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Rainbow Mika FAQ V1.0

Neil Ross (Neil.Ross@Worldreporter.net) 

This Document Copyright Neil Ross 1999.

This guide is primarily for the Dreamcast and PlayStation versions of 
Streetfighter Alpha/Zero 3. Both versions play the same, the only differences 
relevant to this FAQ are the win poses, which are all present in the DC version, 
but appear only in a same character fight on the PS version.

Standard notation used: Jab, Fierce etc. If you don't know what they mean then 
I haven't bothered explaining the controller and buttons and stuff. You should 
know by now.
All moves and descriptions assume you are facing right (ie, on the 1P side)
Oh, and I'm using the US names for all the characters - because I grew up with 

Stealing this guide and claiming it as your own will result in you being shot at 
midnight and your house being burnt down by gangsters.  

.......... (God, I love these things :)


So who is Rainbow Mika? Oh yeah - she's the goofy chick with the ass attacks, 
cheesy costume and massive...uh...pigtails. Baby Spice, right? Why would anyone 
want to use such a lame character? Right?

Well....yes. I guess. But R.Mika is one of my favourite characters in 
Streetfighter Zero 3 - sure she's not a top-tier V-Akuma killer, or a tournament 
favourite - but she's cute, powerful (in the right hands) and most importantly 
fun! And why else would you want to play a game but to have FUN? So when you've 
had a hard day of Hadoukens and Shoryukens and feel you just need to grin a bit 
when playing - Mika's your gal. 

And because Mika's a fun character, I've tried to make this a 'fun' FAQ - sure 
I'll be giving some moves and combos and stuff, but I'm trying to make this a 
*true*, and in the spirit of things, 'fun' Mika FAQ - that includes details 
about her that you wouldn't otherwise know. She's been criminally ignored on the 
Internet (how many Mika shrines?) and I want to try and "spread the word" if I 

Here we go!

Character Overview

After graduating from her local middle school, Mika Nanakawa decides to seeks 
fame and glory in the wrestling ring. To make a name for herself, she decides to 
enter the "Streetfighter Alpha 3" tournament, travelling the world, fighting 
famous martial artists - unaware that she will meet her idol, the giant Russian 
Zangief, and save the world from mad, exploding dictator M. Bison.


Possibly the most important to remember when playing as Mika - is that no-one 
else does! Sure, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a valid point. Very 
few people are familiar with her attacks, her strengths and weaknesses, her 
moves and supers - so use this to your advantage! You can be an average player, 
but the fact you are using a character no-one else is familiar with will 
guarantee you victory in all but the most difficult matches. 

Mika is a primarily a grappling character, whose main weapons are high-priority 
command throws. Unlike most grapplers in Streetfighter games, who are slow and 
heavy, Mika is small, fast and agile. She has a fairly high and quick jump and 
walks quite rapidly too. 
Mika's normal attacks are diverse and useful, and given that, other than the two 
command throws, her specials are none too impressive, you must use them as a 
vital part of your play strategy.

This guide will focus almost exclusively on A-ISM (Z in Japan.) This mode has 
all the features normally associated with A-ISM, the air blocking, rolls, Alpha 
Counters, muliple level supers and multiple supers - and these all help Mika's 
game quite a bit. In X-ISM she loses her airblocking and roll ability, and only 
has one super, the 'Sardine's Beach Special' - which means she's a lot less 

I've only dabbled in V-ISM briefly - though the CPU V-Mika is the deadliest of 
the three computer-controlled ISMs, playing a nasty "cross-ups, then Paradise 
Hold when you're blocking" game...
Mika does have a few good V-Combos, but really her A-Supers are part of what 
make her such a funny character, and you don't have access to them in V-ISM. 


This section is broken into "Normals", "Command Moves", "Throws", "Specials" and 



-Standing: Mika turns briefly to face away from her ememy, and then swings 
round, bringing her left hand round in a sweeping chop motion. It sounds a lot, 
but it all happens in under a second. This has pretty good priority against jump 
attacks, and can be used to combo off of.
-Crouching: Mika kneels down and swings her upper body in the same chop motion 
as the standing jab. However this is quite a bit faster than the standing one, 
and you can combo three in a row before the enemy is pushed out of range.

-Jumping: Mika jumps forwards with her fist extended. This is pretty useless 
really. The hit area is tiny, and the rest of her body is vulnerable when she 
does it, as her legs are in the way. 


-Standing: Mika leans forward and swings her right arm so that the elbow hits. 
This has average range, but good priority against ground and air attacks - and 
will either trade or hit cleanly. Apparently, you can't cancel this move into 
specials, but you can supers. Odd... 

-Crouching: Mika performs a upwards lunging head-butt, which transports her 
about half a character-width forwards. The CPU uses this as air defence, and 
uses it well - but I can't seem to hit jumpers with it consistently. I once 
juggled the CPU with three headbutts in a row...but haven't been able to since.

-Jumping: Same as the jumping Jab, but slightly slower to come out and does 
slightly more damage. Not useful.


-Standing: Mika turns away and then turns towards the opponent, swinging her 
right arm at full power and back-fisting the opponent. She also advances almost 
a whole sprite distance during this move, so has pretty good range. However, 
It's too slow to use as air defence, unless you anticipate the attack.

-Crouching: Mika performs a crouching shoulder-barge, which knocks the other 
charater off their feet. This move comes into its own, in or near the corner - 
as it is a very neat juggle set-up. You can follow it with a variety of attacks, 
or even one super (see combos) Beware though, the opponent can flip or roll out 
of it, so you may be prone to counter-attack.

-Jumping: A jumping elbow drop. Fairly good priority, good hit range. No combo 

(Down + Fierce performs a different move - but that's listed in the "Command 
Moves" section) 


-Standing: Mika sticks out her left leg for a quick poke at a 30 (from the 
floor) angle. Has quite long range. If it is blocked, the kick will push you 
back quite a distance - useful as an escape tactic. Quite handy to tick an 
opponent into a Paradise Hold too...

-Crouching: A long-range, crouching kick, can hit from one character-width away. 
Can combo, and I generally use this as Mika's main combo-starter.

-Jumping: Possibly her most useless attack. Mika jumps, and extends her leg in 
an upwards kick. The stupid thing is, because of the time it takes her to stick 
out her leg, and the angle it points in means that it is actually very hard to 
hit, unless you do it very, very deep. Avoid.

(Down + Short is covered in "Command Moves")


-Standing: Mika spins round and hits at mid-level with her right leg. This kick 
pushes you back even further than the standing short. Not much use otherwise - 
it's slow and vulnerable.

(Towards + Forward is in the "Command Moves" section

-Crouching: Mika kicks outwards and upwards with her left leg, it looks a bit 
like Felicia's Cat-Scratch in the Darkstalkers games. Has even further reach 
than the C.Short. Good for poking unsuspecting opponents.
(Note: if you're playing another Mika, the C.Forward won't hit at all at point-
blank range - it'll just go past her. Oops!) 

-Jumping: Another pretty useless air attack. Mika goes into the last frames of 
her standing Forward as she sails through the air. I see no situation at all 
where use of this attack is warranted. Except suicide.


-Standing: A standing, falling drop-kick. Little recovery time, fair damage, 
good range. Use it a lot. 

-Crouching: A sliding attack, that travels two and a half character lengths and 
knocks the opponent off their feet. There is a small recovery time, but you're 
generally safe, especially if you hit.

-Jumping: Jumping straight up  will do a aerial version of the standing drop-
kick, but jumping towards or back does the leaping kick from the Sardine's Beach 
Special. It's a long kick, with good range, but it's hard to combo with, because 
of it's length and the time it takes Mika to land. I also use this attack after 
I flip out from a knock-over attack - if the opponent has followed me in, or 
jumped; the length of this kick will whack 'em whether they're ground or 

Command Moves

-Body Splash: [Down + Fierce (in the air)]

A traditional body splash. I mainly use this to cross up the opponent, or start 
a Shooting Peach combo with. Very high priority against normal moves. Plus most 
people never see it coming, or even if they do, they don't know what to do about 

-Knee Drop: [Down + Short (in the air)]

A knee drop. Much like Zangief's. You can use it to tick into the Paradise Hold 
if you so wish.

-Rainbow Sobat: [Towards + Forward]

A spinning, advancing version of her standing Forward. Good for pinning blocking 
opponents, and guard crushing. 


-German Suplex: [Towards/Back + PP]

Mika shouts "Hora!" (which means "Come On!") and back suplexes the opponent.

-Brain Buster: [Towards/Back + KK]

Mika gathers the other character up and falls backwards, using their head to 
break her fall.

(Note, unlike most throws, in which you can choose which way you want to throw 
by pressing towards or away + PP/KK, the Brain Buster will always throw the 
other character behind you, and the German Suplex will always throw in front of 
you. Think of the King of Fighters system. Why this has been implemented is a 
mystery to me...Capcom?)

-Headbutt: [DF/DB + PP]

Mika grabs the other character by the shoulders, and headbutts them repeatedly. 
She then leans back, and delivers a final, knock-down blow. This also knocks her 
over, and she sits there dazed for a second, rubbing her head.

-Hip Buster: [Towards/Back + PP] (air only)

Mika grabs the opponent's head between her legs and falls to the ground, using 
their head as a cushion.

-Neck Breaker: [Towards/Back + KK] (air only)

Mika grabs them by the neck, and sails to the ground, pulling the opponent head-

Special Moves

-Flying Peach: [QCB+P] 

Mika makes a brief leap straight up into the air, then launches herself, ass-
first at the opponent:) The Jab version covers 1/4 of the screen distance, the 
Strong 1/2 and the Fierce 3/4. 
Leaves you vulnerable if you miss, but a decent anti-air attack, and can be used 
to juggle the opponent in the corner. Has very high priority against jump 
attacks - especially X-ISM characters. The jump-delay at the start means it 
can't combo.
Useful when mixed up with the Shooting Peach. (See below)

-Shooting Peach: [QCB+K]

Mika flies at the opponent, ass-first as usual. The Shooting Peach has *NO* 
pause at the start, so is an instant attack - but there is a 2-second pause at 
the end, where Mika sits up facing away, rubs her butt and winks at the 
'camera.' Gratuitous fan service? Or course! She is very, very vulnerable at the 
end, so make sure it's a guaranteed knockdown before you do it. The Short 
version can combo off a Jab or a Short. So use it! It's one of Mika's few 
combos! This can also juggle a falling opponent in the corner.

-Wingless Aeroplane: [HCB+K] (midair only)

When you and the other character overlap in the air, doing this motion will 
result in Mika wrapping her legs around the enemies head and suplexing them to 
the ground. This move is only really useful if the opponent jumps without 
attacking, as most air attacks out-prioritise it. Trust me, I've tried it!

-Paradise Hold: [360+P]

Ahh, now we're getting somewhere. The first of Mika's 360s. (I actually do a 
240 motion, from Towards, to Down, to Back, to Up-Back - or the reverse if I'm 
on the other side of the screen), and it works. Most of the time.

Anyway, this SPD type throw has a startup delay, like Sodom's Butsumetsu Buster, 
in which Mika somersaults forwards, and grabs the opponent with her legs, and 
then slams them into the ground twice. The start-up somersault comes in handy 
sometimes, as it passes over most sweep attacks and hits. It can be done from up 
to two character-widths away (small characters that is:) as well. You can also 
tick-throw quite nicely with it too.
A hilarious little thing I found was to do a Fierce Flying Peach (QCB+P), and if 
the other character blocks, buffer the 360+P, timing it so that you push the 
button just as she lands from the Flying Peach. She'll go straight into the 
Paradise Hold startup, and the other character, who'll be still blocking, will 
be caught in it! I think you can get out of it if you're quick enough - but it's 
still a good tactic.

-Daydream Headlock: [360+K]

If the Paradise Hold is Mika's equivalent of Sodom's Butsumetsu Buster, then the 
Daydream headlock is her Spinning Piledriver. There's no start-up animation, and 
if you miss, her whiff animation lasts less than a second - something even the 
mighty 'Gief lacks. If it hits, she'll grab the other character in a headlock, 
wrench their neck a number of times depending on how much you spaz on the 
buttons - Fierce does 6 hits by default, but I've increased it up to 9, (and am 
sure the cheating CPU can get even more than that), then she does a jumping slam 
on the opponent. 

Super Moves

-Rainbow Hip Rush: [QCF, QCF+P]

Level One: (4 Hits) Mika does two fierce punches, then a two-hit Shooting Peach 
(with end delay.) Not much damage, but is the only level that will juggle 
reliably in the corner. (level 2 + 3 whiff 90% of the time) 

Level Two: (7 Hits) Mika does two fierces, a standing forward, and then two 
Shooting peaches, each hitting twice.

Level Three: (10 Hits) Three fierces, a standing forward and two, three-hit 
Shooting Peaches.

Comments: Not Mika's greatest super, but it can come in fairly useful at times. 
You can punish a whiffed Dragon Punch, of any other air defence move, as long as 
you are pretty close. You can also use it as a wake-up call against stupid 
players who'll try to sweep or other low-priority attack you as they get up - 
but beware, against a DP or any other super, it has no chance...

-Heavenly Dynamite: [720+P]

Level One: Mika headbutts the enemy up to eight times (depending on whether you 
hit the buttons - the default is five), leans back, and butts them again. This 
dizzies them, and she grabs them, and does the leaping face slam, just like the 
Daydream Headlock. Oh yeah, and instead of just getting to her feet, she gets to 
her knees, and does a cute little victory pose before standing up. This alone 
makes finishing the other player with a Level 1 Heavenly Dynamite worth it:)

Level Two: Up to ten headbutts (six normally), the heavy, dizzying butt, and a 
Boston Crab-type throw, where Mika throws the other character up in the air. No 
cute pose :(

Level Three: Twelve headbutts (seven if you don't mash the controls), the 
dizzier, then Mika grabs them, leaps off to the other side of the screen and 
reappears standing by the turnbuckle of her wrestling ring, holding the stunned 
(and probably very puzzled) opponent over her head. She then dives off backwards 
and reverse suplexes them into the ground. What Capcom were thinking when they 
made this move I have NO idea....

Comments: Mika's main agent of destruction. If you do a level three and mash the 
buttons so you get a twelve-hit headbutt before the throw - your opponent stands 
to lose about half their life. I use this when the other character is dizzy, or 
I've jumped over a projectile, and they're still frozen, or if they just stand 
there. Quite a good tactic against non-uppercutters and people with no super 
meter is to jump in, doing the 720 motion in the air, and completing it when 
you land. The Heavenly Dynamite will most probably out-prioritise their attack 
and you'll grab 'em. It has a short range though, you need to be at least 
touching or overlapping the other character for it to connect.

-Sardine's Beach Special: [QCF, QCF+K]

I saved this one until last - as it's possibly the most confusing and tricky to 
use move in the entire game. However, it is wonderfully confusing for a human 
opponent too, and seeing as two of the final attacks are unblockable - it's very 
easy to land this. 


Upon activation, Mika will begin to run. While she's running, you cannot block, 
as the left and right directions dictate which direction she runs in.

The level you use affects the damage done and the length of time she runs for: 

Level One: 2 Seconds
Level Two: 3 Seconds
Level Three: 5 Seconds

Pushing any kick button will cause her to perform a forward flip, which will go 
over sweep attacks, and if used right next to the other character, will cause 
Mika to vault over them and stand behind them for a few seconds. She will also 
vault over the character is she runs into them. From behind them, you can push 
towards and punch for a back suplex or towards and kick for a face drop.

If you decide not to flip, you can use the punch buttons to attack. The strength 
of punch determines the attack.

They are:

Jab: Drop Kick (good against sweeps)
Strong: Slide (goes under fireballs, and Blanka's Rolling Attack...)
Fierce: Running Punch (fast, high priority)

Once you have prostrated your opponent, Mika will leap up to the turnbuckle of 
the newly-appeared wrestling ring. 

If you used Fierce, Mika will do a Leaping Body Slam if you leave the controller 
neutral, or Leaping Kick if you press Roundhouse. If you used Jab or Strong, you 
have two other options:

Hold Left: Paradise Hold (she leaps at them, and goes into the Paradise Hold 
throw when you touch)
Hold Left and tap Kick: Spinning Leg Suplex (Mika jumps at the opponent, and 
when you overlap, she wraps her legs around their head, spins around them and 
then leg-slams them to the ground. Wonderful!)

Comments: Oh boy. In competitive play, the one I will use the most is QCF, 
QCF+Roundhouse, Strong slide to knock 'em down, then tap towards and Kick for 
the Spinning Leg Suplex. This one kicks ass for two reasons. First - the slide. 
If you're a full screen away and you start running like mad towards your 
opponent - they're gonna block. High. This slide, with it's large range and the 
fact it hits low, will knock them over. Then, Mika will leap up to her ring, and 
jump at them. In my experience, a getting-up victim of the slide will start 
blocking, expecting a blockable kick or slam. Oh ho ho ho. The unblockable SLS 
gets 'em every time.   


Yikes! And you thought Zangief had no combos!

1. Jumping Deep Fierce Body Splash > Crouching Fierce > Crouching Fierce

Yep, 3 Fierces in one combo. What is this, Rise of the Robots? :P
This only works in the corner, but it's pretty damn powerful.
Make sure the Fierce Body Splash is extremely deep - otherwise the first 
Crouching Fierce won't combo off it. 

2. Jumping Deep Fierce Body Splash (cross-up) > Crouching Short > Short Shooting 
Peach [QCB+Short]

This is my most-used combo. It does average damage - but is very quick to do, 
and people just won't expect it. Plus it's extremely hard to guard against. In 
the space of about 2 seconds, your opponent will have had to block a cross-up 
(reverse), then a low attack, then a high one. 

3. Crouching Fierce > Level 1 Rainbow Hip Rush [QCF, QCF+Jab]

Another corner combo. Timing is critical if you want the majority of hits to 

4. Crouching Fierce > Standing Jab > Short Shooting Peach [QCB+Short]

More corner combos - this one is harder to time than most, but looks pretty 

<the following from Kao Megura....>

5. Jumping Roundhouse > Standing Strong > Rainbow Hip Rush [QCF, QCF+P]


6. Standing Strong > Level 3 Sardine's Beach Special > Immediately press Fierce. 
Mika will then climb up on the ropes of her wrestling ring and jump off onto the 
other character. 


7. Crouching Fierce (in corner) > Wingless Aeroplane [HCB+K]

This requires you to be lightning fast! 



(General): Mika appears, standing in her wrestling ring. She climbs to the 
middle rope and then leaps off, shouting "RAINBOW!" at the top of her voice.

(VS Zangief): Mika appears in her ring, as normal, climbs up but pauses at the 
top. Zangief runs on and does his "Dar!" pose, while smoke appears and 
spotlights flicker about the screen. Woo. 


Mika jumps up and down twice, arms outstretched.

Alpha Counter

A-ISM: Mika pauses, and then throws her standing strong
V-ISM: Mika pauses, and then does her sliding roundhouse

Guard Meter

A-ISM Mika has an average size Guard Meter - meaning, out of the five different 
sizes, hers is the third largest (or smallest.) It is four blocks long, and 
takes five or six standing fierces from most characters to crush it. Her small 
size and fairly high speed means you shouldn't really ever be in a position to 
be Guard Crushed. 

Fun Stuff!


Name: Mika Nanakawa
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood Type: O
Native Place: Hokuriku, Japan 
Hobbies: Running on sandy beaches; finger push-ups; neck bridge
Special Skills: Gluttony (LOL!)
Likes: Zangief's pro-wrestling ideology
Dislikes: The ignorant rudeness of those younger than herself
Measurements: B97-W72-H93

Just out of interest (....and to be a little ecchi;)  - here's the measurements 
of a few other well-known videogame women for comparison.

Chun Li: (Streetfighter) B88-W60-H90
Shermie: (King Of Fighters) B92-W63-H87
Mai: (King Of Fighters) B85-W54-H90
Kasumi: (Dead or Alive) B88-W52-H89

So there you have it, the largest bust, the thickest waist and widest hips. You 
go girl! Looks like all that gluttony paid off!

Who does Mika's voice?

The "Seiyuu" (voice actor) who voices Rainbow Mika in Streetfighter Alpha 3 is 
Junko Takeuchi. Ms. Takeuchi has also provided the voice for, among others:

- "Kanipan," the title character in "Hatsumei BOY Kanipan" 

- The roles of "Ganmo" and "Ippei" in the 1998 version of "Himitsu no Akko-chan" 

- "Suton-Suton" in "Yume no Crayon Oukoku" 

I've never seen any of these, nor is it likely I ever will, but if anyone, 
anywhere has or knows anything at all to do with them, and wants their name on 
the hall of fame at the bottom of this guide - please, let me know. 

Who is that woman in the golf cart who appears in some of Mika's win poses???

Ah, that's her trainer, Youko Harmagedon. She's the one who appears in win poses 
#2, #3 and #4, wearing some sort of green military-style outfit, driving a 
three-wheeled electric car and holding a training sword.  

Though I have to wonder just what sort of Pro-Wrestling training requires usage 
of a sword... 


(Note: these are the PlayStation/Dreamcast colour schemes - the arcade only 
allows two colours per ISM....which sucks)

Jab: Yellow/Gold
Strong: Light Blue (default)
Fierce: Pink
Short: Blue/Grey
Forward: Purple
Roundhouse: Light Green

In all colours, her boots, the frills on her neck, waist, wrists and her spandex 
bra are always white or a shade of white.

Win poses

-Jab: Mika jumps up and down repeatedly, with her arms stretched upward, and 
shouts "Katta!" (which means "I win!")

-Strong: Mika jumps up and down and yells, like Win#1, then Youko Harmagedon 
drives past. Mika stops jumping and stands there, arms raised, her eyes looking 
in the direction her trainer drove off in, and blinks once. What the...? ^_^

-Fierce: Mika jumps up and down, Harmagedon drives on, but stops near Mika and 
nods twice.

-Short: Mika jumps up and down, Harmagedon drives past carrying a big monster 
truck tyre. She drops it by Mika and drives off. Mika ties the rope connected to 
the tyre round her waist and runs offscreen, dragging it along the ground. (My 

-Forward: Same as Strong

-Roundhouse: Same as Strong

Victory Quotes:

(The first four are arcade only, the last four are exclusive to the PlayStation 
and Dreamcast versions.)

"Don't underestimate me! I believe in my dreams!"
"I'll get better and better with more practice, right?!"
"The superstar of the ring... That's what I wanna be!"
"Wow! Perfect execution! I might make it, after all!"

"I know I can do more! I was just warming up!"
"I'm learning more and more! The experience is exciting!"
"Power, technique, and beauty! I've mastered the basics!"
"You need to work on your personality! For your fans!"

Stage description

Rainbow Mika's stage is a makeshift wrestling ring that has been set up on a 
To the far left is a building, with a yellow inflatable dinghy propped up 
against it. 
There's a guy holding a satchel bowing to an old man who is on his hands and 
knees. The sign behind him says "Management Office", and the sign on the top 
floor of the building is the name of the shop: "Hamano House" or "Hamano Shop" 
(Hamano being the name of the owner) Chris from Dash Taisen also points out the 
first characters are written in a different written language, which means they 
also translate to "Hama no Uchi" - meaning "House of the Beach" or "Beach 
It seems our Mr. Hamano is something of a comedian :)
Just behind the house you can see two washing lines, with fish and squid hanging 
from them.
A young boy and girl stand on a large stone block and watch, next to a sign with 
some mountains and birds on - a sign reminding visitors to keep the beach clean 
and pretty. 

The main banner in the middle of the stage says "Sardine's Beach Establishment 
50th Anniversary Pro-Wrestling Show" - i.e the town (Sardine's Beach) is 
celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation with a pro-wrestling show. 
The smaller text at the bottom of the banner are the names of two local 
organisations who are sposoring the event. 

In the background, there is a tent, with an old man waving a bottle of champagne 
and a rather hunchbacked woman in a swimsuit. The sign on the tent roof says 

The map to the left of this is a map showing various points of interest in and 
around Sardine's Beach, which as far as I know is not a real place, so no 
booking your holidays there yet.

And, on the far right is a stall, and the sign on the top is advertising it as a 
place where you can buy roasted/broiled squid. Yum. 

Thanks to Chris from Dash Taisen (www.dashtaisen.com) for taking the time and 
effort to translate the various signs and text on this stage for me. 

Theme Tune

Mika's stage theme tune is called "Prismatic Stars" - and was composed by Mr. 
Takayuki Iwai.
I like it, it's flashy, glitzy, showy and a little trashy - just like our gal 
Mika <g>. It can be found on CD2 of the Streetfighter Zero 3 OST, (number 10, 2 
Minutes, 47 Seconds long) and is available at most good online Game Music 


Mika's intro text:

Rainbow Mika is ready to make her debut as a pro wrestler. She thought of the 
perfect promotion to make her a star...
She would travel the world and fight famous Street Fighters! Mika takes her 
first step to becoming "Star of the Ring!"


Fight #5: Mika vs. Karin
Karin: Well, well, well... Training to be a pro wrestler? Hm hm hm...
Mika: Hey! That was mean!! Why are you laughing at me?!
Karin: Can't I laugh at something I find to be funny? Ho ho ho ho!
Mika: What's so funny about pro wrestling?! Take that back!

[After the battle...]

Karin: Oh...ugh... I didn't think you were this strong...
Karin: I guess I didn't study enough about pro wrestling...
Karin: If you make it to the top, my zaibatsu will be your sponsor.
Mika: My sponsor?! Thank you so much!! I can't believe you're so nice!      


Fight #9: Mika vs. Zangief

Mika: Are ... Are you THE Zangief?!
Zangief: Yes. I am Zangief, the "Red Cyclone!"
Mika: This is so exciting!! M...m...my name is Mika...
Mika: I admired you so much that I too, became a pro wrestler!!
Zangief: Hmm... That's a very nice thing for you to say.
Zangief: If you're a professional, how about having a match with me?
Mika: Really?! You mean it?! No joke?! Alright! I'd be happy to!!

[After the battle...]

Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! How surprising! You've beaten me!
Mika: Oh no!! I'm sorry! It was an accident!
Mika: I'll tell my children about this someday! It was so exciting!
Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! Your name's Mika, right? Most impressive!


Fight #10: Mika vs. Balrog

M.Bison: Ha ha ha!! Master and pupil... A happy couple... How pathetic!
M.Bison: Zangief... I thought you wanted to speak to me...?
Zangief: Wha?! M.Bison!
M.Bison: Your fight was very entertaining.....
M.Bison: But instead of paying you, this man will guide you to heaven!
Mika: Zangief! Please let me fight this man!
Zangief: ?! Alright... To face a deviant style might be good practice.
Zangief: Do your best!!


Fight #11: Mika vs. Shin Bison

M.Bison: You're a very strong girl... But your luck has just run out!
M.Bison: You will regret your inexperience in the next world!
Zangief: What?! No!! Mika! Look out!!


M.Bison: I was defeated by a mere girl... How....how can this be?!
Zangief: Mika...! Are you alright...!!
Mika: Zangief... Who is this M.Bison?
Zangief: I'll explain later. First I'll destroy the "Psycho Drive!"
Mika: Uhh.... Zangief? What IS that Psycho thingy!
Zangief: "Psycho Drive..."
Zangief: It is a weapon that Russia must never be tainted by.
Zangief: The great leader told me to destroy it.
Zangief: This... this is the "Psycho Drive.....?"
Zangief: Yes... This is it. I'll have to destroy it quickly!
Zangief: Stand back Mika... Here I go...! Iyaaaaaa!!
Mika: Oh...! Look! The system is all sparkly!
Zangief: Alright... That's enough! Let's get out of here!!
Mika: Aiya!!
Zangief: Mika...?! Oh no!!
Mika: AIYAAAA! The ceiling is......!!
Zangief: This is nothing to me!! Nuuuunnn!!!
Mika: Zangief! You... You saved me!
Zangief: It would be a shame to see your skills perish here!
Zangief: Don't worry. My hard body is too strong to be hurt by mere rocks.
Zangief: Are you alright? Let's go!
Mika: Yes sir!!!

[they both run offscreen]
[entrance of the base then a white flash]
[Mika is pulling a tire around at her stage]

Mika: One...two... One...two... I wonder if he's on another dangerous 
Mika: Maybe I'll see him again someday....Wait, I KNOW I'll be able to see him 
Mika: When I'm a famous wrestler, standing in the spotlight!
Mika: I'm sure of it!!

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Kao Megura <kmegura@hotmail.com> 
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exactly I've been doing the last 3 months. 

- http://members.xoom.com/megura

Redranger <xenith@suburbia.com.au>
For the V-Combo, (which I may use in a future update, but I did promise I'd 
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