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                  | S T A R    T R E K:   I N V A S I O N |

              GAME:  STAR TREK:  INVASION
           CREATOR:  ACTIVISION Copyright 2000
AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
            E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
       FAQ VERSION:  1.23


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


 1.  Legal Stuff
 2.  Version Information
 3.  Acknowledgements
 4.  Welcome
 5.  Overview


 6.  The Missions


 7.  Getting Started

     7.1  Menu Items

 8.  Going into Battle

     8.1  Main Screen
     8.2  Briefing Screen
     8.3  Objective Screen

 9.  Taking Command

     9.1  The Controls
     9.2  In the Cockpit
     9.3  Other Functions


10.  General Strategies
11.  Mission Strategies (Single Player)
12.  Duel Strategies
13.  Deathmatch


14.  Weapon Descriptions

     14.1  Energy Weapons
     14.2  Projectile Weapons

15.  Enemy Fighter Database


16.  Conclusion


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********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
| 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================

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| 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================

Version 1.0    6/ 8/03:  A guide is born.

Version 1.05   6/ 8/03:  Fixed Version 1.0 information and acknowledgements.

Version 1.06   6/ 8/03:  Fixed fighter controls chart.

Version 1.08   6/11/03:  Added http://www.cheats.de to approved sites who could
                         host my FAQ's.

Version 1.15   6/12/03:  Fixed up a couple of the mission walkthroughs.

Version 1.16   6/13/03:  Fixed some typos.

Version 1.18   6/30/03:  Fixed some stardates and mission locations.

Version 1.20   7/ 1/03:  Fixed Unit headers.

Version 1.22   7/23/03:  Added IGN to the allowed list.

Version 1.23  12/13/04:  Added www.wonderdogsoftware.com to the allowed list.

| 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================

The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ

My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
Activision for making a great science fiction game
GameFAQ's for putting up this FAQ

| 4.  WELCOME |================================================================

Welcome to my FAQ for Star Trek:  Invasion.  Since this is an action,
adventure, and science fiction game, there is no walkthrough per se.  Instead,
this FAQ is broken up into parts.  First you will be given an explanation
of choices you have for playing the game.  Next, you will be given all the
possible commands you can give with a brief description of what those commands
are.  The last part is dedicated to strategy.  This strategy will give you an
idea on how to win the battles set before you.  Input is appreciated along
with constructive criticism.  If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ,
better ways of doing things, other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure you
put Star Trek:  Invasion FAQ in the subject.  If you don't, I'm liable to
discard the e-mail as spam.

| 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================

Star Trek:  Invasion takes place in the future.  It is approximately a century
after Captain Kirk took the Enterprise all over the universe exploring and
causing havoc.  You have been assigned to the U.S.S Typhon, with your fellow
Red Squad members.  The Typhon is under the command of Lieutenant Commander
(LCDR) Worf.  You and your squad members have been assigned to a Valkyrie
squadron.  Your mission is to prevent Borg incursions into Klingon space.  Due
to the war with the Dominion, there are few Starfleet and Klingon forces
available to assist.  It will be your job to identify, intercept, and destroy
all hostile craft in the area that you may be assigned to.  At your disposal is
the latest technology of weaponry and fighter design.  You will be sent to all
quadrants of the galaxy, and perhaps universe, to ensure that Starfleet remains
strong enough to repel any invasion.  To achieve these ends, you must be
totally familiar with your fighter and be totally at ease in using it as a
weapon.  You must be able to cause more damage and destruction then your
enemies can cause on you.  Good luck. (Parts of this overview were paraphrased
from the instruction manual).

******************************** U N I T  II **********************************

| 6.  THE MISSIONS |===========================================================

Star Trek: Invasion consists of playing a possible 30 missions.  You don't need
to complete all 30 missions to win, but to achieve 100%, you must successfully
complete all 30 missions.  Some missions are straightforward while other
missions require you to do key things such as get a certain hit percentage or
destroy all enemies within a certain time limit.  In addition, some missions
have secrets you can get or you can get medals for your gallant fighting.  A
further explanation and details in getting through the missions are dealt with
in Chapter 11.  You can also fight in two-player mode if you have two
controllers hooked to the Playstation.  All of the possible missions (one and
two player) are listed below:

                             >>> ONE-PLAYER <<<

| MISSION # |     MISSION NAME     || MISSION # |       MISSION NAME         |
|    1      | Raw Recruits Part 1  ||    8A     |      Best Of Enemies       |
|    1A     | Raw Recruits Part 2  ||    9      |          Shackled          |
|    1B     |   Seek and Destroy   ||   10      |    The Breeding Grounds    |
|    2      |   Unusual Suspects   ||   10A     |        Silent Shock        |
|    2A     |    Without Order     ||   10B     |  David And The Goliath     |
|    3      |   Rightful Masters   ||   11      |        Killing Time        |
|    4      |     Bad Altitude     ||   12      |  Moving Heaven And Earth   |
|    4A     |    Escort Service    ||   13      | The Bigger They Are Part 1 |
|    5      |   Alien Chronicles   ||   13A     | The Bigger They Are Part 2 |
|    5A     | The Infernal Machine ||   13B     |        Deadforms           |
|    5B     |       The Host       ||   13C     |        Deadspace           |
|    6      |   Prey For Danger    ||   14      |    No Man's Land Part 1    |
|    6A     |  Piercing Encounters ||   14A     |    No Man's Land Part 1    |
|    7      |     Red Sunset       ||   15      |    The Sentinel Returns    |
|    8      |  Edge Of The Abyss   ||   16      |     End Of Eternity        |

                              >>> TWO-PLAYER <<<

                           | DUAL # | DUAL NAME   |
                           |   1    |  Twofold    |
                           |   2    | Bombardment |
                           |   3    | Equal Force |
                           |   4    |    Duel     |
                           |   5    |  Predator   |

******************************** U N I T  III *********************************

| 7.  GETTING STARTED |========================================================

Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with the following screen:

|                                         SYSTEM OPERATIONS                   |
|                   =========================================                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |             START/CONTINUE            |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |            MEMORY DATABANKS           |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |                OPTIONS                |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |               DUAL PLAY               |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |========================================                 |
|                                                                             |

/ 7.1  Menu Items /____________________________________________________________


This command allows you to start a game, or if you loaded one from memory, to
continue a game.


Gives you a list of saved games, if any, to load.


This choice allows you to custom tailor your playing environment.  You can do
the following things:

Audio:  Adjust volume of sound effects, music, or speech.

Video:  Centers the screen.

Split Screen:  Chooses top and bottom or side by side player views (For Dual
               Play only).

Controller Configuration:  Reconfigure the controller.

Vibration:  Turn the vibration on or off.

Motion Lock:  Switches through default settings.

Energy:  Configure energy management for engines, weapons, or equally

View:  View movies, high scores, etc.

Difficulty:  Cadet(easy), Ensign(normal), Lieutenant(hard).


Use this mode to play a friend, or enemy.  You must have both controllers con-
nected for this to work.  See Chapter 13 for full details on Deathmatch play.

| 8.  GOING INTO BATTLE |======================================================

/ 8.1  Main Screen /___________________________________________________________

After you start or load your game, you will get a screen of a planet.  This
planet is divided into 30 wedges.  As you move the cursor across one of these
wedges, it will light up and display the mission number and the name of that
mission.  When you first start, you will be restricted to the first two
missions (1 and 2).  As you successfully complete more missions, more missions
will become available to you.  You can go back and replay missions to improve
your times or score.  You will also notice five icons in the upper right corner
of the screen.  When you move onto specific missions, one of these icons will
light up showing possible medals you can earn.  The screen looks like this:

|                                                                             |
|  /---------------------------------------+                                  |
| /                                        | STELLER CARTOGRAPHY              |
| |          /-----------------------------+               OOOOO <- MEDAL     |
| |         /                                                       ICONS     |
| |        /                                                                  |
| |        |                                                                  |
| |        |                                                                  |
| |        |                                                                  |
| |        |            +------------------+----------------------+           |
| |        |           / \                / \                    / \          |
| |   X <- START      /   \              /   \                  /   \         |
| |        |         /     \            /     \                /     \        |
| |   /\<- GO BACK  /       \          /       \              /       \       |
| /   --   /       /         +--------+         +------------+         |      |
|-        /       |                /\               /\                 |      |
|        /        |                 +----WEDGES-----+                         |
|-------/                                                                     |
|                                                                             |

/ 8.2  Briefing Screen /_______________________________________________________

After you select a mission to go on, you will be taken to the briefing screen.
Here you can either let LCDR Worf tell you what your mission is, or, you can
hit the X button and just read it for yourself.  This briefing will tell you
everything you need to know to accomplish the mission.  You can hit the X in
the lower left to start or hit the triangle button to go back to the previous
screen in Chapter 8.1.

/ 8.3  Objective Screen /______________________________________________________

After you continue to the mission from the briefing screen, the mission will
load up.  While the mission is loading up, you will be shown your objectives
you must complete to be successful on your mission.  These objectives can also
be viewed when you are on the mission.  More about this in Chapter 9.

| 9.  TAKING COMMAND |=========================================================

/ 9.1  The Controls /__________________________________________________________

In order to survive, you must know how to fly your fighter.  The following are
the controls (in default mode) for your fighter:

                           >>> FIGHTER CONTROLS <<<

|       L1           |     LEFT ROLL     ||          X        |  FIRE PRIMARY |
+--------------------+-------------------+|                   |    WEAPON     |
|       R1           |     RIGHT ROLL    |+-------------------+---------------+
+--------------------+-------------------+|       SQUARE      |   FIRE SEC-   |
|       L2           |      DECREASE     ||                   | ONDARY WEAPON |
|                    |       SPEED       |+-------------------+---------------+
+--------------------+-------------------+|       HOLD X      |    CHARGE     |
|       R2           |      INCREASE     ||                   |   PRIMARY     |
|                    |       SPEED       ||                   |    WEAPON     |
|   DOUBLE TAP L1    |     SLIDE LEFT    ||     HOLD SQUARE   |    CHARGE     |
|                    |                   ||                   |  SECONDARY    |
+--------------------+-------------------+|                   |    WEAPON     |
|   DOUBLE TAP R1    |    SLIDE RIGHT    |+-------------------+---------------+
|                    |                   ||      TRIANGLE     | TARGET ENEMY  |
|                    |      BACKWARD     ||                   |  ON TARGET    |
|   DOUBLE TAP R2    |    QUICK SPEED    ||      L2 + R2      |   REQUEST     |
|                    |      FORWARD      ||                   |     HELP      |
| OPPOSITE YOUR DIRECTION WILL HALT YOUR |+-------------------+---------------+
| FIGHTER                                ||       SELECT      | CHANGE VIEWS: |
+--------------------+-------------------+|                   |   COCKPIT     |
|   DOUBLE TAP L2    |    REVERSE WARP   ||                   |  FULL SCREEN  |
|  THEN HOLDING IT   |       SPEED       ||                   |   3RD PERSON  |
|        DOWN        |                   |+-------------------+---------------+
+--------------------+-------------------+|       START       |  PAUSES GAME  |
|   DOUBLE TAP R2    |    FORWARD WARP   ||                   |   BRINGS UP   |
|  THEN HOLDING IT   |       SPEED       ||                   |  OPTIONS MENU |
|        DOWN        |                   |+-------------------+---------------+
+--------------------+-------------------+|    O + TRIANGLE   | TURNS THE HUD |
|         O          | HOLDING DOWN THE  ||                   |   ON AND OFF  |
+--------------------+ O ALLOWS WEAPON   |+-------------------+---------------+
| DOWN CHOOSES THE WEAPON                ||                                   |

/ 9.2  In the Cockpit /________________________________________________________

After the mission has loaded, you will be in the cockpit.  The display looks
like this:

|                                                                             |
|         +-------+   VIDEO                                                   |
|         |       |   WINDOW                                                  |
|         |       |                                                           |
|         |       |                                                           |
|         +-------+                                                           |
|                                                                             |
|                                             SHIELD                          |
|   MAIN                                     STRENGTH                         |
|  WEAPONS                HEADS UP       HULL     |      RESERVE              |
|    |                    DISPLAY      STRENGTH   V      ENERGY               |
|    |    SECONDARY       ____________    |    --------  V                    |
|    V     WEAPONS       /\         / \   |   /  _+---\+--+----------+        |
|  +---+ +---+ |        /  \  YOU  /   \  +---->|_     |  |--------\  \       |
|  |   | |   |<-       /    \  |  /     \     \   +---/+--+-----+   \  \      |
|  |   | |   |         |     \ V /      |      --------          \  |   +     |
|  |   | |   +---------\\     \o/      / /| +--------------------+  |   |     |
|  |   | +--------------\\            / / | |__________________^____/   |     |
|  |   +-----------------\\__________/ /  | |                  |       /      |
|  +----------------------------------+---+-+-----^------------|------+       |
|                                            ENGINE ENERGY    WEAPON ENERGY   |


You may see a video feed from someone in the upper left corner of the screen to
give you more details regarding the present mission.


These are all of your energy weapons such as phasers and pump energy weapons.


These are all of your torpedoes, missiles (smart and dumb), cloaking device (if
any), mines, and the tractor beam is the last choice.


The most important piece of equipment for you to learn how to use.  The HUD
will give you a "birds-eye-view" of everything going on around you.  When you
look at the HUD, you will notice a "pie" shaped wedge at the front.  This is
your line of sight, which is a 60-degree arc from your front window.  You will
also notice vertical lines with a rectangle on the top or bottom of them.
These represent objects that are around your fighter.  If the rectangle is on
top of the vertical line, then that object is above you.  If the rectangle is
on the bottom, then that object is below you.  If the object is not right at
the "o" (which represents where you are at), then the object is either to the
left, right, in front, or in back of you.  Adding the fact the object is either
above or below you creates the 3D battlefield.  The colors also mean something
on these objects.  The colors are:

Green:  Allied ships or objects.

Red:    Enemy ships or objects.

White:  Torpedoes, mines, or other weapons.


A graphical representation of your hull.  Blue means your hull is undamaged,
red means it's weak, and a glowing white-red means your hull is about ready to


A graphical representation of your shields.  Blue means your shields are
undamaged, red means they're weak, and a glowing white-red means your shields
are about ready to go.  To gain more shield energy, collect the blue, glowing
blobs of plasma after some enemies blow up.


A graphical representation of how much reserve energy you have.  Reserve energy
is used to maintain all energy using systems aboard your fighter except
weapons.  You can get additional energy by picking up a red, glowing blob of
plasma after some enemies blow up.


A graphical representation to show how much energy your engines have.  Doing
things like warping and flying normally takes energy.  The more aggressive you
are, the more energy that is consumed.  Blue means you have energy but when the
indicator is red, you had better be careful.  You can get additional energy by
picking up the red, glowing blobs of plasma after some enemies blow up.


A graphical representation to show how much energy your weapons have.  Doing
things like charging your beam weapons, projectile weapons recharging, and use
of the cloaking device requires energy.  Blue means you have energy but when
the indicator is red, you had better be careful.  You can get additional energy
by picking up the red, glowing blobs of plasma after some enemies blow up.

/ 9.3  Other Functions /_______________________________________________________

When you hit the START button during a mission, the following menu will come

|                                                      PAUSED                 |
|                   =========================================                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |            CONTINUE                   |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |            RESTART  YES/NO            |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |            ABORT YES/NO               |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |            AUDIO                      |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |            MISSION OBJECTIVES         |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |            QUIT YES/NO                |                 |
|                   |                                       |                 |
|                   |========================================                 |
|                                                                             |


Continues a mission already in progress.


When you feel you have totally screwed up a mission, you can restart that

mission again.  The default answer is NO.


When you feel the mission is totally over your head or you just can't seem to
get through it, then you can use this option.  The default answer is NO.


This allows you to readjust the audio settings for the game if you totally
messed them up from Chapter 7.  The options are:

Music:  Turn the music volume up or down.

Speech:  Turn the speech volume up or down.

SFX:  Turn the sound effects up or down.

Main:  Return back to the options menu.


This shows you the mission objectives if you missed them the first time.

| QUIT |

Quit the game you are playing.  The default answer is NO.

******************************** U N I T  IV **********************************

| 10.  GENERAL STRATEGIES |====================================================

These are a list of general strategies for all the missions that I have found
to be effective.  I know that there are many more different strategies out
there.  Your input on this would be greatly appreciated and your reward would
be to see it added to this guide and credited appropriately.  These are not in
any particular order of importance but some or all may apply to whatever
campaign you are engaged in.

/ 10.1  Don't let your ego write checks that your body can't cash /

It's good to be a hero but being stupid in how you do it can be the difference
between coming home from battle or becoming part of the universe.  You need to
be very familiar with all the systems on your fighter.  This way, you don't
play chicken with another fighter who is coming at you.  Instead, you can out-
maneuver them instead and get in your shots.  Remember, you are fighting in a
three-dimensional environment so you need to be aware of where everything is at
all times.  Learn to fly by using the HUD and only use visual when you know
there is a target that needs to be dealt with.  It may not be a good idea to
double tap the triangle for pursuit.  Sure, you will follow the enemy every-
where, however, that enemy may lead you into a pack of even more enemies who
don't take kindly to you being a tailgater.  Also be aware that the enemy can
also fire torpedoes and lay mines.  Nothing like taking out an enemy with skill
and grace to only run into a mine and ruin your day.

/ 10.2  If it isn't bolted down, take it /

Since once you start a mission, you cannot go to a stardock or starship to re-
plenish your energy stores, you have to rely on the enemy for help.  Whenever
you destroy an enemy ship, you have the chance that the destroyed ship will
expel energy plasma.  Red plasma for engines and weapons and blue plasma for
shields.  Your fighter is equipped with a special scoops that allows you to
pick up this loose plasma.  This will especially be important when you are
involved in intense battles where your fighter is getting the atoms beat out of
it.  Just be sure when you are going for this energy plasma that the area is
somewhat safe or you also may become part of this energy plasma.

/ 10.3  What...no autopilot /

Learn the different ways you can move your fighter.  It isn't enough to know
up, down, left, and right.  You must also learn how to make tight rolls while
moving in another direction, learn how to slide, roll, and move at the same
time.  This keeps you from becoming a target yourself.  Also learn how to do
both offensive and defensive maneuvering so that if you have other fighters
around, you can lead the enemy fighters into their line of fire, or you can
pick enemies off your allies.

/ 10.4  Memory is a terrible thing to waste /

This should go without saying, but make sure you save your game after
completion of every mission.  It may be a good idea to use three to four save
game slots.  The reason for this is if you want to do something incredibly
stupid, or bold, you will have a backup game for right before you committed
this act.  It also serves that if for some reason one of your save games
becomes corrupt, then you can always go to another save game instead of having
to restart the game over from scratch.  Of course, their are some who firmly
believe in never saving.  To those who believe that, all I can say is good

/ 10.5  A little knowledge is dangerous /

Remember to pay attention to both the briefing and your mission objectives.
Both of these will yield information necessary for you to complete a mission.
They won't, however, tell you how to earn the secrets or medals...that's what
this guide is for.  You also can figure it out by doing certain things or
obtaining other items.  Each mission has an internal timer and that can some-
times spell the difference between going into a bonus mission or not.  Also,
if it looks important, fire up the tractor beam and try to haul it in unless it
looks like a mine or torpedo.  Also, look at your HUD because some hints are
given there especially if you see a blinking red icon.  You can also use your
target button (triangle) to identify a unique enemy.  It will give the name of
the enemy or a vital area on an enemy ship.  Other factors are your hit per-
centage, how much hull or shields you have left, or even how much weaponry you
have left after a mission.  It's good to keep track of these things since doing
everything right will yield higher scores, new weapons, and personal
congratulations from LCDR Worf.  Also, in addition, be sure to see the
briefings after a mission.  These briefings can sometimes yield valuable clues
as to what is coming up or items you may have acquired.

/ 10.6  Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes /

As mentioned in Chapter 10.5, you may have to get a certain percentage of hits
in order to make it into another area or to get some extra freebies such as
weapons or medals.  This is why just because you see an enemy in the distance,
you just don't start shooting.  Odds are that you they are too far away and all
you are doing is wasting energy trying to hit them.  In addition, all those
misses adds up to a pretty lousy shooting percentage.  It's great to put up 100
shots, but if only one hits, that's a 1% accuracy.  If Starfleet sees a per-
centage like that, you will be scrubbing a ships hull in outer space or chained
to a desk going through mountains of reports.  This is why it's a good idea to
close in quickly and get accurate shots off.  Of course, don't use tactics as
mentioned in Chapter 10.1 or your shooting percentage will be the least of your
worries.  Also, make sure when you fire torpedoes not to warp toward the
target.  This could lead to some nasty surprises such as being hit by your own
projectiles.  Starfleet tends to frown upon this practice.

/ 10.7  We come in peace, shoot to kill /

Most things that you encounter will be hostile.  Nothing like looking at a lot
of red dot and you are the only thing that stands between them and the target.
Another problem that seems to arise is that if you are supported, the other
fighters tend to get in your way when you do have a clean shot.  If you do
happen to hit your own forces, you will be warned.  Do it again, and they will
give you a final warning.  If you decide to hit your own forces again after
this, the mission will count as a failure.  The best way to counter this is to
use the target button to ensure you are targeting an enemy, then go at them
with guns blazing.  Of course, don't get so wrapped up in your target or you
may end up a casualty of Chapter 10.1.  Another skill you will have to learn
is how to do deflection shooting.  This is where your target is moving around
in your sites or across your sites.  The key is being able to shoot slightly
ahead of your target so that they intercept your shots, not the other way
around.  This again also will help keep that hit percentage up since most
targets are being as evasive as you are.

| 11.  MISSION STRATEGIES (SINGLE PLAYER) |====================================

The strategies for the missions are what I have used to achieve 100% mission
completion.  You can finish the game without 100% completion, but why do that.
These are the best ways I have found to complete these missions.  These are not
the only strategies, just the best that I have found.  If you have others you
would like to share, please send an e-mail and you will be fully credited with
that strategy.  In the next subchapters, all of the missions will follow the
same basic format.  This format is as follows:

Name of the mission (i.e. Mission 1:  Raw Recruits Part 1, Mission 5:  Alien
Chronicles, etc.)

Location of mission
Brief blurb about the mission
Mission objectives
Whether there are any medals awarded and/or secrets
Key points to winning the battle

Also, if you are not sure about your weapons, go to Chapter 14 to get more in-
formation.  Go to Chapter 15 for more information about the enemy fighters.
Now, on to the missions.  Another note, secrets (if any) will be the last key
point on a mission.  If you don't want to know how to obtain the secret of a
mission, then skip the last paragraph of those missions.

/ 11.1  MISSION 1:  Raw Recruits Part 1/_______________________________________

Stardate:  54211
Location of mission:  Neutral space in the Phoenix System
Mission brief:  Basic training

Objectives:  1.  Fly through training rings.
             2.  Tractor pods and tow through rings.
             3.  Destroy all hold targets.
             4.  Destroy all hold ships.
             5.  Pursue and engage hold squadrons.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

This is your introduction and familiarization with the Valkyrie.  It is here
that you can practice and learn all the things that this fighter is capable of.
Every objective is timed so be sure to watch your time.  If you fail one
objective, you must start the mission over again.

-  You will have a 215 seconds to fly through the training rings.  All you
   have to do is to wait for them to open up, then pass through them.  Some
   open straight at you while others may open above, below, right, left, or any
   combination of these.  Just be sure not to hit the sides or your will get
   thrown out of the ring and it is very hard to recover.  There are 36 rings
   you must go through.  My personal best is doing it in 85 time units.

-  The next objective has you practice using your tractor beam.  This becomes
   important on some missions because you will have to tractor in objects.  You
   will have 60 time units to capture four targets.  You then will have to take
   the appropriately colored target (colors are red, green, yellow, and blue)
   through the appropriately colored ring.

-  Next you will be tested on the gunnery range.  You will practice shooting at
   stationary targets.  It is a good place to hone up your deflection shooting
   skills (go to Chapter 10.7 if you forgot what that is).  You will have to
   take out 20 targets in 140 seconds.  I managed to pull this off in 73

-  Now is your chance to go against moving targets.  You will have to contend
   with two squadrons of three ships apiece (that's six total for those who
   did the math).  You will have 155 seconds to complete this.  Realize that
   these targets will evade you and make it hard for you to get a clean shot.
   Plus, they like to go around the asteroids a lot.  Best thing is to take out
   the closest target and wait on the other side of the asteroids to "jump" the

-  Same as above except there are more targets.  You will go against two
   squadrons of four ships apiece (again, eight total).  You will have 210 time
   units to complete this objective.  This will help you learn to use evasive
   techniques at the same time you are attempting to line up a shot.  Other
   then that, use the above strategy for these as well.

/ 11.2  MISSION 1A:  Raw Recruits Part 2/______________________________________

Stardate:  54217.71
Location of mission:  Deployment area - In Phoenix System
Mission brief:  Advanced training

Objectives:  1.  Pursue and destroy hold fighters.
             2.  Engage hold squadrons.
             3.  Protect wingman.
             4.  Engage Borg cube.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  One secret

Now you get to put your basic training to the test.  You will engage the holo-
decks hold fighters who will be firing at you.  You will wrap up this training
session with an introduction to the Borg.

-  To start the first objective, you must use the triangle to target lock on
   the first hold fighter.  You must then double tap on the triangle to pursue,
   this will start the timer.  You will have 120 seconds to destroy as many
   of the hold fighters as you can.  This is good training for when the enemy
   can fire back at you.  It will teach you how to shoot and to avoid incoming

-  You get to tangle with one hold squadron of four fighters.  You are placed
   directly in their path and they have guns blazing.  You will have to do some
   evasive maneuvering while trying to avoid their fire.  The best thing to do
   is to lock onto one target and practice your deflection shooting skills.
   Just beware that you have other enemy fighters buzzing around who want to
   make short work of you.  You will have the assistance of another Valkyrie.

-  This drill is similar to the one above.  The difference is that you have to
   protect your wingman.  This means not going out by yourself to be the hero
   because for the one you pursue, three will gang up on your wingman.  This
   teaches you some close order fighting and how to stick with a target you are
   assigned to defend.  It will be hard but it's the only way to win this one.

-  You and three other Valkyries will be engaging a Borg cube.  This cube will
   also discharge three to four fighters just to make your life that much more
   difficult.  This isn't really a tough drill, however, this is also very de-
   ceiving.  The neat (or bad depending) thing about the Borgs is that they can
   adjust their machinery to become resistant to your weapons.  Usually it only
   takes a few shots or a few hits with projectile weapons for them to become
   immune.  You will then have to wait about three to four seconds for your
   weapons to be readjusted so they can affect the Borg again.  Best thing to
   do is be able to switch weapons in a hurry since your current weapon will
   become "obsolete".  Maybe use two to three different weapons so that you
   will always be able to cause damage.  Try not to use what the other fighters
   are using or you will be in the same predicament of not being able to effect
   the Borg.

-  To get the secret of this level, you must achieve two things.  These things
   are to complete this mission in less than five minutes and have a 40% shoot-
   ing accuracy.  Getting the secret opens up Mission 1B.

/ 11.3  MISSION 1B:  Seek and Destroy /________________________________________

Stardate:  54225.79
Location of mission:  Near the deployment area, the Phoenix System
Mission brief:  Fly scouting mission for the Enterprise

Objectives:  1.  Clear path for the Enterprise.
             2.  Protect the Enterprise.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Your training is complete and LCDR Worf has given you a special mission.  You
are to fly ahead of the Enterprise and clear a path through rocks and enemies.

-  The first part of this mission has you clearing a path through some errant
   asteroids.  This is pretty straightforward.  Warp up to the rocks until you
   are able to see your laser blasts hitting the asteroid.  Then just start
   rapid firing your lasers until the rock breaks apart.  You will clear out
   two groups of two rocks for this part of the mission.

-  Seems that the Enterprise and you aren't the only ones cruising around in
   this part of the galaxy.  The Romulans want to join in the fun also.  Be
   prepared, the Romulans will send a squadron of four fighters to see what you
   are made of.  Their fighters aren't particularly fast nor is their armament
   particularly strong.  A few short bursts of you Type 9 phasers should con-
   vince them that you mean business.

-  After this little break, you again have to clear out a couple of more
   asteroids for the Enterprise.  Use the same tactics as before.

-  Well, this next group of Romulans didn't get the memo from the last group
   about messing with you.  Oh well, you have to put up with another squadron
   of four Romulan War Birds.  Same tactics as before except when you clear
   them out, another group of three arrive just to make sure the previous eight
   didn't get lost.  Deal with them the same way.

/ 11.4  MISSION 2:  Unusual Suspects /_________________________________________

Stardate:  54232.49
Location of mission:  Nearing orbit of Xiera
Mission brief:  Defend against Romulan attack

Objectives:  1.  Engage Romulan fighters.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Well, now you are part of Red Squadron, congratulations.  Your first mission is
to figure out why the Romulans are busy attacking the planet of Xiera.

-  This time, you will have the assistance of some Valkyries.  You will have to
   deal with two squadrons of four Romulans apiece (yes, that's eight Romulan
   fighters).  You shouldn't really have too much trouble dealing with them.
   Just keep in mind that there are a lot more of them then you so con-
   centrating on one could lead you to an early demise when you get jumped by
   the other seven.

-  When you have dispatched these Romulan Squadrons, the main Romulan ship
   arrives giving you the usual accusatory things of invading their space.
   Greet them in true Federation fashion by unloading upon them.  You will need
   to move around while doing this since the laser armament of this Romulan
   ship can cause you great damage if you let it.  Fortunately, the only de-
   fensive move this ship makes is cloaking and decloaking in different areas.
   Once you deal out enough damage, the Enterprise arrives to finish the job
   for you.

/ 11.5  MISSION 2A:  Without Order /___________________________________________

Stardate:  54294.8
Location of mission:  Nearing Able Star Phoenix System
Mission brief:  Intercept Cardassian freighter

Objectives:  1.  Engage Cardassian fighters.
             2.  Pursue/disable Cardassian freighter.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Apparently the Cardassians have stolen some Federation technology.  It will be
your job to intercept a Cardassian freighter that apparently has this tech-

-  Compared to the previous missions, this one is a little easier.  You will
   have to deal with one wave of six Cardassian fighters.  Standard tactics
   apply in turning them into space dust.  Although their weapons aren't that
   powerful, if they all gang up on you...well, you get the idea.

-  After dealing with the Cardassian fighters, you will next have to intercept
   the Cardassian freighter.  To make this mission a little more challenging,
   you are given a time limit to cut through its shields and inflict enough
   damage on it to make it surrender.  The time limit is 60 seconds.  Be wary
   when getting too close to this freighter since it is heavily armed and will
   make short work of you if you're not careful.  Also be aware that a few
   Cardassian fighters will still be flying around to make sure you don't ac-
   complish your mission.  When you have inflicted enough damage, the
   Cardassian freighter will surrender.

/ 11.6  MISSION 3:  Rightful Masters /_________________________________________

Stardate:  54258.87
Location of mission:  Between planets HINO and GA-OH
Mission brief:  Protect Bajoran convoy

Objectives:  1.  Protect Bajoran Convoy.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  Medal

This will be your first battle against the Kam'Jahtae.  They are an insectoid
type race who are very hostile and very aggressive.  They will be coming after
the Bajoran transports so keep alert.

-  After a quick break in Mission 2A, it's time to go back to work.  You will
   be assaulted by five waves of Kam'Jahtae fighters.  As soon as you dispatch
   one wave, another wave will appear out of hyperspace to continue the attack.
   The Kam'Jahtae fighters aren't particularly maneuverable and should be easy
   to destroy in a dogfight.  Just watch out for others that like to gang up on

-  On the fourth and fifth waves, the Kam'Jahtae will aggressively go after the
   Bajoran freighters.  This is where you get to practice your close escort
   skills.  In essence, when they get too close, your job will be to blow them
   out of the sky.  Don't pursue them if they are too far away or they will
   sneak in and possibly take out a Bajoran freighter, which is a bad thing.

-  In all of these fights, you will have the assistance of other Valkyries so
   don't go totally crazy and shoot down your own fighters.

/ 11.7  MISSION 4:  Bad Altitude /_____________________________________________

Stardate:  54266.06
Location of mission:  Within the atmosphere of Zeiko'ta V
Mission brief:  Battle Kam'Jahtae in upper atmosphere

Objectives:  1.  Seek and engage hostile fighters.
             2.  Counter atmosphere gravity effects.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Seems like the Kam'Jahtae own this part of the galaxy and are none to happy to
share it.  Oh well, time to show them what the Federation thinks about that.

-  You will be assaulted by four waves of Kam'Jahtae fighters.  As soon as you
   dispatch one wave, another will arrive to take up battle.  Use the same
   techniques that you used in Mission 3 and you shouldn't have any trouble.
   The big thing to be wary of is the gravity pull.  It will, if you're not
   ready, make your fighter do some odd things while maneuvering.  Also, if you
   stop, you will be pulled down by the planets gravity.

-  To get the secret of this level, you must achieve two things.  These things
   are to complete this mission in less than six minutes, forty-four seconds
   and have a 40% shooting accuracy.  Getting the secret opens up Mission 4A.

/ 11.8  MISSION 4A:  Escort Service /__________________________________________

Stardate:  54272.15
Location of mission:  Approaching Epoch in the Phoenix Tri Planet Formation
Mission brief:  Escort medical freighter

Objectives:  1.  Protect Federation medical freighter.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  One secret

Seems the Kam'Jahtae got so irritated about the Federation coming into their
territory, they decided to launch an attack on a Federation planet.  The result
was causing a lot of damage and massive amounts of casualties.  Your job is to
get the medical freighter there in one piece.

-  This isn't going to be a walk in the park, there are still Kam'Jahtae
   raiders all over the place.  As a matter of fact, you will be hit by five
   waves of them to prevent the medical freighter from getting through.  Your
   mission this time is escort so that means no going out and "cowboying" it.
   If any of the Kam'Jahtae fighters get too close, blast them.  Otherwise,
   don't mess with the ones out of range.

-  After you dispatch these five waves of fighters, a Kam'Jahtae cruiser (or
   some other type of heavy ship) will come into the picture.  As before, you
   need to move around this ship and take down its shields as fast as possible.
   That way, you can start to make your shots count by making them part of the
   galaxy.  This ship will also be firing on your medical freighter so you may
   have to put yourself between them (the sacrifices a Starfleet officer
   makes).  Also, another thing you may have noticed already.  When your ship
   is hit, the shots will cause your fighter to move in obnoxious directions
   when the enemy shots impact.  You need to keep this in mind so you don't get
   totally turned around while facing the enemy.

-  The secret on this level is a new weapon.  When the Kam'Jahtae fighters
   attack, look at your HUD.  You will notice one of the red enemy icons flash-
   ing.  This is the ship you need to go after first.  You may not have time
   for guns so it probably will be better to take it out with four to five
   Quantum Missiles.  The reason is that this fighter doesn't stick around too
   long before the pilot decides to chicken out and run away.  After you have
   destroyed this fighter, it will drop an object.  Rush over and tractor beam
   that object in.  Your reward for this daring feat will be the Enhanced
   Polaron Beam.

/ 11.9  MISSION 5: Alien Chronicles /__________________________________________

Location of mission:  Iridis Fire Nebula
Mission brief:  Rescue shuttle pod

Objectives:  1.  Find Federation shuttle.
             2.  Engage hostile craft.
             3.  Return shuttle to Typhon.
             4.  Avoid high energy (charge weapons).

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  Two secrets

It seems that a shuttlecraft is disabled as is drifting around the Fire Nebula.
Due to the fact that the nebula has volatile gases, the Federation can only
send in one volunteer...you.  You cannot use any charged weapons or you risk
touching off these gases.  In addition, the Kam'Jahtae are not going to make
your rescue mission any easier.

-  During the opening movie sequence, you see two ships "open" up.  Then you
   will see a green energy fence go up between them.  Remember this since you
   will be encountering this enemy very soon.  When you first enter the nebula,
   LCDR Worf will basically tell you to find the crippled shuttle and hold
   tight until the Typhon arrives.  To welcome you, the Kam'Jahtae will have a
   couple of fighters attack you from the back.  As you proceed forward through
   the nebula, other Kam'Jahtae fighters will join in on the action.

-  Remember that energy fence I told you to remember?  Well, you will now see
   it.  It only takes two or three passes of that energy fence across your ship
   to tear down your shields and another two to three times to destroy you.
   Therefore, this energy fence must be your first priority.  Use target lock
   (triangle button) and lock onto it.  You will know you've locked on because
   the words "ENERGY UNIT" will appear beside the crosshairs.  Fire four to
   five quantum missiles at this thing.  Of course, if you're feeling par-
   ticularly daring, you can try to take it out with laser fire.  The point is,
   once you destroy that ship, the energy fence will be brought down, threat is

-  Now, look at your HUD.  Amongst all the red objects, you will see two green
   objects.  One is the disabled shuttle and one is the Typhon.  Start heading
   for the disabled shuttle.  You can dogfight with the Kam'Jahtae fighters if
   you want, but more will appear in a never-ending stream.

-  It's time to get the shuttle to the Typhon.  If you haven't used the
   controls to slide (Double tap on the R1 or L1 buttons), you will become an
   expert after this mission.  Alright, first lock your tractor beam up to the
   shuttle.  Next, maneuver your fighter so that it lined up with the Typhon
   then head toward it.  You will notice that when you are towing the shuttle,
   the controls are very sluggish and your fighter doesn't seem to have much
   speed.  This is why you have to liberally use the slide and roll maneuvers
   to avoid enemy fire.  If you see shots coming down your left side, then
   slide right; down the right side, slide left, etc.  It will take a while to
   get to the Typhon.  When you have successfully made it, the Typhon will
   tractor the shuttle in.  Now you are free to dish out a little payback.

-  After you release the shuttle to the Typhon, a Kam'Jahtae Marshal will ap-
   pear.  These could be best described as destroyers or light cruisers.  They
   pack a heck of a lot more punch then the fighters and they also have better
   shields and hulls.  You job will be to welcome this new arrival with phasers
   and projectiles.  Just keep pounding and you will eventually take it out.
   As a bonus, it may release warp or shield plasma for you to use.  As soon as
   you dispatch one of these Marshals, another will appear.  Deal with it the
   same way.

-  After you have dealt with the two Kam'Jahtae Marshals, it's only a matter
   of cleaning up the remaining Kam'Jahtae fighters.  Once this is done, the
   mission is over.

-  To get the secrets on this level, you must do as follows:

   1.  Secret one:  To get the first secret, you will have to use your tractor
       beam on the remaining half of the energy fence.  You will get con-
       firmation from the Typhon once you have successfully done this.  This
       secret unlocks Mission 5A.

   2.  Secret two:  Right before you make it to the shuttle, look around for
       two asteroids that are close together.  When you find them, get your
       tractor beam ready again.  You will see an object floating between these
       asteroids.  To obtain the second secret of this level, you must tractor
       this object in.  As before, you will get confirmation from the Typhon
       when you have successfully done this.  This secret unlocks Mission 5B.

/ 11.10  MISSION 5A:  The Infernal Machine /___________________________________

Stardate:  54297.43
Location of mission:  Toska Nebula Norse System
Mission brief:  Destroy mother Kam'Jahtae ship

Objectives:  1.  Engage hostile craft.
             2.  Deploy 3 mines to disable spine shields.
             3.  Destroy shield generators.
             4.  Destroy spine vessel.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  One secret.  Medal

Seems that the Kam'Jahtae raiders are being supplied by a spine (mother) ship.
Your job, of course, is to seek and destroy this spine ship.

-  As always, you will get the standard greeting of Kam'Jahtae fighters.  You
   will have to contend with several waves of fighters since they seem to con-
   tinuously regenerate.  To add to the chaos, a Kam'Jahtae cruiser will enter
   the system.  Your job will be to reciprocate this greeting in kind by
   sending the Kam'Jahtae to their bug god.

-  After you have cleared the area, you will be put on course to the spine
   ship.  Of course, the spine ship has an impenetrable shield around it.  How-
   ever, there is a way to neutralize the shield for a few seconds.  You will
   need to get as close as possible to the shields without running into them
   since this can cause a serious drop in shield and/or hull strength.  The
   object is this:

   1.  Turn your ship around so that the back end faces the shields.
   2.  Launch three mines.
   3.  Tap on the warp button (R2) a couple of times to get out of the mines
       blast radius.
   4.  Turn your ship around and be prepared to attack.

-  As soon as the third mine goes off, the shields will be down for a short
   period of time.  You will have 40 seconds to take out the shield generators
   on the ends of the spine ship.  It doesn't take a whole lot of shots to take
   out the generators.  You will, however, have to deal with defensive fire
   from the spine vessel so you will have to slide around while maintaining
   fire on the shield generators.  If the shields do come back up, you will be
   forcibly ejected and will have to start the process of bringing them down
   again.  Due to time constraints, you might only have one more chance at de-
   stroying the generators.

-  Once you have taken out the generators, the other Valkyries will assist you
   in sending the spine vessel back in little bitty pieces.  Before you totally
   destroy the spine vessel, you have to obtain the secret in this mission.
   Once the spine vessel is destroyed, the mission is over.

-  You can obtain the secret once you have subjected the spine vessel to a
   thorough pounding.  It will release an object for you to tractor in.  Your
   reward will be the Photonic Missile.

/ 11.11  MISSION 5B:  The Host /_______________________________________________

Stardate:  54307.08
Location of mission:  Outskirts of Fire Nebula
Mission brief:  Protect "Tin Man"

Objectives:  1.  Engage any hostile craft.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Well, apparently some alien lifeform has entered the area around the Fire
Nebula.  Since it is just passing through, your job will be to make sure the
Kam'Jahtae don't take it out.

-  Seems that you can't take these Kam'Jahtae out of the galaxy.  You will be
   assaulted by several waves of fighters (I say several because you will lose
   count after about 4 or 5 waves).  As soon as you dispatch one wave of
   fighters, another comes in.  After what seems to be an eternity, you will
   finally neutralize them.

-  It only gets better now.  The next thing that will be sent in are two Sky
   Marshals.  These are basically Kam'Jahtae destroyers or cruisers.  One bad
   thing about them is they have this nasty habit of dropping mines off
   (usually in your path).  So, now when you attack these two ships, you will
   have to contend with defensive fire, mines, and a few more Kam'Jahtae
   fighters.  This will definitely put your skills to the test.  At the same
   time, you are protecting the "Tin Man".

-  Think it's over...think again.  Seems that taking out those two Kam'Jahtae
   warships only served to anger the Kam'Jahtae even more.  They respond in
   true bug fashion by once again sending wave after wave of fighters after
   you.  Once you have gotten through this, the mission is over.  Nope, you
   don't get anything for this mission except the satisfaction of knowing you
   made it through.

/ 11.12  MISSION 6:  Prey for Danger /_________________________________________

Stardate:  54316.03
Location of mission:  Orbit Rkar N'ra
Mission brief:  Protect Klingons

Objectives:  1.  Defend and protect Klingon fighters.
             2.  Assist Klingon Bird of Prey.
             3.  Eliminate any unknown hostile craft.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Once again, the Kam'Jahtae are causing problems.  This time, you are assisting
your Klingon allies in helping exterminate the bug population.

-  You will first be assaulted by approximately 20 fighters.  They will hit in
   five waves.  Your job is not only to tear them up, but to also act as a
   wingman, of sorts, for the Klingon fighters.  This basically means is if you
   see a Klingon fighter in trouble, your job will be to take out the threat.
   If you are successful, a message flashes up on the screen to the effect that
   you saved a Klingon.  Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy.

-  After this massive assault, a large ship will approach.  This ship looks
   kind of like a flower, but it is considerably more deadly.  It has four
   panels (the petals if you will) that open up at certain intervals.  When
   these panels open, they fire streams of energy to a central point.  Then,
   when enough energy is collected, the ship will fire at its intended target
   (usually you).  The only time you can do damage to this ship is when the
   panels are open.  You will know when hits are being registered because the
   panels will light up.  Besides the "Death Star" beam the ship fires, it also
   has the ability to cloak and move around on you.  These two factors serve to
   make this a challenging foe.  Once again, no medals but you do get a lot of
   thanks from the Klingons.

/ 11.13  MISSION 6A:  Piercing Encounters /____________________________________

Stardate:  54322.23
Location of mission:  Between Rkar Nr'a and Regula II
Mission brief:  Battle with Borg fighters

Objectives:  1.  Repel Borg attack.
             2.  Protect the Typhon.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  One secret

Well, the last time you tangled with the Borg was in Mission 1A.  This time,
you will have your hands full since you will be under a full Borg attack.  If
you aren't ready to be assimilated, then follow the below instructions.

-  You and other Valkyries will be engaging the Borg fighters.  The Borg
   fighters seem to be rather fragile constructs and it only takes a few laser
   or a couple of missiles to take them out.  The main problem, as you will
   soon discover in the other Borg missions is the fact that the Borg adapt to
   the weapons you use.  This means that the Type 9 laser you just used on one
   Borg probably won't work on another because the Borg as a collective have
   adapted to that weapon.  This is also true for projectile weapons.  It takes
   a few seconds for your computer to recalibrate your weapons so they work
   again.  This is great if you are far from the battle, but odds are you are
   in the thick of things.  This means you have to be able to change weapons
   over quickly.  Also keep in mind, the other Valkyries will also be using
   other weapons so the Borg will adapt to them also.  On another note, the
   Borg ships are highly maneuverable and pretty quick.  Plus, they have this
   nasty habit of firing missiles (both smart and dumb) at you.  This will
   definitely test your ability to maneuver this fighter in tight spaces.  Make
   sure that you keep with the Typhon to protect it.  No sense in losing this
   mission because you decided to be a hero.

-  The secret of this mission is a weapon.  When the Borg decide to take their
   frustration out on the Typhon, you can make a quick diversion.  This di-
   version is an asteroid that is floating near you.  When you destroy it, an
   object will pop loose.  As per the norm, tractor beam that object.  You will
   receive the Enhanced Trilithium Warhead as a reward.

/ 11.14  MISSION 7:  Red Sunset /______________________________________________

Stardate:  54326.53
Location of mission:  New Talib in Scorpion Planet Cluster
Mission brief:  Protect Typhon

Objectives:  1.  Defend stricken Typhon.
             2.  Disable loaded Kam'Jahtae Marshals.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Well, seems the Typhon took a wee bit of damage after that Borg attack.  It
also seems that the Kam'Jahtae are seeing this as an opportunity for ad-
ministering a little payback.  Guess what...yep, you guessed, your job is to
protect the Typhon while it is being fixed.  This fix will take 120 seconds to

-  There are a couple of things you have going against you on this mission.
   First, as the name of the mission implies, the screen is an orange to
   orange-red color.  This will make it much harder to see your HUD as well as
   the Kam'Jahtae fighters.  Second, there will be an endless (and I mean end-
   less) stream of Kam'Jahtae fighters heading toward the Typhon like a pack of
   dogs going after a three-legged calf.  To add even more to your misery, the
   Kam'Jahtae are sending six Marshals fully rigged with explosives to do
   suicide runs on the Typhon.  Now that I have set the mood, here's what you
   will be doing.

-  The "Target Enemy Button" (triangle button) will become your best friend.
   The Typhon can take a few hits from the Kam'Jahtae fighters without much
   problem.  You will need to stop the Marshals, though, at all costs.  You
   will given a warning when a Marshal enters the area.  Due to the problems
   listed in the first paragraph, it will be very hard to see what is what.
   The best way to identify the Marshals is to target them.  If you target a
   Marshal, then you will see in little white letters to the right of the
   crosshairs "Sky Marshal".  This is a rare time when you have to ignore
   everything else and let loose on one ship because if the Marshal makes it to
   the Typhon...mission over.  You will have the support of a couple of other
   Valkyries but they will be a long way out trying to take care of the
   Kam'Jahtae fighters.

/ 11.15  MISSION 8:  Edge of the Abyss /_______________________________________

Stardate:  54333.67
Location of mission:  Orbit of Lycosa, Tail of Scorpion Cluster
Mission brief:  Protect USS Discover and get escape pods

Objectives:  1.  Rescue and protect escape pods.
             2.  Return pods to Typhon.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  Medal.

Seems the Cardassians have gone after bigger game:  They have crippled the USS
Discover.  To make matters worse, the USS Discover is caught in the gravity
well of a black hole so you don't have a whole lot of time.

-  Your top priority on this mission won't be to engage the enemy, it will be
   to collect escape pods.  Now, if a Cardassian gets stupid and gets in your
   gunsights, by all means blow them away.  You will have to be quick on this
   mission because the Cardassians are busy trying to destroy the escape pods.
   This means liberal use of warp and quick tractor beam action.  The Typhon is
   relatively close so you don't have to haul the escape pods that far.  You
   will know when you are close enough because the Typhon will tractor beam the
   escape pod you are carrying so you can go out and get another.  Be wary also
   that as the mission progresses, a Cardassian cruiser will appear to finish
   the job of destroying the Discover.  You will have to do some serious
   defensive maneuvering (sliding and rolling) to avoid fire from the cruiser
   and fighters.  Also keep in mind that your fighter will be a lot more slug-
   gish since you will dragging escape pods around with you.

/ 11.16  MISSION 8A:  Best of Enemies /________________________________________

Stardate:  54337.67
Location of mission:  Space nearing Lycosa, tail of the Scorpion Cluster
Mission brief:  Rescue Discover crew from Kam'Jahtae cruiser

Objectives:  1.  Protect the Typhon.
             2.  Pursue Kam'Jahtae cruiser.
             3.  Disable Kam'Jahtae cruiser's engines.
             4.  Rescue hostages.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

This will be one of your most difficult missions thus far.  Seems that the bug
people took a few of the USS Discover's crew hostage.  Your job is to help in
their rescue.

-  Your first order of business is to catch up to and take out the Kam'Jahtae
   cruiser.  This will not be an easy task since it has strong shields and even
   stronger armament.  Also, this cruiser will also be firing on the Typhon
   making life that much harder.  Plus, you can't have any battle with a major
   Kam'Jahtae warship without throwing their fighters into the mix.

-  Start pounding the heck out of the Kam'Jahtae cruiser.  If you have the Tri-
   lithium Warhead, it makes life a little better since it will negate the
   cruisers shields for a few seconds; just enough time to pound the heck out
   of it with laser and missile fire.  This battle will take a little time
   since you will have to break away from the cruiser every now and then to
   engage the Kam'Jahtae fighters who will be going after the Typhon.  You will
   get warnings as to the status of the Typhon like "...Shields 75%, Hull 25%,

-  Once you have inflicted enough pain and damage on the cruiser, the Typhon
   will start to beam the hostages on board.  Again, you will have to engage
   enemy fighters to ensure that the transfer goes as smooth as possible.
   There are a total of five hostages that will be rescued.  This will last
   about 30 seconds so you will be busy for a while keeping the Kam'Jahtae
   fighters off the Typhon.

-  Once the hostages are beamed aboard, a new threat awaits.  Seems the
   Kam'Jahtae don't want you to leave the area.  So to ensure this, they have
   set up "Tractor" ships to keep the Typhon in place.  Your job will be to
   blow away those "Tractor" ships.  After you dispose of the first two, two
   more will appear.  You will have 100 seconds to complete this part of the
   mission.  Plus, to further add to your misery, more Kam'Jahtae fighters will
   attack you.

-  Once you have destroyed the "Tractor" ships, you will be on your way.

/ 11.17  MISSION 9:  Shackled /________________________________________________

Stardate:  54347.98
Location of mission:  Outskirts of the "Orions Treasure" constellation
Mission brief:  Rescue Klingon prisoners

Objectives:  1.  Destroy communications unit.
             2.  Disable freighter.
             3.  Track freighter to Cardassian station.
             4.  Engage and disable Cardassian station.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Compared to Mission 8, this is a cakewalk.  Again, you will be doing this mis-
sion in multiple parts.  Once one part is complete, you will be advanced to the
next one.  Fail any of the parts and you fail the mission.

-  You will first get jumped by four Nausicaan fighters.  Nausicaan fighters
   have heavier armament then the Kam'Jahtae but they are slower.  Their
   fighters shouldn't give you a whole lot of problems.  By this time, you
   should have your fighting skills honed to a sharp edge.  Demonstrate to the
   Nausicaan why the Federation will always triumph.

-  After disposing of these four fighters, you will next be put in position to
   intercept the Nausicaan freighter.  You will have 60 seconds to get to the
   freighter, knock down its shields, and blast away the communication tower.
   The first part will require you to warp to the freighter.  This shouldn't
   take more then 8-10 seconds to accomplish.  Now, you don't have the time to
   take out the shields but there is another way; use the Trilithium Warheads.
   This will negate the freighters shields long enough for you to blast the
   communication tower.  You can't miss it since it is labeled when you are
   close to the freighter.  Be careful, however, with your fire.  The freighter
   is a rather delicate ship and if you get too excited shooting, you may
   destroy it.  This would be bad because you would kill the Klingon prisoners
   and fail the mission.

-  After you have taken out the communication tower, you will be jumped by ten
   Nausicaan fighters.  Use the same tactics as you have grown so accustomed
   to.  Just be sure to watch your shots since any stray shot could take out
   the freighter, which remains in your area.  You may or may not be assisted
   by other Valkyries.

-  Once you have disposed of the latest wave of Nausicaan fighters, you will
   then be placed near the Cardassian station.  Your job is to simply pound the
   crap out of it.  When you have done enough damage, you will get a message
   from Capt Picard stating that they have secured the station and it has
   surrendered to the Federation.  At the same time, you will be jumped by
   another ten Nausicaan fighters at the same time.  When the station sur-
   renders, you must eliminate any remaining fighters to finish this mission.

/ 11.18  MISSION 10:  The Breeding Ground /____________________________________

Stardate:  54360.27
Location of mission:  In Orions Treasure Chest
Mission brief:  Eliminate space parasites

Objectives:  1.  Engage hostile parasites.
             2.  Protect shuttle craft.
             3.  Secure area for Typhon arrival.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Seems that you are now in the extermination business.  A shuttle craft is being
attacked by space leeches.  I call them leeches because when they hook up to a
ship, they will suck out the energy of a ship.

-  These parasites are quick little things.  They're only attack is to latch
   onto your ship and suck energy.  Plus, they can be taken out with a burst of
   phaser fire.  The problem is getting a lock on them.  Your target lock will
   not engage them so you will have to do this the hard way of pursuit.  One
   method I found, if you are quick with the trigger finger, is to practically
   slow down to a stop and let them come to you.  Once they are almost on top
   of you, rapidly blow them into stardust.  You may lose a little energy but
   it's easier then trying to chase them around.

-  Of course, you knew that this mission wouldn't be this easy.  There is also
   a mother ship (I call it a queen bug) involved.  This ship is releasing
   these parasites into this sector.  Your job, of course, is to take out this
   queen bug.  There are a couple of problems you will have to note as you go
   blast it away.  The first is when you hit it, more parasites are released to
   cause you problems.  The second is the defensive armament of this queen.  It
   fires an energy net at your ship.  If this net hits your ship, your Valkyrie
   will get entangled and you won't be able to maneuver or go to warp.  This
   can be a bad thing considering those parasites are all over the place.
   Fortunately, when the queen fires this net, you can warp away and maneuver
   away from it.  Also, note that the queen has a nasty habit of cloaking in
   and out of the battlefield.

-  Once the queen has been destroyed, take care of the remaining parasites to
   complete this mission.

/ 11.19  MISSION 10A:  Silent Shock /__________________________________________

Stardate:  54369.03
Location of mission:  Nearing Apix IX Titan System
Mission brief:  Destroy attackers with gun turret

Objectives:  1.  Protect Typhon.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Well, up to this point you have had the security and comfort of being in your
fighter.  Unfortunately, for this mission, you won't have time to get to your
fighter.  Instead, you will have to man a gun turret to do your talking.  The
principle of the gun turret is essentially the same as a fighter.  You will
need to lead the attacker.  However, this time, when they are coming at you
ship, you can put up a wall of fire for them to cross through.  Just be wary
when you fire too rapidly since your gun can overheat.  This would be bad,
especially in the thick of things.  Your gun turret rotates 360 degrees and has
about a 60-degree elevation.  You also have guided missiles that fire at a slow
rate, nonetheless, you can still cause damage to the enemy.  You have an un-
limited stock of missiles.

-  You will have 250 seconds to defend the Typhon.  You will first be attacked
   by a wave of five fighters.  You have other gun turrets helping so even if
   you damage a fighter, those other turrets could finish the job.  Don't get
   so caught up in trying to take out one fighter since three or four more
   could be doing major damage to the Typhon.  The display in the upper right
   corner shows the shield and hull strength of the Typhon.

-  After this first wave of fighters, a larger ship will come in from the upper
   right.  Unload upon this ship.  When hits are registered, the big ship will
   light up.  If you don't destroy it, it will cause major damage to the

-  You will again be attacked by another wave of five fighters.  By this time,
   the Typhon may be suffering a little from the previous attacks.  Plus, you
   will have to use the full 360 degrees of your turret to take out the enemy
   fighters since they will attack both from the rear and front.

-  You will then be attacked by another large ship.  Use the same tactics as

-  This could very well be the worst wave of five fighters since the Typhon is
   probably at a critical level.  Make your shots count and definitely make
   sure that your laser turret doesn't overheat.  Once you get through this
   wave, you have completed the mission.

/ 11.20  MISSION 10B:  David and Goliath /_____________________________________

Stardate:  54376.03
Location of mission:  In the debris of Apix IX in Titan System
Mission brief:  Destroy mining facility

Objectives:  1.  Beware of enemy burst scanners.
             2.  Collect cores to recharge weapons energy.
             3.  Deploy 3 torpedoes to Goliath Asteroid.
             4.  Engage any hostile craft.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Seems that the planet you were going to visit is no more.  It has been blasted
to space debris.  It also seems that there are a few miners who want to exploit
the planets pieces and get whatever they can from them.  Of course, your job is
to take out the mining facility to let them know the Federation doesn't
tolerate scavengers.

-  You will be equipped with a cloaking device.  The reason is that you need to
   get as close to Goliath Asteroid without being detected.  Remember, you can-
   not warp or use your weapons while cloaked or you will instantly decloak.
   The enemy burst scanners are easy to avoid, just watch where the white out-
   lines are around these satellites and avoid them.

-  You will be equipped with regular photon torpedoes.  Unfortunately, they are
   torpedoes in name only.  In order to use them, you will be dropping them
   like bombs on the asteroids surface.  To make matters a little more interest-
   ing, the area that the mining operation is at has a couple of laser turrets
   to throw defensive fire at you.

-  Your first order of business is to collect energy.  You will need to get the
   red plasma since you will have to charge up three torpedoes before you can
   drop them on the asteroid.  Unfortunately, this plasma isn't just floating
   around.  Instead, you will be dealing with the second problem; enemy
   fighters.  It is from the destruction of these fighters you will be getting
   the necessary plasma to charge your torpedo.  Most of the time, they will
   drop red plasma, however, every now and then they will drop two blue
   plasmas.  It really doesn't matter since I'm sure your shields will be
   taking a pounding from the enemy fighters and ground fire from the asteroid.

-  Once you have collected the red plasma, its time to get a torpedo ready for
   "launch".  To prepare the torpedo, you must select it from your secondary
   weapons.  Once selected, hold down the SQUARE button to charge it up.  You
   will know it is fully charged when the front of your fighter starts to
   sparkle.  When this happens, you will need to fly over the mining camp (yep,
   right through the laser flak barrage) and drop your torpedo.  If you are
   successful, then a message will appear stating the drop was successful and
   you have so many torpedoes left to drop on the asteroid.  Repeat this step
   two more times so you get the three torpedoes on their target.

-  Now that you have successfully deposited the three torpedoes on the
   asteroid, it's time to put some distance between you and the rock.  You will
   have 12 seconds to get away from the asteroid.  This basically means, that
   you need to hold down the warp button (R2) and move away from the asteroid.
   A short video sequence will show the asteroid blowing up and your Valkyrie
   suddenly being surrounded by all kinds of mini-asteroids.

-  Unfortunately, it's not over yet.  It seems you left a couple of survivors
   and they aren't too happy you blew up their rock.  You will be jumped by
   five fighters.  As usual, demonstrate why you are not to be trifled with and
   hand them the same fate you handed that asteroid.  After this, mission
   finally over.

/ 11.21  MISSION 11:  Killing Time /___________________________________________

Stardate:  54393.06
Location of mission:  Orions Treasure Chest Orions Nebula
Mission brief:  Stop Kam'Jahtae from using wormhole

Objectives:  1.  Engage Kam'Jahtae fleet.
             2.  Disable Kam'Jahtae medium vessels.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Apparently the Kam'Jahtae have found a wormhole in space.  This isn't good
since it will allow them to travel to other parts of the galaxy to cause
trouble.  Your job is to take out the fighters and get that wormhole shut down.

-  You will get jumped by the first wave of Kam'Jahtae fighters.  Of course,
   you have been fighting them for so long now, you should be an old pro at
   taking them out.  There are approximately five fighters in this wave.

-  After you have sent these fighters to their bug gods, a couple of Kam'Jahtae
   Marshals will show up.  They are trying to "force" the issue and get to the
   wormhole before it collapses.  Of course, you are there to prevent this from
   happening.  The clock will start ticking at the 120-second mark.  This is
   how long you will have to take out both Marshals.  Since you have dealt with
   them many times before, it shouldn't be too hard except watch the time.
   Just keep pounding at their underbellies and they should become one with the
   cosmos in no time.  Just watch out for their defensive fire.  Also, they may
   give you a gift of warp or shield plasma as they die.

-  After you exterminate the two Marshals, you will once again get jumped by
   another wave of approximately five Kam'Jahtae fighters.  Take them out to
   end this mission.

/ 11.22  MISSION 12:  Moving Heaven and Earth /________________________________

Stardate:  54419.29
Location of mission:  Utach'a near Pitheon VI - Titan System
Mission brief:  Destroy meteorites

Objectives:  1.  Destroy planetoid projectiles.
             2.  Engage hostile alien vessels.
             3.  Disable wormhole generator.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Well, it appears that the bugs have decided on a new tactic to cause hate and
discontent.  Not just happy to do hit-and-run strikes with their fighters, they
are now sending planet pieces after a planet (no doubt the remaining pieces
from Mission 10B being returned).

-  Your main priority is taking care of the planetoid pieces.  They are coming
   in fast and you will only have enough time to take a few shots at them
   before they pass you.  Once they pass you, you can do one of two things:

   1.  Chase and shoot the planetoid.  This means you will be doing a lot of
       warping to keep up with the planetoid.  You don't have much margin for
       error    since once the planetoid enters Atheon VI's atmosphere...mis-
       sion over.

   2.  The better way is to target lock and set to pursue (push on triangle
       button to target and hold down to pursue).  This way, your fighter will
       maintain the same speed and you can spend more time shooting the planet-
       oid up into spacedust.

-  Unfortunately, at the same time you are planetoid hunting, Kam'Jahtae
   fighters will be coming to greet you in perfect bug fashion.  Remember, you
   have to prevent those planetoids from crashing into the planet.  This is
   almost akin to an escort mission.  You will have to deal with five
   planetoids.  The farther out you can intercept them, the better it is for
   you.  Kam'Jahtae fighters will be constantly appearing to harass you so be
   ready to do some fancy evasive maneuvering.

-  After you have dealt with the planetoid problem, it's time to take care of
   the wormhole generator.  After all you have been through, this is your
   standard large ship, normal defensive armament.  All you have to do is blow
   it to kingdom-come; nothing fancy required.

/ 11.23  MISSION 13:  The Bigger They Are Part 1 /_____________________________

Stardate:  54427.68
Location of mission:  Obit of O'Marek in Titan System
Mission brief:  Remove transwarp coil from Borg ship

Objectives:  1.  Engage Borg threat.
             2.  Gain entrance to Borg cube.
             3.  Locate and retrieve transwarp coil.
             4.  Exit cube before its destruction.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  One secret.  Medal.

This will probably be one of the hardest missions for you to accomplish.  It
won't be getting through the Borg fighters that will be a challenge, it will be
escaping from the Borg cube after you "acquire" the transwarp coil.  Remember,
again, the Borg can adapt to your weapons after a few shots so be ready to be
able to rapidly change weapons over.  See Mission 6A for details of the Borg

-  When you first start the mission, you will be attacked by eight cone shaped
   Borg fighters.  You will be assisted by three Valkyries on this and the next
   fighter wave.

-  After taking care of the first wave of Borg fighters, you will be assaulted
   by another wave of Borg fighters.  These are a little quicker then the other
   Borg fighters, but they are just as fragile.  Again, take care of this

-  The next part of the mission has you cruising around within the Borg cube.
   The corridor that you travel has many twists and turns, ups and downs.  In
   addition, there are gun emplacements within to make your journey all that
   more exciting.  There are also places you can pick up warp and shield

-  Once you have gotten to the core, you will have to deal with the threat in
   there.  Just don't go rushing in to get the coil or you will be taken out
   in no time.  You will see a large construct in the center of the core.  In
   the very middle, will be a slightly depressed area.  This is where the core
   is.  However, before you can get the core, you must first deal with the
   defenses that are protecting it.

-  The defenses around the core consist of eight cylindrical objects that orbit
   around this central point.  Your job is to take out all eight of these
   objects.  Use your compression phaser on these since you won't be able to
   get a missile lock.  Also, the best way to hit them is to target slightly
   to the right or left of the central core.  These objects will go through a
   series of four steps:

   1.  They will circle around the central core with a green sphere around
       them.  You cannot hit them with phaser fire.
   2.  They will then go up and down, in addition to circling the central core,
       with a green sphere around them.  You cannot hit them with phaser fire.
   3.  They will drop the green sphere and circle around the central core.
       This is the time to start blasting them.
   4.  They will turn red and project three red beams outward.  Continue to
       blast them.
   5.  Repeat the above until they are destroyed.

-  Once you have destroyed this defense, start pounding away on the central
   panel.  You will know you are registering hits because the panel will light
   up.  After several hits, the panel will be destroyed.  Wait a few seconds
   for the explosion to subside.  Your prize of the transwarp coil awaits.

-  The best way, I have found is to circle around and take the coil from the
   back so that your ship is facing the corridor you entered from.  Tractor in
   the transwarp coil and all hell will break loose.  Head to the corridor and
   try your hardest to navigate quickly but safely.  I say safely in the sense
   of don't run into anything that can cause you an extreme slowdown or stop.
   You can slow a little when trying to get over the up and down ridges and
   narrow corridor, but you are on a very tight timetable.  Once you make it
   out of the cube, the mission is over.

-  The secret of this mission is a weapon.  To obtain this secret, go to the
   second fork in the tunnel.  Make a left and your targeting system will point
   it out for you.  It is just floating there.  Tractor beam it in and you are
   now the proud owner of a Plasma Burst.

/ 11.24  MISSION 13A:  The Bigger They Are Part 2 /____________________________

Stardate:  54442.51
Location of mission:  Atmosphere of Corax III
Mission brief:  Protect transwarp coil

Objectives:  1.  Repel pursuing Borg craft.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Once again, you will be in a laser turret.  See Mission 10A for details on the
laser turret.  This time, you will be fighting off Borg fighters.  Seems they
are kind of ticked off about you acquiring their transwarp coil.  Oh well, man
your battle station.

-  As was the case last time, the action will come at you fast and furious.
   The only good thing is that the Borg fighters are less armored.  Of course,
   they make up for this in speed and armament.  You will have to battle
   several waves of Borg fighters.  At least this will give you real good gun-
   nery practice.

-  After several waves of Borg fighters, you will see a Borg Cube in the dis-
   tance.  This is a bad thing since it will release even more fighters to con-
   vince you that payment for the coil is required.  Treat them the same as any
   bill collector; cancel them.

-  After punishing a few more of the Borg fighters, LCDR Worf will give you a
   message.  If you can hold off the Borg attack for a moment, he will send
   them a welcome package.  This package will be in the form of a couple of
   photon torpedoes into the heart of the Borg cube.  You only have to hold
   off the Borg for 30 seconds.

-  Once you hold them off, the gift will be sent to the Borg Cube.  A pretty
   explosion means that this mission is complete.

/ 11.25  MISSION 13B:  Deadforms /_____________________________________________

Stardate:  54452.81
Location of mission:  Near the remains of Mogus in the Titan System
Mission brief:  Destroy parasites

Objectives:  1.  Engage parasites and alien threat.
             2.  Destroy hostile alien craft.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  One secret

Seems you will be in the extermination business once again.  Obviously you
didn't kill off all those space leeches from Mission 10.  To add to the misery,
it seems that the Kam'Jahtae want to help these space parasites in making you

-  The first thing that happens is a large ship comes in.  It doesn't look like
   the queen from Mission 10, but it is dangerous nonetheless.  In addition to
   the usual phaser attacks, it starts to release parasites.  To compound your
   misery, Kam'Jahtae fighters go on their attack runs.  Deal with these
   threats by some good maneuvering and libelous use of firepower.

-  Once the big ship has ejected its load of parasites, it will be vulnerable
   to attack.  However, it does have a defense of cloaking so pound it until it
   disappears.  After that, more Kam'Jahtae fighters will greet you.  Return
   the favor in true Valkyrie fighter pilot fashion.

-  When the big ship decloaks again, it will release canisters.  These
   canisters are loaded with parasites.  You can, however, prevent these
   canisters from unloading their vermin by using the tractor beam on them.
   The Typhon will then beam them aboard.  This is also how you obtain the
   secret.  Of course, the Kam'Jahtae will be making every effort to open up
   the pods to release parasites.

-  Once the big ship releases its pods, pound the heck out of it.  You should
   be able to take it out.  Once you've destroyed this big ship, the mission is

-  The secret of this level is in a canister.  If you pick the right canister
   that was ejected from the big ship and tractor beam it in, you will be the
   lucky winner of an Antimatter Salvo.

/ 11.26  MISSION 13C:  Deadspace /_____________________________________________

Stardate:  54465.36
Location of mission:  Outskirts of the Orion Nebula
Mission brief:  Destroy Borg with gun turret

Objectives:  1.  Protect Typhon from Borg units.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

First of all, you must have acquired all the medals in the game.  These medals
would have been awarded in Missions 3, 5A, 8, 13, and 15.  Once again, you will
be getting some turret time.  As per usual, use the tactics of turret use from
Mission 10A.  It appears this time, the Borg are attacking Starbase 212.

-  In essence, you will have to deal with a lot of Borg fighters.  The first
   wave is heading for the Starbase but some of them come after the Typhon.
   You job, of course, is to send them right back...in a million little pieces.
   Of course, no mission is complete without an asteroid coming for you so
   you'll have to take that out as well.  The Borg fighters will come in waves
   and they will be coming from all directions so you need to stay sharp and

-  After the first assault, prepare for the second one.  Again, use a com-
   bination of laser and missile fire to send them back to where they came
   from.  By this time, the Typhon will be pretty battered so make every shot
   count.  Once you've cleared the area of Borg, the mission is complete.

/ 11.27  MISSION 14:  No Mans Land Part 1 /____________________________________

Stardate:  54480.6
Location of mission:  Atmosphere of TDA-34
Mission brief:  Go through wormhole to take out generator

Objectives:  1.  Engage enemy fighters.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  One secret

Seems the Kam'Jahtae still have fight left in them.  Especially considering the
fact that you have been reducing their numbers.  Oh well, time to do battle
again.  Plus, you get a new threat, the Hur'q.

-  As per the norm, you will be swamped by Kam'Jahtae fighters.  Deal with them
   as you always have been doing.  Be wary, these fighters have mines and
   torpedoes to make your life more interesting.

-  After battling the Kam'Jahtae for what seems like an eternity, a Hur'q ship
   will appear in your area.  This is your primary target.  These ships are
   more heavily armed and armored then any ships you have dealt with pre-
   viously.  Plus, when you register enough hits, the Hur'q ship will cloak and
   move.  When the Hur'q ship cloaks, continue to deal with the Kam'Jahtae threat.

-  Eventually, you will pound the Hur'q ship into stardust.  Once that happens,
   you will have to deal with the remaining Kam'Jahtae fighters lurking around
   the area.

-  Once you have dealt with these fighters, another few waves will arrive.
   Their purpose, though, will be to take out the Typhon.  Of course, your job
   will be to provide escort to the Typhon by picking off these insects.  Once
   you have successfully defended the Typhon, the mission is complete.

-  To obtain the secret on this level, look for a glowing Kam'Jahtae fighter on
   the first wave of attackers.  Once you take it out this fighter, it will
   drop an object.  Tractor this object in and you are a proud owner of an En-
   hanced Pulse Phaser.

/ 11.28  MISSION 14A:  No Mans Land Part 2 /___________________________________

Stardate:  54512.15
Location of mission:  Betalon in the Antiriad System
Mission brief:  Defend Typhon against Hur'q with gun turret

Objectives:  1.  Protect Typhon.
             2.  Disable hostile gun compounds.
             3.  Navigate to wormhole.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Looks like you traded one threat for another.  Apparently the Hur'q are pre-
paring to come through a wormhole in space to cause trouble.  The only way to
bargain with them is with the business end of a phaser.  As always, use the
tactics from Mission 10A for laser turret use.

-  You will get jumped by five Hur'q fighters.  Let your laser turret do your
   talking and take them out as quickly as possible.  The Hur'q fighters have
   quite a powerful punch in their weapons so it won't take many shots to turn
   the Typhon into Swiss Cheese.

-  As you are fighting the Hur'q fighters, you will see a floating structure
   off to your right.  This is a Hur'q gun platform.  The Hur'q gun platforms
   have four smaller platforms rotating around a central platform.  Shots from
   these platforms can be very devastating (more so then the Hur'q fighters).
   The best way to eliminate these platforms is to hit the central platform.
   This will basically take out the four smaller rotating platforms.  This
   makes it easier then trying to engage all five platforms.  After you take
   out this platform, another will show up on your left.  Deal with it the same
   way.  Be aware that a couple of Hur'q fighters will still be making trouble.

-  Once you have cleaned this side of the wormhole, it's time to go through and
   clean out the other side.  Once you make it through, you will once again be
   assaulted by Hur'q fighters.  By now, the Typhon probably has sustained
   damage which makes it that much more critical you make your shots count.  In
   addition, you will be attacked by the larger Hur'q ships you first en-
   countered in Mission 14.  Once you have dealt with these threats, it's time
   to go back through the wormhole again.

-  Of course, it wouldn't be this easy.  The Hur'q have set up a blockade to
   prevent you from going back through.  Talk to them with your laser turret.
   Once you blasted them to kingdom come, the mission is over.

/ 11.29  MISSION 15:  The Sentinel Returns /___________________________________

Stardate:  54538.99
Location of mission:  Deep in the Titan System, close to dead space
Mission brief:  Disable the USS Sentinel

Objectives:  1.  Pursue and disable the USS Sentinel.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  Medal

Well, it looks like you may have found the source of the problem.  Apparently
Captain Brennan has decided to go renegade and is stealing the USS Sentinel.
Of course, your job is to make sure he can't go anywhere.

-  Your first order of business is to cripple the Sentinel.  Remember, you are
   going against a starship so be prepared for a lot of strong defensive fire.
   Your Trilithium  or Enhanced Trilithium Missiles will come in handy for this
   mission.  Just don't use too many of them.  Your goal is to use your target
   lock (triangle) to identify where on the Sentinel you need to hit.  You will
   have 120 seconds to bring down its shields and blast out its warp drive.
   This means a lot of defensive maneuvering to avoid the Sentinel's defensive
   fire.  Brennan also explains how he believes he should be the master of the
   universe...what an ego.

-  Once you have dealt enough punishment to the Sentinel, it warps out anyway
   (they must have super damage control on board).  To replace the crippled
   Sentinel, a Hur'q cruiser appears to cause you more problems.  Give it the
   reception it deserves by pounding the heck out of it.  Once the Hur'q
   cruiser takes enough damage, it will break-up.

-  Unfortunately, this break-up starts the beginning of another problem.  The
   two halves of the cruiser will now attempt to ram you.  They move very
   quickly when you fire on them so it will be very difficult to get a missile
   lock on them or hit them with phasers.  The only time you can get a good
   shot at them is when they are coming full throttle to crush your fighter.
   Also, when you are concentrating on engaging one of them, the other will
   make passes at you.  The best solution to this is twofold.  First, if you
   stay put, one of them will come gunning for you.  Because they are so big,
   they can't stop suddenly and they maneuver like lead weights.  Before the
   half hits you, use your mines.  Drop three or four in its path then quickly
   warp out of its path.  If you can, set yourself up so you can rake it with
   fire as it passes by.  Between the mines and your fire, you should be able
   to take them out.  It is going to take a while to do this but patience will
   pay off.

-  Once you have defeated these two Hur'q "mini-cruisers", the mission is over.

/ 11.30  MISSION 16:  End of Eternity /________________________________________

Stardate:  54556.15
Location of mission:  Located on outskirts of dead zone
Mission brief:  Get Brennan's lifepod, destroy USS Sentinel

Objectives:  1.  Engage Hur'q threat.
             2.  Tractor/scan shuttle pods.
             3.  Repel Brennan pod into rift.

Medals awarded and/or secrets:  None

Seems that Captain Brennan knows the jig is up.  He is attempting to escape to
the other side of the wormhole to be with his Hur'q buddies.  His ship is crip-
pled and the only option he has left is to let the Hur'q come through.  You, of
course, are there to prevent this from happening.

-  You will be attacked by five Hur'q fighters.  Now that you are in the com-
   fort of your Valkyrie, the odds are a little more even.  Nonetheless, the
   Hur'q fighters are tough adversaries.  They do, however, leave gifts of warp
   and/or shield plasma when they are destroyed.  You will need this, trust me.
   The going is only going to get tougher from here.

-  Once you eliminate the Hur'q fighters, it's time to finish the job on the
   USS Sentinel you began.  Again, use your targeting to get a lock on where
   to pound the heck out of it.  When the Sentinel takes enough damage, it will
   start to release life pods.

-  Now the timer starts.  Captain Brennan is a slippery one and this time is no
   exception.  He has released a whole bunch of life pods and he is in one of
   them.  The game is; find Brennan.  You will have 120 seconds to find out
   which life pod Brennan is enjoying life in.  You accomplish this by using
   your tractor beam on each pod.  It takes about three to four seconds to
   determine if a pod is empty or not.  While you are doing this, you will have
   Hur'q fighters coming after you and the Sentinel is still putting up heavy
   defensive fire.  So you will have to warp to each pod in turn.  Once a pod
   has been identified as empty, it will disappear so you don't go over the
   same pod twice.

-  Once you have found Brennan's pod, instructions on the screen tell you to
   hit the X button to repel him back into the rift.  Line up your ship with
   the wormhole and let the pod loose.  You will see it get sucked into the
   wormhole.  This will be followed by a movie sequence with the usual praises
   on how you've saved the universe.  All in a days work.

| 12.  DUEL STRATEGIES |=======================================================

When you play with two-players, you can do these five missions.  The first
three missions are cooperative type missions while the last two pit you against
each other in other enemy fighter types.  These are not required to obtain 100%
of missions complete and they aren't even part of the missions.  Also see
Chapter 13 for Deathmatch play for additional head-to-head competition.

In the next subchapters, all of the missions will follow the same basic format.
This format is as follows:

Name of the Duel (i.e. Twofold, Bombardment, etc.)

Location of mission
Brief blurb about the mission
Mission objectives

Key points to winning the battle

Also, if you are not sure about your weapons, go to Chapter 14 to get more in-
formation.  Go to Chapter 15 for more information about the enemy fighters.
Now, on to the duel missions.

/ 12.1  TwoFold /______________________________________________________________

Stardate:  54260.01
Location of mission:  Outskirts of the Validus System
Mission brief:  Eliminate Kam'Jahtae threat

Objectives:  1.  Engage Kam'Jahtae unit.
             2.  Neutralize Median vessel.
             3.  Protect your partner.

This will be your first duel mission.  You and the other player will be flying
wingman for each other.  You can engage the enemy wingtip-to-wingtip, or you
can come in from opposite sides, it will be up to you.  Remember, if either you
or your partner dies, the mission is a failure.

-  The first threat to be dealt with are the Kam'Jahtae fighters.  There will
   be 10 of them buzzing around space.  By now, you know what to do to take
   care of them.  Just make sure you keep your partner in sight, don't want all
   the bugs to jump them.

-  After you have cleaned out the fighters, the Kam'Jahtae Median vessel will
   make its appearance.  It has heavy shields and armament.  The best approach
   to this problem is while the Median vessel is going after one of you; the
   other pounds the heck out of it.  It will take some doing, but between the
   both of you, the Median vessel should be stardust in no time.

-  Once you have eliminated the second threat, a third appears in the form of
   two Kam'Jahtae Sky Marshals.  That means, there is one for yourself and your
   partner.  You've dealt with these enough times so there shouldn't be a
   problem.  Just remember to pound that soft underbelly and that Marshal will
   be history in no time.  Just watch out for the defensive fire and occasional

/ 12.2  Bombardment /__________________________________________________________

Stardate:  54319.40
Location of mission:  Near Galakester
Mission brief:  Protect space station

Objectives:  1.  Protect civilians on stricken station.
             2.  Destroy asteroid hazards.
             3.  Engage any hostile vessels.
             4.  Secure area until assistance arrives.

It appears that some sort of space blast wave has diverted a lot of asteroids
on a collision course with the space station.  Of course, you and your partner
will be there to prevent this.  To add insult to injury, the Kam'Jahtae will be
around to take cheap shots at the station also.

-  You must first deal with the asteroid hazard.  It will take the combined
   firepower of you and your partner to ensure that no asteroids get through.
   Each asteroid that strikes the station will knock 25% off its hull.  You
   will have to deal with 13 asteroids to ensure its safety.

-  No sooner have you finished this then the Kam'Jahtae decide to get in on the
   action.  10 Kam'Jahtae fighters will attempt to keep you busy while two Sky
   Marshals attempt to finish the job the asteroids started.  Give them a re-
   ception they won't forget.

/ 12.3  Equal Force /__________________________________________________________

Stardate:  54363.32
Location of mission:  Deep in the Validus System
Mission brief:  Eliminate Kam'Jahtae threat

Objectives:  1.  Neutralize High-Impact unit.
             2.  Engage any Kam'Jahtae attackers.

Seems that the Kam'Jahtae didn't get the hint the first time they came into this
system.  This time, they are bringing in bigger craft to ensure they will gain
victory.  Of course, you and your partner will be there to spoil their plans.

-  When you enter combat, you will immediately see the High-Impact unit.  It
   looks like the same kind of ship from Mission 8A.  Again, you will need to
   pound on the four panels coming from the front of the ship.  After you have
   accomplished this, they pound away at the blue underbelly.

-  Once you have eliminated the High-Impact unit, two Sky Marshals are going to
   roll the dice and try their luck against you.  Show them what the game of
   craps is all about and send them back to where they came.

-  After you eliminate the two Sky Marshals, another High-Impact unit comes in
   (obviously the bugs don't learn very fast).  Deal with this one the same way
   you dealt with the other one.  The only differences are this one will cloak
   after taking a couple of hits.  It will launch two fighters when it cloaks
   and you must destroy these fighters to cause the High-Impact unit to decloak
   again.  You may have to repeat these steps many times before you finally
   eliminate the bug threat.

/ 12.4  Duel /_________________________________________________________________

Stardate:  54446.0
Location of mission:  Near planet of Rkar N'ra
Mission brief:  Duel between player 1 and player 2

Objectives:  1.  Player 1:  Repel Romulan battalion.
             2.  Player 2:  Punish Klingon forces.

This is the first duel mission where you and your partner get to use other
types of fighters.  There is no real strategy on this one.  Basically,
eliminate each other's forces.  The first one to take out the other player's
forces gets a crack at a Romulan War Bird or a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Depending
on which player you are playing, you may either be defending or trying to take
out one of the above craft.  The winner is the one who takes out the other
player first.  You can only take out the other player once the Romulan or
Klingon main ship is destroyed.

/ 12.5  Predator /_____________________________________________________________

Stardate:  54363.32
Location of mission:  Unknown
Mission brief:  Duel between player 1 and player 2

Objectives:  1.  Player 1:  Defend the Typhon.
             2.  Player 1:  Engage Kam'Jahtae attackers.
             3.  Player 2:  Destroy Typhon outpost.
             4.  Player 2:  Annihilate all opposition.

This is practically the same as the Duel mission.  This time, though, one
player will be in a Kam'Jahtae fighter while the other is in a Valkyrie.  The
other difference is whoever eliminates their opponent's allies first will
either get a crack at the Typhon or on a High-Impact unit.  This time, though,
winning means either destroying that unit or the other player.

| 13.  DEATHMATCH |============================================================

So, you are getting sick of the computer opponents, feel they are too easy eh?
Well, look no further, this game allows you to play another human in Deathmatch
play.  As the name implies, you will be put into a "cage" of sorts to battle
each other.  Depending on the options you have chosen (options are explained
below), will determine how the match will go.  This will give whoever is the
winner bragging rights to being the master of this game.  Before you start,
there are a few things you can and must do.  You have the choice to either
START a game or go to the OPTIONS screen to set up your battlefield.  Below are
the descriptions of those options.

/ 13.1  Start /________________________________________________________________

The first screen allows you and the other player to pick your fighter for the
Deathmatch.  Each fighter has its strengths and weaknesses.  Below is the chart
of the choices you have.  The top of the chart is the name of the fighter
choices and the side is the relative strength (on a scale of 1 to 14) of the
attributes of speed, shields, hull, and maneuverability.  Again, the higher the
number, the better the rating.

                                 | ORCUS | GRYPHON | SCARAB |
               |      SPEED      |   9   |   14    |   12   |
               |     SHIELDS     |   4   |   11    |    9   |
               |       HULL      |  10   |    3    |   14   |
               | MANEUVERABILITY |  14   |    9    |    6   |

Once you have chosen the fighter you want, then the screen will gray out and
the message "Player 1 Selected".  The same will happen for the second player.
When you are happy with you choices, then hit the X button to start the match.
Deathmatch play description is in Chapter 13.3.

/ 13.2  Options /______________________________________________________________

Sets up the options you want for Deathmatch play:

Time:  Amount of time to play:  60, 90, 120, or INF (default).

Rounds:  How many rounds:  1, 3, 5, or INF (default).

Objects:  Do you want asteroids, pieces of space debris, etc.  Default is ON.

Tags:  How many pickups are in the area:  1, 3, 5, 10, INF (default).

Enemies:  Are any enemies going to be in the arena.  Default is OFF.

Arena:  Which arena will you do battle in:  1, 2, 3, 4, RANDOM (default).

/ 13.3  Deathmatch Play Description /__________________________________________

Once you and your opponent have agreed to the above two things, the Deathmatch
will begin.  The general strategy of the Deathmatch is to get your opponent
before they get you.  Depending on the options you chose, there are ways you
and your opponent can enhance your fighters to make victory that much easier.
See Chapter 14 for the different weapons that are available for you to pick up.
In addition, the Decoy and Stun Weapon are only available in Deathmatch.  You
can also receive additional pick-ups in the form of more speed, shields, hull,
etc.  Plus, if you have enemies on, you will have to contend with them as well
as your opponent.  Just use the strategies outlined in Chapter 10 to ensure
your victory in the Deathmatch arena.

********************************* U N I T  V **********************************

| 14.  WEAPON DESCRIPTONS |====================================================

Below are the weapons (and potential weapons) that will be equipped on your
Valkyrie.  As you progress through the missions, newer and upgraded weapons
will be added.  This will be in addition to the secret weapons you got it
Missions 4A, 5A, 6A, 13, 13B, and 14 (you did get them didn't you?).

/ 14.1  Energy Weapons /_______________________________________________________

These types of weapons are either the pulse or beam variety.  Some of these
weapons can be charged (holding down the X button) to allow them to pack more
of a punch.  Of course, this will deplete your warp energy reserve so use these
charged weapons sparingly.

 Type:  Either a solid beam or a pulse laser.

Range:  SHORT   Means you have to have the ship filling your viewscreen.
        MEDIUM  Means when you can make out the ships shape in the distance.
        LONG    Means you can fire on it when you have target lock.  You
                usually don't see the target unless it is real big.

Power:  LOW     Means it takes five to ten shots to take out an enemy fighter.
        MEDIUM  Means it takes three to five shots to take out an enemy
        HIGH    Means it takes one to three shots to take out an enemy

Charge/Effect:  If the weapon can be charged, what other damage can the weapon
                do.  It will also give the relative energy drain on your
                reserve associated with charging said weapon.  If it cannot be
                charged, then a N/A will appear.

| 14.1.1  Antimatter Salvo |

 Type:  Pulse
Range:  Medium
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.2  Charged Polaron Beam |

 Type:  Beam
Range:  Short
Power:  Medium
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.3  Compression Phaser |

 Type:  Beam
Range:  Medium
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.4  Disruptor  |

 Type:  Pulse
Range:  Medium
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.5  Enhanced Polaron Beam |

 Type:  Beam
Range:  Short
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  Charging causes a massive wave of energy to hit the target.
                This will drain your energy.

| 14.1.6  Enhanced Pulse Phaser |

 Type:  Pulse
Range:  Medium
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.7  Phaser (Type 9) |

 Type:  Beam
Range:  Short
Power:  Low
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.8  Phaser (Type 10) |

 Type:  Pulse
Range:  Medium
Power:  Medium
Charge/Effect:  Charge to create an explosive shot.  Only good against slow
                targets.  Will deplete about 50% of your energy.

| 14.1.9  Plasma Burst |

 Type:  Pulse
Range:  Medium
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.10  Polaron Beam |

 Type:  Beam
Range:  Short
Power:  Medium
Charge/Effect:  Charge to create a "super-bolt" that will break-up to hit the
                target with several bolts.  This drains about 70% of your

| 14.1.11  Pressor Beam |

 Type:  Beam
Range:  Short
Power:  Low
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.1.12  Pulse Disruptor |

 Type:  Pulse/Beam
Range:  Medium
Power:  Low/High
Charge/Effect:  Charging changes this to a high energy, short-range beam.  Uses
                about 50% energy.

| 14.1.13  Pulse Phaser |

 Type:  Pulse
Range:  Medium
Power:  Medium
Charge/Effect:  Charge to create another shield around your ship.  This drains
                energy quickly.

/ 14.2  Projectile Weapons /___________________________________________________

These types of weapons are missiles (Dumb missiles go the same direction you
fire them, smart missiles go after the target you are targeting AKA shoot and
forget), mines, or auxiliary.  .These weapons can be charged (holding down the
square button) to allow them to pack more of a punch.  Of course, this will
deplete your warp energy reserve so use these charged weapons sparingly.

 Type:  Missile (dumb or smart), mine, auxiliary

Range:  SHORT   Means you have to have the ship filling your viewscreen.
        MEDIUM  Means when you can make out the ships shape in the distance.
        LONG    Means you can fire on it when you have target lock.  You
                usually won't see the target unless it is real big.

Power:  LOW     Means it takes five to ten shots to take out an enemy fighter.
        MEDIUM  Means it takes three to five shots to take out an enemy
        HIGH:   Means it takes one to three shots to take out an enemy fighter.

Charge/Effect:  If the weapon can be charged, what other damage can the weapon
do.  It will also give the relative energy drain on your reserve associated
with charging said weapon.  If it cannot be charged, then a N/A will appear.

| 14.2.1  Cloaking Device |

 Type:  auxiliary
Range:  Your fighter
Power:  N/A
Charge/Effect:  Cloaks your fighter from view.  Cannot use warp or weapons
                while cloaked.  Uses a large amount of energy.

| 14.2.2  Decoy Craft |

 Type:  Auxiliary
Range:  N/A
Power:  N/A
Charge/Effect:  Only used in Deathmatch.

| 14.2.3  Enhanced Trilithium Warhead |

 Type:  Missile (Dumb)
Range:  Long
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  Although a dumb weapon, you can fire into a pack of fighters
                and remote detonate it by pressing the square again.

| 14.2.4  Gravitic Mine |

 Type:  Mine
Range:  N/A
Power:  Medium
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.2.5  Photon Torpedo |

 Type:  Missile (Dumb)
Range:  Short
Power:  Medium
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.2.6  Photonic Missile |

 Type:  Missile (Smart)
Range:  Long
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  Charging it causes it to become a "super-missile".  This means
                it can cut through two to three enemy fighters or cause sub-
                stantial damage to bigger ships.  It drains almost all energy.

| 14.2.7  Protomatter Missile |

 Type:  Missile (Smart)
Range:  Long
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.2.8  Quantum Torpedo |

 Type:  Missile (Smart)
Range:  Medium
Power:  Low
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.2.9  Stun Weapon |

 Type:  Auxiliary
Range:  Short
Power:  N/A
Charge/Effect:  Stuns enemy for brief period.  Only used in Deathmatch.

| 14.2.10  Torpedo |

 Type:  Missile (Dumb)
Range:  Short
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  You only use this on Mission 10B.  You must recharge each
                torpedo separately using warp energy.

| 14.2.11  Tractor Beam |

 Type:  auxiliary
Range:  Short
Power:  N/A
Charge/Effect:  Used to move objects around.

| 14.2.12  Trilithium Mines |

 Type:  Mine
Range:  N/A
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  N/A

| 14.2.13  Trilithium Warhead |

 Type:  Missile (Smart)
Range:  Long
Power:  High
Charge/Effect:  Can briefly neutralize shields.  Breaks into three missiles
                causing additional damage.

| 15.  ENEMY FIGHTER DATABASE |================================================

These are the most common fighters you will encounter on your travels through-
out the galaxy.  I have use the following to rate the fighters:

Shields/Hull:  POOR means it only takes one to three shots to blow-up
               FAIR means it only takes three to five shots to blow-up
               GOOD means it only takes five to seven shots to blow-up

Speed:  POOR means very slow, easy to catch.
        FAIR means medium speed, you may have to warp to catch it.
        GOOD means very fast, it will be difficult to catch in warp.

Maneuvering:  POOR means it can't turn to save its life.
              FAIR means it can turn to a degree but you still have the upper
              GOOD means that you will be hard pressed to keep up with its
                   turns and twists.

Armament:  POOR means it takes a lot of shots to really damage your fighter or
           FAIR means it takes less shots then poor.
           GOOD means only three to five shots will turn you into a Federation

Notes:  Anything else not covered like specific armaments.

/ 15.1  Borg Fighter 1 /

Shields/Hull:  POOR
Speed:  GOOD
Maneuvering:  GOOD
Armament:  FAIR
Notes:  These are the cone shaped fighters.

/ 15.2  Borg Fighter 2 /

Shields/Hull:  POOR
Speed:  GOOD
Maneuvering:  GOOD
Armament:  FAIR
Notes:  These are the spherical shaped fighters.

/ 15.3  Cardassian Fighter /

Shields/Hull:  FAIR
Speed:  POOR
Maneuvering:  POOR
Armament:  FAIR
Notes:  None

/ 15.4  Hur'q Fighter /

Shields/Hull:  GOOD
Speed:  GOOD
Maneuvering:  GOOD
Armament:  GOOD
Notes:  They have a wide array of phasers and missiles.

/ 15.5  Kam'Jahtae Fighter /

Shields/Hull:  FAIR
Speed:  FAIR
Maneuvering:  FAIR
Armament:  POOR-->GOOD
Notes:  At first, the Kam'Jahtae have only phasers.  Later on, they get Tri-
        lithium Missiles and mines.

/ 15.6  Nausicaan Fighter /

Shields/Hull:  FAIR
Speed:  POOR
Maneuvering:  POOR
Armament:  POOR
Notes:  None

/ 15.7  Romulan Fighter /

Shields/Hull:  FAIR
Speed:  FAIR
Maneuvering:  FAIR
Armament:  POOR
Notes:  None

********************************  U N I T  VI *********************************

| 16.  CONCLUSION |============================================================

As you can see, Star Trek:  Invasion can be a very involved game.  You will
have to make a lot of decisions and figure out your priorities to ensure you
can complete the missions.  I hope that this guide has helped you make these
missions easier.  This guide was a lot of fun to write and it involved many
hours of game play since I hadn't played the game before this.  I hope you get
as much enjoyment from reading this guide as I did writing it.  Good luck and
may "Peace and Long Life be with You".

To see other FAQ's I have written please go to:


           ~~~  No trees were harmed in the making of this FAQ ~~~