Enemy/Boss FAQ by PS1SpyroMaster

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Spyro the Dragon
Enemy Survival Guide

I've played 'Spyro the Dragon' through 100's of times. I know what to expect,
when to expect it, as well as some of the most difficult parts of the game,
which I can basically do without breaking a sweat. There are still a few things
that even I have trouble with now and then, and in this game, its the enemies.

Since nobody has thought about doing this yet, I figure that I should make a
guide, telling players old & new how to handle the different enemies, how to
approach them, how to kill them, as well as some other tricks of the trade, and
cool sound tidbits.

World 1: Artisans


Enemy 1: The Green Goons [4]
Strategy: No strategy required, you chase them, they freak out, they ran away,
and you kill them by any means.
Danger: Less than Zero
Weapon: Flame/Charge

Enemy 2: Jem Thief Goons [2]
Strategy: Again, none needed, but it takes three hits to kill them.
Danger: Less than Zero
Weapon: Flame/Charge

Stone Hill:

Enemy 1: Yellow Rams [8]
Location(s): 3 on the main flat, 1 inside the center arch leading Astor's
pedestal, and the others are in at the end of the tunnel to the right of your
starting point.
Strategy: Charge them head on or Flame them if they turn their backs on you
Danger: depends on how you approach them, if you see them soon as they come
running, you can flame them before he knows what hit him. Usually very low
Weapon: Both

Enemy 2: Shepards [3]
Location: At the end of the tunnel to the right of your starting point, two
next to each other, and one in front of the whirlwind.
Strategy: Charge them if you dare, approach them and flame them, be prepared to
jump if they swing their staffs at you.
Danger: Usually low
Weapon: Both


Enemy 1: Shepards [8]
Locations: 4 on first section, 3 inside the castle, 1 outside the castle to the
Strategy/Danger/Weapon: see above

Enemy 2: Attack dogs [17]
Locations: 5 in first section, 4 inside the castle, 2 outside the castle to the
left, 1 Toasty Stage 1, 2 at Stage 2, and 3 at Stage 3
Strategy: approach them slowly, flame them when you're just close enough at
reach them with your flame, jump immediately after and flame it again.
Danger: Medium, just flame once, jump and flame again
Weapon: Flame. Charging isn't recommended.

Boss 1: Toasty
Location: Straight through the castle and back outside
Hits to kill: 3
Strategy: After eliminating the attack dogs, approach him and flame him (Takes
3 hits to kill)
Danger: Very Low
Weapon: Flame
Helpful/Fun Tidbit: In stages 1 & 2, he stands there and twirls his staff a
couple of times. Occasionally, he'll let you see under his cloak [that there's
a sheep underneath], making that the best time to flame him.

Town Square:

Enemy 1: Da Bulls [8]
Locations: 2 across from 1st dragon [Nils], 1 right after the 2nd Dragon
(chasing Bull-fighter), up the stairs 2 following each other, 1 to the side and
another chasing another Bull-fighter near 3rd Dragon, last one is with the last
dragon [Thor].
Strategy: Just charge on through when they're in pairs, charging is best
strategy for the square near Alvar, flame the one near Thor.
Danger: Very Low
Weapon: Both

Enemy 2: Bull-fighters [2]
Locations: 1 just beyond 2nd Dragon, 1 near Alvar's pedestal
Strategy: Best to get them before the bull comes back around the fountain, they
usually pull a game of chase, so its best to charge through them both while
they're running
Danger: Low.
Weapon: Both
Helpful Tidbit: If you kill the bull first, keep in mind that the fighter still
has a dagger handy, so charge/flame him right away and don't get too close.

Dark Hollow:

Enemy 1: Shielded Gnorcs [10]
Locations: 3 right past the entrance, 2 near the 1st Dragon, 3 in front of a
Big Gnorc, another 2 before the 2nd Dragon
Strategy: Charge through the first three. For the 1st pair, wait for them both
to bring their shields down so you can flame them both at the same time. (Use
that strategy for all the pairs). Feel free to charge them as well, but flaming
them is easier. The last pair will try to run away, so try to get them quick
before they run behind "Papa"
Danger: Little to none
Weapon: Both
Helpful Tidbit: See hint for the Pairs (almost all of them are in pairs, except
for the first 3 and the one that doesnt run in the trio.)

Enemy 2: Big Gnorc [Papa]
Locations: 1 by the first dragon, 1 in front of the steps, one by the 2nd
dragon, and the last one is in the pit by the 2nd dragon.
Strategy: Go up to them and flame them, no big.
Danger: Little to none
Weapon: Flame
Helpful Tidbit: jump into the pit and flame the big guy (the Shielded Gnorcs
usually run and hide behind him, hence the name "Papa")

Enemy 3: Big Shielded Gnorc
Location: In the passage leading to the last dragon [Oswin]
Strategy: Wait for them to turn their backs on you, then get them
Danger: A little more than zero
Weapon: Flame
Helpful Hint: Wait for them to come towards you then turn around... and if you
try to get them when they're facing you, they'll run over to you to bump you
back (Don't worry, if they bump you, no harm done). Sometimes when they turn
around and get all the way to your end, they're growl at you, shake their head
and turn back around. Also a good flaming opportunity.

World 2: Peace Keepers
Note: This is when the enemies at Home start fighting back so be careful if
you're a first timer


Enemy one: Sentries (Yellow gnorcs in red/green uniform) [11]
Strategy: Only 3/11 strike back... The first 3 that you see, one inside, one by
the first cannon, and one guarding the first set of tents. The others will run
at the sight of you and dodge under the tents. Flame the tents to reveal them
and then do whatever.
Danger: Almost none
Weapon: Both
Tidbit: When you flame the tents, the gnorc inside will either moon you or
shiver in fear, but they won't attack

Enemy two: Cannon patrol [4]
Location: Do you have to ask?
Strategy: Charge the first one before he can aim. Kill the pair with the first
cannon, attempt same strategy with the cannon by the two tents.
Danger: Some danger, not much to be concerned about
Weapon: Both
Helpful Hint: Make sure to get these guys right away, they shook me a little on
my first venture to the "Unknown"

Dry Canyon:

Enemy 1: Yellow, shielded desparodos [13]
Locations: 1st enemy you see, two straight ahead, then two more, one up the
stairs, two by the Exit Warp, two by the Egg Thief, one before the passage
leading to Ivor, one on the left side of Ivor's pedestal, one in the passage
that leads your "blind glide" out to Maximos' pedestal
Strategy: Charge through them when they're in pairs or more, both attacks work
well against them (flame when their shields are down)
Danger: Little to none
Weapon: Both
Helpful Tidbit: Its best to wait for them to fire before you charge in... even
if their bullets won't hurt if you hit them head on (charging).

Enemy 2: Vultures [8] (not counting the ones wielded by the large gnorcs)
Location: near the large, bird wielders [a pair of them are near each large
Strategy: (this is what I do) once the first one leaves its post, wait for it
to flap its wings twice then flame it, works everytime
Danger: Little to none
Weapon: Both

Enemy 3: Bird Wielders
Strategy: walk up to them and flame them as you walk to them
Danger: Little to none
Weapon: Flame
Fun fact: When you first land in Dry Canyon, you'll see one of those pin-wheel
chests. Flame it and if you stand just to the side of it as you flame it, it
will almost always hit a Bird Wielder directly above that's near the exit warp.

Cliff Town:

Enemy 1: Silver Shield desparodos [10]
Location: usually near the Fat Lady, sometimes come in pairs
Strategy: Charge them, plow through them when they're in pairs.
Danger: Little to be concerned with
Weapon: Charge ONLY, if you try to flame them, they'll attack you with their
Helpful Hint: Plow through the first two on the bridge, after you get the first
dragon, the first pair will make towards you but stay in one position (plow
through them), there's another pair before the steps that lead up to the 2nd
dragon (plow). When I say plow, that means line them up so they are both
directly in front of you in a straight line and charge through.

Enemy 2: Fat Ladies (or what some refer to as the "Cafeteria Ladies") [7]
Location: In front of cauldrons
Strategy: Go up to them and flame them. If they slap you, no harm done.
Danger: Litte to none
Tidbit: Flame the cauldron to get an extra gem (which is almost always the same
color as the gem the Fat lady leaves behind)... but I'm sure veterans have
heard the cauldron trick already.

Enemy 3: Vultures (they're back and improved)
Location: Glide across the river from the 2nd Dragon's plateau
Strategy: When one comes flying your way, either wait for him to get close or
charge through him
Danger: Little to none
Helpful Hint: These guys are more improved than the ones at Dry Canyon. When
they fly off their posts (one at a time), charge to them. If you move along the
outside of their posts, you can sneak up on them before they can see you coming.

Dr. Shemp:

Enemy 1: Kamikaze warriors [7]
Location: In front of the Fat Ladies, there's one pair that comes through a
passage, and a trio following them
Strategy: Charge through the first one, show the 2nd one you're there and jump
up to the side to get the treaure, when the pair comes through the passage,
charge them as they come to you, same goes for the trio.
Danger: Some, but not to be concerned with if you've done it before.
Weapon: Charge ONLY (if you try to flame them, they'll just run through you and
it really hurts)
Helpful Hints: if you run away from these guys, they'll jump off the cliff
(hence the "Kamikaze" namesake), dont charge too far through them that you're
in slapping distance of the Fat Lady.

Enemy 2: Fat Ladies (they're back!!) [6]
Location: All in the first section, and one is an island to herself (more on
that later)
Strategy: Same as before
Danger: None, except for the two in front of the whirlwind and on the island,
where a slap from them could mean you falling off the cliff
Weapon: Flame
Helpful Hints: Slowly approach the one in front of the whirlwind and flame her
as soon as you're in range. [A demonstration of what happens if you don't pace
yourself can be seen in the "Spyro the Dragon" Demos that activate if you leave
the Press Start Screen unattended] As for the "island," you can get to her by
gliding off the ledge with the locked chest, hook right and land where you see
2 metal chests, glide across to her and flame her once you're in range.

Boss 2: Dr. Shemp himself
Location: Up the first whirlwind you see, past the dragon
Hits to kill: 3
Stage 1 (my strategy): When you get on the step just below Shemps's platform,
jump up so he sees you. He'll come running towards you and hits the ground with
his stick (no harm done). When he turns his back, flame him and laugh as he
runs away in agony.
Stage 2: Just walk up to him and flame him ASAP (again laugh as he runs away)
Stage 3: (the hardest of them all)...the strategy for Stage 1 won't work, cuz
if you jump, he gets excited, but doesnt move. Go up to him and he'll attempt
to hit you with his stick, jump over it and flame him as he whirls around in a
circle, continue to do so if you dont land your target the first time. Keep
jumping and flaming until he falls flat.
Danger: Can be a threat to you at Stage 3

Ice Cavern:

Enemy 1: Purple Muscles [10 OR 11]
Strategy: Walk/Charge up to them and burn them
Danger: Little to none
Weapon: Flame
Fun Fact: Have you noticed that these guys wear pink shorts and nothing else?
How do they stay warm?

Enemy 2: Snowball guys [5]
Strategy: Just charge right up to them
Danger: You're kidding, right?
Weapon: Both
Tidbit: Charging through the snowballs will afford you no damage, so feel free.
(When you kill them, you hear jingle bells... not the song, but jingle "bells")

Enemy 3: Large, shielded Muscles [4]
Location: Conveniently on the edge of cliffs above "the shining purple abyss,"
1 on the ground level, and 3 in the last dragon's cavern
Strategy: According to the 2nd Dragon, "ice makes their feet very slippery", so
charge them without hesitation off the cliff
Danger: If you charge them without delay, no harm will befall you.
Weapon: Charge only
Tidbit: The last two of these guys, you'll have to charge them twice to kill
them, so don't wait around so they can strike u

Enemy 4: Purple snowball guys on skiis [2]
Location: Only found in the 4th Dragon's cavern
Strategy: when they approach you, just use your flame
Danger: If you use the helpful hint, no worries
Helpful Hint: Use the direct approach, get as close as you can, they'll come to
you, and flame them when they stop

World 3: Magic Crafters
Note: This is the world where you need to be on your toes at all times, will
first experience supercharge and the superflame and [Mr. Crocker's voice]


Enemy 1: Shielded Druids [14]
Location: Usually in groups or pairs
Strategy: Charge them first chance you get
Danger: Can be dangerous if you don't kill them when you charge by, especially
if you only hit one of the pair
Weapon: charge only
Tidbit: In the first room, there'll be a set of 4 lined up, line them up in
front of you and charge through them all at once to avoid injury. When pairs
approach you, try to charge between them and get them both at once [method not
entirely fool-proof]. Charge through the two druid combo with no problem.
Charge through the one on the island and glide back to safety.

Enemy 2: Druids (the chanting, green guys) [6]
Location: Three on the first green outside the castle, 1 on the other side of
the supercharge, 1 past the Strong Chest, 1 near the "Blowhard" portal
Strategy: Start from a distance away (so they wont see you) & charge through
Danger: They can't hurt you, although they could throw first timers off
Weapon: Charge is best, but flame works too if you can get close to them
Helpful Hints: When you exit the castle of the 1st dragon, you'll see a set of
pin-wheel chests to your right. If you stand behind the first one and position
it between yourself and perpendicular to the druid on your far right, you
should be able to hit him nearly 100% of the time. The ones you can flame
include the one you can kill with the pin-wheel if you attack him from the
opposite side. Supercharge the one past the Strong Chest, and once you get
across the pond to the last one, flame him (no other way)
Fun Fact: If you approach them from the opposite direction (pinwheel & past
supercharge), they'll laugh at you for no reason, so flame them. If you miss
hitting them, they'll laugh at you, the one at the end will just continue his
business until you kill him

Enemy 3: Green wizards [4]
Location: One opposite the druid next to the Strong Chest, one near Wizard Peak
portal (go figure), two circling before the balloonist, past "Blowhard" portal
Strategy: Charge them when they're alone, in pairs, either charge through them
or approach one, jump over his lightning & flame. (Strategy good for all Green
Danger: As long as you're a good distance and charge through them, they
shouldnt be too much of a problem
Weapon: Both

Alpine Ridge:

Enemy 1: Beasts [10]
Location: 3 on first level (one has Shielded Druid [SD] on his back), 1 as an
island, 2 in a pit being fed by its SD caretaker, 2 in a cave, 1 that's lifted
up by a Druid, and 1 [with rider] before the Exit Warp staircase
Strategy: Approach them and flame them quick.
Danger: Can be very frightning, but one flame is all it takes, so no worries,
Weapon: Flame
Helpful Hints: The ones with riders, flame once they're in range and wait for
them to disappear before attacking the rider. For the ones in the pit, jump in
and flame them when they're distracted. In the cave, go to the left, flame him,
flame the fireworks chest, and walk over to flame the other (the chest should
have exploded by the time you get to the 2nd one)

Enemy 2: the SD's [6]
Location: 1 on ledge next to 1st beast, 1 rider, a pair up the 1st Druid steps,
1 on a large island, 1 up ramps, 1 above pit, and 1 more rider
Strategy: Same as above
Danger: Not as dangerous in this one.
Weapon: Charge only
Helpful Hint: Try to plow through the pair up the stairs.

Enemy 3: More Druids (get used to them) [9]
Location: 1 moving a column, one doing the "stairs" trick, [jump on ledge left
of Zane's pedestal and glide over] one on the other side, three next, each
controlling a different step, one across from the Beast's island, one before
the 2nd dragon, and 1 triggering a beast
Strategy: Walk past column and charge/flame. Jump up on the steps just before
they reactivate and quickly jump up the stairs. [Glide across] Start from a
distance away (so they wont see you) and charge through. Wait for the 1st step
to come b4 jumping on, quickly jump on the next one and flame all three. Wait
for the next two to bring up their barriers, wait a few seconds and glide over.
Danger: The only danger that exists are in the "Step Trio", and the pair of
"glide-across" guys
Weapon: Both
Helpful Hint: The most trouble is with the guy past the Beast's island. [First
timers] Watch him & his timing & learn it. When he's had his barrier up for a
couple of seconds, glide across... you should get there just as he lowers the
barrier, once you get inside charge through. Same strategy with the one
blocking your way to 2nd Dragon

Enemy 4: Elder Wizards [4]
Location: [jump on ledge left of Zane's pedestal and glide across] the first
one is there. Trio in next section.
Strategy: Glide across and flame the first one right away. In the trio room, go
up to the one directly in front of you & flame (rotate ur camera to keep an eye
on the others as you approach them), quickly approach the others and flame them
one by one.
Danger: Can be dangerous if you don't get them quickly, it usually takes the
other two in the trio section a few extra seconds to see you & react.
Weapon: Flame only

High Caves:

Enemy 1: Elder Wizards [4]
Location: When you first land, they're on the spiraling hill on your left.
First there's a pair, then the next two are seperate
Strategy: Wait for the tornado wizard's tornado to hit them before attacking
Danger: When they're distracted (almost always) or if you dont let them know
you're there, its a piece of cake.
Weapon: Flame Only
Helpful Hint: Wait for them to absorb the blows from the tornados before you
Fun Fact: Is it me, or in this level, are the wizards at war with the tornado
wizards & druids?

Enemy 2: Tornado Wizards [3]
Location: Up the sprialing hill
Strategy: Wait for their blows to be absorbed b4 attacking. Move to the side &
wait for their tornados to go b4 making your assault
Danger: If you don't time their tornados well, you could get caught in the
middle of it. Be careful if you're a first timer
Weapon: Flame
Helpful Hint: With the one at the top of the hill, move up until you find the
side-ledge, and wait for the tornado to blow past before making your next move
(there are two ledges) and past those, you should be able to hit the guy b4 he
unleashes his tornado on you.

Enemy 3: You know who's next. [4]
Location: Two on the pillars across from the spiralling hill, two up the stairs
inside the cave (1 in each of the two rooms up the stairs)
Strategy: Glide across to the first guy when his pillar is to your left and
flame him as you land (press ^ to stick your landing), same with the other. For
the cave duo, charge to them right away and run to the next room b4 the spiders
get you
Danger: No danger when you glide over at just the right time.
Weapon: Flame the pillar twins and charge through the cave duo is best

Enemy 4: The dreaded spiders [5]
Location: 3 in Supercharge range and 2 up the stairs [Superflame area]
Strategy: Supercharge through the first three, go up the stairs, quickly attack
the green guys, approach the fairy (she'll kiss you) and flame the last spiders
when you're in range.
Danger: If you approach them without Superflame or if you're at normal speed,
you'll likely to get pinched. Attack only when you're charged with something
"Super" and you'll be fine.
Weapon: Super Charge/Flame
Helpful hint: Go to the spiralling hill first, then take the long way around to
the caves. When you're on the other side of the cave, approach the cave, but
don't jump into it. Make sure that first spider sees you and comes over [best
position for you to come "Super"charging through]


Enemy 1: Green Wizards [8]
Location: All in first stretch leading to Bloward Stage 1, always in pairs. 1st
pair on your first way in, a pair up the step, and two below you, and another
two on the plateau just below Blowhard
Strategy: Charge through them first chance you get and make sure you hit your
target(s) on your first charge through or they'll fight back
Danger: Can be trouble if you don't get them as you approach
Weapon: Charge is better
Tidbit: For the last pair, if you jump up, the one on your left will see you
and try to attack... but it will miss. After that, jump up and charge through
him and his partner

Enemy 2: You know who/what's [4]
Location: inside cave past Stage 1, a pair in each part of the cavern
Strategy: Jump onto the first piece of land and flame him while you're up, and
do the same for his partner. Past the dragon, he'll bring a piece of land to
you, jump on it and flame him when he brings you to him.
Danger: Shouldn't be too much trouble, you should know these guys by now.
Weapon: Flame (not unless you want to charge into the water below)
Tidbit: For the second pair, after you flame them, you can jump right onto
their platform if you want, you won't bounce off.

Boss 3: Blowhard
Hits to kill: 3
Strategy: (all of them are pretty much the same)
Stage 1: wait for him to rise and bring down his lightning bolt, then approach
him quickly and flame him once (a 2nd time if he doesnt flinch) quickly before
he attacks... most of the time if you're quick, he shouldnt.
Stage 2: same as before, wait for his lightning bolt to hit, then charge over
to him and flame
Stage 3: Same as before.
Danger: Quickness is the key. If you get him first (or second) chance you get,
chances are that he won't get you.
Helpful Hint: If you approach him at stage 2 or 3 after he unleashed his
lightning bolt, chance are that he'll still be hanging in the air and he won't
come back down until you give him some distance. Once he comes back down,
charge in & flame for the kill.

Wizard Peak: The only level in this world without those annoying druids

Enemy 1: Frosty Gnorcs [10]
Strategy:  Approach and flame when you're in range.
Danger: Little danger
Weapon: Flame
Helpful Hints: These guys are made by the Elder wizards, so if you can get to
some before they appear, you can flame the area the snowflakes are gathering
and kill him. Also watch out if there's one on a plateau above you. If you get
directly under him, he can still reach you & hit.
Tidbit: In this level, these guys & the SD's are at war, and in the last
section of the level, these guys will defeat all of the SD's for you, with the
exception of a pair & one at the same level as the Exit Warp.

Enemy 2: Green Wizards [6]
Location: Throughout the castle in the very beginning, usually in rotating pairs
Strategy: Same as above (see Home & Blowhard)
Danger: No trouble
Weapon: Charge is better

Enemy 3: Elder Wizards [10]
Location: The first two you can reach by following the ledges to the left of
where you land at the start of the level, 7 in Supercharge range, and 1 next to
Exit Warp
Strategy: When you glide to the first two, flame them just as you land.
Supercharge the other seven and flame the last one when you're in range.
Danger: Low, very low.
Weapon: Flame & Supercharge

Enemy 4: more SD's [Shielded Druids] [6]
Location: all of them are outside on the path to the exit warp
Strategy: Let the Frosty guys defeat most of them for you. A pair will be
across from each other on a small pond, charge through them one at a time. For
the one on top, skip from him/her to the Elder Wizard, flame the Frosty guy and
when the SD is laughing at Frosty, Charge him/her.
Danger: Almost less than zero
Weapon: Charge (use the Frostys to defeat them for you otherwise)
Tidbit: These guys are at war with the Frostys, and are losing. The last one is
the smartest, dodging the blows of the last Frosty. Kill Frosty first and while
he/she's laughing at him, kill him/her (I'm convinced these guys are female...
but you can think what you want).

World 4: Beast Makers (This is the world where the enemies get more
dangerous... you have been warned)


Enemy 1: Electro Gnorcs [5]
Location: On tarps of land that they electrocute
Strategy: Wait for him to send the shock waves, glide over after the first few
seconds & you should land as they stop. For the one up the steps, wait for the
charge to stop and quickly jump up and get him.
Danger: If you don't time it well, these guys can be dangerous
Weapon: Both
Tidbit: (holds true for those in the next level) Learn to time these guys very
well. When you're gliding to them, wait for the charge to be on for a few
seconds and then glide. You should land when they stop, quickly charge
over/flame them before they can start up again.

Enemy 2: The Giant Boars [4]
Location: Romping on the swampy islands
Strategy: Wait for them to come to you and flame them
Danger: Shouldn't be much of a problem if you don't glide over when they're in
the immediate area.
Weapon: Flame ONLY. (If you try to charge them, they'll charge you right back
and it WILL hurt)
Helpful Hints: For the first one, flame him once you're in range. For the next
two (that are visible) glide over when they're not close to your area and wait
for them to come over.
Tidbit: (I'm sure all of the guides say this, but...) On the island with the
2nd Dragon's pedestal & the pit that leads to Wild Flight, there's an open hut
with gems on the outer edge. Go along the edge slowly, when you get the first
green gem, the boar will come charging in. Once he comes into view & in your
range, flame him quick (leaving a yellow, ten-spot).
Gem Tidbit: If you're missing 10 gems, go around the tree that's in front of
the "Tree Tops" portal and a 10-spot is waiting for you. (I found that out on
my 1st game and never forgot it).

Terrace Village: When enemies start getting tricky

Enemy 1: Laser Gnorcs [9]
Strategy: charge up to them and flame
Danger: If you approach them quick & finish them quick, they're easy.
Weapon: Flame only
Helpful Hint: After the first or second electro Gnorc, you go to the left of
the electric tarp and see a Laser and Metal
Flame the first Gnorc when you're in range, step back if needed from the Metal
Gnorc then charge him.

Enemy 2: Metal Gunner gnorcs [15]
Location: Usually in close proximity with the Laser Gnorcs
Strategy: Charge them!
Weapon: Charge them!
Helpful Hint: Plow through them if they're in groups, they always are in a
straight line facing you.

Enemy 3: The Electro Gnorcs [8]
Location: Specifically past the 1st dragon
Strategy: Same as "Home"
Danger: Very dangerous if you don't watch your step or know how to tackle them
when paired with other enemies
Weapon: Both
Helpful hint: when these guys are accompanied by other enemies, try to get the
Electro guy first if you can. If the other enemy is closer to you, you
flame/charge them first. Timing is everything with these guys, especially when
they're paired with one or two Gunners.

Misty Bog: (In my opinion, one of the most horrifying levels of the guys with
one of my most feared enemies... "Attack Frogs" as they've aptly been named).

Enemy 1: Shielded Greenies [10 with an unknown # that exist in two lines]
Location: 2 are on islands, trapping unsuspecting chickens, 1 with a boar on
island, 2 sets of gnorcs you need to charge through, 4 in the "Cave of Doom"
and 3 near the exit warp.
Strategy: Charge them, plow through them.
Danger: Only in the "Cave of Doom" if you get too close or miss one in a long
line of Greenies.
Weapon: Charge only
Helpful Hint: When with attack frogs, get the frogs 1st to avoid injury. When
with Boars, try to position the Gnorc between you & the boar... he'll do the
hard work for you.

Enemy 2: Dragon-eating plants [9]
Location: After Greenie (4), past the frogs (3), down the tree trunk (2)
Strategy: (My special strategy) Approach them and they'll start to shake. When
you're just in "their" range, their eyes will bug out and that's your cue to
flame them when they get in "your" range of flame.
Danger: One of the simplest of enemies, no need to worry.
Weapon: Flame

Enemy 3: ATTACK FROGS!!! ('Psycho' background music & me screaming) [15 +/-]
Location: After the D-E plants (4+), 3 outside the CAVE OF DOOM, 6 inside the
CAVE OF DOOM I aptly named for them, 2 in front of a Boar, 1 in front of a Boar
Strategy: My personal advice is this: for set 1, wait for one to come to you if
you can and flame him as he hops over (it'll surprise him). The 3 in front of
THE CAVE, slowly approach until he's in flame range, flame when he turns his
head. For the CAVE OF DOOM, wait for them to approach you if they decide to. If
not (the last three), approach them and flame when they first get in range
and/or they turn their heads. Try to place at least one of the two in front of
the Boar & position the last one in front of the Boar to spare injury
Danger: THe most dangerous enemies in the whole game!!! Approach cautiously
Weapon: Flame (if you charge them, they'll tongue-lash you before you make
contact so I don't recommend it!!!)

Enemy 4: Thank God for these Boars! [5]
Location: 1 on an island chasing a Greenie (he won't kill this one for you), 4
past the 3rd dragon [Zeke] (the greatest creatures ever)
Strategy: Flame them when they get to you and position other enemies between
him and you for make your life easier (especially with those Frogs)!
Danger: Only if you glide to the island when he's close to where you land,
otherwise they're the greatest creatures ever.
Weapon: Flame ONLY

Tree Tops: (The hardest level for First Timers, but not because of the enemies)

Enemy 1: Banana Boys [11]
Location: Either in pairs or with "Strong Arms". 1 with SA, 1 pair if you
follow the straight path, glide across & supercharge-- 1 w/SA. If you follow
the left path, there's one, another pair, on the next plateau, there's a pair
(only two), supercharge over & a pair with SA
Strategy: Charge them quick or wait for them to throw their ammo, roll out of
the way and flame them.
Danger: Not too much trouble
Weapon: charge/flame

Enemy 2: Strong Arm arrowheads (they have arrows through their heads, ok?) [12]
Location: Sometimes in pairs, but usually alone. 1 w/BB, a pair past him, glide
across & flame him as you get in range, two below, supercharge into 1 on the
floor, 1 with BB. Left path-- a pair, Supercharge into another, supercharge
into a Strong Chest & flame last one.
Strategy: Flame him when you get into range. Jumping up + flaming works too.
Danger: Approach with caution & you should be fine.
Weapon: Flame only
Irony: Why does the Prima guide call them "Strong Arms" when they clearly kick
you with their boots? (I just don't know).

Metal Head:

Enemy 1: Improved "Metal" Banana Boys [8 + an unknown # used as ammo by
Location: On first section before the boss, also ammo for MetalHead, the SA's
also use them for ammo (those usually come in twos)
Strategy: For the ones that are rolled to you, roll to the side and they'll
miss you (the gem will come back and find you). Charge the ones that are
standing on their own, but its usually best to wait for them to attack you
first unless you're already close enough to kill them.
Danger: Don't need to worry too much about these guys, but when you jump up to
kill some of the "Strongarms," make sure that they don't get a cheap shot at
Weapon: Charge only (Roll [L1 or R1] to avoid the rolling ones)

Enemy 2: "Strong Arms" [5/6 + an unknown # used as ammo by MetatlHead]
Location: On first section before the boss, 2 of which that use 2 MBBs as Ammo,
and 2 that each use 1 MBB for Ammo
Strategy: Approach them like in Tree Tops after they throw their Ammo (if they
have any). Flame them once you're in range, and if they're above you, briefly
jump up to flame them.
Danger: The ones in the 1st section are no problem. When you're at MetalHead
(stage 2), make sure that you dodge them, especially if you're near the lava
because they will knock in/injury you if you're not careful.
Weapon: Flame only

Boss 4: MetalHead
Hits/Stages to Kill: 2
Stage 1+2: are basically the same. According to the Dragon, you need to destroy
all of the power poles to defeat him. When the poles are glowing red, you can't
destroy them (they'll shock you). But with my strategy, you won't need to
charge the poles.
My special, but fun MetalHead strategy: Position the pole you want to destroy
between you and MH's ammo, and he'll destroy himself. When he runs out of ammo,
position the pole between you and MH, and roll out of the way when he sends his
attack... he'll soon destroy himself, making your life easier.
Danger: Make sure that you roll out of the way of MH's electricity and ammo or
you'll get hurt. Also, I find that when I'm at my last power pole at Stage 2,
it will be near the swamp a StrongArm will be his ammo, make sure you stand
behind the pole and get ready to get out of the way in case of the off-chance
the dude will miss (also dont stand too close to the pole in case he gets close
enough to squish you.
Weapon: Rolling and charging green poles is all it takes. Probably my favorite
boss besides Toasty since he's so easy.

World 5: Dream Weavers

Home: ("In the world, you must expect the unexpected and prepare for what is
not there" Lateef) I don't know what that "prepare for what is not there" part
means, but some of the enemies in this world kinda tricky (Don't worry,
there're no druids... but the fools are another thing).

Enemy 1: Monk [10]
Location: Either hanging around with their cousins, or waiting around the
corner, "blocking" your way to the Portals of "Lofty Castle " and "Haunted
Strategy: The Monk with the Ray-Gun at the center of the home is controlling
the size of these Monks & their armored cousins. Simply flame either the
Big/Little Form.
Danger: No worries, mate.
Weapon: Flame (Charge the little ones only)
Tidbit: When you glide from one island to another, if there's a monk waiting
for you, chances are the Monk with the Gun will make him jumbo size by the time
you get in range. When you go to the Island that has 3 of these guys, the one
to the left & back will be Jumbo-sized.

Enemy 2: Armored Monks [8]
Strategy: As the Prima guide advises, "Avoid the Big Ones altogether" until the
Monk shrinks them back to size or you get a hold of the Gun yourself.
Danger: From the Big ones if you get too close
Weapon: Charge the little ones only, you can take care of the big ones when you
or the Monk shrinks them back to normal.
Tidbit: On the three of the islands, there's one of each kind of Monk.
Helpful Hints: When you glide to the section that has three A. Monks, glide
over as soon as the first one is back to normal, then charge through all three.
For ones guarding the staircase to Icy Flight, you can only shrink these guys
once you get control of the Ray-Gun. You must also shrink the one that's on the
same island of "Haunted Towers" portal.
Fun Fact: The big ones make weird noises when they see you, and usually with
the small ones, you'll charge them and they'll fall off the cliff and they
sound funny when they do (you can almost hear them say "Geronimo!")

(Enemy) 3: The Fools!! (I pity the "fools"... well, not really) [3]
Location: 1 near "Haunted Towers" portal, and two that are "blocking" your way
to "Icy Flight"
Strategy: With the first one, flame him & quickly jump on the Extra Life/5-Gem
platform when its in reach. For the other two, flame the first one you see and
then flame the second one before he gets away and quickly jump on the platform
he's guarding and glide to the platform to your left. (It works almost every
time, as long as you flame the first one & second one before he gets away).
Danger: Really, no danger. They don't hurt you, you flame/charge them, but they
somehow come back to life each time.
Fun Fact: In the area near the first fool, get rid of the 3 Metal Chests across
from the Fool's platform. Get on the platform and when you get back up, glide
over to the roof. If you glide to the right spot (I'm not quite sure which one
it is, it varies with your glide), you'll automatically roll off the roof and
land just on the edge of the pond, almost ready to fall off the edge.
(Sometimes, if you land on the wrong spot of the roof, you'll end up in the
pond, so be careful)... I still think its a cool trick if you land just on the
edge of the pond.

Dark Passage: (Has some of the trickiest enemies in the whole game, especially
when some of them team up)... First-timers are guaranteed to have some trouble
with these guys, sometimes, I still do.
Note: The Prima guide notes this level as Medium-Easy... but not knowing how to
handle the enemies, makes it one of the hardest levels of the game "in my book".

(Enemy) 1: The Fools have returned []
Locations: Always accompanied by one or more of their "pets"
Strategy: "Watch the fools"... or "flame the fools" as Spryo says to the first
dragon. Approach the fools when their lights are on and flame them so the
lights will stay on.
Danger: Its not them you should worry about, its their pets, especially if you
end up facing them jumbo-sized
Tidbit: Sometimes, if you re-flame a fool, he's just coming back to life and
the flame won't work unless you flame him a second time.

Enemy 2: The little puppies (when its dark, they're deformed medium-sized
devils... no relation to the puppy) [ ]
Location: Either single or in pairs by the fools or Cupids, part of 2 lines
(one line that has 2 and another that has 5+) or 3 by themselves.
Strategy: Approach them (quickly if you want) when they become puppies, and
flame them quickly.
In my "professional" opinion, avoid them when they're big because when I've
tried, they're too quick for me & they swallow me before I can attack.
Weapon: Flame when they're near the fools, charge through them if they're in
line, but most of the time, flame is best.
Danger: Not quite as dangerous as what's next, but if you don't watch out for
them, they will bite your head off (or swallow you)... The Devils are so freaky
Tidbit: If you can, position the puppies between the Cupid & yourself, and the
Cupid will usualy kill them for you.

Enemy 3: Turtles/Mutant Turtles
Locations: Either single or in pairs by the fools or by Cupid or by themselves.
Strategy: After you flame the fool, watch their feet. When they stand up &
you're in their range, they'll fire at you, jump over the fireball and charge
them quick.
Weapon: Charge only [when they're small]
Danger: In my opinion, (after the Attack Frogs), the most dangerous enemies in
the game.
Helpful Hints: Learn the timing of the Cupid-Turtle combo attack. This works
well if your reflexes are as good as mine (mine are very high from years of
play). Wait for the Cupid to shoot (when you're in his range), approach the
turtle a little until he attacks. Jump over his fireball, charge him and flame
the Cupid before he can take aim again. (This all takes place in less than 5
seconds, but it will help sharpen your reflexes).
When you glide over to a pair of turtles, glide when they've got on their feet
and they should withdraw by the time you land. But if your timing is off, be
prepared to jump when your feet touch the ground if they take aim and then
charge them (you should hit them both at the same time).
In the last cave before the rocket, there'll be a Cupid-Turtle Combo, take care
of one at a time and watch out for any ammo from the second pair. Feel free to
run towards the entrance and head back to the 2nd pair.

Enemy 4: Cupids
Locations: Either alone, in pairs, or with a pair of puppies/turles in front of
them (or just one puppy/turtle)
Strategy: Wait for them to fire their ammo, roll to the side and flame him
Weapon: Flame only
Danger: If you roll away from their arrows, you should be fine. They're more
predictable than the turtles.
Tidbit: After they fire, they'll shake their head left-right quickly and aim
again (but time between their arrows is at least 3-5 seconds)
Helpful Hint: Wait for them to fire before you attack. When paired with
turtles, roll away from their arrows, jump over the turtle ammo, charge the
turtle & flame the Cupid.

Lofty Castle: not as hard as Dark Passage. But its full of yellow [Mr.
Crocker's voice] Fairies!

Enemy 1: Puffer birds
Location: One across the pond at the START, a pair flying around a platform
above you, one on the first island of fairies, a line of five on the left fork
after fairy island #2, and a group of 3+ circling around the pond on the island
just below the exit warp.
Strategy: Go up to them and flame them. If you get too close, I think they'll
hammer you, but I haven't gotten hit by one yet.
Danger: None that I've seen.
Weapon: Flame. I haven't tried Charge yet...

Enemy 2: Balloonist Gnorcs
Location: floating along the sides of islands. There's also a threesome inside
the castle past the line of puffers.
Strategy: Stand back until all you see is the balloon, then flame the balloon
and he'll fall.
Danger: When you're gliding over to an island partolled by one, time your guide
so you flame the balloon as you land. Chances are that he won't hit you, but if
you miss, you'll hit him and you'll fall. Also, with the threesome, you might
not get all of them in a row after you glide from the platform the whirlwind
takes you to, so they might hit you there if you smack into them.
Weapon: Flame the balloons. If you flame his armor, he might hit you with his

Enemy 3: Cupid
Location: usually guarding the [Mr. Crocker's voice] FAIRIES!
Strategy: wait for them to fire, roll/jump to the side/away from the arrows and
Danger: Not as much as the ones in Dark Passage.
weapon: Flame only.


Enemy 1: Metal guys
Location: Usually paired off with Pansies or on rised platforms
Strategy: Charge them. For those on platforms, jump then charge.
Danger: Only if you charge by and miss them.
Weapon: Charge only.

Enemy 2: "Pansies" (according to the Prima guide)
Location: Usually in groups of 3 or 4, sometimes with the metal guys
Strategy: Flame them when you're in range.
Danger: After the first dragon, you'll go to the left and see 4 of these guys
on towers. When you take the whirlwind up, you'll fly around to flame them all.
If you miss one, you'll probably miss the others and if you're too close when
you miss, they may slap you and land you in the lava.
Weapon: Flame only.

Enemy 3: More Fools [8]
Location: Near platforms that need to be rised, sometimes in pairs.
Strategy: They start out right by the platform needed to be raised. When you
approach, they'll start to run, but flame them right away so you can jump on
the platform.
Danger: Past the first dragon, you'll need to flame him to open the platform
that will lead you to more treasure. When you fly back around, watch your
landing. If you charge and the fools runs into you, you'll fall off the edge
and die.
Weapon: Both, but flame is SAFER in most cases.
Further strategy: There are two pairs of fools that are critical to completing
the level (regarding gems). To raise the gliding platform to the first dragon,
start with the fool on the far right and charge straight back to the other one,
flame him and jump on the platform until it rises. For the other pair, glide
over to the two-part platform leading to the 10-spot and key to the chest.
Charge around the circular platform so you get both fools right away.

Boss 5: Jacques
Location: Past the 2nd dragon (I recommend when you have that first fork, take
the right fork all the way to him, just in case you fail in your attempt to
glide to the other dragon.)
Hits/Stages to Kill: It takes three flames to kill, but it's all one big stage.
Stage 1-3: When you walk up to him, he'll throw presents at you (like gift
wrap). Roll (L1 or R1) away from them and keep following him until he gets to
the first platform. Flame him, but he'll just keep going. For the first two
flames, he won't flinch, but if he keeps moving, you got him. Time your gliding
well and you should be able to kill him, as long as he doesn't hit you 4 times.
Danger: When you're at the last platform, he'll most likely hit you when you
get there or as you flame him the last time. I'm not quite sure how that works
because he still gets me there anyway.
Weapon: Flame only. Probably the hardest boss, except for stage two of Gnasty

Haunted Towers: The guide says its the hardest level in this world... really,
I'd say either Dark Passage or Jacques is harder.

Enemy 1: Tin Soldiers
Location: Scattered all over
Strategy: Don't attack unless equipped with SuperFlame. I don't think there's a
Super Charge that could get him unless you use it to break into the Treasure
room (the door is easy to destory anyway).
Danger: If you get too close, he'll hurt you. Otherwise, there's usually no
danger when you have the SuperFlame (It has a longer range than regular flame).
Further Strategy: After you supercharge to the last dragon (Copano), you'll see
a set of stairs with these guys all over, but asleep. Quickly jump up each step
and get to the Wizard at the very end before the last soldier is activated. If
you miss, jump off the steps, leave the room and try again.
Fun Fact: The solider in the beginning and near the first dragon won't be waken
up by the magic of the wizards.
Tidbit: Three soliders (near the Super Flamefairy [wearing yellow]; guarding
the exit warp and guarding the treasure room) won't hurt you, just block your
way to the wizard/treasure/exit

Enemy 2: Granade Gnorcs
Locations: Terrorizing Flame Fairies or in pairs or groups
Strategy: Charge through the one of the bridges, flame the ones by the fairies
and in pairs.
Danger: Only if you flame and miss them. I'm not sure if they'll hit you when
you charge them. I'll double-check. But if you miss flaming the pair, jump up
quick before they release their ammo.
Weapon: Charge/Flame

Enemy 3: Wizard
Location: At the end of lines of tin soldiers.
Strategy: Charge through them or flame when you get close enough.
Danger: Only if you don't hit them with flame quick enough.
Weapon: Charge/Flame

World 6: Gnasty's World (it's in need of a better name)

The Home [Gnorc Gnexus] lacks enemies.

Gnorc Cove:

Enemy 1: Dock Workers
Location: Convieniantly throwing barrels into the river
Strategy: Flame from the side or behind or charge into their barrel so it'll
kill him instead. (Don't charge the TNT barrels)
Danger: No Danger if you're not between them and a barrel you don't plan to
Weapon: Flame, I think Charge works on them too.

Enemy 2: Guys sitting on Barrels
Strategy: Charge through the Steel Barrels alone or in groups. when they have
TNT barrels, flame the barrel.
Danger: If you jump up near them, they'll hit you. Otherwise, they're easy.
Weapon: Charge steel barrels, flame TNT.
Tidbit: If you charge through the ones lined up in front of the "TNT Wrangler"
at just the right time, the destruction of the barrels will destroy the big
guy's Metal Shield. If you flame the first in line on a TNT barrel, they'll
fall over like dominos. Cool, huh?

Enemy 3: "TNT Wrangler" (Again, thanks to the Prima guide).
Location: Usually convieniantly across from steel barrels
Strategy: Aim the steel barrels at them and charge the barrel twice to kill.
Once you take away their shield, you can approach and flame.
Danger: If you get too close... but when the TNT barrel doesn't go off, you
have to approach him and flame him once he's in your flame range quickly and
stand back. This should occur only three times at most, but usually if you aim
the barrel or line of Guys-on-barrels just right, there'll be no problem. Three
times include: The one below the first dragon; the one past the glide from the
strong chest; the past the line of Guys-On-Barrels before Tomas.
Weapon: Flame their TNT; Flame them without their shields; Charge steel barrels
into them

Twilight Harbor: Has some of those hard-to-beat enemies, but not as bad as the
Mutant Turtles or Attack Frogs.

Enemy 1: Gnorc Gunner
Strategy: Charge through them. Flame works too.
Danger: Only if you get too close and can't flame in time. These guys are
really easy.
Weapon: Charge/Flame

Enemy 2: Gnorc "Survialists" (Prima again)
Strategy: After you kill the 2nd Gunner, charge right up to him and flame
before he has a change to throw ammo. Other than that, wait for him to throw
before you charge in for the kill. Watch and time his throws. The one before
the 2nd dragon is on your left, but you can see his ammo hit the ground. Wait
until he throws his ammo and attack him farthest away from where he throws the
Danger: Most likely the most dangerous guys in the level if you dont time his
ammo well.
Weapon: Flame ONLY.

Enemy 3: Gnorc "Commandos"
Strategy: Watch the line of bullets he shoots back and forth. Approach him
while he's firing and jump over the bullets. Flame when in range.
Danger: If you approach when he's not firing, he might hit you straight on.
Otherwise, he's not quite so bad.
Weapon: Flame only, but you can Supercharge one when the bridge is up, it's not
always 100% safe.
Tidbit: With the last three guys leading to the Exit Warp, watch the bullets
and jump up or flame over when they're going in the opposite direction. If you
glide over at the right time with the last one and flame, you can get the two
guys in one shot.

Gnasty Gnorc
The Final Boss

Strategy: Get the thievies first, lower the big guy's platform so he'll run
away so you can get the gems without worrying about him getting you while
you're gem-collecting.

The Chase: Part 1: Keep charging to him all the way through all the treasure
without stopping. If you keep up, you should be able to flame him when he's at
that platform before he can get you.

The Chase: Part 2: This part is a bit harder because the platforms over the
lava are slowly receding into the wall. Quickly jump/glide from each platform
to the next. When you get to him, he'll start to fire, so roll (L1/R1) away
from the green laser. Then flame him again and YOU BEAT THE GAME!


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