Item/Arts List by MHobbs

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                              SaGa Frontier 2
                            - Item/Arts List -
                              By: Matt Hobbs

           The most recent version of this file can be found at:
                             "Yelsia 9000"


This is just an item/arts list, so don't mail me with any questions 
concerning the game itself, please. Such letters will be ignored. 

Anyway, this is a fairly complete item/arts list. Why'd I make this list?
As with all my item lists, I made this one pretty much just for fun, in
hopes that it'd help others. (As well as myself. ^_^)  

I'm really sorry that I can't put as much time into this list as I have with
some of my previous ones (such as the one for the original SaGa Frontier),
but I just don't have as much free time as I used to. Most of the items I 
used GameShark to obtain the stats of are randomly dropped by specific 
enemies. Since I don't have a guide book or any other way of knowing which 
enemies drop which items, trying to obtain these normally would probably 
prove to be futile, especially given my unparalleled bad luck at winning 
such items. I apologize for this, but it really can't be helped.

I shouldn't need to justify my actions, but I will anyhow. I like my item 
lists to be complete. That includes items not available normally, and items
I haven't yet found. The reason I use the [GS] tag is so I don't have people
mailing me about items not available normally. Forgive me for causing a bit
of confusion, but I'm a perfectionist when it comes to item/spell lists.
Also note that I never once said that the items I found with GameShark don't
exist. I merely stated that I, myself, for reasons explained above, haven't 
found them yet. If you've found such an item normally, please let me know. 

That's all. Sorry for making such a lengthy explanation, but I don't 
appreciate being called a 'cheater'. I'm not.


Table of Contents:

 1. Revision History
 2. Forward Notes
 3. Weapons
 4. Armor
 5. Weapon Arts
 6. Weapon/Spell Hybrid Arts
 7. Spell Arts
 8. Miscellaneous Arts
 9. Item Magic
10. Battle Roles
11. Shop List
12. Items not found in Shops
13. Credits/Closing Stuff

 1. Revision History

V5.0 - Not a particularly big update.
     - Got some of the missing shop lists for Rich, but I'm still missing
     - Added a few alternate locations where items can be won. (Uroborus and
       Pirate Bandana.)
     - Various minor corrections. Typos fixed, etc.

V4.5 - Added a list of Battle Roles. Guess that's about everything I *can*
     - Got the rest of the items in the Custom Order shops.
     - Dunno why, but version 4.0 never got put up on GameFAQs. See that 
       list for the rest of the stuff that's new since version 3.0.

V4.0 - Wow, that was fast. Already got the location of the Dominant Gloves,
       the location of the second Lake Robe, and info about winning extra
       Water Mirrors and Crystal Wings.
     - Thanks to the same person, I also know now how to get Custom Weapons
       to appear in the shops at Gruegel and Vogelang. That's been added.
     - Got the location of the Golden Axe, thanks to...someone else. ;P
     - Also added a shop list. Let's see... All rare items have been 
       covered, and all common items have been covered. I guess that covers
       eveything. :)   Oh, yeah. I'm missing the lists of some of the shops
       in Rich's quest, and some of the Custom Items. Anyone care to help?
     - Oh, yeah. After comparing letters for about five minutes, I noticed
       that "Carithel" is actually "Carlthel". That's been fixed, too.
     - Things I still need:
       Locations of the Bone Armor, Fire-Beast Skin, and Mystic Veil.
       Confirmation of whether or not Rock Rhinos drop Rock-Beast Tags.
       The effect (if any) of the Egg (the GS item), and Gem Particles.
       More places where the landform 'items' are used. Especially Puddle.
       Additional locations of where items can be won.
       The shop lists for Gruegel, Vogelang, and Laubholz in Rich's Quest.
       I'd also like a confirmation of whether or not the shops in the 
        listed towns change if your leader is Gustave, Eleanor, Johan, or 
        Nebelstern. If no one can get this, I'll do it later.

V3.0 - Started a list of where some rare items can be found. It's quite
       incomplete, so feel free to submit anything you may have found.
     - Confirmed a few more items.
     - Added Wood Sword and Fossil Dagger. Why and how I missed them, I 
       don't know. Why didn't anyone tell me I was missing them?! =P
     - Fixed a few mistakes (like I had "Stone" listed twice in the "Arts
       Key", and didn't have "Tone" listed), and added another note to the
       Spell Arts. Nothing really major.

v2.0 - Thanks to a contribution, the locations of several items have been
     - Also, thanks to the same contribution, I've learned that Hymnal *can*
       be learned/used in duels. That's been fixed.
     - I'd like to include a list of hard-to-find items here, as well. If
       someone could contribute a list, either partial or complete, of which
       items are dropped by which enemies, I'd appreciate it.

v1.0 - First version. 
     - Well, I was gonna write a full-version FAQ, but I decided not to...
       My writing style just wouldn't allow for the huge story sequences...
     - Any help in locating the items I found with GS would be gladly
       accepted. ;)

 2. Forward Notes
Key: Tr - Tree, Wt - Water, St - Stone, Fl - Flame, Tn - Tone, Bt - Beast
(These abbreviations are used only when an item has more than one anima.)    

Notes for the item lists: 
- Steel isn't a real anima type. "Steel" in the Anima section indicates 
  that an item is made of steel. A line of dashes means the item has no 
  known anima.
- You may find items with more uses than listed. The "Uses" catagory simply
  indicates the maximum number of uses an item can have after being 
  repaired at a shop. (At Westia, Vogelang, etc.)
- Shields aren't really weapons. They're equipped in the hand, so I 
  included them there.
- A "--" in the uses column means the item has infinite uses.
- A '[B]' tag in the "Other" section means the item has a special effect in 
  battle, and not the usual basic art or anima weapon skill. A '[GS]' tag 
  means the I got the item's stats via GameShark, but I haven't yet 
  confirmed its existance/location in the actual game yet. A '[GGD]' tag
  means the item can only be optained using the Pocketstation mini-game "Go!
  Go! Digger".
- "SPR" isn't "Spirit"; it's a name I made up for "SP Regeneration".
- For armor and the like, there're two numbers in the "Enh" (SP Enhance)
  section. The one on the left is the "SP Enhance" number in the game's
  description of the item. The one on the right is its SPR (see above) 
  increase. A * next to it, however, means it *lowers* SPR by that much.
- Likewise, "SP" (for all item types) is how much it increases (or 
  decreases) your max SP by.

With that out of the way... Here's the lists.

 3. Weapons

--- Swords ---
                  ATK   Anima   Uses   SP   Other
Wood Dagger         4   Tree     40     5
Kris Knife          4   -----    --     0   Quell, SPR +1 [B]
Stone Knife         5   Stone    60     5
Fang Dagger         7   Beast    40     5
Wood Sword          8   Tree     40     5
Flame Rod          12   Flame    30     5 
Trial Dagger       12   Steel    --   -50   SPR -2, Gustave's; Can't remove
Steel Dagger       15   Steel    --   -20   SPR -3
Fossil Dagger      15   Beast    40     5
Blast Sword        18   Tree     30    10
Lightning Sword    18   Water    30    10
Fossil Sword       24   Beast    40     5
Screamer           27   Tone     40     5
Gustave's Sword    29   Steel    --   -50   SPR -2, Gustave's; Can't Remove
Flame Sword        30   Flame    --    20   Quell, SPR +2; Can't Remove
Firebrand          30   Flame    --    20   Quell, SPR +2; Can't Remove
Steel Sword        33   Steel    --   -20   SPR -3
Galatyn            34*  -----    --     3   SPR +1, Fake Gus's; Can't Remove
Beowulf            38   Beast    --    10   Quell, SPR +1
Carlthel           42   Stone    40     5   
Gustaf's Sword     43   Steel    --   -40   SPR -2, Gustaf's; Can't Remove
Paladin Sword      50   Steel    --   -30   SPR -3
Gustave's Sword    53   Steel    --   -50   SPR -2, Gustaf's; Can't Remove
Gustave's Sword    53   Steel    --   -50   SPR -2, Gustave's; Can't Remove
Valleria Heart     53   Flame    30    10   SPR +1 
CinderforgeSword   70   Steel    --   -50   SPR -3
Seven-Star Blade   77   -----     7     5   [B][GGD]

*Galatyn is really screwed up. At first glance, it appears to be steel, but
it doesn't seem to be once you're using it. It doesn't have an anima, and 
has the appearance of a 'Beast' Sword in battle. If you get it through GS, 
it doesn't mention attack power, it says "Armor Def 10, SP Enhance 5". The 
attack power I have listed is a rough estimate based on damage done when 
compared to other swords.

--- Spears ---
                  ATK   Anima   Uses   SP   Other
Wood Spear          6   Tree     50     5
Light Spear         9   Flame    60     5
Coral Spear        11   Water    40     5
Sacred Spear       15   Tree     50     5
Antler Spear       17   Beast    60     5
Sea-Beast Horn     22   Beast    60     5
Ice Lance          25   Water    --    20   Quell, SPR +1
Diamond Spear      32   Stone    60     5
Steel Spear        35   Steel    --   -20   SPR -3
Beast Lance        36   Beast    --    20   Quell, SPR +1
Babrashka          43   Tree     40     5
Paladin Spear      54   Steel    --   -30   SPR -3
Uroborus           55   Water    33     5   

--- Staffs ---
                  ATK   Anima   Uses   SP   Other
Sapling Staff       3   Tree     50     5
Oak Staff           4   Tree     60    10
Holly Staff         4   Tree     50    15
Snake Staff        13   Beast    40    10   SPR +1
Ice Staff          16   Water    30    10
Silver Staff       23   Tone     70    10
Sandwurm Staff     27   Stone    60    10   SPR +1
Eternity Staff     30   -----    --    30   Quell, SPR +1
Limstokes          40   Water    40     5   
Granite Staff      49   Stone    --     5   Doesn't break

--- Axes ---
                  ATK   Anima   Uses   SP   Other
Stone Axe           7   Stone    60     5
Flint Axe           9   Flame    60     5
Rock Axe           15   Stone    60     5
Dew Axe            19   Water    30     5
Golden Axe         20   Steel    --     0   Doesn't resist Anima
Berserker Axe      24   Beast    40     5
Obsidian Axe       31   Stone    60     5
Hawk Wind          48   Beast    40     5

--- Bows ---
                  ATK   Anima   Uses   SP   Other
Hunter Bow          7   Flame    60     5
Ranger Bow         11   Tree     50     5
Pit Spider         14   Water    30     5
Silence Bow        19   Tone     60     5
Elder Bow          20   Beast    40    10
Elven Lyre         28   Tone     --    20   Quell, SPR +1
Wysteria Bow       33   Tone     60    10
Wild Rose          34   Tree     50    10
Steel Bow          36   Steel    --   -20   SPR -3
Beast Dancer       47   Beast    33     5   
Paladin Bow        56   Steel    --   -30   SPR -3

--- Shields ---
                  EVD   Anima   Uses   SP   Blocks
Buckler             8   -----    --     0   Melee
House Guard        12   -----    --     5   Melee 
Stone Shield       16   -----    --    10   Melee, Ranged        
Knight Shield      20   -----    --     0   Melee, Ranged
Water Mirror       20   -----    --    10   Melee, Water
Glacier Shield     24   -----    --     5   Melee, Ranged, Fire
Lava Shield        24   -----    --     5   Melee, Ranged, Ice
Warlord Shield     30   Steel    --   -10   Melee, Ranged

 4. Armor

--- Armor ---
                  DEF   Anima   Uses   SP   Enh   Other
Caster Cloth        4   -----    --    10   2/0
Fur                 6   -----    --     0   3/0   
Leather Armor       6   -----    --     5   1/0
SLIME MAIL          8   -----    --     0   1/0   Debug/Dummy? [GS]
Padded Mail         8   -----    --     5   2/0
Alligator Skin      8   -----    --     0   3/0   
Silk Toga           8   -----    --    10   3/1 
Hard Leather       10   -----    --     5   1/0
Caster Robe        10   -----    --    10   3/1
Fire-Beast Skin    11   -----    --     0   3/0   
Protector          12   -----    --     0   3/0
Caster Armor       12   -----    --    10   2/1
SKELTON MAIL       13   -----    --     0   1/0   Debug/Dummy? [GS]
Bone Breastplate   13   -----    --     0   3/0   
Alligator Armor    15   -----    --     1   1/0
Lake Robe          16   Water    60    10   3/1   Resists Water
Bone Armor         17   -----    --     5   1/1   [GS]
Stardust Robe      18   -----    --    20   5/2   Stops Cripple and Sleep
Iron Breastplate   18   Steel    --   -30   0/5* 
Enhanced Armor     20   -----    --     5   1/0
Brigandine         22   Steel    --   -30   0/5*
Stone Plate        22   -----    --     5   2/0   Stops Petrify
Redstone Armor     24   -----    --    10   2/0   
Silver Chain       25   Steel    --   -20   0/2*  Resists Sonic
Steel Armor        26   Steel    --   -30   0/5* 
Lobster Mail       26   -----    --    10   2/0   Resists Water
Blackstone Armor   28   -----    --     5   1/0   Stops Petrify
Ceramic Mail       30   -----    --     0   1/0
Warlord Armor      31   Steel    --   -30   0/5*
Heavy Armor        37   Steel    --   -30   0/5*       

--- Full-body Armor ---
                  DEF   Anima   Uses   SP   Enh   Other
MEGA SLIME MAIL     8   -----    --     0   1/0   Debug/Dummy? [GS]
Leather Suit       18   -----    --     0   2/0  
Plate Armor        21   Steel    --   -40   0/5*
Hydra Suit         24   -----    --     0   2/0   Stops Poison
Full Armor         26   Steel    --   -40   0/5*
Armor Suit         30   -----    --     5   2/0   
Field Suit         34   Steel    --   -40   0/5*
Reinforced Suit    40   Steel    --   -40   0/5*

--- Hats ---
                  DEF   Anima   Uses   SP   Enh   Other
Head Band           1   -----    --     5   3/0
Hat                 3   -----    --     0   1/0 
Pirate Bandana      3   -----    --     5   2/0   Stops Sleep
Red Hood            4   -----    --     2   2/0
Funny Cap           4   -----    --     5   2/0   Stops Sleep
Scale Visor         5   -----    --     0   1/0 
Feather Cap         5   -----    --     5   3/0   Stops Cripple
Mystic Veil         7   -----    --     5   4/0   Stops Psyche [GS]
Gem Band            8   -----    --     5   3/0

--- Shoes ---
                  DEF   Anima   Uses   SP   Enh   Other
Wood Shoes          2   -----    --     3   2/0
Fur Boots           5   -----    --     3   1/0
Rubber Soles        6   -----    --     3   2/0
Alligator Shoes     7   -----    --     3   1/0
Steel Greaves       8   Steel    --   -10   0/2*
Pop Shoes           8   -----    --     0   1/0   [B]
Crystal Wings       8   -----    --    10   4/0   Stops Stun, Resists Sonic
Titus Greaves      12   Stone    60     3   0/0   Resists Ground Attacks

--- Gloves/Rings ---
                  DEF   Anima   Uses   SP   Enh   Other
Work Gloves         4   -----    --     0   1/0
Coral Ring          4   Water    20     3   2/0
Birch Ring          4   Wt-Tr    --    10   3/1   Quell, Resists Water [B]
Gauntlet            6   Steel    --   -15   0/1*
Bone Gloves         6   Beast    20     3   2/0 
Silver Gloves       9   Steel    --   -10   0/2*
Obsidian Gloves     9   Stone    40     3   1/0
Dominant Gloves    12   Steel    --     0   0/0   

--- Accessories ---
                  DEF   Anima   Uses   SP   Enh   Other
Egg                 0   -----    --     0   0/0   ??? [GS]
Forest Map          0   -----    --     0   0/0   Map of the Ancient Forest
Hyper Steel         0   Steel    --   -30   0/1*  Resists Anima
Ark Stone           0   -----     1     1   3/1   Restores WP & SP for all
Life Seed           1   -----     1     0   1/0   Fully restores 1 character
Soul Crystal        1   -----     1    10   1/1   Fully restores 1 character
Anima Crystal       1   -----     1    30   5/0   Fully restores 1 character
Stardust            1   -----     1     3   1/0   Raw Tool [B]
Bone                1   Beast     1     1   1/0   Raw Beast Tool
Red Ore             1   Flame     5     2   2/0   Raw Flame Tool
Blue Ore            1   Water     5     2   3/0   Raw Water Tool
Green Ore           1   Tree      5     2   2/0   Raw Tree Tool
Demongrass Fang     1   Tr-St     3     3   2/0   Raw Tree-Stone Tool [B]
Amber Ring          1   Beast     3     3   1/0
Cross Branch        1   Tree     10     3   1/0
Rock Heart          1   Stone    10     3   1/0
Blue Water          1   Water    10     3   1/0   
Fire Charm          1   Flame    10     3   1/0
Wind Shell          1   Tone     10     3   1/0
Beast Amulet        1   Beast    10     3   1/0
Scorpion Tail       1   Water    13     3   2/0   [B]
Blue Chip           1   Water     1    10   1/0
Hyper Water         1   Water    30    10   3/1   Resists Water
Canary Heart        1   Tone     10     5   2/0   Resists Sonic
Cat's Eye           1   Beast    10    10   2/1   Resists Stare
Beast Rune          1   Beast    10    10   3/0   [B]
Pan Flute           1   Tr-Tn    10    10   2/1
Fire Flake          1   Fl-Tr    20    10   2/0   [B]
Green Glass         1   Tr-Fl    20    10   2/0   [B]
Cielmerlion         1   Tr-St    --     5   5/1   Cielmer's; Can't Remove    
Pocket Dragon       1   Stone    --    10   3/1   Quell
Hot Stone           1   Flame    --    10   3/1   Quell
Anthurium           1   Flame    --    10   4/1   Quell
Spring Orb          1   Water    --    10   4/1   Quell, Resists Water
Night Medallion     1   Beast    --    10   4/1   Quell [B]
Amber Maleate       1   Tr-Bt    --    10   4/1   Quell [B]
Blood Star          1   Wt-Tn    --    10   4/1   Quell, Stops Poison [B]
Last Leaf           1   Tree     --    20   4/2   Quell, Stops Poison/Death
Eternal Rock        1   Stone    --    20   4/2   Quell, Stops Sleep/Petrify
Nova Heart          1   Flame    --    20   4/2   Quell, Stops Cripple
Deep Blue           1   Water    --    20   4/2   Quell, Resists Water
Harmonium           1   Tone     --    20   4/2   Quell, Resists Sonic
Tao Motif           1   Beast    --    20   4/2   Quell, Resists Psyche (?)
Dryad Grail         1   Tree     --    30   4/2   Quell
Gem Particle        1   -----    --     3   1/0
Red Scarf           1   -----    --    10   3/0   
Steel Amulet        1   Steel    --   -20   0/1*  Resists Anima
Dead Stone          2   -----    --     0   2/0   Stops Instant Death
Devil's Tear        2   -----    --     5   1/0   Stops Poison
Mushroom Tear       2   -----    --     5   2/0
Rock-Beast Tag      3   St-Bt    10     3   2/0   
Peg Heart           4   -----    --    10   2/0   Resists Water

--- Landforms ---
                  Anima   Location
Tree Twig         Tree    Deep Forest
Mushroom          Tree    Caverns of Jade
Wood Roots        Tree    Insect Cave
Stonetile         Stone   Hahn Ruins
Wastelands        Stone   Desert 
Rock Surface      Stone   Rock Quarry
Fire Sparks       Flame   Southern Fort in flames
Snow & Ice        Water   Weissland
Puddle            Water   ???
Deep Mist         Water   Grand Valley
Sea Breeze        Water   Life Tree Island 
Pasture           Tr-Wt   Rock Quarry (Outside), Fields near Hahn Nova
Rocky Wall        St-Bt   Fossil Caves

 5. Weapon Arts

Key: (For all types)
Sl - Slash, Bk - Backslash, Cl - Cleave, Th - Thrust, Tw - Throw, 
Sw - Swing, Be - Beat, Sh - Shoot, Qk - Quickshot, Pn - Punch, Ki - Kick,
Gr - Grab, Re - Ready, Fo - Focus, Fe - Feint, Ch - Charge, Tr - Tree,
Wt - Water, Fl - Flame, St - Stone, Tn - Tone, Bt - Beast

Note: If a command has no combo, it means it can only be learned (and used)
      in normal combat.

--- Sword ---
                   WP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Double Slash        2    21   Cl-Cl         
Cross Slash         3    25   Sl-Bk         Best vs. Undead
Strike Slash        3    27   Fe-Sl         Causes Stun
Running Slash       3    33   Fe-Bk      
Mist Double         3    34   Fe-Cl-Sl
Smash               4    37   Ch-Cl
Final Letter        6    39   Bk-Cl-Bk      Instant Death
Dead End            7    42   Cl-Bk-Sl      Instant Death
Double Stroke       4    44   Re-Bk-Bk
Cross Break         5    46   Ch-Cl-Cl
Slice & Dice        5    49   Sl-Bk-Cl
Dragon Tail         5    50   Fe-Bk-Cl
Aftervision         7    55   <None>        Hits all enemies
Head Cracker        6    62   Re-Ch-Cl      Best vs. Beetles
Heaven & Hell       6    55   Ch-Sl-Bk      Causes Stun
Head Wind           7    59   Fe-Cl-Bk
Bull Crush          7    63   Ch-Ch-Cl
No Moment           8    66   Re-Re-Re-Sl   Unavoidable
Blade Spray         9    71   Re-Ch-Ch-Bk   Arc Area attack
Bear Crush         10    80   Ch-Ch-Ch-Cl
Multi-Way          13    88   Sl-Bk-Cl-Sl 

--- Spear ---
                   WP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Swing & Stab        2    18   Bk-Th         
Double Thrust       2    22   Th-Th
Lawnmower           4    27   Bk-Bk         Causes Stun, Best vs. Plants
Rush                3    32   Ch-Th
Skewer              4    36   Ch-Ch-Th
Wave Thrust         5    43   Bk-Th-Th
Wide Swing          5    47   <None>        Causes Stun, Wide Area Attack
Brain Shaker        4    51   Fo-Fe-Th 
Aiming              5    55   Fo-Fo-Th      Unavoidable
Squash              6    57   Fe-Bk-Th
Shining Arm         8    63   Ch-Fe-Th      Unavoidable
Heavenly Strike    10    65   Bk-Bk-Th-Th
Beast Lightning     9    69   Re-Fo-Bk-Th   Lowers Magic Power
Thousand Cross     12    80   Th-Th-Th-Th   Best vs. Undead
Fearless Triple    14    88   Fe-Bk-Bk-Th

--- Martial ---
                   WP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Karate Punch        2     9   Re-Pn
Backhand            3    15   Fe-Pn
Rotation Kick       3    21   Ch-Ki
Bear Paw            4    24   Ch-Gr
Brawl               4    27   Pn-Ki-Pn
Ogre Run            4    32   <None>        Area Attack
Crush Beat          4    35   Ch-Pn-Pn      Best vs. Stone Enemies
Heart Breaker       5    38   Fo-Gr-Pn      Causes Cripple
Arm Hammer          5    45   Ch-Ch-Pn
Kick Rush           5    49   Ki-Ki-Ki
Corkscrew           6    51   Ch-Fo-Pn
Somersault          5    54   Ch-Ki-Ki
Triangle Kick       6    57   Fe-Ki-Ki      Unavoidable
Sumo Throw          8    60   Pn-Gr-Ki      Causes Stun
Kitchen Sink        7    62   Ch-Fe-Ki
Rolling Thunder     9    64   Fe-Pn-Pn-Pn
Tumbler             9    72   Fe-Gr-Ch-Gr   Causes Stun
Cascade Rising     10    79   Fo-Ki-Ki-Ki
Dragon Revolution  10    85   <None>        
KAMIKAZE           10    90   Ch-Ch-Ch-Gr   Uses LP
Eradication        10    99   Pn-Pn-Ki-Ki   Instant Death

--- Staff ---
                   WP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Roll Beat           2    10   Sw-Sw         Unavoidable
Heart Beat          3    14   Fo-Be         Causes Cripple
Lobster Slayer      4    21   Sw-Fe-Sw      Best vs. Shellfish
Bone Crush          4    31   Fo-Ch-Be      Best vs. Skeletons
Head Splitter       4    34   Fo-Fo-Be
Gong Beat           6    42   Re-Ch-Sw
Painful Beat        5    45   Re-Fo-Be
Rock Crush          7    50   Ch-Be-Be-Be   Best vs. Stone Enemies
Turtle Killer      10    61   Ch-Fo-Fo-Bt   Can't be blocked, Lowers Defense
Grand Slam          8    74   <None>        Hits all enemies
Time & Tide        14    77   Fe-Fo-Be-Be   Unavoidable, Instant Death 

--- Axe ---
                   WP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Tomahawk            2    17   Ch-Tw
Heel Crush          2    19   Fo-Bk
Hyper Hammer        3    24   Ch-Bk
Fake Out            3    34   Fe-Bk-Sl      Unavoidable
Wood Cutter         4    27   Ch-Ch-Sl      Best vs. Plants
Skull Crush         4    40   Fo-Ch-Sl      Best vs. Skeletons
Axel Turn           5    44   Re-Ch-Bk
Ogre Crossing       4    49   Re-Bk-Bk
Sky Drive           5    53   Ch-Fe-Tw
Yo-Yo               7    55   Fo-Ch-Tw-Tw
Megahit             6    60   Re-Ch-Sl
Wheel Grind         5    61   Fe-Sl-Sl-Sl
Flash Trinity       8    70   Re-Sl-Sl-Bk
Sky Rendezvous      9    73   Tw-Tw-Fo-Tw
Tornado Divide     12    91   Bk-Bk-Ch-Sl   Best vs. Plants

--- Bow ---
                   WP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Shadow Bind         3     0   Fe-Fo-Sh      Causes Cripple
Random Shot         2    12   <None>        Hits all enemies
Aim Shot            3    18   Fo-Sh
Arrow Rain          4    32   <None>        Hits all enemies
Mind Break          5    36   Fo-Fe-Bk
Sidewinder          4    44   Fo-Fo-Sh      Best vs. Frogs
Shadow Slayer       6    49   Sh-Fk-Qk      Instant Death
Thousand Needle     6    52   Qk-Qk-Sh
Rapid Fire          7    55   Ch-Qk-Qk-Qk   
Hi-Speed Arrow      7    64   Ch-Fo-Fo-Qk
Crystal Prism       9    84   Qk-Sh-Qk-Sh   Instant Death

 6. Weapon/Spell Hybrid Arts

--- Sword Hybrid Arts ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Thunder Blade       6    50   Wt-Bk-Cl      
Tornado Blade       7    74   <None>*       Wide Area Attack
Gale Blade         10    94   Tr-Cl-Cl-Sl

*You can't learn this art though any means. However, Johan starts with it.

--- Spear Hybrid Arts ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Snake Blaster       6    72   Wt-Ch-Th      Best vs. Frogs
Twin Dragon         9    90   Fl-Wt-Th-Th
Jewel Strike       15    99   St-Wt-Bk-Bk

--- Staff Hybrid Arts ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Gale Strike         7    74   Tr-Sw-Sw-Sw

--- Axe Hybrid Arts ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Fire Wheel          5    45   Fl-Ch-Tw

--- Bow Hybrid Arts ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Other
Poison Arrow        4    25   Wt-Sh         Causes Poison
Bird Hunter         2    31   Fl-Sh
Fire Bird           9    33   Fl-Bt-Sh      Restores User's HP
Death Shot          4    42   Tr-Fl-Sh      Instant Death
Spark Shot          7    51   Fl-Qk-Qk
Windbreaker         8    60   Tr-Ch-Ch-Sh
Spectral Shot       9    66   Bt-Bt-Bt-Qk  

 7. Spell Arts

- A '*' before the spell's combo means it can't be used/learned in duels.
- I don't think you can learn Needle Burst normally. To use it, equip a 
  Demongrass Fang, and it'll be listed under its effects in battle.
- You can't learn Deadly Snake normally. To use it, equip a Scorpion Tail,
  and, like Needle Burst, it will be listed under its effects in battle. 

--- Tree ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Effect
Bushfire            6    28  *Tr-Fl         Wide Area Attack
Woodstock           5    32   Tr-Bt         Best vs. Plants
Needle Shot         4    36   Tr-St         Hits one enemy
Needle Burst       10    42  *Tr-St         Hits one enemy
Life Water          5    --   Tr-Wt         Restores HP
Sleep               5    --   Tr-Tr-Fl      Causes Sleep
Song of Earth       8    --  *Tr-Tn         Lowers all enemies' Psyche       

--- Stone ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Effect
Water Hammer        5    20   St-Wt         Lowers Psyche, Causes Fear
Magmaxplosion       5    38   St-Fl         Short Area Attack
Delta Petra         6    50   St-Tr         Arc Area Attack, Causes Petrify
Stone Armor         4    --   St-St-St      Raises Defense
Guard Beast         9    --   St-St-Bt      Summons a beast to protect ally

--- Flame ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Effect
Flame Naga          5    40   Fl-Bt         Short Area Attack, Best vs.Frogs
Firestorm           8    66  *Fl-Tr         Hits all enemies
Incineration       10    75   Fl-Fl-Tr-St   Instant Death
Recovery Breath     4    --   Fl-Tr         Cures Status Ailments
Soul Hymn          16    --  *Fl-Bt-Tn      Morale up, Regenerate HP, all

--- Water ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Effect
Deadly Snake        4    13  *<None>        Moves in a line, Best vs. Frogs
Aqua Viper          4    18   Wt-Bt         Moves in a line, Best vs. Frogs
Sonic Poison        5    44  *Wt-Tn         Hits all enemies, Causes Poison
Call Thunder        7    60   Wt-Wt-Tn      Hits one enemy
Heaven's Thunder    9    70   Wt-Wt-Tn-Tr   Hits one enemy
Permanence          8    --   Wt-Wt-St-Tr   Locks Status

--- Tone ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Effect
Sonic Burner        6    21   Tn-Fl         Arc Range Attack
Hymnal             11    60   Tn-Tr-Bt      Hits all enemies, Best vs.Undead
Spoil Wave          3    --   Tn-Wt         Lowers Psyche
Sonic Sanctuary     4    --   Tn-St         Raises Magic Defense
Stone Memory        7    --   Tn-Tn-St      Causes Petrify

--- Beast ---
                   SP   Pwr   Combo         Effect
Howling Heaven      5    32  *Bt-Tn         Hits all enemies, Lowers Morale
Mindscape           3    --   Bt-Tr         Raises Speed for all allies
Regenerate          3    --   Bt-Bt         Restores a bit of HP every round
Berserk             3    --   Bt-Bt-Bt      Raises Morale, can cause Berserk
Reviva              9    --   Bt-Bt-Fl-Fl   Auto-Revives target when killed

 8. Miscellaneous Arts

- A '*' next to the weapon in the "Anima Weapons" section means I haven't 
  yet found a weapon that is able to use this spell.
- To use the Punch anima attacks, simply equip no weapons, and equip tools 
  of that anima. I'm pretty sure that this is the correct way, but if I'm
  wrong, please let me know.

--- Anima Weapon ---
                   SP   Pwr   Weapon    Anima    Other
Wood Punch          1    20   Fist      Tree     Raises user's Psyche
Wood Sword          2    20   Sword     Tree     Raises user's Psyche
Wood Spear          2    20   Spear     Tree     Raises user's Psyche
Wood Staff          2    20   Staff     Tree     Raises user's Psyche
Wood Arrow          2    20   Bow       Tree     Raises user's Psyche
Wood Axe            2    20  *Axe       Tree     Raises user's Psyche
Stone Punch         1    20   Fist      Stone    Lowers Defense
Stone Sword         2    20   Sword     Stone    Lowers Defense
Stone Spear         2    20   Spear     Stone    Lowers Defense
Stone Staff         2    20   Staff     Stone    Lowers Defense
Stone Arrow         2    20  *Bow       Stone    Lowers Defense
Stone Axe           2    20   Axe       Stone    Lowers Defense
Tone Punch          1    20   Fist      Tone     Lowers Psyche
Tone Sword          2    20   Sword     Tone     Lowers Psyche
Tone Spear          2    20  *Spear     Tone     Lowers Psyche
Tone Staff          2    20   Staff     Tone     Lowers Psyche
Tone Arrow          2    20   Bow       Tone     Lowers Psyche
Tone Axe            2    20  *Axe       Tone     Lowers Psyche
Flame Punch         1    30   Fist      Flame    
Flame Sword         2    30   Sword     Flame    
Flame Spear         2    30   Spear     Flame
Flame Staff         2    30  *Staff     Flame
Flame Arrow         2    30   Bow       Flame   
Flame Axe           2    30   Axe       Flame

--- Duel ---
                   WP   Pwr   Weapon    Other
Charge              0    --   N/A       Raises attack power of next action
Focus               0    --   N/A       Raises magic power of next attack
Ready               0    --   N/A       Raises success rate of next action
Feint               0    --   N/A       Lowers success rate of enemy action
Punch               1     3   Fist      Normal attack
Kick                1     7   Fist      Mid-strength attack
Grab                1     2   Fist      Weak attack
Slash               1     9   Sword     Normal attack
Backslash           1     4   Sword     Weak attack
Cleave              1    13   Sword     Strong attack
Slash               1    12   Axe       Normal attack
Backslash           1     6   Axe       Weak attack
Throw               1     9   Axe       Mid-strength attack
Beat                1     8   Staff     Weak attack
Swing               1     2   Staff     Weak attack
Thrust              1    14   Spear     Normal attack
Backslash           1     5   Spear     Weak attack
Shoot               1    10   Bow       Normal attack
Quickshot           1     6   Bow       Weak attack

--- Basic Arts ---
                   SP   Pwr   Other
Tree                2     5   Attack enemy, raises user's Psyche
Tone                2     5   Attack enemy, lower Psyche
Flame               2    15   Attack enemy
Water               2    --   Restores HP
Stone               2    --   Lowers enemy defense
Beast               2    --   Raises Morale

--- Special ---
                   SP   Pwr   Effect
Comet Fall          8    51   Hits one enemy
Megabolt           12    77   Hits all enemies

 9. Item Magic
Well, I'm sure we've all played games where using items in battle can 
produce a special effect. Well, SaGa Frontier 2 has such items, but they 
work a bit differently. If you equip one of these items, the listed spell 
will appear below its name in battle. For tools/quells, this replaces the
built-in basic arts. These spells still cost SP for some reason, but such
items are still useful for the fact that they save a slot for another spell.
In addition, some such spells are unique, and can't be used any other way,
such as Comet Fall, Megabolt, Deadly Snake, Needle Burst, and Press.

Kris Knife         Comet Fall
Eternity Staff     Megabolt
Stardust           Megabolt
Seven-Star Blade   Megabolt
Birch Ring         Life Water
Blood Star         Sonic Poison
Night Medallion    Regenerate
Beast Rune         Regenerate
Amber Maleate      Woodstock
Fire Flake         Recovery Breath
Green Glass        Recovery Breath
Demongrass Fang    Needle Burst
Scorpion Tail      Deadly Snake
Pop Shoes          Press

 10. Battle Roles
Well, I figure I may as well include these anyhow, since the effects of some
of them are kinda confusing. Anyhow, with the exception of Solo Action, 
roles can only be given to one character at a time. 

- The "Character" column is who starts with the role.
- I'm not sure if these effects are 100% correct, but this is what I've 
  basically determined they do by their descriptions, and what I've seen in
- I don't know exactly who starts with the "Leader" role. It appears after
  the Battle of Buckethill, so I guess it's either Gustave's role there, or
  a Steel Soldier's role.

              Character      Effect
Solo Action   <None>         Intuition (learning) rate up, Combo rate down
Heavy Atk     William/Watts  Prioritizes Weapon/Martial Arts; Attack up
War God       Johan          Attack up, Recovery down
Blitz         Meythia        Attack power up, evasion down
Support       Kelvin         Increases party's attack and recovery
Commander     Nebelstern     Increases party's attack, evasion, and recovery
Marksman      Labelle        Prioritizes Bow attacks
Heavy Spell   Narcisse       Spell attack power up 
Spell Atk     Gustaf         Spell attack power up, spell defense down
Recover       Nina           Prioritizes recovery magic
WALL          Patrick        Increases defense
Defense       Raymond        Increases party's defense
Dodge         Ventarbre      Increases evasion
Counter       Diana          Counter rate up
Cannonball    Gustave        Performs actions as quickly as possible
Leader        ????           All allies perform actions swiftly
Versatile     Rich Knights   Balanced stats, enemy counter rate down
Ace           Cordelia       Raises combo rate from preceding move
Bandwagon     Eleanor        Raises combo rate from following move
Preemptive    Julia          Lowers chances of enemies attacking first
Scout         Wil Knights    Lowers chance of melees
Perplexion    Ginny Knights  Lowers enemy's spell efficiency
Diversion     Primiera       Enemy combo rate down
Decoy         Sargon         Lures enemy to attack self
Intimidate    Tyler          Easier to negociate truce with weaker enemies
Getaway       Roberto        Easier to negociate truce with stronger enemies
Diplomat      Greta          Easier to negociate truce with friendly enemies 

 11. Shop List 
This is a list of all the shops in the game. Actually, it's more of a town
guide, since it lists what's in every town. Here's the lowdown of what all
the features are:

* Inn - An inn. You can always stay at these for free, and it restores HP,
  SP, WP, and LP for your entire team.

* Tool Repair - You can repair tools here. The prices are usually way too
  high, however, and it's probably better to just buy a new copy of the item
  you want if possible.

* Chip Exchange - You can convert chips to money here. 50Cr for 10 Chips,
  550Cr for 100 Chips, and 3000Cr for 500 chips. 

* Item-to-Chips - You can convert any non-Steel/Quell items to chips here.
  Very useful.

* Reclaim Items - Another useful feature. This lets you take the equipment
  of anyone who's been on your team at least once. Even if the character is
  dead as a result of the story, you can still take his/her equipment!

* Tool Shop/Shopping Area - These shops are mostly for the purchase of 
  tools. Occationally, armor and weapons can be bought here, too.

* Weapon Shop - Like tool shops, except they specialize mainly in weapons 
  and armor.

* Steel Shop/Blacksmith - Shops that specialize in Steel equipment. 
  Otherwise, they're the same as Weapon Shops.

* Custom Order - Specialty shops where you can purchase powerful tools and
  weapons in exchange for chips and crowns. However, you have to have to 
  meet certain requirements before you can buy anything here...

* Peddler - A specialty shop in Hahn Nova. The guy asks if you wanna buy 
  something from him, and if you do, you'll get a random item. The stuff 
  here isn't very good, though, but it's cheap. ^_^

%%%% Westia %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Inn
* Tool Repair
* Reclaim Items
* Weapon Shop
* Tool Shop

- Weapon Shop - (Wil)                - Weapon Shop - (Rich)
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Wood Dagger       Sword       70     Wood Sword        Sword      160      
Stone Knife       Sword      100     Fossil Sword      Sword     1300
Stone Axe         Axe        110     Dew Axe           Axe        500
Flint Axe         Axe        130     Ice Staff         Staff      400
Sapling Staff     Staff       30     Antler Spear      Spear      420
Wood Spear        Spear       80     Elder Bow         Bow       1000
Hunter Bow        Bow        120     House Guard       Shield     300

- Tool Shop - 
                  Type     Price   
Cross Branch      Tool       100
Rock Heart        Tool       100
Fire Charm        Tool       100
Blue Water        Tool       100
Wind Shell        Tool       100
Beast Amulet      Tool       100
Steel Amulet      Tool       100

%%%% Gruegel %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Custom Order
* Item-to-Chips
* Weapon Shop
* Steel Shop

- Weapon Shop - (Wil)                - Weapon Shop - (Rich)
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Stone Knife       Sword      100     Stone Knife       Sword      100
Light Spear       Sword      130     Flame Rod         Sword      300
Pit Spider        Bow        460     Ice Staff         Staff      400
Caster Cloth      Armor      180     Light Spear       Spear      130
Caster Armor      Armor      550     Sacred Spear      Spear      380
Silk Toga         Armor      350     Silence Bow       Bow        680
Steel Amulet      Tool       100     Caster Robe       Armor      450

- Weapon Shop - (Ginny)              - Custom Order - 
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price  Chips
Steel Sword       Sword     1500     Carlthel          Sword     2000   1000
Steel Spear       Spear     1000     Hawk Wind         Axe       1500   1000
Ice Staff         Staff      400     Limstokes         Staff     1000   1000
Silver Staff      Staff     1000     Babrashka         Spear     1500   1000
Coral Spear       Spear      360     Beast Dancer      Bow       2000   1000
Diamond Spear     Spear     1000     Pan Flute         Tool       500    100
Silence Bow       Bow        680     Soul Crystal      Tool       500    200

- Steel Shop - (Rich)
                  Type     Price
Steel Dagger      Sword      250
Steel Sword       Sword     1500
Steel Spear       Spear     1000
Knight Shield     Shield     750
Steel Armor       Armor      940
Gauntlet          Gloves     160
Field Suit        Suit      2500

%%%% Vogelang %%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Inn
* Tool Repair 
* Custom Order
* Chip Exchange
* Item-to-Chips
* Tool Shop

- Weapon Shop - (Wil)                - Weapon Shop - (Rich/Ginny)
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Fang Dagger       Sword      150     Fossil Sword      Sword     1300
Rock Axe          Axe        300     Berserker Axe     Axe        700
Silk Toga         Armor      350     Sandwurm Staff    Staff     2000
Coral Ring        Gloves     500     Diamond Spear     Spear     1000
Rock Heart        Tool       100     Obsidian Gloves   Gloves     550
Blue Water        Tool       200     Fire Flake        Tool       240
Wind Shell        Tool       100     Hyper Water       Tool      1600

- Custom Order - 
                  Type     Price  Chips
Carlthel          Sword     2000   1000
Hawk Wind         Axe       1500   1000
Limstokes         Staff     1000   1000
Babrashka         Spear     1500   1000
Beast Dancer      Bow       2000   1000
Pan Flute         Tool       500    100
Soul Crystal      Tool       500    200

%%%% Thermes %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Weapon Shop
* Tool Shop

- Weapon Shop - (Wil)                - Weapon Shop - (Ginny)
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Stone Knife       Sword      100     Steel Sword       Sword     1500
Sapling Staff     Staff       80     Steel Spear       Spear     1000
Light Spear       Spear      130     Steel Bow         Bow       2000
Hunter Bow        Bow        120     Ice Staff         Staff      400
Caster Cloth      Armor      180     Silver Staff      Staff     1000
Leather Armor     Armor      160     Diamond Spear     Spear     1000
Caster Armor      Armor      550     Silence Bow       Bow        680

- Tool Shop - (Wil)                  - Tool Shop - (Ginny) 
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Cross Branch      Tool       100     Caster Armor      Armor      550
Rock Heart        Tool       100     Ceramic Mail      Armor     3600
Fire Charm        Tool       100     Obsidian Gloves   Gloves     550
Blue Water        Tool       100     Blue Water        Tool       100
Wind Shell        Tool       100     Fire Flake        Tool       240
Beast Amulet      Tool       100     Green Glass       Tool       240
Rubber Soles      Shoes      280     Field Suit        Suit      2500

%%%% City of the Night %%%%%

* Chip Exchange (Second time only)

%%%% Jade %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Weapon Shop

- Weapon Shop -
                  Type     Price   
Wood Dagger       Sword       70
Stone Knife       Sword      100
Flint Axe         Axe        130
Light Spear       Spear      130
Hunter Bow        Bow        120
Fire Charm        Tool       100
Steel Amulet      Tool       100
%%%% Wide %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Weapon Shop

- Weapon Shop -
                  Type     Price   
Stone Knife       Sword      100
Light Spear       Spear      130
Ranger Bow        Bow        240
Steel Dagger      Sword      250
Plate Armor       Suit       600
Iron Breastplate  Armor      440
Gauntlet          Gloves     160

%%%% Laubholz %%%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Inn
* Weapon Shop
* Steel Shop (Ginny only)

- Weapon Shop - (Wil)                - Weapon Shop - (Rich)
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Blast Sword       Sword      650     (I don't have this list yet.)
Lightning Sword   Sword      650
Dew Axe           Axe        500
Oak Staff         Staff       50
Sacred Spear      Spear      380
Silk Toga         Armor      350
Stone Shield      Shield     400

- Weapon Shop - (Ginny)              - Steel Shop -        
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Blast Sword       Sword      650     Steel Spear       Spear     1000
Lightning Sword   Sword      650     Steel Bow         Bow       2000
Sacred Spear      Spear      380     Knight Shield     Shield     750
Sea-Beast Horn    Spear      580     Full Armor        Suit       900
Elder Bow         Bow       1000     Steel Armor       Armor      940
Wild Rose         Bow       1800     Gauntlet          Gloves     160
Caster Robe       Armor      450     Steel Amulet      Tool       100

%%%% Weissland %%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Inn
* Tool Shop

- Tool Shop - 
                  Type     Price   
Ice Staff         Staff      400
Hunter Bow        Bow        120
Fur               Armor      120
Fur Boots         Boots       90
Leather Suit      Suit       440
Hyper Water       Tool       800
Hot Stone         Quell    10000

%%%% North Gate %%%%%%%%%%%%

* Inn
* Chip Exchange
* Reclaim Items
* Tool Shop

- Tool Shop - (Rich)                 - Tool Shop - (Ginny) 
                  Type     Price                       Type     Price   
Fang Dagger       Sword      150     Fossil Dagger     Sword      500
Fossil Dagger     Sword      500     Dew Axe           Axe        500
Dew Axe           Axe        500     Coral Spear       Spear      360
Coral Ring        Gloves     250     Ranger Bow        Bow        240
Hard Leather      Armor      320     Alligator Armor   Armor      380
Blue Water        Tool       100     Bone Gloves       Gloves     350
Steel Amulet      Tool       100     Green Glass       Tool       240

%%%% Settlement %%%%%%%%%%%%

* Inn
* Tool Repair (Ginny only)
* Custom Order (Ginny only)
* Chip Exchange (Ginny only)
* Item-to-Chips (Ginny only)
* Reclaim Items (Ginny only)
* Tool Shop

- Tool Shop - 
                  Type     Price   
Dew Axe           Axe        500
Sacred Spear      Spear      380
Ranger Bow        Bow        240
Alligator Armor   Armor      380
Alligator Shoes   Boots      200
Fire Charm        Tool       100
Wind Shell        Tool       100

%%%% Hahn Nova %%%%%%%%%%%%%

* Blacksmith (Up to 3)
* Shopping Area (Up to 3)
* Peddler

(Note: Prices on the right are 'sale' prices, used if you made three of the
 same sector. Ones on the left are normal.)

- Blacksmith: Area 1 -                  - Shopping: Area 1 -
                  Type     Price                          Type     Price   
Steel Sword       Sword    1500/1350    Warlord Shield    Shield   2500/2250
Paladin Sword     Sword    4500/4050    Cross Branch      Tool      100/  90
Steel Dagger      Sword     250/ 225    Rock Heart        Tool      100/  90
Gauntlet          Gloves    160/ 144    Fire Charm        Tool      100/  90
Steel Greaves     Boots     400/ 360    Blue Water        Tool      100/  90
Field Suit        Suit     2500/2250    Wind Shell        Tool      100/  90
Knight Shield     Shield    750/ 675    Beast Amulet      Tool      100/  90

- Blacksmith: Area 2 -                  - Shopping: Area 2 -
                  Type     Price                          Type     Price   
Steel Spear       Spear    1000/ 900    Reinforced Suit   Suit     4000/3600
Paladin Sword     Spear    4000/3600    Cross Branch      Tool      100/  90
Steel Dagger      Sword     250/ 225    Rock Heart        Tool      100/  90
Gauntlet          Gloves    160/ 144    Fire Charm        Tool      100/  90
Steel Greaves     Boots     400/ 360    Blue Water        Tool      100/  90
Field Suit        Suit     2500/2250    Wind Shell        Tool      100/  90
Knight Shield     Shield    750/ 675    Beast Amulet      Tool      100/  90

- Blacksmith: Area 3 -                  - Shopping: Area 3 -
                  Type     Price                          Type     Price   
Steel Bow         Bow      2000/1800    Warlord Armor     Armor    2500/2250
Paladin Bow       Bow      4000/3600    Cross Branch      Tool      100/  90
Steel Dagger      Sword     250/ 225    Rock Heart        Tool      100/  90
Steel Greaves     Boots     400/ 360    Fire Charm        Tool      100/  90
Brigandine        Armor     760/ 684    Blue Water        Tool      100/  90
Steel Armor       Armor     940/ 846    Wind Shell        Tool      100/  90
Knight Shield     Shield    750/ 675    Beast Amulet      Tool      100/  90
- Peddler - 
                  Type     Price     (Note: This person only shows up in
Red Ore           Tool       100      the entertainment district, behind
Blue Ore          Tool       100      the bar. When you talk to him, he
Green Ore         Tool       100      says "I have one of these. Wanna buy
Devil's Tear      Tool       100      it for 100Cr?". Accept, and you'll
Mushroom Tear     Tool       100      randomly get one of the listed items.)
Dead Stone        Tool       100
Steel Amulet      Tool       100          
Hyper Steel       Tool       100
Demongrass Fang   Tool       100
Bone Breastplate  Armor      100

 12. Items not found in Shops
This is a list of rare or hard to find items. Essentially, ones not found in
any shops. I've also included all Quells here for your convenience. :)

If there're any items I missed, if any of the locations I have here are 
wrong, or you know where to find any of the items I haven't, please let me 


--- Swords ---

- Kris Knife - 
Scenario: Wil's Departure, Anima Faith Fiasco
This is a pretty weak weapon, but this list covers all Quells regardless.
From the "South Entrance" of Hahn Ruins, climb down the stairs, and enter 
the door on the lower right. It's in the chest on the shelf.

- Screamer -
Scenario: None (Ginny's Adventure)
Primiera starts with one of these. If anyone knows a way to get more, please
let me know.

- Gustave's Sword -
Scenario: Battle of Buckethill, Wil vs. Egg, Battle of South Moundtop
There're actually three of these, according to the game. One has 29 attack
power, and is only used in the Battle of Buckethill. The second one has 53
attack power, and is used by Gustave when he joins during Wil vs. Egg. 
Finally, Gustaf gets a third one later on in Ginny's quest. Actually, the 
one Gustaf gets is the same as the one Gustave gets in Wil vs. Egg, except 
it has an extra line in its description. So the game acts like there's three
of these. Whatever. ^_^

- Flame Sword -
Scenario: None (Ginny's Adventure)
Gustaf starts with this, and it can't be unequipped.

- Firebrand -
Scenario: Battle of South Moundtop
This is just Gustaf's Flame Sword, renamed. They start calling it by its
real name, Firebrand, after Battle of South Moundtop. No, you still can't 
unequip it. ^_^

- Beowulf -
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold
In the Old Battleground just outside of Hahn Nova, take the right path when
you reach the crossroads, and keep going until you come to a big tree. 
Examine it, and Ginny will point out that she detects an anima that doesn't
seem to belong to a tree. Choose to investigate this strange anima, and 
you'll be attacked by a Diety and three Crimes. Win the battle (it shouldn't
be that hard), and you'll get the Beowulf.

- Carlthel -
Scenario: None (Gruegel/Vogelang)
Bought at the "Custom Order" shop. In order for these items to show up, you
need a fair amount of crowns and chips (I'd say about 2000 Chips and 5000 
Crowns. Might need more or less.), and someone who's at (at least) level 25 
in the type and the anima of the weapon. Since this is a Stone Sword, you 
need to have someone with a Sword level of at least 25, and a Stone level of
at least 25. I don't believe this needs to be the same character, just at 
least one person with levels that high.

- Valleria Heart -
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold
Won randomly from Knight Pegs/Queen Pegs. (They always show up together, so
I'm not sure which drops it; I've gotten two different letters about it.)
They're really rare. When fighting the boar-type monsters, occationally 
you'll end up fighting three Knight Pegs and the Peg Queen. I've only seen
this twice out of about 50 battles, though. Expect a long wait if you're 
trying to get this. ^_^

- CinderforgeSword -
Scenario: None (Laubholz, anytime after finishing "Tycoon Wil")
In one of the upper floors of the Tower of Laubholz, there's a room with 
several doors; one of which is an iron gate. Occationally, you'll see a 
skeleton floating around the room. It's the Lich, an optional super-boss.
It's difficult to do, and it takes a while, but if you win the battle, 
you'll get the Cinderforge Sword. I'm not sure if you have to complete the
Elven Lyre sub-quest in order to get the Lich to appear, but if it doesn't
show up at first, complete the quest, then try again.

- Seven-Star Blade -
Scenario: None (Go! Go! Digger)
Unfortunately, you can only get this via the Pocketstation mini-game "Go! 
Go! Digger". And since Pocketstations aren't available for sale outside 
Japan, it's pretty much impossible to get this sword without GameShark. 
(Well, I suppose you can always import a Pocketstation, but I've no 
guarantee it'd work with an American PSX...)

--- Spears ---

- Ice Lance -
Scenario: Beyond Grand Valley
Actually, I think you need to get this to continue. You get it by examining
the shiny spot after defeating the Volcanoid.

- Beast Lance -
Scenario: Tycoon Wil
This is in the Ice Megalith, but it's *really* well hidden, and explaining
how to get it isn't easy... After passing through the teleporter maze (with 
the slimes), you'll end up in a small room where there's a far-away view.
Here, walk up to the machine on the right, and you'll be sucked into a 
strange room with more teleporter tiles. I don't think there's any pattern
here, so just keep teleporting around until you end up on the island with 
the flashing green portal in the center. Wait until the portal is at it's 
largest size, then touch it. You *should* end up in a treasure room where 
you'll find the Beast Lance. (If you messed up, you'll end up back in the 
room with the two machines, and will have to start over.)  If you touch the
left machine in the previous room, you'll also be warped to a similar
teleporter maze. Do the same thing here to get a Hyper Water. (Note: The
method I have here seemed to work for me, but it might not be the correct 
way to get these items. If I'm wrong, please let me know the correct way.)

- Babrashka -
Scenario: None (Gruegel/Vogelang)
Bought at the "Custom Order" shop. Since this is a Tree Spear, you need to
have someone with a Spear level of at least 25, and a Tree level of at least

- Uroborus -
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold (Weissland)
Won rarely from the Megalith Beast and Fire Lord Sargon. O_o  Good luck...
Note that you'll only fight Sargon at the Old Battleground if you also got 
the Beowulf there. And yes, only in *this* battle do you have a chance of
getting Uroborus. When you fight Sargon in the Last Megalith, he always 
drops the Nova Heart. 

--- Staffs ---

- Sandwurm Staff -
Scenario: At the Mines (Mines Collapsed)
If you managed to save all the trapped miners when you return to Svendorf
Mines the second time, one of them gives you this. You can also buy these at
Vogelang on Ginny's quest, but they're expensive.

- Eternity Staff -
Scenario: Deadly Battle with the Egg
In a treasure chest near the end of the Insect Megalith. Kinda hard to miss 

- Limstokes -
Scenario: None (Gruegel/Vogelang)
Bought at the "Custom Order" shop. Since this is a Water Staff, you need to 
have someone with a Staff level of at least 25, and a Water level of at 
least 25. 

- Granite Staff -
Scenario: Into the Forest, To the Fossil Caves, Misty's Plot
Won rarely from Rock Rhinos. The only normal tool in the game (other than 
the non-removable Cielmerlion) that doesn't break.

--- Axes ---

- Golden Axe -
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold, The Last Megalith
As with most hard to find items, you randomly win this one after battle. 
Hopper Dynasty, the unnecessarily strong frog, drops it. This is a steel
item, but strangely, it doesn't resist anima. It won't break, either.
Unfortunately, it's rather weak in comparison to other axes...

- Obsidian Axe -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure
Well, I've won one of these from some enemy, but I forgot what. You can get
one of these without fighting, though, by pulling on the vines in the lower
levels of the Giant Worm Caves.

- Hawk Wind -
Scenario: None (Gruegel/Vogelang)
Bought at the "Custom Order" shop. Since this is a Beast Axe, you need to
have someone with an Axe level of at least 25, and a Beast level of at least

--- Bows ---

- Elven Lyre -
Scenario: None (Laubholz, anytime after finishing "Tycoon Wil")
There's a rather complex sub-quest involved in getting this... It's in 
Laubholz Tower.

- Wysteria Bow -
Scenario: Into the Forest
After reaching the ancient tower, climb to the second floor, and exit 
through the broken wall in the back. Cross the huge tree limb, and take the
chest at the end, which contains the Wysteria Bow. Watch out, though, you 
get attacked afterwards.

- Wild Rose -
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold
This is in the treasure cave on the Old Battleground outside Hahn Nova. From
where you start, just head left and go in the cave, where this and a bunch
of other stuff is hidden. You can buy these at Laubholz on Ginny's quest, as
well, but they're somewhat expensive.

- Beast Dancer -
Scenario: None (Gruegel/Vogelang)
Bought at the "Custom Order" shop. Since this is a Beast Bow, you need to 
have someone with a Bow level of at least 25, and a Beast level of at least 

--- Shields ---

- House Guard -
Scenario: Many
Won randomly from Housekeepers. Actually, you can *buy* these in Westia 
during Rich's quest. ^_^

- Water Mirror -
Scenario: Showdown! Alexei, Edelritter (Johan the Assassin)
Ventarbre starts with this. He joins you after completing "Johan the 
Assassin", but unless you visit a town then, he's not playable. Take this 
from him via the woman in Westia or North Gate. You can also win extra Water
Mirrors from beating the Griffins in the Rock Quarry. It's hard, and it 
takes a while, but it can be done. Still, it's probably not worth it.

- Glacier Shield -
Scenario: Tycoon Wil
Found in the Ice Megalith. It's in a 'chest' along the main path, so you
probably won't miss it.

- Lava Shield -
Scenario: To the Fossil Caves
In the main room (where all the rhinos, slugs, and passageways are), take
the third passage on the south wall, and examine the skeleton in the next
area. You'll get this shield.

--- Armor ---

Scenario: None
I have no idea what this is, but I doubt you can get it normally. Maybe it's
the armor Slimes are equipped with. ^_^

- Alligator Skin -
Scenario: Many
Randomly won from Ammits. Just boring junk with no special properties.

- Fire-Beast Skin -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure, To Gustave's Stronghold, The Last Megalith
Won randomly from Garms, the big Hell Hound'ish dogs. These show up every 
once in a while on the Old Battleground outside Hahn Nova and in the Last
Megalith, but they're much more frequent in the Giant Worm Cave. Pull the 
roots on the lower floor that drop bugs, and Garms will frequently show up 
with them.

Scenario: None 
Like the SLIME MAIL, I doubt this is available normally. Probably the
Skeleton's armor. ^_^

- Lake Robe -
Scenario: To the Monster's Nest (Johan the Assassin)
There're two of these. Ventarbre starts with one, and you can find one in
the Monster's Nest. It's not that hard to find, though, if you explore.

- Bone Armor -
Scenario: ????
Never found this, but it's probably won randomly from some type of skeletal

- Stardust Robe -
Scenario: Deadly Battle with the Egg, Insect Megalith
At the crossroads where there're a bunch of flying bugs, take the lower left
path. There's a chest there containing this great armor.

- Enhanced Armor -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure, To Gustave's Stronghold
I've gotten a few of these. They're randomly dropped by Labor Ants, but 
aren't that good.

- Stone Plate -
Scenario: Into the Forest, To the Fossil Caves, Misty's Plot
Won randomly from Rock Rhinos. Those things sure do drop lots of good items.

- Redstone Armor -
Scenario: None (Laubholz Tower)
Won randomly from the Gargoyle. Not too bad, but there's better armor to be
- Silver Chain -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure (Laubholz Tower)
Found in the 'treasure hoard' at the very bottom of the Giant Worm Cavern.
Also randomly won from the Gargoyle at Laubholz Tower.

- Lobster Mail -
Scenario: Life Tree Island
Won randomly from the Mother Grendel. Why'd they make it where so many items
are won only from bosses, anyhow? ^_^  

- Blackstone Armor -
Scenario: To the Monster's Nest
Won randomly from the Gargoyle. I dunno if you can win Redstone Armor or
Silver Chain from this one, though.

- Heavy Armor -
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold
In the treasure cave on the Old Battleground. (See the Wild Rose)

--- Full-body Armor ---

Scenario: None
Like the SLIME MAIL and SKELTON MAIL, this is probably just dummy armor.

- Hydra Suit - 
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold
In the treasure cave. (See the Wild Rose)

- Armor Suit -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure, To Gustave's Stronghold
Won randomly from Ant Commanders. (Not Sniper Ants, as I thought previously)

--- Hats ---
- Pirate Bandana -
Scenario: Wil vs. Egg
I've never gotten this, but I've gotten several different reports about it. 
Apparently, you can randomly win it from either the female pirate inside the
ship, or from the pirate who has the Egg, but there also seems to be a more
effective way to get it. When confronted by the female pirate, tell her 
you're not a new crew member, and she'll ask you what you are. The answer
here is apparently completely random, but if you get it right, she'll just
give this to you. If you get it 'wrong', she'll attack you; just reload and
try again if this happens, and keep trying until you get it.

- Funny Cap -
Scenario: Varies
These're randomly won from several enemies. The only ones I noticed that
dropped it reliably, however, are Dietys.

- Feather Cap -
Scenario: Wil vs. Egg, Others
Never gotten this one myself. But according to reports, it's dropped 
randomly by the Wyvern, and by Polar Drakes.

- Mystic Veil -
Scenario: ????
I've never found this, and neither has anyone else, apparently. Let me know
if you find it...

- Gem Band -
Scenario: At the Mines (Mines Collapsed), To Cast a Rainbow
There're two of these, and they're both easy to get. When Svendorf Mines is
collapsing, return to the underground waterway where you saw the floating
chest earlier that you couldn't get. There's a Gem Band inside. There's also
another Gem Band in the Water Tower on Rich's quest, on one of the highest

--- Shoes ---

- Pop Shoes -
Scenario: Showdown! Alexei, Edelritter
This gets put here only because of the weird way you get it. Notice how 
there's a bag on a ledge above the north bridge that it doesn't seem like
you can get? Well, when you reach that area from below, lure the bird down
and have it touch the bag. It'll knock it off the ledge, allowing you to
grab it. It has the Pop Shoes in it.  There're a few other bags scattered 
throughout the quarry that you can also get this way.

- Crystal Wings -
Scenario: To Cast a Rainbow (Laubholz Tower, Weissland)
A pair of these cool shoes can be found at the very bottom level of the
Water Tower (where you place the Quell). You can also randomly win them from
Polar Drakes, and, if you wanna waste your time trying, Griffins.

- Titus Greaves -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure
Footwear that doubles as a tool! :)  Under Covers occationally drop these.
I guess the Titus Beast probably does, too. Not that I've confirmed it, but
it makes sense.

--- Gauntlets/Rings ---

- Birch Ring -
Scenario: Gustave 15 Years Old
Kelvin starts with this. Do this scenario as soon as possible so Wil's team
can make use of it.

- Silver Gloves -
Scenario: Deadly Battle with the Egg
Similar to getting the Stardust Robe, only a bit more complex. In the Insect
Megalith, take the upper left path on the screen with the four flying bugs.
Follow the path here to the end, and you'll find a chest blocked by a bug.
Defeat the bug (which is quite strong), and take the chest to get the 

- Dominant Gloves -
Scenario: Into the Northern Continent, The Last Megalith
These're won rarely from Megalith Dragons. Ugh. Why are so many items in 
this game dropped exclusively by bosses!? 

--- Accessories ---

- Egg -
Scenario: ????
Probably another debug/dummy item. It doesn't seem to do anything, so I 
doubt you can get it. (Is this *the* Egg?)

- Soul Crystal -
Scenario: None (Gruegel/Vogelang)
Bought at the "Custom Items" shop. It doesn't have an anima type, so I guess
just getting enough chips/crowns is all it takes to get this to appear. This
item also carries over into clear game saves, unlike the custom weapons.

- Anima Crystal -
Scenario: None (Laubholz Tower)
The only one of these I've found is won from the 'special' Animal Ghoul at
the bottom of Laubholz Tower...

- Stardust -
Scenario: Into the Forest
I'm not sure what the point of this item is. It can only be used once, and
only casts Megabolt, which can be used infinitely through the Eternity 
Staff. There's also only one of these in the game, which is found in the
ancient forest.

- Demongrass Fang -
Scenario: Many
Another pointless single-use item. Still, it casts Needle Burst, so I guess
it's kinda fun. These're won randomly from Demon Seeds, and I guess the 
Demon Grass enemy in Laubholz Tower drops it, too. You can also buy them
sometimes from the peddler in Hahn Nova's entertainment district.

- Amber Ring -
Scenario: Many
Yet another pointless item. It doesn't even have a special effect, it's just
a single-use Beast tool. They're won randomly from Land Krakens, but why 
would you want them? ^_^

- Scorpion Tail -
Scenario: Johan the Assassin
This is a fun item that lets you cast Deadly Snake in battle. :)  
Johan starts with one, and you can win them rather easily from the Minor 
Assassins throughout Johan's single scenario.

- Canary Heart -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure
Gotten the same way you get the Obsidian Axe. Pull on the roots, and it just
sorta falls on you. :)

- Cat's Eye -
Scenario: Infiltrate! Alexei Gang, Wil vs. Egg
Somewhere near the center of town in the City of the Night is a man who's
willing to trade you a Cat's Eye for either a Mushroom Tear, or a set of 
Green, Red, and Blue Ores. If you have the items, make the trade! (You can 
easily get all three ores by checking the colored buckets in Svendorf 

- Beast Rune -
Scenario: The Last Megalith (Weissland)
These're dropped randomly by the darker palette swaps of the Megalith Beast
called 'Nuckelavee', and by the Megalith Beast himself. Casts Regenerate in 
battle, so it's pretty good.

- Blue Chip -
Scenario: Many
Like the Amber Ring, it's a pointless item. Single-use, no special effect 
Water tool. Won randomly from Slimes and Dirt Hoppers, and found in chests
here and there. (Two of them can be found on the Grand Valley bridge. :P)

- Pan Flute -
Scenario: None (Gruegel/Vogelang)
Bought at the "Custom Items" shop. These probably work the same as the 
weapons. You probably need someone with a Tree level of 25, and a Tone level
of 25. These carry over into the Clear Game saves, though, so that might not
be how to get them. Given it's anima combination, and the fact that it's a
flute, this item *should* be able to cast Song of Earth in battle, but 
unfortunately, it can't for some strange reason.

- Pocket Dragon -
Scenario: Wil's Departure, Anima Faith Fiasco
In Hahn Ruins. From the South Entrance, climb down the stairs and take the
only door on the left. It's in the chest here.

- Hot Stone -
Scenario: At the Mines (Mines Collapsed) (Weissland)
Well, you can buy these at the item shop in Weissland for 10,000 Crowns, but
it's pretty pointless to do so when you can get one for free anyway. :P
When Svendorf Mines is collapsing, leave the room where you start and take 
the lower left path. (Take the lower right path first, to get the Gem Band.)
Here, take the upper path, but don't go anyplace; just turn around and go to
the previous room. The path on the right that you just came from is now 
blocked, but there's a miner and a chest there. Take the chest to get a free
Hot Stone.

- Anthurium -
Scenario: Into the Forest
A glorified Hot Stone. ^_^   This is on one of the higher floors of the
Ancient Tower, near where the Treefolk is. Walk around to the small ledge on
the far right, and loop around to get the chest containing this.

- Spring Orb -
Scenario: To Cast a Rainbow
In the Water Tower. You need this to finish the scenario, so I think you'll
be able to find it. ;)

- Night Medallion -
Scenario: Tycoon Wil
Another Quell you get as a result of the story. When you reach the giant
machine at the end of the Ice Megalith, you'll get this after the story

- Cielmerlion -
Scenario: None (The General's Memories)
This is a peculiar item. Cielmer starts with it equipped, and you can't 
remove it. What makes it so strange, though, is two things. First, it has
unlimited uses, and it's just an ordinary tool, not a Quell. Second, it 
doesn't seem to be usable in battle. I'm not sure why, it's just not...

- Amber Maleate -
Scenario: Wil's Departure, Anima Faith Fiasco
Another Hahn Ruins Quell; this one is the hardest one to explain... In the
crossroad room where there're three frogs, take the door on the lower right.
(The one in the upper right is blocked at the beginning; Wil just comments
about a ferocious monster. This should give you an idea of what I'm talking
about.) Take the chest for this Quell.

- Blood Star -
Scenario: Ginny's Adventure
Found in the 'treasure hoard' at the very bottom of the Giant Worm Cavern.

- Last Leaf -
Scenario: The Last Megalith
Won after defeating Wood Lord.

- Eternal Rock -
Scenario: The Last Megalith
Won after defeating Stone Lord.

- Nova Heart -
Scenario: The Last Megalith
Won after defeating Fire Lord.

- Deep Blue -
Scenario: The Last Megalith
Won after defeating Water Lord.

- Harmonium -
Scenario: The Last Megalith
Won after defeating Tone Lord.

- Tao Motif -
Scenario: The Last Megalith
Won after defeating Beast Lord.

- Dryad Grail -
Scenario: Into the Forest
Won after defeating the Treefolk.

- Gem Particle -
Scenario: Many
I have no idea what effect, if any, this has. You can randomly win it from
Slimes and other enemies.

- Red Scarf -
Scenario: Johan the Assassin
Johan starts with this. Why did I mention it? Because of it's added effect.
I'm not certain of this, so don't quote me on it, but I believe it increases
the chances of winning items after battle!

- Dead Stone -
Scenario: Many
Won randomly from Ghosts and Skeletons of any type, and you can get a 
freebie by defeating the female pirate onboard the pirate ship during Wil 
vs. Egg. You can also rarely get these buy buying items from the peddler at 
the Hahn Nova entertainment district. 

- Devil's Tear -
Scenario: Many
Randomly won from Empusas. Like Dead Stones, you can also get these 
occationally by buying them from the peddler at Hahn Nova.

- Mushroom Tear -
Scenario: Gustave 15 Years Old
This item itself is pretty pointless, but since you can trade it in for a
Cat's Eye in the City of the Night, I figured I'd include it anyhow. You can
randomly win these from Fung Men, or you can get one by repeatedly whacking
that giant mushroom in the Caverns of Jade.

- Rock-Beast Tag -
Scenario: ????
I got one of these before, but I forget where. I think Rock Rhinos drop 
these as well.

- Peg Heart -
Scenario: To Gustave's Stronghold
Again, I've never found this. But I've heard it can be won from Peg Queens.

 13. Credits and Closing stuff

I'd like to thank the following people:

- Dragon Fogel ( for casting Deadly Snake by using the
  Scorpion Tail, casting Needle Burst by using the Demongrass Fang, and for
  several additions to the Weapon Arts lists.
- Lute (E-mail unknown) for casting Sonic Poison by using the Blood Star.
- Michael Kurniawan ( for confirming the locations of a 
  bunch of items, how to get the Custom Weapons to appear in the shops, the
  location of the second Lake Robe, where extra Water Mirrors can be found,
  and letting me know that Hymnal can be learned in duels.
- Burn Griffith ( for the list of items buyable at
  the Custom Items shops, where to find Golden Axes and Fire-Beast Skin, and
  that you can buy Dead Stones at Hahn Nova.
- GenocideHeart ( for Rich's shop lists at
  Gruegel and Vogelang, exactly how to get the Pirate Bandana, and for 
  another enemy that drops Uroborus.

If you have a question or something, feel free to E-Mail me at using the subject line "SaGa Frontier 2", or something
similar. No offense intended, but if you send me a letter without a subject
line, or with something like "Need help", or "Hi", it'll get deleted. I'm 
sorry for sounding so harsh, but this is really all I can do to avoid 

This FAQ 2000 Matt Hobbs
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