Red Walkthrough by KZia

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Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 08:58:15 -0500

                *                 SAGA FRONTIER                 *
                *       Chapter of Red COMPLETE WalkThrough     *
                *                   REV 2.1                     *

Author: Kate Zia
All right reserves :) 
May 14, 1998

Rev 2.1: Some corrections for Rune/Arcana Events from Rev 2.0
(1) Opening
(2) Cygnus
(3) Baccarat
        - Trick
(4) Shrike
        - Nakajima Robotics
        - Bio Research Lab
        - MU's Tomb
        - Sei's Tomb
        - Street
        - Shopping Mall
        - Central Gate and C.T.C Building
        - Cygnus
        - NOTES
                1) Level up in Cygnus
                2) Interesting battle
                3) Character not joining
                4) Another Trick
        - Getting nice items
        - Small area to explore
        - Main Story line
(7) KYO
        1) Light Magic Challange
        2) Shadow Magic Challange
        3) Tarot Magic
        4) Swamp
        5) Ruins
        6) Lord Mansion
        7) Bio Research Lab
        1) Kyo
        2) Koorong
        3) Shingrow
        4) Manhattan

(1) Opening:
        Red in the car talking to his father about BlackX.  An enemy 
attacks.  There is no way to win this battle.  After fainted, someone 
will come to save you and turn you into Alkaisar.  From now on, you 
can turn into Alkaisar the hero in battles*.

*There are conditions to turn into Alkaisar.  You must not let people 
 know your identity so your battlemates must be either all fainted/
 dead/blinded/paralyzed, or your battlemates left fighting in the 
 field with you is a access "Alkaisar Change" ability.

(2) Cygnus
        Go up the stair there should be 3 rooms with a man standing in
front of the doors.  Go to the left room for 200 credits.  The middle 
room is nursery but of no use.  Then go back down stairs and down one 
floor again, go to the machinary room and talk to the captain.  Choose 
"Ready!" and you will start your first mission.

(3) Baccarat
        Not much to explore here in the casino.  Just keep going up, 
and whenever you see a blue bare head man/monster, go talk with him.  
There should be one alone himself and another 4 together.  After 
talking to all of them, they will flee.  Go back down and find wherever 
has elevators.  Equip yourself first because after that you will have 
to fight battles.  Go to the elevator, and the elevator will open 
asking you where you want to go.  Choose Parking and you will enter a 
scene with yourself already changed to Alkaisar.  Those blue guys will 
run to you.  You can run around them to avoid them coming too close to 
you.  Make a quick Save and run into one of the blue guys.  You can 
learn techniques from fighting.  So if you are not satisfy with the 
result (eg. did not learn anything within a battle), you can choose 
quick start and fight again.*

*You must not reset the playstation by either turning it off and on 
 again or pushing the RESET button on the playstation.  If you want 
 to do the quick start, just use R1+L1+Start+Select, or you will lose 
 your data with the quick save function.

        If you have learned some nice techniques, then the boss will 
be very easy.  Yet, I think even using just the "RaySword" skill you 
have from the beginning will be good enough.  It should give a 400 or 
so damage to each enemy.  The boss should have around 2000 or so hit 
points.  The blue guys should have around 250 hit points.

        After defeating this boss, you will end up in Cygnus again.  
Go take your pay of 200 credits and go back to the captain.  Remember 
to Save.

       Hey, at this point, Do you notice something?  If your character, 
for instance, Red, has 6 fighting skills (eg.3 Sword & 3 Physical), and 
if you equip 6 skills onto your Ability slots, you are known to be 
"mastering" the physical attack skills.  On the Ability List page, a 
head with a crown will appear on the meter above.  The advantage is 
that whenever you use a tech, you will take 1 point less than usual.  
For example, usually, using DoubleSlash skill needs 1 WP, but after 
"mastering", it costs you 0 WP.  Same thing applies to Magic users.  
You must put ONLY magics on the Ability list in order to access this 

(4) Shrike
        There are 3 side quest in this city.  The main mission is on 
the "Street" but don't go to the "Street" for now.  You may go to the 
"Street" and into the top left corner for library or the top right 
corner for hotel.  In the library, there are history books, legendary 
books and city map that you can read.  They gives hints on the side 
quests you are going to accomplish in this city.  You may go to the 
hotel anytime you want for a rest.  It's free.  Beware NOT to go to 
the bottom street restaurant or you will end up fighting the main 
mission without able to fight side quest in advance.

Nakajima Robotics:
        The only useful thing here is that you can buy some new 
weapons here.  The armor they sell has the same defensive ability as 
what you are wearing.  I think the original one is even better because
it can cancel blindness attacks.  So, the only useful weapon there is 
the most expansive gun.  ^_^

Bio Research Lab:
        I think it is nice to level up yourself first before fighting 
on.  So I would suggest fighting the human-turn-into-monster guys in 
this lab.  The guy near the front door of this lab is often the easiest 
to defeat in this lab.

Some quick notes:
- For level up, you must be in Red form, not Alkaisar form to defeat 
  enemies.  When Red's HP raises, Alkaisar's HP will raise too.
- You can learn more techniques here.  And be sure to "Seal" some of 
  your techniques and always leave two Ability slots open in order to 
  learn new techniques.
- One more thing, if the enemy is easy to defeat, it would be harder 
  to learn new techniques.  So, be patient and fight.

         If you are intending to level up yourself, be prepare to die
often.  So use quicksafe every time you win a battle in "Red" form.  
Why dying often?  It is because the enemy will sometimes give really 
hard attack (Combinational, special skills..etc) that will kill you in
one instance.  You starts off with 90 HP, level it up until satisfy.  
(It is hard to say when will you satisfy because the enemy will become
harder as you level up.  :( but you will not die that easily if you get
higher HP)

HINT: I used to train myself up using the monster in front door since 
      it is easier.  Fight it, go to the left, there is a "passage", 
      get into there and back again, the guy you just fight will appear 
      again.  Fight him again...etc. (the passage is in the top left 
      corner of the screen with an arrow on the floor.

        The monsters you are encountering with will vary.  For example, 
in the beginning, the guy in the front door used to turn into a reddish 
or something like that.  After you level up, somehow he will begin to 
turn to a flower type monster which is harder to defeat.  When you 
think it is too hard to defeat them, go to MU's Tomb and fight the 
monsters there.  Go to Sei's Tomb to get some useful items first before 
getting back to here. (See Mu's Tomb section and Sei's Tomb section 

         Okay, back to the quest itself.  There is only 1 way to get 
to the "boss" office.  The only way is to follow the stairs and walk 
until you are in a room with book shelves.  Search the top left corner 
and one of the bookshelf will move aside revealing a path.  Get into 
there and you ended up in the place where there are many stairs.  Go 
up the stairs until you reach the top floor, open the door and you will 
see a red door room.  Then enter the red door there fight the "boss".  
After that, Cotton the little monster will join you.  You may equip it 
with accessaries if you have enough.  (Accessaries can be won from 

note: Now, with Cotton you cannot change to Alkaisar anymore.  That's 
      why I suggest you to level up yourself first before getting any 

MU's Tomb:
        Get into MU's Tomb, you can't access the lower right corner 
passage just yet.  Go to the left, the first room you encounters and 
enters.  (There is nothing in the bottom room.)  Pass the room and get 
into another room with two persons standing there.  There is a room 
that you can enter with stone door.  There you have to fight 3 slimy 
monsters and there will be two treasure chests there.  Both of them 
contains monsters.  The small one is easier to defeat.  But the Large 
one is almost impossible to defeat at this state.  Remember to Save 
before fighting those two chests.  If you really want to defeat it now
(since you can go back to the town later, you may fight later), 
you will have to go to Sei's Tomb first and find some useful items.  
Beware that the Big chest monster has Hit Points more than 10000.  

Sei's Tomb:
       This quest is even harder to FINISH than the Mu's Tomb.  But 
you can get very useful items in this stage (3 items/weapons).  Enter 
the cave, then move along the path to the lower bottom and enter the 
room.  That is a room with 3 small altars and a large one in the middle.  
Ignore them for now.  These 3 small altars will light up after you get 
all 3 items.  Now just get into the room next to this room and first, 
get the sword.  This sword has 33 attack power and is very useful.  In 
the room next to the altar room, go down the stair and just beside the 
stair to the left of the character, there is a cracked floor.  Step 
onto it you will fall downstairs.  There you can get the sword but 
before that you will have to fight 2 skeletons with around 800 HP each.
In this fight you must turn into Alkaisar in order to win because you 
are still too weak against those skeletons.  After winning the battle,
equip the new sword.  You can use this sword and hit enemies with
400 or so damage if you have doubleslash technique.  Now you can train
your character more easily without needing to turn into Alkaisar.

        Go back upstairs and to the topper right corner of the room 
(the room near the altar room), there lies two skeletons.  Get there 
and press the accept button facing the hole on the wall (there lies 
another item) and the skeletons will jump up and attack you.  Same as 
before, but you can choose to turn to Alkaisar or not depending on your 
HP.  Get the item after fighting.  That item will cancel physical 
attack , fire and water attacks randomly, which is quite useful.  

        Go to the right bottom corner and enter the room.  There should 
be some machine like enemy there.  Turn right and follow the road, 
one of the holes on the wall holds the last item.  But again, you have 
to fight with 2 skeletons when you touch the item.  Now you get all 3 
items and you can head back to the altar room.  

        In the altar room, you can open a secret passage using the 3 
items but I think it is just useless to do it right now since you will 
never win this battle.  To open the secret passage, go to the 3 altars 
(which is lighted with red green and blue fires), and place your 3 
items on the altar.  The passage will appear but you will lose your 3 
items.  You cannot get it back!  If you get into the secret room, there 
is a coffin and there lies Sei's bone.  The skeleton will jump up and 
fight you saying you are a robber of tomb.  Before starting the fight, 
you, the main character (no matter whether Cotton is here or not) will 
lose 500 or more hit points deal to their attacks.  So I guess you just
cannot fight this battle now, especially without good armors and 
weapons in hand.  Therefore, I suggest taking the 3 items and run away 
with them for now without opening the passage.  With these items, 
return to Mu's tomb and fight the large treasure chest monster you will 
have a chance to win.

         Finally the Street's main scene.  Go to talk to anybody in the
street restaurant and BlackX appears.  They fight you and Cotton(if you
have it).  If you have accomplish (some) of the above side quest, it
should be very easy for you to defeat them.  After that, BlackX will
grab a girl away.  You have to go to Sei's Tomb to save her.  You will 
not able to access other places except Sei's Tomb and after this fight,
you will be forced to go back to Cygnus.  Without choice, you will have 
to get your pay cheque again and go to the captain again and choose 
"Ready!"  This will bring you to the next mission.

         The main mission is on Cygnus but you can get into the city 
and have a look before boarding back to Cygnus.  No side quest.

Shopping Mall:
         A shop in this city sells great accessories.  Yet they will 
cost you at least around 1500 dollars each.  Well, do you have that 
much money? :P

There is also a resturant you can get into but of no use.

Central Gate and C.T.C Building:
         No use/not accessible.  CTC building will be accessible later
in the game.   

         Head back to "Port" and board on Cygnus.  Go to the room next 
to the machinery room.  There stands the worker girl(Yuria)you know in 
Cygnus.  She will let you know there are weapons in the ship.  Follow 
the scene.  The Cygnus is attacked by Pirates, and after a battle Fuse 
will join.  You may need to train her.

There are 4 more characters that you can get in Cygnus:

BJ&K:   Kill the enemy in the nursery room, leave, and return. Talk to 
        BJ&K.  BJ&K is supposed to be the nursery robot in the room.
Roufas: Go to the top floor, Roufas is in the center room with wood 
Asellus and White Rose: 
        Go to the 2nd floor, all the way to the bottom. Asellus and 
        White Rose will join you.

There are some tricks to fight battles in this mission.  If you miss 
the trick, you will have to fight very strong monsters and probably 
will die.  If you follow the trick, you will only need to fight weaker 
monsters.  There are mainly two tricks.

1) Okay, you first started in the main entrance.  If you are planning 
   to go up, keep right sticking to the wall as much as possible.  
   When you arrive to the upper floor, you will see a monster standing 
   in front of the door to the control room.  Ignore it for now and 
   keep sticking to the right wall running away from it.  If it saw 
   you, you will have to fight with 4 strong monsters circling your 
   characters around.  You will have to fight that monster again later 
   (a must!) but it is better if you can come to the room from the 
   entrance in front of that monster.  Then the monsters won't 
   surround you and they will be easier.

2) Okay, starting from the main entrance again.  If you planned to go 
   straight, keep left, take a peep...there is a man like person 
   standing in front of the room.  It's a monster.  Don't be fooled.  
   Don't go near it or it will chase after you and it is very strong 
   also.  Walk to it's left and stand at the wall's corner(where it 
   cannot see you), one of your character (Fuse) will leave you and 
   stand there.  Don't worry.  Turn around and go to the other side 
   of the room so that you can sandwich the monsters in between.  Once 
   you arrive to the other side of the room, Fuse and you will jump out 
   together and fight with the monsters in between.  They are much more 
   easier monsters.

         To end the mission, you will have to first defeat the monster 
standing in front of the door to the bridge to control room, as I've 
mentioned in trick number 1 above.  Then, try to enter the bridge.  You 
and Fuse will talk for a while.  Then, you will need to go to the main 
entrance of Cygnus and choose "Ready!"  Start running as you just 
appear in the screen.  If you stand there for a while before you start 
running, you might not able to reach the other side and being blown 
away.  Run straight and up to the stairs (you cannot climb the stairs 
so just run over it.)  Don't ever stop or you'll get blown away.  After
that, you will fight a battle with Platyhooks which ends this mission.

1) Level up in Cygnus:
A note to this mission.  I think there is a need to level up my newly 
joined characters, especially their HP.  There is one monster in the 
game that is the easiest to defeat and therefore to level up your 
characters.  Somewhere in the view-room, there is a girl standing with 
back facing you.  Talk to her and she turns into a monster.  That's the 
one!  Yet, after battling with it, you will have to run around the 
other two monsters who are chasing after you and escape outside the
room.  Those two monsters are hard, but not impossible to defeat.  
If you think you are good enough to fight them, you may try.

2) Interesting battle:
To end the mission, you have to take a risk being blown away on the 
bridge outside the main entrance.  If you take the safe bridge towards 
the control room, you will need to fight a very hard battle with some 
machines.  Yet, even if you managed to defeat them, you will "die" and 
end up starting over again using "Quick Start" or "Load Game".  It is 
because they have hostages in that room and you must not go into the 
control room using the "safe" bridge.

3) Character not joining:
There is a character in a room of Cygnus who doesn't join no matter 
what.  :(

4) Another Trick:
Well, since you will not able to nurse yourself back to health in 
Cygnus, you may run out of Life Point or Work Point fighting many 
monsters.  Here's a trick to recover LP, WP...etc in Cygnus.  Since 
you have 7 characters and since you only need 5 characters to fight 
for each time, there will be 2 characters  "resting" in every battle.  
The resting characters will recover 1 LP and 5 WP after every battle.  
This way you can alternately make some of your character "rest" and 
fight battles with your other characters so to let your characters
to recover before fighting the last battle in Cygnus.  Use the girl 
I mention in point 1) will be a good way because that monster is so 
easy to defeat, you don't need to use any special skill for the 
fighting characters and also will recover for the resting characters 
at the same time.  Red must be in the first fighting group.  So if you 
want him to rest, then put other characters to fighting group slot 2 
and fight battles using group 2 not group 1.  Note that robots won't 
recover their LP even resting(except in a hotel).

        Koorong, a city to get very nice weapons/guns/armors!  Yet,
the very strong items are very expansive(as expected).  There's an inn 
there which costs 10 credits per stay.  For now, I will call the floor 
with an inn the 1st floor for convience.

Getting nice items:
Selling leathers: 1st floor booth
Getting Boots: 1st floor booth
Armor:  A very impressive armor with defensive power of 50 selling for 
        4020 credits.  It is on the 2nd floor, left corner of city.   
Swords: A secret passage is hidden near the Armor store.  There is a 
        hole on the ground there where you cannot see near the left 
        corner of armor shop.  Once getting into there, there are 2 
        robots in the sewer.  The lower one sells swords.  The best 
        one sells at 4000 credits. 60 AT power.
Guns:   Again in the secret passage just like the swords'.   The upper 
        robot sells good guns.  Best one 4020 credits with 60 AT power.
        Another place which sells guns is in the ruin area where you 
        are going to chase a yellow hat guy.  There is a red door near
        the top of a long stair which can be opened and there is a 
        robot in there selling guns.
Cures:  On the 2nd floor using the right most stairway, there's a 
        shop which sells cure items.  Located near the Gold shop.

Small area to explore:
       Beside the city on the 1st floor, you can go to the "backstreet" 
if you travel to the left of the city.  There will be 3 bird monsters 
flying around.  Go downstairs there are 2 places to explore.  

1) A hole on the ground: climb down to the hole and there you have to 
   fight a few monsters and get an item in the corner.

2) A door which can be opened: Near the hole there is a room you can 
   get into.  Go talk to the white guy and watch a scary scene.  
   Nothing much will happen.

Main Story line:
        You start on the 1st floor.  Once you arrive 2nd floor, you 
will fight a man who turned into monster by drugs.  Then, your quest is 
mainly to chase after the yellow hat guy.  It went to the stair near 
the armor shop.  On 2nd floor, you will see your previous battlemates 
but none will join you.
        Once you get to the stairs near the armor shop to the ruin, 
you will see the yellow hat guy standing near a hole.  You don't need 
to get into the first hole because there's nothing there.  Go to the 
hole where the yellow hat guy stands and he will flee downstairs.  Go 
downstairs, there is a "memory board" for your robot.  It is located 
in the upper corner of the screen.  Straight forward battles...until 
where you have to go up to a long stair.  There is a red door where 
you can open and buy guns.  Near that door there is an entrance you 
can get into.  Inside there you see the yellow hat guy go down to the 
hole on the ground again.  You can go down with him if you wanted to 
get a few items like armors and Magi-Water in the cave there.  If you 
just wanted to end this mission, walk to the upper part of the room,
you should be able to jump to the cracked ground from there and to the
right bottom of the screen.  There is a sewer again.  The stair in the
sewer won't lead you to anywhere.  Follow the road to the bottom right
where there is a passage.  Get into there.  Go up the stair that's 
inside Cygnus.  Don't travel left or you will end up in Koorong again 
and have to start all over. Travel right and you will end your mission.  
No boss in this mission.  One suggestion:  Try to gain at least 900 
credits before proceeding to the next town.  

        Go to get your 200 credits again and go to captain to start 
your next mission.

(7) KYO
        There is a shop in this town.  The Garden has nothing in it.  
Go to the shop if you are interested.  Remember to keep 900 credits in 
your pockets.  Go to the Magic shop in the left upper corner of the 
town.  They will offer you a battle for Red before getting his Mind 
magic.  The battle is easy if you have the best sword from Koorong and 
"Double Slash" skill. (I killed the monster in one blow with that.)  
Then you can buy 3 mind magics with 300 credits each.  After that, you 
may go to the right upper corner of the city to talk to the robot and 
you will end this mission. (You may go back to board Cygnus to end this 
mission too.)  

        Go to get your 200 credits and go to captain again.

        You cannot get to the ruins for now so go to the palace.  Be 
prepare to enter a battle with yourself changing to Alkaisar.  None of 
your companions will help you in the battles.  After talking to the 
clerk in the front desk, you will change to Alkaisar.  Wait in line 
again and talk to the clerk for battles.  There are 4 battles.  The 
Semi-final and the final bosses are having a lot of hit points (around 
10000 and 14000 respectively).  I have no problems fighting them with 
the best equipments in hand.  After winning the battle, you can wander 
in the castle trying to chase Dr. Klein.  From the main hall, go to the
left stair.  The right stair has nothing important.  There is a hall
with 3 rooms.  The left one with King, Queen and a servant.  The Queen 
will restore your HP if you talked with her.  The upper right room 
there's a guy and a dull-red container.  You can get something from the
container.  Then, go to the lower right room, there you have to begin 
fighting with 2 yellow fighters.  After that search the jar to open an 
underground passage.  In that room, there's a man complaining about the
hole on the floor.  Go and try to grab the "sword" in the hole of the 
wall, the ground will close. You can grab the "sword" again and get the
item.  Straight forward after this.

        Calling back to Cygnus, you may go to get your money and to the
captain.  This time, you will choose to leave Cygnus and not being a 
crew anymore.  After this, you can travel to anywhere you want and 
finish all the side quests.

       You ended up in Yorkland.  There are 4 roads to choose from.  
The right road and the bottom leads to city with nothing important in 
it for now.  The left road leads to a swamp with many powerful(!!) 
monsters. You may choose to ignore it for now until you get more better
trained characters.  The top road leads to Port and you can travel to 
Koorong from that road.  From Koorong, you can travel to everywhere.

       All these characters will pretty well fill up your blank slots. 
:) You can choose to get which character.  When your 15 character slots 
fills up, the extra characters will not appear on the character slots 
(they won't really join your party).  You cannot dismiss any of your 
joined characters (except Lute, if you choose to go to Magic Kingdom, 
he will leave your party automatically).

1) Lute: Scrap's pub.
2) Rogue: Luminous' Port. 
3) Rabbit: A robot rabbit in Kyo's garden.
4) Thunder: Take Lute to Yorkland, talk to big red guy in the right 
5) Annie: In front of Koorong's resturant.
6) Doll: Shingrow's port.
7) Fuse: Manhattan's resturant
8) EngineerCar: A robot in Shrink's Nakajima Robotics.
9) Sei: Finish the side quest in Sei's Tomb and ask Sei to join.  In 
        that battle, Sei and his 4 knights will cure themselves with 
        1000 and ~450 HP in every turn.  So be sure to have powerful 
        techniques with you.
10) Roufas/Liza: Defeat either one of the emporers, go into the 
                 resturant where Annie used to stand and talk to 
                 Roufas.  You can choose Liza or Roufas.  You should 
                 know Roufas' abilities already.  Liza is a girl using 
                 Throw (Fighting) techniques.
11) Emelia: Go to Devin. Take the quest to master tarot magic.  Go to 
            Baccarat and talk to the bunnies until Gnome appears.  
            Follow him until he uses the elevator.  Take the elevator 
            to parkade and Emelia will join.
12) Fei-On & Slime: After you triggered the Rune event, you may 
                    occasionally sucked into Tanzer, a monster, when 
                    you travel from one city to another.  Follow the 
                    bare-head guy to his lair and talk to him and he 
                    will join.  Slime will join after you get the 
                    vitality rune.
13) Gen: After triggering the Card event*, go to Koorong and talk to
         the skeleton standing in front of the leather shop.  Then
         go to Scrap's Pub and grab Gen.  

* Condition: only if you are not collecting any rune, or if you have
             finished collecting ALL 4 runes that the card events 
             is accessible.
        Here's some side quests you can accomplish after this point.  
I will exclude the ones I've mentioned in section 4 (Shrink).

1) Light Magic Challenge:
        In Luminous, you can take the challenge of learning light magics.  
The quest is mainly trying to defect lights using mirror towards the 
next door and the next door will open for you.  There is no monsters 
to fight with.

2) Shadow Magic Challange:
        In Luminous, you can also take challenge of learning shadow 
magics.  Actually, there's nothing really a challenge.  They just send 
your characters away and they will automatically come back with the 
gift in 2 seconds.

3) Tarot Magic:
        In Devin, there are 2 kinds of magic events you can trigger: 
Rune magic and Card Magic.  You have to collect 4 cards and 4 runes to 
receive the gift of having those magics.  They are as follows:

One important note: If you are starting to collect Runes, you will have
                    to finish all 4 runes first before starting to 
                    collect Arcana (Cards).  Vise Versa.

[Rune Magic:] 

        Hide Rune: In Natural Cave of Koorong, there's a place you 
                   might had come across, a cave with many monsters 
                   floating in a pond.

        Victory Rune: You can go to Mu's Tomb and access the right 
                      lower corner room after triggering the event.

        Vitality Rune: Travel between any city to any other city, you 
                       may run into the monster which swallows the ship.  
                       Defeat the slime and "Touch" the Rune when 
                       possible to end the battle.  A note: the boss 
                       should be located in the screen where you can 
                       slide down from veins to veins.  There is a 
                       place where you can skip across a vein and 
                       you'll have to skip before you can reach the 
                       boss lair.

        Freedom Rune: In Despair.  Annie is supposed to be the person 
                      who lead us to Despair.  I got Annie before 
                      triggering the rune event, so she didn't talk
                      about Despair when I got her.  Try get Annie
                      AFTER triggering the event.  Or if you already
                      have her in  your party, try going to Koorong's
                      resturant and "meet" her again.  It is supposed
                      to work.

[Card Magic:] 

        Shield Card: Supposed to be in IRPO, speak to the secretary 
                     and Fuse should give you the Card.

        Gold Card: Supposed to buy 4 Gold Ingots.  Go to Baccarat and 
                   talk to the bunnies.  A Gnome will appear.  After 
                   seeing him get into the elevator, go to another 
                   floor and take the elevator to Parkade.  There's a
                   hole in the ground you can chase the Gnome.  You 
                   must enter a secret path in order to get to the 
                   Gnome cave.  The path is in a room where there are 
                   a machine monster, a jumpy dragon monster, and a 
                   flower monster.  The secret passage is located in 
                   the wall near where the flower monster is.  Enter 
                   the path, the Gnome cave is located at the top part 
                   of the screen.  Talk to the Gnomes, one of them
                   will ask you for 4 Gold Ingots to exchange for the

        Grail: In the altar of the Swamp in Yorkland after speaking 
               with someone in the town and getting drunk.  Got to the
               swamp through the NW road and the town you should go
               is through the SW road.  Although in your drunk state,
               try staying away from the monsters in the swamp.  If
               you walk too close to them, they will jump to fight
               you.  Be sure to equip Pearl Heart or waterproof 
               shields or Sea Stone to avoid tidal waves techs from 
               the monsters.

        Saber: You must have Gen to go to Wakatu.  Supposed to speak 
               to the skeleton in Koorong and get Gen in Scrap.  The
               skeleton is the one who stands in front of the shop 
               which buys leathers from you.  Go to Scrap's Pub and
               Gen is the guy on the bottom left corner.  Then, go
               to Wakatu with Gen.

note #1: You can also get Time/Space magic in this game.  Time magic
from Mosperiburg and Space magic from Devin.

4) Swamp:
        In Yorkland, there is a swamp if you follow the left road.  
There are many powerful monsters there.  You can avoid them if you walk
carefully, but you must equip waterproof accessories (waterproof shield
or Pearl Heart) because those monsters can call out a tidalwave and 
cause around 700 damages on all of your characters.  With those water-
proof accessories, you won't get hit by that.  The swamp is connected
to the quest listed in point 3, Grail Card.

5) Ruins:
        In Shingrow there's a ruin in the left corner as sub-quest.  
There are many nice weapons and armors in that ruin you can get.  I 
can say the ruin is pretty big.  The right ruin leads to one of the 
four emperors.

6) Lord Mansion:
        In Owmi, a person in front of a building will tell you that the 
Lord Mansion is located up north.  Go there and right after you enter, 
turn right and run to the "wall", there is a path lead to a basement 
with monsters.  In the main building itself, there should be 1 or 2 
treasure boxes you may search before or after the quest.  In the 
basement, there are a lot of treasures.  Be sure you have 5 waterproof 
accessories/shields because there is a big octopus blocking the road.
Let the all 5 fighters of a group equip with the 5 waterproof 
accessories before fighting it.  After that, you may encounter with a 
room with a pond.  A mermaid will appear but after she saw you don't 
have Asellus with you, she will flee.  So basically, this quest is for 
getting treasures.

7) Bio Research Lab
        Another big boss in this lab of Shrink....  In the room with 
many stairs, travel down (opposite of getting Cotton) and leave the 
room.  You are then in a room full of many plants.  The room located 
at the top left corner is locked.  So try going to the building at the 
right most of the screen.  You have to sneak from beside the building.  
Once you are in front of that right most building, get into the room.  
Turn right and climb the stair.  You don't really need to fight the guy 
standing in front of a machine.  Just sneak beside him, go to the 
machine and press accept button.  The lock will be off.  Now go out and 
back to the top left corner building.  The door should be able to open.
Within the room, there is a treasure box and a girl blocking the way.  
Talk to the girl you will have to fight the Turtle monster.  It is VERY 
strong and beware of its Quake attacks.  Find something to equip so that
you can float in the air such as Jet-shoes.  Also, its "IronBall" attack
is very strong (It can attack your characters 4 times in a turn with 
IronBall falling on your characters.)  Be sure you equip your best 
armor.  It's HP is around 75000HP!! It is definitely not for early 
stage of the game.  The treasure box contains Dragon Shield which 
protects you from all types of attacks.  (It is rare but occasionally, 
you may obtain Dragon shield by fighting dragons too.)

        The 4 Emperors battles are ranked from the easiest to the 
hardest in order of difficulties.  

1) Kyo:
After getting Rabbit, you will see the yellow hat guy you were chasing 
in Koorong walking to the Training Room.  Go to Training room and 
Rabbit will point out a secret passage behind the door.  There should 
be no trouble fighting along...until you reach a room with a green guy 
standing on top of the stair unmoved.  Fight him and search around the 
big "bowl" with liquid in it.  Red will then automatically set up bomb.
Walk to the main entrance and exit you will fight the boss with around 
50000 HP.  He is not that hard of a boss. 

2) Koorong: 
Subway with Annie in group.  Go to the cracked ground room and Annie 
will show you the way.  She will leave but rejoin again after you 
climbed up the staircase.  The road is very straight forward.  After a 
while you will encounter Cyclops.  The Cyclop has around 40000HP and 
all of your characters will start the fight with around 55% of your 
full HP.  After that, let Red's group rest a bit and use another group 
to fight for a while.  Keep going up and enter a room with a big black,
round decoration on the wall and two lion statue.  Search one of the 
lion and a path will appear.  Shuzer is inside the room.  You will 
fight Shuzer on top of building and he has around 20000HP.  He flees 
but Red will follow him and fight him again in Alkaisar's form by 
himself.  This time, Shuzer has only around 13000HP.  Equip shield so 
that you can delete most of his attacks.   

3) Shingrow: 
The Ruin on your right leads to one BlackX Emperor.  There are stone 
doors that you will enter and go to another room.  At some point, if 
you go the wrong way, the stone door won't budge and a yellow guy will 
appear and fight with you: all characters will start a fight with 
abnormal status: stun or mess.  Defeat them and choose another path to 
walk.  There are mainly 3 sub-bosses to fight.  1) A big Toad, 
2) 2 girls 3) Big slimes.  In the room of big slime, search the big 
round decoration on the wall and enter.  Barve is inside.  Defeat him 
in the ruin and he will flee.  And you will have to defeat him again 
in the castle's arena.  Get into the castle and go to the left stair.  
Follow the path you will see King and Queen and a servant.  Talk to the
Queen and she will recover all your HPs.  Then enter the arena.  Barve
has a lot of HP.  I believe around 70000 or so.

4) Manhattan: 
CTC Building to fight Campbell with Fuse in group.  There are a few 
sub-bosses to fight but they are quite easy (even easier than the 
monsters you are fighting on the way.)  Explore rooms and there are 
some items you can get.  Then you will have to run along stairs with 
monsters spreading around the stairs.  After every group of monsters 
you fight on stairs, you will fight a sub-boss.  You won't able to get 
back down stairs before you finish the quest.  Before the boss battle, 
you will meet with a girl standing in the corner of the top floor of 
the stairs.  Go talk to her and say "Thanks".  She will give you a 
ThunderBolt gun.  Then, go left there's a hallway.  Put your best 
characters to form a team and save.  Beyond that hall you have to fight
a guy with 3 machines.  Kill the guy first because he has less HP.
Remember to reserve some WP if you mainly depend on techniques to win 
battles.  After this battle, you will automatically begin the battle 
with Campbell, a spider like monster.  She is pretty tough so be sure 
your characters have enough HP.  Her attack may cost 150+ HP loss in a 
turn for all characters.  She should have around 50000 or so HP.  Bring 
Cure items/magics with you.  After this battle, you will learn fighting
technique "Final Crusade" for Alkaisar.

After all these, a call from Cygnus and you are in Koorong.  If needed, 
you can still go to buy stuffs in Koorong.  If you had enough, go to 
the booth and board Cygnus.  Go talk to Hawk and he will help you sneak
into the Black Ray.

         You are in the Black Ray and dressed in the form of red BlackX 
fighter.  You can walk around the Black Ray and get familiar with the 
ship.  Don't go to 3rd floor yet because the boss is in the room there.
Before that, you must figure a path that you will not encounter a room
twice in 10 turns.  Draw yourself a map of 2nd floor will come in handy.
Decide what treasure you want to have and mark them down on the map.  
Save before proceeding.  If you are confident enough, you can go to 3rd
floor and enter the north room, either door.  Then you are being chased
by the BlackX II boss.  You MUST NOT encounter a room or a path between
doors twice before it says "About to reach BlackX base."  If you are 
still between 1000MM to 9000MM to BlackX base and the boss catches you,
you are basically dead. When it announces "About to reach BlackX base,"
you can fight BlackX II.  He is pretty strong with around 60000 to 
70000 HP.  After BlackX II loses, he will activate self-destroy mode 
of Black Ray but you will end up in the base after the plane crushing.

Here's a map for 2nd floor which may help (bare with my drawing.  I
hope the drawing will come out okay):

                                *  T4 *  <--this room's entrance is in 
                                *     *	    elevator room.  North door.
                               . . . . .    No other door in this room.
                             . \. . . ./ . 
                           .   / * - * \. .         ... .
              ...         .  .*         *. .     . \... . .
            . .../ .     . \.*     E     *./ .  .  .     . .
          . .     . .   . .**  Elevator  ** .  .  .       . .         
         . .        . .  .*  *   room   *  * .   .         . .
        . .          .  .*     \       /     *. .          . .**
      **. .          . . .*S T2 ** - **  T3 S*.  .         . /   *
    *    \ .        . . . .*  *         *   *. .  .       .-* T5 *
    *  T1 .-.      . .   . .** S        S **. .  .  .    . /     *  
    *      \ .    .\.     . .*           *. .     ./ ...  .*    *
     *     *. ...  .       . \           / .         ...     ***   
       ***    ...            . * * * * * .

Symbol:         Description:
-------         ------------
*               wall of a room
.               wall of the path
/ or \ or -     door
E               Elevator
S               Stair
T               Treasure
T1              Treasure #1: SprigganSuit
T2              Treasure #2: WarLordArmor
T3              Treasure #3: Ion Clogs
T4              Treasure #4: SilverMoon
T5              Treasure #5: OctopusBoard

       After crashing of Black Ray, you are in BlackX Base.  There
are many very powerful treasures(mainly guns).  I even get a gun
with attack power of 80!  I think I get it from a monster though.
The path is straight forward.  The only trick is that when you go
to a room with red pipes and slimes, you can walk on the red pipe
and go to a room on the right bottom corner.  There are two people
there.  One will give you a key and also cures you when you speak
to him again after getting the key.  Finally you will encounter a 
room with a boss (BlackX) standing there.  Be sure you have 
recovered enough since you will have to fight battles continuously 
from now on.  Be sure to SAVE too!  Fight with BlackX who has around 
30000HP.  Don't use up all your WP unless you plan to use another 
group to fight for the next few hard battles.  You will meet with Dr. 
Klein automatically after the fight with BlackX.  He then get you to 
fight with 3 upgraded monsters:

1) Berva: total of around 30000HP
2) Arache: total of around 45000HP
3) Shuzer: total of around 50000HP

        The monsters will come in turns until you destroy them all.  
They are pretty tough and you cannot rest between battles.  Here are 
some notes about these battles:

1) Berva: He often uses BervaCounter which will damage your charaters
          with 350 to 450HP.  He counters you when you use techniques
          to fight close to him.  For instance, "DoubleSlash", "Head-
          wind", ...any techniques which will touch his body he will
          BervaCounter you.  It is best to use guns or Gale attacks.
          He won't Counter you with those techniques.

2) Arache: Her attack RavaBarrier will damage all your characters 
           with 170HP or so.

3) Shuzer: He is strong in attacks.  His MagneticStorm will cause a 
           lot of damages to all characters.  Beware.  

	After all these exhausting battles, you will come onto screen 
again.  Make sure to SAVE!  You will have to fight the last two 
battles after this.  You don't really need to cure yourself because
your enemy: MBlack III (a robot) will cure you before fighting you.
He has around 105000HP.  You can use all your gun's bullets or WP
as much as you want in this battle, because the next and also the
last battle will begin with your characters fully recovered.  BossX
is the last boss you will face with.  He has around 120000HP and often
try to charm you, put you to sleep or stun you.  Damage him as much as
you can when you still capable of.  After this battle,  the chapter of
Red will come to an end.  Something interesting about Hawk you will
know about.  :)

That's about it!  I hope this WalkThrough will greatly help you guys 
solve problems in Red's story.  If there's any problem or comments, 
please contact me using e-mail I mentioned above.  Thanks!  ^_^
And please, send me e-mail if you wanted to post it anywhere else.

This walkthrough is best viewed using Courier New word style.