FAQ/Move List by Positive Individual

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                             Street Fighter Alpha 3
                         For The Sony PlayStation (USA)
                         Written By Positive Individual
                         (Formerly TBO a.k.a. Gamer 12)
				Copyright (C) 2004

_/Table of Contents_/
01. Updates (History)
02. Intro
03. Basics - Controls
   -Direction Pad Controls
   -Button Controls
   -Personal Configuration
04. Modes of Play
   -Arcade Mode
   -Versus Mode
   -Training Mode
   -World Tour
   -Entry Mode
   -Team Battle
   -Dramatic Battle
   -Final Battle
   -Options Mode
05. ISMs
   -What's the best ISM?
06. Characters /Move List
   -The Doubles
    ~ Akuma / Shin Akuma
    ~ Ryu / Evil Ryu
    ~ Juli & Juni
    ~ Comparison: Ryu & Ken: The Ultimate Team
   -The Final Fight Crew
    ~ Guy
    ~ Cody
    ~ Rolento
    ~ Sodom
   -The Alpha Gang
    ~ Dan
    ~ Sakura
    ~ Birdie
    ~ Charlie
    ~ Adon
    ~ Rose
    ~ Gen
    ~ Karin
    ~ Rainbow Mika
   -Console Originals
    ~ Ken
    ~ Chun-Li
    ~ Blanka
    ~ Dhalsim
    ~ E. Honda
    ~ Guile
    ~ Zangief
   -The New Challengers
    ~ Cammy
    ~ Dee Jay
    ~ Fei-Long
    ~ T. Hawk
   -The Final Four
    ~ Balrog
    ~ Vega
    ~ Sagat
    ~ M. Bison
07. Team Battle Fun
08. Playing Tips
09. Codes
10. Websites
11. Miscellaneous
12. Thank You's
13. Copyright - About

_/U  P  D  A  T  E  S_/

10/18/00 - vERSION 0.0: Started my very first FAQ and Street Fighter FAQ. A few
regular moves & throws are missing for the characters that have them. As well
as my own strategies for each character.

10/24/00 - vERSION 0.1: Updated movelist and added character Guile to "Console
Originals" group. Also removed Cammy from the very confusing Cammy, Juli, and
Juni group; and put her in the "New Challengers" group. I included a websites
section and added one more thing in the miscellaneous section.

11/07/00 - vERSION 0.1a: Updated movelist and added some more info for a few

11/07/00 - vERSION 0.3: Updated movelist and added more info for some
Also put a comparison for Ryu and Ken.

12/27/00 - vERSION 0.4: Updated the miscellaneous section and spell check some
words. Still trying to make this FAQ complete as soon as possible.

01/07/00 - vERSION 0.5: Added some new moves for some characters and also
added common combos for them ALL as well.

01/20/00 - vERSION 0.5a: Changed some things here and there. Removed American
known names for Ryu and Ken movelist.

06/26/00 - vERSION 0.6: Changed some moves and added a few more.

01/18/03 - vERSION 1.0: Made some edits on commentary and other miscellaneous

02/18/03 - vERSION 1.1: Added some missing moves and altered some of this FAQ's
format. Thanks to Tony Wong (b.k.a. Dingo Jellybean) for the help. ^^

02/19/03 - vERSION 1.2: Added an brand new GameShark code, Stage Select!!

01/26/04 - vERSION 1.3: Updated Copyright information and formatting of

_/I    N    T    R    O_/

   Welcome to the world of the Street Fighter. This is the third installment,
called Street Fighter Alpha 3, or SFA3 for short. This game is made by Capcom
and is considered to be one of the best fighting games in all of Capcom
Street Fighter history (including in all hisory of the fighting game genre).
   In this FAQ you will find move lists, my own personal strategies, methods,
and other things to do while playing and enjoying SFA3 on the U.S. PlayStation.
Enough with the talk, let's get started!

_/B A S I C S - C O N T R O L_/


3P stand for PPP which is LP+MP+HP
3K stand for KKK which is LK+MK+HK

([ Direction Pad Controls ])
U- Up
D- Down
F- Forward
B- Backward

QCF- Quarter Circle Forward ( D,DF,F )
QCB- Quarter Circle Back ( D,DB,B )
HCF- Half Circle Forward ( B,DB,D,DF,F )
HCB- Half Circle Back ( F,DF,D,DB,B )
360- Rotate D-Pad in a circle (any direction)
720- Rotate D-Pad in a circle twice (2 times)
CH-  Charge/Hold for 2 seconds or more

([ Button Controls ])
LP- Light Punch     LK- Light Kick
MP- Medium Punch    MK- Medium Kick
HP- Hard Punch      HK- Hard Kick

P-  Punch           K-  Kick
PP- Double Punch    KK- Double Kick
3P- Three Punches   3K- Three Kicks
PK- Punch and Kick

Start- Start/Pause        Select- Select/Taunt (Taunt only in A,V-ISM)

([ Personal Configuration ])
***This is how both my 1-Player and 2-Player controls are setup***
***You don't necessarily have to use it, but it's a lot EASIER!***

Square-   HP          X- HK
Triangle- MP          O- MK
L1- LP                R1- LK
L2- 3P                R2- 3K

Vibration: On
Command: Arcade

 ([ Abbreviations ])
/ - or      + - At the same time
& - and     , - Motion to
_ - While moving in this direction
x2 - Repeat Twice
x3 - Repeat 3 Times
l1 - Only On Level 1 Super Bar
l2 - Only on Level 2 Super Bar
l3 - Only on Level 3 Super Bar
wait - Wait less than a second
opp. - Opponent

_/M O D E S  O F  P L A Y_/
This is what should appear on your Main Menu after having certain acquirements.
Their descriptions are exactly from the game excluding *()*


Arcade Mode: Experience all the action of the arcade hit!
(Play SFA3 as if your in a real arcade)

Versus Mode: Fight a friend in this exciting head-to-head mode.
(Console-style-fighting at your own convenience)
(Also good for real training when versing the computer [COM])

Training Mode: Practice your combos and attacks in this mode.
(Only good for combos, but not fighting a certain character you choose)

World Tour: Build up your character's power in this adventure mode.
(The best mode, similar to Pokémon's style of fighting/raising and Tobal's
Adventure mode)

Entry Mode: Register your character to make them available in other modes.
(Have your World Tour Mode character in other modes)

Team Battle: Choose your team and then battle with your friend.
(King Of Fighters style fighting)

Survival: Beat as many opponents as possible in this mode.
(Fight as long as you can)

Dramatic Battle: Fight with your friend against the computer!
(Fight with two people on your party!)

Final Battle: Challenge the final boss; of the game!
(Fight M.Bison or Shin Akuma [Hold L2] Directly [Ryu for M.Bison])

Options Mode: Adjust game settings here

PocketStation: (Hidden on the US version at the moment, but accessible with a
Game Shark (Pro). If you know how to access it without one, please let me

_/ISM's ISM's ISM's ISM's_/

Here are the descriptions of the three(3) ISMs in the game.

X-ISM is better known for being the original way of performing Supers in Street
Fighter. This mode is exactly the same as in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo where
your character had only one Super move and had to fill up the superbar below to
perform it. In SFA 3 it's almost entirely different. It's a little easier to
fill up on the superbar and some characters have more than one super move
(M.Bison and Sagat). But only the computer can perform those. Also in X-ISM you
can't air block at all, but you can give more damage than any other ISM.

In this ISM, you can perform over two supers with your character. Also you have
the ability to block in the air. All your special moves, super moves, and
regular moves are average in the damage department.

This is known as the Original Combo Mode or better known as Custom Combo mode.
Here your character does not have super moves at all. The only thing to it is
you can create fast shadowed combos, which will be considered supers if used to
finish your opponent.

Each character's regular moves have either been altered or have had new ones
added to them. These are the moves that have been added in general:

F + LK-?                              B + LK- High Knee
F + LP-?                              B + LP- Better Jab

F + MK-?                              B + MK-?
F + MP-?                              B + MP-?

F + HK-?                              F + HK- High Kick
F + HP-?                              F + HP- Hardest Punch

|What is the best ISM?|
Well it depends. If you're really good at combos and the mastery of a
character's moves, then I suggest you use V-ISM. Most people will agree
(especially at the arcades) that it's THE best of the ISMs. If you think about
it, all of the X & A-ISMs moves are just automatic combos that (most of the
time) can be done in V-ISM manually and quicker.

On the other hand A-ISM is ideal for variety in your gameplay. I myself use
A-ISM more than any of the other ISMs. Even though the damage is average, you
can pull off a lot of Level 1 supers and get even more damage out of them at

X-ISM is simply more powerful, and that's about it. In X-ISM your always open
to air attacks and once you use up you superbar, you have to regain it all over

So, in conclusion... YOU be the judge.

Abbreviations like (a) means the move can be done in the air,
while (A) means it can ONLY be done in the air. [X][A][V] Means you can
only do the moves in those certain ISM's.
Universally, all characters throws are F/B + PP/KK
Everyone in the game is organized according to
their original appearances except for the first
group "The Doubles."

*The Doubles*
Akuma / Shin Akuma
Tenmakuujinkyaku                      UB/UF_ D + HK
Spin Kick                             F + MK
Axe Chop                              F + LP
High Knee                             F + MK (close)
"Power Up" (Only during taunt)        Select

Gou Hadoken (Fireball)(a)             QCF + P
"Red" Fireball                        HCB + P
Fake Fireball                         QCF + Select
Gou Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)          F,D,DF + P
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (a)              QCB + K
(Hurricane Kick)
Hyakkishu [A][V]                      QCF,UF + P (then P/K)
Ashura Senku (Teleport)               F,D,DF + 3P/3K &
                                      B,D,DB + 3P/3K
_-   Super Moves    -_
Shungokusatsu [X][A](l3)              LP,LP,F,LK,HP
Messatsu Gou Hado [A](A)              QCFx2 + P
Tenma Gou Zanku [A]                   HCBx2 + P
Messatsu Gou Shoryu [A]               QCFx2 + P

_- Differences -_
The only difference between these two is that Shin Akuma is faster and slightly
more powerful than Akuma. Shin Akuma can also perform two (2) air fireballs in
a 50+ Degree angle while Akuma can only do one in a 45 Degree angle.

Ryu / Evil Ryu (E.R. means ONLY Evil Ryu, R means Ryu)
Spin Kick                             F + MK
Hook Shot [X][V]                      F + HP
Downward Punch [A][V]                 F + MP,HP
Elbow Combo [X]                       F + P (then P if it connects)
Air Combo Start (A)                   P,P/K (Try to combo when landing)

Hadoken (Fireball)                    QCF + P
Shakunetsu Hadoken (Red Fireball)     HCF + P
Fake Fireball                         QCF + Select
Shoryuken                             F,D,DF + P
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (a)              QCB + K
Ashura Senku (Teleport)(E.R.)         F,D,DF + 3P/3K &
                                      B,D,DB + 3P/3K
_-   Super Moves    -_
Shinku Hadoken [A]                    QCFx2 + P
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku [A]       QCBx2 + K
Metsu Shoryuken (R l3)[A]             QCFx2 + K
Shin Shoryuken (R l3)[A]              QCFx2 + K (Only if elbow connects at max
Shungokusatsu (E.R. l3)[A]            LP,LP,F,LK,HP
Messatsu Gou Shoryu (E.R.)[A]         QCFx2 + K

_- Differences -_
There obviously a major difference between these two. One is that Evil Ryu is
well... EVIL! Anyway, Evil Ryu can Teleport, Perform the Shungokusatsu &
Messatsu Gou Shoryu, and throws a complete red fireball. The only thing Evil
Ryu can not do is perform the Metsu/Shin Shoryuken (since the Messatsu Gou
Shoryu has the same motion). In my opinion, the better of the two is Ryu. He's
just more original and better than Evil Ryu will ever be. Don't get me wrong
though, it's fun playing as someone's evil counterpart.

_- Notes -_
I've found out the best possible way to perform the Shin Shoryuken with Ryu.
First you need to goto Training Mode. Then Choose Ryu as you player, and
someone else as you "sparring" partner/opponent. Then corner your opponent.
Walk toward the opponent until you an't advance any further. Then careful watch
yourself as you move backwards. ONLY take two full steps so that the space
in-between you two is the same of another character and a fourth. Now practice
doing the "Metsu Shoryuken" until you do the "Shin Shoryuken."

Juli & Juni (JJ is Juli & Juni only, Jl is Juli, and Jn is Juni)
Windmill                              F + HK
Psycho Alpha Charge                   3P

Sniping Arrow (Jl)                    QCF + K
Cannon Spike (Jl)                     F,D,DF + K
Psycho Crusher (Jn)                   B(CH),F + K
Mach Slide (Jn)                       F,D,DF + K
Psycho Shot (Jn)                      D(CH),U + K
Hooligan Combo (Jn)                   DB,QCF,UF + P (then P/K)
Earth Direct (Jn)                     360 + P
Cannon Thrust (Jn)                    UF (then) QCF + K
Psycho Block (Jn)                     (Blocking) F + 3P
Spin Knuckle (JJ)                     HCB + P

_-   Super Moves    -_
Reverse Shaft Breaker [X][A](Jl)      QCBx2 + K (wait, then K rapidly)
Psycho Streak [X][A](Jn)              B(CH),F,B,F + P
Spin Drive Smasher [A](Jl)            QCFx2 + K
                      (Jn)            DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + K
Psycho Intentions [A](JJ)             QCFx2 + P (Dramatic Battle only)
Shadowloo Servitude [A](JJ)           LP,LP,F,LK,HP (Dramatic Battle only)

_- Differences -_
The main difference between Juli & Juni (besides the names) is that Juni has
more moves, but has to charge to do most of them. The two together are
almost equal.

Comparison: Ryu & Ken: The Ultimate Team
              _- Comparison of Regular Moves & Throws -_

Taunt                                 Select
* When performed by Ryu, he quickly adjusts his gloves for the fight he is in,
kind of showing of his determination to win. When performed by Ken, he gives
you and the opponent a Thumbs-up sign, as if it's all a piece of cake.

Shoulder Throw (a)                    B/F + 2P
* When performed Ryu/Ken will through thier oppponents over thier shiould.
Exactly the same.

Back Throw  (a)                       B/F + 2K
* When performed by Ryu, he will grab the opponent and quickly fall down on his
back releasing the opponent to the chosen side. When performed by Ken he will
start the same motion, but start rolling three times and then release the
opponent to a falling disaster.

                    _- Comparison of Special Moves -_

Hadoken (Fireball)                    QCF + P
* Ken doesn't worry to much on firebballs, so because of that he still has the
same fireball he has had since Street Fighter 2. Ryu on the other hand depends
on this Ki Blast move and so has a stronger, larger version of the fireball.
Also with a better animation (IMHO)

Shakunetsu Hadoken (Ryu ONLY)         HCF + P
* Since Ryu has the fireball as one of his well known signature move, the Red
Fireball is his "Special" special move. When perform, the same type of fireball
(as the regular fireball) will appear. Except it will be a more powerful, and
Red, ball of fire. When connected, it will knock down your opponent depending
on where and when it is thrown. Also Ken cannot perform this move.

Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)              F,D,DF + P
* This is Ken "Special" special move. He has "perfected" it so much that when
he begings the punch's motion, flames begin to appear on his fist. Ryu on the
other hand has just made it another one of his short slow, but powerful moves.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (a)              QCB + K
* When you perform this move with Ken, he does it very fast and not so hard so
he can get even more hits out of it. But with Ryu, he does less, but more
powerful hits immediately knocking your opponent down if connected.

Roll                                  QCB + P
* Only Ken can perform this move

Fake Roll                             QCF + Select
* Only Ken Can perform this move

Fake Fireball                         QCF + Select
* Only Ryu can perform this move

                   _- Comparison of Super Moves -_

* Below Moves Are Ryu's Only *
Shinku Hadoken [A]                    QCFx2 + P
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku [A]       QCBx2 + K
Metsu Shoryuken (l3)[A]               QCFx2 + K
Shin Shoryuken (l3)[A]                QCFx2 + K (If elbow tip connects barely)

* Below Moves Are Ken's Only *
Shoryu  Reppa                         QCFx2 + P
Shinryuken                            QCFx2 + K  (then K rapidly)
Shippu Jinraikyaku (l3)               QCBx2 + K

                          _- Differences -_

Basically, Ken has the upper advantage in combos than Ryu in SFA3. On the other
hand though, Ryu has the more powerful moves which make up in his lack of speed
at times. Which, therefore, brings me to the obviously conclusion that these
two fighters, buddies, companions, comrades, opponents, rivals, and friends are
EQUAL! There's no other way to say it, but they're just equal. Choose whoever
you want to choose. Even though Ryu has a cool Grey/Blue outfit and Ken has
that Sweet Super "Shinryuken."

* The Final Fight Crew *
2-Step Backflip                       DF + HK
"Ninja" Slide                         D + HK
Elbow                                 F + LP

Hozanto                               QCB + P
Bushin Senpukyaku                     QCB + K
Bushin Izuna Drop                     QCF + P (then P)
                                      (close for body suplex)
Hayagake (Dash)                       QCF + LK (LK to cancel)
Hayagake Kage Sukui (Slide)           QCF + MK (MK again for attack)
Hayagake Kubikari (Jumping Heel)      QCF + HK (HK again for attack)

_-   Super Moves    -_
Bushin Musourenka [X][A](l3)          HCBx2 + P
Bushin Hassoken [A]                   QCFx2 + P
Bushin Goraikyaku [A]                 QCFx2 + K

Criminal Uppercut                     QCB + P
Ruffian Kick                          QCF + K
Bad Stone                             QCF + P
Knife Pickup                          D + 3P

_-   Super Moves    -_
Final Destruction [X][A]              QCFx2 + P
Dead End Irony [A]                    QCFx2 + K

Patriot Circle                        QCF + P (x3)
Stinger                               F,D,DF + K (then P/K)
Mekong Delta Attack                   3P (then P when landing)
Mekong Delta Air-Raid                 QCB + P (then P)
Mekong Delta Escape                   QCB + K (then P/K)

_-   Super Moves    -_
Take No Prisoners [X][A]              QCFx2 + P
Minesweeper [A]                       QCBx2 + P
Steel Rain [A]                        QCFx2 + K

Jigoku Scrape                         QCF + P
Shiraha Catch                         F,D,DF + K
Butsumetsu Buster                     360 + P
Daiyako Burning                       360 + K
Yagura Reverse                        B,D,DB + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Meido no Miyage [X][A]                QCFx2 + P
Tenchusatsu [A]                       720 + P

* The Alpha Gang *
Dan Hibiki
Taunt                                 Select
Rolling Forward Taunt                 QCF + Select
Rolling Backward Taunt                QCB + Select
Jumping Taunt                         UB\U\UF + Select
Crouching Taunt                       D + Select

Gadoken (VERY short fireball)         QCF + P
Koryuken                              F,D,DF + P
Dankukyaku [A][V](a)                  QCB + K
Saikyo Defense [V]                    F + 3P

_-   Super Moves    -_
Hissho Buraiken [X][A]                QCBx2 + K
Shinku Gadoken [A]                    QCFx2 + P
Koryu Reppa [A]                       QCFx2 + K

Hadoken                               QCF + P
Shouoken                              F,D,DF + P
Shunpukyayku (a)                      QCB + K
Sakura Otoshi                         F,D,DF + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Midare Zakura [X][A]                  QCFx2 + K
Shinku Hadoken [A]                    QCFx2 + P
Haru Ichiban [A]                      QCBx2 + K

Bull Head                             B(CH),F + P
Bull Horn                             (CH)PP/KK (then release)
Murderer Chain                        360 + P
Bandit Chain                          360 + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
The Birdie [X][A]                     B(CH),F,B,F P
Bull Revenger[A]                      QCFx2 + P/K

Knee Bazooka                          F + MK
Dash [A][V]                           Fx2

Sonic Boom                            B(CH),F + P
Summersault Kick                       D(CH),U + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Somersault Justice [X][A]             DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + K
Sonic Break [A]                       B(CH),F,B,F + P
Crossfire Blitz [A]                   B(CH),F,B,F + K

Jaguar Kick [A][V]                    B,D,DB + K
Jaguar Tooth                          HCB + K
Rising Jaguar                         F,D,DF + K
Jaguar Crunch                         F + MP
Jutting Kick [A][V]                   DF + MK

_-   Super Moves    -_
Jaguar Varied Assault [X][A]          QCFx2 + P
  _Jaguar Thousand                    Tap P Rapidly
  _Jaguar Assassin                    Tap K Rapidly
Jaguar Revolver [A]                   QCFx2 + K

Soul Spark                            HCF + P
Soul Throw                            F,D,DF + P
Soul Reflect                          QCB + P
Soul Spiral                           QCF + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Aura Soul Throw [X][A]                QCFx2 + P
Aura Soul Spark [A]                   QCBx2 + P
Soul Illusion [A]                     QCFx2 + K

Gen (So is for So-Style & Ki is for Ki-Style)
So-Style Change [A][V]                3P
Ki-Style Change [A][V]                3K

Hyakurenko (So)                       P (Rapidly)
Gekirou (So)                          F,D,DF + K (then K rapidly)
Jasen (Ki)                            B(CH),F + P
Oga (Ki)[A][V]                        D(CH),U + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Zanei (So)[X][A]                      QCFx2 + P
Shitenshu (So)[A]                     QCBx2 + P
Jakoha (Ki)[A]                        QCFx2 + K
Koga (Ki)[A](A)                       QCBx2 + K

Gurenken                              QCF + P (then P/K)
Mujinkyaku                            F,D,DF + K
Hosho                                 F,D,DF + P
Ressenha                              QCF + K
Yasha Counter (upper)                 QCB + P
              (lower)                 QCB + K
Arakuma Inashi                        360 + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Shinpi Kaibyaku [X][A]                QCFx2 + P
Kouoken [A]                           QCFx2 + K

Rainbow Mika
Flying Peach                          QCB + P
Shooting Peach                        QCB + K
Daydream Headlock                     360 + K (rapidly)
Paradise Hold                         360 + P
Wingless Airplane (A)                 HCB + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Rainbow Hip Rush [A]                  QCFx2 + P
Heavenly Dynamite [A]                 720 + P (rapidly)
Beach Special [X][A]                  QCFx2 + K
 -Moonsault Press                     P then P
 -Missile Kick                        P then K

* Console Originals *
Ken Masters
2-Hit High Kick                       MK (Close)
Inazuma Kakato Wari                   F + MK
Ushiro Mawashi-geri                   F + HK
Knee Bash                             HK (Close)

Hadoken (Fireball)                    QCF + P
Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)              F,D,DF + P
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (a)              QCB + K
Roll                                  QCB + P
Fake Roll                             QCF + Select

_-   Super Moves    -_
Shoryu-Reppa                          QCFx2 + P
Shinryuken                            QCFx2 + K  (then K rapidly)
Shippu Jinraikyaku (l3)               QCBx2 + K

Taunt [A][V]                          Select (close)
Overhead Kneebash                     DF + HK
2-Hit Backflip                        DF + MK
Split Kick                            HK (close)

Kikoken (Fireball) [A][V]             HCF + P
Tenshokyaku [X]                       D(CH),U + K (reversal only)
Hyakuretsukyaku                       K (rapidly)
Senenshu [A][V]                       HCB + K
Spinning Bird Kick [X](a)             B(CH),F + K
Sohakkei [X]                          B(CH),F + P

_-   Super Moves    -_
Senretsukyaku [X][A]                  B(CH),F,B,F + K
Hazan Tenshokyaku [A]                 DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + K
Kikosho [A]                           QCFx2 + P

Forward Slide                         DF + HP
Fool's Trip                           D + HK

Electric Thunder                      P (rapidly)
Rolling Attack                        B(CH),F + P
Vertical Rolling                      D(CH),U + K
Backstep Rolling                      B(CH),F + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Ground Shave Rolling [X][A]           B(CH),F,B,F + P
Tropical Hazard [A]                   DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + K

Yoga Fire                             QCF + P
Yoga Flame [A][V]                     HCB + P
           [X]                        HCF + P
Yoga Blast [A][V]                     HCB + K
           [X]                        HCF + K
Yoga Teleport (a)                     F,D,DF + 3P/3K &
                                      B,D,DB + 3P/3K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Yoga Tempest [X]                      HCFx2 + P
Yoga Inferno [A]                      QCFx2 + P
Yoga Strike [A]                       QCFx2 + K
Yoga Stream [A]                       QCBx2 + P

E. Honda
Hundred Hand Slap                     P (rapidly)
Sumo Head Butt                        B(CH),F + P
Sumo Smash                            D(CH),U + K
Oicho Throw                           360 + P

_-   Super Moves    -_
Oni Muso [X][A]                       B(CH),F,B,F + P
Fuji Drop [A]                         B(CH),F,B,F + K
Orochi Crush [A](l3)                  720 + P

Flash Knee                            F + MK
Back Fist                             B + HP
Leap Kick                             F + HK

Sonic Boom                            B(CH),F + P
Flash Kick                            D(CH),U + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Flash Kick Fury [X][A]                DB(CH),DF,DB,U + K
Sonic Hurricane [A]                   B(CH),F,B,F + P
Somersault Strike [A]                 DB(CH),F,B,UF + K

### Notes ###
In my opinion, Guile is better than ever as a character. But when your
fighting, you just want a little more out of him. He only has two REAL moves!

Double Lariat                         3P
Quick Double Lariat                   3K
Banishing Flat [A][V]                 F,D,DF + P
               [X]                    F,DF,D + P
Screw Pile Driver                     360 + P
Atomic Suplex                         360 + K (near opponent)
Flying Power Bomb                     360 + K (far from opponent)

_-   Super Moves    -_
Final Atomic Buster [X][A]            720 + P
Aerial Russian Slam [A]               QCFx2 + K

* The New Challengers *
Second Taunt [V]                      HCB + P

Spiral Arrow                          QCF + K
Cannon Spike                          F,D,DF + K
Spin Knuckle [X][A]                   HCB + P
Hooligan Combo                        DB,QCF,UF + P (then P/K)
Cannon Strike                         UF_ QCB + K
Cannon Revenge                        QCB + P

_-   Super Moves    -_
Spin Drive Smasher [X][A]             QCFx2 + K
Reverse Shaft Breaker [X][A]          QCBx2 + K (wait, then K rapidly)
Killer-Bee Assault [A]                DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + K

Dee Jay
Back Slide                            D + HK
Elbow 2 Knuckle Punch [V]             B + HP

Air Slasher                           B(CH),F + P
Double Rolling Sobat                  B(CH),F + K
Machine Gun Uppercut                  D(CH),U + P (rapidly)
Jackknife Maximum [X][V]              D(CH),U + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Sobat Carnival [X][A]                 B(CH),F,B,F + K
Sunrise Theme [A]                     DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + K
Climax Beat [A]                       DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + P

Back Heel                             B + MK
Hop Kick                              F + HK

Rekkaken                              QCF + P (x3)
Shienkyaku                            B,D,DB + K
Rekkukyaku [X][V]                     HCF,UF + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Rekka Shinken [X][A]                  QCFx2 + P
Shien Renkyaku [A]                    QCBx2 + K
Ryuu Yassai [A](l3)                   QCBx2 + P (close)
Ryuu Shin Yassai [A](l3)              QCBx2 + P (distant)

Thunder Hawk
Mexican Typhoon                       360 + P
Tomahawk Buster                       F,D,DF + P
Condor Dive (A)                       3P
Condor [A][V]                         B,D,DB + P

_-   Super Moves    -_
Raging Typhoon [X][A]                 720 + P
Canyon Splitter [A]                   QCFx2 + P

* The Final Four *
Dash Straight                         B(CH),F + P
Dash Ground Straight [A][V]           B(CH),DF + P
Dash Uppercut                         B(CH),F + K
Dash Ground Uppercut [A][V]           B(CH),DF + K
Turn Punch [A][V]                     3P/3K (CH) (release when desired)
Buffalo Head [A][V]                   D(CH), U + P (reversal only)

_-   Super Moves    -_
Crazy Buffalo [X][A]                  B(CH),F,B,F + P
Giga-ton Blow [A]                     B(CH),F,B,F + K

Slide Kick                            D + HK
Back Flip                             3K (Dodge attacks)
Double Backflip                       3P (Dodge attacks)

Flying Barcelona Attack               D(CH),U + K (then P)
Izuna Drop                            D(CH),U + K (then B/F + P near opponent)
Rolling Crystal Flash                 B(CH),F + P
High Sky Claw                         D(CH),U + P
Scarlet Terror [V]                    DB(CH),F + K
Heki Hari Tsuki                       D(CH),U + KKK (Vega's stage only)

_-   Super Moves    -_
Rolling Izuna Drop [X][A]             DB(CH),DF,DB,UF + K (then B/F + near
Scarlet Mirage [A]                    B(CH),F,B,F + K
Red Impact [A](l3)                    B(CH),F,B,F + P

Tiger Shot                            QCF + P
Ground Tiger Shot                     QCF + K
Tiger Blow [A][V]                     F,D,DF + P
Tiger Uppercut [X]                    F,D,DF + P
Tiger Crush [A][V]                    F,D,DF + K
            [X]                       QCF,UF + K

_-   Super Moves    -_
Tiger Genocide [X][A]                 QCFx2 + K
Tiger Cannon [A]                      QCFx2 + P
Tiger Raid [A]                        QCBx2 + K

M. Bison
Slide                                 D + HK

Psycho Shot [A][V]                    B(CH),F + P
Psycho Crusher [X]                    B(CH),F + P
Double Knee Press                     B(CH),F + K
Head Press                            D(CH),U + K (then P for Skull Diver)
Somersault Skull Diver                D(CH),U + P (then P)
Bison Warp [A][V]                     F,D,DF + 3P/3K
                                      B,D,DB + 3P/3K
_-   Super Moves    -_
Knee Press Nightmare [X][A]           B(CH),F,B,F + K
Psycho Crusher [A]                    B(CH),F,B,F + P

_/T E A M   B A T T L E   F U N_/

|Group Names|
Here are a list of Teams in Team Battle Mode that you can play as. They all
have special names. I didn't include Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma since they're
(almost) exactly the same as their counter parts. Also this is a King Of
Fighters type of thing.

*Note: any name with an asterisk "*" means they're an exception.

Teams                       Characters
Black-n-Proud               (Balrog, Dee Jay, and Birdie)
Team Shotokan               (Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dan*, Sakura)
Chargers                    (Balrog, Guile, Charlie, Juni*, Gen, Blanka,
Rollers                     (Blanka, Dan, Ken, Akuma, Ryu*)
Flyers                      (E. Honda, T. Hawk, M. Bison, Vega)
Weaponeers                  (Vega, Cody, Rolento)
The Ladies                  (Chun-Li, Cammy, Juli & Juni, R. Mika, Sakura,
                             Karin, Rose, Vega*)
Team China                  (Chun-Li, Fei-Long, Gen)
Team Japan                  (Ryu, Akuma, R. Mika, Sodom*, Dan, E. Honda, Guy*,
Team Bison                  (M. Bison, Cammy, Juli & Juni)
The Army                    (M. Bison, Cammy, Juli & Juni, Guile, Charlie,
Bison Baddies               (M. Bison, Sagat, Vega, Balrog)
Final Fighters              (Guy, Cody, Rolento, Sodom)
Originals                   (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Blanka, Dhalsim, Guile,
                             Zangief, E. Honda)
SSF2 Newbies                (Dee Jay, Cammy, Fei-Long, T. Hawk, Akuma*)
Agents                      (Guile, Chun-Li, Charlie, Rolento)
The Cool Crew               (Dee Jay, Ken, Charlie, Karin, M. Bison, Chun-Li,
                             R. Mika, Fei-Long, Sakura, Dan, Adon)
Red Hot                     (Ryu, Akuma, Ken, M. Bison, Sagat, Birdie)
Wrestlers                   (Zangief, R. Mika)
Wall Crawlers               (Gen, Chun-Li, Guy, Rolento, Cammy)
Comedians                   (Dan, Blanka, Sakura, Karin, Dee Jay, Cody)
Weirdos                     (Blanka, Dan, Birdie, M. Bison)
Big Guys                    (Zangief, T. Hawk, Sagat, Vega, M.Bison, Birdie)
Heavy Weights               (E. Honda, Zangief, T. Hawk, Birdie, Balrog, Sagat,
                             M. Bison)
Buddies                     (Ryu & Ken, Juli & Juni, Sakura & Karin,
                             Ryu & Sakura, Karin & Ken, Cody & Guy,
                             Guile & Charlie, Cammy & M.Bison, Sagat & Ryu,
                             Dan & Blanka, Zangief & R. Mika,
                             Zangief & E. Honda)

*Why They Are Exempt*

Dan.......... He's really bad, he taunts a lot, he trained under Ryu and Kens
              for a while... *sigh*
Juni......... She has two moves that don't need chrarging.
Akuma........ There was Super Street Fighter 2 first, then came Turbo
Vega......... 'Nuff said...
Sodom........ He's an American who appreciates the Japanese culture
Guy.......... He lives/resides in the U.S.
Ryu.......... I see him roll a lot...

 _/P L A Y I N G  T I P S_/

~ For a cheap victory you can advance towards the opponent and keep on tripping
  till they're gone.
~ With Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sakura, and Dan; try two-in-one combos for quick points
  and to tap away your opponents life.
~ (An old Street Fighter 2 Trick) For some characters they can easily be
  defeated just by jumping in one space. Here's how it goes:

1. At the start of the round immediately jump up with a hard kick.
2. As you land do a crouching hard kick
3. Then jump up again, but this time as your coming down do a hard kick
4. Repeat the above

  This trick worked ALL the time for me in Super Street Fighter 2 & Street
  Fighter 2 Turbo against Zangief. It should work for some of the other
  characters in SFA3 as well.

_/C   O   D   E   S_/

*GameShark Codes*

Here's a new code I just discovered (on my own) after using my GameShark Pro.
I hope you enjoy.

Stage Select     80198C78 00??        (?? stands for the numeral codes below)
Joker Command P1 D0198862 ????
Joker Command P2 D0198CAA ????

00 - Ryu Stage
01 - Ken Stage
02 - Akuma Stage (Peach Cave)
03 - Charlie Stage
04 - Chun Li Stage
05 - Adon Stage
06 - Sodom Stage
07 - Guy Stage
08 - Birdie Stage
09 - Rose Stage
0A - M. Bison Stage
0B - Sagat Stage
0C - Dan Stage
0D - Sakura Stage (Morning)
0E - Rolento Stage
0F - Dhalsim Stage
10 - Zangief Stage
11 - Gen Stage
12 - Chun Li Stage (No Animation)
13 - Gen Stage (No Animation)
14 - Sodom Stage (No Animation)
15 - Balrog Stage
16 - Cammy Stage
17 - Evil Ryu Stage (Blue Cave)
18 - Edmond Honda Stage
19 - Blanka Stage
1A - R. Mika Stage
1B - Cody Stage
1C - Vega Stage
1D - Karin Stage
1E - Juli Stage (M. Bison Stage w/ only Thunder)
1F - Juni Stage (M. Bison Stage w/ only Thunder)
20 - Guile Stage
21 - Fei Long Stage
22 - Dee Jay Stage
23 - Thunder Hawk Stage
24 - Shin Akuma Stage (Blood Cave)
25 - Dramatic Battle Cloud Stage (Normal)
26 - Dramatic Battle Cloud Stage (Dark Blue)
27 - Dramatic Battle Cloud Stage (Green)
28 - Dramatic Battle Cloud Stage (Red)
29 - Sakura Stage (Night)

*In Game Codes*

  -=====-         You can gain access to a few
-=By Time=-       Ingame options after acquiring a certain
  -=====-         number or hours. Here they are.

Gained                           Hours
*Main Screen Modes*
Team Battle Mode                 16:00
Survival Mode                    24:00
Dramatic Battle                  ???
Final Battle                     ???

*Fighting Modes*
Classical Mode                   3:00+
Mazi Mode                        4:00+
Saikyo Mode                      5:00+

*Secret Characters*
Classic Balrog                   8:00
Guile                            120:00
Evil Ryu                         160:00
Shin Akuma                       200:00

 -===========-    If you want to earn them from another
-=By Gameplay=-   challenge and/or have impatience here
 -===========-    are other was of attaining them.

Gained                       How to get it...
*Main Screen Modes*
Team Battle Mode             Beat the Hong Kong stage in World Tour OR beat
                             Arcade Mode on a difficulty of "8"
Survival Mode                Complete the "Point 48106" in World Tour Mode
Dramatic Battle              Finish Team Battle Mode with both sides winning
                             once OR beat Arcade Mode on a difficulty of "8"
Final Battle                 Beat Arcade Mode on a difficulty of "7" or higher

*Fighting Modes*
Classical Mode               ---
Mazi Mode                    ---
Saikyo                       ---

*Secret Characters*
Classic Balrog               In World Tour, Master one ISM for the first time.
Guile                        Get to level 27+ before beating the last USA stage.
Evil Ryu                     After DEFEATING Guile, get upto level 28 and
defeat the
                             next Japan Stage
Shin Akuma                   After defeating Evil Ryu, goto THE last stage and
                             beat Shin Akuma

To select Classic Balrog or Shin Akuma after meeting the
requirements, just select their normal characters (Balrog / Akuma) and hold
(L2) while selecting their colors.

 _/W  E  B  S  I  T  E  S_/

Check these websites related to Street Fighter Alpha 3 and other Capcom games.

Site                                 Address
Capcom (USA)                         <http://www.capcom.com>
Capcom (Japan)                       <http://www.capcom.co.jp>
GameFAQs                             <http://www.gamefaqs.com>

_/M I S C E L L A N E O U S_/

* If you pull of a super move at the same time as you win the round, the screen
won't darken and there will be a 1-2 second delay in the game. Then the move
will be pulled off.

* Another Bug I found was that if you or the opponent pulls of a Super move and
at the same time you pull of a regular, special, or super move in the air you
might shift a little bit. Also another thing that may happen with two
simoutaneous Super moves is that the screen won't darken at all.

* Even more bugs. It seems that the color flash thing is a part of the whole
game. Here's an example. Say your about to start the first round in the fight.
The second your ready to move you get the immediate first hit. If you pause
quickly enough, you'll see that the whole screen is white! You'll barely be
able to see the three pause options (Continue, Configure, Exit). So that's just
on part of it.

* One time I was playing a Ryu vs. Gen battle and Gen began to perform his
Zanei super and I also simultaneously began to perform a Dragon punch, when the
two moves collided I hit Gen first. The weird thing was that when I hit Gen,
The Dragon Punch actually move more forward than Ryu can usually do, and it was
a medium strengthed Dragon Punch too!

* At times when I've played SFA3 and I perform a move with a character (usually
Dan) if it hits, then Dan will either completely turn red or white for a split
second. This may be because of him being on the opponents side of the screen
(where the opponents face is at the top) and when the opponent gets hit (on
fire, or what ever) the same will happen to your character (Dan in this case).
But at times it's happened when I'm on my own side of the screen. So what

* Here's another Ryu and Sagat Tid-Bit. If your in a heated battle playing as
Ryu (throwing nothing but fireballs), and Sagat suddenly throws his Tiger
Cannon super, depending on how close Ryu is (usually not to close), if Ryu gets
hit, it will only connect twice leaving the rest of the fireball passing Ryu!
Glitch, bug, or just part of these two's never ending battle?

* If you happen to be in a Ryu vs. Sagat fight then you'll be in for a
surprise. What I mean is that (depending on Sagat's ISM) Sagat will have a
different introductory before the first round. For example is your with X-ISM
Ryu (You can choose any ISM, it doesn't matter) and your versing an X-ISM
Sagat, Sagat will hold Dan in one of his throw stances and will do his
strongest Tiger Uppercut while the background flashes from black to white to
the regular background (It looks too good to be a special move). If Sagat is in
A-ISM he will just be very close to Ryu and then hop backwards. After that
he'll point out his scar which flashes for a quick second. Lastly in V-ISM,
just like in X-ISM, he'll hold Dan in a throwing stand. But instead of
upper-cutting the carp (yes carp :P) out of him, he'll just throw him away
(like the cruddy fighter he is...)

* For those of you wondering why I did Ryu/Evil Ryu instead of Ryu & Ken, well
it's because... I have no reason. In fact I'm considering doing a Ryu & Ken
movelist, but with only similarities in the "Differences" part. (*Already

* Ryu's name is actually pronounced "Yuu." Unlike the American standards of
saying it like "rye-U" (Thanks to Dingo Jellybean). Also a few Capcom games
have voice actors say it right/correctly for you to hear. An example is Super
Street Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo.

* Whenever Karin does her "Mujinkyaku" move it sounds like she's saying
"Vegita." Now that sounds very un-alike. Also the word "Vegita" is the name of
the Saiyajin "Prince Vegita," his Father "King Vegita," and even the Saiyan
home planet "Vegita." All this is from the anime series of Dragon Ball Z.
(Wonder who'd win: Goku vs. Ryu & Vegita vs. Shin Akuma)

* For those of you wondering about the connection with Juli and T.Hawk, here's
the thing. If you watched the U.S. animated series "Street Fighter" (which
aired on the USA Network for about 3 seasons) then you would remember that
T.Hawk's Ex-Girlfriend was named "Julia" hence the name "Juli." The only thing
different besides the name is that "Julia" had some sort of robot armor and
could fly with it and wasn't under M. Bison's mind control. While "Juli" is a
C.C. (Carbon Copy) of Cammy and is under Bison's mind control.

* As for Cammy, her story is TOTALLY different. She was about 19 years old when
she and her two scientist parents were captured under M.Bison's Shadowloo
forces. It seemed that M.Bison wanted Cammy's parents to work for him, but they
refused. So they were killed and M.Bison made himself to be Cammy's new
"Guardian." Some guardian. He brain washed her and then trained her to become
her artificial soldier (and love slave).

* Another weird thing about the show was that Ken seemed financially unstable
and was never Eliza's boyfriend. When in fact he was dating Eliza and used his
family status to his own advantage.

* Hey, why are you sitting around for!? Don't you know that SFA3 is worth 20
Fighter's Edge Points!! Collect and use 'em while you can!

_/ T H A N K  Y O U 'S _/

Here are thank you's I must give :)

*Thanks to Dingo Jellybean for inspiring me to finally write a FAQ. I should
have done it two years ago though...

*Thanks to FFlash for having a few rounds with me in Alpha3 and other Capcom
games ^_^

*Thanks to Capcom Entertainment <http://www.Capcom.com> for making one of the
greatest fighting games and games in HISTORY!!! They started the whole fighting

*Thanks to Kao Megura and all the other great FAQ writers out there for some
reminders and other things. I can't list or remember all the names, but you
guys are great.

*Thanks to the Webmaster at GameFAQs <http://www.GameFAQs.com>, CjayC, for
holding the largest archive of videogame reference on the planet. Keep up the
good work!

_/ Copyright * About _/

This FAQ, Walkthrough, Startegy, Guide, and/or Movelist (along with any other
of my videogame literary works) can be downloaded at <http://www.GameFAQs.com>
This is the only website I actually visit when it comes to gaming help and
what-not; so from now on, anyone asking to post this FAQ on their site
can get my answer... NO!

This FAQ is also Copyright (c) 1999-2003 C.T. Unonu and can not be altered,
modified, or used in ANY print (magazines, newspapers, et cetera) without my
consent AND permission. That includes being sold. It is not to be made profit
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Street Fighter Alpha 3 is Copyright Capcom Co., Ltd. and Copyright Capcom
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