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"One of those games you can play to take a break from all these new crazy ones"

With all these new games that are coming out, sometimes I just need to take a break from school, which really gets in the way sometimes, and dig out some of my old PS games. I look and see racing games, medal of honor, pacman..then I reach the PS1s. I see Crash Team Racing and Crash 2, some of my favorite games, and then I find my Spyro games. Usually, I will immediately reach for Spyro the Dragon, and here's why.

Spyro the Dragon is an outburst of friendly, original talent. It's probably one of the only games I can find that has gameplay without "combo moves", complicated boss battles, or huge levels that keep you searching from walkthrough to walkthrough to walkthrough, figuring how to get to that checkpoint without losing another life. Spyro has boss battles that are somewhere between medium and brain-pounding hard, levels that are big, but also easier to explore, no combo moves, and scenarios that don't leave you so frustrated that you want to smash your controller.

One thing I want to compliment first is the character's controls. The simple controls are great. With only jump, flame, glide, and charge, it makes the gameplay fun and easy. 10/10

As for the story, it didn't really captivate me at first, but then after you hear that a "Gnorc" froze dragons into crystal because they called him "ugly", stole the treasure from the kingdom, scattered it throughout and turned some of it into minions to help defeat the creature trying to rescue the dragons and their eggs being stolen by thiefs who taunt you mischieviously...well, you get the idea, it's interesting. 9/10

Another strong point of the game is the sound. Stewart Copeland does a great job with the music in Spyro. It soothes the experience of exploring a level when you have mysterious music playing in the background. You can hear all the little things too, like the glow of a portal, the rattle of a trapped dragon, or even Sparx's buzzing. 10/10

Another thing I enjoy about this game is the gameplay. It's fun to explore each level's detailed appearance. The levels' spread out design and hidden footpaths makes the game easier to have fun with, opposed to designs where it's just the same design over and over again, with easy-to-find locations. The easy task: Rescue dragons, find treasure, recover dragon eggs. It might sound boring, but it's more fun than you think. 10/10

One thing I'm going to have to say is flawed is the graphics. Well, I shouldn't really say flawed. Everything is by far detailed, but there's no special effects or anything. I personally think it's not that much of a problem, but you definately won't be captivated by amazing animation. 7/10

The length of this game is good too. You won't spend your whole life getting through the first section. 10/10

Difficulty...Another thing I like about this game because gamers without much experience can play without losing on the first level. The game doesn't test your patience so much, but you do have to take time to learn how to maintain some of the special features.
Well, I find it to be captivating, but people who want to face the biggest boss fight and have it be extremely hard may not. 8/10

Anything else I forgot is definately 7-10/10. The game is great, don't let the purple dragon make you think any differently!

Overall, Spyro the Dragon is a great game that I would recommend to any person.

Five stars! =)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/13/08

Game Release: Spyro the Dragon (Greatest Hits) (US, 08/23/99)

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