Artists:Steven Millership
Artists:Nathan Roberts
Artists:Nolan Rowles
Artists:Marcus Tanner
Artists:Andrew Whalley
Casting Assistant:Chad Struck
Casting Director:Ron Surma
Designers:Chris Graham
Designers:Andy Santos
Lead Designer:Haydn Dalton
Lead Programmer:Mike Anthony
Lead/Conceptual Artist:Han Randhawa
Programmers:Dave Anthony
Programmers:Tim Coupe
Programmers:Steve Davies
Programmers:John Gibson
Programmers:Martin Turton
Voice of Ambassador Worf:Michael Dorn
Voice of Borg:C.B.
Voice of Captain Blackwood:Wendy Schenker
Voice of Captain Brennan:Tony Pasqualini
Voice of Captain Jean-Luc Picard:Patrick Stewart
Voice of Cardassian Commander/Borg:Joel Swetow
Voice of Commander Cates/Borg:Richard Penn
Voice of Computer Voice:Judi Durand
Voice of Ensign Cooper/Borg:David Randolph
Voice of Hur Q Commander/Borg:Terrence Beasor
Voice of Kam Jahtae Commander:Greg Ellis
Voice of Kam Jahtae Pilot/Borg:David McCharen
Voice of Klingon Captain:David Graf
Voice of Typhon Engineer:Jenette Goldstein
Voice of Wingmen:Erica Deonne
Voice of Wingmen:Anthony Hatch Korotko
Voice of Wingmen:Anna Mac
Voice of Wingmen:Matt Prescott Morton


Data and credits for this game contributed by Cosmic!, Mookiethebold, odino, bcks, KFHEWUI, oliist, and Doumah.