Guile (A-ism) by ESum

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Street Fighter Zero 3
Guile Z-ism(A-ism) for Sony Playstation by Ernest Sum
Version 0.1

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 1. Introduction
 2. Special abilities
 3. The guard crush meter 
 4. Counter hits
 5. Normal moves analysis
 6. Special moves analysis
 7. Super combos analysis
 8. Combos
 9. Credits

Guile is one of the three secret characters in SF Zero 3 for Sony 
Playstation. He is only attainable after you have beaten him which 
requires your total level to reach Level 27 in order to fight him. 
This FAQ aims to help others use Guile effectively after you have 
attained him.


P- Any punch
K- Any kick
LP- Light punch
MP- Medium punch
HP- Heavy punch
LK- Light kick
MK- Medium kick
HK- Heavy kick

Special abilities

Besides blocking and zero counters (alpha counters), every 
character has more special abilities in this game. Some of the 
special abilities have been changed from SF Zero 2. All the 
special abilities listed below are available in Z-ism.

Blocking (Both in the air and on the ground)
I believe everyone knows the command of blocking and what it is 
for. Therefore, I will not go into detail. Note that you have to 
stand and block for jump-in attacks and kneel down and block for 
most crouching kick attacks.

Ground recovery
If you're tripped or knocked down, press any 2Ks to roll forward.
Using this will help to get close to your foe. Note that you can 
be thrown while rolling. Don't use it against the grapplers 

Air recovery
When you are knocked up into the air, press any 2Ps to flip 
upright to avoid being juggled because you can air block. You can 
control the direction of where your character lands by controlling
the joystick. 

To taunt, press select. They have no practical use and should not 
be used unless you want to make fun of your foe. Some taunts can 
do damage to the enemy.

Zero counter
When blocking an attack, press Forward + punch and kick of the 
same strength to perform a Zero Counter. You need one level of the
Super Combo bar  and one notch of the Guard Crush meter.

The guard crush meter 
Unlike in SF Zero 2, you can't win by pure turtling now because of 
the guard crush meter which is located under the life bar. When 
you block an attack, a bit of the guard crush meter which will 
eventually refill. If the whole guard crush meter is depleted, you
will be stunned for a few seconds. After you recover, whether you 
get hit or whether you recover naturally, one notch of the meter 
will be taken away.

Counter hits
When you hit someone while they're in the midst of performing an 
attack, it will be considered as a counter hit and will do more 
damage than usual.

Normal moves analysis

Crouching- A straight weak punch. Good recovery time. 
 Standing- Similar to the crouching version but the shorter characters
           can crouch under it.
  Jumping- A weak punch which goes downwards. Not very useful.

Crouching- Similar to the crouching LP.
 Standing- At close range, Guile will do a normal punch but he bends 
           his arm slightly. At far range, he will punch upwards but it
           is a very weak anti-air.
  Jumping- Guile will chop downwards.

Crouching- Guile will do a punch upwards which serves as a relatively 
           good anti-air. 
 Standing- At close range, Guile will do a punch upwards(not again!).
           At far range, he will do a straight punch with relatively 
           good range. If you press forward and HP together on the 
           controls, Guile will turn round once and then lash out the 
           Spinning Back Knuckle; start-up time is slow though.
  Jumping- Similar to the jumping MP.

Crouching- Guile goes a weak kick with good range at ankle level. Short
           recovery time.
 Standing- Another weak kick at ankle level. If you press forward and
           LK on the controls, Guile will jump forward with his knee 
           outstretched; recovery time is horrible though.
  Jumping- Guile will bend his leg to hit his foe with his knee. Low

Crouching- Guile does a straight kick at knee level which has very good
           range and short start-up time and recovery time. An 
           excellent poke. 
 Standing- Guile will jump slightly, turn one round and performs a kick
           that hits downwards. This move is an overhead.
  Jumping- A kick that goes slightly downwards, this is the best move 
           to hit an opponent who is on the ground. This move is also
           a crossup. 

Crouching- A kick similar to the crouching LK but it trips the foe. 
           After this, Guile will turn round and do another kick which
           can also trip the foe.
 Standing- Guile does a kick at face level of the medium-height 
           characters. If you do forward and HK on the controls, Guile
           will move one step forward before doing a kick at waist 
  Jumping- Similar to the jumping MK but it goes straight instead. 
           Quite useful in air-to-air combat.

Special moves analysis

Sadly, Guile has very limited amount of special moves. However, 
these special moves are a turtler's good friend, one as a long 
range attack, and one as an anti-air.

Sonic Boom          Charge back, forward + punch
Guile will close his hands up in front of him and release a round
protractile with a hole in the middle. This can negate other 
normal(not super) protractiles and the Guile recovers relatively 
fast. However, don't use it in fireball fights, especially against
Ryu, Ken and Gouki.

Somersault Kick          Charge down, then up forward + kick
Guile will jump up and do a kick so fast that it becomes a flash.
Disappointingly, it can be air blocked and it does not have very 
high priority. It however is Guile's main anti-air. One important 
thing to note is that even the LK version makes Guile jump very 
high up, therefore leaving him very vulnerable. I strongly 
recommend it either as an anti-air or a combo finisher.

Super combos analysis

Sonic Hurricane     Charge back, then forward, back, forward + punch
Like the Sonic Boom, Guile will close his hands in front of him 
but instead of throwing multiple Sonic Booms like Nash, a huge 
Sonic Boom will surround him and if the foe is close enough, the 
Sonic Boom will hit them. Range is very poor; only one third of 
the screen at most. Level 1 will hit 2 times; Level 2 hits 3 
times; and Level 3 hits 4 times. If the Sonic Boom doesn't hit the 
foe, it will remain for a few seconds, then disappear.

Somersault Strike          Charge down back, then down forward, down
 			   back, up + kick 
Guile will just do a super version of his Somersault Kick. At 
Level 1 and 2, he will do 2 somersault kicks except that the 
Level 2 version is more powerful and Guile will jump much higher 
for the second Somersault Kick. At Level 3, he will do three 
Somersault Kicks. Guile does this super in a slightly different 
way compared to Nash. After the first Somersault Kick, Guile will 
do his second Somersault Kick while in the air; he will not land 
on the ground like Nash does. Therefore, this leaves him 
vulnerable even at Level 1.

Guile is not really a combo machine like Gen, but he can end his 
combos with super combos. Most of his combos require him to jump 
in first.

1. Jump in HP, crouching MP --> Somersault Kick
2. Jump in HP, standing HP --> Sonic Boom
3. Jump in HP, crouching LP then LK --> Sonic Boom or Somersault Kick
4. Jump in HP, crouching MP --> Somersault Strike
5. Jump in HP, standing fierce punch --> Sonic Hurricane
6. Jump in HP, crouching LP x 2, crouching LK --> Somersault Justice

Final comments
Guile can play very offensive or defensive. If you play offensive, 
corner your opponent and keep poking them. When they are getting out of
reach, jump in and start poking all over again. If you play defensive,
you can just wait in a corner and keep charging, doing the Sonic Boom
occasionally, and the Somersault Kick as an anti-air. Guile can be a 
fun character to use, so I suggest playing both defensive and 
offensive. However, he does not seem to be more powerful than Nash
so I don't know why he is a secret character!

Email me at if you would like to send me 
any comments related to this FAQ.

Kao Megura          <>
I have used one of his disclaimers and the names of the special
and super moves of Guile have been taken from his FAQ.

NT, a special Internet friend          <>
He has given me a lot of support for this FAQ. He gave me a list
of combos for Guile though I did not use put all of them here.

Unpublished work copyright Ernest Sum 1999