Gen Z-Ism by ESum

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Street Fighter Zero 3
Gen Z-ism(A-ism) for Sony Playstation
Version 0.3

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 1. Introduction
 2. Special abilities
 3. The guard crush meter
 4. Counter hits
 5. Introduction to Gen
 6. Ansatsu Ken: Souryuu
 7. Ansatsu Ken: Ki-ryuu
 8. Differences between the two styles
 9. Strategies against certain characters(CPU) 
10. Miscellaneous information
11. Credits

Gen is one of the more confusing characters in this game Street 
Fighter Zero 3, primarily because he has 2 styles of fighting. I
have written this FAQ to share my experiences using Gen Z-ism with 
others who are interested in using him. Though Gen has 3 isms like
the other characters, he is best used in Z-ism in my opinion. This
does not mean I'm condemning X-ism and V-ism. However, he is even
more confusing to use in X-ism because he cannot switch styles. 
Instead, the styles are mixed.


P- Any punch
K- Any kick
LP- Light punch
MP- Medium punch
HP- Heavy punch
LK- Light kick
MK- Medium kick
HK- Heavy kick
QCF- Quarter circle forward
QCB- Quarter circle backward
DPM- Dragon punch motion(Forward, Down, Down forward) 

Special abilities

Besides blocking and zero counters (alpha counters), every 
character has more special abilities in this game. Some of the 
special abilities have been changed from SF Zero 2. All the 
special abilities listed below are available in Z-ism.

Blocking (Both in the air and on the ground)
I believe everyone knows the command of blocking and what it is 
for. Therefore, I will not go into detail. Note that you have to 
stand and block for jump-in attacks and kneel down and block for 
most crouching kick attacks.

Ground recovery
If you're tripped or knocked down, press any 2Ks to roll forward.
Using this will help to get close to your foe. Note that you can 
be thrown while rolling. Don't use it against the grapplers 

Air recovery
When you are knocked up into the air, press any 2Ps to flip 
upright to avoid being juggled because you can air block. You can 
control the direction of where your character lands by controlling
the joystick. 

To taunt, press select. They have no practical use and should not 
be used unless you want to make fun of your foe. Some taunts can 
do damage to the enemy.

Zero counter
When blocking an attack, press Forward + punch and kick of the 
same strength to perform a Zero Counter. You need one level of the
Super Combo bar  and one notch of the Guard Crush meter.

The guard crush meter 
Unlike in SF Zero 2, you can't win by pure turtling now because of 
the guard crush meter which is located under the life bar. When 
you block an attack, a bit of the guard crush meter which will 
eventually refill. If the whole guard crush meter is depleted, you
will be stunned for a few seconds. After you recover, whether you 
get hit or whether you recover naturally, one notch of the meter 
will be taken away.

Counter hits
When you hit someone while they're in the midst of performing an 
attack, it will be considered as a counter hit and will do more 
damage than usual.

Introduction to Gen
Gen has 2 styles of fighting, namely: 
1. Ansatsu Ken: Souryuu, which is also known as Mantis style.
2. Ansatsu Ken: Ki-ryuu, which is also known as Crane style.
Both have their strengths and weaknesses which I will explain as
we go along. If both styles are mastered well, Gen can be one of 
the deadliest characters because depending on how the fight goes, 
he can change styles anytime and use the style that is better.

Ansatsu Ken: Souryuu
In this style, Gen standing pose is: Fists clenched at chest level
but with two fingers pointed downwards.
This style is very good for poking and chain combos. Gen can keep
his foes at bay by poking them and when they make mistakes, he
can punish them by doing his chain combos.
The main drawback about this style is that Gen has no good anti-
air move. Though he has a few, they do not have high priority and 
lose out to many overheads.
Otherwise, most of the time, I stick to this style because I enjoy
poking my foes.
To change to this style, press 3Ps. You can do this in the air.

Normal moves analysis

 LP- Gen does a weakish jab. Has excellent recovery time. Best 
     used for starting combos. However, the shorter characters can
     crouch under it.
 MP- A punch that goes slightly upwards at face level. Has okay 
     recovery and priority.
 HP- Gen does a uppercut punch. A good anti-air if used correctly. 
 LK- Gen does a very weak kick at ankle level. Recovery time is 
     not very good and has low priority.
 MK- Gen does a kick with good range at waist level. A good 
      poke and recovery time is okay.
*HK- Similar to the MK but he uses the opposite leg and this 
     kick is stronger.
*LP- Similar to the standing version except that Gen crouches 
     and does the punch.
*MP- Gen crouches down and punches using two fingers. An extremely
     good poke. Recovery time is okay.
*HP- Very similar to the MP version except that he uses all of his 
     fingers and the opposite hand.
 LK- Gen will slide his kick across the ground. Doesn't have 
              good range but excellent recovery. 
*MK- Similar to the crouching LK except that he uses the pposite 
     leg and it has better range.
*HK- Gen crouches down and stretches out his leg to kick his foe 
     at ankle level. This has very good range but recovery time is 
     horrible. This is also his trip.
 LP- Gen will push his hand downwards using his fingers by his 
     waist. Not a very useful move.
 MP- Similar to jump LP.  
 HP- Gen will first bring his clenched fist high up and moving 
     it downwards in a flash. It takes him some time for the punch
     to hit, so do it early.
 LK- Gen will bend his leg to hit with his knee. Priority is low.
*MK- Gen will do a kick downwards. This kick is also a crossup.
*HK- Similar to the jump MK, but I don't think it is a crossup.

*More important moves

Special moves analysis

Hyakurenkou          Press any punch rapidly           
Decription: Gen will punch rapidly by moving his hand up and down 
            very fast. 
Notes: The heavier the punch used, the faster he will move his 
       hand. Range of this is very poor though.
Uses: This move is very good as a counter attack. When the foe 
      trips you, tap punch rapidly to do this as a surprise move 
      if he/she doesn't jump away.

Gekirou          DPM + kick         
Description: Gen will do a kick upwards. 
Notes: The foe will "float" if it hits. Here, proceed to press the
       kick button to obtain more hits and damage. Everytime you 
       mesh on the buttons, you will get only 3 hits. So 
       basically, to get the full number of hits(LK Gekirou 6, 
       MK 7 and HK 8), you will have to start out slowly and 
       increase the speed. For the last 3 hits, mesh on the 
       buttons. Another way to get the full number of hits is to 
       remain at a constant relatively fast speed and mesh the 
       buttons for the last 3 hits(Trust me, I've done it before).
       As you press the kick button, Gen will do the extra kicks 
       in a systematic order. The last kick will do the most 
       damage and will push the foe far away. This move doesn't 
       have as much priority as a dragon punch but it is my 
       favourite move in Gen's arsenal.
Uses: Normally, I use it as an anti-air though it loses out to 
      many overheads. I also use it as a mistake punisher if I 
      don't have any super bars left.

Super combos analysis

Zan'ei          QCF 2 times + punch
Description: Gen rushes forward with his fist in front of him and 
             penetrates through the foe's body. "Explosions" will 
             then take place in the foe's body. 
Notes: The more levels used, the faster Gen rushes and the further 
       he moves. I strongly recommend at least using it at Level 2 
       because the priority at Level 1 is so low that practically 
       any attack can trade hits with it or even knock Gen out of 
       it. Also, Gen only rushes forward for about a third to half
       the screen which means if the foe is not close enough, Gen 
       will stop right in front of him. The recovery time is 
       horrible if missed so it is best that it is used in a combo.  
       The foe now flys backwards and also higher after getting 
       hit by the Zan'ei which will allow you to juggle with 
       anything of your choice.
Uses: I use it as a long-range mistake punisher and also a combo
      finisher in certain cases.
Level recommended: Level 2. 
Level 2 is almost as good as Level 3 in terms of speed, range and
priority. If you have 3 super bars, using Level 2 leaves you with
one more which you can put to a juggle combo after the Zan'ei.

Shitenshuu          QCB 2 times + punch
Description: Gen does a super version of the Hyakurenkou which he 
             end with a point using his finger. 
Notes: If it hits, a timer will appear above the foe starting from
       9 which will count backwards. When it reaches 0, the foe 
       will become dizzy. Note that while during the timer is on, 
       the foe's life bar will decrease slowly. However, if you 
       get hit, the timer will disappear.
Uses: Normally, I use it as a mistake punisher but otherwise, I 
      don't find it very practial.
Level recommended: Level 1
There is a risk of getting hit you don't want before the timer 
ends. Using more levels will mean greater risk of wasting your 
super bars.


1. LP, MP, MK --> crouching HP
2. MP, HP, after first hit, cancel --> HK
3. Jump in HP, on the ground HP, after first hit cancel --> 
  Hint: After jump HP, keep tapping on the HP button.
4. HP, after first hit, cancel --> Zan'ei --> Gekirou
5. Crouching MK --> Zan'ei(Level 2 recommended), switch style,
  crouching MP --> Jyakouha
In this style, Gen can chain easily. Chain combos are easy to do 
as long as you don't try to cancel a heavier attack into a lighter
one. Gen is the master of chains, so you can even do a zigzag 

Ansatsu Ken: Ki-ryuu
In this style, Gen's standing pose is: fists clenched with 2 
fingers pointing down, on at face level and one at chest level 
and he only stands on one leg.
In this style, Gen specialises in kicks and air combat. His 
punches have horrible lag time. However, this style is good for
juggling and it is fairly more damaging than the other one so use
these good points to your advantage.
Normally, I use this style against taller characters, especially
Zangief. Since in this style, Gen moves faster than in the other
one, it is good to use this style to play hit-and-run against 
To change to this style, press 3Ks. You can do this in the air.

Normal moves analysis
 LP- Similar to the Sou-ryuu version.
*MP- Gen does a punch that goes in an upward arch which will move 
     down. This is an overhead, meaning that the foe must stand 
     and block this attack. Recovery time is horrible even if it 
     hits. It also has horrible lag time.
*HP- Gen does a punch that goes in a downward arch which will
     eventually move up. This is a low-level sweep, which means
     the foe must crouch down and block this attack. Recovery time
     is good it also has horrible lag time.
Tip: Try confusing human players by doing MP and HP at different 
     time since it is hard to anticipate whether to stand and 
     block or crouch and block.             
 LK- Gen does a kick at ankle level. Good recovery time.
 MK- Similar to the Sou-ryuu version of the standing HK. 
*HK- Gen will turn around once, lashing a kick out at the same 
     time. He will then use the other leg to do another kick. 
     Recovery time is okay but you can be in big trouble if the 
     second hit misses.
 LP- Very similar to the standing LP.
 MP- A stronger version of the crouching LP.
*HP- Gen will fold his arms and then will do a downward 
     slap. Start-up time is horrible but if is used a counter hit,
     it will inflict a lot of damage.
*LK- Gen will do a straight kick will knock his foe upward. You 
     can then follow with a juggle combo. This is one of the rare 
     crouching moves which does not require the foe to stand and 
 MK- Gen will stretch his leg across the ground to kick 
              his foe at leg level. A good poke and recovery time 
              is okay.
*HK- Gen will press his palm against the ground and do an 
     upward kick. A good anti-air but recovery time is horrible.
 LP- Similar to the jumping LP of Souryuu style.
 MP- A stronger version of jumping LP.
 HP- Gen will press both his palms downwards. 
 LK- Similar to the jumping LK of Souryuu style.
*MK- Gen will spread his whole body out which he uses the 
     front part to hit his foe. It is also a crossup. 
*HK- Gen will do a good-ranged, straight kick. Good for air 

*More important moves                 	

Uken          Jump HK, press HK again
Decription: After the first kick, Gen will turn around and lash 
            out another kick.
Notes: This kick takes some time to come out, so the first kick 
       must be done early. Use it more often against taller 
Jyasen          Charge back, then forward + punch
Description: Gen will roll forward for a distance before he ends 
             this move with a punch. 
Notes: The heavier the punch used, the further he will roll. The 
       rolling has very low priority because almost anything can 
       knock Gen out of it.  
Uses: Use it more often when you are fighting with fireballers as
      Gen will go under protractiles when doing this move.

Ouga          Charge down, then up forward or up back + kick
Gen: Gen will jump to either side of the screen depending on the
     motion done on the direction pad. 
Notes: Once he clings onto the "wall" there, the things he can do 
       are different. If you press backward, he will do nothing. 
       If you do nothing, he will do a flying kick at a 45 to 50 
       degrees. If you press forward, he will do a flying kick at
       a wider arch, around 30 degrees. As for pressing up, he 
       will fly to the "ceiling" and you have another few choices 
       of what you want him to do. If you do nothing, he will 
       stomp straight down. If you press left or right, he will do 
       a slanting stomp depending on the direction used on the 
       direction pad. If you continue pressing up, he will do 
       nothing. Each kick also knocks the opponent higher into the
       air than in SF Zero 2 if it connects, allowing you to 
       juggle the foe.
Uses: This is quite a useful move against fireballers too.

Super combos analysis

Jyakouha          QCF 2 times + K
Description: Gen will jump up and when he comes into contact with 
             his foe, Gen will use his legs to grab him or her, 
             turn round in the air and step on him or her. 
Notes: The more levels used, the more times Gen will step on the 
       foe and also the further he will jump across the screen.
       Level 1 almost straight up; Level 2 about half the screen;
       Level 3 about 3/4 of the screen. This is an unblockable air
       grab. Gen can be knocked out of this so time correctly when
       attempting to do this.
Uses: Mainly use it to finish juggle combos. Also as a relatively
      unreliable anti-air.
Level recommended: Depends on where the foe is.

Kouga          In the air, QCB 2 times + K
Description: Gen will go a flying kick downwards and he will jump 
             towards the other side of the screen and performs 
             another flying kick. 
Notes: The more levels used, the more kicks Gen will perform. He 
       can be controlled during this super combo. If you press LK, 
       he will jump to the left side of the screen and do a flying 
       kick to the right. If you press MK, he will jump right to 
       the top of his foe and stomp down. If you press HK, he will
       jump to the right side of the screen and do a flying kick 
       to the left.
Uses: I think this is best used as a surprise attack against 
      unrelentless fireballers.
Level recommended: Level 1
Even if the foe gets hit by the first kick, he or she can easily 
block the second as Gen takes a long time to jump to the other 
side of the screen or on top of his foe. 


1. Jump HK, Uken --> standing HK(4 hits)
2. Jump HK, Uken, crouching MP --> Jyasen
3. Jump HK, Uken, crouching LK --> Jyakouha(Level 2 at least; Gen 
   doesn't jump far enough for Level 1)
4. Ouga --> Jyakouha(Level 2 at least)
5. Ouga, HK --> Jyakouha(In corner)

Due to the lag time Gen has for executing certain normal moves, he
has very little chains in this style. 

I recommend going to the site and downloading 
some of Gen's combos. Also visit the Z-ism combo guide by GDawson 
if you want more combos.

Differences between the two styles
1. In Ki-ryuu style, Gen jumps at a wider arch than in Souryuu
2. Gen moves faster in Ki-ryuu style than in Souryuu style.
3. In Souryuu style, Gen's normal moves have less lag time and
   recovery time than in Ki-ryuu style.
4. Ki-ryuu style is slightly more damaging than Souryuu style.

Strategies against certain characters(CPU)
These are the people I normally fight when playing against the CPU.
I have no chance to play against human players so kindly send me a
few strategies if you have(against human players).

He is much harder to win him here than in SF Zero 2. Normally, I 
stay defensive and wait for him to make mistakes, then counter. If
you jump in, he will often do his standing HP which you can't air 
block or counter because his HP has very high priority. 

This is a tricky fight and you will have to face him upon reaching
the ninth stage. You'll have to play a mix of offence and defence
at the same time to ensure victory. By playing too defensive, he 
will get close to you and throw you. Trying to counter him during 
this time will be walking into your own grave because he will do 
his Gou Shouryuuken which has very high priority. If you play 
too offensive, he will use his Gou Shouryuuken to counter. Jump in
and attack when you are anticipating that he is going to throw a 
fireball. Otherwise, stay defensive but try not to get cornered. 
If you get hit by his Tatsumakisenpuukyaku(Hurricane kick), USE 
THE AIR RECOVERY or he will juggle you with his Gou Shouryuuken.

You'll have to play quite defensively in this match. Don't let her
get too close to you or she will do her Daydream Headlock which 
does a lot of damage. However, don't try to jump in and attack 
because she will counter you with a high-prioritized move(I think 
MP). Normally, I wait for her to do her Flying Peach or Shooting 
peach(I'm not sure which) which has very long recovery, and then 
give her a Gekirou or a super combo. If she does 2 LPs, that is 
a sign that she is going to do the Flying Peach or the Shooting 
Peach. If she does 2 LPs and a HP, it means she will attempt the 
Daydream Headlock.

You will face this match every time you reach the fifth stage. Ryu 
is much easier here than in SF Zero 2, since in the latter, once 
he has a bar stored, every hit blocked would be alpha countered
(for difficulty 8 star). But now, because there are more 
restrictions, I've yet to see him or in fact anyone else do an 
alpha counter. Normally, Ryu will do a super combo when he gets 
close in by doing his Tatsumakisenpuukyaku. You cna play 
offensive but not too much because Ryu will do his 
Shouryuuken(Dragon punch) to fend you off.

Sakura has no fighting style that she always sticks to. She just 
seems to fight in accordance to how the fight how goes. Most of
the time, she will jump in to combo her Tatsumakisenpuukyaku. You 
can go all offensive for this battle if you like. 
The tricky thing about this fight though is that, you will have to
crouch block most of the time because of her Haruichiban but once 
you see her jump, stand and block immediately. 

Shin Vega
He can be easy and difficult depending on how you deal with him. 
Don't jump too much or you'll eat his full-screen psycho crusher. 
Though it looks majestic, it will not be so when you are the 
target as you watch 80% to 90% of your life drain away. If he is 
crouching, it means he is going to throw a fireball. Stay 
defensive in this match and only attack when he is going to throw 
a fireball.

Normally, I play at difficulty 4 star level, so these notes are based
on my experiences at this difficulty.

Miscellaneous information

Gen's first mid-boss: Ryu
Gen: I didn't think anyone could withstand my honed skills...
Gen: I see the world is yet an interesting place to live in!
Ryu: Your fighting style...  It's used for killing people, isn't
Gen: And what if it is?
Ryu: You are strong!  I can sense your power just by looking at 

After you defeat Ryu...
Gen: I don't understand...  Your style is pure...  It is not like
Gen: But why do I feel so empty when I look within...?
Gen: Perhaps it is because I use the "assassin's fist..."
Gen: Or... is it because of the power he has flowing through 

STAGE NINE  [Akuma]Gen:  ....................Akuma:  ....................
Akuma:  It's time to meet eternity old man......

Gen's second mid-boss: Gouki
(You will get a special start-up before the fight begins.)
Gen is standing on the opposite side of the screen. Gouki tries to 
surprise Gen with a Shun Goku Satsu, but Gen counters it and then tries
his Zan'ei, which Gouki similarily evades. 

  Gen: ..............................
Gouki: ..............................
       It's time to meet eternity, old man.

After you defeat Gouki
Gen:  ....................
Gen:  It would be a great honor to die in battle with a worthy foe.
Gen:  But now that I've defeated you, my wish can't be granted.

Final boss: Shin Vega
Bison: Are you the one who defeated the "Master of the Fist?"
Bison: Ha ha ha...  I will grant your wish as a reward for your 
Gen: You are a big fool...  You will be the next victim to fall.

Final Comments
Gen is a powerful character if used correctly. It was said before 
that he is 5th in overall ranking(combos, damage, etc). Try Gen if 
you are tired of the Shotokans and have lots of fun; you won't be 
disappointed. Stick with the Souryuu style for the first few
stages of using Gen because he is easier to use in this style. 
Then gradually, shift to the other style and master him with this 
style and congratulations! You have attained invincibility!

This is my first FAQ so feel free to send me comments. My e-mail 
address is 


Thanks to Kao Megura          <>
For allowing me to take the names of Gen's special moves from his

Also to my cousin, sCruB          <>
For helping me in the process of writing this FAQ.

Also to Michael "Svenyip" Troupe          <Svenyip@Javanet.Com>
and Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas           <Shredder@Bcn.Net>
I have taken the conversations between Gen and Ryu; Gen and Shin
Vega from their FAQ.


Version 0.1
Created this FAQ

Version 0.2
Added the strategies section and made some corrections

Version 0.3
Re-organised the FAQ and made more corrections

Unpublished work copyright 1999 Ernest Sum