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How do I recruit Mukumuku if i miss him at the first place?

I forget to check the tree to get Mukumuku and now i have only 107 stars of destiny so how to get mukumuku if i miss him at Kyaro?

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SPScarface answered:

I walked between Greenhill and the Muse/Greenhill border for about an hour with no luck. But than I entered Greenhill and talked to the first girl NPC you see and she mentions something about seeing squirels. After that I walked the path again and Mukumuku was there on my first fight after talking to the NPC in Greenhill... Hope that helps!
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Smirno answered:

Walk between Greenhill and the Muse/Greenhill border and make sure you have a spare slot in your party so he can join. It can take a while before he appears, so have some patience.
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XainasFZQ answered:

I'm just wait between greenhill and muse/Greenhill Border...But i dunno why,then i'm fall sleep 3 hour,when i'm awake,i look in inventory is nothing name of muku2,i think this just issue......when back to castle using blinkin mirror...i'm look in inventory again,i'm surprise a squirrel join in my team...i'm still wandered......
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