Red Walkthrough by JESmith

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From: "Jason E Smith" <> 
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 12:47:01 -0500 

RED v1.0

After the into sequence, you're dropped into the middle of the ship Cygnus.  See the accountant for your 
pay, then  see Hawk the engineer. Choose ready and you will be sent to Baccarat.


Take some time to equip yourself before proceeding. Take a cure.

Take the elevator to the bar, and go down two levels on the stairs. Talk to the blue guy on the bottom of the 
row. Then take the elevator to parking. The bunny gets kicked out, and you change to hero. You now are 
faced with 4 blue groups and a armadillo thing. Take out the blues first.  Now for the boss

Use only sword attacks on this mission, when you learn the more powerful ones like swallowslash and 
doubleslash the boss becomes simple.


See the accountant fore more cash, then back to Hawk, you end up in Shrike


Here you can buy weapons/armor, and sell off some swords. Also a mec will repair mecs.

All the people in this area will become monster battles if you touch them. Explore until you find a room that 
looks like a small library. Search the upper-left corner, and a passage will open. Go up the stairway that 
follows and fight the battle. Cotton will join you permanantly. After you get Cotton, you can't turn into 
Alkaiser during a battle unless he dies or is affected by a status effect (you must hide your secret identity). 

A small area is available to explore. There's a door near Roufas, the man with tan dredlocks. The large chest 
contains a strong boss-like creature. As of yet, I've been unable to defeat him at this point.

This tomb contains a nice assortment of enemies. This is a good spot to get credits and to become stronger.

Talk to the girl on the playground and ask where Sei's tomb is, you will be attacked. Remember, watch your 
health, you're not a Hero in this battle. Try as you might, the greens kidnap Amy. To rescue her you have to 
go to Sei's tomb, which is NE of the street. You have to look hard, though, because the path to it is very 
hard to see. As well, there is an inn and a library containing basic information about the area.

First a small dialogue, then a boss battle against Sphinx. In this battle you start as Alkaiser, whether or not 
you have Cotton.

NOTES: Try to spend some time with Cotton in the Bio Research Lab and the Tombs before you talk to the 
girl on the street. Spend some time to get Red's blade attack GaleSlash, it will make the Sphinx an easy 
boss. Cotton will join you permanently if you rescue him.


Same routine - money from the accountant, back to Hawk.

Only one shop in this whole city, but t sells great accessories

There's only one shop here, it sell accessories
Nothing here
C.T.C. Building
Nothing here

See the accountant, then go towards Hawk. You'll meet Yuria. Watch the cut-scene
The Cygnus is attacked by Pirates, and after a fairly easy battle Fuse joins.
For a full group see these rooms:
BJ&K:   Kill the enemy in the medics room, leave, and return. Talk to BJ&K
Roufas: Go to the top floor, Roufas is in the center room with wood doors
Asellus: Go to the 2nd floor, all the way to the bottom. Asselus and White Rose will join you.

Go to the entrance to the bridge, but use the uppermost passage. You have to fight a battle here, and then 
try to enter the bridge.  Then go back until you get to the emergency exit entrance.  Go through, you have to 
run all the way. Now for the boss Platyhooks

All the additional characters have minimal skills when they join you. I good idea is to fight on the bottom 
level with the human characters to learn new techniques and to raise their stats. Also be sure to equip BJ&K 
with as much armor and weapons that he can carry, these will raise his stats considerably.

Go see the medic, BJ&K will join you permanently. See the accountant as well.
Go see Hawk


Explore the shops, then return north to the laughing kids.  You have to fight a battle. One Laser from BJ&K 
should kill it. Proceed left and then down, follow the guy that looks like a yellow mushroom. The only tricky 
spot here is when you encounter a gun shop. In the cave north of that there is a ladder in the center of the 
room, but it is very hard to see.  After this it's a straight shot back to the Cygnus, no boss.


See the accountant. Then see Hawk for the next mission


You can purchase mind magic in the Diojio, I suggest training as well. Alkaiser can defest the enemy using 
Heaven/Hell sword attack.  Go to Syoin and speak to the robot. 


Same deal, accountant then Hawk.


The ruins are inaccessible when you arrive, so go to the palace. Wait in line. Be sure to take a good gun. 
You will be entered in the tournament, and should defeat all but the final enemy easily.  Use your sword/fist 
attacks until he begins to counter with MadRush, and then use the gun you brought along.  Following the 
tournament you will be allowed to wander the palace.  When you encounter a small room with two men and 
a large jar next to the door, defeat the yellow men and search the jar for a passage to open.  It may take 
several tries before you flick the switch.  Proceed down and talk to the man, then try to grab the sword on 
the wall.  The floor will close. Grab the sword, and go right until you come across a robot enemy.  Take out 
the yellows with a GaleSlash, and kill the little guy.  You will be called back to the Cygnus.


Accountant. Hawk.

At this point you leave the Cygnus, and have the options to travel freely.


Get Lute: Go to Scrap, he is in the pub.
Get Rogue: Go to Luminous, he's standing there when you arrive. Rogue cannot go to Magic Kingdom.
Get Rabbit: Go to Kyo and visit the Garden
Get Thunder: Take Lute to Yorkland and talk to the big red guy.
Get Annie: Go to Koorong, Annie is the girl with yellow hair. To recruit her, talk to her again and say yes.
Get Doll: Go to Shingrow, she is in the port.
Get Fuse: Go to Manhattan. Fuse is in the restaurant on the second floor.
Get Roufas or Liza: After defeating Shuzer, go into the building where you got Annie. Talk to Roufas.
Get Emelia: Go to Devin and choose to undertake the quest to master the tarot magic.  Go to Baccarat and 
talk to the bunnies until Gnome appears.  Follow him until he uses the elevator.  Go down until you get to 
the next elevator.  Take the elevator to the parking lot.  Try to go into the sewer, and Emelia will ask to join.


In Shingrow, the Ruins to the right will lead you to one of the BlackX Emperors.  After defeating him once, 
you must return to the palace and defeat him again. This causes the Palace to blow up

In Kyo, Rabbit will point out a secret passage in the Syoin. Go through the mini-dungeon, and you will 
encounter a green man on a platform.  Upon defeating him you will see the drugs and plant bombs around 
the room. Leave the dungeon. You will have to fight another BlackX Emperor. Keep a robot in your party,
it can absorb a strong skill.

In Koorong, go to the subway with Annie and follow her directions. At the top of the building you must 
defeat Cyclops.  Continue to the next building and you will have to battle Shuzer, the BlackX Emperor that 
killed your father.  He will get away on a helicopter, but Red will follow him. You will then have to fight him 
with only Alkaiser. Make sure to take a MaxCure.

In Manhattan, Get Fuse, then go to the CCR Building. At the top you will fight Lady Campbell, a BlackX 

See Hawk for a BlackX disguise.


On the 3rd floor of the Black Ray you will see Mblack, the Robot Emporer you defeated at Kyo.  After this 
you will have to avoid him until you arrive by walking through 9 rooms in succession but not re-entering 
any. If you walk through a room you have been through before, you will have to battle him. If there is a 
robot in your party, it can absorb a powerful skill when you win.


You have to climb to the top of the building.  Eventually you will come to a locked door.  To get the key 
you have to walk across the large pipes and talk to the two people on the other side.  After this you have to 
fight a series of four bosses in a row. Then, with a chance to use a Sanctuary Stone, a battle with Mblack 
(again). Finally, you fight BossX. BossX has a tremendous amount of HP. If your not doing 10000+ damage 
per round you'll be sitting there forever. But this is the last battle, and with it Red's story ends.