Additional Level DesignerGabriel Liberty
ArtistTom Chung
ArtistScott McDaniel
Artist/Level DesignerTom Moon
Assistant ProducerChris Tritt
Cinematic EngineerScott McMahon
Game DesignerJim Hicke
Game DesignerRussell Shanks
Lead Artist/Level DesignerRich Sjoberg
Level DesignerJim Hicke
Level DesignerRussell Shanks
Musical ComposerJoel Copen
ProducerRussell Shanks
ProgrammerJim Hicke
ProgrammerTimothy T. Meekhof
Sound DesignerRex Baca
Voice: News ReporterWendy Wilke


Data and credits for this game contributed by Cosmic!, Blueberry Buttface, and Shotgunnova.