Emilia Walkthrough by Kain

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Saga Frontier : Emilia's Quest Ver. 1
by : Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg) but call me Kain...^_^

Here we go, another FAQ...rather skimpy on details as I can't get Roufus's 
relation to the Joker right. So no plot. ^_^

Part 1 : Escape

You start in Despair, a prison. When you have control of your party, go through 
the pipes downwards. Explore around (there's only one route; the rest of the 
tubes are dead ends) and you'll eventually come to a room which has  hole in the 
centre. Run to it and you'll jump down, ending up in a room with a few lockers. 
Grab the Handgun on the wall and hide. Getting out will result in your having to 
navigate through a few more rooms. Go down the elevator to get a shield, and 
then search around the rooms for the sewer entrance. Following the path should 
get you to a grate, which Annie will remove after you fight a Boss Monster.

Part 2 : Missions 

You'll begin next to your house. The Joker will show up, and Roughs will appear 
to scare him off. After being taken to headquarters, you'll join his 
organization along with Annie and Lisa. (The katakana's weird, so no translation 
^_^). Your first mission will be to go to Shingrou (BTW, check back with Roughs 
periodically during your adventure for cash...a lot of it). It doesn't matter if 
you lose the fight (which you probably will ^_^) chase the Joker (only one path) 
into a room with 2 guards. Check the bottom and a hidden staircase will be 
revealed. Enter and progress onwards.

 Second mission. See Emilia in a bunny costume! ^_^ Take the elevator down to 
the ground floor and enter the tunnels...you'll need to level up a bit here. Try 
to gain a few combined attacks as well. Get to the area with gnomes, and the 
Joker will run off again. (Getting to the area is tricky...the entrance seems to 
be hidden in a wall. Check around; it's in the second screen beyond the first 
tunnels). Run around until you get to another Boss Monster. Save before him...if 
he does his Earthquake, you're finished. Emilia will discover a keepsake of her 
husband, and then it's off to...

Third Mission. If you didn't know, missions come from talking to Roughs at HQ. 
After dancing (boy, does Emilia have a lot of outfits or what! ^_^), exit and 
talk to Asellus and Shirobarahime. Beat the monster and run around, searching 
for Zozma, another Mystic. You'll find him in one of the upper rooms. Once he's 
in your party, get out of Trinity. (You know you're close to the exit when you 
fight a Wargun and find an empty room)

Collect some money, fight a bit, and then it's off to the last mission. Return 
to Trinity and enter the empty room. After receiving an item from the Joker (the 
Angel Brooch), Emilia will have to get out again. Meet Roughs and Co, and then 
return to Kowloon and level up in preparation for...

Part 3 : Remembrances and Ending

Talk to Roughs a final time to get to the Forgotten Shrine. You'll have to be 
pretty powerful to deal with the final boss...so level up (I recommend the Bio 
Lab at Shrike) and whack the bugger. The End.

Short and sweet, ne? ^_^

Notes : 

Emilia works really well with both swords and fists...she levels up at a 
respectable rate.
Fists are good for Annie, and swords for Lisa.
Roughs is a wonder with swords...he seems to learn another attack every strike! 

Sorry about the skimpiness of this guide...I'm still working on my really large 
Saga Frontier guide...so please be patient.