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SaGa Frontier 2
Game Script and Plot Analysis (Plot Guide) v1.01

This guide is the sole property of its author, Alvina Lee, and may not be
reproduced, distributed, stolen or sold without permission. It is considered a
serious offense to violate this disclaimer. If you must use this guide, give
credit where due, and ask for permission to use. You've been warned.

We all know about Squaresoft, and the legacy of RPG classics they've been
creating. And buried deep under its RPG legacy is SaGa Frontier 2. I could have
written a game script or plot analysis guide for any other RPG classic, such as
Final Fantasy VII, Crono Trigger, Secret of Mana, or even Super Mario RPG. So
why SaGa Frontier 2? For one, its dialogue can be humorous. But more
importantly, you have to play the game over to read the dialogue over again to
understand it. And having a game script would be a lot easier, considering that
SaGa Frontier 2 isn't easy to win. But if you don't understand the dialogue the
first time, does that mean it's bad? Of course not. By providing readers with a
game script guide, I save many frustrated gamers of having to play the
scenarios over again. Above the difficult dialogue, I've also included a plot
analysis, since the storyline of SaGa Frontier 2 is rather ambiguous, and
leaves plenty of room for thought and interpretation. Much like history itself.
So keep reading, and enjoy.

Table of Contents
1) Updates
2) Notes
3) Game Script
4) Plot Analysis
A) Chronicle (with notes)
B) Following the Egg
C) What happened to...
E) Character Analysis
F) Family Tree
5) Credits

1) Updates
02.15.05 Scripted most of the Gustave scenarios up to Anima Faith Fiasco, and
several of Wil's scenarios.
02.16.05 Scripted more of Wil's scenarios, up to some of Rich's, but there's a
problem with my Playstation, so please be patient.
02.17.05 Nevermind, I've fixed the problem, and I'm back on track. Continued
scripting, and now finished Rich's scenarios, Conquest of Wide and Gustave &
the Pirates.
05.14.05 Scripts for Wil's and Ginny's scenarios completed, as well as
Gustave's scenarios (where you just watch), including Battle of South Moundtop
(Yes! I beat it again! I hope I don't have to do that again...), except for the
Last Battle.
05.15.05 The entire script is finally completed. At least I think it is. It's
still not in the right order yet, but once I get it in the right order, I think
I'll know for sure if I'm missing any scenarios. I've beaten the Last Battle
again, and I'm hoping not to have to do it again, not because it was hard, but
because it was very, very long...I've also decided we don't need Summary under
plot analysis because it will probably just read the game out instead, so I'll
just leave it at Chronicle. Plot Analysis also has some completed sections now.
05.16.05 There were some bits from the script that were missing, and I think 
I've fixed those now. I've also formatted the guide so that it will fit in 79
characters per line, and the remaining plot analysis sections are now complete.
06.25.05 Decided I need a credits section anyways.

2) Notes
Just so people don't yell at me for putting or not putting in certain things,
I'll make it clear here. I haven't, and don't intend to script every single
dialogue in the game. It's tedious of course, but some of it isn't necessary.
Just talking to the lady in Westia, who only says she's waiting for her laundry
to dry doesn't really add much to the plot or the setting of the story. So I'm
only going to include script that is required to pass each scenario, and
perhaps scripts for other people that do contribute to the plot or setting. 
Also note that I use a particular format, that looks somewhat like Shakespeare 
plays, but only what I remember of them. However, this is how I use them:

enter (character), (character)
This means that the following characters are entering the screen on your TV, or
are already on the screen when it loads. If you see two consecutive "enter
(character)", it means that the first one introduces the characters already on
the screen, and the second "enter" means that the character is entering the

exit (character), (character)
The following characters are leaving the screen. This does not include deaths,
or other events described in parentheses. "exit (character)" may appear before
"exeunt", but this just means that that character is leaving the screen before
"exeunt" (see below).

Note also: Characters' names are capitalized, but general roles (eg, soldier,
messenger, lady, man, etc.) are not when they are used in "enter" and "exit".
The only time I capitalize them is when they are speaking.

The scene ends, and the screen fades and loads another one.

Event that happens in parentheses. This may contribute to the plot or setting,
so I've just decided to include them.

(line break)
You'll notice that my script doesn't follow the line format in the dialogues in
the game. My script goes continuously to the end of the screen, and then onto
the next line. However, I use line breaks when there is a considerable pause
between a character's dialogue, where that same character resumes talking after
the pause or event (that I decide not to note), or even when the character
changes from a thought to talking, and similarily, from talking to a thought.

This version of the game script is unedited, and is as close to the dialogue in
the game as much as possible. So if there's a grammatical or spelling error in
the game, it will likely appear like that here as well. Also, my guide is only
meant for people who have already played the game, since this does contain
spoilers, and I don't note down all the events that are not part of speech 
This is because if you were to read such a script guide, then you would be
reading the game, instead of playing it. I assume that the reader has already
played the game, and is reading this script to research on plot analysis, or to
look for a particular scenario in which a character says something.

3) Game Script

1220 Gustave Born

(battle ensues)
Soldier: Mow them down!
(another battle ensues)
Soldier: H-Hold your ground!
(and yet another)
Soldier: Fight to the end!
Opposing soldier: Charge!
(end of battle)
(soldiers cheering)
Gustave XII: Good! Pursue the Marquis of Otto's army at once!
Messenger: Your Majesty! Her Highness Sophie has safely given birth!!
Gustave XII: Was it a boy or a girl?
Messenger: He is a very healthy heir, Your Majesty! 
Gustave XII: Good work, Sophie!!  
The pursuit is cancelled. We're returning to Thermes. Marquis of Otto, be
grateful that my son was born! 
(cheering ensues) 
Soldiers: Long live, King Gustave!! 
Hurrah, an heir is born!! 
1227 Gustave Exiled 
Thermes Castle 
Narrator: Today is the day Gustave attempts the Firebrand Ceremony. The castle
is turned upside down with preparations for the ceremony and party. 
Firebrand, the ancestral Quell of the Eugene family. As its name suggests, it
responds to the Anima of fire. Upon reaching seven years of age, the prince
undergoes a ceremony to test whether he is worthy to wield Firebrand and become
heir to the throne. 
Gustave XII: What's wrong!? Concentrate! Focus your Anima into the sword!  
How could this be!? 
exit, Gustave XII 
enter Gustave XII, Sophie 
Gustave XII: That is not our child. I want you to forget about it. 
Sophie: It? Are you speaking of Gustave? You've cared for him so much. Only the
ceremony did not go well.  
Gustave XII: Only...ONLY!? Anima wasn't even drawn from him when he touched the
Firebrand. Common trees, grass, and even rocks have Anima. He is less than a
rock. I had high hopes for him. That is why I feel so betrayed. It is
unforgivable. It is not permissible for a member of the royal family not to 
have Anima. He will be banished. 
Sophie: Even though he may not have the power of the Anima, Gustave is still a
living being. I have given birth to him, I have nursed him, and I have raised
him. He may only be an heir to you, but to me, he is the son to whom I have
given life. I cannot just throw him away.  
Gustave XII: too, will leave with that refuse!! 
Enter Gustave, Sophie 
Sophie: Let us go. 
Enter Gustave 
Gustave (crying): Mama, mama... 
Enter Gustave, Sophie 
Citizen (from window): You good-for-nothing!!  
Enter Gustave, Sophie, Tenant 
Tenant: Forgive me, Your Highness. This is the best house in this area.  
Sophie: Thank you. I know you've done all you could.  
exit Tenant 
Sophie: What should we do now...? 
1227 Departure from Homeland 
Thermes Castle 
Enter Gustave XII, four nobles 
Gustave XII: That will be all for today. Dismissed. 
exit nobles 
enter Cielmer 
Cielmer: Your Majesty, may I have permission to speak? 
Gustave XII: Oh, it's you, Cielmer. What is it that brings you here? 
Cielmer: As the young master's tutor, it is my responsibility that this has 
come to be. Therefore, I no longer have the right to remain. Please grant me
permission to leave the palace.  
Gustave XII: Very well, you have my permission. Thank you for your services 
over the past four years.  
Cielmer, tell me one last thing...Why didn't you tell me that he didn't have 
any Anima?  
Cielmer: I did not know, myself. I had sensed that he possessed very strong
Anima within him...I feel that fate has had a hand in the appearance of such a
figure in the royal family.  
exit Cielmer 
Gustave XII: Fate, eh...I only wished for a son that could have formally 
acceded to the throne. 
Enter Gustave, Sophie 
Gustave: Dear mother, I do not wish to be here. 
Sophie: It can't be helped, Gustave. It would be best if we could return to
Nohl, but His Majesty most likely will not allow that. It is pitiful to have to
make you stay in such a place, but... 
Enter Cielmer 
Cielmer: Your Highness, Young Master. 
Gustave: Master Cielmer! 
Sophie: Sir Cielmer! Why have you come here? 
Cielmer: His Highness has granted me permission to leave, and I will be heading
back to Gruegel. Therefore, I came to see if I might escort Your Highness to
Sophie: But I do not believe that His Majesty will allow us to leave... 
Cielmer: Waiting here will most likely not change His Majesty's mind. Even
Sophie: Oh no! That can't be... 
Cielmer: At Gruegel, it is best that you seek asylum from King Sui of Na. 
Sophie: I understand. I have always left matters regarding Gustave to your
discretion. I shall heed your words. 
Thermes Night 
Enter soldier, Gustave, Sophie, Cielmer 
(Cielmer, Sophie and Gustave steal a boat) 
Soldier: Stop that boat!! 
(Cielmer puts a sleep spell on the soldier) 
exit Cielmer, Gustave and Sophie 
Narrator: It will be another 20 years before Gustave will see this castle 
1232 Gustave 12 Years Old 
Gruegel, Southern Continent, the capital of Na 
Narrator: After Gustave and Sophie transferred here, they were given a mansion
by King Sui of Na. Five years have passed. Gustave has become infamous as a
violent child. The fact that he is ungifted, and that he is an outcast, has
twisted his mind as the years passed. His peculiar background as a member of 
the royalty of the Eastern Continent causes his peers to avoid him, taking away 
the thing most important to a young boy...friends. Gustave has only one 
follower, a boy named Flynn. Flynn patiently endures even Gustave's most 
violent acts, and never leaves his side. For he, too, cannot use any spells.  
Enter Gustave, Flynn 
(Gustave kicking flowers and throwing stones at birds) 
Gustave: Flynn, come on! You, too! 
Enter Sophie 
Sophie: What are you doing!? 
Being cruel to defenseless weaker people is shameful. 
Gustave: So what!? I'm just a worthless piece of trash who has no Anima or
(Sophie slaps Gustave) 
Sophie: Gustave, look! Is it the power of spells that makes flowers and trees
blossom? Are birds able to fly because they can use spells? Even though you
can't use spells, you are still human. You are human, Gustave!! 
enter Gustave, Flynn 
Gustave: Ah man, it's so irritating! In the first place, it's all your fault. 
If my mother was coming, you should have told me that! 
(beats up Flynn) 
enter Leslie, Leslie's Friend 
Leslie's Friend: Oh no, it's Gustave. Let's just ignore him and keep going,
Leslie (walking between Flynn and Gustave): Just cut that out, Gustave! 
Gustave: Why you...! 
Leslie: Are you crying, Gustave? 
(Gustave runs) 
exit Gustave 
Leslie: You have to stand up for yourself, too. Besides, why are you following
him around, anyway? 
Flynn: Because I can't use any spells......Sir Gus is very scary, but Sir Gus 
is the only one...the only one who understands me...Sir Gus!! 
exit Flynn 
Leslie: Is it that hard, to be unable to use spells...? 
enter Gustave, Flynn 
(Flynn walking up to Gustave) 
Flynn: Sir Gus, I got some berries for you. 
What's wrong, Sir Gus? It's okay, no one saw me. C'mon, Sir Gus, let's eat. 
1233 Gustave & the Blacksmith 
Narrator: When Gustave turns 13, the King of Na grants him territory in the
vicinity of Jade. Using this as an opportunity, Sophie takes Gustave with her
and moves to Jade. Many speculate that the move is meant to prevent Gustave 
from being treated as a vassal of King Sui, and as an excuse to stay away from 
the king, who has been repeatedly approaching Sophie. 
Blacksmith: Welcome, young master. Ye come here pretty often. Is a blacksmith
that interestin' to ye? 
Gustave: Uh huh. There were no smiths in Thermes, and there weren't that many 
in Gruegel, either. This is the first time I got to see one so close.  
Blacksmith: Ye make it sound like I'm some kind of circus show. 
Gustave: What are you making? 
Blacksmith: I'm makin' a knife out of steel. For me, it's easier to use a steel
knife occasionally, since ye don't have to use any Spell Arts when usin' one. 
My ol' lady, on the other hand, is good at usin' the spells on a stone kitchen
knife, so she'll never be usin' a steel blade.  
Gustave: You think we can make a sword out of steel?  
Blacksmith: That'd be hard, young master. I hear the ancient blacksmiths made
blades out of steel, but for me, a kitchen knife is the best I can do. Besides,
the soldiers only use stone or wood swords, nowadays.  
Gustave: Teach me how to do it. I want to make a steel sword. 
Blacksmith: I don't mind teachin', but yeh're gonna have to be serious about 
it. I am the master, and you are my apprentice. I will be very strict, is that
Gustave: Yeah. 
Blacksmith: That is not how ye answer yer master! 
Gustave: Yes, sir! 
Gustave, 14 years old 
Blacksmith: Gustave, what made ye get the idea of forging a steel sword anyway? 
Gustave: I cannot use Spell Arts. I need to find another way to build up my
Gustave, 15 years old 
Blacksmith: Yeh've forged a magnificent sword. 
Gustave: This one's only practice. The real sword I intend to forge will be
three times longer. 
Blacksmith: Can there really be a sword as monstrous as that in this world? 
Gustave: Yes. I can see that sword...Somewhere out there... 
1235 Gustave 15 Years Old 
Enter Gustave, Flynn 
Flynn: Sir Gus!! 
Gustave: We're going, Flynn! 
(Flynn spinning around) 
exit Gustave 
Flynn: Wait, Sir Gus!! 
enter lady, old lady, Kelvin 
Lady: My, my, Sir Kelvin. What business would you have with our town? 
Kelvin: We've received information that bandits are in the eastern caves.
Tomorrow morning, soldiers will be sent from the castle to investigate. Please
notify everyone to stay away from the caves.  
Lady: I understand. Thank you for your trouble.  
Kelvin: Well, I must hurry along to the next town. 
Lady: Oh, please wait. Come to think of it, I believe Sir Gustave was headed 
for the caves.  
Kelvin: I see. I'll look after Gustave. 
That Gustave again... 
exit Kelvin 
Caverns of Jade 
enter Gustave 
Gustave: Flynn! Hurry up and come over!! 
enter Flynn 
Flynn: Sir Gus, I'm scared. Aren't there monsters here? 
Gustave: That's why we came. I've trained extensively for this. Now it's time
for the real thing. 
Flynn: Can I wait here? 
Gustave: Fool! You're coming with me. 
enter Kelvin 
Narrator: Meanwhile, Kelvin... 
(upon entering a cave, battle with dino leeches ensues) 
Kelvin: That Gustave... 
enter Gustave 
Gustave: You call me? 
(end of battle) 
Gustave: Oh, it's you, Kelvin. What're you doing here? 
Kelvin: What!? What am I doing here!? I came to look for you. There are bandits
in here, you know.  
Gustave: Oh, so they were bandits. 
Kelvin: You encountered them? 
Gustave: Flynn got captured. 
Kelvin: You brought him along too!? So you just ran away while Flynn got
captured? Can't you do anything right? Let's go notify father. 
Gustave: Wait! I will save Flynn. He's one of my kind. I don't want help from
Sir Thomas.  
Kelvin: What are you talking about? You actually think you can save him
Gustave: I'm going to jump into the midst of them, so I'll need your spell
Kelvin: Why do I have to help you?  
Gustave: You're not helping me. You're helping Flynn. Please, Kelvin.  
Kelvin: As always, your plan is too reckless. However, I am a noble man, and
thus it is my duty to help those in need. I will help Flynn. But Gustave, are
you going to be okay with a weapon like that?  
Gustave: I can't use Spell Arts, so this sharp blade is the only thing I can
depend on. Let's go. 
enter bandits, bandit leader, Flynn, Gustave, Kelvin 
(Gustave and Kelvin in hiding) 
Bandit 1: Man, this cave stinks of 'shrooms. 
Bandit 2: I can't stop sneezing. Maybe I should have joined the scouting party. 
Bandit 3: Wonder if they'll find anything good? 
Bandit Leader: Of course. We aren't going to leave with just this useless kid.
We need a better catch than him.  
Bandit 3: Y-Yes, I agree.  
(Gustave goes to free Flynn) 
Bandit Leader: Huh? Who is that boy? 
Bandit 2: What're you trying to do to our catch? 
(Gustave brandishes the Trial Dagger) 
Bandit Leader: What's that? A steel sword!? 
Bandit 3: You're gonna fight us with something like that? 
Bandit 2: Interesting. Let me take him on. 
(battle ensues) 
(Gustave defeats the bandit) 
Bandit 2: Ouch! ouch! ouch!  
Bandit 3: What are you doing!?  
Bandit Leader: I've never seen anyone fight without Spell Arts. You're either
stupid or ungifted, eh? 
Gustave: Don't call me ungifted!! 
Bandit Leader: Hah, you're actually getting mad. Such a child! Boys, don't show
him any mercy!  
Bandit 3: Four on one. It's over, kid! 
(Kelvin steps out) 
Kelvin: Bandits! Are you aware that you're trespassing upon the property of the
count of Jade? I will punish you in the name of my father! 
Flynn: Kelvin!! 
Bandit Leader: My, my, what a spunky one. Don't tell me you're the son of the
count? Don't  kill him. We can get ransom money for this one.  
Bandit 1: Absolutely!! 
(battle ensues) 
Bandit Leader: Argh! Enough! You good-for-nothings!! We're taking off! 
(end of battle) 
Bandit Leader: What's with this brat!? He can't use spells, and spells don't
work on him... 
Bandit 3: B-Boss!! We have no use for an ungifted kid. Let's get out of here. 
Kelvin: Are you okay, Flynn? 
Flynn: Uh huh. Thanks, Kelvin. Thanks, Sir Gus. 
Gustave: Your clumsiness got you into this mess! 
Kelvin: Don't say that. They're just bandits looking to kidnap kids with the
power to use Spell Arts. But I guess they totally fouled that up when they went
after you two. 
Gustave: Well excuuuse me for being ungifted! Let's go home, Flynn. 
Flynn: Wait for me, Sir Gus! 
exit Gustave and Flynn 
Kelvin: Stubborn kid! 
1235 Wil's Departure 
Wil: Well, Aunty Nina, Uncle Paul. I'm off. 
exit Wil 
Nina: Don't come home until you find a Quell. 
Westia, A town where the Quell-seekers gather 
enter Narcisse, bartender 
enter Wil 
enter Cordelia 
Cordelia: Ah, shucks. I'm too late. They've already left. 
Bartender: Better luck next time, little lady. The last party just left a 
little while ago. 
Cordelia: Maybe I can still catch up with them. 
Bartender: No, no, don't waste your energy. They don't usually add any more
members to the party once they've departed. It brings up unnecessary dispute
over the division of loot. You're still a fledgling, aren't you? 
Cordelia: Don't call me that! I have confidence in my capability as an
adventurer. I just lack experience. 
Bartender: Hahaha, all you youngsters say the same thing. Well, just be patient 
and do your best. You'll get used to it. 
Cordelia: I've been hearing all along that it was a major expedition. Oh well,
what should I do now? 
Wil: Hey? 
Cordelia: Oh, what is it? Did you miss the expedition too? 
Wil: Uh no, it's not that. I am Wil. I've come here to look for my first job as
a digger. 
Cordelia: So, you're someone who digs for Quells. I'm Cordelia, a sentry to
protect diggers like you. Nice to meet you, Wil. 
Wil: Nice to meet you, Cordelia. 
Go on an expedition with her 
How about it, would you like to join my expedition? 
Cordelia: Okay, let's do it. But where are we going? 
Wil: It'll be our first expedition, so I think it'd be good to gain experience
at the Ruins of Hahn. I have a hunch that we might find something there. 
You didn't join the last expedition? 
Narcisse: Did you think everyone who comes to this tavern is looking to join a
Quell expedition? 
Wil: You're right. Excuse me for my assumptions. My name is Wil. I'm a novice
Narcisse: I am Narcisse, a spell caster. I came here to join a Quell 
But... the leader of the party was someone I didn't get along with, so I quit. 
Wil: Oh, so you did come to search for Quells. Then would you be willing to 
come with me? I would gladly have you join me, since you seem to have a lot of
Narcisse: It's not SEEM. I AM experienced. I will join you if my share is half
of the spoils. The normal rate is sixty-forty with the digger taking the larger 
share, but since you're a novice, I'll take a little extra to share my
Wil: Please join our party 
Narcisse: Leave it to me. 
Is that girl with us, too? I alone would've been sufficient for the task. 
Cordelia: What a nasty guy!! 
Hahn, Ruins of the ancient Imperial capital 
Wil: A Bandit!? 
Tyler: I'm Tyler. I've come here to look for treasure. What about you? 
Wil: Oh, you're one of us. I'm Wil. I'm a new digger. I thought you were a
bandit. Thank goodness you aren't. 
Tyler: There are more monsters down there than I expected. How about it? You
want to work together? 
Wil: Sure. Let's do that. 
enter Bartender 
enter Wil, Narcisse, Tyler, Cordelia 
Wil: Now that I've excavated a Quell, I plan to go back home temporarily. Let's
disband here. 
Cordelia: Oh, did poor Wil get homesick for his mama? 
Wil: My parents died when I was still little. I want to report my progress back
to my aunt and uncle, who raised me. 
Cordelia: I-I'm so sorry Wil... I didn't know. I've said such a terrible thing. 
Wil: Don't worry about it, Cody. Sir Narcisse, thanks for your support. 
Narcisse: I've got my share, so I'm done with you. Hurry up and go home. 
Wil: I'll be back soon. I hope you'll join me again. 
Narcisse: Tch! Oh well, fine. At least it's better than joining Alexei's party. 
Wil: Alexei!? Is that Alexei Sergein that you're talking about? 
Cordelia: Yes, that's him. He's a pretty big-name digger in this area. Although
he's not that popular among the people. 
Narcisse: What about Alexei? 
Wil: Uh, it's nothing. Well, I'll be on my way now. See you all again soon! 
1236 Desert Megalith 
enter Nina 
enter Wil 
Wil: I'm home!! 
Nina: Wil!! You're back already!? You found a Quell, didn't you? 
Wil: Here. 
Nina: Good, that's our boy. 
Wil: Aunty, you know about Alexei Sergein, right? 
Nina: Yes... What about Alexei? 
Wil: He was in Westia... I mean... I heard he was there. I'm going back to
Westia now to meet Alexei. 
Nina: What are you going to do once you see him? 
Wil: I want to ask him about my father and mother. And about that Egg-shaped
Nina: Wil, who in the world told you about that? Was it... Dear!! 
enter Paul 
Paul: Oh, sorry, sorry. Wil asked me directly, so I let it slip. Wil is a big
boy now; it's about time we told him, right? 
Nina: I told you that I would tell him when the time comes, you fool. Oh well,
what's done is done. So how much did you tell him, dear? 
Wil: All I've heard is that, on that day, Alexei had come visiting, and, a
little while later, Alexei and the Quell had vanished. After that... 
Nina: Wil, you don't have to remember. Wil!! 
Wil, pull yourself together! 
Wil: I'm alright, Aunty. I can't remember for sure. That's why I need to see
Nina: No way. At least, not just yet. Before we meet Alexei, there are a couple
of things we need to make clear. Your father and the three Sergein brothers 
left for the desert together. Only my brother and Alexei returned. And that 
Egg...I've always wondered what exactly happened in that desert. Since then, I 
decided to wait until you came of age so we could explore that desert together. 
Paul: Whoa, whoa... What are you going to do about me? 
Nina: Dear, look after the house while we're gone. You're not an adventurer, so
it's best to stay put. 
Wil: Are you sure you want to go, Aunty? 
Nina: I haven't aged enough to be worried about by a fledgling like you. Now, 
let's get prepared for the journey. 
It's been a while since I went on an adventure. I'm just itching excitement. 
Westia City 
Cordelia: Wil! You've come back!! I thought I wouldn't be able to see you for a
while. I'm glad to see you. 
Wil: We'll be heading for the Southern Continent soon. First, we'll head to
Gruegel, and then start the trek from there. 
Cordelia: All the way to Gruegel... I've heard stories, but I've never been
there myself. But since you, the digger, are going, I'm going to have to go 
with you as your sentry. 
Wil: Thank you, Cordelia. I'm counting on you. 
Narcisse: Oh, it's you again. 
Wil: Sir Narcisse, do you know anything about the great desert? 
Narcisse: What would a digger want in the Southern Continent? There are no
Quells there. 
Wil: I want to go to the Desert Megalith. 
Narcisse: You're talking about that legend, huh? 
Wil: It's not a legend. My father has been there. I have to go see for myself,
what my father saw. 
Narcisse: The Desert Megalith... If you really want me to, I guess I can lend
you a hand. 
Wil: Yes! Please! I would appreciate your company! 
Narcisse: You don't hesitate, do you, Wil? 
Tyler: Yo, Wil. 
Wil: Hello, Tyler. We're going to be heading towards Gruegel on the Southern
Continent. Once there, I'm planning on going into the desert. 
Tyler: May I come along with you? 
Wil: Of course, please. 
Bartender: During the time of the ancient empire, when this land still
flourished with the powers of the Spell Arts, I hear that the use of Spell Arts 
had not yet spread to the Southern Continent. 
Gruegel, Southern Continent, the capital of Na 
enter Clerk, old man, customer 
enter Wil 
Clerk: Come on, order somethin'. 
Wil: Ask about the Grand Desert 
Clerk: It's a barren land, just as the name suggests. You won't find anything
but rocks and sand, even if you spend your entire life there. 
Wil: Ask about the Megalith 
Clerk: Megalith... You're talking about that mysterious ruin out in the desert?
The desert is vast, and I don't doubt that anything could be there, but there's 
no one that really desires to go to that place. To be honest, I don't really
know what's out there. 
Vogelang, An isolated city surrounded by desert 
enter citizens, merchant, Wil 
Citizen 1: Just about the time they had been all but forgotten, they returned,
exhausted. Then, over the next few days, they argued feverishly. In reality, it
was only the gentleman and the eldest brother arguing. The other two were just
adding frivolous comments, and didn't really know what was going on. After 
that, the 3 brothers made their preparations and once again headed out for the 
desert, without the gentleman. 
Merchant: From the looks of it, you're not a merchant, are you? There was a
group of four like you  who came to this town about fifteen years ago. I
remember it well. They were asking about the desert and some Megalith, along
with various other details. But these were places we didn't know. They just
resupplied and took off into the desert. 
Citizen 2: Even after the gentleman parted with his three comrades, he stayed 
in this town as if to wait for them. As he was just about to give up, the 
brothers returned...with the exception of the youngest one. The large younger 
brother had lost his left hand at his wrist, and the oldest had been quite 
shaken up by something. Anyway, they were a mess. The younger brother carried 
an egg-like object in his remaining hand. They were so beat up, I don't think 
many noticed the egg. 
Citizen 3: I was really young, but I remember it well. Who could forget an 
Anima of that magnitude? 
enter bartender, customers 
Customer 1: The gentleman picked up the egg and said, "This is not something 
you scum can handle!" Usually, you wouldn't call your own party members scum. 
Were they fighting? 
Customer 2: When the party returned from the desert, I tried to heal the 
wounded brother, but as soon as I neared him, he went into a rampage. Without 
any Tools, he started firing off spells all over the place, putting the 
townspeople in danger. It was like a madhouse. I got this scar from that 
incident. I got away with just a scar, but some of us were killed there... 
Customer 3: In the midst of the commotion, a gentleman realized that the 
younger Sergein brother was carrying an egg, and shouted, "His Anima was stolen 
by that Quell!" He then gathered the steel tools from the town and approached 
the brother, and while defending himself against spells, knocked the egg out of 
the younger brother's hands. Right as the egg fell, the younger brother let out 
a primal scream and released all of his Anima, dying as if from an explosion. I
still can't figure out what all of that was... 
Customer 4: After the incident, he vanished from the town, leaving even his
baggage behind. The eldest of the brothers was caught and prosecuted for the
disturbance, but he also disappeared after breaking out of jail. That's the end
of the story. 
Bartender: Here, this is the guest book from then. You can ask me anything. I
might be able to answer, if I remember. 
Wil: Henry Knights 
Bartender: He was a tall, good-natured gentleman. Unlike the other three, he 
was very amiable, and the townspeople seemed to get along with him. 
So you're the son of that gentleman from long ago? Hmm, is that true? Oh, no
matter. Would you like to read the letter that he left behind? 
Wil: Yes, please let me see it. 
Letter: To the desert. Discovered ruins. It is definitely the Megalith. The
interior is a grotesque sight. Discovered a lead box. Could not handle 
situation with our current equipment, decided to head back temporarily. A 
Megalith in a Southern Continent desert. And a lead box. It's all unnatural. 
Refuse to accompany any further.  
Wil: Father... Okay, let's go to the Megalith! 
Alexei Sergein 
Bartender: He was the eldest of the three brothers and was always resistant to
Henry. Although he was acting like a tyrant, he was found hiding in a corner
when his brother went out of control. Maybe he was really just a coward? 
Wil: Nicholai Sergein 
Bartender: This one was the middle brother. A slow-witted man with a large
build. He didn't look like the type that would be good at using spells. 
Wil: Peter Sergein 
Bartender: The youngest of the brothers, and although his build was small, his
arrogance was as great as his older brother Alexei. The townspeople hated him.
He never made it back from the desert. I just wonder what happened out there. 
Wil: (return the guest book) 
Bartender: If you want to read it again, come back whenever you like. 
Desert Megalith 
enter Cordelia, Nina, Wil, Cordelia, Narcisse, Tyler 
Narcisse: What a mess. 
Nina: That's unusual. Megaliths are usually much more simpler. 
Cordelia: I'm beginning to feel sick. Let's hurry up and go home. 
Wil: The Egg was probably inside this lead box. 
Narcisse: I can't sense any Anima here. Are you sure this is a Megalith? 
Nina: Who knows? All I know is, we came all the way here for nothing. I guess
we'll just have to hear from Alexei himself.  
1236 Reunion 
enter Leslie, guests 
enter Gustave, Flynn 
Flynn: Sir Gus, is it really okay for someone like me to come along? 
Gustave: Don't worry. Sir Thomas is a kind and understanding person. He won't
say anything if we're just munching on the food. 
Flynn: Everyone's so well dressed. I'm a little embarrassed. 
Gustave: It's the guests' problem for being overdressed. There's no need to be
Anyway, there are a lot of cute girls. Why don't you go munch on stuff over
Hey there, what's your name? 
Leslie: Welcome to the party. Please help yourself to the food...Gustave? 
Gustave: ? Oh, it's you, Leslie. What're you doing here? 
Leslie: I'm studying court etiquette at the Count of Jade's residence. 
Gustave: Court etiquette? You? Hahaha! Sir Thomas and Kelvin sure must have
their hands full.  
Leslie: What are you laughing about? Sir Thomas is always complementing me. 
What about you? You're probably just up to no good. 
Gustave: I'm not such a kid anymore. Hey, Leslie, introduce me to that cute 
girl over there.  
Leslie: Why me!? 
enter Kelvin 
Kelvin: Are those two acquaintances?  
Flynn: Oh, Kelvin. Yeah, they know each other from Gruegel.  
Kelvin: I see. Well, Leslie is from the distinguished Bering family of Gruegel. 
I'm wondering, Flynn: does Gustave like Leslie? 
Flynn: What!? They were always fighting, but... 
Kelvin: Hmph, Gustave's still such a kid.  
Flynn: ...Uh, Kelvin. Lately, you've begun to sound like Sir Gus. 
Kelvin: Ergh...My father warned me of the same thing just this morning...It's
because I've been hanging around you two for far too long. My dignity as a 
noble is... 
Leslie: Ohhh, don't eat with your hands. You're so vulgar. 
Gustave: It tastes the best if you eat it like this. You're missing out.  
1238 Infiltrate! Alexei Gang 
Wil: That's why I said that I should go. 
Nina: Alexei knows my face, so I can't join you. But I'm not letting you go by 
(After choosing a party member) 
Nina: Wil, be extremely careful around Alexei. He's clever, so he might already 
know about your existence. 
Wil: This chilling feeling...I've felt it somewhere before... 
Wil: Are you Alexei? 
Alexei's Hench: What do you want? 
Wil: I would like to join your Quell digging expedition. 
Other Henches: Hehehehe 
Wil: My name is Wil. 
Alexei's Hench: Tell those kinda things to Alexei himself. 
Other Henches: Hahahaha! 
Alexei: Kid, I am Alexei. 
Wil: I am... 
Alexei: I already heard that. Well let's see, I'll let you work as my errand-
Tyler/Cordelia/Narcisse: Are you really letting that kid join us? He's gonna 
decrease our share. 
Alexei: Then you're gonna run my errands for me, huh!? 
Okay, let's get ready to go! 
Wil: Where are we going? 
Alexei: Follow us and you'll find out. 
City of Night 
Alexei: That geezer with the Quell talisman has to live somewhere around 
Go find it! 
Boy, you're not going anywhere! 
Don't you have something you want to talk to me about, Knights? 
Wil: You know! 
Alexei: Yeah. I knew you were Henry's kid the moment I saw you. 
Wil: Alexei Sergein, you murdered my parents and stole the Egg! 
Alexei: Hey, hey, where'd you hear that? My brothers and I were the ones who 
found the Egg in the first place. My little brothers died for this. Henry was 
the one who took it from us. 
Wil: My father would not have done that! 
Alexei: You were just a little kid. How would you know? Anyway, I wasn't the 
one who killed your father. It was your mother. 
Wil: That's ridiculous. Why would mother kill father? 
Alexei: You don't remember? Didn't you see Catherine stab Henry? 
Wil: That's not true. That's not true...Not true... 
Alexei: Do you remember now? ...Conveniently forgetting the details. Well it 
doesn't matter to me anyways. Just remember this: stay out of my way from now 
on. Next time, I won't be so nice. 
(Exit Alexei) 
(Enter Nina) 
Nina: Wil, Wil! What's wrong? Get a hold of yourself, Wil! 
Wil: Mother...Why... 
Nina: What did Alexei say to you, Wil? 
It's no use. You need some rest. 
I certainly hope Tyler/Cordelia/Narcisse is doing well... 
(Enter Tyler/Cordelia/Narcisse) 
Informer: What do you want to know? 
T/C/N: About the old man with the Quell 
Informer: About Quells, eh? There was an old man like that. The name was Kisk. 
I hear he used to frequent the tavern a lot. 
T/C/N: About you 
Informer: Me? I sell information. Information is money. Information is so 
important that it can be a deciding factor of whether you live or die tomorrow. 
Old Man: Water will stagnate if there is no current. You could say this city's 
like a puddle of standing water. 
(After entering empty house) 
T/C/N: Hmm, no one's there. 
(Cat walks across the roof) 
Citizen: ...Do you know about the stairs leading to the water reservoir? The 
old man there knows quite a few things. 
Elder: An old man with a talisman? You talking about Kisk? I don't know where 
he is. Even if I knew, I'm not obligated to tell you. 
Customer: An old man with a Quell talisman? Oh, you're talking about old man 
Kisk. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him lately.  
Hey, bartender! You know what happened to old man Kisk?  
Bartender: Don't know. He hasn't come by lately. Maybe he left town.  
Customer: Yeah, maybe. When was the last time we saw him?  
Bartender: I wonder when... 
Hey, when was the last time the old man came by? 
Bar Hostess: Hmmm...Maybe about three months ago? Anyway, it was a long time 
Bartender: If you're so concerned, why don't you stop by his home? Go outside, 
take the east stairs to the bottom, Kisk's house is to your left. It's where 
that informer has been hanging out lately.  
T/C/N: I'll do that. 
(Exit T/C/N) 
Customer: You think it was one of those people looking to get the talisman? 
Bartender: I'm pretty sure.  
Customer: Tsk...Who do they think they are? 
Bartender: Nah, don't worry. They'll have no choice but to give up when they 
see his house. 
(Enter T/C/N) 
(Kisk's House. T/C/N knocking loudly on the door) 
(Enter woman) 
Woman: Are you an acquaintance of Kisk? 
T/C/N: Well, yeah. 
Woman: Oh, okay...Well, Kisk recently passed away. It was so sudden. Oh, I'm 
sorry. I'm in a bit of a hurry. Farewell. 
(exit woman) 
T/C/N: Dead...? 
(enter Alexei, T/C/N) 
Alexei: The geezer kicked the bucket!? Then what about the Quell? 
T/C/N: I don't know. 
Alexei: That's not what I want to hear! Go find it! 
T/C/N: Uhmmm... 
Alexei: What is it? 
T/C/N: Inquire about the Egg 
Alexei: Just by holding this, it feels like your Anima is enhanced. But you 
have to be careful. If you can't control it properly, you can get your arm 
blown off, just like my younger brother.  
(water mill) 
Girl: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know Kyle. Uh, I don't know him at 
Informer: What do you want to know? 
T/C/N: About the Talisman Quell 
Informer: Many wanted the old man's Quell. If it wasn't buried with him, 
someone must have it. The most likely people would be his relatives. His home 
is empty now, and there's no further information on him.  
T/C/N: About the people here 
Informer: Well, they're not really close-knit. They're kind of cold to 
outsiders. Depending on what your intentions are, it might be a better idea to 
just deceive them.  
(Kyle's house) 
Old Lady: Who are you? This is my house. Get out of here!...Wait a minute! Are 
you the digger who's a friend of Kisk?  
T/C/N: Nod 
Old Lady: Really! Oh good! I sent out letters to all his acquaintances, but I 
haven't heard from any of them yet. I was worried the letters didn't make it. 
But I'm glad I waited. That child Kyle has become quite a little ruffian since 
he lost his only relative, Kisk, but he is a gentle and smart child on the 
inside. That's why I want him to learn from people like you, who have travelled 
the world. I want him to be like Kisk: a man with a vision. Oh my, I've already 
written about all that in the letter, haven't I? Oh, about Kyle...He should be 
returning soon. If it isn't too much trouble, it would be nice of you to meet 
him on the way here. I'm sure he'd be ecstatic if you did. 
(Enter Alexei, T/C/N) 
Alexei: A grandson? Have you found him? 
T/C/N: No, not yet. 
Alexei: You idiot! Hurry up and find him! 
T/C/N: Uhmmm... 
Alexei: What is it this time? 
T/C/N: Inquire about Wil 
Alexei: Henry had a strong Anima. His wife was beautiful. He always looked down 
on me. On top of all that, he tried to take the Egg away. But I took it right 
Informer: What do you want to know? 
T/C/N: About the old man's grandson 
Informer: It must be his only kin, Kyle. I only know his name. I think the kids 
will know more of the details.  
Kid on the roof: I know where Kyle is hiding. That's why I've been here waiting
for him to come out all this time. But will he be able to hear me yell that
he's it? 
Elder: Hey, you're not really an acquaintance of Kisk, are you? 
T/C/N: Shut up and nod 
Elder:'s like how everyone must lie to protect Kyle and the talisman. 
You probably also have to lie to fulfil something that needs to be done. It's 
just going to collect dust as long as it stays here. Just take that talisman 
with you.  
Kid in hiding: Kyle's such a cheater. He always hides where all the monsters 
Bartender: Kisk used to love to drink, but for Kyle, he's still too young. At 
least I know for sure he isn't here. 
Customer: Kyle hasn't returned home yet? He usually isn't the type to make 
others worry.  That's odd. 
Bar Hostess: What!? Kyle hasn't returned home yet? There's something wrong... 
Citizen: If you go down the stairs, you'll reach the water reservoir, but what 
business do you have down there? Well, um, it is an important supply of water 
for the residents of the city, but...There are monsters in the water pipes.  
Old Man: The kids always gather around and play. Lately, they've been playing 
hide and seek, so it's a pain to find them.  
(water mill) 
Girl: Hey, hey, what're you doing? Kyle always goes to the scary place from 
there. It's where the water comes from. They say there are scary monsters 
there. But it's impossible for a grown-up to get through.  
Man: If you're looking for Kyle, he went through the hole that goes to the 
waterway a while ago. You know that opening where all the water pools up? 
That's the only way for adults to  get in. 
(water reservoir) 
Man: This hole has a tunnel connected to the hole Kyle uses. But this hole 
isn't one you climb down. It's a hole you fall through. I fell in it once 
before, and couldn't get back out this way. I can't guarantee you'll be able to 
get back out, but you can get in through here.  
So how about it? You going in?  
T/C/N: Nod 
Man: Alright...I see you've got your own problems, but don't forget to look 
after Kyle. That's all I have to say.  
(exeunt through hole) 
(enter T/C/N, Kyle) 
T/C/N: Let's leave together. Don't worry. 
(Enter water reservoir, T/C/N, Alexei, Kyle) 
Alexei: You've got the kid, right? Good. You will be well rewarded. 
T/N: The Quell's right here. You've got no business with the kid, right? 
Alexei: Of course. 
T/N: Go! 
(exit Kyle) 
T/N: This Quells' not that big of a deal. 
Alexei: I know. It'll do fine.  
I'm going to the granite quarry. If you value your life, don't follow me.  
1239 Showdown! Alexei 
Enter Wil, Narcisse, Tyler, Cordelia (if not dead), Nina 
Alexei: I thought I told you not to follow me, you imbecile. Oh, if it isn't 
the Knights boy. What do you want?  
Wil: Alexei! I'll never forgive you!! 
Alexei: What's this sudden outburst? That's why little boys are so troublesome. 
Don't think I'll let you off so easily after talking to me like that. You are 
prepared, aren't you?  
Wil: I shall avenge my father and mother!! 
Alexei: You? Hah! What a stupid boy. You have no idea the power I possess with 
the Egg. I'll show you why I have come here!! 
Wil: Dragons!? 
Alexei: They are still just fledglings, but they'll do just fine against you.  
Wil: You're controlling the dragons!? 
Alexei: This Quell can only be used by normal humans to repel monsters, but in 
my possession, it can be used to control them. Go now, my dragons! Tear them to 
(battle ensues. All party members fall in battle, Nina must be in the party) 
Nina: Don't get so cocky with powers that aren't even yours! 
(Nina seals dragons with her Anima) 
(battle with Alexei ensues) 
Alexei: So you've sealed the power of the Egg with your life...Hey kid, looks 
like you've managed to live just a little longer. Now, allow me to finish you 
off personally! 
Wil: Alexei...I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do! 
(Alexei falls, exeunt) 
Wil's House 
Nina: Wil, Paul and I never had any children of our own. That's why we've 
always thought of you as our real son.  
Wil: Me too...I've thought of both uncle and you as my as my father and mother. 
So please get well soon, mother.  
Nina: Thank you, Wil. You are such a sweet child. I'm a little tired now. Paul, 
I'm going to rest. 
Paul: Aye, rest well.  
(Nina dies) 
Wil: Uncle, where are you going? 
Paul: Wil, stay with her a little longer. I'll be crying outside. 
Wil: Uncle... 
Wil: Impossible! Alexei is surely dead!! 
Can it be that someone has found the Egg...? 
1239 Mother's Sickbed 
Jade, mansion 
enter Sophie, Leslie 
Sophie: Leslie, you've come to Lord Thomas's mansion to offer your services, 
yet you are here tending to the sick. I have no way of expressing my apologies 
to you or Lord Thomas... 
Leslie: There are many tenants in the count's mansion, so there is no need to 
worry. Besides, I am honored to attend to you, Madam Sophie. 
Sophie: Thank you, Leslie...Please look after Gustave...Cough, cough 
enter Kelvin 
Leslie: Madam Sophie!! Hold on! 
Kelvin! Madam Sophie is...! 
Kelvin: Gustave is not here!? 
(Leslie shakes her head) 
exit Kelvin 
enter Kelvin, Flynn 
Kelvin: Flynn, where is Gustave? 
Flynn: I don't know. He took off with his sword, so he's probably at the 
Kelvin: Dammit! That fool! Madam Sophie is in danger.  
Flynn: What!? 
Kelvin: Notify my father and Master Cielmer! And don't forget the others.  
Flynn: Okay. 
Where are you going? 
Kelvin: To find that fool. 
Caverns of Jade 
enter Gustave 
enter Kelvin 
Kelvin: So you were here. Madam Sophie's health has changed. You've got to 
hurry back.  
Gustave: No way. I have no wish to witness my mother's death.  
Kelvin: Don't be throwing tantrums like a spoiled child. We're going.  
Gustave (closes eyes): How am I supposed to face her? I've only been trouble to 
her. She was exiled because of me. Now she is suffering from illness in a 
foreign land. She's had nothing but suffering. She is still so young, yet she 
will soon die a lonesome death. And yet...How...How am I supposed to face my 
mother? Should I cry, should I smile...Tell me. Tell me what I should do, 
Kelvin: ...You don't need to think about anything. Go see Madam Sophie. If you 
feel like crying, then cry. If you want to leave her with a smile, then smile. 
You've lived this long with just your mother. Are you sure you want to leave 
Madam Sophie alone? 
Gustave(opens eyes): Yes. Let's go back. Thank you, Kelvin. 
Kelvin: Don't worry about it. It's for Madam Sophie. 
Let's head back immediately. 
(battle with slime ensues) 
Gustave: No...Not now!! 
Jade, mansion 
enter Sophie, Gustave 
Gustave: Dear mother...... 
Sophie: You have come home, Gustave. I have been waiting. 
Gustave: I'm so sorry. I was down in the caves again...Kelvin had to come to 
the caves for me. 
Sophie: That's very thoughtful of him...Kelvin is a wonderful friend. 
Gustave: ...... 
Sophie: Look at you. You've grown so mature. No wonder, it has been twelve 
years since we left Thermes. I am so relieved, now.  
Gustave: No, please mother. Don't leave me alone. 
Sophie: You have Kelvin and Flynn to keep you company. One cannot live alone, 
but you are no longer alone, Gustave. Keep a deep respect for your 
relationships with the people around you. If you do so, then others will 
respect you.  
Gustave: ...Alright 
Sophie: Be kind to Flynn. 
Gustave: Yes. 
Sophie: Take good care of Leslie. 
Gustave: Yes. 
Sophie: Have trust in Kelvin. 
Gustave: Yes. 
Sophie: If something happens, discuss it with Lord Thomas and Master Cielmer, 
and respect their opinions. 
Gustave: Yes. 
Sophie: If...if you ever return to Thermes, please give His Majesty my 
Gustave: Yes. 
Sophie: As for Philippe and Marie, please tell them...I'm very sorry. 
Gustave: Yes. 
Sophie: Gustave, please let me have a good look at your face one last time. 
Gustave: Yes. 
Jade, outside the mansion 
enter Leslie, Flynn, Kelvin, Lord Thomas, Cielmer 
Leslie: I've always thought about being as lovely as her. Madam Sophie is truly 
a wonderful person. So why? Why her? She is still young. It's unfair.  
Kelvin: Madam Sophie even treated a boy like me as a nobleman. She was always 
strict, yet gentle.  
Flynn: Madam Sophie was even nice to someone like me. My parents have never 
treated me  as well as she did. 
Kelvin: Flynn, don't cry. There is someone more devastated than we are.  
Flynn: You're right. Poor Sir Gus. 
(Sophie dies) 
Kelvin and Leslie: Madam Sophie! 
Flynn: Huh? What? What happened to Madam Sophie!? Kelvin, Leslie, tell me!! 
Kelvin: Madam Sophie's Anima has now left for her long journey. May Sophie's 
Anima be accepted by all the Animas.  
enter Gustave 
Lord Thomas: Gustave, do not feel so sad.  
Gustave: Master Thomas, I thank you for looking after my mother for so long. 
Cielmer: Sophie's Anima will always be with you.  
Gustave: I will try to believe so, Master Cielmer. 
I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble, Kelvin. 
Kelvin: It is alright. 
Gustave: Thank you for taking care of her for such a long time.  
(Leslie shakes her head) 
Flynn: Sir Guuus 
Gustave: Flynn... 
My mother's Anima has returned to nature. Even though all that remains of my 
mother is her body, please stay by her side. 
enter Gustave XII, three nobles 
enter messenger 
Messenger: Your Majesty, Madam Sophie has...... 
Gustave XII: Summon Philippe. 
exit messenger 
enter Philippe 
Philippe: What is your bidding, Your Majesty? 
Gustave XII: Sophie has died. You will accede to the Nohl territory. From now 
on, you are Philippe, Marquis of Nohl. In a few days, we will make a visit to 
Philippe: ............Yes, Your Majesty. 
exit Philippe 
Gustave XII: The Nohl nobles should quiet down once Sophie's son accedes to the 
Marquis of Nohl. That is all for today. You're all dismissed. 
exit nobles 
Gustave XII: Sophie...... 
enter Philippe, Marie 
Marie: Is something the matter, my dear brother? 
Philippe: Our mother has passed away. 
Marie: !? 
exit Philippe 
enter Philippe 
(Philippe removes the cover off of the family portrait) 
Philippe: Dear mother...You, you're the one that killed mother! If only you'd 
never been born! 
1240 Conquest of Wide 
Wide, The central city of Wide. 
enter Gustave, Nebelstern, Mouton, Marquis of Wide 
Gustave: ...And that's how I miraculously escaped. 
Marquis of Wide: Hah hah hah. Your stories are fascinating. But I doubt their 
Gustave: Unfortunately, they are all true. 
Marquis of Wide: Hah hah hah. Alright, alright. Tell me more of your stories 
next time. 
Gustave: Gladly. Well, if you will now excuse me. 
exit Gustave 
Nebelstern: Your Excellency, I do not think it would be wise for you to trust 
him so. 
Marquis of Wide: Why, Nebelstern? I do not have many friends of my own age. 
Haven't you been the one always asking me to have allies that I can trust? 
Nebelstern: Although he is an exile, he is the son of King Gustave of Finney. 
Do not unnderestimate him. 
Marquis of Wide: Indeed, King Gustave is very shrewd, but he is an unworthy 
son, who cannot use Spell Arts. He is best suited to be my jester. Hah hah hah. 
enter Gustave, girl, ladies, boy, guard 
Lady 1: Our former lord was lost years ago. Some say the truth is that his 
brother secretly locked him away, and he was left alone 'til he...It was a very 
unstable period, so it might not all be just a fairy tale. 
Lady 2: When my grandma was still a child, I heard the lord of Wide disappeared 
mysteriously. He was regarded as a wise ruler. All the men searched everywhere, 
but they couldn't find a trace of him. So the story goes, that the brother of 
this lord, who was filling in as his substitute, ended up becoming the official 
enter Gustave, Flynn, Leslie 
Gustave: So what's the word on General Nebelstern? 
Flynn: I hear he's a pretty intimidating man. They say he's extremely strict. 
Leslie: There's not a whisper of scandal attached to his name. He's very 
disciplined if I may say so. 
Gustave: Has he made any enemies because of his severity? 
Leslie: Well, those around him say that he is even more strict with himself, so 
people accept it. 
Gustave: So there's nothing we can use against him. Alright, how about Sir 
Mouton? Let's gather information on him. 
Flynn: Are we going to be okay, Sir Gus? 
Gustave: Don't be such a chicken, Flynn. 
Leslie: This is nothing like the pranks you used to pull as a kid. This is 
Gustave: Of course I'm serious. I can't just continue to depend on Sir Thomas 
for aid. 
Leslie: You've changed, Gustave. 
enter Gustave, Flynn, Leslie 
Gustave: So did we find anything on Sir Mouton? 
Flynn: Mouton is a very good-natured person. He's exempted sick old ladies from 
taxation, and has even given money to mothers with so many children they could 
barely make ends meet. 
Leslie: He's a very dependable person. He's even collected special taxes from 
merchants and saved the money for emergency situations...obviously for the sake 
of Wide. 
Gustave: A good-natured and dependable person. He's very popular among Wide's 
citizens, I take it. I think we've got something to work with. 
Leslie: Something? What are you going to do? 
Gustave: Go to the Marquis of Wide and frame Sir Mouton.  
Flynn: That's terrible, Sir Gus! 
Gustave: I didn't ask for your opinion, Flynn. If the Marquis even trusted his 
staff, this trick of mine wouldn't work. He deserves what he gets. 
Wide Mansion 
enter Marquis of Wide 
enter Gustave 
Gustave: Today, I come with information which is solely for Your Excellency's 
Marquis of Wide: What is it? 
Gustave: Well, Sir Mouton has been... ...... ...... ...... 
Marquis of Wide: Summon Mouton! 
enter Mouton 
Mouton: Your bidding? 
Marquis of Wide: Mouton, I hear you've been making tax exemptions and creating 
special taxes without consulting me. 
Mouton: ...Yes 
Marquis of Wide: Although you are tasked with general political matters, there 
is an agreement in Wide that you discuss matters of importance with me, the 
Lord of Wide. 
Mouton: ...Yes. 
Marquis of Wide: Taxation is one of the most important issues! To disregard 
your lord is unacceptable!! 
Gustave: I don't mean to offend, but Sir Mouton did it for the sake of Wide. 
Marquis of Wide: I know! But why did you not mention a single word about it to 
me? It demonstrates your lack of faith in my leadership. You will be placed on 
suspension until further notice. Go home and think about what you have done 
Mouton: Yes... 
exit Mouton 
enter Nebelstern 
Marquis of Wide: What is it, General? 
Nebelstern: I heard you've suspended Mouton. 
Marquis of Wide: Is there a problem with that? 
Nebelstern: No. I believe your handling of the situation was correct. The 
problem is, who is going to take over Mouton's job? 
Marquis of Wide: This is nothing for a general to be concerned about. I will 
handle this situation myself. 
Nebelstern: Your Excellency, those who serve you, especially Mouton, all 
faithfully served the previous lord. If you intend to push yourself away from 
those people, and accept an unknown newcomer like Gustave, I will have no 
choice but to resign. 
exit Nebelstern 
Marquis of Wide: All those who serve me used to work under my father. Because 
of my age, they do not take me seriously. They all make decisions on their own. 
I'll take this opportunity to show them who the true ruler of Wide is. 
Gustave: My thoughts exactly. 
Narrator: That night... 
enter Flynn, Gustave 
Gustave: Okay, let's find that secret passage while that obnoxious Nebelstern 
is out of the way. 
Flynn: A secret passage? 
Gustave: In a lord's mansion like this one, there is always a secret escape 
route for emergencies. Let's go. 
enter Gustave 
(Gustave knocks over the painting) 
Gustave: Whoops 
enter Gustave 
Gustave: So this is where it leads. 
enter Flynn 
Gustave: Flynn, notify Kelvin. You can get past the castle walls through here. 
exit Flynn 
enter Nebelstern 
Nebelstern: Gustave, I knew he was up to something. Is he trying to weaken Wide 
by framing Mouton? He's rather young to go about this in such a roundabout way. 
What is he trying to pull... 
exit Nebelstern 
enter Nebelstern 
Nebelstern: I've been had... 
Gustave & the Pirates 
Wide, Gustave's stronghold 
enter Mouton, Gustave 
Mouton: ...the total steel item production has doubled since the last quarter. 
Gustave: ...Uh huh... 
Mouton: Due to the switch to cheaper steel equipment, the millitary maintenance 
costs have dropped, which contributes to our financial efficiency. 
Gustave: ...Uh huh... 
...... ...Uh huh... 
Mouton: On the other hand, the total consumption of charcoal has increased 
drastically, and the cost of charcoal is rising as well. In connection with 
this, there have been many cases of illegal woodcutting in the surrounding 
woodlands, so therefore, we should increase the amount of charcoal 
Gustave: ...... 
Mouton: With all due respect, Master Gustave. 
Gustave: Huh? 
Mouton: ...I can't complete this quarterly report with you in this state. 
enter Mouton, dragging Gustave down the hall 
Mouton: Master Gustave, you're far too young to be cooped up indoors like this. 
Gustave: Hey, Mouton, let me go! 
Mouton: As one of your appointed officials, allow me to take care of this. 
Gustave: What're you...!? 
exit Mouton, dragging Gustave 
enter Kelvin, messenger 
Messenger: Seems to have been a foreign merchant ship. There are no dangerous 
rock areas in the vicinity, so it is unlikely that this sinking was an 
enter Mouton dragging Gustave along 
Kelvin: No survivors either, huh? Then it's the pirates doing, for sure. 
Messenger: It's rumored that a pirate ship was seen nearby, but we have no 
actual proof. 
Mouton: What is the matter? 
Kelvin: A foreign ship seems to have sunk in the seas nearby. 
What is up with him? 
Mouton: With our ruler being worn out like this, the very existence of the 
state is at stake. I'm intending to set His Lordship loose for a couple of 
Kelvin: I see. Good idea. 
exit Mouton, still dragging Gustave 
enter citizens, guard, Mouton, Gustave 
Gustave: What are you doing, Mouton!? 
Mouton: There are many things you can't learn just by sitting at your desk. 
Especially for you, sir. You are someone that becomes greater by facing the 
winds of the open air. You! You are ordered not to let Master Gustave inside 
until the color returns to his face. 
Guard: Yes, sir! 
Gustave: That Mouton...What the devil is he thinking? 
Girl: Look, mama! That man looks like a gorilla! 
Mother: Now! Stop that! 
Lady: Gee, I wonder what it is with today? It's uncomfortable seeing a bunch of 
vulgar looking men wandering around. 
Gustave: That's for sure... 
Merchanteer 1: Did you guys see the girl in this tavern? She's a real cutie! 
Merchanteer 2: Really!? 
Merchanteer 3: We, the Three Merchanteers, know no such word as impossible! Let 
us begin our approach! 
enter Silver Sails Fleet members, farmer 
Silver Sails Fleet Member: This house has been rented by the Silver Sails 
Fleet! No one may enter! 
Gustave: Silver Sails Fleet? 
What is the Silver Sails Fleet? 
Silver Sails Fleet Member: It's uh...a shipping business. 
...Can't tell you any details. 
enter Merchanteers, bar hostess, bartender, Silver Sails Fleet Members 
Merchanteer 1: Gwahaha...... 
Merchanteer 3: Hya hya hya. 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 1: Tsk! They're so rowdy. 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 2: Don't do it! Those guys are too dangerous! 
Bartender: (WhatshouldIdo? WhatshouldIdo?) 
enter Gustave 
Bartender: Uh, welcome! 
Gustave: It's pretty crowded here today. 
Bartender: Well, yes......They claim to be sailors from a foreign country, 
but...Some nobleman's ship from the same country seems to have sunk near 
Gustave: I see......So that's what it was. 
(Gustave sits on the stool) 
Gustave: Get me something chilled. 
Bartender: Yes, sir, right away! 
Merchanteer 2: Hey, let's go on a date tonight! I'll tell you all my stories 
from around the world. 
Bar Hostess: I'm not really interested...... 
Merchanteer 2: What are you wondering about? Our merchant fleet is organized by 
noblemen. We're in a completely different class than some of those stinking 
dirty pirates around here! 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 1: What did you just say!? 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 2: Hey, don't do it! 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 1: Tsk! 
Merchanteer 1: Gwahaha...... 
Merchanteer 3: Hya hya hya. 
Merchanteer 1: If you come with us, we'll treat you to all the treasures we 
find around the world! 
Bar Hostess: But I... 
Merchanteer 2: And we'll teach you other ways of having fun too. 
Bartender: Stop it! 
This girl is still a child! Stop it! 
Merchanteer 1: Butt out, old man! Love is free, ain't it!? Isn't it, my pretty 
Gustave: ...You folks are an eyesore. 
Merchanteer 1: Hey, you! What did you just say!? 
Gustave: Nobleman or not, anyone without dignity is just a ruffian... 
Merchanteer 3: What!? 
Bartender: Master Gus...... 
Gustave: I'm just telling the truth. 
Merchanteer 1: Why, you little bastard... 
Merchanteer 2: ...I've had just about enough of you, you stupid brat... 
Merchanteer 1: Uh oh! You're in trouble now! You've made him seriously mad! 
Merchanteer 3: You maade him maaad, you maade him maaad! You'll bee sooorry!! 
Merchanteer 2 (getting up): Hey! 
Bartender: M-Master Gus! 
(Gustave gets off his seat) 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 2: H-He'll be killed. 
Gustave: Have you ever think about what the 
Merchanteer 2: Shut up!! 
(Merchanteer 2 tries to attack Gustave, but he deflects the attack) 
Merchanteer 2: ! 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 1: Hey, did you see that! He parried those blows! 
Gustave: This is how you use a sword. 
(Gustave strikes the Merchanteers) 
Merchanteer 3: Gya! 
Merchanteer 2: Arrgh! 
Merchanteer 1: Wahh! 
enter Gustave, Silver Sails Fleet Members, bartender, bar hostess, Merchanteer 
Merchanteer: You're gonna pay for this! 
exit Merchanteer 
Gustave: What a bunch of ruffians. I'm going to have to settle things for this 
Bar Hostess: Wow! Those were some lightning fast moves, weren't they? 
Bartender: Yes. That was some fast fencing! 
Silver Sails Fleet Member 2: We'll leave the money on the table. 
exit Silver Sails Fleet Members 
Bar Hostess: Master Gustave! 
What is...intelligence? 
Gustave: It is the ability to understand the things around you correctly. 
Although that's a very difficult thing to do. 
enter citizens, pirates, guard, Gustave 
Pirate: Wooho! Wooho! 
Girl: Yipee! Gorilla! Gorilla! 
Mother: I'm really sorry about her... 
Gustave: I want to talk to your leader. Please tell him. 
Merchant Fleet Member: I see. I will give him your message. Please come back a 
little later. 
enter captain, Silver Sails Fleet Members, farmer 
Captain: What? Is that true!? 
Silver Sails Fleet Member: If not more. He's fast as lightning. He's as good as 
Captain: Three Merchanteers in no time, eh...? 
enter Gustave 
Captain: Who is that boy? 
Gustave: Boy... 
Silver Sails Fleet Member: Y-You're...! 
Captain: Huh? 
Silver Sails Fleet Member: Captain...... 
Captain: ...What!? That boy!? 
enter captain, Silver Sails Fleet Members, farmer, Gustave 
Captain: Boy, you want to join the Silver Sails Fleet? 
Gustave: Me? A sailor? 
Captain: Aye! Adventure with us across the great seas. 
Gustave: They don't know who I am. 
No thanks. 
Captain: I see...But you're always welcome. If you ever change your mind, come 
on by. 
Gustave: Moreover, the townspeople are uneasy. Might be a good idea to get some 
distance from the town before something happens. 
Captain: You don't have to tell me. We're setting sail. 
Silver Sails Fleet: I see potential in you. You'll definitely make it to number 
Gustave: Don't you mean number two? 
Man: Do you need my expertise as a know-it-all? 
Gustave: Tell me what you know 
Man: The merchant fleet and the Silver Sails Fleet are all the same. They're 
just pirates on the inside. Who knows what they do once they ship out. 
enter Gustave, citizens, guard, merchant fleet member 
Merchant Fleet Member: We have been waiting. Our leader has agreed to see you. 
Please come in. 
enter merchant fleet leader, Merchanteers 
enter Gustave 
Gustave: ...Hey, aren't you those... 
Merchant Fleet Leader: I heard these men have been misbehaving. 
I would like to offer my deepest apologies. 
Merchanteer 1: I apologize! 
Merchanteer 3: Sorry! 
Merchanteer 2: Forgive me! 
Gustave: ...... 
The townspeople are agitated. I would like to ask you to leave port as soon as 
possible, before any more problems occur. 
Merchant Fleet Leader: Are you the chairperson of some council? 
Gustave: Looks like these guys have no idea who I am. 
Merchant Fleet Leader: But even if we wanted to, we couldn't leave port. 
Gustave: Well, they probably know foreign lords by name only, not face. 
Merchant Fleet Leader: That is where I'd like to ask you a favor... 
Gustave: What!? 
Merchant Fleet Leader: So that we may leave port as soon as possible, I'd like 
to ask you a favor. 
Did you hear me? 
enter Gustave, merchant fleet leader, Merchanteers 
Gustave: In other words, that baron's ship which sank yesterday and the Quell 
held by the Silver Sails Fleet... 
Merchant Fleet Leader: Neptune's Crystal Orb. 
Gustave: You're saying they stole it? 
Merchant Fleet Leader: They call themselves the Silver Sails Fleet, but in 
reality, they're pirates...It's likely that they sank the baron's ship. 
Neptune's Crystal Orb is a crucial Quell that gives its possessor the royal 
trading rights...With that, even pirates could gain trading rights. 
Gustave: What an odd system... 
Merchant Fleet Leader: You have the means. Please help us. Please return the 
Quell to us. I cannot return to my homeland while those pirates have possession 
of the orb. 
Gustave: Hey, wait a minute. This isn't my problem. Why don't you solve it 
Merchant Fleet Leader: We have a rule which states that we cannot fight each 
other over the trading rights. It's a non-aggression pact. 
Gustave: This is going to be crazy! It's not everyday you get to steal aboard a 
pirate ship! 
Merchant Fleet Leader: Of course, you will be heavily rewarded. 
Gustave: But it would not be good for me to meddle in the political affairs of 
other countries...Maybe I can do it if I don't let them know my identity...That 
might actually work! 
Merchant Fleet Leader: Will you accept? 
Gustave: Mouton even told me to go have fun. What am I worried about? 
Alright...I accept! 
Merchant Fleet Leader: Thank you! 
enter Gustave, merchant fleet leader, Merchanteers 
Merchant Fleet Leader: ...are Neptune's Crystal Orb's general features. 
Gustave: I got it. 
Merchant Fleet Leader: Oh, and one more thing! 
There is a man by the name of Bart in the Silver Sails Fleet. It would be best 
to stay away from him. 
Gustave: Is he strong? 
Merchant Fleet Leader: And smart, too. 
Gustave: Bart...I'll keep that in mind! 
Merchant Fleet Leader: And you can get any other details by asking these 
Do you three understand me!? 
Merchanteer 1: Sir! 
Merchanteer 3: Understood! 
Merchanteer 2: Of course! 
Gustave: I have something I want to ask you three about. 
Merchanteer 1: Ask us anything. 
Merchanteer 3: With pleasure! 
Merchanteer 2: I'll tell you everything! 
Gustave: What's the merchant fleet like? 
Merchanteer 3: We used to work as domestic traders, but now that the baron is 
dead, we've become... 
Merchanteer 1: Hey! 
Merchanteer 3: Uh, that is, even considering our unfortunate circumstances, we
wish to maintain our trading business...heh...yeah. 
Merchanteer 1: Our leader is the number one vassal of the late baron. He's the 
one who ought to be the successor. He has a great business sense and is 
constantly in search of new trading opportunities. 
Merchanteer 2: Thanks to the benefits of transit commerce, our country will 
soon be experiencing three times its normal profits. 
Merchanteer 3: ...But...he's not very amiable. 
Gustave: ...... 
Gustave: What's the Silver Sails Fleet like? 
Merchanteer 1: They're poor, so they have no clothes... 
Merchanteer 3: ...they're ape-like... 
Merchanteer 2: ...their feet stink... 
Merchanteer 3: ...and that's about it. 
Gustave: Who's Bart? 
Merchanteer 1: He's just plain strong. He laid waste to several of our guys. 
embarrassingly, I was taken out in two seconds. 
Merchanteer 3: I was taken out in less than a second.  
Gustave: What is Neptune's Crystal Orb? 
Merchanteer 1: It's a Quell, shaped like the world. With it, you have trading 
rights recognized by the royal family. 
Merchanteer 3: Now that the baron is dead, the first one to present Neptune's 
Crystal Orb to the king inherits the trading rights. 
Merchanteer 2: Our leader's been after the trading rights... 
Merchanteer 1: Hey! 
Merchanteer 3: ...... 
Merchanteer 1: Hey...later, you and I need to have a talk... 
Gustave: What's your type? 
Merchanteer 1: Soft skin 
Merchanteer 3: Red head, with droopy eyes 
Merchanteer 2: ...someone dependable... 
Merchanteer 1 & 3: ...... 
enter Gustave, captain, Silver Sails Fleet Members, farmer 
Gustave: I've decided. Let me join. 
Captain: Really!? 
...Actually, I have one thing to say to you. We, the Silver Sails Fleet, are a 
little different from those other fleets.  
Gustave: You're pirates, right? I know. 
Captain: Gahahaha! Well, I'll be...! 
Pirate Ship 
enter captain, pirates, Gustave 
Captain: ...Is how it is, so here's our new comrade, Gus. 
enter Bart 
Captain: Hey, Bart! 
Where have you been? Gus, this is Bart. 
Gustave: Bart...So this is him... 
Bart: ...Captain, didn't we agree not to allow outsiders onboard the ship? I've 
heard about you. You defeated the three merchanteers. 
Gustave: Well, yeah. 
Bart: But captain, what do you intend to do about that peace agreement then? 
Captain: He's good. He'll be useful. 
Bart: Hmph...More than me? 
...Fine, then go and hire him. I'm going downstairs to organize the loot. 
exit Bart 
Gustave: I see. He is indeed powerful. 
Captain: That guy...gruff as usual. Well, it's a little messy, but you're 
welcome to do whatever you want. 
Gustave: I'll do that. 
I'm beginning to wonder if the pirates really do have the Quell. 
enter Gustave, pirates 
Gustave: There are three treasure chests! 
Pirate: Hey, newcomer! As you can see, you won't be able to pass through here. 
Gustave: What's inside? 
Pirate: It's probably spice. Doesn't it smell nice? 
Gustave: ...... 
Pirate: It's that spicy fragrance that just gets your appetite going. Sorry 
about all the mess. Why don't you wait upstairs while I clean up? 
enter Gustave, pirates, captain 
Captain: How much food is there left? 
Pirate: I'd say about 40 days worth. 
Captain: Seems pretty prosperous. Yeah, just yesterday we nailed a foreign 
merchant ship. 
Pirate: Gahahahah! Yeah, that was great! 
Gustave: Ask about the assaulted ship 
Foreign? I heard you hit a ship of the nobility. 
Pirate: Nobility? You mean the baron's ship? 
Captain: Gahahah! Don't trust rumors. 
Gustave: Rumors...? 
Captain: Bring the list o' loot to my room later. 
Pirate: Aye! 
What is it? 
Gustave: Ask about the loot 
Pirate: We hit the mother lode this time, hehehe! 
Gustave: What's among the loot? 
Pirate: Perishables...Then there's money and some rare jewels. 
Gustave: Ask about the baron's ship 
I heard the baron's ship was hit by pirates. 
Pirate: It's just a rumor spread by the merchant fleet. I was off-duty. If you 
want more details, ask him. 
Pirate 2: What? 
Pirate: This guy wants to know more about the baron's ship. 
Pirate 2: ...I don't like talking about that. 
Gustave: Make small talk 
What do you do with the money you get? 
Pirate: I get my ma lots of tasty food to eat. I've been so much trouble for 
her. She deserves it. 
Gustave: Ask about the treasure chest 
Pirate 2: What's in that treasure chest? Open it and find out. 
Pirate 3: I hope it's something to drink! I only want the best! 
Pirate 2: Stupid fool! You're supposed to be the lookout! You want to come to 
the same fate as the baron? 
Pirate 3: S-Sorry... 
Gustave: Ask about the baron's ship 
Pirate 2: The baron's ship was hit by monsters. 
Gustave: Monsters? How do you know? 
Pirate 2: Because we tried to save the baron's ship. 
Gustave: Save!? 
Pirate 2: It was a horrible sight. By the time we arrived, it was already 
sinking. The entire crew was lost. I don't even want to remember it. 
enter captain, Gustave 
exit captain 
Gustave: Captain...? 
Pirate: Ahh! A lone slime! 
Gustave: What? 
Pirate: Th..this one's real vicious! 
Gustave: Huh? A lone slime? 
enter Bart 
Bart: What's the commotion all about? 
Gustave: Something about a...lone...slime... 
Bart: We've got a loose monster? 
Hey, this is your job, isn't it!? 
enter Gustave, captain, Bart, pirates 
Gustave: A lone slime...It's the slime that got separated from the pack. 
Pirates: Oh Bart! 
Pirate: A lone slime got onboard the ship. 
Pirate 2: It's up to you, Bart! 
Bart: Yeah!...No. Will you do it? 
Gustave: Take care of it 
...Alright. I'll take care of it! 
(battle ensues) 
Note: if you choose the other option, no battle ensues. 
(end of battle) 
Bart: Not bad. 
enter Gustave, captain 
Gustave: Hey! That's Neptune's Crystal Orb!! 
So the pirates took it after all! 
Captain: Oh, Gus. What's the matter? 
Gustave: Where'd you get this Quell? 
Captain: I see, you're suspicious of us, aren't you? Well, I don't blame you. 
I won't deny that we've participated in some shady business in the past. 
Gustave: Then you killed the baron? 
Captain: ...... 
What do you feel when you look at that map? 
Gustave: It's a dirty old map 
Captain: ...Tells me you are blind... 
enter captain, Gustave 
Captain: When you have the opportunity, take the time to look at that map. 
enter pirate, Gustave 
Pirate: Yo! You gonna help out? 
Gustave: I'll help! 
enter pirate 
Pirate: Over here, Gus! 
enter Gustave 
Pirate: For that...Hmm, we'll...... 
Just place it somewhere over there. 
Gustave: Alright. 
enter another pirate 
Pirate: Thanks, everyone! 
Pirate 2: Anytime! 
exit pirate 2 
Gustave: ? What's that pedestal!? 
What is that pedestal? 
Pirate: It was custom-made by a Tool craftsman. If I use that compass,
Gustave: Compass!? 
Pirate: The captain's the only one who knows how to use that. 
Gustave: A compass? What's this doing here? Isn't this usually supposed to be 
used as a set with navigation charts...? 
enter pirates, Gustave 
Pirate: Bart was the one who suggested helping the baron. 
Pirate 2: Come to think of it, Bart was crying when the baron's ship sank... 
enter pirates, Bart, Gustave 
Gustave: I heard you helped the baron. 
Bart: Is it that unbelievable? 
Gustave: Well, there are times when you find good-natured people among ones you 
least expect. 
Bart: Hahahah! Least expect, eh!? I hate the nobility, but the baron was an 
exception. He loved our home, our city.  
The jewelry made from coral. The city's famous sun-dried food. Grandma's 
tapestry. He handled our home's famous goods, and he traded them with great 
Gustave: You want to continue what the baron did and keep on trading, right...? 
Bart: Is it strange for a pirate to be a trader? 
Gustave: No...It's only by circumstance that you're a pirate...This may just be 
a big test to attain your dreams. 
Bart: ...... 
Gustave: People only judge others by appearance, ya know? 
Bart: You talk as if you've gone through something similar. 
enter pirates 
enter Gustave, Bart 
Gustave: ...... 
Bart: ... 
Captain: Bart? What is it? 
Bart: I'd like to have a word with you... 
Captain: A word...? Fine, come in. 
exit Bart 
enter Gustave, pirates 
Pirate: You think the captain will be mad because I drank it? 
Pirate 2: Just fill it back up with one of those cheap ones. He won't know the 
Pirate: Hahaha. The captain's not known for his good taste. 
Gustave: Huh? 
Pirate 2: Oops... 
Pirate: Uh oh... 
Gustave: Leave 
It's...gonna be...kinda hard... 
Pirate 2: W-Wait a minute! 
enter pirates, Gustave 
Pirate 2: It's not what you think, bro! 
Gustave: What? 
Pirate: C'mon, don't be like that, you're one of us, man!! 
Pirate 2: 
Pirate: It's okay! 
exit pirate 
Pirate 2: Here, drink it. Bottoms up! 
exit pirate 2 
Gustave: ...... 
Captain: What is it that you've got a problem with, Bart? 
Bart: You don't understand, Captain? 
Gustave: That voice... 
(screen goes to Captain's room) 
Bart: Anyway you look at it, he's not pirate material...I watched his 
technique...I'm sure of it. That's the technique the royal family uses! 
Captain: Hah hah hah! You're being paranoid, Bart. You're saying that boy is an 
agent of the royal family?......Even if, by some small chance, you happen to be 
Bart: Captain? 
Captain: I'm sure he'll understand what we're trying to do. We are trying to 
fulfill our dreams. 
He reminds me of myself, when I was his age. When the kid looked at the map... 
...He believed the world was nothing, and that it was just a dirty old map. 
Bart: Hmph...Yeah, he was mumbling something about how there are good-natured 
people where you least expect to find them. There's one thing I'm sure of; he 
is an interesting fellow. But I still think we should clear this up as soon as 
Pirate: Hard to port!! Hard to starboard!! Hurry it up!! 
Bart: Tsk, what's the ruckus about this time? 
It's no use! We're going in!! Sound the alarm!! 
Bart and Captain: Alarm!? 
Captain: What's going on!? 
Bart: Is it a glacier!? But this shaking isn't...!? 
(screen goes back to Gustave) 
Gustave: What is it...? 
enter pirate 
Pirate: Y-You! Of all the places! 
Gustave: What's going on!? 
Pirate: It's a pack!! We've crashed into a pack of monsters! 
Gustave: Pack of monsters!? 
Pirate: J-Just get over here! It's your turn to do your job! Bart and the 
captain are already fighting on deck! 
enter Bart, captain, pirates, Gustave 
Pirate: Damn! We're surrounded! 
Captain: Gahahahah! Monster, prepare yourself!  
Pirate 2: I was doing my duty! It's not my fault! 
Pirate 3: Bart! 
Gustave: Are you okay!? 
Bart: I need no help! 
Gustave: Incredible! 
Bart: Gus! Behind you! Be careful! 
(battle with slime ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Gustave: Everyone's desperately fighting. Here's my chance... 
enter Gustave 
(after disarming the compass mechanism) 
Gustave: I did it! 
enter Bart, pirates 
Bart: Gus...No, he couldn't be!! 
exit Bart 
enter Gustave 
enter Bart 
Bart: Gus!! 
enter captain 
Captain: Boy...Step away from that! 
Bart: Who are you, exactly!? Did the merchant fleet send you!? 
Gustave: ... 
Captain: Did they? Boy!! 
Bart: Yeah, you're just great. You joined up as if you were one of us, only to 
wait for the right time to walk all over our dreams. 
Gustave: I was just... 
Bart: Good-natured people are the ones you least expect? Tch, yeah, whatever. 
The baron put his soul into that. I can't just hand it over to the merchant 
Captain: Prepare yourself, Gus!! 
Captain, Gustave and Bart: ! 
enter slime 
Captain: No! They've got all the way here! 
(slime attacks captain) 
Captain: Guaaah! 
Bart: Captain! 
You bastard! 
(Bart attacks the slime) 
Bart: Captain! 
Captain: ...Ugh... 
Bart: Get a hold of yourself, sir! 
Gustave: Watch out! It's still alive! 
Bart: ! 
(slime attacks Bart) 
Guh...How could I have... 
Gustave: Bart! 
enter more slime 
Bart: ...Tsk...It's over for me... 
This sucks...Just when things were going our way... 
Gustave: Bart... 
Bart: Go! 
Give my regards to the old man in the merchant fleet... 
Gustave: This trade rights issue is a foreign affair, not mine... 
Bart fought against destiny, to grasp his dream...just like me... 
...That's my reflection in the mirror... 
(two consecutive battles with slimes ensue) 
(end of battles) 
Bart: ...What...are you... 
Gustave: I am Gus...Gus of the Silver Sails Fleet! That's all that matters 
right now. Let's finish off these guys and go back to port. And then you can 
start your trading business. 
Bart: Can' you... 
B-But...if we fight together, we can save everyone... 
...Don't fall...behind... 
Gustave: ...Not on your life! 
(battle with last slime ensues) 
Gustave: I'd like to say that I am a per-son-al fan of yours, Bart. 
Bart: Heh ! Don't say such a cree-py thing, Gus. 
enter two ladies 
Lady 1: Listen, did you know? I just heard that in a faraway country some 
pirates acquired official trade rights. 
Lady 2: Oh my, how terrible! I wonder what kind of merchandise a pirate would 
Lady 1: It'll probably just be stolen items or booty from other ships. 
enter Gustave 
Lady 2: Maybe even humans... 
Lady 1: Oh, stop that! 
Gustave: I believe they're carrying coral hair ornaments and hand woven 
Lady 1: Oh, Master Gustave! 
Gustave: And the dried fruit sounds tasty. 
Lady 1: Coral, you said!? 
Lady 2: I wonder if they have dried apricots, too? 
(screen goes scrolls with Gustave) 
enter guard, girl and mother 
Girl: Hi! Master Gustave! 
Gustave: Hi there! 
Guard: Ahh, Master Gustave. Looks like you have completely recovered your 
color, sir. 
Gustave: The pirate Bart......The man with a burning dream...Hrm...? 
exit Gustave 
1244 At the Mines 
Svendorf Mines 
Boss: Well, does everyone agree that we should proceed with the digging from 
Miner: Yeah, that's right. Everyone but Wil, that is. 
Wil: I agree that this is probably the most promising location to strike a 
lode. But... 
Boss: But? 
Wil: I'm sensing some kind of unusual Anima from this direction. I've got a bad 
feeling about this. 
Boss: A bad feeling, eh...? Well, I'll take that into consideration. 
Wil: If you're not going to take me seriously, I'm going to step down from this 
Boss: You are free to do what you like.  
Wil: I wonder if my instincts were wrong... 
Tyler: I have faith in your judgment. 
Wil: Thank you, Tyler. 
Narcisse: Hey, there's been news of monsters bursting out of the Svendorf 
Tyler: Looks like you were correct, Wil. 
Wil: Yes. But now's not the time to gloat. Sir Narcisse, let's go rescue the 
Narcisse: Hmm, monster slaying huh? Well then, it's time to get some loot! 
Svendorf Mines 
Wil: That's the enemy generator...We have to push them back in there somehow. 
Miner: I wet my pants... 
Miner: ...............!? I-I'm saved! 
Miner: Ahh! Wh-What? A human? I thought the last thing I'd ever see would be 
Miner: Damn, he left me behind. Well, I'm going to increase his quota next 
Miner: I was thinking of jumping off before I got eaten. Thank you. I'm glad I 
don't have to jump into that sewage. 
Miner: Thanks, you saved me. There are still others that haven't escaped yet.
Please help them out. 
Miner: In the end, Wil was right after all.  
Boss: Sigh...what a total loss. 
Wil: Don't get too discouraged. There will be good times, too. 
1245 Father's Sudden Death 
Wide, Gustave's stronghold 
Narrator: Five years pass since Gustave set up his stronghold in Wide. Through 
Mouton's efforts,  the residents grow accustomed to Gustave's rule. Many men 
gather under his flag, and his power grows steadily.  
enter two ladies, girl, guard 
Lady 1: Since master Gustave came to this city, it's become such a rough place. 
Oh dear.  
Lady 2: It's not all bad, since we've gained more customers now.  
Lady 1: I guess you're right, at least it's become very lively now.  
(messenger streaks by) 
Lady 2: Did something happen? 
Guard: We've just received news that Lord Gustave's father, the King of Finney, 
has passed away. 
enter Kelvin, Gustave 
(Gustave pacing around) 
Kelvin: What do you intend to do, Gustave?  
Gustave: Intend to do? I was exiled from Finney. It has nothing to do with me. 
If mother were alive, she probably would have been able to return to Thermes or 
Nohl. But I have no intention of returning.  
Kelvin: But you are the eldest son of King Gustave. You have the right to 
inherit Finney. 
Gustave: They've probably already decided on an heir. And there's also 
Philippe, my younger brother. My sister, Marie, also has a husband. Any one of 
them should do fine. Even you could be the heir, Kelvin. I don't care.  
enter soldiers, bartender 
Soldier 1: Why isn't Lord Gustave giving us the order to prepare for battle? 
Soldier 2: I hear that Sir Kelvin is opposed to that idea.  
Soldier 3: Likely, since he's a genuine spell caster.  
Soldier 4: If that's true, it's not permissible! Let's go consult with Sir 
Kelvin at once! 
Soldier 1: Agreed, let's go! 
enter Kelvin, soldiers 
Kelvin: The one who's hesitating is Gustave himself. I myself am recommending 
that he claim his right to accede to the throne.  
Soldier 1: Is that true, sir? Then Sir Kelvin, you will be supporting our plans 
to take the field of battle?  
Kelvin: Of course. We have been training in Wide all these years for this 
enter Leslie, Gustave 
Leslie: You should just do as you please. Whether the people decide to follow 
you or not is a decision they must make on their own.  
Gustave: What are you going to do, Leslie? Will you be coming with me?  
Leslie: Well, let me see. What should I do? 
enter Gustave, soldiers, Kelvin, Mouton 
Gustave: Alright, I understand what you're all trying to say. But I don't have 
any experience commanding an army. It's not going to be so easy that they're 
going to let an amateur like me win. It's foolish to go into a fight you know 
you're not going to win, in my opinion. So how about it? Is there someone among 
us with experience enough to command several thousand troops? 
Mouton: I beg your pardon, sir, but...why not call upon Nebelstern? 
Gustave: But Mouton, I've already tried to invite him many times. I've been to 
see him and Sir Thomas even put in a recommendation. I seriously doubt he will 
want to work with someone like me, who ousted his former lord.  
Mouton: As you explained earlier, there is presently no one in Wide with a 
knowledge of military matters. Nebelstern is a very talented man. You need him, 
my lord. May I take the responsibility of bringing him to you?  
Gustave: Fine. I'll leave it up to you. 
enter Nebelstern 
enter Mouton 
Nebelstern: It's been a long time, Mouton. Are you busy as usual? 
Mouton: Yes, General.  
Nebelstern: Oh stop it. I'm not a general anymore. Don't tell me: you've come 
to ask me to be a general again? If that's the case, I refuse.  
Mouton: No, I've brought a guest.  
enter Cielmer 
Cielmer: Good day. 
Nebelstern: M-Master Cielmer! This is unexpected! Mouton! This is rather 
conniving of you. 
Mouton: Thank you for your kind words, General. 
enter Cielmer, Nebelstern 
Cielmer: I feel responsible for his life. I was once his teacher and guide, 
after all. Moreover, I'm interested in what lies in his future. I want to know 
what his destiny is. 
Nebelstern: You're saying he's that significant? Him? 
Cielmer: Of that, I cannot be sure. It's just that I'd like to see how far he 
can go without Spell Arts. I desire to see this through.  
Nebelstern: Is that so? Well if you're that insistent, then I shall join you in 
seeing what destiny awaits him as well. 
1246 Beyond Grand Valley 
Narrator: Grand Valley A giant valley that splits the Eastern Continent into
north and south. During the era of the ancient empire, a stone bridge spanned 
the valley. The bridge could not withstand the flow of time, and has now mostly 
collapsed. Yet, it still stands as the sole road connecting the north and the 
south. To get across to the south, Wil now attempts to cross the bridge. Ten 
days earlier... 
Wil: I think I'm about ready to take on a major expedition. How about it, 
Tyler: Yeah. You should be good enough to handle it. 
Wil: Sir Narcisse? 
Narcisse: Then I suggest you head south. 
Wil: South? 
Narcisse: Down to Weissland, the land that's supposedly the birthplace of the 
Spell Arts. You might be able to strike it big there.  
Wil: That sounds like a plan. Let's go! How about you, Tyler? 
Tyler: Yeah. I'll go as well. 
Wil: Okay, then let's get ready right away. 
Narcisse: I'm not coming with you this time. 
Wil: Why? You're the one who suggested... 
Narcisse: I only recommended it. Weissland is a land of intense cold. Too tough 
for someone my age. And it's about time I retired. 
Wil: You still have plenty of vigor, Narcisse. 
Narcisse: I suggest you find someone else. 
Man: What are you doing here? Is there something you need? 
Wil: Can you tell me anything about the stone bridge? 
Man: During the time of the ancient empire, many stone bridges connected the 
northern and southern territories. Nowadays, only one bridge (well, the ruins 
of one, to be exact) still stands. Still, it's better than having nothing at 
Stone Bridge 
Soldier: The toll is a million. 
Wil: What! That's ridiculously expensive!! 
Soldier: We'll settle for 10,000 if you give us a Quell. 
Wil: You're trying to pull a fast one because I'm a digger. 
Labelle: I know a different route.  
Wil: Really! 
Labelle: Yes. But it's a bit too dangerous to go alone. So I've been waiting 
for a suitable partner to pass by. How about it, do you want to take the route? 
Wil: Go 
Labelle: Then let's go. 
(base of stone bridge) 
Labelle: We'll go through the valley below instead of crossing the bridge. 
enter Narcisse 
Narcisse: Wait! 
Wil: Sir Narcisse! 
Narcisse: I knew you'd be reckless. Do you know what kind of place this is? The 
fog and the monsters trap the unwary in this valley. It's a place where people 
will even pay the outrageous toll so they can cross the bridge just to avoid 
the valley. 
Wil: But it is connected to the other side, right? 
Narcisse: You don't know when to quit, do you? So you'd rather risk your life 
than hand over a Quell. You've become quite an impressive digger. Fine, this is 
the last time I'm going with you. 
Wil: Thank you, Sir Narcisse. 
Narcisse: Hey, woman. What can you do? 
Labelle: How rude. I have a name you know. I'm Labelle. My specialty is the 
Narcisse: An archer? That's rare. So why are you going south? 
Labelle: I'm looking for a man. Don't ask me to tell you anything more! 
Valley of Mist 
Wil: The fog's getting thicker...We'd better get through soon, or there'll be 
(area with Volcanoid) 
Wil: This area's especially thick with fog. This isn't normal. 
What's this...Some kind of staff? No, a spear? 
Pull it out 
(battle with Volcanoid ensues) 
(after obtaining the Ice Lance) 
Wil: The fog's cleared a little...Was this causing the fog? 
Wil: With only this much fog, we might be able to...Alright, here's our chance! 
Narcisse: As agreed, this is where we part. 
Wil: Sir Narcisse... 
Narcisse: Good luck in whatever you do. 
Wil: Yes. 
Narcisse: Take care, Wil. Oh, to tell you the truth, I can't stand the cold.  
1247 Tycoon Wil 
Laubholz, the gateway to the frigid region 
enter Wil, Patrick, customers, host 
Patrick: Have a heart, I beg you! 
Host: I'm very sorry, but all of our customers have asked us to refrain from 
sharing their seats, so please, do come again. 
Patrick:I've heard that the food here is just splendid, but oh well. It's too 
Wil: We can't help it if it's so crowded.  
Patrick: I wanted my stomach filled with something good before I left for 
Weissland, but... 
Wil: You're heading for Weissland? I'm travelling to Weissland, as well. This 
is a rare coincidence. As we are both hungry fellows, how would you like to 
join us on the trip there? My name is Wil. 
Patrick: Sure, I would love to join you. I am Patrick.  
Weissland, Birthplace of Spell Arts 
enter Wil, bartender, customers 
Wil: Ahh, it's warm in here. 
There's something different about this fireplace. 
No, it couldn't be...Is it a Quell fireplace!? 
Customer: It seems you don't find Quell fireplaces elsewhere. How do they ever 
get by in the cold? 
enter Wil, clerk 
Wil: Phew, it's warm in here. 
So there's one over here, too. 
Clerk: That's right. This village uses the power of Quells to get heat. You've 
come from elsewhere, right? It must've been some trip to come all the way out 
here to the edge of the world. 
Wil: Where did you find this Quell!? 
Clerk: It's been there since my grandfather's grandfather's, and even his 
grandfather's time, more grandfathers than I can count, so I don't know...Never 
mind that; please buy something from me.  
enter Wil, customers, bartender, William 
William: You're not from here either, are you? Weren't you surprised? Quells 
are so plentiful here. Weissland isn't the birthplace of Spell Arts for 
Wil: I'm Wil, Wil Knights. I've come here looking for the big one.  
William: Hmm, my name is William, too. What a coincidence. We have the same 
goals and name.  
Labelle: Big brother!! 
William: Mich? Is that you Mich? You're all grown up. I didn't recognize you.  
Labelle: Ten years. It's been ten years since you've left home, big brother. 
William: Really? It's already been that long? I'd almost forgotten. 
Labelle: Let's go home. 
William: I'm not going home. I'm not finished yet. 
Labelle: What? You can't even do it. You never change. You're nothing but talk! 
William: Shut up! I know I may not be as good as you, but that's exactly why I 
need the Quell.  
Wil: Now, now, let's calm down... 
Labelle: Keep out of it! 
William: This has nothing to do with you! 
Wil: Uh, I'm sorry... 
enter customers, Wil, bartender, William, Labelle 
William: Hey you, weren't you looking for Quells? Then, come with me. There's a 
Megalith to the south of here.  
Wil: A Megalith!! Really!? 
Labelle: Wait a minute. What's this Megalith thingy? 
William: Let me explain it, Mich. Quells have been around longer than we. 
They're much older than the ancient empire. No one knows who or what created 
them. And then, there's the Megalith. It's an artifact that is also much older 
than the ancient empire. It is also rumored that the ancient empire conquered 
the Eastern Continent by gathering Quells from the Megalith. Now do you know 
what I'm trying to get at? I might be able to obtain a Quell of extraordinary 
Wil: But the Megalith is dangerous. My father once told me that the Megalith 
holds tremendous power, that the Megalith is like a giant Quell.  
Labelle: Then you might be consumed by the power of the Quell... 
Wil: Yes. That's why few have gone to the Megalith and come back to tell about 
William: "High risk, high return" is what I say. C'mon, let's do it. It's 
really tough getting through the ice and cold on your own. The locals here are 
too content staying warm indoors. They don't care about what goes on outside. 
They're of no use to me.  
Wil: Actually, I'd like to go also... 
Labelle: Fine. Let's hurry up and go to this Megalith so we can go home. Will 
that make you happy, big brother? 
William: Yeah, of course. I can't wait to hear everyone call me "Tycoon 
William" once we get back home.  
enter Wil 
enter William 
William: There's a lake with an island in the middle up ahead. The Megalith is 
frozen inside there. You can only cross to the island at certain times. We'll 
have to wait here. I used this tent here while I was observing the island. 
Wil: We're going to wait here?  
William: Don't worry. It won't be long.  
enter Wil 
enter William 
William: Let's go!! 
Ice Megalith 
Wil: What's this? 
Labelle: this...? 
William: My head...It feels like it's splitting... 
(party members collapse) 
Wil: Hang on, everyone!...My head...Have to save the others... 
Wil: What happened...Is everyone alright? 
Labelle: Thank you, Wil. We're all safe, thanks to you. 
Wil: I didn't do anything.  
Tyler: No, it was you. You protected us from that splitting headache. And then 
we awakened. 
Wil: I really didn't do anything. I remember thinking that I had to do 
something when everyone collapsed but I couldn't. I ended up passing out 
Labelle: Big brother, where'd you hide it? Get that thing out. 
William: I was just about to bring it out. It wasn't like I was hiding it or
anything. Here it is. I think it's a Quell... 
Wil: It's a Quell. I can sense its power. How did you get a hold of this? 
Labelle: It was in your hand.  
Wil: What? How? Anyway, that room is dangerous. Let's stay out of there. Let's 
investigate the other areas first. 
Labelle: What kind of power does that Quell have? 
Wil: It's got some kind of healing ability. 
William: I wasn't trying to hide it or anything. Really. 
Wil: I know. 
Cordelia: Thank you, Wil. 
Wil: It's kind of awkward hearing you say that directly to my face. 
Tyler: It was as if I had all these thoughts at once. It was really confusing.  
Patrick: Wouldn't it be good to leave before something bad happens? 
Wil: Maybe you're right. But if we go back now, this entire journey will be 
Why was I holding the Quell? What can this room be? 
exit William 
Labelle: Wil, wake up! 
Wil: What happened, Labelle? Where's your brother? 
Labelle: He went into that room by himself. 
enter William 
enter Wil 
William: I got it! This Megalith materializes your thoughts! I'm the number one 
digger in the world! I'm Tycoon William!!  
Wil: Stop! It'll consume your Anima! 
(William transforms into the Megalith beast. Battle ensues) 
Wil: Now's our chance to retreat! 
(party retreats from battle) 
Wil: Hurry! Run!! 
(Megalith beast gives chase and battle ensues again) 
Wil: Now's our chance to retreat! 
(party retreats from battle. Battle ensues again) 
Wil: Now's our chance to retreat! 
Is it still coming after us? 
(ice bridge collapses) 
Tyler: Looks like it gave up. 
Labelle: Big brother... 
Wil: Give it up, Labelle. Once his Anima was consumed, he was no longer your 
Labelle: No, that's my brother. My brother could never swim...Big brother... 
1247 Landing 
Narrator: Upon the death of Gustave XII, King of Finney, Gustave XIV becomes 
the successor to the throne. The Gustaves are half brothers. Gustave makes a 
claim as the inheritor of Gustave XII's property or, in other words, the rights 
to the Finney Kingdom, and gathers his troops. 
1247 The shore of the Lordless Land on the Eastern Continent 
enter Kelvin, Gustave on a boat 
Kelvin: So how does it feel to set foot on the Eastern Continent for the first 
time in 20 years, Gustave? 
Gustave: I feel nothing. 
Kelvin: That's rather unemotional. You were guided by Master Cielmer and 
escaped with Madam Sophie, and this is your reaction upon your return? 
enter Gustave, Kelvin 
Kelvin: Did you ever think that one day you would return home commanding an 
army? How do you feel? 
Gustave (closing eyes): I wonder what mother would've said if she were still 
Kelvin: She would obviously be very pleased. 
Gustave (opens eyes): I will now have to fight my half brother. I'm sure mother 
would have no desire for such a bloody act. 
Kelvin: It's not like you to be so weak spirited. 
Gustave: Soon, many Animas will disappear from the face of the earth. They will 
desperately fight for themselves and for their families. They believe that, if 
I gain the throne, those things that have been lost will not have been in vain. 
However, I do not want the throne. I just want to see what I am capable of. I 
am sacrificing everyone's Anima for so selfish a motive. How appropriate, 
coming from a man with no Anima, eh? 
Kelvin: Get one thing straight, Gustave. No matter what you may be thinking, I 
don't want you ever to utter such words in front of our men. You understand? 
enter Nebelstern 
Nebelstern: So this is where you were. 
Gustave: Is the landing proceeding as planned, General? 
Nebelstern: Yes, there are no problems. The landing has been a success, and now 
I would like to send messengers out to each region. I would like them to spread 
the word that the rightful heir, the son born to Gustave XII and Queen Sophie, 
has returned home.  
Gustave: I am not the rightful heir, General. I'm just a good-for-nothing. 
Nebelstern: Sir Gustave, it is important to make apparent the purpose of this 
battle. If the people here believe that we are invaders from the Southern 
Continent, they will desperately fight against us. In contrast, if they know 
this is an internal conflict of the Finney royal family, they will not care who 
wins. They will simply yield to the victor. Therefore, from a strategic point 
of view, we have to portray this as a battle of Gustave against Gustave.  
Gustave: Alright, General. I'll leave that aspect up to you, so please confer 
with Kelvin and make your decisions. 
exit Gustave 
Kelvin: General, what do you think? Gustave is usually very cool and sharp. But 
when it comes to himself, his judgment begins to fail, and he becomes quite 
Nebelstern: Sir Kelvin, are you proud of your blood?  
Kelvin (nod): Of course. I am proud that I was born in the House of Jade, and I 
will undertake any duty given by my house with pleasure.  
Nebelstern: Sir Gustave curses his own blood. He not only brings grief upon 
himself, but to those around him. That is what he fears most. He feels that 
others look down upon him because he is ungifted. He harbors resentment because 
of this. On the other hand, he has a positive spirit; he wants to see what he 
can do with his own abilities. He has confidence in himself.  
Kelvin: Your insight into Gustave is quite impressive.  
Nebelstern: It is merely secondhand knowledge gained from Master Cielmer. I 
believe my job is to contain Sir Gustave's dark side. Your presence is crucial 
as well, Kelvin.  
Kelvin: Indeed...there is much work ahead of us. Anyway, we should be concerned 
about winning this battle, for now. This is obviously for Gustave's sake, and 
also for our own. 
1248 Battle of Buckethill 
Lordless Land 
Narrator: Successfully landing at the Lordless Land, Gustave proceeds east and 
crosses the Anath  River. The King of Finney, Gustave XIV, gathers his vassal 
lords, and advances southward. Gustave's army blockades Zahl Peak and begins 
the confrontation. The royal army forms a separate force under Cantal's command 
to take advantage of their own superior numbers and moves to attack Gustave's 
army from behind. Noticing this movement, Gustave's army draws back and 
camouflages itself on Zahl Peak. With fortune on their side, they regroup with 
the newly arrived reinforcements under the Count of Jade's command. They 
initiate an attack on Cantal's separate force. Cantal avoids battle and 
withdraws. He stands by and observes the rest of the battle. The royal army 
finally notices that Gustave's army has retreated from Zahl Peak and begins to 
move in for an attack. Gustave's army also moves to intercept. The two armies 
collide at Buckethill, near the Ruins of Hahn. Gustave's day of destiny is 
about to begin. 
(battle with Gustave XIV ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Ruins of Hahn 
enter soldiers, Gustave XIV 
enter Kelvin, Nebelstern, Gustave 
Gustave: I believe this is the first time we meet face to face, Your Majesty. 
Depending on the outcome, it would have been just as easy for me to be in your 
current predicament. It appears that I was just a bit luckier than you. What is 
wrong? You have too much pride to speak to a good-for-nothing like me? 
Kelvin, General, I'll leave the rest up to you. Farewell, Your Majesty.  
exit Gustave 
Gustave XIV: You good-for-nothing! 
(Gustave XIV executed) 
1248 Gustave's Reunion 
Thermes, Gustave's birthplace 
enter nobles, Kelvin, Nebelstern, Gustave 
Nebelstern: Is the tax collection for this year already complete?
Noble: All of the taxes, with one exception, have been carried into the castle.
Kelvin: ...It seems the taxes from Otto are still unpaid. 
Noble: Yes. The Marquis of Otto has given many reasons for postponing payment 
of taxes this year. 
Gustave: He was probably preparing for some anticipated change in the state of 
affairs. He's a very shrewd man.  
Nebelstern: We must keep a sharp eye on him. 
enter messenger 
Messenger: Your Lordship, the Marquise of Otto has arrived and is requesting an 
Gustave: Marie? Show her through to this room.  
exit messenger 
Nebelstern: We will leave you two alone, Your Lordship. 
Gustave: No, that won't be necessary. She announced herself as the Marquise of 
Otto. We should consider her to be an emissary of Otto. 
enter Marie 
(Marie courtsies) 
Marie: I am Marie, wife of the Marquis of Otto. I'm delighted to meet you, dear 
Gustave: Delighted to meet me? That's a rather strange way for brother and 
sister to greet.  
Marie: Yes, you are correct. Yet, I am meeting you for the first time. It has 
been twenty years, dear brother.  
Gustave: I know that we have much to talk about, but I assume that there is an 
important issue that brings you here today, Marquise? 
Marie: Yes. It is as you have guessed. My husband Cantal, Marquis of Otto, 
requests permission to swear allegiance to Your Highness. I understand this 
must seem impertinent, but I, too, wish that you would grant us your 
understanding, dear brother.  
Gustave: Allegiance or no, he is the husband of my sister, my brother-in-law. 
Tell him to be at ease, and to govern the Otto territory as he always has. 
Return this message to him.  
Marie: I'm very relieved to hear that. This will prevent any unnecessary 
spilling of blood. Dear brother, I have many, many things that I wish to 
discuss with you, but I must ask your permission to leave for today. I would 
like to bring this wonderful news to Cantal as soon as possible.  
(Marie courtsies) 
exit Marie 
Nebelstern: Cantal gave in pretty easily. It was quite unexpected.  
Gustave: He probably fears the possibility of an alliance between Philippe and 
I. Although torn apart, we are brothers by blood, you know.  
What's the matter, Kelvin? 
Kelvin: She was the very image of her mother, Sophie... 
Gustave: Yes, I agree. She takes after our dear mother. 
Kelvin: What am I saying, at a time like this? Please excuse me! Now that Otto 
has come under our control, all that remains is the Marquis of Nohl.  
Gustave: Philippe will not come. He bears a strong resentment towards me. 
Nebelstern: Since we have Otto on our side, Nohl will now be isolated. Putting 
personal issues aside, the Marquis of Nohl must come, if he wishes to fulfill 
his duty to the people. Otherwise, he will be placing the people of Nohl in a 
state of danger.  
Kelvin: If worst comes to worst, we should ask Marie for special assistance. 
Uh, I don't mean that in a strange way. Don't get me wrong.  
Gustave: The only strange one is you, Kelvin.  
enter Gustave 
Gustave: This is Philippe's room. I've heard that he's continued to live here 
even after he succeeded the Marquis of Nohl.  
enter Leslie 
Leslie: It's a well-lit room.  
That portrait! What a terrible thing... 
Gustave: He always was a lonesome child, always following me around, calling 
out, "Brother, dear brother." He was also a crybaby. Always stumbling around 
and bursting into tears. He probably didn't even understand the reason why he 
was separated from his mother. I always wondered how he endured the separation 
from his mother, the sadness of being alone, at the mere age of five. It's been 
twenty years since then. To overcome his sadness, he's transformed it into 
hatred towards me.  
Both Philippe and Marie lost their beloved mother because of me. Because of me, 
because I was born... 
Leslie: Don't say such a thing, Gus. Don't say it. Madam Sophie will be 
saddened. And I, too...... 
(Leslie cries) 
Gustave: Leslie, why do you cry? 
Leslie: Because...It's because Madam Sophie gave birth to you, and many things 
happened and...That's why I stand here now. Back then, I was really scared, I 
wanted to run away, but I hated the idea of running, so I gathered the courage 
to stay. That's why I stand here now. Back then, you were really, really 
Oh, what am I saying all this for? 
Gustave: Thanks, Leslie. You're always there when I need you. 
Leslie: You might feel so, but it's always hard on me to be around you, Gus. It 
feels like I'm always being swung around and dragged into the deep.  
Well, at least I won't ever have to deal with boredom. 
enter Gustave, Marie, Kelvin, Nebelstern 
Gustave: I apologize for having you come all the way down here, Marie.  
Marie: Not at all, dear brother. Besides, it is the first time in twenty years 
that our family is reuniting. I can feel my heart pounding with excitement. 
Dear Gustave, please try not to fight with dear brother Philippe.  
Gustave: Of course. Kelvin, I would like to be left alone today.  
Kelvin: No. We're being pretty reserved as it is. To be honest, I feel that the 
security is rather lacking, with only the general and myself to protect you.  
Gustave: You worry too much.  
Kelvin: To whom do you think I do this!? 
Messenger: Marquis Philippe of Nohl has arrived!! 
enter Philippe 
Gustave: Is that you...Philippe? 
Marie: Dear brother, please come closer.  
Philippe: I have come to kill you today. 
Kelvin: Why you!! 
Gustave: Kelvin!! 
Philippe, I hear you are a skilled spell caster, unlike me. Then you can still 
kill me standing from there, right? 
Marie: Please stop, Philippe! 
Philippe: I have been waiting twenty years for this day, hating you and hating 
you, just thinking about the exact moment that I could lay my hands on you, and 
kill you myself! 
But why...? Why is it that I can feel our mother's Anima within you? Why do I 
feel so nostalgic... 
Gustave: Philippe, Marie, before our mother's Anima left on her journey, she 
told me to give you this message. I'm very, 
Sophie's image: I'm very sorry, Philippe, Marie. 
Marie and Philippe: Mother! 
Philippe: Motherrrr! 
exit Kelvin, Nebelstern 
enter Marie, Gustave, Philippe 
Philippe: I want you to know that I haven't forgiven you. I'm doing it for the 
people of Nohl.  
Gustave: I know. Philippe, I have no intention of becoming the king of this 
country. As you are well aware, I have no right to the Firebrand. What about 
Philippe: After mother left for Gruegel, Father stopped treating Marie and I 
like his children. That was because another boy was born. Regardless, I will be 
this country's heir. The blood within me is the rightful blood of the heir.  
exit Philippe 
Marie: If you will excuse me, also. I look forward to seeing you again.  
Gustave: Yes, and please bring Cantal with you next time.  
Marie: Of course. We shall both come to visit.  
exit Marie 
enter Flynn 
Flynn: Mistress Marie left already? I wanted to speak to her~. 
Sir Gus, did something good happen? It's written all over your face.  
Gustave: Yes. For some reason my heart feels so refreshed. I haven't felt like 
this in a long time.  
Flynn: I hope it always stays like that, Sir Gus. Always... 
1249 Construction of Hahn Nova 
A new city under construction 
enter construction team member 
CTM: Allow me to introduce myself to everyone. I am one of the project members 
of the new city construction team. My name? No, that is not important. I am not 
significant enough to name. The construction of the palace and commons is 
practically complete. The second phase of the urban development is about to 
commence. Today, I was summoned to explain that phase to Lord Gustave. It's 
like a dream for me to be able to gain audience with His Majesty. I'm very 
nervous. I'm worried that I might disrespect His Majesty. I've heard rumors 
that Lord Gustave can be very merciless. My wife and I cried together last 
evening. We may not see each other again.  
(Gustave's footsteps) 
CTM: Oh, I hear footsteps approaching. Why is he running? My final hour has 
arrived. Farewell, everyone...Farewell... 
enter Gustave 
Gustave: I've kept you waiting.  
Now, begin your explanation. 
CTM: Y-Yes. 
It's rather crude, but using a doll of myself, let me explain.  
Gustave: Okay. 
CTM: The sections already completed are the palace and the commons. Using these 
as the center, the urban area will be built in an arc around it.  
Gustave: Okay. 
CTM: The urban area will be split into three large sections divided by these 
roads, radiating outward. 
Gustave: Okay. 
CTM: Each district of the city will have it's own separate function and hence, 
I believe, will raise efficiency.  
Gustave: Okay. 
So then, what type of district will you build here? 
CTM: Yes, here... 
the entertainment district 
Gustave: Wait a minute. What is the need for an entertainment district? 
CTM: You can't consider a city a capital without an entertainment district!! 
Gustave: Maybe you're right. 
What type of district will you place here? 
CTM: Yes, here... 
the entertainment district 
Gustave: Wait a minute. What is the need for two entertainment districts? 
CTM: Society has misunderstood you as a power hungry ruler or a blood-lusting 
warlord. By building two entertainment districts, you will be able to express 
your true desire to create peace and comfort in the lives of your citizens. 
Gustave: Maybe you're right. 
So then, what type of district will you place here? 
CTM: Yes, here... 
the entertainment district 
Gustave: Wait a minute. What is the need for three entertainment districts? It 
is acceptable to have an entertainment district. It is acceptable to show to 
everyone my generosity. However, what  are you trying to do by making the 
entire capital an entertainment district? 
CTM: Most humbly, Your Majesty, but my mission is to create a new metropolis, 
like no other in the world. Villages with blacksmiths, towns with shopping 
areas, they already exist. Does there exist a city solely devoted to 
entertainment? No. There has never been such a city throughout history, nor 
will there be such a city in the future. This city will be the exception!! 
Gustave: That is brilliant. 
I understand well. Proceed with that plan. While you're at it, I will appoint 
you as the overseer of the entertainment district. Serve me well as its mayor.  
CTM: Y-Yes!! 
exit Gustave 
CTM: Whew...I did it. I really did it. But how unexpected. Lord Gustave said it 
was brilliant. I knew my desperate efforts would be heard...He even appointed 
me as the mayor. I could wish for nothing more!! 
Now, I will be the king of the entertainment district!!! 
1250 The Firebrand Tragedy 
Thermes 1250 
Narrator: Since Gustave has moved to the currently under construction Hahn 
Nova, Thermes castle is left in the hands of Philippe. Yet, since Philippe has 
not undergone the Firebrand Ceremony, he is a king, but not a real king.  
enter bartender, customers, old man, bar hostess 
Old Man: Ohh, I can't stand it! 
Bar Hostess: Uh oh, the old man is starting to mumble again. I wonder what he's 
going to blather on about today? 
Old Man: How darned long must we wait until we get a new king!? 
Customer 1: Oh, but we already have Sir Philippe. He is a splendid lord. 
Old Man: He's not what you'd call a real king.  
Customer 2: Whoa, whoa, ol' man. You're speaking too loudly. 
Old Man: Well, I've been a loudmouth from birth!! He, who cannot even handle 
the Firebrand, is no king of the royal Finney kingdom! 
Bartender: I've heard news that Lord Philippe will be attempting the Firebrand 
Ceremony soon.  
Old Man: What was that!? He'll be burned to death! 
Bartender: A castle tenant told me that they are preparing for the ceremony, 
since his lord said no one will know for sure if he is fit or not until he 
attempts the Firebrand.  
Old Man: When I was a young lad, there was a rogue that tried to steal the 
Firebrand. But this rogue was burned to death by the power of the Firebrand, 
and not even his ashes were left behind. An Anima that has not been initiated 
will run out of control and be consumed by the flames. The more powerful the 
Anima, the harder it will be to control the Firebrand. That is why the royal 
family conducts the ceremony on their heirs while they're still young, when 
their Anima is still weak.  
Firebrand Ceremony 
enter Philippe 
(attempting to hold the Firebrand) 
Philippe: Woooaaaahhh! 
enter Philippe 
Gustave: Philippe, I'm coming in.  
enter Gustave, Marie 
Philippe: So you've come all the way down from Hahn Nova to ridicule me, 
haven't you? 
Marie: Dear brother Philippe, how are your wounds? 
Gustave: It's no use trying to deceive him. It was a reckless challenge.  
Philippe: I haven't been so debased as to be spoken to like that by a good-for-
nothing like you! 
The only thing that the nobles and the people want is a perfect king who is 
blessed by the Firebrand. A king is necessary for the stability of the Finney 
kingdom. A rambler like you, living as you please, will never understand, but 
those born to royal blood have obligations to keep. I only intended to fulfill 
Gustave: Marie, I reckon that Philippe has a son? 
Marie: Yes, dear brother. The very adorable Philippe II. I believe he has just 
turned two years old.  
Gustave: Philippe, just wait five more years. By then, your son will be old 
enough to attempt the Firebrand Ceremony.  
Thermes 1255 
enter Philippe, Philippe II 
(Philippe II picks up the Firebrand and passes the ceremony) 
Philippe: Well done, Philippe. Now you are the King of Finney.  
Philippe II: I am still too young for the throne. Father, you will have to do 
Philippe: It's alright. Uncle Gustave will help you. And of course, so will I. 
Philippe II: Yes, I will do my best.  
enter assassin 
Assassin: Die!! 
(kills Philippe II) 
enter Gustave 
(stops assassin) 
Gustave: What're you doing!? 
Who sent you!? Who ordered this!? 
Philippe: What...happened...? Philippe...what's wrong? 
Assassin: What are you saying, Master Gustave? It was under your orders.  
Gustave: Nonsense!! I want the truth! 
(Philippe picks up Firebrand) 
Gustave: No! Philippe! Your Anima will be consumed!! 
(Philippe slashes assassin with the Firebrand while burning Philippe) 
Assassin: Uaaagh! 
(Philippe turns into a red dragon and carries Philippe II away) 
Gustave: Philiiiiiiippe!! 
Why? Why did this have to happen!? Someone...anyone...tell me!! 
1251 At the Mines 
Svendorf Mines, Currently under excavation for Anima-responsive stones 
enter Wil, boss 
Wil: So how are things going?  
Boss: We~ll, the mining is going smoothly, but with the Marquis of Otto in 
charge now, the quotas are too demanding. That is why we've asked you to come 
once again.  
Wil: Aren't we a little close to the underground reservoir here? 
Boss: Yes. It would actually be better to dig more toward the monster lair.  
Wil: I sense something bad... 
Boss: Again!? Give me a break already. 
Wil: I'm not kidding! Hurry up and get out of here! 
Wil: This is bad. The ceiling could come down at any moment. It might only hold 
for another 10 minutes at most. 
Wil: Cracks are spreading into the walls. There isn't much time before the 
tunnel collapses. 
Wil: It's already taken me 4 or 5 minutes to get this far! I have to hurry! 
Wil: Dammit! I'm taking too much time! If the entrance is blocked, it's over! 
Wil: It may be too late already. No, it's pointless to think about that now! I
gotta push on!
Miner 1: Uwaaahhh! 
Wil: Hey, pull yourself together! 
Miner 1: Wha-! What was I? You brought me back? Thank you. Now let's get out of 
Miner 2: I'll be fine! It's safest to be under something when there's an 
Wil: It's safer outside! 
Miner 2: R-Really? It's safer? Then I'll do that! 
Miner3: S-Save me! My, my foot's caught, and I can't get loose!
Wil: I'll save you!
Miner: Thank you, thank you. I'll never forget this.
enter Wil 
Wil: I-I'm saved. 
enter saved miners 
The tremors have begun to settle. I think it's okay now. 
1256 Anima Faith Fiasco 
Westia, A town where the Quell-seekers gather 
Man: What are you doing here? Is there something you need? 
Wil: Can you tell me anything about the Anima Faith? 
Man: They're a suspicious gang that whole-heartedly believes the power of the 
Anima is the only truth in this world. Probably due to this belief, the 
Followers seem to have much hostility towards Gustave, and others not gifted 
with Anima. 
Wil: Tyler, long time no see. 
Tyler: Yo, Wil. It's been a while. How's life back in Wide? 
Wil: There's no conflict like we have over here. It's a great place to live.  
Tyler: So what brings you over here from a nice place like that? 
Wil: I came here because I heard rumors about the Anima Followers. 
Tyler: There are lots of rumors flying around here. Such as Lord Philippe's 
assassins were of the faith, or, that Lord Gustave is going to annihilate the 
Anima Faith in the near future, and so on and so forth.  
Wil: The only rumor that caught my attention was that the Anima Followers had 
got hold of the Egg. I intend to meet them to confirm this.  
Tyler: There are rumors like that? I've heard that the Anima Followers are 
gathering secretly and  hiding out in the Ruins of Hahn. Let's go check it out. 
Hey Raymond. You haven't met Wil yet have you? Wil, this is Raymond. His skill 
with the bow is noteworthy. Raymond, meet William Knights.  
Raymond: Tycoon Wil!! It's an honor to meet you. I am Raymond. Please, let me 
accompany you on this mission.  
Wil: The pleasure is mine. Please come with us. 
Ruins of Hahn 
Wil: So that's the high priest. I'm not sensing anything. He's not the one with 
the Egg.  
enter soldiers, Gustave 
Soldier: All units are in position.  
Gustave: Good. Don't let any of the Followers escape.  
Soldier: There seems to be a considerable number of monsters down in the 
dungeon. What shall we do? 
Gustave: This will be a good opportunity to take them out along with the 
enter Kelvin 
Kelvin: Lord Gustave! 
Gustave: Kelvin, what are you doing here? I thought I ordered you to look after 
Hahn Nova? 
Kelvin: Are you serious about going through with this, Gustave? I agree that 
Lord Philippe's assassination was probably conducted by the Anima Followers. 
But more than half of them are just normal people that have nothing to do with 
it. Nothing will come of this bloodshed. Hate only gives way to more hate.  
Gustave: No one is asking you to do it. I will do it myself. Communicate this 
to the commanders; show no mercy. 
enter Wil, Anima Followers 
Wil: I guess it was just a rumor. It should've been no problem for the 
possessor to become the leader of this faith with the power of the Egg.  
Wil: It's here! The Egg is really here! 
enter priest, follower, Wil 
Follower: Please hurry, Reverend. 
exit priest, follower 
enter priest, follower, Wil 
Follower: Please hurry, Reverend!! 
Priest: D-Don't rush me. Huff, huff 
Argh ahhh 
(priest falls into the water. Battle with Merman ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Tyler: We'll be asking for trouble if we get caught by Gustave's soldiers. 
Let's escape right away.  
Wil: I guess we have no choice. I am certain I felt the Egg's presence 
1257 Wil vs. Egg 
Westia, A town where the Quell-seekers gather 
enter Tyler, Wil, Raymond, Patrick, customers, bartender, bar hostess 
Tyler: You've come, Wil. 
Wil: Tyler, is it really true that the pirates have got hold of the Egg? 
Tyler: It's only a rumor, of course, but it's a highly reliable rumor. 
Wil: Then that'll be fine. I've already arranged a plan. 
enter Narcisse 
Narcisse: What kind of plan did you come up with, Wil? 
Wil: Sir Narcisse! Has your health recovered? 
Narcisse: Yes, I've been doing better lately. So, what plan did you come up 
Wil: I've leaked a rumor about a highly valuable Quell being discovered in a 
certain town to an informer. Since I was the one that leaked it, the informer 
completely believed my words. I've already confirmed that this informer works 
for the pirates. This should draw these pirates to the town. I will then use 
this opportunity to sneak in and find the Egg. 
Narcisse: Wil, did you really do that? You've become reckless, Wil. These 
pirates aren't coming over to play. Do you know what's going to happen to the 
people of that town? 
Wil: Those pirates were probably going to raid some town even without this 
info. It's not like you to worry about others, Sir Narcisse. 
Narcisse: What I'm worrying about is you, Wil. When it comes to the Egg, your 
obsession rules over your sensibilities. 
Wil: This is none of your business. Why are you trying to be such a crusader of 
justice? Whatever happened to your usual cool attitude? Just leave me alone, 
like you usually do. 
Narcisse: You used to listen to others' opinions. Being called Tycoon must have 
gone to your head. Let's take it outside, Wil. I'll knock some sense back in to 
(Wil moves to fight) 
Tyler: Stop it, Wil. Narcisse is still weak from his illness. Wil, according to 
your plans, we're the ones that are going to guard that town, right? While you 
infiltrate the pirate ship, we protect the town. That's the plan, right, Wil? 
Wil: Tyler...... 
Tyler: Okay, leave the town to us. Got that, Patrick? Raymond? 
Patrick: Got it. 
Raymond: Of course. 
Wil: Thank you... 
City of Night 
enter Tyler 
Tyler: The pirates aren't here yet. Come to think of it, I wonder if we'd be 
able to hold off the pirates by ourselves...? 
Pirate Ship 
enter Wil 
Wil: Alright, I'm in. Now I need to wait for them to return. Tyler, I hope 
you're doing well.  
I just hope that person comes through for me... 
City of Night 
enter Tyler, Gustave 
Gustave: Are you pirates!? 
Tyler: No! 
Who are you...? 
Gustave: There's no need for names. Why did you come here? I can't let you go 
now that you've seen me.  
Tyler: I've come here to protect the city from pirates.  
Gustave: Oh really? Who'd you hear that story from? 
Tyler: My honorable friend Tycoon Wil. 
Gustave: A friend of that digger? Where is he? 
Tyler: He's off on a different job. What about you? What's your business here? 
You're not a local, are you? 
Gustave: I hear that digger William Knights is quite famous among his kind. He 
came to notify me that pirates would be attacking this city in the near future. 
I've come to exterminate those pirates. Most of the people in the city have 
been replaced with my men. Additionally, Nebelstern and his men are on standby 
just outside the city. It's over for the pirates. 
Tyler: That Wil...He did take care of all the loose ends. Why didn't he explain 
it to Narcisse? Those two are so stubborn... 
Gustave: What are you mumbling about? Anyway, I will have you wait here until 
those pirates are taken care of.  
Tyler: Who are you, anyway? 
Gustave: You still don't know? I'm Gustave. 
enter messenger 
Messenger: We have reports that the pirates have appeared! They have monsters 
with them. 
exit messenger 
Gustave: Monsters! Good, good. They're mine! Let no one touch them! We're going 
hunting for monsters! Let's go! 
Tyler: This guy must have a lot of time on his hands. 
(after battling all the pirates and their monsters) 
enter Tyler, captain  
Captain: Dammit, it was a trap! Lying will only lead you to a life of crime. 
Tricking a pirate is the worst of the worst. Don't think you'll get away with 
this! Come on! 
(summons wyvern) 
Captain: Surprised? I'm not a pirate for nothing! Kill 'em, wyvern! 
(battle with wyvern ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Captain: incredible wyvern... 
exit captain 
Tyler: Wil, the rest is up to you. 
Pirate Ship 
enter Wil 
Wil: Looks like they're back.  
I knew it. There's no way I could mistake this feeling. It's on the ship. 
Alright, wait until she leaves shore. I'm going to sink that Egg to the bottom 
of the ocean. 
enter Wil 
Wil: A storm? How convenient. 
enter pirate 
Wil: Hey you! Getting seasick...You still call yourself a pirate? Do you know 
if any of your mates is carrying an egg-shaped stone? 
Pirate: Don't talk about eggs to me at a time like this. Now I feel even 
Wil: You don't like eggs? 
Pirate: I don't call 'em food. They even make my body itch. 
Wil: How do you carry on being a pirate like that? 
Pirate: Leave me alone. So I'm just a dumb pirate that's scared of storms, gets 
seasick, can't swim, and hates eggs. What's it to you? 
enter Wil, pirate 
Pirate: You're an unfamiliar face. A newcomer? 
Wil: No, I'm not 
Pirate: What!? Then what are you? 
Wil: Landlubber 
Pirate: Don't you make a fool out of me!! 
(battle ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Wil: That wasn't the one. 
enter Wil, captain, Slimy 
Captain: Don't you ever come in here without permission! No rations for you for 
the next three days!! 
Who the heck are you? 
Wil: I'm a landlubber. 
Captain: Who do you think you are? Why are there so many distractions today!? 
My honey-sweet time with my dear Slimy is ruined! Oh! Slimy!! What are you 
(Slimy approaches Wil, battle ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Captain: Uwaaahhhh ! ! ! ! ! My dear Slimy~~! 
exit Captain 
Wil: It wasn't the slime. ...It wasn't the captain, either. The storm's getting 
enter Wil 
Wil: Hey? 
Why won't it come out...? It seems to be attached to the floor. 
It was plugging up a hole! Oh no! If water leaks in during this storm, the ship 
will sink. 
No, actually, it's better this way.  
enter Wil, pirate 
Pirate: Oops. I dropped my precious treasure. Not good. Not good at all.  
Wil: So it was you. 
Pirate: You didn't know, Wil Knights? I knew right away that you were the son 
of Henry.  
Wil: What...How do you know that!? 
Pirate: It's a given. That is the power of the Egg.  
Whoa, the ship is tilting! Is this your doing!? 
Wil: This ship's going to sink, taking you and the Egg with it. 
Pirate: I can't allow that. Didn't I tell you I couldn't swim? I must use the 
boat to escape, then. 
Wil: You're not getting away, Egg!! 
(battle with pirate ensues) 
(Egg falls into the sea) 
Pirate: Ohhhh~! Wa~it! 
(pirate jumps overboard after the Egg) 
Wil: It's too late!! The Egg's on the ocean floor. Now no one will be able to 
get it. 
From the looks of this storm, I think I'm going to be on the ocean floor, 
1260 Johan the Assassin 
Johan: Death...Assassin...Those who order the kill, those who kill, those who 
are killed. Those are the three elements required of this job. I am the one who 
enter Johan, two assassins 
Assassin 1: Number 273, to the stand. 
Assassin 2: You have done well in making it this far. The Naming Ceremony will 
Assassin 1: Number 273, you will be given your official name, and you will 
become one of us. 
Assassin 2: The Scorpion, the symbol of our organization, will be branded upon 
Assassin 1: The Scorpion's poison is the organization's power and your power. 
However, if you ever betray us, the poison will kill you. 
Assassin 2: Scorpion, grant this one power and a name! 
Scorpion: ...You will be given the name of Johanne... 
enter three assassins, Johan, leader 
Leader: And now we begin the final stages of your training. Become one with the 
Anima around you. If you fail, death awaits you. 
enter beast 
Assassin 1: Become one...with the Anima... 
D-Don't...N-Not over here... 
G-Go to someone! 
(beast kills assassin) 
Assassin 2: I don't want to die! I don't want to be eaten by a monster! Get me 
out!! Help me~! 
(beast kills assassin) 
exit beast 
Leader: Impressive. Two survived. More than expected...273 and 274...They will 
become fine Scorpions.  
Johan: Scorpions have dropped in professionalism, considering they killed 
someone who wasn't their target... 
City of Night 
Johan: The Assassin Arts of the Scorpion are all about blending into the Anima. 
Hence, no one can notice us. The more conspicuous, the better, because people 
look for what they cannot see. 
Johan: The more skilled you are in the Scorpion Arts, the more you begin to 
realize that it's much easier to assassinate in populated areas.  
enter Johan, citizens 
(Johan kills a citizen and hides behind a tree) 
Citizen 1: Ugh... 
Citizen 2: Someone collapsed! 
enter Johan, assasins, Juda 
Juda: Number 273, it's over. 
Johan: My name is Johanne, number 274. 
Juda: I have been given the name of Juda. I am here to punish our brother. The 
brother who abandoned the organization that christened us. 
(assassins and Juda take their turns at slashing Johan) 
Johan: Tch... 
Gustave: What are you doing there!? 
Juda: Impossible!! How did he notice us!? Our Anima should have been hidden! 
exit Juda, assassins 
enter Gustave, Ventarbre 
Ventarbre: Are you okay? Your injuries look bad. 
Johan: Forget about me. Hurry up and get away from here! 
Gustave: Ven, be careful. There is something here. He's right. It might be a 
good idea to leave. 
Ventarbre: I sense nothing, Sir Gustave. 
Gustave: You're relying too much on your Anima. Let's go. We'll patch him up 
once we get back to Hahn Nova. 
Ventarbre: Can you walk? I am Ventarbre. Just call me Ven. 
Gustave: Johan, come with us. 
exit Gustave, Johan, Ventarbre 
Johan: I couldn't help myself...I just responded to his orders. Who is this 
man? How was he able to see through the guise of the Scorpion? It sparked my 
interest. But beyond that, it felt comfortable to listen to his voice ordering
enter assassins, Juda 
Juda: Johanne, the poison from the Scorpion shall kill you! 
1264 The General's Memories 
Hahn Nova, 1264 
enter Gustave 
enter Nebelstern 
Nebelstern: Lord Gustave. 
Gustave: General! 
I was just discussing paying you a visit with Kelvin. Has your health 
Nebelstern: Lord Gustave, I have come to bid you farewell.  
Gustave: Nonsense... 
Nebelstern: It is about my own Anima. I know my condition well.  
I do not wish for you to see me slowly wasting away in bed. That is why I have 
come today, while I can still walk on my own.  
Lately, I have been recalling my memories about the first time I met you, Lord 
Gustave. At the time, I thought you were such a reckless man.  
Gustave: Haha, I must have been a real troublemaker to a cool and composed 
Nebelstern: No, not at all. I was thinking how similar you were to me, when I 
was young. Until I took my father's place in service of a Wide lord, I was 
adventuring across the land, living by my own skills. And this is something 
everyone experiences once: I became overconfident in my skills. I came up with 
a reckless plan to make a round trip through the wastelands between Gruegel and 
Vogelang alone.  
Vogelang, An isolated city surrounded by desert 
enter clerk, customers, Cielmer 
enter Nebelstern 
Cielmer: Good day. You look like you just came in through the canyons. Take a 
break, and make yourself comfortable.  
Nebelstern: It was quite an ordeal to get all the way here by myself.  
Cielmer: By yourself!? Such a reckless person. It is unwise to unnecessarily 
risk the very Anima given to you by your parents.  
Nebelstern: Hey, it's my Anima. I'll do what I want. Anyway, I'm only half-way. 
I have to travel back to Gruegel now. 
Cielmer: You intend to return home on your own? If it doesn't bother you, allow 
me to travel with you.  
Nebelstern: Please, do join me 
Cielmer: I am Cielmer. I have a travelling companion with me at the bar. Let us 
invite him as well.  
enter bartender, customers, Narcisse 
enter Nebelstern 
Cielmer: Narcisse, let's start heading back to Gruegel.  
Narcisse: Master Cielmer, if you knew that there wouldn't be anything here, you 
should have warned me beforehand. This was a completely wasted trip.  
Cielmer: I already told you that I didn't think there were any Quells here. 
Besides, Quells aren't the only things useful.  
Narcisse: Oh well, I'll leave it at that. I did find interesting Tools, though. 
By the way, who is this little chap? 
Nebelstern: What do you mean little chap! I am Nebelstern. I've travelled alone 
across the desert from Gruegel.  
Narcisse: Alone! You think doing something reckless is proof of bravery, kid? 
Nebelstern: Let's see you prove your bravery. Step outside! 
Cielmer: That is enough! If you do anything foolish, I will punish you 
personally. All right, let us be off.  
Narcisse: Yes. 
Nebelstern: What a snob.  
Cielmer: At times, it becomes necessary to cooperate with people you may not 
like. If you can't do that, only death awaits you.  
Hahn Nova 
Gustave: So that's what happened between you and Master Cielmer.  
Are you alright having such a long conversation? 
Nebelstern: Yes, in fact, I feel rejuvenated. Well, I will take my leave now. 
Thank you, sir. This is as far as you need to go to see me off.  
Gustave: General!... Thank you.  
exit Nebelstern 
1269 The Southern Fort 
A fort in Gustave's southern territory, 1269 
Gustave: Dirk's arrival is rather late, isn't it? 
Soldier: Yes, sir. We haven't heard from them since that message came, saying 
that they had run into a pack of monsters. We've sent out scouts, but they 
haven't returned. 
Gustave: It's too dangerous to move around at night. Wait until daybreak. 
Relax, Flynn. Dirk is quite accomplished, unlike his father. 
Narrator: However, dawn never comes. The fort is attacked by countless hordes 
of monsters. 
enter Gustave, Flynn, Ventarbre 
Gustave: Flynn, take Ven and flee. I know you... You'll be able to escape with 
Flynn: I don't want to, Sir Gus! I wish to stay with you! 
Ventarbre: I will also stay with you, Sir Gustave.  
Gustave: Fools! I would be dishonoring Master Cielmer if I were to let you die. 
On top of that, they only want ME! The more distance you put between us, the 
better your chances are.  
Flynn: I don't want to say good-bye! 
Ventarbre: I just can't leave you behind, Sir Gustave! Master Cielmer would 
definitely disapprove. 
Gustave: It's an order! Flynn, go. 
Flynn: Sir Gu~s.  
enter Johan 
Johan: I'll look out for Master Gustave. 
Ventarbre: Johan! What can you do in your weakened state? 
Johan: I'm sure I can fight far better than you, even in this state. 
Gustave: Hurry up and go! 
Flynn: Let's go, Ven. 
Ventarbre: Flynn, we can't just do that. I... 
Flynn: Just come with me! 
Gustave: Are you sure about this, Johan?	 
Johan: Yes. I don't have much time left. Please stay inside, Master Gustave. 
Just order me to defend this position. 
Gustave: Yes, I'll leave that to you. We'll meet again, Johan. 
exit Gustave 
Johan: Come get some, you monsters! I'll show you what my Assassin Arts are all 
(continuous battle ensues until Johan dies) 
enter Ventarbre, Flynn 
Flynn: There might also be monsters around here. Be careful, Ven. 
enter soldiers, Dirk 
Dirk: Father! You're okay. What about Sir Gustave? 
Flynn: Dirk!! What have you been doing all this time!? 
Dirk: We ran into a pack of monsters on the way. After that, we were told by a 
local that his village was under attack. He led us around and around, and ended 
up getting us lost. That's why we were so late.  
Ventarbre: It's a conspiracy! But who would plan such a thing? 
Flynn: Dirk, take care of Ven. 
Ventarbre: Flynn, where are you going? 
Flynn: I've carried out my orders. I am going to return to Sir Gus. 
Dirk: Father, that's crazy! Father! 
enter Ventarbre 
Ventarbre: Sir~ Gusta~ve! 
Sir~ Gusta~ve! 
Sir~ Gusta~ve! 
enter Dirk 
Dirk: Sir~ Gusta~ve! 
exit Ventarbre 
1270 Gustave's Successor 
Hahn Nova, Gustave's city 
Kelvin: Dirk, is that true? 
Dirk: Yes... 
Narrator: The news of Gustave's death spreads quickly throughout the continent, 
and many lords and their armies begin to gather at Hahn Nova. But there are 
those who do not appear. The most notable of them all is Marquis Cantal of 
Noble 1: The Marquis of Otto is disgraceful! Why will he not come to Hahn Nova? 
Noble 2: At a time when we have to commence Lord Gustave's funeral, his refusal 
to attend is treasonous! 
Kelvin: The Marquis of Otto has an important duty to look after Thermes. He 
cannot just leave Thermes on a whim.  
Noble 3: What are you talking about, Sir Kelvin? Given that he plays such an 
important role he should be one of the first to pay his respects. 
Noble 4: Cantal's malice is evident. It is likely that he was responsible for 
the attack on Lord Gustave! 
Noble 5: Crush him! Cantal, the Marquis of Otto, must be punished! 
Kelvin: Please, wait. Let us send a messenger to the Marquis. Then we can 
confirm Sir Cantal's true intentions. 
enter Cantal, nobles, messenger 
exit messenger 
Cantal: Is the Count of Jade ready to fight me? Well then, I shall accept his 
How many men can we move immediately? 
Noble 1: Around a thousand, my lord. 
Cantal: That will do. Order the troops to prepare at once.	 
And then summon our entire force. 
Noble 2: Sire, are we setting up a defensive formation? 
Cantal: We will advance on Berth and occupy it. I'll show Kelvin that real 
politics is not debate, but action! 
enter Kelvin, nobles 
Noble 2: Cantal may be be conspiring to take my territory, next. I would like 
to return to Sleibul. 
exit noble 2 
Noble 6: S-So would I! 
exit noble 6 
Kelvin: It has become apparent that the Marquis of Otto, Cantal, has invaded 
another country without legitimate cause. In the name of the late Lord Gustave, 
we must hunt down the Marquis of Otto. Everyone, please make the appropriate 
Making the first move, eh? That's going to be your mistake, Cantal! 
enter Cantal, nobles 
Noble 1: The neighboring lords have returned to their lands. Sire, what is your 
Cantal: Send a messenger to Opus and Sleibul. Offer to join forces to take down 
Toule. Don't forget to give our condolences to Gustave. 
How large is our force? 
Noble 2: We have gathered five thousand, sire. 
Cantal: Good, we'll commence an attack on Carnack. Take it down by brute force. 
Once we show them our power, the other lords will come begging to be under my 
Narrator: Even after 20 days, the army still has not made its move against 
Cantal. More than half of Merchmin's lords join under Cantal. Those irritated 
by the inconclusive meetings and their spectators begin to distance themselves 
from Hahn Nova. 
1271 Hahn Nova in Flames 
Hahn Nova, The city without a lord 
Narrator: Cantal's army advances southward!! With the arrival of this news, the 
lords begin to evacuate Hahn Nova. 
enter Kelvin 
enter messenger 
Messenger: Your Excellency, Cantal's forces are approaching. We are the only 
army left. It would be impossible to fend them off. We should evacuate. There 
is nothing to gain from defending Hahn Nova.  
Kelvin: We cannot abandon Gustave's city. 
Messenger: Let us return to Jade and regroup there. I'm sure the rest of the
men are hoping for that as well. 
Kelvin: Do you feel the same? 
Messenger: I have not returned to Jade for years. The men's families are there.
Kelvin: I understand. Let's go home to Jade. 
enter Cantal 
enter noble 
Noble: We've just received word that the Jade Army is withdrawing from Hahn 
Nova. We should charge Hahn Nova now! 
Cantal: Kelvin is abandoning Hahn? A wise decision. 
There is no need to rush. The soldiers are weary. We will camp here and enter 
Hahn Nova tomorrow morning. 
Noble: Yes, sir! 
Narrator: The city is ravaged by flames the night Kelvin's army leaves.  
Burglars and monsters enter the city. 
Without its defenders, the city is free for the plundering.  
Eventually, the fires spread throughout the city. 
enter noble 
Noble: Your Excellency! There is a grave matter. 
enter Cantal 
Cantal: What is it? 
Noble: Please observe. 
Cantal: Did Kelvin set the fire? 
Noble: No, the local monsters and thugs have assaulted the unguarded city. 
Your Excellency, at this rate, Hahn Nova will be in ruins. Ruins are worthless 
to us. We should purge the thugs and monsters from Hahn and take it.  
Cantal: Let them be. I had no intentions of ever taking that city. It would've 
been a target for the others, anyway. Right now, I don't have the power to deal 
with that. 
Noble: But Your Excellency... 
Cantal: Besides, that city is Gustave's. It's only appropriate that it return 
to the earth, as he has. 
exit Cantal 
Kelvin: Was it Cantal that set the fire? 
Messenger: No, sir. Cantal's army hasn't moved from the northern hills yet. It 
seems that the monsters and ruffians have entered the city. 
Kelvin: A disgrace... Hahn Nova destroyed by the likes of monsters... 
Philippe: Father, please calm yourself. Look at our soldiers. They are in no 
condition to fight. 
Kelvin: Hmm, their hearts are already in Jade... 
Philippe: I will go in your stead.  
Kelvin: Very well, Philippe. But keep this to heart. I order you not to enter 
the city. Is that clear? 
Philippe: Yes, sir. 
enter Philippe, soldiers 
Soldier 1: Master Philippe, please come back! Are you going to disobey your 
father's orders!? 
Philippe: I cannot abandon my citizens while they face an undeserved death!! 
Soldier 1: We cannot defend a city this size alone. 
Soldier 2: We're going to be caught in the fire if we stay too long! 
Soldier 3: Blast! We're surrounded by monsters!! 
Philippe: If I am to die in the city of Lord Gustave, I shall have no regrets! 
I swear by my sword Firebrand I will not run! 
enter dragon 
Soldier 2: It's a dragon!! 
(dragon kills the monsters) 
Philippe: What was that dragon... It destroyed all the other monsters? 
Soldier 2: Let's be off... Now's our chance!! 
1275 Into the Forest 
Deep Forest 
enter Eleanor, Raymond, Patrick, Rich 
Eleanor: This is a map of the forest. But even with this map, the story is that 
no one's ever made it to their destination. Mark my words, we're going to find 
the tower. From the top of the tower, we should be able to climb above the 
branches of this deep forest and scan the surrounding area.  
Rich: A tower, huh? At this point, the tower might already have collapsed. And 
even if it's still intact, is it guaranteed to be taller than this forest?  
Eleanor: If that happens, I'll have you climb up a tree instead! 
Patrick: What in the world are we looking for, Eleanor? 
Eleanor: It's a long story if I try to explain. Just find the tower and then 
I'll tell you. 
Raymond: Okay, okay. You always get your way. 
Eleanor: Do you have a problem with that? You're welcome to bail out if you 
don't like it. 
Raymond: Heaven forbid. I'm getting paid a large fee, so I have no~ complaints. 
Eleanor: Ohhh, what a great view... 
So that's where it is...Okay, let's go! 
1276 To the Monster Nest 
Monster Lair 
enter Eleanor, Rich 
Rich: So what are we looking for? 
Eleanor: You know those remains of the Svendorf Mine? It's abandoned now, 
because of a recent cave-in. Long ago, monsters used to breed in the mines. The 
monster lair is in here.  
Rich: I see. So we can get into the mine from here? 
enter Raymond 
Raymond: But Eleanor, what business do you have in an abandoned mine? 
Eleanor: We're doing a job for Kelvin, the Count of Jade. He probably wants to 
gain an advantage over Cantal in their struggles. It has nothing to do with me, 
Raymond: Oh, I see. No wonder the pay is so good this time. 
enter Patrick 
Patrick: What kind of monster made its lair here? 
Eleanor: They're long-armed, winged, ugly suckers. But they're nothing to worry 
Svendorf Mines 
enter Eleanor 
Eleanor: So this is the entry into the mine. As long as we're here, let's 
explore inside. 
enter Eleanor 
Eleanor: Now all that's left is to go back and report this. 
1277 Life Tree Island 
Westia, A town where the Quell-seekers gather 
enter Narcisse 
(loud knocking on the door) 
enter Rich 
Rich: Good day, Sir Narcisse. What did you want with me today? 
Narcisse: You've become a fine adventurer. I think it's time to acknolwedge you
as a qualified digger. 
Rich: Thank you, sir.  
Narcisse: Rich, what I'm about to say, you must not tell anyone else. Do you
swear upon your name and your father's name to keep this oath? 
Rich: If you ask me to swear it, I will, but on my honor, not my father's name.
Narcisse: Very well. I need you to go to a certain island and bring back the 
seeds of a tree that grows there.  
Rich: Just hearing that, it sounds like an easy job. Why don't you do it on 
your own?  
Narcisse: I've become too old. I doubt I could go to the island and come back 
alive. That's why I'm entrusting it to you. You will go alone, and you must not 
tell anybody else. Am I clear? Your reward will be based on how many seeds you 
bring back.  
Rich: Travelling alone, huh? Oh well, shouldn't be a problem. 
Bartender (from behind the counter): If you go down the Anath River, there is a 
beautiful island. However, contrary to its appearance, the inland area is an 
extremely dangerous place. Well, I suggest that you just view the island 
without getting off the boat. 
Fairy Island 
enter Rich 
Rich: Come to think of it, this ship hasn't been checked yet. Ships sometimes 
have parts made from tools.  
Hey, maybe there might even be some Quells.  
Then again, maybe not... 
(ship creaking and rocking) 
Whoa! What's going on!? 
(ship starts moving) 
The ship's moving? Did the current change our direction? 
enter Rich, Narcisse 
Narcisse: So you've found # seed(s). 
Good work. Remember, do not tell anyone about the island until I am dead. 
enter Rich 
enter Misty with the Egg 
Rich: What was that creepy feeling? 
That egg-like thing the girl's carrying... 
Will you show me that egg? 
Misty: No! 
You're from the Knights family. I can sense the Knights Anima within you. 
Rich: What is up with this kid? What are you talking about? 
Misty: William Knights knows too much. I will kill him someday. If he is still 
alive, tell him that. 
exit Misty 
Wide, Rich's home 
enter Cordelia/Labelle, Wil 
enter Rich 
Wil: Welcome back, Richard. Mother will be happy. 
Rich: Dad, is the Egg about this big? It's kinda shimmery. How about it? 
Wil: Why? What's the sudden interest in the Egg? No, you couldn't have...Did 
you see the Egg!? 
Rich: ...... 
Wil: Answer me! Where? Who has it? 
Rich: What are you going to do if I tell you? 
Wil: The Egg is too dangerous. I thought I left it at the bottom of the ocean. 
The Egg must either be destroyed, or it must be discarded some place where no 
human can get to it. 
Rich: What about its owner? 
Wil: The possessor of the Egg will refuse to let it go. But it must be 
destroyed regardless.  
Rich: Are you going to kill anyone? 
Wil: There's no other choice.  
Rich: Then no. I knew you'd say that. I'll never tell you. 
Wil: Does one of your acquaintances have it? If that is the case, that person 
is no longer the person you once knew. 
Rich: Not really an acquaintance. A total stranger. But a child like that... 
Wil: A child!? A child would be most dangerous. The Egg will become more 
powerful as that child matures. If we act now, we might be able to take it 
without harming the child. Where are you going? Richard! 
Rich: That kid said she would kill you. Be careful. 
exit Rich 
Westia, A town where the Quell-seekers gather 
enter Rich, Narcisse 
Rich: Sir Narcisse, do you know a girl about this age? 
Narcisse: Ah, that girl left town a little while ago with her parents. Was 
there something you needed her for? 
Rich: No, I was just wondering. 
1280 To the Fossil Caves 
North Gate, The gateway to the Northern Continent 
enter Rich 
Rich: The fare to get here cleaned out my pocket. I'm gonna have to look for a 
prospect right away. 
enter Raymond, Eleanor, Diana, clerk, stewardess, Rich 
Rich: Eleanor! Raymond! 
Eleanor: You're still alive, Rich. 
Raymond: Are you strapped for cash as usual? 
Rich: We can work together! 
Actually, I'm in the middle of exploring the cave. It's not as easy as I 
thought it would be. Will you join me? 
Eleanor: I thought so. Yeah, we'll help. 
Rich: Young lady, what are you doing here? I'm Rich, but I'm not really rich, 
if you know what I mean.  
Note: The above dialogue will only appear if you enter and exit the Dungeon of 
Fossils without talking to Diana. 
Diana: I'm Diana. My village was torn to pieces by giant worms. Most of my 
fellow villagers have given up on making a living here and have left. I've 
decided to remain here, though. 
Rich: Hmm, that must have been tough. 
Diana: Now I don't know what to do...I feel like I'm at a loss... 
Rich: Right now, I'm going off to try and strike it rich. Why don't you come 
with me? 
Diana: I don't think I'll be able to do anything. 
Rich: What are you talking about!? If you plan on living here, you have to do 
Diana: You're right. I'll try it. 
Rich: There is no try! ONLY DO! 
Diana: Y-Yes. I'll do it. 
enter Rich 
Rich: There sure are a lot of wierd things in this world. 
1285 To Cast a Rainbow 
Water Tower 
enter Julia 
enter Rich 
Julia: Look, Rich. During the ancient empire, water gushed out of all of these 
awe-inspiring towers, and the surrounding lands were covered with green. But 
now, this is what's left. This is my homeland.  
Look over here, Rich. 
Throughout my childhood, I remember looking upon this mural...and seeing many 
dreams. Dreams that one day, water will fall upon this land, like a magnificent 
waterfall. In my favorite lullaby, a rainbow is cast from that water. 
Rich: Okay, leave it to me. I'll cast that rainbow over the sky for you!! 
But with that said, it'll be a bit hard without getting some clues. Let's start 
looking around. 
Westia, A town where the Quell-seekers gather 
Man: What are you doing here? Is there something you need? 
Rich: Do you know anything about the Water Tower? 
Man: Since it's a large facility, it's easy to imagine that it requires the aid 
of Quells, but alone, they probably won't suffice. Setting up the Quell by 
itself will just end up splashing water everywhere uncontrollably. It is likely 
that a support mechanism to control waterflow exists somewhere in the tower. I 
just suggest you look carefully. 
Eleanor: Oh, if it isn't Rich. 
Rich: Ah, Eleanor. You're just the one I needed to see. Do you know anything 
about the ruins of the Water Tower? 
Eleanor: What's this, so suddenly? I'm not a walking encyclopedia, you know. 
Rich: Yes, you have far more experience than any ordinary encyclopedia. 
Eleanor: Yeah, probably. Rich, you've become pretty good with your flattery. 
That tower was used to dispense water with a water Quell. That's all.  
Rich: Hey hey, even I can picture that. Since there's no water, that means that 
the Quell has been lost, right? 
Eleanor: If the tower's mechanism is damaged, it probably won't work, even if 
you have the Quell. When the ancient empire fell, many of the Water Towers were 
destroyed as well. It's a stupid story, isn't it? They've destroyed everything, 
including things that benefit their own people. 
Rich: That means that we need two things: the water Quell and an undamaged 
Eleanor: Rich, what are you trying to do? 
Rich: I'm going to revive the tower. For Julia's sake. 
Eleanor: Julia? Whatever happened to Diana from North Gate? 
Rich: What about you? Who's the guy? Are you trying to leech off a young man? 
Eleanor: ...... 
Rich: ...... 
Eleanor: Let's do our best! 
Rich: Bingo! Let's go find that Quell!! 
Water Tower 
enter Rich 
Rich: Looks like this one might still work. Let's check it out a bit...This 
part and this part are broken. And...I guess that's it. If we can find 
replacements somewhere... 
enter Rich 
Rich: This one's no good. 
...Whoa...This one's still usable. Guess I'll take it with me. 
enter Rich 
Rich: So if I put this here, like this... 
It worked! 
enter Rich 
Rich: Hey...Could this be it...!? 
(Spring Orb water Quell) 
enter Rich 
Rich: This tower seems to be usable still. Judging by the position, I think 
this was where the Quell was placed... 
...Just hope it works. Okay! 
enter Rich 
Rich: Looks like it's the panel that controls the valves. If I open all these 
valves, maybe it'll...Okay, let's go up the tower. 
enter Rich 
Rich: I think we can go up from here. 
(jumps over the debris) 
enter Rich, Julia 
Julia: It's like a dream...I'm seeing my rainbow come true... 
1288 Death of Cantal 
Thermes, City ruled by Cantal 
Narrator: Cantal, the Marquis of Otto, struggles for supremacy against Kelvin, 
and finally conquers the Merchmin Region. However, in 1288, nineteen years 
after Gustave's death, his Anima leaves his body. He is 59.  
His kingdom is divided among so many of his offspring that it loses any 
influence it once had.  
Narrator: Kelvin takes the opportunity to advance into the Lordless Land. He 
gathers lords at Hahn Nova and successfully forms a pact to finally establish 
Narrator: Kelvin finally obtains glory at the age of 67.  
Laubholz, Stronghold of Duke Edmund of Laubholz 
enter Duke Edmund, minister, general 
Minister: Your Excellency, I am opposed to meeting with the daughter of Cantal 
at a delicate time like this. What are we to do if the Count of Jade finds us!? 
Duke Edmund: The Count of Jade will not be able to touch us out here. And I 
hear that this daughter of Cantal, Nicolette, has inherited much land. I am 
still unmarried, you know. 
General: Your Excellency! I must humbly ask that you do not make any rash 
promises, tempted by strange motives. 
enter Nicolette 
Nicolette: Greetings, Your Excellency; I gather that you are in excellent 
spirits. I am at a loss for words at being granted the honor of an audience for 
the first time. My name is Nicolette Drangueforde. I believe things will flow 
much more smoothly if I mention that I am the daughter of the late Cantal.  
Duke Edmund: Lady Nicolette, let us do away with the stiff formalities. We are 
both young, so we shall speak to each other openly. 
Nicolette: Thank you. I shall accept your kind offer. Duke Edmund, do you have 
no intention of advancing into the plains? Are you going to spend the rest of 
your reign in this remote southern region? 
Minister: Lady Nicolette! How rude to call our lands remote! 
Nicolette: Having vassals that only pick up on trivial matters like this will 
leave you unable to make important decisions. To begin with, who is this Kelvin 
that is currently taking control of the plains? He is only the Count of Jade. 
He was once Lord Gustave's closest ally, but does that give him the right to 
rule over Gustave's lands? A ruler must have the proper qualifications. The 
Count of Jade was insignificant when my father was still alive. Minister, 
please forgive the rude comments I made earlier. Do you think that Laubholz is 
inferior to Jade? 
Minister: No. Our country has plenty of resources. 
Nicolette: General, do you think that His Excellency is inferior to the Count 
of Jade? 
General: No. His Excellency is a very wise master. He is much younger, and has 
more vigor than the Count of Jade.  
Nicolette: Then why do you not stand up to claim the rightful rule of 
Laubholz!? As powerless as I am compared to my father, I believe that I can be 
of service to Your Excellency.  
Duke Edmund: Lady Nicolette, why are you so concerned about the Count of Jade? 
Nicolette: It is because I do not think that the Count of Jade and his heir are 
worthy to rule the Eastern Continent.  
Duke Edmund: Your point is well taken.  
Nicolette: Thank you for your patience in listening to my petty ramblings. If I 
may be excused, I will take my leave now.  
exit Nicolette 
General: We must prepare the troops for battle at once! 
Minister: I must begin arrangements to gather funds and supplies!! 
Duke Edmund: Hmm, those two are completely motivated now. But, I wouldn't like 
to marry a girl who's that feisty. 
Gruegel, Southern Continent, the capital of Na 
Nicolette: Your Majesty, it has been a long time since I saw you last.  
King Sho of Na: Oh, if it isn't Nicolette. Welcome, welcome. Come here. 
Come closer. 
Nicolette: I am relieved to see that you are well, Your Majesty.  
King Sho of Na: 'Your Majesty' is so formal. Call me what you used to call me. 
Nicolette: Well then, Grandfather Sho, I have come to inquire about something.  
King Sho of Na: Yes, yes. I shall answer any question for you. 
Nicolette: Grandfather, why do you permit the Count of Jade to do as he 
pleases? Is not the Count of Jade one of your vassals? 
King Sho of Na: Yes, but in form only. Also, Kelvin has treated me with ample 
courtesy and respect. 
Nicolette: It may be so, while Lord Kelvin is still alive. However, you don't 
know what attitude the next Count of Jade will have. Additionally, I know I 
shouldn't think this, but what will become of this country when you are no 
longer around, Grandfather Sho? 
King Sho of Na: ...After Kelvin... ...After me... 
Nicolette: I could not bear seeing you and your loving family suffer. I believe 
it would be best to prevent that suffering by doing something about it now. 
King Sho of Na: Possibly.  
Nicolette: I greatly appreciate the time you have spent listening to a foreign 
girl like me. I look forward to visiting Gruegel once again. 
King Sho of Na: Think of this place as your home. I have always viewed you as a 
enter Nicolette 
Nicolette: This hall...... The humiliation of that day, I will never forget. 
Five years ago, the neutral country of Na flourished with delegates and 
children from the lords of many countries... 
enter Nicolette, attendants 
Nicolette: My name is Nicolette, daughter of the Marquis of Otto, Cantal.  
Attendant 1: How old have you become, Miss Nicolette? 
Nicolette: I am fifteen this year. I have been sent here by my father to learn 
proper etiquette from the Court of Na. 
Attendant 2: Oh, how young. How I envy you! 
Attendant 3: Speaking of Lord Cantal, he is widely known to be blessed with 
children. I hear he is the father of about twenty. He must be really amazing. 
Nicolette: What is it about my father that is amazing? 
Attendant 1: Hehehehe 
Attendant 2: Ahahahaha 
Nicolette: ????? 
Attendant 2: You are really so young. 
enter Charles, minister, general 
Attendant 2: Oh, it is Sir Charles, son of the Count of Jade. That makes him 
your enemy, correct? 
Nicolette: Greetings, I am Nicolette, daughter of Cantal, the Marquis of Otto. 
I am delighted to make your acquaintance. 
Charles: Hey, doesn't it stink around here? 
Minister: Pardon? 
Charles: I smell a dog. I smell the whelp of a dog that's always in heat. 
General: Yes, it certainly smells like an ill-bred animal.  
Charles: Hahahaha 
Minister: Hahahaha 
General: Hahahaha 
exit Charles, general, minister 
exit attendants 
Nicolette: I will never ever forgive that man!! 
1290 Return of the Egg 
North Gate, The gateway to the Northern Continent 
enter Rich, Diana 
Diana: I'm having one. 
Rich: Huh? What're you having? 
Diana: A baby. 
Rich: Agh... 
Diana: You're not happy, Rich? 
Rich: No, it's just that... 
enter Misty 
Rich: Hey, that girl...No... 
Diana: What's wrong, Rich? What are you doing looking at another woman when I'm 
talking about our own baby!? 
Rich: Get on the boat now. You can still ride on a boat, right? Head for Wide, 
and look for my father. If you ask for Richard's father, there's no one in Wide 
who wouldn't know who you meant. 
Diana: No! No, I won't! You're trying to get rid of me, aren't you!? 
exit Diana 
enter Misty, Rich 
Misty: Who are you? What are you planning on doing, coming into my room 
Rich: Have you forgotten? 
Misty: That isn't possible. I remember you well, Knights. 
Rich: Just as I suspected. You're that girl from before. You still have the 
Egg. What're you doing here!? 
Misty: A little of this, a little of that. I've just come to try something out. 
I didn't come here to see you. 
Rich: Just try and pull something stupid! I'll make sure you regret it! 
Misty: Are you going to kill me? Please, no...I haven't done anything. Why do 
you have to kill me? 
Rich: Errrgh... 
Misty: Hahahaha! What's wrong, Knights? You can't bring yourself to kill a 
young lady? Humans are so funny. Men and women are so funny. 
Rich: Just try it! I don't care if you are a woman! 
Misty: What do you think a person like you can do? You're in no position to 
make such claims, scum. 
enter Rich, Diana 
Rich: Diana, listen to me. 
Diana: I don't want to!! 
Rich: Diana!! Listen! 
It's too dangerous to stay here. It's for the safety of you and our unborn 
child. Get away from here now.  
Diana: I knew it...You're up to something dangerous again. That's why I'm 
saying I don't want to... 
Fine. I'll do as you say but you'll have to tell me why. 
Rich: I can't really explain myself. Dad can explain a lot better. If you say
its about the Egg, he'll know. 
Diana: Egg? 
Rich: Yes. Now go. 
Diana: Richard! Come home soon. 
Rich: I will. I will return by the time the baby is born. 
1290 Kelvin's Last Battle 
Hahn Nova, Kelvin's camp 
Charles: Philippe, where is father? 
Philippe: He's on the terrace. He's quite concerned about the summons from King
Charles: He should just ignore them. 
Philippe: You can't just do that, big brother. It may just be a formality, but
the House of Jade is still a vasssal of the country of Na. Father has always 
shown the utmost courtesy to both King Sui and King Sho. 
Charles: But as of now, we have the power to compete against them. They're
getting cocky about our humility. 
That geezer needs to be taught a lesson. 
Philippe: Brother, your words are harsh. 
Charles: You and father are both too soft! 
Narrator: In the meantime, the Laubholz army led by Edmund crosses Grand Valley.
Charles: Father, we should rout the likes of the Duke of Laubholz.
Kelvin: But I must go to Gruegel. I cannot disobey King Sho's orders.
Philippe: There are lords that have already given up on the pact. Father, if
you leave, the pact will surely crumble. 
Kelvin: ... 
Charles: I will go to Gruegel as your representative. Father, please stay 
behind and stand against Laubholz's army. Would that be acceptable, father? 
Kelvin: Very well. Charles, make sure you are not disrespectful to the King. 
Charles: Certainly. 
Philippe, failure is not an option. 
Philippe: I understand, brother. 
(battle of Salisbury ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Narrator: Yet even the victory at Salisbury can not stop the crumbling of the 
pact. An era of warfare begins anew. 
Two years later, in the year 1292, the Anima of Kelvin, Count of Jade, leaves 
his body for the eternal plains. He is 71. His life has been one long, 
gruelling battle. 
1290 Misty's Plot 
North Gate, The gateway to the Northern Continent 
enter clerk, stewardess, customers, Rich 
Rich: Hey, where'd that woman go!? 
Clerk: Misty said she was headed for that bone cave. I tried telling her it was 
Rich: The cave...? What business does she have in there? 
Dungeon of Fossils 
enter Misty, skeletons 
enter Rich 
Rich: Hey!! 
(Misty consumes the Anima of a nearby skeleton) 
Misty: You've come, just as I thought you would, Knights. 
Rich: You're the one that sucked the Anima away from the townpeople, aren't 
you? What's your intent? What's your real purpose!? 
Misty: You're correct. I've taken a little bit of Anima from all of them. I'll 
ask you otherwise. What's your reason for living, Knights? 
Rich: What do you mean, reason...? 
Misty: I live for my own pleasure. These things called humans are incomplete 
and puny little beings. Just taking away a little bit of their Anima almost 
makes them die. Controlling Animas and Quells takes effort and creativity. That 
makes it fun. Don't interfere with my pleasure. 
enter Rich 
Misty: I've created a Quell that gathers Anima and puts it into another object. 
I wonder if it'll revive something that lost its Anima a long time ago? 
(quaking, battle with Anima Beast ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Misty: Not bad, Knights. Even so, the experiment was no good, it was just a big 
ape. Either the Anima didn't adapt well, or the Anima was low 
quality......We'll meet again, Richard Knights! 
1291 Deadly Battle with the Egg 
North Gate, The gateway to the Northern Continent 
enter Rich, clerk, stewardess, customers 
Clerk: Hey Rich, there's a message from Misty. She wants you to meet her at the 
inland settlement. Hmm, you're quite the player, aren't you? 
Rich: ... 
enter Rich 
Rich: What am I going to do? Am I really going into the settlement? What's 
wrong with me just going to Wide to live in hapiness? After all, that Egg-girl 
has nothing to do with me. C'mon, Rich, go back to Wide. Go back to Diana and 
the child. 
enter citizens, lady, Rich 
Rich: Did a flashy-looking girl stop by here? 
Lady: Yes, she did. Are you Sir Richard? 
Rich: That's me. 
Lady: She left a message saying that she'll be going further inland, so go and 
follow her. We told her to stop because it's dangerous, but she didn't listen. 
What's her relation to you, anyway? 
Rich: That damn thing, it's luring me. What is it plotting? 
Um, thanks. By the way, can you tell me what's beyond this point? 
Lady: There's something like a big ruin type of place, but it's very dangerous. 
Monsters have made a nest there. 
Insect Megalith 
enter Misty 
enter Rich 
Misty: I've been waiting for you, Rich. 
Rich: Wasn't I just scum to you? 
Misty: I've changed my mind. Something occurred to me when I saw how powerful 
you were. I want you. 
Rich: What kind of ridiculous statement is that? What are you really up to? 
Misty: It's true. I want your Anima. The Knights Anima is good. It's beautiful. 
Rich: Didn't you want to fight? Forget all this gibberish and come get some. 
Misty: Heh... 
(summons two land krakens, battle ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Rich: Defeat Misty 
(Rich kills Misty) 
Misty: Yes, that's it. I've been waiting for this. Now, take the Egg. The Egg 
will now be yours, and your Anima, mine... 
(Rich takes the Egg) 
Rich: This...This is what you were up to...The power of the Egg... 
Egg: Come merge with my Anima! 
Rich: I'm not taking any orders from an egg. I am Rich Knights!! 
(turns around and jumps off the edge with the Egg) 
enter Rich, falling 
Rich: ...I'm sorry, Diana... ...I won't be able to keep my promise... 
enter Diana, Wil 
Wil: I've become a grandfather, eh? 
Diana: Yes, Grandpa Wil. Grandpa Wil, what will be her name? 
Wil: Virginia, Virginia Knights. 
Diana: A wonderful name, Virginia. Virginia, Virginia. 
1300 Fake Gustave Arrives 
(battle ensues) 
Archer: Bandits, prepare to die! 
Bandit: M-Master Gusta. . .ve. . . 
(Bandit dies) 
Bandits: Ahhh! 
(Bandits run away) 
Bandit: Tch. . . I'm not gonna. . .die here. . . 
(end of battle) 
enter bandit 
(bandit faints) 
enter Fake Gustave 
Bandit: I-I am...the grandson...of Gustave... 
Fake Gustave: Hah, this is just an Anima stone. Did you think something like 
this could be called proof!? 
exit Fake Gustave 
enter bartender, customers, Fake Gustave 
Customer 1: They were descendents of Gustave in name only. They were beyond 
Customer 2: Anyone calling himself "Gustave" is just an imposter. 
Customer 3: Imposter or not, I just want someone to bring us peace. 
Fake Gustave: Do you think I can declare myself Gustave? 
Customer 1: Ha ha ha! 
Customer 2: Uwo ho ho ho! 
Customer 3: Ahahahaha! 
Customer 1: Ha ha ha, that was a pretty good joke! Not bad, pal. 
Fake Gustave: Why is it a joke? What's wrong with that? 
Customer 2: Ho ho ho. Lord Gustave had blonde hair. At the least, you need to 
have the same color hair before you start calling yourself Gustave.  
Fake Gustave: Hmm, blonde hair, eh? 
How's this? Or should I change my eye color as well? 
Customer 1: What a spell caster! 
Customer 2: Th-That's unbelievable! 
Customer 3: He changed form! 
Fake Gustave: Hey, what else do I need to become Gustave? 
Customer 2: Uh, umm. Y-You need, a strong army... No, you need good men that 
you can depend on. People like Count Kelvin and General Nebelstern.  
Fake Gustave: Indeed, I've only had brainless subordinates up 'til now. Since 
humans are just herd animals... Subordinates, eh... Yet, I see that none are 
suitable here... 
exit Fake Gustave 
bartender: Who in the world was he... 
1301 Edelritter 
Sargon: Looks like they're coming from the quarry, as expected.  
Watts: Not again. The monsters there never cease, no matter how many times we 
fight them off.  
Greta: Yes, it's because of the many wars. There's plenty of Anima floating 
around to feed those monsters. 
Sargon: If we let them continue, the powerful monsters will multiply. It's for 
the sake of the village. Let's go. 
Quarry Site 
enter Sargon 
Sargon: Someone's following us... Who goes there!? 
enter Fake Gustave 
Fake Gustave: You noticed me. Impressive. I simply wanted to see how well you 
fight. I've been following you, Sargon. 
Sargon: Who are you? 
Fake Gustave: Gustave. 
Sargon: We are going to fight a life or death battle. We haven't got time for 
Fake Gustave: I will fight alongside you. How about that? 
Sargon: We could use all the help we can get, but... 
Watts: I don't like this, Sargon. I don't trust him. 
Greta: I have to agree with Watts. We'll be fine without him. 
Sargon: Well, you heard them. Don't take it personally. 
Fake Gustave: Then I guess I'll just watch and see. 
enter slime 
enter Sargon 
exit slime 
Greta: What kind of room is this? 
Watts: Ah! My head... 
Greta: N-Noooo! 
Sargon: Greta... Watts... 
exit Greta, Watts, as slime 
Fake Gustave: How are you feeling, Sargon? 
Sargon: It's wierd... I'm overflowing with power. 
Fake Gustave: Of course. You were the strongest. You have gained new power. 
Sargon: I am at your service, Master Gustave. 
Fake Gustave: Come with me down the road to gain even greater power. 
1303 Peace Conference 
Gruegel, Southern Continent, the capital of Na 
enter counselors, generals, David 
Counselor 1: I hear another rebellion in Lord Gustave's name has begun. 
David: It's not a rebellion, Counselor. It's just a bunch of bandits. They've 
already been destroyed. 
General 1: Even so, the eastern part of the Lordless Land has had far too many 
bandits and rebellions. It proves that Lord Charles has not yet established 
himself as a leader. 
David: Quite the contrary, General. I believe many are actually inciting these 
activities, including the Duke of Laubholz. Once the Jade family has 
established legitimate control, peace and order will eventually be restored. 
General 1: But David, there are many that do not desire the Count of Jade to be 
in control. Lord Kelvin was the one who abandoned Hahn Nova. 
David: Please, Minister, do not insult my grandfather. The other lords also 
withdrew from Hahn Nova. More importantly, I believe we should discuss the 
future, rather than the past. 
General 2: My lord's only intention is to stop these skirmishes. 
Counselor 2: But the Jade's presence on the eastern bank of the Anath River 
threatens the safety of our country. 
David: My father, Charles, does not want a war, either. However, he does have a 
duty to carry out Lord Gustave's and Lord Kelvin's wishes. 
General 2: Regardless, we require a more secure measure, by outlining... 
Counselor 2: As long as Lord Charles will not retract his demands, it is 
Counselor 1: It's a conspiracy by Na! 
General 1: Laubholz cannot and will not surrender any of its territory! 
enter noble, Charles 
Noble: What did Sir David have to say? 
Charles: It's the same as always. You can't solve this through negotiation. I 
think he misunderstands my intentions. He actually believes I want to have 
peace negotiations. He'll buy me time to strengthen my position as the leader 
of the Lordless Land. Maybe I should call him back here to tell him a thing or 
two. He's just like father. He knows nothing of politics.  
Anyway, what is the update on the delivery of supplies I ordered from Hahn 
Noble: Yes, the messenger has just returned. I believe you'll have that 
information soon. 
enter messenger 
Messenger: Here is the update. 
Charles: Go on. 
Messenger: Hahn Nova's elder committee has refused to deliver it's quota of 
supplies. On top of that, it's been communicating with the neighboring minor 
lords, and has begun gathering troops.  
Charles: What!? They intend to stop us with brute force!? 
Messenger: Among them, there's one who claims to be Gustave, and he has troops 
with him. 
Charles: Hahahahahaha! 
Noble: Lord Charles, what is the matter? 
Charles: This is a perfect chance to bring Hahn Nova under my control. I can 
use the guise of exterminating this so-called "Gustave" to make my move. No one 
can object to that. Those elders have made a grave mistake by refusing to give 
us those supplies.  
Send a messenger to the lords at once. Tell them I am coming to exterminate the 
1305 Ginny's Departure 
Wide, 1305 
Meythia: Tycoon Wil, I am a messenger for Master Ventarbre. He requests that 
you come to Thermes, in order to discuss a matter of great importance. 
Wil: I am very old now. A journey to Thermes by boat would be extremely taxing. 
What is this matter of great importance? 
Meythia: It's about an egg. I don't understand the importance of it, but... 
Wil: I understand. Let us leave immediately.  
I will head off to Thermes.  
Ginny: I want to go, too! 
Wil: Are you going to leave your mother all by herself, Ginny? Be a good girl, 
enter Ginny 
Ginny: Mama, I'm sorry...... 
exit Ginny 
enter captain, pirate 
Pirate 2: Come on, get over here! 
Ginny: Stop it! Don't pull on me! 
enter pirate, dragging Ginny 
Pirate 2: Captain, we've found a stowaway. 
Captain: The ship's rules state that you can throw stowaways into the sea. Have 
you said your prayers? 
Ginny: You're going to make fish bait out of a cute girl like me? That's so 
Pirate 1: Captain, we can make good money off her if we sell her at North Gate! 
Captain: That may be so. Let's do that. 
Lock her up below deck! 
exit pirate, dragging Ginny 
enter Ginny, sleeping pirate 
Ginny: Grandpa... Mama... Yaaaa~wn...What a big yawn... 
enter Primiera 
Primiera: Looks like you're awake. Now, let's go. 
Ginny: Go where? Who are you? 
Primiera: Just be quiet and follow me. 
Ginny: I wondered if she used the sleep spell? 
exit Primiera, Ginny 
Primiera: This is my cabin. Hide here for a while.  
Ginny: Ummm... 
Primiera: Do as I tell you. I'm going to pull off a little subterfuge.  
exit Primiera 
enter Primiera 
Primiera: Now, let's get a little rest until we reach port. 
Ginny: Er... 
Primiera: What? Okay, just one question. I'm tired. 
Ginny: Why did you help me? 
Primiera: I couldn't stand by and allow people to be traded like cattle. That's 
enter pirate, captain 
Captain: The girl's gone! 
enter pirate 
Pirate 2: One of our boats is missing! 
Captain: She escaped by boat in the night! 
You imbecile, sleeping on the job! I'll sell you off, instead of that girl! 
Pirate 1: Captain, forgive me~ 
Primiera: Looks like we've arrived. Once you're ashore, you won't have to 
listen to them. Now let's go! 
enter Ginny, Primiera, and pirates, captain 
Captain: Stop where you are! 
Primiera: I'm on land now. I have nothing to do with you.  
Captain: Technically, that is true, but as sailors, we can't just let you walk 
all over our honor. You fooled us by sending off that boat. Give us the girl, 
and we'll forgive you.  
enter Roberto 
Primiera: I've done nothing that needs forgiving in the first place. 
Roberto: Wait up, wait up! All of you, just calm down.  
Primiera: I don't need any help in dealing with people like this. Don't 
underestimate me because I'm a woman.  
Pirate 1: Who do you think you are? Keep your nose out of this. 
Roberto: Hey, the great Roberto was just offering his assistance as a mediator. 
So what's with the attitude? You got a problem!? 
Captain: Hey, take it easy. This is the lowdown on the situation. That girl 
stowed away on our ship, and we lost our boat. That's why we can't just let her 
Primiera: Then I will pay for the boat. It is true I lowered it off. However, 
you all inadvertently brought the child. You should have just thrown her 
overboard, as you originally intended.  
Roberto: She is right, you know? If she gets on land, she's made it. Just take 
the money for the loss of the boat.  
Captain: Oh, alright. 
1305 Ginny's Adventure 
Ginny: Where are we? 
Primiera: We're at the North Gate. 
Ginny: It's not Thermes? 
Primiera: This is the gateway to the Northern Continent, North Gate. 
Ginny: I was planning to go to Thermes... 
Primiera: You have no money. You stowed away on the wrong boat. You should've 
stayed home, like your grandfather told you. 
Roberto: Now, now, don't be too harsh. Running away after her grandpa is very 
brave of her. I'm Roberto. I make my living around here. And you, my little 
Ginny: Virginia. Everyone calls me Ginny. 
Roberto: So, you're Ginny. What a sweet name. Don't worry, just leave it to me! 
Primiera: I suggest you at least pay your own passage to Thermes.  
Ginny: I know that. You don't have to tell me.  
Primiera: Really? Then you would care to pay me back the boat fee that I paid 
to the captain? How do you suppose a young girl like you is going to make any 
Roberto: Whoa, whoa, you're pretty harsh. By the way, what's your name?  
Primiera: Primiera. You seem to know the area pretty well. Would you care to 
guide us?  
Roberto: That depends on your skills. The Northern Continent's full of hairy 
places, you know. On the other hand, that's why there's room to make money, 
too. Now, let's go to the inn for the time being.  
enter Gustaf, clerk, customer 
enter Roberto 
Roberto: Hey, Gustaf. We've got special guests. Believe it or not, they're 
lovely young ladies. There's even two of them! 
enter Primiera, Ginny 
Roberto: This is Gustaf. He's my partner. He's not much for conversation, but 
he can be pretty handy.  
Primiera: Gustaf... Have we met before? 
Gustaf: No... 
Primiera: Hey, show me around. Travelling on the boat has really stiffened up 
my muscles.  
Roberto: You want to come too, Ginny?  
Ginny: Sure. I am a digger, after all.  
Roberto: Okay, then let's make preparations.  
(after Fossil Cave) 
Ginny: That was a piece of cake. 
1305 Insect Megalith 
North Gate, The gateway to the Northern Continent 
enter Ginny, Gustaf, Primiera, clerk, customers 
Ginny: Ahhh, I'm booored. 
Gustaf: It can be a good thing not to have anything happening. 
Ginny: How old are you, Gustaf? You're acting like a geezer. 
Primiera: That's true. You do have a rather old head on your young shoulders. 
What kind of life style have you been following all these years? 
Gustaf: I've always been like this. 
enter Roberto 
Ginny: Hey, Robertooo, you have anything interesting to offer? I feel like I'm 
wasting my youth, sitting here doing nothing everyday. 
Roberto: How about this... Out in the wilderness, there are several 
settlements. Apparently, near one of them, there's supposed to be a Megalith.  
Ginny: Megalith! Let's go there! 
Gustaf: If it really is a Megalith, isn't it a bit too dangerous?  
Roberto: Well, you'll never know if the rumor's true or not unless you go check 
it out.  
Primiera: Wait just a minute. What's this "Megalith" you're talking about? 
Ginny: Ohhh, you don't know, Primiera? If you want, I'll explain it to you. 
Primiera: Will you explain it to me, Ginny? 
Ginny: Heh! Okay, here goes. A Megalith is an artifact from long, long ago. 
It's not like the Ruins of Hahn. It's even older than that. Also, it's not very 
well understood. But it has a lot of power. It's like a giant Quell.  
Primiera: That's a rather vague explanation, isn't it? 
Ginny: But it's true! I heard it from grandpa. 
Roberto: As Ginny explained, it's basically something that's not well 
Primiera: I guess it means we'll have to go, then. 
Ginny: See, you understand! Now, let's go! 
You're not planning on going, Gustaf? Are you afraid of the Megalith? 
Gustaf: No, it's not that. Alright, I'll go. 
Lady: Here, drink this. 
Isn't it refreshing? It's fresh water taken from a nearby spring. Very good for 
your health and beauty! 
Roberto: We've heard that there's supposedly a ruin of a Megalith around here.  
Lady: Yes, there is such a place. Are you thinking of going there?  
Ginny: Of course!! 
Lady: A young girl like you, huh? I think it's best to quit right now. A long 
time ago, another young woman also went in, but she never came back. 
Roberto: The disappearance of a beautiful girl... Smells like something's going 
Ginny: How can you tell she's a beautiful girl? 
Roberto: She said she was a young girl, right? Then it's a given that she's a 
Ginny: Listen to him. Why are all guys like this? 
1305 Pursuing the Egg 
North Gate, the gateway to the Northern Continent 
enter Ginny, Gustaf, Primiera, Roberto, clerk, customers 
Ginny: Mama's probably worried... 
enter Wil 
Wil: Virginia! 
Ginny: Grandpa! I missed you so much! 
Wil: Ginny, your mother is worried sick. You're a bad girl. 
Ginny: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But I really, really wanted to go on the trip. 
Wil: Think about your mother's feelings. I'm far too old, and I haven't much 
time ahead of me. If something happens to you, your mother will truly be alone. 
Ginny: Uh huh, I know. But I'm a digger, too. 
Wil: I guess you do have the Knights blood in you. Grandpa's going back to 
Thermes. I want you to come with me. It'd probably be better than leaving you 
on your own. 
Ginny: Alright!! 
Roberto: Uhhh, sir, would it be possible for me to accompany you, also? 
Wil: Who might you be? 
Ginny: He's Roberto. Over here is Gustaf, and then Primiera. They looked after 
Wil: Is that so? Well, I express my gratitude for looking out for my 
Roberto: Oh, it was nothing. So, Gustaf, you coming too? 
Gustaf: Thermes, eh...? 
Roberto: How about you, Primiera? 
Primiera: To Thermes...? 
Roberto: What's with you two? You are both being unusually indecisive. 
Ginny: Is this good-bye? Gustaf? Primiera? 
Wil: Well, let's get moving, Ginny. 
Roberto: Let's go, Gustaf. 
Gustaf: Fine. 
Roberto: What will you do, Primiera? 
Primiera: I guess it's pointless to stay behind by myself. I would also like to 
accompany you, sir. 
Wil: Good, good. The more, the merrier. Let's head off. 
Thermes, Center of the Merchmin Region 
enter bartender, customers, Meythia, Ventarbre 
enter Ginny 
Meythia: I'm Meythia. I'm currently apprenticed to Master Ventarbre. You must 
be Tycoon Wil's granddaughter. Nice to meet you. 
Ventarbre: Greetings, Tycoon Wil. I'm delighted to see you in good health. 
Wil: The same to you, Ven. So what tidings do you have for me? 
Ventarbre: As I am sure you are aware, ever since the death of Lord Gustave, 
there have been many who claim to be the lord's heir. Of course, they were all 
imposters. From rebellious nobles to  ruffians and thieves, many are using the
lord's name to justify their actions. It is a very sad situation. Lately, 
another one of these men has announced his name as Gustave and has been 
gathering forces. There are many curious rumors about this man, which are part 
of the reason for his growing popularity. One of these is a rumor about an egg-
shaped Quell.  
Wil: Egg-shaped Quell! Is it...... The Egg...... 
Ventarbre: That is what I wanted you to confirm, Tycoon Wil. If the Egg is as 
dangerous as I've heard from you before, then this man will have to be 
defeated, no matter what it takes. 
Wil: Hmm, so the Egg is using Lord Gustave's name to its advantage... That is a 
possibility. It might have realized that the strength of human beings is not 
within the individual... In any case, I must somehow get close to this Fake 
Gustave. Where is he now? 
Ventarbre: In Hahn Nova. 
Wil: Very well. I will head to Hahn Nova immediately.  
Ventarbre: I have one more favor to ask of you. May I ask you to take my 
apprentice along on your journey?  
Meythia: My name is Meythia, currently apprenticed to Master Ventarbre. It is 
an honor to meet you.  
Wil: It will be a very risky journey. Are you sure you want to let her go? 
Ventarbre: Yes, for this will be part of her training. 
Meythia: I've come prepared. 
Wil: Then let us depart at once. 
1305 Battle of Hahn Nova 
Hahn Nova, The independent city 
Citizen 1: Many of the lords who have promised aid to us have withdrawn out of 
fear that the Count of Jade will order his men to hunt down any opposers. Will 
we be alright? 
Citizen 2: Believe in Master Gustave. 
Citizen 1: Yes... 
Would it not be better to hand that man over to the Count of Jade? 
Citizen 2: You think Charles will pardon us for that? We've come this far, we 
have no choice. 
(battle of Hahn Nova ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Gruegel, Southern Continent, the capital of Na 
enter David, generals, counselors 
General 1: I believe we made significant progress, thanks to the Count of Jade 
conceding part of the Merchmin Region.  
David: Yes. That is why we need everyone's cooperation concerning the Hahn 
Counselor 3: That is that, this is this. 
enter lady 
Lady: We have an urgent message!! 
Counselor 2: I thought I ordered you not to disturb us! 
Lady: But... 
Counselor 2: What!! 
enter messenger 
Messenger: Master David! 
David: What happened? 
Messenger: Our army was defeated near the outskirts of Hahn Nova and...Master 
Charles has fallen in battle. 
David: Father... 
Counselor 2: David... excuse me, Lord David, you should return home as soon as 
possible. We will adjourn the meeting until you return.  
Counselor 3: This is dreadful. 
General 1: We have no choice but to adjourn. 
Counselor 1: We must come up with some countermeasure! 
David: Please, wait. 
I was sent to this peace conference for the sake of my father. I have not 
fulfilled my duty yet. And also, I wish to gather everyone here to obtain a 
consensus. We must subdue this vile imposter at once. I hear there is a 
collection of discontents supporting the impostor. I know none of you have any 
desire to see the Lordless Land overrun by such people. Come, let us continue 
this peace conference. Let us come to a swift conclusion and eliminate this 
impostor with our united armies. 
General 1: I agree. If we don't stabilize the situation, we will not be able to 
stop others like them. 
Counselor 1: Indeed. If we don't act fast, the uprising may spread to other 
David: Then I will make my proposal as the Count of Jade. I forfeit my claim to 
the territories of Hahn Nova.  
General 2: Are you absolutely sure, Lord David? 
David: Yes. Only the previous Count of Jade was so attached to Hahn. However, I 
cannot allow Hahn to make ties with any particular power. Hahn's cities will be 
free, and I will want all the lords participating in this conference to form an 
Counselor 2: Well then, let us retire with this proposal and review it. 
David: Please have your decisions by tomorrow. 
1305 To Gustave's Stronghold 
Hahn Nova, Gustave's headquarters 
Soldier: What is it with the old man and the girl? We are recruiting troops, 
but we can't accept them! 
Roberto: This girl and I will fight. So will these two behind us. Gramps and 
the girl are relatives. I brought them so they could be fed. I heard Lord 
Gustave is providing food for women, children, and the elderly.  
Soldier: Well, yes. Lord Gustave is a very benevolent man. But you'll work to 
pay off what they get. 
Roberto: Of course! That was my intent! 
See how well that went, with me handling it? 
Meythia: Wow, you're good, Roberto. 
Wil: Treating me like I'm senile! 
Gustaf: So this is Hahn Nova... 
Primiera: Seems like they're overly cautious.  
enter Ginny, Wil, citizens, priest 
enter Fake Gustave, soldiers 
Priest: Hurrah for Master Gustave! 
Citizen: Master Gustave! Please guide us to salvation!! 
exit Fake Gustave, soldiers following him 
Wil: There's no mistaking it. That pitch black Anima... It's the Egg...... 
Ginny: Grandpa, are you alright? You're shaking all over. 
Wil: We have to get away from here immediately. When I sensed the Egg, the Egg 
must have sensed my Anima as well. 
Fake Gustave: We've got rat problems. 
Sargon: They will be taken care of. 
Note: The following dialogue will only appear if you enter the caves and grab 
the items. 
Lady: You cannot hide! Special Forces, get them now! 
(battle ensues) 
(end of battle) 
enter monsters, Ginny 
enter soldiers, Sargon 
Sargon: You can't get away. Get them!! 
(battle ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Sargon: Not bad. I'll have to take you on myself. 
(battle with Sargon ensues) 
Sargon: Dammit! You will not be so lucky next time! 
(end of battle) 
1305 Battle of South Moundtop (Ginny) 
Hahn Nova 
Roberto: They've been staring at each other for two days, already. What are 
they waiting for? 
enter Primiera 
Primiera: Reinforcements. The Count of Jade is waiting for the Duke of 
Laubholz's southern army. The imposter awaits the return of the force which 
dispatched the northern army.  
Roberto: So you're saying that they'll be staring at each other again today? 
Primiera: No, the imposter will make his move soon. The Duke of Laubholz should 
arrive tomorrow. If that happens, they won't stand a chance. 
Roberto: You're awfully well-informed, Primiera. 
Hey you're right. The impostor's army is beginning to move. They're finally 
going for the showdown. But will the Count of Jade be able to win? 
Primiera: It could be quite troublesome if they don't win. 
enter Wil 
Wil: The Jade force is at a disadvantage. If they can only hold out for 
enter Roberto, Gustaf 
Roberto: Looks like they're holding out somehow. 
Hey, Gustaf, where are you going? 
Gustaf: I'm going to help David. 
Roberto: There's a war going on. What can one person do? 
enter Ventarbre, Primiera 
Gustaf: I ignored my father's dying wishes once and abandoned my home. But this 
time, I won't do that. I'm going to protect David.  
Ventarbre: Wait. You will be fighting the steel soldiers. It would be better to 
use this sword, instead of your Firebrand.  
Gustaf: How do you know about the Firebrand? 
Ventarbre: I worked closely with Lord Gustave. Your grandfather, Lord Kelvin, 
and your father, Master Phillippe, I know them both well. Additionally, I was 
one of the witnesses at your Firebrand Ceremony. 
Gustaf: I see; that explains it. What is that sword? 
Ventarbre: This is Lord Gustave's personal sword, which he forged himself. I 
have long sought a worthy successor for this sword. I wanted to pass this sword 
to your father and my personal friend, Phillippe. Unfortunately, he was lost 
before I could fulfill that wish. Now, I leave it to you, young Gustave. 
Gustaf: Lord Gustave's sword... Thank you, Master Ventarbre. There is no other 
weapon more suited to and appropriate for stopping the steel soldiers.  
exit Gustaf 
Roberto: He's gone. 
Primiera, what's wrong? Don't tell me you're going, too...? 
Primiera: This is their battle. I...I've stopped living for tradition or pride 
of the family. That is why I won't go. But why do I get this uncontrollable 
feeling that I must do something!? 
enter Primiera 
Nicolette: Wait right there! 
enter Nicolette 
Nicolette: Primiera, where do you think you are going? 
Primiera: I am leaving this house.  
Nicolette: Don't say such foolish things. Are you going to follow the same 
ludicrous path as our gutless brothers? Only you can carry on the Otto family 
name, Primiera. You are the daughter of Cantal. Be proud of yourself.  
Primiera: Stepmother, I, too, have great respect for father. And I am also 
thankful for your kindness. As his last born child, I understand that I was 
neglected by father. For half a year, I was left alone, not even given a name. 
To such a miserable soul, I know that you, Stepmother Nicolette, were the kind 
of soul that brought me to his attention, raised me as your adopted daughter, 
and named me Primiera. Dear stepmother, you never told me this yourself. You 
must have wanted me not to think poorly of our father. But still, I cannot live 
the way you have raised me. 
Nicolette: When one learns the burden of responsibility, one becomes 
discouraged at first. You'll be fine. All you need to do is overcome the 
discouragement. That is what becoming an adult means. 
Primiera: No, it's not that... Did your actions change anything, stepmother? 
What was the result of your conspiracies, running around the world spreading 
hatred for Jade? It was only warfare. Your pride, dear stepmother, gave birth 
to unnecessary wars and the loss of many Animas. 
I'm sorry. I've said terrible things to you... I know I have no right to deny 
you your way of life.  
Farewell, stepmother. I shall never return. 
exit Primiera 
Nicolette: Primiera! 
Hahn Nova 
enter Roberto, Wil, Ventarbre, Primiera, Meythia, Ginny 
Roberto: Gustaf's awfully late. Maybe I should have stopped him. Dammit!  
Meythia: It'll be alright. With the Firebrand and Lord Gustave's sword, he has 
the two most powerful weapons in the world. Right, Master Ven? 
Ventarbre: Indeed... 
Wil: Even a great hero won't be able to stand against continuous attacks by 
multiple enemies.  
Ginny: Awwwww, noooo. Grandpa, is Gustaf dead? 
enter Gustaf 
Roberto: Gustaf! You son of a gun! You had us worried sick! Get over here! 
Gustaf: Sorry. I was looking for the body of the impostor out on the 
Wil: You couldn't find it... Right? 
Gustaf: Yes. Even his trusted Edelritters have vanished.  
Roberto: Hah! They probably high-tailed it out of here. The leaders usually are 
the first ones to run. Only underlings die. 
Ventarbre: We have to find him somehow. He may raise more troops again.  
Wil: I don't think we need to worry about that. The Egg never does the same 
thing twice. It will probably try something new. Anyway, I intend to go after 
the Egg.  
Ventarbre: Please do so, Tycoon. You're our only hope.  
1305 Battle of South Moundtop 
Narrator: Troops begin to gather under Gustave after his victory against Count
Charles of Jade.
Meanwhile, the various lords sign a provisional treaty and form an allied army,
with the new Count of Jade, David, as the central figure. They approach Hahn
Nova from the north, south, and west.
Gustave's army confronts the western army, the primary force, while the troops
under Bolse's command intercept the relatively weaker northern army.
Bolse's army skillfully destroys the southern army. Gustave's strategy goes as
planned up to this point.
However, Bolse's army risks pursuit, despite orders. Their return to Hahn Nova
is delayed.
Upon Bolse's return, Gustave makes a plan to use his entire army to strike at
the center of the alliance, the western army under the command of David.
But Bolse's army does not return from the pursuit, and the southern army draws 
close to Hahn Nova first. 
At this point, Gustave decides to commit his current forces. In summer 1305, 
the most renowned historical event, the Battle of South Moundtop, begins. 
(battle of South Moundtop ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Narrator: After the Battle of South Moundtop, the lords gather at Hahn Nova. 
The lords meet for the official signing of the peace treaty. The lords and 
independent cities across the world sign  this treaty. This treaty becomes 
known as the Hahn Nova Treaty, after the location in which it was signed. 
Narrator: After signing the treaty, the notable lords give their speeches. To 
this day, the speech of David, Count of Jade, the central figure of the treaty, 
remains in the hearts of the people. 
enter David 
David: My people, we have finally reached this day. From all over the world 
people have gathered to work hand in hand to achieve our peace. Yet much sweat 
and tears have been shed, the Animas of many have been lost. We must not forget 
their precious sacrifices.  
This peace we have today, we owe to the hardships and efforts of our 
predecessors, especially the founder of this city of Hahn Nova, Gustave the 
Steel. He has brought upon us a new era of steel and artistry. Among all of 
you, there might be those that look upon Lord Gustave as the disrupter of 
order, the summoner of battles and of confusion. Yet what Lord Gustave has 
taught us is that we humans can become whatever we seek with our own will. He 
has proven to us that what people are or what they become is not determined by 
their birth or Anima. 
And also, there were many around Lord Gustave who supported him throughout his 
endeavors. Even such a great man as Lord Gustave needed the aid of friends, 
trustworthy comrades who helped him achieve his goals. As for us, we will need 
even further cooperation among ourselves. 
Ideally, my father Charles would have been the one standing here today. I will 
swear to utilize all of my resources to uphold and defend this treaty. 
exit David 
Narrator: True to his words, David defends the treaty to the end. During the 
fifty years until his Anima returns to nature, the treaty lives on. Many have 
named this period the "Peace of David". His name was praised throughout the 
thousand years that followed. 
1305 Into the Northern Continent 
Thermes, Center of the Merchmin Region 
enter bartender, customers, Wil, Ventarbre, Meythia, Ginny, Primiera, Gustaf 
enter Roberto 
Roberto: I've got news! 
Looks like the party we're after has crossed to the Northern Continent as we 
suspected. I found a sailor that ferried an important-looking figure who was 
accompanied by six others. 
Wil: The interior of the Northern Continent is a vast unexplored region. There 
could be some kind of hideout there.  
Primiera: Let's go after them! A conspicuous group like theirs should be easy 
to track.  
Lady: Just a while ago, a party of strong-looking people stopped by this 
village. I tried offering them some water, but they left immediately after 
giving me a curt glance. 
1305 Last Megalith 
Ginny: Water, right? Is this Anima frozen? 
(battle with water lord ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Wood Lord: Who would have thought you'd make it this far? You should've known 
your limitations. Soon, we Edelritters will become one with his Anima. You will 
also be a part of the merger! 
(optional battle) 
Ginny: That person's on fire! 
Sargon: I knew you'd come, Knights. It's as the Egg had sensed it. 
Ginny: He knows! This isn't goo~d. 
Sargon: My Anima will be one with the Egg. Let me tell you something before I 
vanquish you all.  
Ginny: What are you... 
Sargon: Those who had left behind the Megaliths and Quells, they all perished 
long ago. However, they fought against their fate and sealed their own Animas 
into powerful Quells and planned eventually to return to this world. They 
waited for an existence to appear that had the wisdom and Anima to pull them 
out of the Quells. Time moved on, and humans came into the world. The ancients 
returned at the hands of humans with wisdom and Anima. 
Ginny: Then...they are just ghosts of the past. No different than ghouls. 
Sargon: That's right. They are meant to perish. They cannot be in the same 
world as humans.  
Ginny: You know that, then why do you do this? Let's defeat that thing 
Sargon: That's not possible. I must pay for the power I have gained. We must 
perish, as well. 
Ginny: No... 
Sargon: Enough talk. Now is the time for action! 
(battle with Fire Lord ensues) 
(end of battle) 
Ginny: Why... 
Note: The following dialogue will appear if Wil, Ginny, Gustaf and Roberto are 
in your party. 
Wil: What is this place? 
Roberto: There's no footing. Are we flying? 
Gustaf: Is this a trap set by the Egg? 
Ginny: It feels so serene for some reason. Such a mysterious feeling... 
Wil: The Egg! Here it comes! Let's finish it once and for all! 
Roberto: Can we defeat this thing... Dammit, we have no choice! 
Gustaf: The Firebrand...It's resonating with the Egg! Can I put my faith in 
you, Firebrand? 
Ginny: Papa... Mama... Grandpa... Everybody... Resist the Egg! 
(battle with the Egg ensues) 
(end of battle) 
enter Ginny, Wil, Gustaf, Primiera, Meythia, Roberto 
Ginny: No... No, this isn't happening... 
Roberto: What's wrong, Ginny? Too tired to run? 
Wil: Stay away from the Egg! Touch it, and it will consume your Anima. 
Roberto: But we can't just leave it like this. 
Primiera: Why has it grown so big? 
Meythia: It's probably because of the Megalith's power.  
Primiera: Then it has already succeeded. That is regrettable. Then that battle 
was all for nothing? 
Ginny: Can't we destroy this, grandpa? Isn't there anything we can do? 
Wil: Ginny, I don't even know what to do. 
Roberto: Gustaf! What're you doing!? Stop! 
Wil: Lord Gustave's sword... It, too, has failed... 
Ginny: Wait! There's a crack in the Egg!! 
We did it... 
Roberto: Are you alright, Gustaf? 
Gustaf: I'm fine. But the sword is broken... 
Primiera: I guess it's the end of this nightmare. 
Meythia: Tycoon Wil, what's wrong? Do you feel ill from the gas? 
Ginny: Grandpa, are you crying? 
Wil: Many, many Animas were released. The Animas of everyone that was trapped 
by the Egg... Father's Anima, as well... 
Ginny: Great grandpa's, right? Uh huh, I felt it, too. They can finally return 
to the earth, water, and the trees. 
Wil: Yes, that's right. Everyone returns to there, eventually... It's finally 
Let's go home. 
exit Ginny, Wil, Meythia, Roberto, Primiera, Gustaf 

4) Plot Analysis 
A) Chronicle (with notes)

XX,XXX years ago Birth of Mankind on Southern Continent 
-2000 Spell Arts are discovered in Weissland 
-400 Hahn expansion begins 
0 The Empire is established 
374 Rebellion of Nika 
400 Migration to Southern Continent begins 
465 Fall of the Empire 
800 "Tool" invented in Southern Continent 
Note: The Southern Continent does not have any Quells, as was noted in the 
Desert Megalith scenario, so the creation of tools here would make sense. 
1000 "Tool" introduced to Eastern Continent 
1087 Gustave VIII, Marquis of Berth, takes over Finney Island 
1218 Gustave XII and the Marquise of Nohl, Sophie weds 
1220 Gustave is born 
1220 William Knights is born 
1221 Kelvin is born 
1222 Philippe is born 
1224 Egg is discovered 
1227 Marie is born 
1227 Gustave is banished 
1227 Gustave is exiled 
1227~32 Gustave in Gruegel 
1233 Gustave relocates to Jade 
1235 Gustave uses a steel sword in battle 
1235 Wil journeys to the Ruins of Hahn 
1236 Wil journeys to the desert Megalith 
1236 Gustave encounters Leslie once again 
1238 Wil infiltrates Alexei's gang 
Note: If Cordelia is chosen to go with Wil, then she will die at the end of 
this scenario, and will not become Wil's wife. 
1239 Wil - Showdown with Alexei 
Note: Nina will die at the end of this scenario, after sealing the Wyverns with 
her Anima. 
1239 Sophie passes away 
1240 Gustave takes Wide 
1243 Finney Kingdom unites Merchmin 
1244 Wil undertakes a mining job 
1245 Marie marries Cantal, Marquis of Otto. 
1245 Gustave XII dies 
1246 Wil journeys beyond Grand Valley 
1247 Wil journeys to the glacier Megalith 
Note: Labelle's brother, William becomes the Megalith Beast. In a later 
scenario, the Megalith Beast can be fought again. 
1247 Gustave lands on the Eastern Continent 
1248 Battle of Buckethill 
1248 Gustave enters Thermes Castle 
1249 Construction of Hahn Nova begins 
Note: In this scenario, you get to choose which districts Hahn Nova will have, 
but you won't get to see them until Ginny's scenarios. If you play a new game 
from a game clear slot and go directly to Ginny's scenarios, the three 
districts will be blacksmith, shopping and entertainment. 
1250 Philippe fails the Firebrand Ceremony 
1251 Svendorf mine collapses 
1255 Richard Knights is born 
Note: If Cordelia is still alive (was not chosen to go with Wil in the 
Infiltrate! Alexei Gang scenario), she will be Wil's wife. Otherwise, Labelle 
is Wil's wife. Either way, Rich is still their child. 
1255 Philippe II is assassinated 
Note: The Assassin claims to be ordered by Gustave, but he is really from the 
Anima Followers. 
1256 Gustave assaults the Anima Followers 
1256 Wil heads for the hidden base of the Anima Followers 
1257 Wil duels with the Egg 
Note: Gustave appears in this scenario, and helps his friends fight the pirates 
while Wil finds the Egg. 
1260 Gustave encounters Johan 
Note: Gustave can see Johan and the others because he does not rely on Anima. 
When Johan decides to join Gustave, he is slowly dying from Scorpion poison. 
1264 Nebelstern dies 
1269 Gustave dies 
Note: Johan also dies here. He dies protecting Gustave and does not live 
because of Scorpion poison. 
1270 Cantal, the Marquis of Otto, gains control of the Merchmin territory 
1271 Hahn Nova is destroyed by fire 
Note: Philippe III is saved by a dragon, most likely the same one that was 
created when Philippe used the Firebrand again. 
1275 Eleanor explores the tower in the forest 
1276 Eleanor goes to the lair of monsters 
1277 Rich - Encounter with the Egg 
1280 Rich journeys to the dungeon of fossils 
1285 Rich journeys to the Water Tower 
1288 Cantal dies 
1289 Edmund, Duke of Laubholz, intervenes in the Heir War 
1289 King Sho of Na summons Kelvin 
Note: Both Edmund and King Sho's actions were motivated by Nicolette, who bears 
strong resentment towards the Jade family, all because of Charles. 
1290 Rich encounters the Egg once again 
1290 Battle of Salisbury 
Note: On the atlas, the Battle of Salisbury is in the Kelvin's Last Battle 
1290 Rich battles the Egg in the dungeon of fossils 
1291 Virginia Knights is born 
Note: Diana becomes Rich's wife. 
1291 Rich battles the Egg for the last time 
Note: Misty dies. 
1292 Kelvin dies 
1300 First appearance of fake Gustave 
1301 Sargon, the first Edelritter 
1303 King Sho of Na dies - Peace conference begins 
Note: David, son of Charles is in charge of the Peace conference. 
1305 Ginny runs way 
Note: Ginny meant to go with Wil to Thermes, but stowed away on the wrong boat 
and got into a lot of trouble. 
1305 Ginny's first adventure 
1305 Ginny journeys to the insect Megalith 
1305 Ginny goes to Thermes 
1305 Battle of Hahn Nova 
1305 Ginny infiltrates fake Gustave's military camp 
Note: If you look inside the cave and grab the items before escaping, you will 
meet Sargon. 
1305 Battle of South Moundtop 
1305 Hahn Nova Treaty 
1305 Ginny goes after the Egg 
Note: Ginny's chase after the Egg leads them to finding the Last Megalith. It 
crumbles after the battle with the Egg. 

B) Following the Egg 
First of all, let us consider the Egg, and what it is. We know that it is a 
powerful Quell of some sort. Perhaps even with the strength of a Megalith, but 
smaller. What does it do? Well, according to its previous possessors, it seems 
to be good at consuming Anima. But in exchange, it gives its possessor 
unimaginable power and knowledge. In a way, it is similar to the Ice Megalith 
and the Firebrand, in that they all give power to the possessor, but at a 
price. So what's the difference? There is none. One just has to have good 
judgment and sense. One should realize that power is not always good, as having 
too much is uncontrollable, malignant, or not always meaningful. The latter two 
have measures that prevent such things from happening, as the Ice Megalith 
itself is dangerous, and discourages people from entering it (well, most 
people), and the Firebrand burns those whose Animas are not worthy. The Egg, 
however, seems not to have this protective measure. Instead, it draws the 
unwary possessor even further into it, and the Egg continues to consume the 
possessor's Anima, making it stronger and stronger. But it seems the Egg always 
has a strict course--it is strongly opposed to the Knights family. Sometimes, 
it runs from Wil, other times, it tries to kill him. It's as if the Egg itself 
has a life of its own, and that it wants to continue to consume Anima, but if 
there are those such as the Knights who try to stop it, then it will try to 
stop them.  
It's not easy to trace where the Egg goes without playing the game several 
times. However, there are many hints provided in most of Wil's scenarios that 
indicate what happens to the Egg. However, there are still a few ambiguous 
details in question.  

To begin with, the Egg started off in the Desert Megalith. As noted in the 
Desert Megalith scenario, Henry Knights went with the three Sergein brothers to 
the Desert Megalith. After they return, only the Sergein brothers go back to 
the Megalith. They return with the Egg, which we can safely assume was the 
mysterious object in the lead box. After the middle Sergein brother possessed 
the Egg (or rather, became possessed by the Egg) the Vogelang citizens also 
note that Henry realized that the Sergein brother's Anima was stolen by the Egg 
Quell. Because steel resists Anima, he took all the steel tools and flung them 
at the Sergein brother. He drops the Egg of course, but we don't exactly know 
where it goes from there. It eventually ends back up in Alexei's hands. I would 
presume, that after the Sergein brother loses the Egg, Henry might have taken 
it to prevent others from making the same mistake of trying to possess the Egg. 
There are several possibilities: Henry Knights lost the Egg to Alexei, probably 
because he murdered him and his wife. This is what Wil believes to be true. Or, 
if Alexei is not lying, then Henry Knights, after possessing the Egg, could 
have had his Anima consumed by the Egg. Seeing that something was wrong, his 
wife, Catherine could have tried to kill Henry to prevent him from doing 
terrible things (as we see quite later). Then, either she picked up the Egg, 
and it consumed her Anima, and Alexei found it, or Alexei killed her and stole 
the Egg. Of the two choices, we don't know which it is because the game does 
not dwell on those details. 

Update: After the Last Battle with the Egg, if you still have Wil, he notes 
that his father's (Henry's) Anima was consumed by the Egg: "The Animas of 
everyone that was trapped by the Egg... Father's Anima, as well..."  
This indicates that Henry may have tried to stop the Egg, but his Anima was 
consumed in the process, and therefore, Catherine saw it fitting to destroy him 
in order to stop the Egg. Knowing that Henry's Anima was consumed by the Egg, 
Henry would no longer be himself. 

Afterwards, Alexei possesses the Egg until Wil finds him, and kills him. Then 
we will assume that the Egg is lying somewhere near the bottom of the quarry, 
but as Wil notes, the Egg is still around. We learn later on, that the Egg is 
in the Anima Faith Followers' possession. We can assume that someone must have 
found the Egg at the bottom of the quarry, or that the Egg, as a Quell, had the 
power to move out of the quarry, to a location where someone would find it. But 
we wouldn't be surprised if the Anima Faith Followers were to be interested in 
the Egg. As a Quell, it would probably have a great magnitude of Anima, and 
even more, after consuming the Animas of previous possessors. 
Then, according to Wil's scenario, the priest loses the Egg and falls into a 
pool in the Ruins of Hahn. We don't know if this pool is connected to any other 
body of water, but we should consider the two cases, as to how it ends up in 
the pirates' hands: 

If the pool is connected to any other body of water, such as a river, then the 
Egg could have eventually washed out to the river, and then out to sea, where 
the pirates could have found it floating, they might have netted it while 
fishing, or it could have washed ashore where they anchored their ship. 

If the pool is not connected to any other body of water, then perhaps another 
Anima Follower or one of Gustave's Soldiers found it. If that is the case, then 
we should also consider how either of those two people would end up giving away 
the Egg to a pirate. Or, they became pirates themselves. But seeing that the 
latter case is too ambiguous and farfetched, the first case would seem more 
In the pirates' possession, still following Wil's scenarios, the Egg is sunk to 
the bottom of the ocean. We later learn that the next possessor of the Egg is a 
young girl, Misty. So how would she have possession of the Egg? Even if the Egg 
were at the bottom of the ocean, it could be swept by currents, or perhaps 
swallowed by a large fish, whale, or even carried by another sea creature. If 
so, the sea creature could have moved the Egg to a shallower part of the sea, 
where it could have washed ashore. If it did, then perhaps Misty happened to be 
at the beach and saw the Egg.  

After Misty gains possession of the Egg, we go through Rich's scenarios to 
learn that Rich kills Misty and gains possession of the Egg. However, his Anima 
is not easily consumed by the Egg, and he resists. Then he throws himself off 
the edge of the cliff in the Insect Megalith, bringing the Egg with him. By 
doing so, he hopes that no one will find the Egg. It seems the Egg has a way of 
getting itself noticed. From here, it gets even more ambiguous. We also learn 
later that Fake Gustave gets his hands on the Egg. But how? He could have gone 
exploring at the Insect Megalith, or someone else went to the Insect Megalith. 
Or, if possible, he obtained the Egg from one of the bandits claiming to be 
Gustave. He says it's just an Anima stone, but perhaps when he touched it, he 
realized its immense powers. An even less likely possibility is that Rich 
Knights is actually Fake Gustave. If Fake Gustave can use the power of the Egg 
to change the color of his hair or eyes, then it's possible that the Egg can 
change Rich's identity. But it's unlikely because Rich most likely died, and 
even then, he would have resisted getting his Anima consumed by the Egg, right 
to the end. I think this is also because he, Wil and his friends were the only 
people who knew the Egg was malignant. We won't know for sure, as the game 
never dwells on these details. It seems that Fake Gustave is the last possessor 
of the Egg, as Ginny Knights, Gustaf, Roberto, Primiera, Meythia and Wil 
destroy the Egg. It's quite interesting to note that it took Gustave's steel 
weapon to destroy the Egg, and even then, Gustave's sword broke. 
C) What happened to... 
We don't learn the fate of some characters in SaGa Frontier 2, probably because 
they are too insignificant in the story. Sometimes, the game states the death 
of particular characters, but does not explain how they died, perhaps because 
that is also not important, even though it may be interesting.  
Gustave XII 
In the Father's Sudden Death scenario, a messenger states that Gustave XII 
passed away. 
The Mother's Sickbed scenario shows Sophie's death from her sickness. 
Gustave XIII 
It's not very clear how Gustave XIII dies, since the game does not directly 
declare that Gustave XIII is dead, except that everyone assumes he is dead. In 
The Southern Fort, Gustave is attacked, and all that is left is his sword, so 
we can only assume that he died (and his body disappeared somehow) or that he 
If he escaped, could he be Fake Gustave? The game notes that he had white hair, 
and could not be Gustave, who had blonde hair. But when Fake Gustave showed up, 
Kelvin would have been very old, and so if the real Gustave were still living, 
he would also be very old, and his hair may have turned white. However, if Fake 
Gustave were really Gustave, and Gustave has no Anima, then one might wonder 
how he interacts with the Egg. Since the real Gustave has no Anima, he would be 
of no interest to the Egg, since the Egg cannot manipulate him. However, 
Cielmer notes that he felt Gustave had potential Anima, but did not expect that 
he would fail the Firebrand ceremony. Perhaps Gustave has Anima, but does not 
know how to use it. If this is true, then Fake Gustave could be the real 
Gustave, since the Egg would have interest in Gustave's Anima, except if the 
Egg could do this, one may also wonder why it doesn't work for the Firebrand. 
But I'm sure the game wants us to believe that Fake Gustave is not Gustave at 
all, and Fake Gustave doesn't act like the real Gustave anyways. The Chronicle 
section in the game notes Gustave's death at 49. 
We do not learn how Marie dies. We only learn that she was married to Cantal. 
In the Firebrand Tragedy, we know that Philippe failed the Firebrand because he 
was too old, but when his son was killed, he took up Firebrand again, but his 
Anima was consumed, and he became a dragon. This same dragon probably reappears 
when Philippe III (Kelvin's son) is in danger in Hahn Nova in Flames. This is 
probably because Philippe III becomes the father of Gustaf, who, like his 
father, attempts the Firebrand Ceremony and succeeds. If Philippe III were to 
die, then Gustaf would not exist and use the Firebrand for good. 
Philippe II 
During the Firebrand Tragedy, Philippe II is assassinated. Gustave believes the 
assassin is from the Anima Faith, and he plans to avenge Philippe's death. 
Philippe II was only seven. 
The game specifically mentions Cantal's death in Death of Cantal: "Cantal, the 
Marquis of Otto, struggles for supremacy against Kelvin, and finally conquers 
the Merchmin Region. However, in 1288, nineteen years after Gustave's death, 
his Anima leaves his body. He is 59.  
His kingdom is divided among so many of his offspring that it loses any 
influence it once had." 

We do not learn how Nicolette dies. We only know that she is the daughter of 
Cantal, and is the stepmother of Primiera, only because she pities her. 
Gustave XIV 
In the battle of Buckethill, Gustave XIII defeats Gustave XIV, and allows 
Kelvin and Nebelstern to kill him. 
King Sho 
The chronicle only mentions his death in 1303, and by this time, he is very 
old, but we do not learn how he dies. 
Lord Thomas 
We do not learn how Lord Thomas dies. We only learn from Kelvin that he is his 
father, and was the Count of Jade before Kelvin. 
We do not learn how Bart dies. We only know that he was one of the top pirates 
in the Silver Sails Fleet that Gustave meets, and shares a similar position as 
Gustave does. 
We do not learn how Leslie dies. We learn from Kelvin that she was from the 
Bering family, and probably from the upper class. She is kind, but fair to 
Gustave, but I think she just wanted to keep Gustave out of trouble until he 
started becoming more successful. 
Nebelstern dies shortly after telling Gustave about his memory of his journey 
from Gruegel to Vogelang through the desert. He probably died from sickness, 
which was probably caused by his old age. 
We do not learn how Cielmer dies. We only learn that he was the master of 
various people, including Narcisse, Gustave, and probably Ventarbre and 
King Sui 
We do not learn how King Sui dies. We only know that he ruled over Gruegel, and 
kept Sophie within his vicinity for awhile when she and Gustave escaped with 
Cielmer from Thermes, and King Sui was probably the father of King Sho. 
We learn, shortly after the battle of Salisbury, that he died from old age, 
since he was 71. 
It's unclear as to how Flynn died, but in The Southern Fort scenario, Flynn 
made sure Ventarbre was safe, as per Gustave's orders, and went to check on 
Gustave. He may have been killed by the monsters with Gustave. 
We do not learn how Dirk dies. We only learn that he is the son of Flynn. 
Philippe III 
It's not directly implied as to what happens to Philippe III, except that he is 
lost, and that Ventarbre could not find him. He could be dead, but he may even 
be alive by the end of the game, but we do not learn about this. We do know 
that he is Gustaf's father, and the son of Kelvin. 
Charles dies in the battle of Hahn Nova at the hands of Fake Gustave. 
We do not learn how Ventarbre dies. He was probably alive by the end of the 
game. We learn that he has an apprentice, Meythia, but the game does not hint 
his relationship with any existing characters, but he worked with Flynn and 
Gustave and knew Philippe III, Gustaf and Wil. 
In The Southern Fort scenario, Johan dies protecting Gustave. He dies because 
of Scorpion poison, the trademark that his old organization used. Since he went 
with Gustave and betrayed the Scorpion, the poison eventually killed him. 
Duke Edmund 
He probably died in the battle of Salisbury, but the game does not imply this 
We do not learn how Primiera dies. She was probably alive by the end of the 
game, assuming she didn't die to any of those elemental lords, if she was in 
the sub party. She is the daughter of the late Cantal, and Nicolette's 
stepdaughter, even though she did not appreciate it. 
David is alive by the end of the game, but the end of the Battle of South 
Moundtop scenario indicates that he dies much later, most likely from old age. 
There seems to be a discrepancy regarding Henry's death. We do know that Henry 
died when Wil was still young, but we do not know if Catherine killed Henry, as 
Alexei suggested, or if Alexei himself killed Henry. But at the end of the 
battle with the Egg, after Gustaf uses Gustave's sword to destroy the Egg, Wil 
finally realizes that Henry's Anima was consumed by the Egg, and so it would 
not have been impossible for Catherine to kill Henry, if his Anima was already 
taken by the Egg. 
Either Catherine was killed by Alexei, or the Egg consumed her. Of the two 
options, the game does not dwell on them, so we do not know for sure. 
We do not learn how Wil dies. Wil is alive by the end of the game. 
This depends on how you play the game. If you choose her to go with Wil to see 
Alexei, then Alexei's gang kills her. If you don't choose her, she becomes 
Wil's wife, but we do not know if she lives like Wil does or if she dies. 
We do not learn how Labelle dies. If Cordelia died from Alexei's gang, she 
becomes Wil's wife. 
In Showdown! Alexei, Nina takes care of the Wyverns and Wil and his friends 
destroy Alexei. 
In some accounts from the Desert Megalith scenario, we learn that Nicholai got 
his hands on the Egg, but had his Anima consumed, and lost a hand. He explodes 
and disappears when Henry attacks him and makes him lose the Egg. 
The game does not imply directly what happens to Peter, but he does not return 
to Vogelang like his other two brothers. He probably died, since Alexei also 
suggested that his other brothers died as well. 
We do not learn how Tyler dies. We only learn that he worked with Wil on his 
expeditions, and protected the city from the pirates when Wil lured them so 
that he could get closer to the Egg. 
We do not learn how Patrick dies. We only know that he worked with Wil and 
Eleanor on their expeditions, after he met Wil in the restaurant in Laubholz. 
We do not learn how Narcisse dies. He probably died from old age, but he was 
still around when Rich went on expeditions with Eleanor, and he worked with Wil 
until Wil went to Laubholz. 
In Showdown! Alexei, Nina seals the Wyverns with her Anima and dies shortly 
after Wil and friends destroy Alexei. 
We do not learn how Paul dies. We only know that he was Nina's wimpy husband, 
and took care of Wil with Nina when his parents died. 
Labelle's greedy brother loses his Anima in the Ice Megalith. He becomes the 
Megalith Beast. If you go back to Weissland, you can kill the Megalith Beast. 
We do not learn how Raymond dies. We only learn that he worked with Wil for a 
while, and went on expeditions with Eleanor for the big cash. 
Rich chases Misty to the Insect Megalith and kills her, but in an attempt to 
isolate the Egg from other people, he probably died. He might even have been 
Fake Gustave, if he could use the Egg to change form, but we do not know. 
We do not learn how Diana dies. She was probably alive by the end of the game, 
was Rich's wife, and Ginny's mother. 
We do not learn how Eleanor dies. We know that she went on various expeditions 
with Rich that rolled in tons of cash, but she was also easy to pick on. 
Sargon becomes the Fire Lord after losing Greta and Watts, and their Animas are 
consumed. His Anima was probably consumed by the Egg as well, but he dies when 
Ginny and her party attack him. 
We do not learn how Julia dies. We only learn that she wanted the Water Tower 
restored, and Rich was willing to do it for her. 
Rich chased Misty to the Insect Megalith and killed her so that she could not 
use the Egg further. 
We do not learn how Ginny dies. She is alive by the end of the game, and we 
only know that she is Wil's granddaughter, and that she fought to the end with 
Wil and Gustaf to destroy the Egg. 
We do not learn how Gustaf dies. He is alive by the end of the game, and held 
the two most powerful swords in the world, the Firebrand and Gustave's sword. 
He destroyed the Egg with Gustave's sword. 
We do not learn how Roberto dies. He is alive by the end of the game, and 
tagged along with Ginny. 
We do not learn how Meythia dies. She was probably alive by the end of the 
game, and is Ventarbre's apprentice. 
We do not learn how Mouton dies. He was probably dead by the end of the game, 
but we only learn that he is the late Wide lord's advisor, and becomes 
Gustave's advisor after Gustave thwarts the lord of Wide. 
I made up some of these because I thought they would be common questions people 
would have, but if you have one that I have not mentioned, feel free to e-mail 
me at 
1) What really happened to Gustave? 
This is another of those ambiguous areas of SaGa Frontier 2. The game seems to 
suggest that Gustave died in the Southern Fort, as chronicle has noted that 
Gustave died when he was 49. If so, he was probably attacked by those monsters, 
and Johan would have failed to protect Gustave and died, since he had Scorpion 
2) Does Gustave have any Anima? 
The game wants us to believe that Gustave has no Anima. It was suggested by 
Gustave XII that his son has no Anima because he could not draw Anima from the 
Firebrand, yet Cielmer suggests that Gustave did have lots of potential Anima. 
He could be wrong, but if he were correct, then perhaps Gustave does not know 
how to use his Anima. This begs the question of if Gustave does not know how to 
use his Anima, would he need to, or would Anima naturally be drawn from him if 
he were to interact (ie, touch) with a Quell like the Firebrand, or even the 
Egg? We do not know, but this might ruin the story if he did have Anima he did 
not know how to use, since his existence and his success is central to his lack 
of Anima. Without Anima, he succeeded, built a new city, had many soldiers and 
friends, and encouraged the use of steel. He taught that one can still survive 
and succeed without Anima. Even David suggested this in his speech after the 
battle of South Moundtop. 
3) Who is Fake Gustave, really? 
We don't know really. He looks very much like the real Gustave, except for the 
white hair (but that might be old age). But there is a clear distinction 
between Fake Gustave and the real Gustave. Fake Gustave uses a sword called 
Galatyn, which looks like a beast sword, and probably uses Anima. He also seems 
not to use any steel equipment, and uses the Egg, which draws Anima. If the 
real Gustave were to possess the Egg, the Egg would probably have no interest 
in him, since he lacks Anima. If the real Gustave had Anima he did not know how 
to use, and Fake Gustave was the real Gustave, then the game would probably 
dwell more on his change and how he learned to use Anima through the Egg. But 
as mentioned above, the game wants us to think that Gustave had no Anima at 
all. Another consideration is that Rich did not die and perhaps was weakened by 
his fall, where the Egg was free to consume his Anima. Since we know that Fake 
Gustave had the Egg, and probably used it to change his hair color, it's not 
difficult to see that he could change his form from someone who looks like Rich 
to someone who looks like Gustave. The game also does not dwell on this, and in 
the end, Wil notes his father's Anima, but does not mention anything about 
Rich. It is quite possible then, that Fake Gustave is probably a completely 
different entity.  
4) What is an Edelritter? 
In German, it means "noble knight". In the game, there are six of them, based 
on the elements, fire, water, tree, stone, tone and beast. These edelritters 
protect the Egg, and are named the fire lord, water lord, wood lord, stone 
lord, tone lord and beast lord. The fire lord is Sargon, the first of the 
Edelritters. I think the Edelritters were suggested in the Fake Gustave Arrives 
scenario, where the customer tells Fake Gustave that he needs good advisors 
like Kelvin, Nebelstern and Mouton. Fake Gustave or the Egg must have taken 
this to mean the Edelritters, so he sought to find worthy people for them, such 
as Sargon. I think their Animas were also consumed by the Egg. 
5) How does an Anima work? 
In Latin, "anima" means "spirit", similar to the word for animal, "like a 
spirit". An Anima is like a soul. When it leaves a person's body, the person 
dies. It is similar to the idea of religion, but unlike most monotheistic 
religions, the soul does not leave the world; instead, it stays in the world, 
but is free and not confined to a physical object. The game also suggests that 
objects, animate or inanimate, have Animas. Stones, birds, and trees have 
Animas. Anima also seems to suggest a type of power, one that lets people or 
creatures use spells or magic. But humans would not use their own Animas to 
create spells or magic, since it may drain their souls and cause them to die 
physically. Instead, they use the Animas of other objects, like that of stones 
or wood. I think that would be the idea of using a tool, by drawing the Anima 
from another object to produce magic. But tools have limited amounts of Anima, 
and so they can only be used a certain number of times before they run out of 
Anima and become useless. In the game, you can use tools for a limited number 
of times before they break. Quells, however, work differently. They have a lot 
of Anima, and so a lot of Anima can be drawn from them without expiring. I 
think that objects also project different types of Animas, so that the Anima 
from a stone is a different element from the Anima inside a tree. This is 
probably where the six elements come from. There are also other objects that 
have no Anima at all, such as steel, which probably has no Anima because it 
resists it. That is, Anima is probably free-roaming, and can easily enter 
objects, except for steel because it resists Anima. Since steel does not use 
Anima and does not get depleted, steel tools can be used an unlimited number of 
times. People like Gustave are probably unable to manipulate Anima because he 
doesn't have Anima. This probably also means that Gustave can only die by 
physical means, and that others that have Anima can die if their Anima is drawn 
outside of their bodies. 
6) What is the Egg? What does it want? 
Simply put, it is a strange Quell that was found in the desert Megalith. Unlike 
other Quells, I think that the Egg does not have much Anima to begin with, and 
even Wil notes the lack of Anima or any sort of power at the desert Megalith 
where the Egg Quell was found. Instead, the Egg completely consumes the user's 
Anima, which should kill the user, but the Egg uses the person and manipulates 
it instead. It uses whatever Anima it has to consume even more Anima.  The Egg 
claims to give the user great power, but the user must pay the price of 
sacrificing his Anima and hence, his life. Weak or evil and greedy people are 
easily intimidated and tantalized by the Egg, while people like those from the 
Knights family can sense that there is something evil about the Egg, and 
attempt to stop it. But like all things that use Anima, the Egg is not immune 
to steel. 
7) Is it true that Gustave had no children? 
Most likely. The game does not tell us that Gustave was married or if he had 
any children, but I think it wants us to think that Gustave had no wife, and 
therefore, had no children. A lot of characters in the game had children, for 
which their wives were not mentioned, like Kelvin, except we know he had 
children because they appear in the game and state that they are Kelvin's sons. 
A lot of the characters in the game believe that Gustave had no children, and 
we do not meet them in the Southern Fort scenario; only Flynn's son, Dirk is 
introduced. The only person that seems closest to Gustave is Gustaf, but we 
know for sure that Gustaf is not related to Gustave because he is really 
Philippe III's son, who is the son of Kelvin, who is only Gustave's friend, and 
is not related to him in any way. 
8) What happened to Wil after he sank the Egg? 
Short answer: He survived. As for how he did it, my guess is that he drifted 
ashore, and someone found him. Or maybe he found a life boat and rowed to 
E) Character Analysis 
I'm only including the character analyses of characters that really develop in 
the game, not the characters that are just mentioned once or twice, or join 
your party and leave for no reason. 
The eldest son of Gustave XII and Sophie, and the man who changed the world 
around without Anima. He was considered worthless because he had no Anima, and 
could not use any magic. Even Leslie asked how it could be so difficult to live 
without Anima, but I think it was because it was important for Gustave XII and 
his successors to have Anima because only worthy successors can wield Firebrand 
and therefore, must have Anima. To them, Anima is something that is taken for 
granted that everyone, or almost everyone should have. Therefore, Gustave XII 
expected that it should not be too difficult to ask for a son with Anima. Since 
Gustave does not have what everyone has, it means a lot that he cannot do what 
everyone else can do--use spells. As the game explains, since he lacks what 
everyone has, and came from a royal family, he has no friends, and becomes 
violent. He has no way in which he can obtain power, or succeed the throne or 
become successful or noticed. He believes he is worthless, but only his mother 
really cares about him. I think this changed somewhat when he saw the 
blacksmith and learned to make a steel sword. If he could not use spell arts to 
gain power, he could use steel. When Flynn got captured and he saved him with 
the steel sword, he probably realized what he could do with it. With a bit more 
practice, he moved over to Wide and thwarted the inexperienced lord. When he 
became successful, he must also have realized that he did all this without 
having to use Anima or spell arts. He succeeded on his own ambitions, but I 
think he was successful also because he had friends he could rely on. They gave 
him somewhere to start. He showed the world that it was not Anima that 
determined who you are and where you stand, but rather, intelligence and
Gustave's mother is a kind, gentle person who does not judge people by their 
Anima. She loved Gustave because he was her son, and felt that she just could 
not abandon him. He was a person, even if he did not have Anima, and she tried 
to tell him that he was still a person, and that he could still do fine even 
without Anima. Gustave should have realized that there was someone who believed 
in him, and that was his mother, but he was very young then. But I think he did 
end up having respect for her, and still felt sorry that she had to bear with 
him when he was younger.  
Kelvin is a bit of a fruit. He's not exactly gay, but he's very wierd. He's 
very paranoid about Gustave's safety, but I don't think he's ever stopped to 
think that Gustave is the way he is because he has no Anima. I don't think he's 
anal retentive either, but I don't think anyone has told him that, except maybe 
Nebelstern. I think Gustave let him stay with him because Kelvin is paranoid 
about him, and probably wouldn't leave Gustave alone. He couldn't even bear to 
leave Gustave's city, Hahn Nova, even when it was in danger. 
He seems very attached to his mother, and it may be because he's the youngest 
son. I think when Sophie left, he was very upset, so he blamed his brother, 
Gustave. When she died, and he never saw her again, it got even worse. But I 
think he came to terms with Gustave when he came back because he saw Sophie's 
Anima. I don't think he knew that grabbing the Firebrand the second time would 
turn him into a dragon, but I think he did it because he did not want to live. 
His son who succeeded the Firebrand Ceremony died because someone assassinated 
him, and even if he waited seven years for another heir, he could also be 
assassinated. I think the Firebrand turned him into a dragon to protect other 
important people like Philippe III so that they would not die too soon. 
Nebelstern was the general for Wide's lord, until Gustave took over. He only 
agreed to help Gustave because of Cielmer's suggestion, and because Nebelstern 
had previous experiences with Cielmer. I think that he just decided to help 
Gustave anyways because he did not trust Gustave to begin with, but when he 
realized that Cielmer used to be Gustave's master, he could be trusted. Cielmer 
must also have reminded Nebelstern of his earlier experience in Vogelang and 
Gruegel, which he also saw in Gustave. But I think after Nebelstern got over 
his trust in Gustave, they got along together quite well. 
I think Flynn was included as a stereotype for those without Anima. Since he 
does not have what everyone has, he would have felt weak, undesired and 
ungifted. Even his parents treated him poorly. Gustave should have been lucky 
to have a mother like Sophie. He only looked up to Gustave because they shared 
the same problem, and felt that Gustave would not be hostile towards him 
because he would understand him better. Gustave was hostile anyways because he 
thought he was worthless all along, and it wouldn't matter what he did. But 
Flynn must have believed that it was still better to be picked on by someone 
that shared the same problem instead of someone that did have Anima. 
The son of Kelvin, I think he is rash and rude. It's probably all his fault 
that Nicolette is trying to make everyone hate the Jade family, and he even 
disagrees with Kelvin and his son, David. He thought his methods would be more 
effective than Kelvin's or David's, but he failed, and his recklessness caused 
him to die at the battle of Hahn Nova. 

David's not exactly a fruit like his grandfather, but he has the same goals for
peace. I think he had better tactics than his grandfather though, and he also
chose a better location to hold the meetings, and nobody ran away. He was more
successful than both his father and grandfather. 
When he learned of his parents' deaths, he became motivated to know more about 
the Egg. What's interesting is that he did not learn the complete truth of his 
parents until he became very old, and saw his father's Anima being released 
from the Egg. He lived quite long, probably because he had to know if the Egg 
was gone for sure. Wil is also fascinated by adventures and digging 
expeditions. His character isn't as interesting as Gustave, but I think he's 
just trying to take on the stereotypical hero role, but with more personal 

The son of Wil, and another big adventurer, just like everyone else in the 
Knights family. Unlike his father though, he had a better childhood, and did 
not get involved with the Egg until he met Misty. I don't think he really 
wanted to have anything to do with the Egg, as he doubts himself in the 
Settlement before heading off to the Insect Megalith to meet Misty. I think he 
continued because he didn't want anyone else to touch the Egg, and probably had 
the same fears Wil did. It's such a pity that a proficient sword artist like 
Rich had to die.

Rich's daughter, who never got to see her father. Her childhood wasn't exactly 
traumatic either, but I think she got bored of being cooped up in the house, 
and opportunity was striking when Wil left for Thermes. She likes adventures, 
not unlike anyone else from the Knights family, but I think she could have 
found a better way to go about it. I think she went with Wil to find and 
destroy the Egg, only because it meant another adventure, but she doesn't seem 
to indicate whether she knows anything about the Egg, except that it exists.

The son of Philippe III, and the grandson of Kelvin. He succeeded the Firebrand 
Ceremony, as his father before him, but like Gustave, he forged his own steel 
sword. He ran away from Philippe III, and I'm not too sure why, but perhaps it 
was because he did not want to take responsibility, and went adventuring with 
Roberto instead. But he ended up saving the world and destroying the Egg. I 
think he has the best of both worlds, having Anima and the powerful sword 
Quell, Firebrand, but also being able to use and create steel weapons, and 
eventually getting his hands on Gustave's sword. He may not have had a large 
army to command, did not build a city, or have many advisors, and I think it's 
all because he ran away. But he is successful anyways, and he is a wise person, 
despite his age. His hair looks funny.

She ran away from Otto because she could not live with her stepmother. I don't 
think she really minded the lifestyle there, but I don't think she was happy 
with the way her stepmother was going about with conspiracies, and hatred for 
the Jade family. She did not want wars, and perhaps she saw her stepmother's 
personal hatred for Charles as a bad reason for hating Jade. She probably also 
feared that her stepmother would also make her hate the Jade family, and make 
sure that everyone else also hated the Jade family, but I think Primiera 
preferred that everyone should have their own opinions of things. Of course, 
her stepmother was wrong, and it was David, son of Charles, son of Kelvin of 
the Jade family that allowed peace to prosper. When Gustaf went to help David 
at the battle of South Moundtop, she did not want to get involved because she 
did not like wars, and she did not go anyways because if she helped David, she 
would just be going against her stepmother's wishes, which is not what she 
intends to do; she just wants to be neutral.

F) Family Tree
A family tree for all the characters, and probably what we know of them. Some 
characters or wives are not specifically mentioned, but we'll just assume it 
was an unamed wife of some sort.


                    Philippe II                        (various unknown
                  ______|______    Nicolette  Primiera     children)
                 |             |       |_________|_____________|
              Philippe   (Unknown wife)     _____|_____
                 |                         |           |
Gustave XIII     |                       Marie      *Cantal
     |___________|_________________________|              Gustave XIV
            _____|____                                 ________|________
           |          |                               |                 |
        Sophie   Gustave XII                     Gustave XII     (Unknown wife)

*We do not learn if Cantal had more than one wife. I'm pretty sure that there 
was only one Cantal, and that if Cantal did have many children, and Primiera 
was his last child, then Nicolette would be far older than Primiera, but if she 
were Primiera's stepmother, it would be more plausible for Nicolette to have a 
different mother from Primiera, otherwise, they are just sisters.


            David                           Gustaf
        ______|______                 _________|_________
       |             |               |                   |
(Unknown wife)    Charles        Philippe III     (Unknown wife)
               |               |
             Kelvin     *(Unknown wife)
      |                  |
(Unknown wife)      Lord Thomas

*Leslie could be Kelvin's wife, but the game does not tell us specifically, and 
we do not know with absolute certainty.


       |             |
*(Unknown wife)    Flynn

*Leslie could be Flynn's wife, but the game does not tell us specifically, and 
we do not know with absolute certainty.


           King Sho
      |               |
(Unknown wife)     King Sui


                 |          |
                Rich      Diana
          |              |
         Wil     *Labelle/Cordelia
    |           |
Catherine     Henry

*If Cordelia is killed in Infiltrate! Alexei Gang, Labelle marries Wil. 
Otherwise, Cordelia is Wil's wife. Either way, Rich is still their child.


Alexei  Nicholai  Peter


William    Labelle


4th Generation: Roberto, Meythia

3rd Generation: Patrick, Raymond, Eleanor, Sargon, Julia, Misty

2nd Generation: Bart, Leslie, Ventarbre, Johan, Duke Edmund, Tyler

1st Generation (and earlier): Nebelstern, Mouton, Cielmer, Narcisse

5) Credits
Special Thanks to:
-Squaresoft for making this wonderful game
-Various people on GameFAQs forums for pointing out things I've
missed, and confirming what I think
-GameFAQs for letting people know this guide exists