Guile by SWriter

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 FAQ
Character FAQ-Guile(Dreamcast version)
Street writer(

Version 1.0-The beginning of this FAQ.I won't have much to update.

Version 1.2-I've changed my Adress and my name.I'll add more things 

Version 1.8-I was afraid changing my adress would cause confusion, so 
I'm keeping my old one.I've added an "ism" section to my strategy 
guide.Plus some more things to the ending.DJellybean pointed out that 
the official name is the Somersault Strike so I changed it.

Version 2.0-I'm not sure version 1.8 ever got out.Well, Greg Dawson, 
writer of the Blanka and Juni FAQs, has sent me combos, and told me how 
much he likes V-ism.I still hate it, and I need PSX&SS stuf 
people!!!And for the combos, my controller is dead broke, so I need a 
new one, so I can't confirm GDawson's combos, but hopefully soon!And 
after picking random isms, I've come up with new strategies.Check them 

(Um, Vega at sent me Guile's bios.He meant 
M.Bison, because he has the import and wants to send me import bios.DC 
version, too!!!!Thank you!)

And I hope CJay erases "Evil Guile", because it sucks and I don't want 
to confuse people!Change it back to SWriter!

Version 3.0-I'm going through the entire FAQ and redoing everything. I 
got a controller, but it's an Astropad. :( And GDawson's combos work, 
but I am  having difficulty doing them.Oh, and if you want to see new 
work, check the basics section( where I rate isms.) and basic ism 

And Vega sent me Guile's dialogue and even more miscellaneous 
stuff.Thank you!

And Quistis has mailed me for quite some time and LOVES it. Thanks for 
fan mail!


Welcome to my Guile FAQ!!This is an FAQ based on the Dreamcast 
version(actually my demo, 'til I get the real thing!), but I will try 
to make this guide to where it can work for PSX and Saturn.I 
congratulate you for owning the best 2-D fighter ever made.Anyways, I 
will keep improving this the best I can.If you have questions or 
comments about this FAQ, then mail me at

Oh, and since the real DC version will be out this spring, feel free to 
ask me to do a guide on a particular character.Like I said, this was 
done on a demo, but the Dreamcast magazine says it'll work in the real 
thing.When I get the American version, I'll make sure this works for 
it.And PSX and SS owners, if I left something out for your version tell 
me.Basically mail me on just about anything.

Disclaimer:This FAQ is not to be printed, published, or sold in any way 
shape or form.Please do not copy this!Although Dingo Jellybean, Greg 
Dawson, and Jack Hammer 123 helped me, the majority of this is my own 
work.No cheating.If you wish to borrow something off of this, then mail 
me first.Thank you.




Drine68645( beloved mom.Got me online.

Dingo Jellybean( inspiration, who has been  

Greg Dawson(, and he gave me some V-ism 
stuff.Check his T-Hawk, Blanka, and Juni FAQs.I salute him for doing 
FAQs on people nobody else does.I'll take care of Balrog, Fei Long, 
Vega, and Chun-Li!

Quistis( liked this FAQ, and wants me to do 
more!Well, I just listed her for being a good friend. :)

Vega( personal bio.You know, height, weight, 

JckHamr123( helpful.Configurations, Saturn & 
PSX configurations and more.Thanks!

CjayC( keeping up with my favorite site and 
putting up with my constant updating.

Capcom( bringing the arcade hit to DC and seeing fit 
to add Guile.And thanks for bringing SFA to GBC. 

Street Writer(, for writing this.


                         -Controller Setups-

          SS (Saturn)- X-Weak Punch         A-Weak Kick      L-3 
                       Y-Medium Punch       B-Medium Kick    R-3 Kicks
                       Z-Fierce Punch       C-Fierce Kick

I personally don't own a Saturn, but JckHamr123 told me what the 
default setting is.He is not sure about the shoulder buttons, but the 
face buttons are correct.

       DC (Dreamcast)- X-Weak Punch         A-Weak Punch
                       Y-Medium Punch       B-Medium Punch
                       L-Fierce Punch       R-Fierce Punch

Why does everyone bash the Dreamcast controller?The default setup works 
fine( though I'll admit its hard to do a Fierce Dragon Punch)especially 
for charging characters like Guile.You can always configure it, though.


Oops, I forgot:Guile isn't in the arcade.So you know where an arcade 
is, but you want to play as Guile?Get a Saturn.I plan on getting one in 
the near future, because it is not an expensive system and SF fans will 
find plenty to like about the Saturn.And its awesome controller is 
supposed to be excellent for SF games.


      Playstation(PSX)- Square-Weak Punch               X-Weak Punch
                        Triangle-Medium Punch           Circle-Medium 
                        R1-Fierce Punch                 R2-Fierce Punch
                        L1-3 Punches                    L2-3 Kicks 

The playstaion controller setup.I've seen what it looks like but then I 
thought "and they bash the Dreamcast controller?".They look like almost 
the same thing to me.Thanks again, JckHamr123!!



        Any Punch-P                   Any Kick-K 

        Weak Punch-WP                 Weak Kick-WK
        Medium Punch-SP               Medium Kick-MK
        Fierce Punch-FP               Fierce Kick-FK
        Back-B                        Forward-F
        Down-D                        Up-U
        Down-Back-DB                  Down-Forward-DF
        Up-Back-UB                    Up-Forward-UF

        2/3p-hold 2 or 3 punches      2/3k-hold 2 or 3 kicks

()-command in parenthesis needs to be charged(held).
+-Both commands at once.


      Old school fans like me 'll love this.No custom combos, no air 
block, no tech recovery,no recovery roll and you get a super bar that 
takes forever to fill and one super.So why use X-ism?Your attacks do 
GREAT damage.This is like the kick-ass Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo 
version of Guile, and it isn't hard to win.You just have to play smart, 
and be varied.

  Pros-You are powerful and Guile has his Somersault Revolution.

  Cons-No tech hit, recovery roll, air block, and no Sonic 
Hurricane.And you have only one Super Bar.

  Overall-A good ism to get used to, but it takes practice to 
master.Beginners and pros alike will love this ism.

      This is a standard ism that many people use.And I don't blame 
them.You get everything, but custom combos.You have all your supers, 
but the Revolution is hard to put into combos.He has his rolling sobat, 
which is an excellent move to approach the enemy, and he links combos 
easier in this ism.This ism is my favorite, and no matter what GDawson 
says, this is his best ism.Period.

  Pros-Everything but custom combos.Three super bars mean Guile can be 
an offensive powerhouse in this mode.And he can chain combos piece-o'-

  Cons-You are weak.No custom combos is hardly a weakness, but worth 

  Overall-A commonly used ism, and with Guile having all of his supers 
and all the Alpha stuff, this may be Guile's best ism.

      Why pick this ism?Because I've gotten good in it, and I must say, 
Guile has a few tricks up his sleeve in this ism.Push your enemy into a 
corner and your enemy is DEAD!! Seriously, though, this ism takes 
practice, but there are no finger-breaking Somersault Revolution 
combos. :) Which is a definite plus.Master this ism and Guile becomes 

  Pros-Custom combos and all the Alpha stuff.Guile is pretty good at 
customs, and you do pretty good damage.

  Cons-No Somersault Revolution. :(  No rolling sobat. :(  Two of his 
best offensive weapons are gone.
  Overall-Get past the loss of supers, and you have a powerful 
ism.Practice makes perfect, so practice!

                         -ism abilities-


I'll list the Somersault Strike, but other than that Guile has nothing 
important.His FK is a little different though.

Super Moves-
I assume that you already know about these, but X-ism works a little 


Air recovery-(once hit in mid-air)B+2P 
 If a Flash Kick misses or a jump attack fails, you will probably be 
hit out of the air.Using this handy technique lets you recover in mid-
air, and then you can air block a juggle attempt.

Air Block(while in air)B
 This is not as wonderful as it sounds.You can't air block right after 
a Flash Kick or a jump attack.The good news is that you can air block 
after an air recovery.Very useful.

Ground Roll(after you are attacked, and right before you hit the 
 If you don't air recovery, you can press 2 kicks before you land on 
the ground.You have to be high enough to air recovery for this to 
work.I always     use an air recovery, as it's easier to do and much 
more useful, but this can be useful.(Wait, I just recently discovered 
that this can be used to recover from attcaks that don't knock you up 
very high.)

Alpha Counter-(while blocking)F+P&K of the same strength
 I have never done one, but I hear these are supposed to be worthless.
(P.S.-I recently performed one at last!Handy for knocking enemies out 
of supers, but not much else.)

      Everything you have in A-ism, btu you also get:

Custom Combos(When your Super bar is at least half full)-P&K of the 
same strength.
 You don't have to chage the Flash Kick or Sonic Boom, so go all 
out!!The shadows behind you will do whatever do so you can unleash some 
pretty good combos.The bad side?If you are hit in the middle of a 
custom combo, it ends.Oh boy, and that can really screw you.



Guile is back!Old fans to the SF series will be happy to hear 
that.Guile's story has changed alot since the SFII series(this is set 
before SFII and Charlie's death, remember?).It now involves Charlie 
disappearing to help defeat Shadowloo and Guile has to bring him 
back.Cool, huh?Well, Guile seems to be weaker than in the SFII 
series.But with new Super Moves, he is still a force to be reckoned 
with.In case you are new to Guile's style here are Guile's pros and 

 Pros-Charging moves are a cinch.His regular attacks help are so good, 
that they help fill in the void where Guile lacks special moves.His 
Flash Kick does good damage whichever strength you lose.And his supers 
are some of the best in the game.

 Cons-His Sonic Boom does crap Damage.His supers do good damage, but 
are a pain to do.Also, his combo ability sucks.With a limited 
repertoire you'll have to practice.

 Overall-Guile is underrated and weakened, but he is still a powerful 
force to use.He takes practice, but doesn't everybody?

There you have it.Well Guile fans, it has been awhile since we saw 
Guile in 2-D glory, hasn't it?He is in the EX series, and I am praying 
every night that Street Fighter EX 2 Plus comes to the 
Dreamcast.Anyways, do you think we would have had Leona or Sonya or Jax 
if it were not for Guile?Maybe not.Guile started the military fighters 
in fighting games deal, and I don't think that many people even thought 
about it before Capcom.And do you know what?Guile is starting to get 
the popularity he should have had year's ago!

That's right, Guile is in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 AND SNK vs. 
Capcom(Dreamcast and Neo Geo).Frankly, I can't wait to team Cable, 
Wolverine(I think he is inn it), and Guile.Guile vs. Venom and Hulk, 
anyone?Ooops, I must have gotten carried away.I think I have made my 
point.Now let's get it on!!!!

Oh, and I recently heard some new things about Guile in MvC2.He has a 
new super! HE is improved! Yay!

Well, why did you end up picking Guile? I got bored with Ryu in SF2, so 
I changed to Guile. I've been faithful ever since.Have you noticed 
something about Alpha 3 Guile? He has even more righteousness in Alpha 
3, than in 2! Cool!

Oh, and Playstationers, to acess Guile, raise your character to level 
30 in the world tour mode.You'll face battles with Charlie and then the 
Guile.Beat him and your done.Or did I get something wrong?If I did, 
then tell me!Once again thanks JckHamr123!!


                              -Basic Moves-

I won't list all of them, 'cause there is a training mode(If your on a 
demo, practice against an empty controller).I will instead list helpful 

This move does good damage, and eats Guard Crush meters for 
breakfast.When you activate a custom combo, be sure to perform this 
move a few times.

Rolling Sobat-B/F+MK
Unlike in previous Street Fighters you can move forward or backward 
making it a versatile move.In V-ism instead of doing the moving sobat, 
you'll do a knee lunge making another reason to hate V-ism.

Spinning Backfist-f+fp
A great move.It is fast, it does good damage, and it can be used as an 
air counter.

Knee Spike-f/b+wk(A/X-ism)b/f+mk(V-ism)
A pretty handy move.Hold back, press wk/mk and then press forward and 
punch.If you timed it right you'll do a 2-hit combo.You can also hold 
db, then wk/mk and you'll do a knee then press up and kick for a flash 
kick combo instead.The computer likes to block it alot though.

Poor reach.However, if the enemy is close this is a good attack.As an 
air counter this is excellent.Charge down, when the enemy jumps press 
fp.This will knock them in air(provided that they do not air block)and 
press up and wk and you have a 2-hit juggle! 

Guile's most damaging throw.You have too be right in your enemy's face 
to do it, so it's hard against those fireball happy Ryu's, Ken's, 
Sagat's, and the 
wimpy Guile players who use sonic booms.Wimps.Fireball happy players 
aren't likely to be thrown.

Shoulder Throw-f+2p
This might be Guile's better throw because it throws your enemy into 
the air, leaving them open for a juggle.Unfortunately, the shoulder 
throw tosses them away not upwards, so your only chance is a sonic 
boom, which isn't easy.Hold f+2p then right away charge back.If you did 
it right your enemy will be in the air and a fierce sonic boom will 
connect just before they hit the ground.

                            -special moves-

You can find these by pausing and hitting move list, but I figured I 
should tell you what they are.The point is to tell you how to use them.

Sonic Boom-(b),f+p

WP-Moves very slow.After you launch it, begin walking toward the 
enemy.This will help you get closer to your enemy.

MP-Fair speed.This is another "shield" sonic boom that helps you get 
close, but I don't use it as much as the weak or fierce versions.

FP-This is the real deal.Moves fast, doesn't do as much damage as it 
used to, but I like to launch two or three then a slow or medium to get 

Eveyone knows Guile's Sonic Boom.This move(like many others)has been 
weakened, and remember since it is a charge projectile, it isn't 
effective in fireball fights with people who use motion 
projectiles(like Ryu).This a useful X-ism move.

Flash Kick-(d),u+k

WK-Good combo ender.It isn't much of an air counter, so you won't use 
it very often.

MK-This is an excellent combo ender and a fairly good air counter.This 
is an awesome air special counter(moves like hurricane kick, tiger 
knee, and dragon punch type moves.)and probably the most used flash 

FK-This does the most damage, but not by much.It is a fair combo ender 
and awesome air counter, if your enemy does not air block and 
counterattack.That'll screw you.Instead, I like to hold db for a 
crouching block.Then when the enemy attacks they won't have time to 
block!Useful against overly aggesive enemies.

Due to the air blocking ability, Guile's Flash Kick isn't as good an 
air counter as it used to.It is still a decent combo ender, and is a 
nice suprise attack against speedy enemies.


                             -super moves-

Somersault Strike-(db),f,b,uf+k(I do it (db),df,db,uf and it works 

level 1(wk)-2 Flash Kicks.Does good damage and works good as an air 

level 2(mk)-Better damage than weak version and is a better air counter 

level 3(fk)-Damage is sooo powerful.Kills V-ism guard meters.Don't use 
it as an air counter or it won't do maximum hits.This is hard to combo.

Ohhh, this move is awesome.On X-ism this move can be the deciding 
factor in a match.It isn't much of an air counter, but you can use it 
that way.It is a killer move any way you look at it.FK version is what 
you want so save your meter!Unless you are near the end of the battle, 
which is why you want to save it.But since you have to duck, plenty of 
human enemies will see it coming.Jump in with a MK or FK while holding 
db.If you are air countered out of the air, you have plaenty of time to 
charge it.Don't try this if you are low on health though.

Sonic Hurricane-(b),f,b,f+p(A-ism)

level 1(wp)-A sonic boom spins around Guile.This version is limited in 
range, but I use it as an air counter.

level 2(mp)-This one does a little more damage, but has better 
range.Use this instead of lvl.1 if possible.

level 3(fp)-This one moves a good distance, and does great damage.

This move is defensive.It barely moves, but the damage is good.It isn't 
as good as a Somersault Strike, though.The upsides?This is sooo much 
easier to do than a revolution and as with a sonic boom, if you press 
fk while you are holding back, you won't move!I use it as a counter 
against jumps and aerial attacks.


First and foremost:Guile is NOT a combo machine.But since I'm updating, 
I'll make the combos look easier and I'll add a few.But Ryu/Ken fans, 
Guile does his combos up-close.All of them.No hiding behind 
fireball/hurricane kick combos anymore.


1.Jumping wk, standing wp, wp
[This is a cinch to do.I'm not even going to explain]

2.d+wk, f+wk
[ducking kick-into-knee lunge.I execute it like d+wk, then press d, df, 
f+wk.Works perfectly!]

3.(d)+wk, flash kick
[charge for a flash kick, press wk, then u+k to do the flash kick.]

4.(opponent in air)(d)+fp,u+wk (flash kick)
[Juggle combo.Kinda hard to do.Do an uppercut, then when your opponent 
is juggled higher, unleash a charged flash kick.Hard]

5.(db), wp, wp, sonic boom
[Another easy one, but this is one of Guile's best combos.Charge db, so 
you're charging a sonic boom while ducking!Wp, then press back+wp so 
you're standing, then f+wp for a sonic boom finish!]

6.jumping wp,(b)+wp, sonic boom, f+fp
[Remember this old combo?It's just as effective as ever!jump at the 
enemy, and while in mid-air, charge back.As you are about to land, hit 
fp.If you are close enough, the next fp will be an f+wp 
for a weak sonic boom, then press f+fp for a spinning backfist!Great 

7.(corner).Jumping FP, FP, Fierce Sonic Boom, F+FP
[Greg Dawson, sent this to me.I can't confirm it, 'cause my controller 
is broken.Looks alot like doing number 6 combo, but since its a corner 
combo, it's more reliable.] 


1.(db)+wp, df+wk, somersault Strike
[this is pretty hard.charge a strike.When it's charged press wp.Now 
this is tricky:as you motion df, press wk, then finish off the 
strike.Hard to do.But worth it.]

2.jumping wk,(db)+wp, Somersault Strike
[Another hard Somersault Strike combo.Jump with a wk, while charging 
db.When you land press a ducking wp, then finish the strike]

3.Jumping FP, fp, Flash Kick/Somersault Strike
[GDawson's combo.As usual, charge a Flash Kick or Strike while in air.]

4.jumping fp, (db)+sp, Sonic Boom/Flash Kick/Somersault Strike
[Another GDawson one.This puppy is reliable, and versatile.And 
easy.Jumping fp, charge db, press sp, then cut loose with the special 
of (or super) of your choice.]


1.(db)+wp, wp, Sonic Hurricane
[Remember the three-hit sonic boom combo I listed?replace a sonic boom 
with a sonic hurricane]

2*.(corner).jumping fk, (db)+wp, weak sonic boom, (charge a Sonic 
Hurricane or Somersault Strike)d+wp, d+wk, lvl. 3 Somersault 
Revilution/Sonic Hurricane
[This combo is killer.And it isn't to hard to do.Corner your enemy, 
then jump fk.Oh, just try to do it yourself, 'cause I've been typing a 
bit too much.GDawson sent this in.]

All Guile's other all- and X-ism combos work in this -ism.

*This means it can work in X-ism if you use the Somersault Strike.


Guile can do all his universal combos in the middle of a custom 
combo.This multiplies his damage.Oh, and this is GDawson's stuff:

When GDawson mailed me combos, he also mailed me this.These are his 
EXACT words.-

"And about V-ism.V-ism is the best ism in the game hands down.The best 
players in the world use V-ism.In international tourneys almost all you 
will see is V-ism characters.There are only a few characters who aren't 
their best in V-ism(Guy, Bison, Balrog, and Blanka comes to mind.....)
Now while Guile can hold his own in the other -isms, I think he rocks 
ass in V-ism.Try this custom combo-Activate with fierce+roundhouse ( 
your stick at neutral), tap d+fp for an uppercut, when it connects, 
press u+wk for a short flash kick, when you land just do it 
again....and again, and again, and again, etc...) Switch to standing 
fierces for more damage.Also, try to hit them with fierces when they 
are about head-height(vary your timing with fierces), this will get the 
most damage.Altogether, this combo does about 65% damage done when done 
with a full super meter."

Oh and a have a few new ones!First activate a custom combo, then read 

Custom Combos:

1.jumping fk, d+mk, f/b+mk
[This is a piece of cake to do.I wont even explain.]

2.jumping wp/wk, d+wp, standing wp, Sonic Boom
[EaSY.Jump, activate  a custom in mid-air(I like to), press any weak 
attack, crouching wp, let Guile do a standing weak punch, press back, 
forward and punch for a combo!]


Well, since all I have is my demo, I'll keep with ism strategies for 


                            (basic strategy)

     Remember how I said you could hold back and press fk to keep from 
moving bachward when you charge a sonic boom?Instead of doing a spin 
kick, Guile does a lunging stomach kick making it easier to combo!He 
can't air block, which sucks so rely on the sobat, stomach kick, and 
the knee too get the enemy.Once you are close, do Guile's flash kick 
combos.Abother good idea is too throw as many sonic booms as you 
can.This will really tick your enemy off, and they jump at you.Then get 
in close and do as many flash kicks and up-close attacks as you 
can.Note that some enemies prefer to engage in fireball fights.Use the 
fk to charge a boom and you will slowly close in on the enemy.Throw 
'em!Guile is one of the better X-ism fighters.

                            (fireball lovers)

However, when Guile stands against a Shoto, or another Fireball-
chucker, Guile is at a Disadvantage.Remedy this by playing a fireball 
game.Sonic boom a fireball, and press fk while charging.Now if you do 
this right, you'll be neutralizing fireballs and slowly advancing 
toward them.When you are close, jump RIGHT AWAY.This should help you 
dodge a hurricane kick, or whatever, and you should be close enough to 
Somersault Strike their ass.If you floor them to the ground, prepare to 
walk up and throw'em.Be sure you do it right, if you shoulder throw, 
then its their blessing.Why?You threw them across the screen, where 
they want to be!!However, if they tech hit your throw, then knee spike 
or sobat so that you can get close.Combo the snot out of 
them.Fireballers don't stand a chance.

                          (close-up fighters)

Wrestlers not included.If you are battling who likes to get close and 
personal, then the first thing you must remember, is that they have to 
get there!Let them do their dashing punch or gale kick.Block it and 
attack with a medium punch, but no specials!This will knock them back, 
and Guile is an Up-close X-ism fighter.Get close and attack with a 
lunging fk(just fk actually.)or a knee spike.If they try to 
counterrattack by doing a crouching block, then attaking, knee 
spike!The knee spike is Guile's overhead!The SECOND it connects, charge 
a revolution(I'll refer to a somersault revolution as that), and 
crush'em!If they block you are in trouble.They can air counter and the 
fist fight begins!Begin with a sobat(even if the Somersault Strike 
connects), then use combos that begins with a crouching attack.This is 
how I do it, but it doesn't always work, so if you have an excellent 
strtegy against this type of character, tell me!!

Coming soon....



                            (basic strategy)
I'm updating and I realized this was crap.I get offensive one way:start 
out defensive.How?Start charging a Sonic Boom.Let your enemy attack.Let 
them come to you, jumping, or supering, etc..Then Sonic Boom or Flash 
Kick their sorry butt.NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!Start moving toward them, and 
when close, do a sweep, and voila:your offense has begun!Use any combo 
you want!But once a lvl.3 super combo connects, you are as good as 
safe.Use weak sonic booms, followed by knee spikes to get close, and 
CRUSH them!I've destroyed sooo many enemies by using this strategy.


Let me tell you something, anyone whose brave(or stupid) enough to try 
to fireball an A-ism Guile, is in for a hell of a loss.Why?Guile can 
air block.This means you can jump, and while in mid-air, charge 
back.You should air block the fireball, and the second you hit the 
ground, throw a weak sonic boom.Then jump.Now, if you did it right, the 
sonic boom will neutralize the fireball, and you should be close enough 
that a rolling sobat will hit them.Then use a fierce punch to crush 
them.Now, if this fight had gone according to plan, your enemy will be 
cornered.Unleash a sonic hurricane combo to crush them.If it fails, 
then they are cornered, and just use a flash kick combo, or other 
corner combos to win.

                          (up-close fighters)

The Sonic Hurricane was made for these kind of fights.Use a sobat or 
knee spike as they advance toward you.Once you hit them out of a get-
close attempt, do what you would do in X-ism:get close, throw, 
combo.Simple.My fingers are tired so read X-ism up-close strategy.



                              (basic srategy)

     Guile does not do too well in this ism.Why?No Somersault 
Revolution.That alone tells you, that you're in for a tough 
fight.Guile's customs are okay, but they don't make up for a lost 
revolution.And no sobat.You'll have to play a tough defense.He has also 
been given a few defensive moves.Hold b and any fierce attack to do an 
air counter or an up-close attack.Remember that when a custom combo is 
activated you don't need to charge moves.You can alpha counter and air 
block so defensive players, this is your ism.Offensive players, like me 
will cringe at the thought of turtling.
    But Greg Dawson says, "Remember how your invincible when you 
activate a custom combo?You can go through fireballs, and perform tons 
of combos.Guile IS offensive in this mode, so give it a try"


I've been playing alot lately(before my controller broke), and I've 
been getting good on V-ism.Alright, fireballers are completely 
DEAD.How?Activate a custom combo, and press b,f+fp.The first sonic boom 
will neutralize their first fireball, and the second will kill them.Not 

But the best thing I've done is jump at a fireballer air blocking.When 
you are at a medium range, activate a custom combo, and do a flash 
kick.Walk close if it connects.Do a special move combo that doesn't 
require you to jump.Then the custom combo is out.And you'll probably 

If a fireballer jumps save your custom combo and stinkin' custom 
combo'em out of the air!

V-ism Guile can eat fireballers for breakfast!

                         (close-up fighters)

V-ism Guile should have a super bar saved for this.Let the enemy come 
to you, but DO NOT COUNTERATTACK!!!Block and custom combo the snot out 
of them!How ever I found that an Alpha Counter could be of some use in 
this situation.Other than that, you're on your own!!


Courtesy of Vega, because all I have is a crap demo. I wanted to find 
out for myself, but, oh well.I will also add my opinion to each of the 
text.I should add some of Guile's story here...

Guile, an ace air force pilot, recieved an order one day...
In the hard rain, Guile rushes to the heliport.
He knows nothing of the hardships that await him.

Street Writer Says: Charlie is missing. Guile has to find him. I think 
EVERYONE knows Guile and Charlie are friends, so it is up to him. Who 
better than a friend would know what his partner would do?

Boss 1(stage five)-Chun-Li

Chun-Li: Nice to meet you commander Guile.
Guile: Who are you? How did you know who I am?
Chun-Li: You were ordered to stop Charlie and bring him back, right?
Chun-Li: I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do that.
Guile: I'm sorry too sweetheart, but you can't stop me...

-after you defeat Chun-Li-

Guile: Charlie is too determined!I'm the only one who can stop him!
Chun-Li: PLEASE!Leave him alone!There is too much at stake!
Guile: Don't worry, I'll take care of the enemy too.
Guile: As a solider and a friend, I also can't let the enemy go....

Street Writer Says: I thought Guile and Chun-Li used to be 
friends?Actually, I think they still are.But Charlie is Chun-Li's 
partner, and she is determined to take Sadowloo down.I wonder where 
Charlie is as this is happening.....

Boss 2(stage nine) Charlie

Guile: Charlie! I've found you at last!
Charlie: Guile?! I take it you aren't here to help me....
Guile: They'll start the bombardment in an hour. GET OUT OF HERE, NOW!!
Guile: A chopper is ready to rake you out of here. Leave them to me!
Charlie: Why should I? If I leave now, he will surely escape again!!
Charlie: You can't stop me this time! I won't retreat!!
Charlie: If you insist....I'll dispose of you so that I may proceed!!

-after you defeat Charlie-

Charlie: Gu....Guile....
Guile: Take it easy. I know about them and what must be done.
Guile: I'm not a hero like you, but I still cannot tolerate injustice!

Street Writer Says: I was just as shocked as you were to find out that 
of 35 characters, Guile's best friend was made a boss. Good for Guile, 
I say.

Final Boss(last stage)- Shin Bison

Shin Bison: What a heartbreaker....a hero dies in vain..
Shin Bison: Then his friend sacrifices himself in the name of honor!!
Shin Bison: Ha ha ha! Enjoy this! I, Master Bison, will finish you 
Guile: Nice speech.....You should have been a politician...
Guile: It goes with out saying.....Evil will perish....

Street Writer Says: GO GUILE!! How does Bison know all this? Who knows? 
a shame Guile has so little too say....Bummer. Well, I guess that is 


                       -note about the ending-

I am not going to tell you what it is. I've read it a million times, 
Vega spoiled it for me, but I won't spoil it for you! You have the FAQ 
right here, so kick butt, and find it for yourself!


That's right, this FAQ is almost done.Don't worry, I'll update 
soon.Here are a few things that should be of no help, but sure are fun!

At the select screen, press different buttons for different colors.PSX 
and SS owners, mail me at once!

DC:  WP-Olive Green(this color is cool too!)
     MP-Green(Guile's classic outfit and my favorite)
     MK-Blue(another favorite)

End quotes(PSX&SS owners, I'm waiting!)

DC:"That was a Sonic Boom that hit you, not a tank."
   "You want tougher training, Private?"
   "Qualified for fight, but not for victory."   
   "What? No handcuffs? Fighting isn't what it used to be."
   "Man enough to fight me, but not man enough to beat me."
   "I aim to soar.......I destroy and am deadly."

Guile's Bio Data
M.Bison/Vega sent these in.They were done on import, but I figured I 
should mention them.

Other measures:20/25cm, 83cm
Blood type:O
Fighting Style:Military Training
Status:Divorced(he and Jane divorced?)
Underwear:Boxer Briefs(um, okay......)
Likes:Coffee(me too!)
Dislikes:Lord Bison

Thanks Vega!Look for his e-mail in the credits!

I plan to add:

a.Individual strategies against all characters.

Thanks, and take care!I personally plan to write an FAQ on all the 
characters in super street fighter 2 turbo.Why?I will have the game 
soon, and I know I'll love it, so I think I'll write an FAQ on everyone 
from it!.See you later!

                                             -Street Writer