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Where do I find the last squirrel MOKUMOKU?

I know it is around theForest Villiage, but is it right below it in that same little area or is it in the area the is open below that section?

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Strombada answered:

There should be a clearing just south of Forest Village. Persistence and resilience are necessary here as it has reported taking some people hours to get a squirrel to join the party sometimes.

Just remember to keep an empty slot in your party at all times for the squirrel to join in.
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kunel_sanders answered:

I mostly find him in that little section below it but I also found him right in front of the village while i walked back and forth between those areas once. I think as long as your in that general area theres a chance though that little open are below is better. Also, this isnt really proven or anything but a few others and I feel that the squirls show up quicker if you have the other ones in your party.
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cyborga078 answered:

I was able to get Mokumoku under the small patch below Forest Village (not under forest village itself!). There should be a small forest patch below the area of forest village, just try walking in circles around the area.
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cyborga078 answered:

I have a little map here that could specifically tell where he is:
Just keep walking horizontally on that area.
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