T260G Walkthrough by SKarunaratne

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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 14:19:04 EDT

       T260G Walkthrough - By: Sean Karunaratne (SeanFF7007@aol.com)
T260G is a robot with a lost mission and is going around gathering scrap, 
data and most importantly completing his mission. Now Mecs are interesting, 
the better the weapon you equip them with, the higher HP will rise, itís good
to equip Mecs with a nice piece of armor and a ton of Rifles, Bazookaís and 
Cannons, observe that stats when equipping
WARNING!!! Save all Sanctuary Stones, never use them unless I say, there will
be times youíll desperately need them, so only use them if this guide says 
so!! If itís an awful situation and using one is a MUST then drop one.
			Junk, Port and Combat Arena
T260G wakes up. Thereís a long talk between Rose, Thyme and Taco. Now you 
name T260G and go find some scrap parts. Good luck!! First off, stop by the 
Port and gather some information on T260G, then head to the Combat Arena, go 
into the rightmost room which is the Junk Bar. There you talk to a drunkard 
name Gen. Now your off, head to the next room left from the bar and talk to 
the slime. Your first battle. Heís pretty easy, pop a shot off with the Junk 
Bazooka and exchange punches, now head back to Junk with your new part and 
have Taco fix it up, before you go back to the Arena stop by the house above 
Tacoís and buy 3 Repair Kits. Now go to the slime, pick  up your money and go
through another fight. Before talking to the slime equip your new weapon. Now
this fight is not much harder, although the enemy can push you back making 
your attacks considerably weaker. Junk Bazooka and some punches, now head 
back to junk, have your new part fixed up and equip it. Now get your money 
and head to your next fight. This ones tougher but with the right supplies it
shouldnít be too much harder. Junk Bazooka and punches, if he takes to much 
out of you get out one of your repair kits. Now with your Broken Rifle go to 
Tacoís and get an Easy Rifle, equip it and buy 2 more Repair Kits. Now head 
back to the arena. OH NO, ROSE HAS COUGHT YOU!!!!! Rose drags poor Thyme back
to Junk, but then the machine thatís talked so nasty to you attacks!!!

		Boss Fight: Vulcan
This fight isnít too tough, hit him with your Junk Bazooka and trade hits, 
use your Easy Rifle of course, without your three new items this fight would 
probably be impossible. 

T260G wakes up. Now head back to the Arena, go to where Gen is. Talk to him 
and then Rose will bust in saying that Thyme has been kidnapped! Run back to 
Junk, visit each house and some people will hand over some items, now go to 
the shop and buy some cures and repair kits. Now head over to the crater. 
This is a Cabellero factory, you probably heard people talking bad about him 
before, nows your time to rescue Thyme. You know this place is it because 
Thymes hat lies right in front of an elevator. The path is pretty straight
forward. When you get into an area by a swamp go to the upper cave, grab the 
treasure and come back down into the swamp, get in the elevator, go to the 
next elevator. Then there are two paths. When that leads up to land and 
another elevator, go down the elevator, YOU MUST GO DOWN!!!! There will be a 
Sanctuary Stone lying there, now get back out and go up the path to land. Go 
in the cave and you see Thyme!! But heís being harrassed by Caballero men, so
 getting him wont be so easy!!!!

		Boss Fight: Sir Demon, Xeno and Skeleton
First things first, take out the Xeno and Skeleton. Donít waste WP and your 
Junk Bazooka, just hit Ďem with Iron Pipe and Easy Rifle attacks, once 
theyíre down use the Junk Bazooka and Hard Slash, this should bring Sir Demon
down quite easily!!

With Thyme rescued thereís nothing left to do in junk, T260G bids his friends
a farewell and flies to Scrap!

First thing you gotta do in Scrap is go to the Pub, now head over to the man 
in the business suit, heíll tell you to visit him in Shrike, now go to the 
odd looking creature above the man, itís Riki!! He and Mei-ling will then 
join your party. Now head right and talk to some singing queer! He WONíT join
your party. Now head down to the Office. Then go to the factory. 
First things first, head to the two outer buildings and pick up the treasure,
when your done head to the right and fight your attackers, then that queer
will join your party. Now head into the main factory. You can see this little
glove thing hanging around by a blue monitor, press that button and you see a
sniper take the dust!!! Now head to the right of that switch and youíll see 
three others. Go to the first one, the Sniper takes it!!! Go to the one below
and flip it, a box is lifted and another switch is revealed, now head down 
stairs and go inside the gate. Go where that switch revealed itself, this 
isnít gonna be so easy!! You have to get it RIGHT on the sniper, or else your
fought, now head up and go talk to the man in the doorway (donít bother 
taking out that pig). Make sure you have a MagicStone equipped! FIGHT!!!

		Boss Fight: Vulcan and D-Tractors
This fight will be simple. First take your MagicStone and hit all enemies, 
now target Vulcan, two attacks and heís toast, SIMPLE!!!!!

T260Gís Story really starts to take off here! First of all I want to point 
out one thing, BUILD UP!!!!!!! T260Gís Final Boss is a real pest and your not
gonna get past him without a real hard try if you donít build up!! I suggest 
for T260Gís quest the best place is the Bio Research Lab. Try getting DSC. 
You can do magic quests, I donít suggest doing them but I do suggest to tell 
the guy your gonna do them so you can get Emelia. She learns DSC quite well, 
just bring her to the Bio Research Lab. Now before I go on you must get 
Sliding, Suplex, Babel Crumble and Giant Swing for DSC. Other people include 
Gen. My suggested party is Mei-ling, T260G, Any Mec (put Leonard Mec their 
permenantly once you get him), Gen and Emelia. Mei-ling using Light Magic and
Sword Skills, Gen using Sword Skills, Emelia using her fists, Mecs doing 
technical stuff. Now go to the Bio Research Lab and build up. You should get
DSC in no time, keep trying for advanced Sword Skills like RosarioImpale and
LifeSprinkler, this all doesnít have to take place no, but at least build up 
before doing anything else.

Not much to do here, go to the bottom level and there is a secret building 
behind a chicken, go to the far right door and talk to a computer, youíll 
gain some info for T260Gís quest. 

In Manhattan stop by that useless food court and talk to the man at the top.
Heíll take you to Dr. Leonards office, Leonard runs some scans on T260G to 
find more about his mission and the unique model he is (if you go to Shrike
and change into a different model before Manhattan Leonard wont talk to you, 
he appreciates T260Gís form. To reverse that simply change back into the 
regular model).

Finally, thereís something to do, stop by Nakajima Robotics, the man from 
Scrap Nakajima remembers you!!! His Co-Workers, though, are arguing about how
to retrieve a mouse lost in Seiís Tomb, hey, why doesnít T260G take care of 
it, yup, your off to Seiís Tomb!! Now thereís two things you can do here, one
is optional, but useful. First off, you might wanna get all the items, in 
that case go to the main room (with the skeletons guarding a sparkly thing)
take the bottom right door, travel to right, and up, then travel up and 
inspect all the artifacts, you should get attacked. The fights not that hard,
just eliminate both dead knights and return to the main room, youíll see 
parts of the floor lighting up. Go to the far  left one in the corner of the 
staircase you came in and step on it, now walk down from the wall and inspect
the artifact, beat the Dead Knights and then hop off, youíll see the mouse!!
Go grab it!! Now proceed back to the main room and finally get that sparkly 
thing. Now you have another choice, will you go back to Nakajima Robotics 
with these three items, or will you place them upon the alter, well, I 
recommend not, cause there isnít much you get from putting them on the alter.
You can get a cruddy sword that costs 3 WP to use, from which you can buy a 
sword with almost the same attack power and doesnít cost precious WP to use! 
The items you have are also some great items. The Magatama letís you use 
SacredSong, the Mizukagami is one of the better shields and is waterproof and
heatproof. But if you wanna fight the boss, itís up to you! Now proceed back 
to Nakajima Robotics. You can now change forms, I personally recommend Type 4
because of the convenient repair pack, but Type 5 has hard defense and 
medicore weapons, Type 2 is also a good one because it has very strong 
weapons, Type 6 is a no no, if you want something like that go pick up 
Engineer Car by the staircase, but donít choose Type 6 because he sucks, he 
just plain sucks, as for Type 1, that sucks too, Type 3 is average, but 
youíll get a Mec just like that anyway too. Type 7 also is a good one, itís 
got strong weapons. Yet itís unique is kinda, well, stupid! Now for getting 
that mouse Nakajima hands over ZEKE, a pretty good Mec! Put him in your party
where your previous Mec was. 

When in Shingrow head for the Upper Left Ruin, it should look like a jungle, 
climb up a log and you find yourself in a crashed ship, proceed down to a 
room with a bat, avoid that fight cause those bats can easily destroy you. 
Now go through the door to the left and go up the ramp, climb the ladder, and
go up. Now youíll find yourself at a place where there is a huge board walk, 
go left of the pillar and try to find a way up, there is a single wall where 
thereís a thick green wall, press O to it and go inside, this is the 
mysterious life force T260G has detected, scan through every section of the 
computer until it says "Download" and download a program. All are equally as 
good and depending how your using T260G pick that program. Now get out and 
feel free to explore the ship, when your done go to Shrike, sleep, go to 
Nakajima Robotics. One of the co-workers said that Dr. Leonard has been 
killed during an explosion, a possible assisination. But donít go to 
Manhattan, go to the Bio Research Lab, build up to 500ís and get DSC, now 
proceed to Manhattans Central Gate. Then go explore the walls in Dr. Leonards
lab, and a Mec comes up. Dr. Leonard has stored his memory in it!! Put 
Leonard in your core party and proceed to Tartaros.

First thing to do is to go into Tartaros, there are mainly Mecs in here so 
get some good data! Now go the left and into a room, fromt this room go down 
a set of stairs that is off to the left and go up, thereís a door at the 
side, go through and there is a door in this room. Go to something that looks
like a door, nothing happens, now go back to the main room and try to go 
through the malfunctioning door, it opens, head straight and now your in a 
Mine Type place, take the left door. Now you must locate four switches.

		Boss Fight: Big Diggers
There is a Big Digger in 4 rooms. Each one drops a special item like the
HyperionBazooka!! They are avoidable, but fight at least one so you can get 
the HyperionBazooka, keep fighting them until you get the HyperionBazooka 
then I recommend you start avoiding them. If you have DSC the fights pretty 
easy, but if you donít your gonna end up in a slugfest. Just keep exchanging 
hits and when the Big Digger topples, keep your HP up because heís gonna do 
something BIG!! Usually itís just a rocket, and if they hit a Mec with 
Evasion Rocket then his turns wasted!!
Now locate all four switches, they are scattered through out the mine, youíll
know Ďem when you see a Hermes type monster in a room (which is a Big 
Digger), there is one that isnít marked by a Hermes, go to the toppled train 
car and go down then go down that path and hit the switch, with all four 
switches go to the entrance to the mine and take the right door, thereís a 
big digger avoid this, go to the switch, hit it and then go to the elevator, 
take it up, and youíve found the computer, T260G asks about RB3 but it hints 
to HQ instead.

Now you can either proceed to HQ or build up at Bio Research Lab, I suggest 
going to the Bio Research Lab, getting some nice skills. 


First in HQ youíll end up in a huge metallic room, there are side rooms with 
treasure and two monsters, although you can skip them for now and come back 
later when the monsters  donít attack you, I suggest you fight them cause you
can extract valuable data from them. Now from the starting point stick right 
until you come to a room that has a big pillar at the middle, now head up and
left. You enter a room with a computer and a dormant mec, donít get it right 
now, the mec, but make a mental note. Now take the ladder down to the door, 
then go up the stairs and take the right, thereís a computer, but a virus has
infected it youíll have to go to a virtual town and destroy the virus. Now 
head up from the virtual town explore the house and youíll be transported by 
appliances, so look for them, soon you should be at a street with 4 houses. 
Destroy the Virusí here and head right, destroy the virusí there and head 
into the castle. Now youíll be taken into a boss fight from here, but if you 
want to go across the streets and level up on the virusí thatís recommended, 
but beware, Virusí can drain LP so they could kill a character. 

		Boss Fight: HQ Core and Virusí

Thereís a barrier of Virusí guarding that Heart thingy, youíll take note 
T260G has an ability called contact, well use that when you can reach the 
Heart Thingy with T260G and have him use Contact, first thing, have Mei-ling 
use Mega Windblast to take out some of the Virusí GaleSlash and 2GaleSlash 
work well too. Once the path is clear to the Core use Contact. You win!!!
Now with HQ restored head to the starting area, now there is a bridge, take 
that and go into the chapel, your first thing to do is to light up these 
lights without going over two. Just make a backwards S. Now your goal is too 
make all these lights green, the first part is simple, the second isnít, you 
just have to run around pressing the O button until a doorway is lit up so 
you can go. Now you have information on RB3. On your way out of this area, 
pick up all the treasure you left and climb down a ladder where you see a 
weird looking mec (itís right outside the room that leads you to the 
computer). Change into the Body, itís a new Mec body!! Keep this one. V-Max 
is really good, it lets you use CosmicRave and StarlightShower Leonard gives 
you the option of going to him, NOT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can only 
access him through Manhattans Port. Go to Bio Research Lab, get 770+ HP 900+ 
HP for your Mecs, lots of skills, DSC for Emelia, RisingNova for Gen and 
LifeSprinkler for Mei-ling, now go to the man in Koorong by the Gold Seller 
and grab 30 Max Cures and go to Nelson and buy 2 Zero Swords, buying this 
many things takes a bit of money, but you should have gotten at least 7500 in
Bio Research Lab, now take that money, go to Nelson find the man in the work 
hat, buy at least 15 Gold Ingots go back to Koorong, sell off enough gold so 
the price of gold under says 520, now return back to Nelson and buy more, you
should have at least 1 more than your original Gold you started (which is 
15+), go to Koorong, Sell your gold so it says 0, but DO NOT PRESS O, 
instead, go back up to the number in your inventory, the price has risen, 
make it go back to 520, now go to Nelson and buy more gold, repeat the go to 
0 then go to number you own, back to 520 and go to Nelson and buy more gold, 
it starts off slow, but donít give up, youíll see it start to rise again! Do 
NOT go over 50,000 though cause youíll lose all your gold and credits!! Now 
go buy the 30 Max Cures, the Grail Card, 2 Zero Swords and Blood Chalices for
all your humans AND 5 Powered Suits, you may find yourself rushing for more 
because 49000 isnít enough, just go back to Nelson and sell some and repeat 
the steps you would after youíve done the first part!!!. Trust me, youíll 
need the Max Cures, now give Gen and Mei-ling the Zero Swords, have at least 
800+ HP and DSC and head off to RB3!! Also make sure you have two sanctuary 
stones, if you donít, go to the Owmi Lords Manor basement, grab one Stone 
and try going to Mosperiburg mountains and fight the dragons, thereís 
another, although you shouldnít have used any of the ones you had!

		Doomsday Machine
The first part is pretty easy, first of all there are some deadly lasers 
shooting down over the Metallic Room, you need to shut these off. First off 
go into these rooms, there are some harmless green lasers, go through them 
and stick right, you should be in a closet with a computer, press O and then 
go down and left. Now go down in this room and go left, this should shut off 
the lasers, now go to the right and go down to the Metallic Room, travel up 
and into the next room, here your goal is to flip a pink switch so you can 
get out of here. Travel until you see a ladder to your left, climb up it and 
go up the elevator, hit the pink switch and go back down to the ground, then 
go until you see another ladder on your left, climb up it, hit the switch and
come down, now go up and right. There will be a ladder that you climb down 
and climb up to hit the pink switch thats on ground level, now go back to the
first ladder, run on the side of the elevator, and go hit the pink switch. 
Now go back down to ground level and you should be able to go up and out of 
this room. When in the next room, save, and fight all the oncoming Mecs, 
these guys start easy and get real tough, usually you can damage, or kill, 
them all with one good shot out of the Hyperion Bazooka. Now once youíve 
killed all the Mecs head to the Blue platform where you will fight, the 
biggest wuss for a boss youíll ever see!!

		Boss Fight: Mec God
You know, youíd think the Mec God wouldnít be such a wuss, but he is, if 
youíve gotten DSC this should be easy. Use V-Max and hit him with DSC and a 
good combo with CosmicRave.

Now go over the Blue platform, save and youíll be transported to a cave, 
travel around this cave until you get warped to a hallway, that leads to a 
swamp, to get warped here you MUST fight all the enemies you can, thereís two
pathways, travel up one, beat the enemies and try to go through a little 
cave, it should lead you to a dead end, or a new hallway. Now, the monsters 
here can transform, from my experience let them transform into a plant, but 
try not to get in a fight with Aquatic Animals, or you could find yourself in
a fight with the dreaded Krakens! Now once in the swamp area, defeat enemies 
and travel from screen to screen (On the each screen do NOT go through the 
bottom area or youíll be warped to the caves!!). Now youíll find youself in a
desert like area, but thereís green all over it, itís weird, youíll know when
you see it, travel to the left, youíll either be going to a desert or back to
the jungle, destroy some more enemies if you find yourself back at the 
Jungle. When your in the desert start fighting for your life, itís jam packed
with enemies, when you think youíve fought enough equip a good deal of Max 
Cures on all your characters, equip some Blood Chalises on your humans, give 
somebody a backpack and put him/her in the back row, put on heavy duty armor 
(Powered Suits), Pearl Hearts might help, equip the Zero Swords, make sure 
Babel Crumble, Sliding, Giant Swing and Suplex are all equipped for your DSC 
person, equip all the strongest abilities on your characters and make sure 
you have some repair kits and Leonard Mec has Energy Supply and his Repair 
Pack. Now Save and soon youíll be warped to a large Tree in the desert, T260G
asks if your ready, say no! Youíll go back to the desert, now put down a 
Sanctuary Stone and Save 
NOTE: Donít give your Mecs healing items, have Leonard do repairs because his
is specially built in!!, just give them all Guns. Now head right and youíll 
find yourself in that same scene again, now say your ready! 

		Final Boss Fight!: Genocide Heart
In now way, is Genocide Heart an easy boss, even to the most experienced 
team. He can warp you to many virtual landscapes where he does different 
attacks, once youíve taken enough off of him at that landscape he warps you 
back to the room you started at. The Broken TV screens indicate how hurt 
Genocide Heart is now your probably wondering why I made you build up so 
much? Well when your done beating up on Genocide Heart youíll see why. 
CARNAGE!!!! Carnage, probably the deadliest attack in the game, not only does
it take off about 350-600 HP, it also can have Instant Death for ALL your 
humans, thatís where the Blood Chalices come in, from my experience they 
ork, although itís a cool attack to see, itís deadly!! Thatís why I said, 
Build HP!!! If you didnít, then you for T260Gís quest you will have NO 
FUTURE!!! He warps you to three scenes randomly, enabling him to use Carnage 
3 times, you are in the TV room 4 times, but I wonít ruin it for you! Now 
heíll warp you to a landscape, the ones are: 

Snowy Mountian Scene: YES!! This is the one you want, all his attacks take no
more than 100 HP off, the perfect place to doctor your team until your 
perfect, have anybody who doesnít have any doctoring items use defense, it 
doesnít do anything against Carnage but just do it!!! Once your team is to 
perfection start attacking. The attacks Genocide Heart uses here are: Arctic
Breath - 50+ damage to random characters, Light Ball - 50+ damage to all 
characters, Water Cannon - 50+ damage to one. These attacks shouldnít exceed 
100 if you have powered suits on. Like I told!!

Raging Ocean Scene: This ones tougher, Maelstrom is his deadliest, we all 
know how that works, thatís where the Pearl Hearts come in! The rest are just
weather related, Thunderbolt can take off 300 on one character, Tornado 200ís
and Flash will blind you (he never used it on me, itís just that thatís what 
always happens to me!!). If he uses Maelstrom and you donít have Pearl Hearts
on, do NOT fight, start curing, if he brings you back to the TV room after 
Maelstrom and you havenít cured yourself, well, you have one turn to heal 
yourself the best you can, although it should take out some characters in the

Chapel Scene: This is probably the most deadly scene, heíll attack you with 
attacks that hit all characters. Sacred Song does 200+ to everyone, Mec 
Sonata does 300+ and Sad Song lowers stregnth, he has some single person 
attacks that I donít remember, itís hard to doctor in here, but just do it to
the best extent you can!!

Volcano Scene: This one he attacks you with status attacks and some hit all 
attacks. Stone Gas can petrify one character, thatís where the grail card 
comes in. Have some Snake Oils with you too. There is also Spore, it can hit 
everybody, but itís pretty weak, Deadly Mass is just a hit for one character,
Ectoplasnet takes off 1 LP I believe and Pain Powder hits for around 200 HP. 
Itís not hard to doctor here, but you might have to through out a Snake Oil 
here or there.

Desert Sands Scene: The deadliest of all I think, he can hit ALL with 
Magnetic Storm for 300-600 damage and a bonus for Mecs! Also Heat Wave does 
about 200 damage to ALL. Youíll be hoping for Gas Flame (100 to about two or 
three) and Sun Ray (200 to one) for most of the time. Doctoring here is 
incredibly difficult.

So what do you do?? First off any status effects he uses, counter with Snake 
Oils and Grail Cards. Each scene after Carnage doctor until perfect. Then hit
him with DSC, Life Sprinkler, Rising Nova, Shock Soldier, Cosmic Rave (that 
means you need to have T260G use V-Max, start in the late first scene 
though). Genocide Heart has incredibly low HP but is deadly!!! Youíll usually
get Ice Scene, but itís all random so you might be unfortunate to skip it!!, 
once you get it, heal heal heal!!! Just keep hitting him with DSC, check up 
on the broken monitors and heíll be toast in no time, but whatever you do, DO
NOT GIVE UP!!! It took me four times to beat him!! Itís random, just hope you
get the easier scenes, but Genocide Heart has to do Carnage at least three 
times (I think he can only do it three times anyway), good luck!!