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"Square never fails to bring us all great games..."

I do not know why other people dislike Saga Frontier so much...It's got a great storyline, music kix, and all in all, it's a great game! Square never fails to bring us all great games...

Gameplay 10/10
When it comes to challenges, this game's got 'em. Saga Frontier has perfect controlling(then again no RPG's can really have "BAD" controlling). The challenge is rated above the limits of a normal RPG. Some hidden a ummm, hidden "DIVISION"(I can not say, it would be a "Spoiler") there is one boss that is almost impossible to beat.

Graphics 10/10
The techniques that your characters can use, and the combonations they pull off are outstanding. I love the eye candy, jaw-dropping lighting effects in the game.

Music 10+/10
As stated in my other reviews, I love music in games. It gets the story going. This game really deserves an applaud. The theme for Alkaiser(one of the characters in the 7 quests you can choose from) is outstanding. In fact I'm listening to it now as I write the review. Other themes are great too.

Replay Value 10/10
Wanna hear my reason for giving the replay value a 10/10? Well try doing this: Max out all statistics for your main party, Get all dodge, weapon, gun, fighting and Katana techniques, ....and the "DIVISION" place I was speaking of, I can not say because it would spoil one of the biggest, the biggest, in this game. Just try doing everything you can in this seems impossible.

Overall 10+/10
I love it more than any RPG. I know I said Grandia was my fave in my Grandia FAQ....but this game's got it all: Great music, great graphics, outstanding replay value, controlling, beautiful storyline with over 7 different quests to choose from and around 15 hours of gameplay in each quest. Saga Frontier is worth a purchase. If you don't have it and are a fan of Square games...GET IT NOW!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 12/09/99, Updated 12/09/99

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