
you should have talked to a mysterious man named Zozma. Now make your way 
back to your room. Ildon and White Rose will leave you. Now go to the room 
before Orlougeís thrown and take the right staircase up. Youíll soon meet 
with Ildon. Now you can train for fighting. You have a lovely Knife. You most 
likely will get wiped out, but then Ildon will just say next. When your done 
with your training. Now get rid any extra members by going to your room and 
then go back to rootville. Go to the house thats door is always locked. Then 
make your way back to the castle. Ciato tells you that thereís a man that can 
make a key for you so you can get out. Go to the house thatís locked, just 
right of it theres some wood blocks, go to the and you should go to the bar, 
get the key. There will be a man there. He says something about bus fare. Now 
go back to the castle and get White Rose again. Now you can go back to town. 
Remember the green guy who hates you.. Go back to him with White Rose. Heíll 
say some stuff and White Rose will tell him about Asellus. Now talk to him 
again. He says heíll sell you something for LP. Now go get the Asura Sword 
ONLY the Asura. Because youíll never get back the LP you spend. Now go to the 
curve in the castle where Asellus says MONSTER!! And Ildon says Asellus isnít 
ready for real battle. Nothing should stop you if Ildon isnít in your party. 
Now build up here for a while. Itís completely optional but VERY smart! Go to 
the room with Ice Crystals, make a save there and keep going in and out, 
fighting each two enemies. Youíll also notice a robotic thing standing by a 
window. Do NOT fight him. Heís a boss youíll fight later on. Heíll wipe you 
out, and if you didnít quick save then your in deep doo doo. Now, when your 
done building up make your way to the locked house. Talk to the slime and go 
to the cave. Itís pretty straight foward. When you reach the end Ildon will 
yell at you and says heís bringing you to the castle, but Asellus and White 
Rose quickly jump and the shuttle and fly off to your next challenge Owmi!!

Your escort drops you off at the Owmi port. Now make your way to the Lords 
Manor. Heíll tell you about a Mermaid he found and will escort you to a 
bathtub. He allows you to wander around with Mesarthim. Now go downstairs 
take the door to the right and go through the doorway, you should be walking 
down stairs that resemble a basement, if you arenít go to the other doorway, 
now enter the door adjacent to where you entered. You are now in a monster 
infested basement. Make sure to pick up all the treausure. One should be a 
Sanctuary Stone. This is a MUST have item. Now go down the stairs and youíll 
see a squid creature. Save your game and run into him. 

Boss Fight: Devil Squid

This Squid can be quite a challenge for the inexperienced. Pound it with 
whatever you got. If it does Maelstrom have Mesarthim use life rain on White 
Rose and Asellus. Get some good comboís and Devil Squid should go down no 

Now you have a desicion to make. Will you go to the doorway that leads to 
Mesarthimís pond, or will you go get the treausure that will drop you to the 
bottom of the basement, level up and pick up treasure, itís your choice. If 
you do choose to go lower be warned, Devil Squid will regenerate, but 
fighting him again is optional. Now go to the room just left of the squid. Go 
to the pond and talk to it. Mesarthim will go away. How sad, but donít be too 
depressed because you can pick her up later. One thing, be ABSOLUTELY SURE 
too de-equip Mesarthim of everything she has (except the Mellow ring, thatís 
naturally equipped). Now sheíll warp you outside to Owmi, go to the port and 
make a decision will you go to My House in Shrike, or build up. These 
upcoming fights are TOUGH, so building up is strongly recommended. 

New Characters
There are few characters that will regularly join you in Asellusí quest so 
you might wanna do some Magic quests, like Arcane etc.

Lute- Scrap Pub (is he anywhere else?)
Thunder- By the Yorkland Windmill
Mesarthim- Where you dropped her off (after Dark Labyrinth) SHEíS A MUST 
Princess Rei- Devin Shrine (if you got info from White Rose)
Ildon- After first 4 Henchpeople	
Rouge- Agree to search for Magic, Luminous Port
Now for the ones that you get from Arcane quests (if you ask me they all are 
crappy, with the exception of Rouge)
First of all, except both Arcane and Rune quests (Devin)
Now fly over to Shrike and go left in Muís Tomb, not that part thats says 
danger, and talk to Roufas, now heís in your party, now head over to the 
resturant where Roufas always hangs out, Liza will be there. Get her in your 
party. Now she can learn DSC. Now go to Baccarat, talk to a women in a Bunny 
Suit and then go to the parking garage and go down a manhole, sheíll come out 
and Emelia will join your party! Also, attempt to go to Wakatu, then go talk 
to the Skeleten, heíll direct you toward Scrap, and pikc up Gen, now you have 
four solid party members, use all four, DO NOT use White Rose. Youíll see why 
Journey to My House
Make sure you have at least 400 + HP because these enemies your gonna face 
are hard! First of all in Shrike youíll notice something weird, when your 
passing down one street youíll see the big letters My House, go there. Youíll 
see Asellusí Aunt. Then youíll be attacked by the first of five henchmen 
Orlouge sent for you. They donít come automatically, youíll just have to 
wonder around various places for a while. They SHOULD show up in these places

They can happen randomly at the following locations:

Shrike     - Mu's Tomb, left door leading to the place where Roufas is, Also 
in Sei's tomb in the room where you find the Shield
Luminous - Just outside of the port
Devin       - The Shrine where Princess Rei is
Yorkland  - Entrance to the swamp
Kyo         - in the Garden
Koorong   - In the Alleyway where there are 3 birds
Owmi       - Basement of Lord Manor
Baccarat  - In The Parking Lot
Shingrow  - Entrance to the Upper-Right Ruin
Wakatu    - In front of the wrecked house		

Boss Fight: Fire Sage
This fight isnít hard. Pound him with your best attacks, sometimes heíll put 
the party in a bad position, but if you built up, thatís unlikely. 

Boss Fight: Water Sage
No harder than fire sage, hit him with everything you have and heíll go down 

Boss Fight: Green Sage
Let me guess, you got thought nothing could beat you after those easy bosses, 
well, you were quite wrong. This guys HARD. I had no trouble, but Iíll say it 
again, I built up. Try to use attacks that down actually hit him, or else 
heíll use Counter Fear. Attacks such as Sky Twister, Rosario Impale etc. If 
you donít have advanced skills like this then this fight will be harder, but 
just keep trying. His deadliest attack is Spore which can hit all your allies 
and take a bit out of your team. 

Boss Fight: Lion Princess
I wouldnít call Lion Princess hard, she has attacks that hit one person in 
your team, sheís never hit everybody, by far her most deadly attack is 
Heaven/Hell, which takes 1000-2000 off one character, itís unavoidable 
(unless you block it). It instantly kills them and takes a chunk of LP with 
it, but just use your best attacks and Lion Princess will go down.

Objective find Ildon, just wander around

Boss Fight: Ciato
Ciato doesnít have particularly strong attacks, but fascination can kill your 
team instantly, it charms a character, and if sheís currently doing a strong 
attack it can wipe out your team, bring out a Snake Oil as fast as you can. 
Have someone  ready to heal your team if Ciato takes a swipe at you. 
Otherwise heís particularly easy. Combo him to death. 

Dark Labyrinth
The dark labyrinth is pretty confusing, first go to the northwest door, then 
head for the northeast door, if you see a door in the middle go through that 
one, Zozma should then join your party. 

			Final Battle with Orlouge
Your not going straight there yet. Build up. Get to at least 700+ HP, Orlouge
can take a chunk out of you. Also go and get a Sanctuary Stone if you havenít 
and if your going for Full Human ending then get two. Once you have gotten 
good sword skills and 700 + HP go to Owmi and talk to the man that brought 
you outside Rootville. Heíll bring you back to the cave. Once arriving in 
Facinaturu head to the Mystic Shop and buy some Magic for Asellus if your 
going for full Mystic. Now go back to the curve in the mountain and go back 
to the healing cave. Now itís time for your battle with the giant.

Boss Fight: Giant 
This is a seriously tough fight. Go full force. You should have had Liza 
learn DSC, if so, use DSC against him if you got it. He should then be toast 
in no time.

Now you have a descision to make. Will you save Gina from the Griffin or will 
you go to the right. Since I never fought the Griffin I canít give a strategy 
of yet. Now go to the right and up the stairs. Now you should find yourself 
at a familiar looking stair case. Your first fight will be against Ciato, but 
in different form.

Boss Fight: Ciato and Sonic Bats
Use Mega Windblast to get rid of the pesky Bats. Now focus on Ciato he should 
go down quite easily.

Boss Fight: Lion Princess
She hasnít changed. Just pound her down with everything youíve got. At the 
end of the fight youíll receive the Golden Lion the most powerful sword in 
the game. Now go up the stairs. You may get forced into a fight with 
Rastaban, but I havenít, so no strategy as of yet. 

Head up the stairs. Rastaban should have given you Pluto Armor. You are now 
in the courtyard top floor. Prepare yourself with the fight against Orlouge. 
Now make your way through. The rest is easy from their, or not! One thing, 
put Mesarthim in your party and give her the Golden Lion Sword. If you 
havenít taken the time to build her up this would be her best defense. Also 
get out a sanctuary stone. 

Final Boss Fight: Orlouge
Orlouge can be a tough customer if you donít have the right equipment. But 
otherwise heís pretty easy. Now hit him with full force. His mistresses 
usually donít do any damage, but they can. If your team starts to get low HP 
have Mesarthim pull everybody together with Life Rain. Just pound Orlouge 
with DSC, and good comboís and heíll go down. The only thing to worry about 
is the 3Mistresses attack, in which all three mistresses combine for a 300+ 
attack. This can be devastating if your not ready. But when you see all three 
mistresses appear, you should usually have time to start getting prepared. 
Use life rain after each 3Mistresses attack, and keep Mesarthim cured.  Whats 
worse is Orlouge will then start casting selection which casts a random 
effect on one person. Have snake oils ready. This should be quite an easy 
fight if your prepared.