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                                     SAGA        FRONTIER                       
                                     GUIDE    FOR    BLUE                       
                                     Ver.                         1.1                       

This has been revised from the original walkthrough. Errors were corrected and more 
specifics were added.

Please ask me to use any of this stuff on your website.

*Note: 1. This guide is for the American version of Saga Frontier.
          2.Saga Frontier is a trademark of Squaresoft.
         3.I didn't include lists or explanations of spells or abilities because they are
             on many other FAQs. I don't have time to add them.

Blue's quest is to become the master of magic. He is sent out to do this by the Magic 
Kingdom, his homeland. To do this he will have to learn all the magic possible. Since 
no character in this game can learn all the magic, Blue must fight his twin brother Rouge, 
who is also seeking to become the master of magic. The brother that wins will absorb 
what the other has learned, thus learning all of the magic.

In the beginning of his quest, Blue can choose to go to either Devin or Luminous.
I recomend going to Devin.

For those starting at Devin:
Here, you can choose to learn and buy either Arcane (card) or Rune (stone) magic.
I strongly recomend doing the Rune event. Read further below for the reason. When you 
are done purchasing magic, ask about the gift and you'll receive either 4 small stones or 
4 cards. You need these to learn the gift for magic, which enables you to learn the more 
powerful spells for the category.

When done with this, go to Koorong. Further down is the guide for getting these gifts.

For those starting at Luminous:
Here, you can choose to learn and buy either Light or Shadow magic. When you 
are done purchasing magic, ask about the gift. For Light magic, you must go to 
the Light Labyrinth. Talk to the lady at the left-most screen to get there. When 
you're in it, you must change mirrors and beams around. There are 3 rooms. In 
the 3rd room, you have to change the light to different colors.

Here is what each color does:

Dark Blue: Weak enemy
Red: Strong enemy
Light Blue: An item
Puple: An item
Yellow: 400 credits
White: Exit and receive the gift
For Shadow magic, talk to the man in the cave and ask about the gift. He'll transport 
you to Omble. You must find you shadow to leave and learn the gift. First, try to find 
Silence's (a mystic) shadow. He will join you when you leave. Second, try to find the 
store. I think it may sell sanctuary stones. My friend found them somewhere for sale in 
there. Sanctuary stones are important because they are rare and restore your whole 
team! When you find your shadow, you get the gift and leave.

***Wait to learn these gifts until you have several companions. You can only go to 
learn it once. Also, Omble is very tough, so wait until you are powerful.

On to the main event: Getting the Rune or Arcane gift.


Hide in Koorong (upper level alley)
Vitality in Tanzer (must already have 1 Rune)
Victory in Mu's Tomb (Shrike)
Freedom in Despair (must have other 3 Runes)

Hide Rune: Go through the backstreet where 2 gusy approach you. Don't pay them: 
kill them. Don't go into the 1st sewer hole, but the one lower down. Then go down 
when in the sewer. Continue through until you reach the tunnel to the natural caves. 
When the path splits, go down the ladder. When you enter the natural caves, go 
down-right. After, it's pretty straight forward. Continue through, collecting treasures, 
until you reach the room filled with spiders (Boss spider has about 13,000 HP, depending 
on your level). This is tough if you're low leveled. For more characters, go to the end of 
this FAQ. Once you defeat the spiders, you'll get the Hide Rune. Now teleport out of here 
with Blue's Region Map. 3 more to go.

Victory Rune: Go to Mu's Tomb in Shrike. Go left and go through the side door. Talk 
to Roufas and he'll join. Now go back to where you entered and now go right. Progress until 
you come to a fork in the road: Go down the stairs. On the next screen there'll be many 
enemies in front of the door. You can lead some out of the way by having them follow you 
into the "room within the room." Next, run past the following room and you'll come to a room 
w / bones in it. SAVE. Fight the boss (about 15,000 HP, depending on your level), but FIRST 
have EVERYONE punch on the 1st round. This will wake him up. Now you can hurt him, so: 
2nd round: KILL HIM!!! Now you have 2 Runes.

By now your ship will probably have been swallowed by Tanzer. If not, fly around a bit.

Vitality Rune: Once you're swallowed by Tanzer, you'll meet Fei-on. Follow him 
through the monster. One part is tricky. When you get past the part where you run 
past the skeleton on the stairs and Fei-on is at the door, go through but DON'T go 
down the stairs. Go up and there is a door. Go in it. You're warped to a small island 
thing with another warp on it. Go in it. Now you're in a room with slides. You have to 
go down a certain one. Slide to the bottom, then take the warp to the top of the slides. 
Go down the left on, but keep going right. You can jump down onto a lower level one.
Fei-on will ask if you're ready. Say WAIT and SAVE!! To get the rune, kill the slimes 
until there is a clear path to the Rune. Have someone "Touch" it and you're done. 
"Touch" is a new option non-Mecs and non-Monsters are given for the battle. A slime 
monster will follow you out and join you automatically.
Freedom Rune: After you've collected 3 Runes, go to Koorong. Talk to Annie (upper 
level, she used to say "Stay back" to you) and she'll take you to despair. This place is 
straight forward. Make sure you have at least 1 Laserscope. Follow Annie through until 
you see a room with several poles lined up. They have hidden lasers in between them. 
You have to navigate blindly through unless you have the laserscope. It shows where the 
lasers are, so I'm told. I tried it but it didn't do anything. The enemies in this room are tough. 
It is a great place to learn techniques, especially for Mecs. When you get through, you'll fight 
a relatively easy boss. Kill him easily and you get the gift for Rune magic!!!!!

Now for the Arcane Gift: 

Gold in Bacarrat
Shield in IRPO
Grail in Yorkland
Saber in Wakatu

Gold Card: Go to Owmi from Koorong. Then go to Nelson from Owmi. Buy exactly 4 
GoldIgnots (2000 credits). Go to Koorong. Then to Bacarrat. Talk to the blonde (with 
rabbit ears) near the jackpot machines (1 floor above where you start). She'll tell you 
about the gnomes. You'll then see a gnome go by; follow him. He'll go to the parking lot. 
Go there, and Emelia will join you. Go into the sewer and go to the bottom left of the first 
screen. From there go to the second screen and take an immediate left. It'll appear to be a 
wall, but it's a doorway. Go through and then up. You'll be in a room of gold. Talk to one 
of the gnomes twice. You'll get your first card!
*Note: If you buy more than 4 GoldIgnots, the gnomes will take them all.

Shield Card: Go to IRPO and talk to the receptionist. Fuse will join you and you'll be in the 
Mosperiburg Mountains. You must go to the top and collect a flower for him. On the 2nd 
screen, go in the cave. Watch out! You'll have to fight a tough dragon (More than 10,000 
HP) but you get great treasures including a sanctuary stone a Lordstar, and a GoldenFleece. 
On the first screen, fight the fairy monster. Then proceed up the mountain until you come to 
an area with 3 boars running around. There should be a snowman there. If there isn't, then 
keep fighting the fairy until he appears. Once he does appear, fight him, but SAVE (or 
quicksave) first. He is tough. When you beat him, go down into the cavern but take a right 
in there. You'll get Suzaku, a fire bird. He is powerful. Next, proceed north until you reach the 
flowers. Save. You might fight a boss. You do if you don't get Suzaku. The boss is Suzaku 
(low HP but strong attacks). I never got him, so I don't know if you still fight him if you 
collect him. When you're done, you get the shield card.

Grail Card: Go to Yorkland, go to the town on the left, and talk to people in the cellars. 
They will get you drunk. You will find out the card is in the swamp. Go there, but be careful. 
There is a path so you don't have to fight any monsters, but it's hard to steer when drunk. If 
you're powerful, you might have to fight the dreaded Kraken. Make sure you have a 
pearlheart for everyone (or anything else that protects from water). The battles are harder 
because a "Drunk" spell is cast on your characters giving them various status like sleep, poison, 
and angry. When you make your way through, you'll get the Grail Card.

Saber Card: Talk to the skeleton in Koorong on the bottom floor. He'll tell you about Gen, 
a drunk in Scrap. Go to scrap after and get Gen. Next, teleport to Koorong and choose 
Wakatu for the destination. Go up through the first door, take a left, then a right, then up into 
a dead-end room. Leave this room and follow Gen. He will lead you to an area with reckage. 
Gen will say something. Then go into a house (the one in the middle of the screen). You'll see 
a spinning thing in the doorway of a room in the house. Go through the room and to the right, 
up stairs. Go around the house (clockwise) and go up the stairs (not too visible). Run past the skeletons in the next room and go up the stairs. You'll be in a room with 3 tiny lamps and 
shadows on the wall. SAVE. Press the accept button exactly when you hear the clank of 
swords. You need 3 sword shadows on the wall. If you mess up, you fight enemies. You'll 
then get the Saber Card and the gift for Arcane magic!

You can now go get the gift for Light or Shadow magic. You should have plenty of characters 
by now. If not, see the end of this FAQ.

Now you must choose to get either Space or Time magic. I suggest getting Space magic, 
since getting Time magic takes away 1 LP!! Only Blue gets these spells, and in the other 
adventures, you can either collect the boss or buy magic from them. Back to Blue's quest.

Space Magic: Go to Devin and go to the Shrine (on the far right). Take to the purple haired 
girl and ask about Space magic. She'll teleport you to a realm of candy. You have to do 
certain things to get to the boss, such as shrink yourself and flip switches. It's easy; there 
are no guys to fight. Save before the boss and kick the crap out of him. Blue now has 
Space magic.

Time Magic: Go to Mosperiburg and talk to the Ring Lord. He'll send you to the Timelord's 
region. Go through until you see the big broken hourglass. Tauch the sand. Now return back 
to Mosperiburg. The Ring Lord will now send you to Facinaturu, the home of the Mystics. 
Go into the house with the guy that sells things for LP. Buy the last thing for 1LP. Now leave 
the house and go left and up the stairs. Talk to the kid. Go down to the house next to the 
stairs. Talk to the slime. Go through the cave and you'll leave. Go back to the Ring Lord and 
he'll teleport you back to the Timelord's region. Go touch the sand again and go up behind the hourglass. Time will restart. Continue further now and save before the Timelord. Kill him 
and Blue has Time Magic!

***After you get the Time or Space magic, you'll automatically be sent to fight Blue's twin 
brother Rouge. Kill him quickly by using your most powerful attacks. Try things that kill him 
in 1 hit. He'll do stupid spells while you can do something like TripleThrust!! Rouge is the 
equal of Blue in everything, but has the opposite spells. When each person dies, there is a 
spell that resurrects him. Just keep killing Rouge. If you die, you don't lose. The main 
character then becomes Rouge.

***When you win, you absorb all of Rouge's abilities, which means your JP and WP double! 
All of the spells you didn't have become yours and they're all mastered (you have the gift for 
them and ALL of their spells). Hopefully you chose to do the Rune event, because you 
now would have TOWER in the Arcane category. Tower is the most powerful attack for 
magic. It can do up to 50,000 damage!!!!!!!!! It costs all of your JP though. 

Here is an ultimate combo for Blue: cast Overdrive. Now Blue has 7 or 8 turns in a row! 
Next cast Shadow Servant. It will mimic what Blue does. Now cast Tower several times, 
but cast Stasis Rune last. This will make it so Blue only loses 10 JP and casts Tower 10 or 
12 times!!!!!!!!!!!

*Now is a good time to get those last characters, level up, and do side quests.

Side quest 1: Go to Owmi. Go in the Lord's manor. Collect all the items, getting the 
mermaid Mesarthim. Make sure you have a mystic in your group though (Dr. Nusakan).

Side quest 2: Go to Shingrow. Go through both ruins and collect all the items. 1 is a 
sanctuary stone There are a couple bosses here.

Side quest 3: Go to Shrike. Enter Sei's tomb. Collect the 3 artifacts. 1st one: go to the 
3rd room and fall on one of the pannels in the floor (on the left). Walk up to the sword. 
Kill the bad guys. 2nd one: Now go back to the same room. Go to the up-right part of 
the room and touch the thing behind the 2 skeletons. Fight and get the 2nd item. 3rd one: 
go to bottom-right of the same room, through the door, go up through the next door, to 
the right and touch the thing on the pedestal. Fight and get the 3rd item. Now go back to 
the 2nd screen and place them on the altars. Fight Sei. After you win, you can have him 
join (whip-dee do, another monster) or you can get the Kusanagi sword from him with 
an attack power of 66! I took the sword.

Side quest 4: Go to Shrike. Enter Bio Lab. Go up the stairs, go in the left door, find the 
secret passage through the bookshelf, and go down the stairs when you get there. When 
you're in a plant place, find your way to the right most tower (down, to the right, up-left, 
right). Go to the top, fight the monster, turn all locks off at the computer, leave this room, 
go to the room in the upper left (go back to entrance, go left, up, right, to the door and 
SAVE. You have to fight the toughest boss in the whole game! It has about 70,000 HP. 
It is the Earth Dragon. You may get the HYPERION BAZOOKA from it!!!! Watch out, 
it can do something called IronBall (something like that) several times to your characters in 
1 turn, dealing about 200-350 HP!! This is where the spell Timeleap is useful. If you defeat 
it, you get the Dragon shield. This can block any attack at random!

Now for the Secrets:

Scrap junk shop: choose to buy, then choose sell. Select the Hyperion Bazooka, even if 
you don't have it. You can then go back and pick up 7 items! You can keep doing this 
as long as you want. Selling back repairkits upgrades the items. Once you leave, you 
have to pay again to do this. The top-left has sword that soon become Osc-Swords that
sell for 110 credits at Nakajima Robotics!! This is a good way to get money for the infinite
money trick.

Infinite money: Get 7,500 credits. Go to Nelson. Buy 15 Golds from the guy at the pub (in 
the center). Go to Koorong. Sell until the price drops to 520. Go back to Nelson and s
pend it all. Now go to Koorong. Sell all, but DON'T accept. Now put it so you're selling 
nothing. The price just rose. Sell till price is 520. Keep repeating. Don't sell more than 
50,000 credits worth, or you'll lose your money. Always stay at or above 520 credits for 
the price.

DSC: Dream Super Combo: Equip the following fighting techniques to a guy: Sliding, 
Suplex, BabelCrumble, and Giant Swing. Fight with those equiped and you'll have it as 
an option. This does anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 HP (depending on how many things 
the guy does, 5 maximum)!!!

The final board: Go to Magic Kingdom. Everything is trashed. Find your way to the 
underground (top left of area). Go through, and talk to a guy that's still alive. Then go all 
the way down, past the statues. Walk up to the glowing chrystals. Get them in this order: 
right, left, center. Go back up right above the statues, and go left so you can descend onto 
the statues. Go to the center statue and talk. You'll be warped somewhere weird with 
babies. You'll find out the truth about you and Rouge. Now go back out, and descend the 
statues. Keep going up. There will be a man lying on the path. Talk to him and you'll be 
warped to Hell. 

In Hell, there are 2 things to do: 1) Defeat the Dragon (with the sword). You'll receive the 
Dragon Sword (atk pwr 72). Go back to where you entered. You'll get healed. 2) Go 
to the last boss. There is a staircase with smoke on the last screen. SAVE. You have to 
fight Hell'sLord. He's easy if you have a magic spell called Timeleap equiped to Blue. This 
spell end's the enemie's turn, even the last guy's!!! Do this every round and he'll be held 
helpless. You can also use the combo I mentioned above. This boss has about 
90-100,000 HP. When you kill him, Blue's quest will end. Make sure to wait so you can 
save this to your system data.

Characters Blue can get:

Dr. Nusakan: go to Koorong, he's in a room in the alley w / 3 birds
Emelia: must be collecting cards, automatically joins
Lute: go to Scrap pub
T260G: go to Scrap pub
Mei-ling: go to Scrap pub
Riki: go to Scrap pub
Gen: must be collecting cards, automatically joins (see Saber Card Walkthrough)
Rouge: lose to him in battle
Roufas: must be collecting Runes, he's in Mu's tomb
Fuse: must be collecting cards, automatically joins
Annie: must be collecting Runes, automatically joins
Liza: must have Roufas, in Koorong in restaurant (upper level)
Mesarthim: in Owmi at Lord's manor, must have a mystic (Dr. Nusakan)
Silence: must find his shadow in Omble, he will join when you exit Omble
Thunder: must have Lute, he's in Yorkland (right side town)
Cotton: go to Bio Lab at shrike, go to very top, rescue him by killing monsters
Slime: must be collecting Runes, automatically joins
Sei: defeat him at Shrike, choose to have him join
Suzaku: see above in Shield Card section
Engineer Car: must have T260G with you, he's in Nakajima Robotics in Shrike

Here is what I equipped my humans with:

Best sword available or HyperBlaster for gun users
ZeroSword or Hyperblaster*
Dragon Shield or WonderBangle
MaxCure or Backpack

Powered Suit

*The sword users had 2 swords and the gun users had 2 guns.
This way they can learn CrossSlash and 2GaleSlash (same price as reg. GaleSlash)
or if guns (not cannons) are equipped, you can learn DuelGun. 2 cannons were 
equipped merely for more bullets.

Here is what I equipped my Mystics with:

Weapon of choice
Weapon of choice (same type as 1st weapon)
Wonderbangle or DragonShield

Mystic Armor (if it can't be unequipped) or Powered Suit
Hyperwear (except for Dr. Nusakan, he has Mysticwear not unequipable)
PurpleEye or SH-Armlet if they have permanently equipped armor on
PurpleEye (except for Mesarthim: she has a permanent MellowRing) or SH-Anklet if armor
                  is permanently on

Here is what I equipped my monsters with:


*These are great for magic users because each one raises Psy pts. by 7.

Mecs were equipped with various boards and powerful weapons for more HP.
Good Mec Combo: Equip CombatMastery and Plural Slash abilities, equip powerful
sword. Make sure strength is 60+. Each reg. hit does about 1,000-1,250 HP. 
PluralSlash does up to 4,500 HP alone for just 5 HP. If you have MaxwellProgram,
you're all set!

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