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The first game I've really seen people write down the documents you can 
find and read in the game would be Resident Evil...why did they do it? I 
really don't know -- it doesn't serve any purposes what so ever. 
Entertainment value, possibly? Regardless, I think I'll give it a shot 
and see why people have done it before.

Remember: This document is an "extension" of my primary Shadowman guide. 
As such, it is under the same copyrights and regulations <cough, cough 
sites who like to take my FAQs, cough, cough>. 

Notes As Of Now
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1) Nettie's Files
2) The Prophecy
3) Jack's Journal

These are DIRECT quotes from the game, unless I typed something 

-------------------------- NETTIE'S FILES ------------------------------

October 1999

Wherever possible includes Background, Criminal Profile, Sightings and 
Prime Suspect for each of the following:

Report # 1 "LIZARD KING" (Dr. Victor Batachian) 
Report # 2 "REPO MAN" (Marco Cruz)
Report # 3 "VIDEO NASTY KILLER: (Milto Pike)
Report # 4 "HOME IMPROVEMENT KILLER" - New York City
Report # 5 "JACK 2" - London, England

TEL: 555-0101 FAX: 555-0102


Here is the information you requested regarding the five serial killers 
-- referred to by yourself as The Five. My research has led me into 
areas I do not normally pursue -- no demon spoor (Asmodevs) as far as I 
can see. My sources tell me that each report is as current as it can be. 
The Batrachian report is particularly up to date, with a news item 
included that is only a week old.  
When studying the information, of particular note the inclusion of 
symbols and poems at the crime scenes, along with the phrase "For we are 
many", (taken, I believe, from the Bible -- Mark, Chapter 5, Verse 9). 
Are these guys in cahoots, or is it simply a coincidence? Knowing you as 
I do, Nettie, I cannot believe it's the latter.

Anyway, hope this stuff proves useful.

Best regards,

Name: Doctor Victor Karl Batrachian
<prison photo>
DOB: April 8, 1961                    Sex: MALE
Height: 6'2"                          Weight: 198lbs
Place of Birth: Geneva, Switzerland   Hair: Ash Brown
Eyes: Gray                            Race: White

Scars and Marks: Small scar on left temple

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, the son of a wealthy Swiss banker. A 
brilliant student, Batrachian graduated from Cambridge University in 
1985 with a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychiatry. Batrachian spent the following 
four years at the London Medical School training to become a General 
Practitioner (MD). Was expelled from the school without completing 

Emigrated to US in early 1991, using forged certificates to gain a Green 
Card. Established medical practice in Boston. Was indicated on five 
accounts of murder following the discovery of an insurance fraud 
involving five of his patients, all wealthy widows who had willed him 
their entire fortunes and were subsequently found dead of "natural 
causes." Batrachian, as their doctor, had signed all five death 
certificates. Captured by State Police, as he was about to cross the 
state line into Indiana. Batrachian absconded from the Butler Country 
Sheriff's Office after killing two deputies and wounding a third. At 
this point (December, 1995), Batrachian appeared on the FBI's Most 
Wanted List. In December '95, a handwritten letter with an Abilene 
postmark arrived at the office of the Dallas Morning News (see 
Attachment N1). In it, the writer intimated -- somewhat obscurely -- 
that they intended to commit several "bloody sacrifices." The writer of 
the letter has since been identified as Batrachian.

In January, 1996, the corpse of an unidentified young man was discovered 
in a derelict boathouse on the shores of Lake Fore Phantom Hill, Texas. 
Forensic examination showed that the head of the corpse had quite 
literally exploded -- as through some "great and unnatural internal 
pressure." A strange symbol had been branded on to the left side of the 
victim's chest. Over the next year and a half, twelve more murders 
followed, all with the same modus operandi. FBI agents captured 
Batrachian in August 1997. He was subsequently convicted of fifteen 
accounts of first degree murder and sentenced to die in the electric 
chair. He is currently on death row at Gardelle Country Penitentiary, 
awaiting the result of his second appeal and achieving a certain 
notoriety in artistic circles with what he calls his "Asylum 
Installations" and his "Schismata" paintings (Fig. 2).

<shows picture of symbol>

<shows picture of man in chair>

Indeed, London's Golgotha art gallery recently bought one of these 
"Schismata" paintings for several thousand dollars.

Attachment #1 
Letter to Dallas Morning News (handwriting identified as belonging to 
Dear Sir,
I have brought HIS Kingdom to Earth and a bloody cleansing is nigh. 
Indeed, it is well overdue. I am the Leader of the FIVE -- the Watchers 
of the GATE OF SOULS. We shall Make the Way for the coming of HIS 
GLORIOUS ARMY and as a fanfare -- we demand several sacrifices. Blood 
Sacrifices for HIS pleasure. So be aware then, that the road to your 
GOLGOTHA shall be slippery with your BLOOD.
           FOR WE ARE MANY
I remain, as ever, disrespectfully yours,
The Lizard King

Attachment #2

UPDATE -- News story from the front page of Clearford Chronicles, dated 
one week ago.

Batrachian is the mastermind behind the three-day-old siege at Gardelle 
Country Penitentiary. Batrachian, who has been on death row for the past 
two years, has become something of a celebrity in artistic circles with 
his "Schismata" paintings. Details are sketchy, but it appears that last 
Thursday evening, Batrachian was momentarily left alone in the prison's 
Art Studio. When the guards returned, he was nowhere to be found. After 
killing four guards, Batrachian managed to override the security 
systems, releasing thee hundred prisoners from their cells. The 
condition of the twenty-five hostages is unknown. Gardelle Penitentiary 
is currently surrounded by 150 National Guardsmen, but as of yet they 
have not been given to order to go in.

Attachment #3

Poem found at crime scene (clutched in hand of unidentified victim): 
The Lizard King shall lead the Five --
From out of the southern gaol shall cut his bloody
True hate shall find a way -- in Him the Darkness
stands revealed,
His eyes as void as a dead man's gaze,
As cold as the light from a dying star.

For we are many...

Name: Marco Roberto Cruz
<prison photo>
DOB: March 13, 1968                    Sex: MALE
Height: 5'10"                          Weight: 168lbs
Place of Birth: Boulder City, Nevada   Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Brown                      Race: White
Scars and Marks: Heavily tattooed on upper body. Scar on left cheek; 
words "LOVER BOY" tattooed on knuckles of both hands


From February to November, 1996, Marco Roberto Cruz kidnapped and 
murdered ten people, preying on couples mainly in and around Death 
Valley and the Mojave Desert. The following symbol was found near each 
victim (Fig. 1).

<shows picture of symbol>

The following poem was also found near each of the victims:

For in the western deserts He finds a form
He is the Child with the Mouth of Blood,
The bleakness before the Beginning of Time,
He is the glint of ice in a murderer's eye,
The savage heart of every crime.
For we are many...

Ironically, Cruz actually worked as a Repo Man for five years. He also 
worked as a deejay and had an auto shop business at one time. Served 
seven years for armed robbery and aggravated assault. No previous 
convictions for homicide but was implicated in several killings, with 
lack of evidence to convict. It is not known whether he is among the 
inmates involved in the riot at the jail.

Name: Milton T. Pike
<prison photo>
DOB: July 4, 1952                Sex: MALE
Height: 6'1"                     Weight: 240lbs
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida   Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown                      Race: White
Scars and Marks: Flaming skull tattoo with inscription "Born to Raise 
Hell" on left side of his chest; scars on upper lip and chin.

Vietnam Veteran (1971-73), Green Beret, Special Forces electronic 
countermeasures expert. Dishonorably discharged in '72 following alleged 
assault on another officer. Upon discharge worked as a TV repairman 
(1974-80). Indicated in the shooting of his mother in 1975, but was 
acquitted due to lack of evidence. 

Joined "American Knights of the Cross" (survivalist/militia group) in 
1980's, 1981 formed own breakaway/splinter group "Knights of the 
American Heartland" (KAH), with fortified compound located near Eureka, 
Florida (the identifying symbol of the KAH is remarkably similar to the 
"crossed spears" symbol -- see Attachment #1C -- found on stickers 
affixed to the videotapes sent by the "Video Nasty" offender to various 
State Police officials). KAH incorporated into national militia 
organization in 1982 with subsequent expulsion later that year following 
Pike's murder of eighteen of his own militiamen with a rocket-propelled 
grenade launcher.

In 1991 was arrested following the murder of a hiker in the Cypress 
National Preserve. Escaped from Custody, killing two Sheriff's deputies 
in the process. Pike's whereabouts unknown from 1991 to 1995. From 
December 1995 to September 1996, Pike murdered nine women, disposing of 
their bodies in numerous locations.

Pike was known by the sobriquets "Video Nasty Killer" due to the fact 
that State Police in all of the states mentioned above were the 
unfortunate recipients of videotapes showing, in horrific detail, the 
hunting down and slaughter of at least six of the aforementioned 

The following poem was found nearby each of the victims: 
And lo, if War should have a face,
This one of Five would show the bleeding mask:
Ears pricked to savor every scream,
Teeth bared to strip the carcass wet,
And tongues to lap the vessels dry.
       For we are many...

Pike was captured by FBI agents in October '96 following a series of 
anonymous tip-offs (the caller gave his code-name as "Legion"). Three 
agents were killed and five wounded in the furious gun-battle that 
followed. Pike, severely wounded himself, eventually passed out due to 
blood-loss and was taken to the Dallas Memorial Hospital, where he 
remained in a critical condition for several days. Following his 
recovery, he was tried and convicted on eleven counts of first degree 
murder (one of the FBI agents had subsequently died of his wounds) and 
is currently incarcerated at Gardelle Penitentiary awaiting execution.

As with the previously mentioned offender and fellow death row inmate, 
Marco Robert Cruz, it is not known whether Pike is among the prisoners 
involved in the riot at Gardelle.

Attachment #1C

Photograph of "crossed spears" symbol affixed to videotape sent to State 
<shows photo>

<shows 'artist's impression>


It is estimated that the offender known as the "Home Improvement Killer" 
has so far murdered twelve people of both sexes, over a period of two 
years, in and around the New York area. A peculiar facet of this 
offender's signature behavior is that he leaves behind the skull of a 
baby canary. Hidden inside the skull is a piece of rolled up paper, torn 
from a notebook. Written neatly on the paper in blank ink is a poem 
(Attachment #2A), beneath which is drawn an arcane symbol (Fig. 1).

Suspect possibly seen leaving the scene of the crime (westbound along 
Braddock Avenue) in the early hours of August 30, 1999. Description 
White Male, 25-30 years of age
5'8" - 6" tall Weight 150lbs
Dark brown hair, pale complexion, possibly wearing
night-vision goggles.
Prime Suspect: 
Name: Avery Marx
Indicted in 1997 for attack on young woman in Greenwich Village, 
disappeared while on bail (paid for by mother). Also wanted for 
subsequent murder of his widowed mother, February, 1998, victim found in 
darkened bedroom (offender had apparently switched off the power of her 
apartment house).
Known to keep birds.
Present whereabouts unknown.

Attachment #2A
Poem found at crime scene (rolled up nearly inside skull of a baby 
From the east the idiot monster cometh,
With nails to announce the blasphemous intent.
In still dark chambers it awaits the Shadow --
Ebon body, scars the power --
Dark Messiah with a hideous strength.
     For We Are Many...

<picture of symbol>

<artist's impressions>

This offender, known as "Jack II" (for reasons that will become evident 
later in this report), preys solely on women, striking late at night/in 
the early hours of the morning, on or near London Underground stations 
in the East End of London.

The offender has so far murdered four women.

August 20, 1999      Marie Nicholas      Whiechapel Station
September 8, 1999    Anna Chaplin        Shoredith Station
September 29, 1999   Eliza Strinder      Aldgate East Station
                     Katrina Eddison     Aldgate Station

August 32 and November 9, 1888, by the offender known as "Jack the 
Ripper", we can see some striking similarities.

August 32, 1888      Marie Anne Nichoils       Bucks Row
September 8, 1888    Annie Chapman             29 Manbury Street
September 30, 1888   Elizabeth Stride          Berner Street
                     Catherine Eddowes         Church Passage
November 9, 1888     Mary Kelly                Millers Court, 
                                               Dorset Street

As can be seen when comparing the above lists, all the latest victims 
have been similar names to the original victims and the recent 
locations, when looked on the map of London, are very close to the 1888 
murder sites.

The similarities between this case and the one in 1888 extend to the 
appearance of the two offenders. Compare the "Artist's Impressions" of 
this offender at the beginning of this report with that of the man in 
Fig. 2, a contemporary impression of Jack the Ripper.

<shows picture of Jack the Ripper> 
Prime Suspect: 
Scotland Yard has no prime suspect at the present.

Attachment #18

Discovered scrawled in white chalk on a wall near Whitechapel Station on 
the morning following the murder of Marie Nicholas: 
The Watchers at the Gate of Souls shall make the Way,
The Five are red in tooth and claw --
The head, the heart, the hands, the teeth, and eyes,
All combine to create the Five.
     For We Are Many...

<shows picture of pyramid with eyeball in center>

Attachment #28

Discovered scrawled in white chalk on a wall near Shoreditch Station on 
the morning following the murder of Anna Chaplin: 
The knife shall curve its bloody ritual,
A sanguinary return to a darker place.
Flesh running cold with the shedding tears --
To shred, to cut, to slice, to know
The weeping wound and its glooming soul.
      For We Are Many...

<shows picture of symbol>

End report

--------------------------- THE PROPHECY -------------------------------

23rd November, 1888

Dear Friend, 

Although centuries may have passed by the time that you read this note, 
I know that I greet you both as a friend and as a brother; for I, in my 
time, have also borne the burden that is the Mask of Shadows.

Know then, that I constructed these passageways, the Paths of Shadows, 
as pathways through the place known as Deadside, so that we, and those 
who also bear the Mash, might bring order to this realm and transverse 
it without hindrance. 

In my time, I have gathered and catalogued many of the ancients 
artifacts of power, some of which reside within these chambers. However, 
I fear that I must leave my work incomplete. A seed of darkness has come 
to this realm, more powerful than has been felt in centuries, and so I 
find it necessary to seal the Paths of Shadows lest they and the 
artifacts within them, fall into the hands of Evil.

The task of securing these passageways has been an immense labor, and I 
fear that with my weakening powers these outer gates have not been 
secured as strongly as those deeper within the Paths. Know then, that 
the way ahead shall require much greater strength than that which 
brought you here.

In addition to the catalogues of artifacts, find here enclosed Les 
Cartes de Prophetie -- the Prophecy spoken to the Ancients by the mighty 

I fear that the darkness I sense on this day might that of which Les 
Cartes speak of, but fate has made it my charge not to challenge the 
darkness. Instead, my labor is to secure these passageways so that, come 
the time of Prophecy, when Evil shows its true form, they may be 
reopened and their relics uncovered.

I wish you luck,
Maxim St. James
Former Shadowman

<marshmallow's note: I did not include the text from Les Cartes due to 
the fact that they are mainly pictures>

------------------------- JACK'S JOURNAL -------------------------------


Being the Journal of John Q. Pierce. Otherwise known as "Jack the 

From Hell...

I have performed the bloody ritual upon myself and now exist beyond the 
veil, in the place my Master calls Deadside. The darkness is visible 
here. This Hell is all I deserve and all that I have ever desired. Here 
I shall build a monument to stand for eternity -- a Cathedral to Pain. A 
place of Asylum for all of the unique and misunderstood individuals who 
shall make it their spiritual home as the time of Armageddon approaches!

<shows sketchings of Asylum>

A great building we shall make of it and a century shall pass Liveside 
before Asylum is complete. When it is finally completed, we shall send 
five of my Master's Dark Souls across the veil from Deadside to 
Liveside, to prepare the way for his Armies of Judgement.

To accomplish this, I have designed a conduit between this world and the 

The gateways between this world and the next I have called "Schisms." 
The idea behind these is to form a link between two souls on the very 
brink of crossing over to the next world.

<shows Schism sketches>

The Schisms shall act both as transmitting devices and receiver 
receptacles for the five Dark Souls projecting themselves across the 
veil and receiving them deep within their bloody breasts! 
The Schisms acting as the receiver receptacles shall be called Liveside 
and erected in gory resplendence by five like-minded individuals with 
the strength to dream of the day when He shall bring about His glorious 
Cleansing! With the Schisms built in both worlds, dread keys in the form 
of medical "Retractors" may open them.

<shows gory sketch of an open Schism>

And so shall it be that the five Dark Souls shall be transmitted across 
the veil into the receive receptacles, whereupon, the Five like-minded 
individuals shall devour them, thereby imbuing themselves with an 
immortal, darkly glowing Life Force! 

Not only this, but embedded within each of the Five shall be a crystal 
of the prima materia; an aetheric Prism which shall act as a failsafe 
key to each "Soul Gate", thereby preventing unbelievers from accessing 
the Way, the Truth and the Death! 

<shows sketches of the "Dark Engine">

The Five shall be unstoppable! They shall be immortal, and myself shall 
join them as the Opener of the Way! 
What a supreme honor!

Once the Schisms are in place, and the energizing Dark Souls devoured by 
the Five, these Five shall erect larger receiver receptacles. These are 
the "Soul Gates" to be built in readiness for the reception of His Dark 
Soul Armies.

...For We Are Many!

<shows sketching of "Soul Gate">

Whereas the five initial Dark Souls projected via the Schisms are to be 
spiritual manifestations, these Armies of Judgement shall comprise a 
multitude of actual physical beings -- called "Trueforms" -- with each 
one possessing a glowering Dark Soul as its cruel core.

Thus, on the Day of Judgement, when the time is right which, my Master 
has explained, shall occur just before the turn of the Millennium -- the 
Soul Gate shall open, and the world shall be cleansed and the New Era 
shall dawn! 

<shows sketches of "Trueforms">

Of course, all of the above mechanisms shall require an engine to drive 
them; a Great Dark Engine housed at the fearful heart of this place He 
has called Asylum.

The Dark Engine shall power Asylum and control the "Soul Flumes", those 
storage receptacles containing the soldiers of His Army -- the 
"Trueforms" -- 120 of them (this being the number of Dark Souls known to 
be in existence). My Master currently possesses but five of these, yet 
His servants are abroad searching out the remainder.

<shows sketches of "Soul Flumes">

The vast quantities of aetheric power harnessed by the Dark Engine are 
truly terrifying! I have, therefore, built into the design a failsafe 

Stabilizing Pistons shall be active within the Main Block of the Engine 
to counteract any destructive surges of power that may occur. Each 
Stabilizing Piston is operated via a console.

<shows various sketches of Pistons and consoles>

To deactivate each stabilizing piston a combination is required. These 
combinations can only be set with an Engineer's Key.

<shows pictures of the key and the consoles> 
Engineer's Key penetrates Operating Console at this point.

<shows picture>

The combinations are as shown --

Console Room Four:

Console Room Three:               <map of the Stabilizing Piston area>

Console Room Two:

Console Room One

                    So it is written, so it shall be...   
                           The Grand Design...
                     F O R   W E   A R E   M A N Y ! ! !

John Q. Pierce
"Jack the Ripper"


This document Copyright  marshmallow 1999
All Rights Reserved