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"Linear Gameplay mixed with Not-so-Linear Gameplay!"

Introduction - Appearently, this game was released for the PlayStation 1, or PSX, in 1998, and started a series that spanned two more games on the PSX. This game has been bought by millions, making this dragon a hero.

Gameplay - 9/10. Appearently, you go from point A to point B, while using the stage gimmick, while freeing dragons, while killing enemies, while collecting gems from dead enemies, chests, and those lying around, while killing egg thieves for dragon eggs. Oh, don't forget the occasional level based around an enemy.

Story - 8/10. Appearently, Gnasty Gnorc is tired of being treated like trash, and turns every dragon into a dragon crystal, which appearently turns back into the trapped dragon when touched by another dragon, but misses one key dragon that you play as-Spyro. Your job is to burn Gnasty Gnorc's sorry butt for what he did to the dragons, as well as completing other tasks based on restoring the dragons' so the balloon guys will lead you deeper into enemy territory, such as freeing X amount of dragons, collecting X amount of gems, and saving X amount of dragon eggs. You can also obtain extra lives, in case Sparx, that dragonfly that follows you around and changes colors when you are hit, decides to fly off and you get hit. You start off with 4 or so lives, and you get more by A) collecting a certain amount of pearls, or B) finding an extra life token.

Graphics - 9/10. The graphics are good for the PSX, but not as good as it could be, not to mention all the bright colors in the first world can be very taxing on your eyes.

Sound - 9/10. The music is addicting, the sounds fit the actions, as well as the voices the enemies have. Remember, part of a good game is it's sound!

Play Time - 7/10. It is long enough for a minimallist to take a few hours on, and for a completionist to take a few days, meaning you will have quite some time to play it.

Replayability - 4/10. Unfortanatly, this is where the game lacks quality. Seeing you beat the game, but without 100% completion, you will take some time looking for those last Dragon Crystals/Gems/Dragon Eggs you have to find, otherwise, after one more level, this game loses almost all of it's replayability.

Final Recommendation - 8/10. If you aren't a fan of the Action/Adventure series, or the platforming series, I reccomend you play this game, being humorus at times and having semi-linear gameplay, Along with a tutorial of sorts.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 11/30/10

Game Release: Spyro the Dragon (US, 09/10/98)

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