Question from Sputerdude

Asked: 3 years ago

Zombie Dragon?

How do I beat him?

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From: Camden 3 years ago

Cleo should use her Fire Rune, other than that it's pretty much attack and heal. I don't remember having all that many options available at that point in the game.

If you need/want to level up, which can make this boss a lot easier, you can go to the Great Forest to the southeast and fight there. The enemies there can be defeated easily with the Fire Rune, and you can boost to around 20 in no time at all.

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You should forge your weapon to the max level. equip your character with the best equipment, and when you attack the Boss, you should watch over your character HP. the boss usually attack the front character, and then use his breath to all character. The best strategy is attack. and when one of your front character HP is bellow 100, use medicine. hope this will help you out.

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