Guy by shanebadoo

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1. Intro
2. Legend
3. Overall Strategy with Guy
4. Absolutely Insane Combos

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This is my first time doing this so don't chew me up if you don't 
appreciate my style.  These holy combos and strats were found out
 by me Shane Dyall and my friend Leroy MacCallister.  My e-mail 
address is  ,feel free to write me for 
clarifications or whatever.  Feel free to reproduce, just give credit 
to Leroy and myself and never underestimate the power of the 
Bushin style ninja. Guy is in my opinion in the top 5 on zero 3.  
This crazy ninja rules the game in almost every category, speed, 
combos and style.  The only thing that gets me tired about him is 
his ridiculously high jump.

j-jab             sh-short           n-neutral
s-strong         fo-forward          qcf-quarter circle forward
f-fierce           r-roundhouse     qcb-quarter circle back


Not to insult anybody, but if you are not an expert player leave 
Guy alone, I say this because although he is devastating, his 
combos are difficult to perform and you have to know what buttons
 to press at all times.  Try to annoy your opponent as much as 
possible, this is important especially with characters with get-up 
moves (Ken, Ryu, Charlie etc.)  Make them get up with shoryukens 
by constantly being in their faces pressing either ducking forward 
kick or toward and medium punch.  Additional pressure can be 
added by throwing regularly (preferably with the kicks because you
 can do the punch air super afterward as a combo) and performing
 this short chain-combo standing ns-f-qcbj  this combo is very 
effective and it does decnt damage.  The qcbj can also be 
substituted with qcbfo or (qcbr only in a corner)  When not directly
 next to your opponent keep him under pressure with fo kick. This 
pesky kick stops most projectiles in the bud and catches your 
opponent off-guard more often than not, and the reach it has is 
uncanny.  However donot get too predictable sticking this kick out.
A good thing to do is to walk forward and backwards always 
trying to keep a reasonable distance if your opponent tries to jump.
  If your opponent tries to jump knock him out of the air by 
pressing either ns/f or ducking f or nr.  The good thing about Guy 
is that when Guy hits you in zero 3, because of the juggle ability 
he can hit you again by pressing f or sf (as a chain in the air).     
    Mastering this technique is essential when playing 
Guy, these extra hits puts your opponents in stars very quickly, or 
if your opponent likes to flip out constantly it doesnt matter 
because you can hit them anyway with nf or nr or s-f or you can 
just super them with the air punch super for mega damage.( I hope
 I'm not being too confusing, just play the guy and you'll see what 
I mean).  Did I mention that when ever you hit someone jumping in
 the air with sf you can combo with qcff for the air grab.  This 
sinks damage.  The Bushin Izuna Otoshi(qcfp+p) or Bushin flip is 
extremely effective against projectiles and jumpers from far, Guy 
now grabs pretty easily in the air for decent damage.  This move is
 also very effective as a pressure move in the corner as you can 
press ducking s into anything afterward.(not a combo, just a play) 
The guys at CAPCOM decided that they would take out the air 
juggle super after the Bushin flip in zero 3, so don't be dissapointe
d if you have been trying that combo and it has not been working. 
 Guy's Houzan Tou(qcbp) or dashing elbow now goes through regu
lar projectiles, need I say more, imagine the possibilties.  I hardly 
ever use the running attack unless I am faking someone or unless 
it is a sure hit, even then I still restrict my use to the fo kick 
because after the r kick you are vulnerable to attack.  Lastly, after 
Guy's slide hits as a counter move you can air super them.  In 
conclusion, I have outlined some basic and advanced guy strategy,
 you have to play the style that suits you though I have found that
 guy is best played aggressively.  Oh, I almost forgot don't, jump 
too much and when you do use r or pull down and press s for a 
short jump with an elbow.That's all the Guy strategy for now.  I 
would like to thank Game-God Kao Megura for the insiration that 
only he can give.


I am an expert player so most these combos will require above 
average skill to perform.  I will not waste time with regular combos,
 these combos are the ones that I use and are my preference.
THESE COMBOS ARE 100% DOABLE!!!!!!  I will put a - between 
each button to avoid confusion. nb. the first combo only works on 
tall characters and for some reason unknown, it works on Ken and 
not Ryu.

a:j-sh-j-s-f-r you can air super afterwards anywhere on screen or ju
st press s or f, however in the corner you can chian juggle j-s-f-r / 
s-f-qcfp+p / s-f-qcbr / s-f-air super.(cool huh???)

b:j-s-f-r this is basically like combo a:  this will work on anyone 
You can do the same juggles afterward. You can also start this 
combo by jumping in with an attack.

c:s-f-qcbj anywhere on screen or substitute fo for j. The initial chai
n s-f hits crouching opponents.  Infact after the initial chain s-f you
 can combo any super except the Bushin Spirit.(Guy grabs you and
 the screen flashes)  If you chose to chain the kick super level 3 a
nd Guy pushes them into the corner(which he almost always does) 
you can chain juggle with j-s-f-r / s-f-qcbr / s-f-qcfp+p

I hope this document was help to you. E-Mail me about questions o
r if you have sime crazy combo send it to me.  Thank you GAMEFA
QS for honouring my document.