Question from blazeyboy007

What are all of the skill points?

I am having trouble finding them all.

Accepted Answer

MissBatty answered:

LevelSkill Point

Skelos Badlands All Cacti
Hurricos All Windmills
Colossus Perfect in Hockey
Fracture Hills 3 Laps of Supercharge
Crush's Dungeon Perfect
Gulp's Overlook Perfect
Ripto's Arena Perfect
Scorch All Trees
Ocean Speedway Under 1:10
Metro Speedway Under 1:15

LevelSkill Point

Icy Speedway Under 1:15
Canyon Speedway Under 1:10
Idol Springs Land on idol
Aquaria Towers All Seaweed
Gulp's Overlook Hit Ripto
Skelos Badlands Catbat Quartet

From Ryuuko's Secret FAQ
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