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Suikoden 2 FAQ by rabbit, most recent update June 5, 2001

This FAQ is meant to answer the questions that really DO get frequently
asked on the Gamefaqs message boards. It also includes a few tricks and
suggestions that have been made by members of the board in recent months,
and [only here folks!] checklists for players of Suikoden 2 as well an
AntiFAQ for people who don't like a lot of spoilers.

This FAQ is copyright by me: Cindy Tester rabbitrunning@hotmail.com
Explicit permission is given to participants on the Gamefaqs Suikoden
message boards to cut and paste *short* sections of this FAQ to answer
questions on the Gamefaqs boards or any other Suikoden internet
discussion *forum*. Please cite your source so that any errors which get
caught will come back to my attention. Since this FAQ includes quotes
from other authors, permission to copy it whole or in small bits and
pretend it's yours is not going to happen, so please don't do it.  If
the section you quote was by someone other than me, please include
their name when you cut and paste.

Genso Suikoden is trademarked by Konami.  Thank you, Konami!  While I may
have compiled various lists and named things from the game, I intend no
infringement on their copyright, and have no intention of profiting from
this material.
(copyright statement updated May 25, 2001)

How to use this FAQ.
If you don't plan to read the whole thing, you can use the Find command
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So if you want section x, type [x] in the find selection box. Of course
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*changed or added during first revision

0 The AntiFAQ
   (Actually, it's at the very end of the document, so be sure to skip
down to it to avoid spoilers.)

1 Background information on the Suikoden series
    1a How do you pronounce Suikoden? Genso?
    1b What does Genso Suikoden mean?
    1c Is the book this series is loosely based on still available?
    1d What is Suikogaiden and can I get it?
    1e Is there a Suikoden 3 and what console is it for?

2 Game Strategies and questions (characters, items, etc.)
    2.1 How do I find/recruit the character named:
        2.1a Clive 2.1b Mazus 2.1c Pesmerga 2.1d McDohl 2.1e Ellie
        2.1f Elza 2.1g the Squirrels* 2.1h Gordon 2.1i Hans
        2.1z Character summary list
    2.2 How do I find the items/places:
        2.2a Rokkaku* 2.2b Deity Plans 2.2c Double-beat Rune
        2.2d Technique Rune* 2.2e Boat to Lakewest* 2.2f Fourth
        level Bright Shield spell *
    2.3 How do I get the best ending? (no spoilers)
    2.4 Trading
    2.5 What does item X do?
        2.5a Kindness Rune 2.5b Friendship Rune 2.5c Double beat
        2.5d Technique 2.5e Spark Rune
    2.6 Now or Never items/people
    2.7 How do I get the best ending (minor spoilers)?
    2.8 Those stairs in Radat

3 Metagame strategies (tips and tricks)
    3.1 Infinite money
    3.2 rare finds reset
    3.3 data swap
    3.4 save/die trick
    3.5 Muse/Matilda door *
    3.6 leveling up
    3.7 kindness rune trick
    3.8 Suikoden 1 data
    3.9 rumored tricks that are unconfirmed (or flatly denied)
        3.9a All the beasts

4 Fun stuff  (spoilers possible)
    4.1 Bath scenes
    4.2 Easy to miss scenes
    4.3 Clive Quest *
    4.4 Cooking Quest
    4.5 Colored Intro
    4.6 Gameshark/Dexdrive unique
    4.7 Hacking the disk *6
    4.8 The Handy Dandy Suikoden 2 checklists
        4.8a Game Save checklist
        4.8b Too Much Free Time checklist
        4.8c Character worksheet

5 Glitches/Translation problems and other annoyances
    5.1 Untranslated stuff
        5.1a Late Rockaxe
        5.1b Potch for Gibberish
        5.1c In late Tinto
        5.1d Monsters on Tenzan Pass
    5.2 mistranslated or mistransliterated stuff
        5.2a True Holy Rune
        5.2b Mangosh
        5.2c Prima Guide vs. game translations
    5.3 reports of game freezes *
    5.4 Tony/Yuzu bug
    5.6 Annalee's Song
    5.7 Vanishing characters *
    5.8 Gameshark infinite money problem

6 Plot questions (spoiler city!)
    6.1 Ridley and Boris
    6.2 True Runes
    6.3 Suikoden geography
    6.4 Endings
    6.5 Kiba
    6.6 Rowd
    6.7 Luc and Sasarai

7 Strategies Opinions and Speculations (not done yet)
    7.1 Beat Luca Blight *
    7.2 Beat the final boss
    7.3 Which is the best/favorite:
        7.3a Rune 7.3b Rune Combo 7.3c Unite Attack 7.3d character
        7.3e Villain
    7.4 Suikoden 3
        7.4a Hero's weapon
    7.5 Which Suikoden game is best?
    7.6 Matilda/Muse door.  Easter Egg or glitch? *

8 Other sources of information/bibliography (incomplete)
    8.1 Bibliography
    8.2 Internet bibliography *
    8.3 Background topics

9 Thanks/credits (also incomplete!  *sigh *) *


[1a] How do you pronounce Suikoden?
"It is pronounced Sue (as in the name, Sue) –ee (as in "week") –koh (as
pronounced) -den (as in then)" -- Blue Moon

[1b] What does Genso Suikoden mean?
"Suikoden is a Japanese translation of the Chinese word, Shui Hu Zhuan.
Most often it could be translated to English as "Water Margin." The
characters composing Suikoden is the character for water--sui--,
margin/edge--ko--, and legend/story--den--. Genso means "fantasy" or
"illusion." So, Genso Suikoden would mean, "fantasy water margin." –
Blue Moon

[1c] Is the book this series is loosely based on still available?
Yes, the Shui Hu Zhuan is widely available in Chinese and Japanese,
however, most English versions are out of print. Pearl S. Buck wrote one
version in English called "All Men Are Brothers," and there is another
translation called "The Water Margin." Your local library may have
editions, and you can also use interlibrary loan.

Amazon.com has 2 paperbacks which look like they're translations to me,
but I haven't gotten them yet.  They're called "The Broken Seals (The
Marshes of Mount Liang, Part 1) by John Dent-Young (translator) et al.,
and "The Tiger Killers (The Marshes of Mount Liang, Part 2)" by Shi Nai'An
et al.  They're thirty bucks a pop, which is one reason I haven't gotten

ViviChan's Home page (The Royal Harmonian Archive) has a lot of good
information about the history of the Shui Hu Zhuan.
See section 8.2 for the URL.

[1d]What's Suikogaiden?
Gaiden means a side story. Suikogaiden is very text heavy, and doesn't
play like S1 or S2 does. There are two of them now.  The first,
Swordsman of Harmonia deals with many of the characters from the guild
that Clive is a member of. Go to suikosource or the Royal Harmonian
Archives (see section 8.2) for a detailed synopsis of the game and it's
characters. Suikogaiden 1 hasn't been released in the US and there are
no plans for a translation.  —

[1e]Is there a S3 and what console is it going to be in?
Not yet – playstation 2, and probably in 3D (yuck!) Konami has
announced a probable release in Japan in the winter quarter of 2001-
2002.  No word on an English version yet.


[2.1] How do I find/recruit the character named:

[2.1a] Clive
"First, when you go to Muse for the second time (after you get caught
and put in the prison for a night), go to the backstreets of Muse as
soon as you are able to walk freely. The backstreets is located on the
east side of the city. Walk under an arch that is to the right of the
Rune Shop. You will be stopped by a female figure called Elza, and she
will give you a package. She will ask you to take the passage--whether
you accept or refuse, you will get it. Immediately after that, Clive
will appear and ask you where "the woman" went. Your answer here
doesn't matter. Then, head to the gates of Muse, an event will start.
After seeing the event, proceed with the game normally. After a few
hours, you will get your own headquarters and will finally get your own
boat.  After you get your boat, go to Lakewest, and then return to
Southwindow. There you will see Clive. Tell him that you know how to
get to Lakewest and he will join your army." – Blue Moon

[2.1b] Mazus
"Go to the very bottom of the Tinto mines where you could find "slides."
Mazus could be found on the bottom left portion of this place. Talk to
him after you are at castle level 4, and then he will join you." –
Blue Moon

[2.1c] Pesmerga
"After your castle becomes level 4 (More than 100 recruits), go to the
end of the Wind Cave where you found the Star Dragon Sword. He will be
standing there."  – Blue Moon
n.b. If he isn't, just walk straight forward off the cliff to get
outside the Cave.  Much faster than going back down through!

[2.1d] McDohl
In Banner, talk to Ko, the small boy dressed in red, and then go up
behind the inn.  This only works if you loaded the S1 data.
- Sir Miklitov/rabbit

[2.1e] How do you get Ellie, that girl in front of the Banner Inn?
You don't.  She's just there to facilitate the McDohl quest if you have
a less than perfect save from Suikoden 1.

[2.1f] How do I recruit Elza?
    You can't.  She's part of Clive's quest and unrecruitable.  See
section 4.3 **spoiler warning!**

[2.1g]Where to get the squirrels
    Makumaku, Mekumeku, Mokumoku, Mikumiku are all non-stars. So
whether or not you collect (Pokemon?!?!?) all of them it doesn’t affect
the Stars of Destiny list. Only Mukumuku is a Star. -- Sir Miklitov

-Mukumuku: investigate the big tree behind Hero's house in Kyaro 3
times. On the third time, Hero will circle the tree, and Mukumuku will
follow him and join your party. If you miss him here, travel along the
road between Greenhill City & Greenhill-Muse Checkpoint alone(no one in
your party), until he pops up.

-Makumaku: after getting Mukumuku, travel along the road between
Greenhill City & Two River, while alone.

-Mikumiku: after getting Makumaku, travel along the road between
Greenhill City & Forest Village, while alone.

-Mekumeku: after getting Mikumiku, travel along the road between
Greenhill & the Forest Path to Matilda, while alone.

-Mokumoku: after getting Mekumeku, wander around the area south of
Forest Village, and eventually, he'll show up. (Most people have
better luck in the clearing that's below the strip of forest
below Forest Village, but I found him in the clearing directly
below the entrance to Forest Village.  Try both.)

(above information from gundammike)

It is possible to get the squirrels with a party that has more than
just the hero or other squirrels in it.  At least so it's been reported
by several participants on Gamefaqs.  It hasn't worked for me, but I
also haven't tested it very hard.  Also reported is that if you've got
a Champion Rune, you can run around and if you hear the disk whirr in
the Playstation you can check your party and find a squirrel.  I
haven't tested that either.  I like thumping monsters.

[2.1h] Gordon
In order to get Gordon, you have to trade until you make 50,000 potch
**profit**.  Just buying and selling an item back and forth at the same
price won't work. (And if you sell things at a loss, it increases the
amount he asks for.)  See section 2.4 for suggestions.

[2.1i] Hans
You can ask Hans to pay you, but it will delay the time you can recruit
him.  Keep going back to the room where you originally found him and
when he's got the money he'll come to your castle.

[2.1z] Annotated Alphabetical list of people in Suikoden who you can
recruit or who can be in your party **possible spoilers**

[Your Hero],  Abizboah, Adlai, Alberto, Alex%, Amada, Anita, Annallee,
[Apple], (Ayda), Badeaux, [Barbara], Bob, [Bolgan], Boris, [Camus],
[Chaco], Chuchara, Clive, Connell, [Eilie], [Emelia], Feather,
[Fitcher], [Flik], [Freed Y], Futch%, Gabocha, (Gadget), Gantetsu,
[Gengen], Genshu, Georg, [Gijimu], Gilbert!, Gordon, Hai Yo, Hanna,
Hans, [Hauser], (Hilda), Hix%, Hoi, [Huan], Humphrey%, Jeane, Jess!,
[Jowy], Jude, Kahn%, Karen, Kasumi, [Kiba], Killey, Kinnison, [Klaus],
[Koyu], Lebrante, [Leona], [Lo Wen], Long Chan Chan, Lorelai,
L'Roladia, [Luc], [Marlowe], Maximillian!, Mazus, McDohl*, Meg,
[Miklitov], Millie%, Mondo, Makumaku, Mekumeku, Mikumiku, Mokumoku,
Mukumuku, [Nanami], [Nina], Oulan, Pesmerga, Pico, [Pilika], Raura,
Richmond, [Ridley], Rikimaru, [Rina], Sasuke, [Sheena], Shilo, [Shin],
(Shiro), Shu, Sid, [Sierra], Sigfried, Simone, Stallion, Tai Ho, Taki,
Templton, (Tengaar), Tenkou, [Teresa], Tessei, Tetsu, Tomo, Tony, Tsai,
[Tuta%], Valeria, Viki!, [Viktor], Vincent, Wakaba, (Yam Koo),
Yoshino&?, Yuzu, Zamza
?I 'm not sure about this character...I'll have to test them out...
[ ]Automatically join you no matter what you do.  Well, eventually,
( )Will automatically join because you've recruited another person
%May join on a temporary basis, but are not permanent unless or until
the right conditions are met.  I.E., don't take 'em out of your party
or you'll have to go back and find them again.
*Will only join on a temporary basis.
!You only get one chance to recruit this character/easily miffed
character (a wrong answer will make them go away forever, but might be
&Won't even be found unless you've got the right character with you
People without notations must be invited or persuaded (even if you
can't get any farther in the game without agreeing to have them join

[2.2] How do I find the items/places:

[2.2a]Where is Rokkaku?
In Banner pass…  Once you've reached the top of the ladders, go north
until the path turns to the east. Then keep trying to go south along
the bottom edge of that eastbound path. Soon, you'll find the hidden
path that leads to Rokkaku. You'll need Kasumi, or to be at castle level
4 to get into the village, though. - rabbit
The Rokakku path is quite visible beneath all the trees if you look
closely (I could see it anyway) - Sir Miklitov

[2.2b]Where are the Deity plans?
Jude has Dragon #1, Rabbit #1, and Unicorn #1
Some are Rare finds. Rabbit # 2 in Highway village item shop, Rabbit #3
in Banner item shop, Rabbit #4 in Greenhill item shop (possibly only
after liberation)
Some are in Treasure chests. Dragon #2 and Unicorn #2 are on Rakutei,
Dragon #4 and Unicorn #4 in Rockaxe
Some are given you by people: Dragon #3 and Unicorn #3 in Tinto.
Some are dropped by enemies. Turtle #1 by Armadillos (two river area),
Turtle #2 by Ragged Ones (Greenhill area), Turtle #3 by Hawkman
One – Turtle #4 – is a prize in the rope climbing game in your castle.

[2.2c]Double beat runes
Won from cut rabbits in North Sparrow Pass

[2.2d] Technique runes
Won from cut rabbits around Viktor's fort before you go to Kyaro or
around Kyaro. Hoi also has one, but I'm not sure it's detachable.

[2.2e] Boat to Lakewest
In order to get a boat to Lakewest, you need to recruit either Tai ho
or Amada.  First, you'll have to wait until Fitcher asks you to come to
Two River.  Amada is back in Radat and you need to duel him again.
Tai ho is on the docks at Kuskus, and he wants you to beat him at
Chinchirorin before he'll join.  Once you've got one or the other
(or both) of them, go back to your castle and down into the cellars
to your castle dock to find the boat and then up to talk again to
Shu and the others.  (It may be the other way around, but try both
things to get the boat.) Please note, Clive won't believe you've got
a boat that will go to Lakewest until your boat HAS gone to Lakewest
and you've docked there at least once, but once you've done that you
can come back and get him to join your party.

[2.2f] Fourth level Bright Shield Spell
You must have all 108 stars recruited after the fight with the Golden
Wolves in Muse and before you speak to Shu at the castle.  If you've
done it correctly, Leknaat will appear at the Rockaxe briefing and
unlock the spell for you.

[2.3] How do I get the best ending? (no spoilers)
    Get all 108 stars as early as possible
    Defend Nanami from arrows
    Only choose "defend" in the final duels
    Refuse Jowy's last offer.

[2.4]What's a good trading route?
    My personal favorite is Forest Village to Kobold Village and back
again, trading crystal balls and ancient texts. Of course, they aren't
always available.  A quick way to make the 50,000 potch you need to
recruit Gordon is to buy four Celadon Urns the first time you get to
Gregminster from Gordon (you've usually got plenty of potch from the
monsters in Banner pass, and the urns are around 7000) and then after
your castle's gone up a level go back to Gregminster and sell the same
four urns right back at a much higher rate.  You can't buy and sell
items back at the same price and increase your profits.  And if you
sell items at a loss, Gordon increases the amount you still have to go.
Wait until the prices change if you're selling where you bought.
Selling ornaments won from monsters adds to your profit fast, too.

[2.5]What does item x do?

[2.5a]What does the Kindness rune do?
Kindness Rune: The higher the Good Will factor of the party, the Attack
Strength is raised. Attack Strength=Normal Attack Strength+Good Will

The "Good Will" factor could be checked by looking at how much the
attack power increases when you attack with the Kindness Rune.
"Good Will" goes up the longer a character who has the rune is in the
party, and decreases every time that character is knocked out.
– Blue Moon

See also the "kindness rune trick" section 3.7

[2.5b] What does the Friendship rune do?
Friendship Rune: Increases attack strength(Stars of Destiny/2)
This works for anyone who can attach the rune.  The Stars of destiny
referred to means the number of stars already recruited.

[2.5c] What does the Double-Beat Rune do?
Double-Beat Rune: Attack twice, damage x2 if countered.

[2.5d] Technique Rune: Steal money from enemies with 40% probability.

[2.5e]  The spark rune allows the entire party to attack immediately
after the bearer. Put on a character with high speed, it means you can
have even your slowest attackers hit before the monster has a chance to

[2.6]I'm rushing through the game, while trying to collect everything
and everybody; is there anything I should be keeping an eye out for?

Now or Never list:
(this assumes that you always say "yes" to recruiting people.  If you
insult some potential stars, like Simone or Jess, they will never agree
to join you later.)
*Get old book #2 in Sindar Ruins before you open the door to the boss
*Meet Clive and Elza in Muse before going to Highland Camp (this gives
you sound set 1 as well.)
*Get Recipe #3 from Dr. Huan in Muse
*Old Book #4 could only be taken when you visit Muse and are allowed to
walk freely within the City Offices.  Go to the room in the Northeast
and check the bookshelves.
*Recruit Gilbert in battle outside Muse
*Treasure chests and secret rooms in Neclord's castle at Northwindow
*Leave the chests in the first part of the kobold forest so you can get
the fourth lamb
*Get the spinach seed from Sasu (Chaco's grandmother.)  *I don't know
what the time limit is on this, but I usually get it just after the
battle of Two River, once I've recruited Chaco.
*Open the two chests at the back of the unicorn clearing the first time
you visit it
*Get recipe #34 from the DoReMi elves while Teresa is in your convoy on
the way into Greenhill
*Turtle Plan #2 from the Ragged One could only be won while the Castle
is Level 2-3, because the Ragged One will not appear at other times.
(It *is* possible to go back up Mt. Rakutei to collect the treasure
chests and win the deity plans you need from there, but it's
easier to get them the first time you go up the mountain.)

[2.7] Get the best ending (minor spoilers)
Get all 108 stars after fighting the Golden wolves in Muse and before
talking to Shu to trigger the Rockaxe briefing
Save Nanami (see [2.7a] below)
Only defend against Jowy when you duel
Refuse the Black Sword Rune when Jowy offers it

[2.7a] How do I save Nanami ?
*Make sure her defense is high enough before you go up the stairs to
face Gorudo (some people can save her with no armor, but not most of
us. Number tossed around seems to run from 120 to 190.)
*Respond quickly when you get a chance to shout out. Again, it doesn't
seem to matter what you shout, but most people seem to think that
"Nanami!" works better. If you were fast enough, you'll leap up forward
and bring up your tonfa to defend her.
*In the scene at the castle, if Huan asks to speak to Shu after he comes
out of the sickbay and everyone has reacted, then you have saved
Nanami… BUT don't expect to see any other evidence of that for a long

[2.8]What's the deal with that stairway?
The stairway in Radat leads to a second floor with some treasure
chests. But you can't get up there unless Viki goofs and teleports you
wrong. At least once, I've seen it recommended that you walk and not
run up there, to avoid bringing up the old woman before you've
collected your toys.  And don't go near the stairs or the door!

[3]  Metagame strategies (tips and tricks)

[3.1] Infinite money
    If you've got Hans, the armorer in your castle, go to him.  Have
one person in your party with no equipment at all. Choose armor or a
helmet that costs over half of your current money and equip it on
someone with armor, when you get to the screen that says, "is this
okay" hit the Triangle (go back) button twice, and equip the armor
instead onto the person without armor.  Hit the X button as if you were
buying another set of the same armor. The money should jump up to

[3.2] Rare Finds Reset
    When you reach a town, save at the inn before you go to any of the
shops.  If the rare find you're looking for isn't available, reset, and
try again.  There's a twenty minute delay otherwise for the shop items
to reset.

[3.3] Data Swap
    First, use copied game saves!  You need two, at different levels.
Start to save game A, go back after two seconds, and save it over game
B instead.  This trick doesn't always work and can mess up your game (not
the game disk, but your ability to finish going through the plot), but
you might also end up with Jowy fighting on your side.  I also may
have messed up the instructions because they don't quite make sense to

[3.4] Save-die trick. If you are defeated in a battle, you get a little
screen which asks you whether or not you give up. If you don't give up,
the game reloads at the last save point, BUT any advances in your
character's statistics remain advanced. I.E., if you had gone up from
level 50 to level 52 after you had saved but before you got killed,
you'll still be at level 52 when you go on.

This means that anything which permanently changes your stats – like a
stone of defense, etc., can be used on a character AFTER the save and
the stat change will still be there after the restart – along with the
stone of defense. This is also true of stats you increase with a
fortune rune.  It is even true of stats raised on characters whom you
hadn't recruited yet when you saved, although my preliminary test shows
that they won't have magic points until you rest them.

Runes equipped after the save won't be equipped when you restart, and
if they have a temporary effect on your stats, like a wizard rune, it
will also disappear. Armor equipped after the save will also not be
equipped after the restart. This prevents you from being able to keep
going back and getting item after item from the guardian deity (darn
it!). Also any items you find or stars you recruit between the save and
the restart will be lost. Weapons sharpened between the save and the
reset will also need to be re-sharpened.

The other important thing that won't be lost is TIME. That's right. The
clock resets to the time of the save when you restart, even though the
statistics are now higher. If you saved (as I did) at 15.59.51 and then
messed around for forty minutes trying to get yourself killed, when you
restart, if you save again right away the time will only be at 16.0.2.
Which means you can build character levels and still get the Clive
quest… source: Enne, author of Keyaki no ne, largest Suikoden website
in the world, and the god of Suikoden.  It was translated by Blue Moon
and posted on Gamefaqs.

[3.5]Muse/matilda door trick.
    If you push on the door between Matilda and Muse without talking to
the knights posted there, it will move and you can go through.  This works
at any point in the game when you have access to Muse or Matilda unless
the knights posted at the doorway are blocking your access to the door
itself.  Very useful!  See section 7.6 for the debate on whether this is
a trick or an easter egg.

[3.6] leveling up tricks/level 99 trick
When a character is less than level 39 or under 49 with a fortune rune,
defeat Highlands x 6 at L'Renouille on their own (kill off everyone
else in the party) and his/her level will shoot up to 99. Also, if a
character is less than level 39 with a Fortune Rune, and if you fight
M-Knights x 6 at Rockaxe, you could also get your character up to level
99. – Blue Moon

If only one member of a party is still standing when all of the
monsters are defeated, then that person collects extra experience.  You
can use a sacrificial jizo on the person you want to boost, let the
other characters get low, and then cast "Empty World" the fourth level
Blue Gate spell to blast the monsters and the extra party members,
while the sacrificial jizo protects your chosen character. Even more
effective with a fortune rune.

[3.7] Kindness rune trick
    A character who has a kindness rune gets a lower attack every time
they are knocked unconscious.  If they're knocked out often enough,
their attack can go down to zero and then around to 999.  This attack
level will only stay in place so long as the character has the rune,
though.  (Actually I'm not sure how long it will last, since if the
character survives the next attack, then theoretically the rune adds to
to their attack the next time, taking them back over 0 again, right?)

[3.8] Suikoden 1 data
    If you are going to load Suikoden 1 data, you should make sure that
Humphrey is wearing windspun armor in the first game, so that it will
carry over to the second.  Also you only need to really level up the
ones who will be fighters in the second game.  They come in at about a
third of their level in the first game, and one of the characters at
the highest level gets a five level bonus in S2.  You don't need a save
with 108 characters to get McDohl, but you do need all 108 characters to
get the scenes with Gremio and recipe #39.  If you have the US version
your McDohl's name will be glitched. Save at the last save point inside
Gregminster castle.
This activates the McDohl quest to recruit him and some additional speech
from some returning characters (Apple, Flik, Viktor and some others).
rabbit/Sir Miklitov

[3.9] Rumored tricks:

[3.9a] All the beasts.  One of the faqs says that if you get all
the items, recruiting Sigfried and Feather, etc., you can find all the
krakens down by your fishing docks.  No reliable person on the Gamefaqs
board has ever been able to make this work.  Even the person who put it
in the faq said it was a reported trick.  Even the people with
gamesharks haven't gotten it to work. I'd say, it's only a rumor.  If
you get it to work, I want to see the videotape...
**since the first version of the faq, someone on gamefaqs said that this
had happened to them, but they haven't come forth with details yet...

[4]Fun Stuff

[4.1] What are all the things you can do in your bath?
Well, first of all, it's the easiest place to check your castle
level. Also, you can leave your party sitting in there until they all
get Toasty and they will heal up up to 10 points by themselves in
battles AND continue to heal themselves as you walk between battles.
(They'll also turn beet red while they're still in the bath.)
Toastiness lasts a good long time (I've gone all the way to the top of
Rockaxe castle and still been toasty), but doesn't survive if you stay
at an inn, or save and then reload the game later. Nor will it last on
a character who is taken out of the party.

    There are toys which you can equip on a character like any other
kind of equipment and will show up in the bath. (chicks, toy boats, and
boulder sets)

    You can also place items in the bath, antiques and paintings, and
some combinations cause an effect or scene.

*Six hex dolls
*Six hex dolls and 2 Graffiti
*Six Chinese plates (try more than one level!)
*3 knight statues (on the men's side) and 3 goddess statues (on women's
*Six Persian lamps
*A peeing boy on the far right back pedestal on the men's side
*Place 6 Blue Dragon Vases & 2 Landscape Paintings around the baths
*Place 6 Vases & 2 Flower Paintings around the baths

Bringing certain characters into certain levels of baths will trigger
*Take Bolgan, Gantetsu & L.C. Chan (only) into the Drum Can Baths
*Take Viktor & Flik (only) into the Cypress Baths
*Take Viktor & Flik (only) into the Jungle Baths
*Take Viktor, Nina & Flik (only) into the Marble Baths

Combine items and characters
*Take Abizboah & L'Roladia into your party; place 6 Octopus Urns around
the baths

And last
*Enter the marble baths (level 4) 20 times

[4.2] Easily missed scenes or bits, fun bits:
    *Take different characters from Suikoden 1 to meet Hix and Tengaar
in Lakewest if you have S1 data
    *Go to the roof of your castle if the guard is sleeping at night
    *Try go back over North Sparrow Pass with Nanami in your party
    *Try to go straight into the forest on the Highland Camp
reconnaissance without talking to the guard
    *Take different characters with you to Greenhill Academy(small
    *Take different characters to Sigfried to recruit him
    *Defeat different commanders from Highland
    *Lose different commanders from your own army
    *All five squirrels in the castle
    *Memory card icon with all five squirrels
    *Killey in party when recruiting Lorelai
    *Valeria in party when recruiting Anita
    *Defeat Rowd when he comes to capture you and Nanami in Kyaro
(combine revenant, muse door trick)
    *Find Gabocha when he's in the laundry area of the castle
    *Take different characters with you to meet McDohl
    *Take Kasumi to McDohl's house (when you've got McDohl)
    *Beat the Beast Rune with just McDohl and then want to go after
    (There are more of these in the "Way too Much Free Time checklist"
section 4.8b.)

[4.3]How fast do I have to be to complete Clive's quest?
    Seriously, you MUST meet with Clive and Elza in Muse before you go
on Jess's errand.
    Once you reach Southwindow, you'll find Clive again, but you need a
boat that can go to Lakewest to recruit him. Clive must be in Lakewest
before 11 hours, Forest Village within 12 hours, Rockaxe within 13
hours, and Radat with 15 hours for the basic events of the subquest.
There's a scene in Muse again, that is optional, and then the final
scene is in Sajah village, as long as you reach it under 20 hours.
Be aware that the 20 hours is counted the moment you press “New Game”
So if you want to complete Clive’s quest, these things are not recommended:
  1  Coloured intro
  2  Cooking contest
  3  Listening to flashbacks (Genkaku’s past and Greenhill conquest)
rabbit/Sir Miklitov

Gather ingredients and recipes to use in Hai Yo's kitchen, not only for
the cooking quest, but also to make menus and a little bit of money.
Some foods are very useful for healing, and many come with lots of
servings, which makes storing them in your party's equipment easier.

The cheapest healing food per wounds healed is Pizza Bun (Recipe 7 and
Red Pepper).  All of the varieties of BBQ Meat Bun have 9 servings,
though, and are an economical way to carry a lot of healing power in a
small space.

1 Tamago Yaki, 2 Tomato Soup, 3 Ohitashi, 4 Salad, 5 Gyoza,
6 Chowder, 7 BBQ Meat Buns, 8 Buttered Clams, 9 Fish Fry, 10 Ice Cream,
11 Quiche, 12 Sandwich, 13 Meat Pie, 14 Simmered Fish, 15 Fried Fish
Balls, 16 Sunomono, 17 Cake, 18 Croquettes, 19 Pasta, 20 Tempura,
21 Grilled Fish, 22 Gratin, 23 Rice Omelet, 24 Fried Rice, 25 Pizza
26 Teriyaki, 27 Tonkatsu, 28 Curry Rice, 29 Grilled Beef, 30 Ramen
31 Hamburger, 32 Obento, 33 Sushi, 34 Japanese Stew, 35 Full Course
36 Ghengis Khan, 37 Steak, 38 Sashimi Combo, 39 Special Stew, 40
Kaiseki Dinner

[4.5] Colored intro?
Yup. Fight the soldiers at the top of the waterfall with Jowy (at the
beginning) over 108 times (110 is a reliable number) and the
introduction movie, which is usually sepia tones, will be in color.
This takes a long time, and is easy to goof up, so do it when you're
awake. You don't have to count though, if you just keep track of how
much potch you have. You start with 200 and get 250 each battle so you
should have 27700 potch after 110 battles. – thanks to darkannex for
double checking the potch amounts.

[4.6]With a Gameshark or Dexdrive take non-fighter characters into the
bath.  There are some items and places that have codes which aren't in
the game too, including the "solitude" rune and "army post remains."

[4.7]Use your computer to read the disk, listen to Annalee's songs.
You need the right program to do it, though.  And I'm not sure what it
is.  There's a program called "textread" that will let you look at the
text on the disk, as well, but you have to wade through tons of coding
to find it.  Strictly for the people who understand computers!

[4.8] Handy Dandy Suikoden 2 checklists
   These checklists are designed to be used by cut-and-pasting them to
your own word processor so they can be printed out and rearranged to
your own satisfaction.

[4.8a]Suikoden 2 Data save notes
Game saved at:  __________ (time) on Memory card # _________
Location: __________________   S1 data: Yes108__ Yesless__ None__
party includes Hero ________ ________ ________ _________ ________
Plot point___________________________________________________________
# of stars by sixes :oooooo/oooooo oooooo/oooooo oooooo/oooooo
oooooo/oooooo oooooo/oooooo oooooo/oooooo oooooo/oooooo
oooooo/oooooo oooooo/oooooo Castle level:  1 2 3 4
People list
Your Hero, Abizboah, Adlai, Alberto, Alex, Amada, Anita, Annallee,
Apple, Ayda, Badeaux, Barbara, Bob, Bolgan, Boris, Camus, Chaco,
Chuchara, Clive, Connell, Eilie, Emelia, Feather, Fitcher, Flik, Freed
Y, Futch, Gabocha, Gadget, Gantetsu, Gengen, Genshu, Georg, Gijimu,
Gilbert, Gordon, Gremio, Hai Yo, Hanna, Hans, Hauser, Hilda, Hix, Hoi,
Huan, Humphrey, Jeane, Jess, Jowy, Jude, Kahn, Karen, Kasumi, Kiba,
Killey, Kinnison, Klaus, Koyu, Lebrante, Leona, Lo Wen, Long Chan Chan,
Lorelai, L'Roladia, Luc, Marlowe, Maximillian, Mazus, McDohl, Meg,
Miklitov, Millie, Mondo, Makumaku, Mekumeku, Mikumiku, Mokumoku,
Mukumuku, Nanami, Nina, Oulan, Pesmerga, Pico, Pilika, Raura, Richmond,
Ridley, Rikimaru, Rina, Sasuke, Sheena, Shilo, Shin, Shiro, Shu, Sid,
Sierra, Sigfried, Simone, Stallion, Tai Ho, Taki, Templton, Tengaar,
Tenkou, Teresa, Tessei, Tetsu, Tomo, Tony, Tsai, Tuta, Valeria, Viki,
Viktor, Vincent, Wakaba, Yam Koo, Yoshino, Yuzu, Zamza
Castle items:  (*automatic, comes with the recruit who needs it)
Window Sets 1, 2, 3*, 4*, 5, 6, 7
Sound Sets 1, 2, 3*, 4*, 5, 6, 7
Old Books  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Dragon 1*, 2, 3, 4  (1=Legs, 2=Tail, 3=Body, 4=Head)
Turtle 1, 2, 3, 4
Unicorn 1*, 2, 3, 4
Rabbit 1*, 2, 3, 4
Hammers:  Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold
Cabbage 1* 2 3  Potato 1* 2 3  Spinach 1 2 3  Tomato 1 2 3
Chick (for eggs)  1* 2 3 Piglet 1 2 3  Sheep/Lamb 1* 2 3 4 Calf 1 2 3
Whitefish 1 2 3 Shellfish 1 2 3  Shrimp 1 2 3 Salmon 1 2 3
Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise, Red Pepper
Recipes 1*,2,3,4*,5,6*,7*,8,9,10*,11,12,13,14,15*,16,17,18,19,20,
Hero's Weapon level:  ooooo ooooo ooooo o
Listening runes o o
Run/Let Go (50x)  ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo
Twenty visits to the jungle baths:  ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo
Six Chinese Dishes ooo ooo
Six Hex Dolls ooo ooo
   .... And two Graffiti oo
Six Octopus Urns ooo ooo
Three Knight Statues ooo and Three Goddess Statues ooo
Six Vases ooo ooo and two Flower Paintings oo
Six Blue Dragon Vases ooo ooo and two Landscape Paintings oo
Six Persian Lamps ooo ooo
Clive Quest: Muse Lakewest Forest Vil. Rockaxe Radat Muse Sajah Vil.
Cooking: Yu Kum, Goetsu, Shiki, Ryuki, Bashok, Ryuko, Antonio,
Gyokuran, Retso, Lester, Retso, Jinkai

[4.8b]  Too much free time checklist:  **spoilers abound!**
This section is still in the works, suggestions happily accepted!

Plot variations and easy to miss bits:
Run north/run east in camp: promise/don't promise: color intro:
finish/don't finish chores boxes/items/oil for Pohl: talk to Gengen
before Leona: do/don't answer Jowy: move/don't move for Eilie:
Male/Female Mist monster: enter Kyaro from south/north (note Eilie):
leave Kyaro/stay in Kyaro before talking to Nanami: get Mukumuku in
Kyaro/Greenhill plain: small/medium/large vase: submit to Rowd/fight
Rowd and lose/defeat Rowd: rescue/leave Nanami: the cells in Kyaro: try
to exit Kyaro to the north: 100 potch in the flowers: try to go back
over North Sparrow Pass with Nanami in party while Viktor's men are
there: Early visit/late visit to Matilda: pay/don't pay for Pilika's
amulet: :::: 2 secret rooms in neclords castle,  get boris, early
ending, flik and nina scenes on roof, different party members to defeat
Beast Rune, run/want to find Jowy from the Throne Room with different

Encounter/Recruiting variations:  *(I don't know if this is possible.)

Refuse or recruit the only options once you've spoken to them:
(Or characters I just haven't dealt with, yet!)
Adlai, Alberto, Alex and Hilda, Amada, Anita, Annallee,
Ayda and Feather, Badeaux, Camus, Chaco, Clive, Connell, Futch and
Humphrey, Gabocha, Gadget, Gantetsu, Genshu, Georg, Gordon, Hai Yo,
Hanna, Hans, Hauser, Hix, Hoi, Jeane, Jowy, Jude, Kahn, Karen, Kasumi,
Killey, Lebrante, Lorelai, Marlowe, Maximillian, Mazus, Meg, Miklitov,
Millie, Mondo, Pesmerga, Pico, Raura, Richmond, Sasuke, Sheena, Shilo,
Shin, Sid, Sierra, Sigfried, Simone, Tai Ho, Taki, Templton, Tengaar,
Tenkou, Teresa, Tessei, Tetsu, Tomo, Tony, Valeria, Viki, Vincent

Bob, see all his stages of reluctance to acceptance (3?):
Emilia in Greenhill/HQ:
Hans ask for 0/30,000/300,000 potch:
Kinnison and Shiro first chance/later* be honest/lie:
Long Chan Chan in Rockaxe/Crom:
Millie first chance/later (she reappears in ruins after Luca trashes
Mukumuku in Kyaro/Greenhill area :
Rikimaru in Ryube/Coronet (can/can't/won't pay for his food when asked,
can/can't/won't pay for his food when you go back to the innkeeper.)
?test, if you leave Rikimaru in Ryube with the innkeeper, does he show
up in Coronet or the ruins afterwards? ruins no, and I didn't see him in
Coronet; also he's not on Richmond's list of characters to find out how to
recruit, so I think Luca killed him!:
Stallion before/after 50 run aways:
Tai Ho and Yam Koo, win/lose the game:
Tuta in Muse/HQ
Wakaba meet before she'll join/recruit:
Zamza in Toto/Southwindow:
Oulan (with/without Nanami in party)

Used/seen effects of: {percentage chance of effect}
Rune spells: (backfires happen only occasionally and with certain
characters only)
Black Sword 1 2 3 4
Blinking 1 2 3 backfire
Blue Gate 1 2 3 4 backfire(?)
Bright Shield 1 2 3 4
Darkness 1 2 3 4
Earth(Mother Earth) 1 2 3 4 (4) backfire
Fire(Rage)  1 2 3 4 (4) backfire
Lightning(Thunder) 1 2 3 4 (4) backfire
Resurrection 1 2 3 4
Souleater 1 2 3 4
Water(Flowing) 1 2 3 4 (4) backfire
White Saint 1 2 3
Wind(Cyclone) 1 2 3 4 (4) backfire
Combos: Earth/Fire Fire/Lightning Lightning/Water Water/Wind Wind/Earth
(Since the scroll spells are the same as the rune spells, I'm not
listing scrolls separately.)

Runes: (includes weapon runes)
Alert Rune; Angry Dragon Rune; Balance Rune; Banshee Rune; Barrier
Rune; Blue Drop Rune; Champions Rune; Chimera Rune; Counter Rune;
Cyclone-Wpn Rune; Double-Beat Rune; Double-Strike Rune; Down Rune{30%};
Draining Rune; Dryad Rune; Earth-Wpn Rune; Exertion Rune; Falcon Rune;
Fire-Wpn Rune; Fire Breath Rune; Fire Dragon Rune; Fire Lizard Rune;
Fire Sealing Rune; Firefly Rune; Flowing-Wpn Rune; Fortune Rune;
Friendship Rune; Fury Rune; Gale Rune; Gozz Rune; Groundhog Rune; Hazy
Rune; Howling Rune; Hunter Rune; Killer Rune; Kindness Rune; Kite Rune;
Knight Rune; Lightning-Wpn Rune; Lion Rune; Magic Drain Rune; Mayfly
Rune; Medicine Rune; Mother Earth-Wpn Rune; Nymph Rune; Phero Rune;
Pixie Rune; Poison Rune{40%}; Prosperity Rune; Rabid Fang Rune; Rage-
Wpn Rune; Shining Wind Rune; Shrike Rune; Sleep Rune{20%}; Spark Rune;
Spider Slay Rune; Swallow Rune; Sylph Rune; Technique Rune{40%};
Thunder-Wpn Rune; Titan Rune; Trick Rune; True Holy Rune; Twin Ring
Rune; Unicorn Rune; Violence Rune; Viper Rune; Waking Rune; Wall Rune;
Warrior Rune; Water-Wpn Rune; White Tiger Rune; Wind-Wpn Rune; Wizard

(n.b. my original list was from prima guide and names may not be all
accurate.  I have tried to check them against other sources though.)
# number of recipe A no spice B sugar C  salt D Soy Sauce E Mayonnaise
F Red Pepper

1C Adult Fried Egg; 39C Adult Stew; 20E Amazing Tempura; 25C Anchovy
Pizza; 22B Apple Gratin; 11D Baked Mochi; 26F BBQ Bomb; 7A BBQ Meat
Bun; 29D Beef Rice Bowl; 37C Beefsteak; 17D Black Cake; 18D Black
Croquettes; 14F Blackened Sole; 34C Bouillabaise; 21B Broiled Eel; 8A
Buttered Clams; 16F Cajun Shrimp{30%}; 17A Cake; 40B Candy House; 17E
Cheesecake; 29F Chige Nabe; 22F Chili Gratin; 19F Chili Pasta; 13F
Chili Pie; 30B Chinese Noodles; 33B Chirashi-Zushi; 6A Chowder; 8E Clam
Mayonnaise; 8B Clam Pudding; 39D Clear Soup; 40D Complete Kaiseki; 36C
Coopa; 15C Crab Cakes; 18E Cream Croquettes; 27E Cream Cutlets; 13B
Cream Pie; 11E Cream Quiche; 36E Cream Stew; 22E Creamy Gratin; 28E
Creamy Surry; 22D Crispy Gratin; 18A Croquettes; 28A Curry Rice; 6D
Dark Chowder{30%}; 34E Dark Stew; 9C Deep-Fried Fish; 5E Deep-Fried
Gyoza; 32E Diet Lunch; 19D Downtown Pasta; 21D Dried Fish; 1E Egg Mayo
Roll; 11C Egg Porridge; 6E Egg Soup; 1F Eggsplosive; 18C Eilie
Croquettes; 35B Elf Course; 36B Fa Chu Chin; 33D Fancy Rice Ball; 15F
Fiery Fish Balls; 17F Fire Cake; 9B Fish Donuts; 9A Fish Fry; 14E Fish
with Sauce; 40F Flaming Sea; 9E Frech Fries; 33E French Roll; 12B
French Toast; 1D Fried Egg; 15A Fried Fish Balls; 5D Fried Gyoza; 10E
Fried Ice Cream{30%}; 24A Fried Rice; 9F Fried Tacos{30%}; 5B Fruit
Gyoza; 35A Full Course; 36A Ghengis Khan; 36D Ghengis Stew; 7C Ginger
Beef Bun; 27C Ginger Pork; 30E Gourmet Ramen; 16D Gourmet Sunomono; 22A
Gratin; 15E Greasy Fish; 4E Green Salad; 29A Grilled Beef; 21A Grilled
Fish; 21F Grilled Red Fish; 8C Grilled Scallops; 29C Grilled Tongue; 6F
Gumbo; 24D Gunpowder Rice; 5A Gyoza; 31A Hamburger; 24E Heavy Pilaf;
18F Hot Croquettes; 26C Hot Spareribs; 10A Ice Cream; 4D Island Salad;
31D Japanburger; 28D Japanese Curry; 37D Japanese Steak; 34A Japanese
Stew; 40A Kaiseki Dinner; 28B Kiddie Curry; 19B Kiddie Pasta; 23B Kid's
Lunch; 31C Kobold Burger; 35C Kobold Course; 13D Kobold Pie{30%}; 32B
Ladies Lunch; 11F Lasagna; 7D Ma Bo Bun; 8F Mai Mai??; 35E Matilda
Course; 23E Mayo Rice Omelet; 13E Mayonnaise Pie; 27B Meat and Potato;
13A Meat Pie; 29E Meat Salad; 15D Meatballs; 39E Mellow Stew; 13C
Meringue Pie; 26D Mild Teriyaki; 17C Nanami Cake; 10C Nanami Ice{60%};
16C Nonpei Sunomono; 32A Obento; 3A Ohitashi; 25E Okonomiyaki; 25B
Pancakes; 19A Pasta; 19C Pasta Parmesan; 19E Pasta Salad; 37F Pepper
Steak; 37E Piccata; 4C Pickled Cabbage; 11B Pineapple Rice; 7E Pirate's
Bun; 25A Pizza; 7F Pizza Bun; 6B Potato Pudding; 10B Pudding{30%}; 38B
Queen of the Sea; 11A Quiche; 30A Ramen; 2C Raw Tomato; 20C Real
Tempura; 28F Red Curry; 30F Red Hot Ramen; 2F Red Hot Tomatoes; 10F Red
Pepper Ice{30%}; 23F Red Pepper Rice; 23A Rice Omelet; 32C Rising Sun
Bento; 35D Rokkaku Course; 4A Salad; 38E Salad Combo; 21E Salmon
Meunire; 40C Salt House; 21C Salted Fish; 28C Salty Curry; 24C Salty
Fried Rice; 22C Salty Gratin; 23C Salty Omelet; 30C Salty Ramen; 33C
Salty Rice Ball; 12A Sandwich; 32D Sashimi Bento; 38A Sashimi Combo;
38C Sea Treasure; 25D Senbei; 34D Shabu Shabu; 38D Ship Combo; 17B
Shortcake; 32F Shrimp Lunch; 24B Shrimp Pilaf; 14B Simmered Carp; 14A
Simmered Fish; 20B Snack Tempura; 14D Sole; 16B Sour Shrimp; 27D Soy
Cutlets; 10D Soy Ice{30%}; 23D Soy Rice Omelet; 30D Soy Sauce Ramen;
40E Special Salad; 39A Special Stew; 27F Spicy Cutlet; 24F Spicy Pilaf;
25F Spicy Pizza; 12F Spicy Sandwich; 38F Spicy Sashimi; 34F Spicy Stew;
39F Spicy Stew; 3F Spicy Stir Fry; 20F Spicy Tempura; 3B Spinach Cake;
3C Spinach Juice; 3E Spinach Salad; 3D Spinach Saute; 37A Steak; 12C
Steak Sandwich; 8D Steamed Abalone; 5C Steamed Gyoza; 31B Suger-Cured
Meat; 29B Sukiyaki; 16A Sunomono ; 31F Surprise Burger; 33A Sushi; 7B
Sweet Bean Bun; 18B Sweet Croquettes; 1B Sweet Omelet; 4B Sweet Salad;
37B Sweet Steak; 39B Sweet Syrup; 26B Sweet Teriyaki; 34B Sweet Tofu;
15B Sweet&Sour Fish; 5F Szechuan Gyoza{30%}; 14C Tai-Chili Style{30%};
1A Tamago-Yaki; 9D Tatsuta Age; 33F Tekka-Don; 20A Tempura; 20D
Tempura-Don; 26E Teri-Cream; 12D Teri-Sand; 26A Teriyaki; 35F Tinto
Specialty; 31E Tintoburger; 36F Tom Yum Soup; 2B Tomato Juice; 2D
Tomato Miso Soup; 2E Tomato Salad; 2A Tomato Soup; 27A Tonkatsu; 12E
Veggie Sandwich; 4F Veggie Stir Fry; 6C Vichyssoise; 16E Weird Sunomono

Armor, non-food items;
Ancient Text; Antitoxin; Bandana; Belt of Strength; Blood Armor; Blue
Ribbon; Blue Dragon Urn; Book; Boots; Boulder Set; Brass Armor; Candle;
Cape; Cape of Darkness; Celadon Urn; Chain Mail; Chaos Shield; Cheek
Guards; Chick; Chinese Dish; Circuret; Coral; Crimson Cape; Crystal
Ball; Cup of Promise; Deer Antler; Dog Whistle; Dragon Armor; Dragon
Incense; Dream Robe; Earth Armor; Earth Shield; Escape Talisman;
Failure Urn; Feathered Hat; Fire Emblem; Fish Badge; Flame Helmet;
Flower Painting; Flute; Full Helmet; Full Plate; Fur; Fur Cape;
Gauntlet; Guard Robe; Gloves; Gold Bar; Gold Emblem; Goldlet; Graffiti;
Guard Ring; Half Helmet; Half Plate; Head Gear; Heavy Necklace; Holly
Berry; Horned Helmet; Invincible Smile; Iron Boots; Japanese Dish;
Karate Uniform; Kite Shield; Knight Armor; Leather Armor; Leather Cape;
Leather Coat; Leather Hat; Leggings; Leisure Set; Lubricating Oil;
Lucky Ring; Magic Ring; Magic Robe; Mangosh; Master Garb; Master Robe;
Mayonnaise; Medicine; Mega Medicine; Millet Dumplings; Mole Helmet;
Mole Suit; Musk; Native Costume; Necklace; Needle; Ninja Suit; Pearl;
Peeing Boy; Persian Lamp; Pointed Hat; Power Glove; Power Ring; Red
Pepper; Robe; Robe of Mist; Rose Bouquet; Rose Brooch; Sacrificial
Jizo; Salt; Scale Mail; Secret Writings; Sexy Wink; Shoulder Pads;
Silver Armor; Silver Hat; Silver Necklace; Silver Shield; Silverlet;
Skill Ring; Soy Sauce; Speed Ring; Star Earrings; Steel Shield; Stone
of Defense; Stone of Luck; Stone of Magic; Stone of Mag-Def; Stone of
Power; Stone of Skill; Sugar; Sun Badge; Sunglasses; Taikoku Wear;
Throat Drops; Thunder Amulet; Thunder God Garb; Toy Boat; Tunic; Vase;
Water Amulet; Wide Urn; Wind Amulet; Wind Hat; Windspun Armor; Wine;
Wing Ornament; Winged Boots; Wooden Amulet; Wooden Shield; Wooden Shoes

Status animations:
Unbalanced berserk unconscious alert sleeping poisoned confused rust
balloon bucket boost hyper toasty silence unfriendly invincible panic
spellbound knockdown  (this list may be inaccurate)

Unite Attacks: Bandit; Beastmaster; Beauty; Bow; Bow Wow; Buddy;
Circus; Copycat; Cross; Cutie Boy; Dad-Daughter; Double Kraken; Double
Leader; Double Monster; Family; Five Squirrel; Flash; Groupy; Head
Up!!; Husband-Wife; Knight; Kobold; 100 Kobold; Loyal Dog; Manly;
Narcissus; Ninja; Pretty Boy; Pretty Girl; Rival; Servant; Swordsman;
Tackle; Trick; True Beauty; Twin Fighter; Warriors; Winger

Monster unites:
6 Doremi Elves
Ladies of Banner Pass

[4.8c] Character worksheet

Name   Star  Location    Recruited __  Rested  yes___ no___
Fighter nonfighter other
Level ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo
ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/ooooo ooooo/oooo
Weapon Name _________________   _______________  ________________  level
oooo oooo oooo oooo
Head: Armor: Shield: Accessory 1: Accessory 2: Accessory 3:
Castle Comments:  Richmond's Commentary:  Cooking Contest Judging
Commentary: Unites: Defends/defended by: Fun scenes with: Suggestion Box
Letters:  Army Rune Ability: Comments in Highland Throne Room: Sells
(if shopkeeper): Animation variations: Ready stance, taking hit,
heavy wounds, unconscious, spellcasting stance, bath, cooking judge,
facing front, back, left, right, walking, running, climbing, pushing,
Enter party comment: Leave party comment: Die in battle comment:

[5] Glitches Translation problems and other annoyances
[5.1] Untranslated stuff

[5.1a] The two guys behind the counter of the Rockaxe item/armor shop
tell you to go to the other side to buy stuff.

[5.1b]What does that guy say when he takes my potch and I just get
He gives you trading advice.

Such as "I heard they are short on mayonnaise in
Highway Village..."


"They had a good harvest of grapes in Gregminster

The variations are nearly infinite.  – Blue Moon

[5.1c]Lily says that her father is very strong if you talk to her in
her house after liberating Tinto.

[5.1d] Tenzan Pass
Nope, I don't know what they should be called either.

[5.2]Mistranslated or mistransliterated stuff
   (a translation is about meaning, a transliteration is about sounds,
trying to write another language with letters that aren't used to it.)

[5.2a] The True Holy Rune.  This would have been better translated as
something like Godspeed rune.  The word "true" here keeps fooling us
into thinking it's one of the 27 true runes.

[5.2b] Mangosh.  Bad transliteration for "main-gauche" or left-handed
dagger.  Popular in the Italian Renaissance among other places.

[5.2c] Because I paid for the silly Prima guide, I have a list of what
they called a lot of the foods.  Sometimes I think Prima got it closer.

Prima name – game name:

Adult Tomago-Yaki -- Adult Fried Egg
Annindoufu -- Sweet Tofu
Cajun Sunomono -- Cajun Shrimp
Chanko -- Bouillabaise
Chili Shrimp Bento -- Shrimp Lunch
Chinese Spareribs -- see Hot Spareribs
Cold Sesame Noodles --  Chinese Noodles
Creamy Curry -- see Creamy Surry
Dried Grilled Fish -- see Dried Fish
Fancy Rice Balls -- Fancy Rice Ball
Fish Sticks -- Frech Fries
Fish with Bearnaise -- Fish with Sauce
Flaming Sea Special -- Flaming Sea
Flounder Teriyaki -- Sole
Greasy Fish Balls -- Greasy Fish
Japanese Clear Soup -- Clear Soup
Japanese Egg Soup -- Egg Porridge
Japanese Hamburger -- Japanburger
Japanese Meatballs -- see Meatballs
Lady's Lunch -- Ladies Lunch
Landmine Croquettes – Hot croquettes
Ma Po Bun -- Ma Bo Bun
Mayonnaise Cutlet -- Cream Cutlets
Meat and Potatoes -- Meat and Potato
Motsu Nabe -- Spicy Stew
Pineapple Custard -- Pineapple Rice
Quiche Mayonnaise -- Cream Quiche
Red Hot Rice Balls -- Tekka-Don
Red Pepper Rice Omelet -- Red Pepper Rice
Salmon Meuniere -- Salmon Meunire
Salty Rice Balls -- Salty Rice Ball
Salty Rice Omelet -- Salty Omelet
Sashimi Salad -- Salad Combo
Snapper in Chi -- Tai-Chili Style
Soy Sauce Cutlet -- Soy Cutlets
Spaghetti ala -- Downtown Pasta
Steamed Shellfish -- Steamed Abalone
Sugar Cured Meat -- Suger-Cured Meat
Surprising Tempura --  Amazing Tempura
Sweet and Sour -- Sweet & Sour Fish
Sweet Fish Sunomono -- Sour Shrimp
Sweet Red Bun  --  Sweet Bean Bun
Sweet Shrimp Pilaf -- Shrimp Pilaf
Sweet Simmered Fish -- Simmered Carp
Tempura Rice Balls -- Tempura-Don
Teriyaki Mayonnaise -- Teri-Cream
Teriyaki Sandwich -- Teri-Sand
Tinto-Style Burger -- Tintoburger
Tomago-Yaki -- Tamago Yaki
Traditional Tempura -- Real Tempura
Yaminabe -- Dark Stew

[5.3] Game freezes
   Sometimes people complain that the game freezes. This happened to me
when I'm doing the Pretty Boy unite, and as I find other complaints,
I'll add them here.  The most likely way to freeze up the game is to
have your last party member carried off by a flying monster.

Several people have complained about the game getting messed up in Tinto,
just after Jess goes off to attack.  They walk out of a room into the
black without being able to do anything else.

There is a way to get into the black from the castle dojo, by walking out
along the bottom edge of the eastern door.   If you go just a titch into the
southern door after you've gotten onto the black and then come out again 
you sometimes find yourself able to walk through the black to other rooms
as well.  If you go in the room with the blue knight (the door nearest to 
you can get back to your game.  It's tricky to make it work though!
(I first read about this in a post from corngonewrong on the gamefaqs 

[5.4] Tony/Yuzu bug.
   If you give Tony or Yuzu two of the same type items at once, you
won't see both of them appear on the farming terrace (although you will
get credit for both items in Hai Yo's kitchen.) Fairly annoying, from
my viewpoint!

[5.6]Why doesn't Annallee sing in my game?
The US translation has a glitch.  There's supposed to be battle music,
too...   * sigh *  I'm told the PAL version fixed it.
There's a way to hear Annalee's songs by putting the disk into a
computer drive, but I'm not sure what program(s) you need for this.

[5.7]Why did someone just disappear when I'm doing something (Like the
Greenhill mission)?
    During certain times, like when you're on a mission from Shu, the
recruitable stars vanish from their normal hangouts. This can get a player
worried, but the stars show up again after the plot has advanced.
Character names also sometimes disappear from the Stone Tablet, and
often don't show up in the list of people to put in your party. This
appears to have something to do with the plot. It's annoying, but
again, if you keep going, the names will come back.

[5.8]Gameshark infinite money problem
If you've enabled the "infinite money" code with a gameshark, you won't
be able to win money at chinchirorin or make a profit at trading.  Either
use codes to recruit Tai Ho, Shiro and Gordon or turn off the code while
you cope with them.
[6] Plot Questions

[6.1]Is Ridley supposed to die?  Ridley/Boris
    When Ridley is captured near Radat, he won't die.  Later, at Tinto,
if you run away, but Shu shames you into coming back, Ridley will die,
but his son Boris takes his place.

[6.2]What are the 27 true runes?
The ones we know about are:
Gate Rune (Front/Back)
Sovereign Rune
The Rune of Life and Death (Souleater)
Dragon Rune
True Wind Rune
Beast Rune
Circle Rune
Hachifusa Rune (Yuber)
Rune of Change
True Earth Rune
Moon Rune
Night Rune
Rune of the Beginning (Bright Shield/Black Sword)
True Fire Rune
True Water Rune
True Lightning Rune
(True Holy Rune -- Stallion's rune -- is a mistranslation.  It should
be something more along the lines of "godspeed" rune)

[6.3] Where are all of the known countries in the Suikoden world
located? (With the exception of the ones we haven't seen yet, of
Grasslands is located west of Jowston and Harmonia
Harmonia is North of Jowston and East of Grasslands.
Zexen is located to the west of the Grasslands.
Nameless Lands is north of Zexen.
Kanakan is south of Toran.
Island Republics is south of Toran.
Queendom of Falena is far south of Toran, on another
"Southlands" is very far south.  – Blue Moon

Vivi-Chan has a map on her website, but it only covers the area of the
two games.

[6.4]What are the differences in the 4 endings?

Ending 1: Run away from Tinto and quit. You and Nanami hide out in a
mountain cabin.
Ending 2: Rule the country
Ending 3: Jowy dies, and you rule the country
Ending 4: Save Jowy, Nanami, and run off to see the world.

[6.5] Can you/can you not save Kiba at the Fort?
No, you can not save Kiba. He will always die.

[7]Strategies Opinions Debates and Speculations

[7.1] Beat Luca Blight
    It actually doesn't matter whether or not you build up the first two
parties that fight Luca, although he'll be weaker in the duel if you do.
Make sure that your final party has good protection against fire, and hit
him as hard as you can.  Luca is incredibly tough, and he does a lot of
damage with each hit.  I like to have some spells which will take out his
guards early, so I can concentrate on Luca.  Don't forget to heal up after
you fight the last batch of soldiers so you won't go into the duel low
on hit points!

7.2 Beat the Beast Rune/Silver Wolf
    (To be addressed in a later version.)

7.3 Which is the best/favorite: (To be addressed in a later version.)
   7.3a Rune
   7.3b Rune Combo
   7.3c Unite Attack
   7.3d character
   7.3e Villain
7.4 Suikoden 3 (To be addressed in a later version.)
   7.4a Hero's weapon
7.5 Which Suikoden game is best? (To be addressed in a later version.)

[7.6] Matilda/Muse door, easter egg or glitch?
   Did the game designers give us the "pushable" door at the Matilda/Muse
gate as an "easter egg" or was it just something that they forgot to fix
as the game was put into production?  The debate rages.
    I'll be up front about this, I think it's an easter egg. In the first
Suikoden, you could benefit from a quest into a higher level area early in
the game which was obviously deliberate -- you got either a Fortune Rune or
a Prosperity Rune depending on how you did it.  I see the Muse/Matilda door
as an equivalent.  You get Humphrey and Futch and some keen armor and runes
as well as build up your levels as long as you're daring enough and the
monsters don't kill you.
     In evidence, various people have suggested that the shadow of the gate
has to be deliberate.  This was shot down, rather neatly, on the suikosource
forum by Lord Dude, who kindly gave me permission to quote him here.

I think there needs to be a more accurate explanation of the Matilda 
First of all, have you noticed that anything that is set to "move" (i.e.:
walking people, the boxes at the merc fort) can be pushed? Well, Konami
apparently set the gate to move. That way they could remove it at certain
points in the game without creating a whole different area without the gate
(that would have caused more programming, switches, variables, etc.). Anyone
who has worked with RPG Maker 2000 should understand that. You want the 
amount of coding possible.  Obviously, it was something the game testers
missed. I mean, who would go around pushing people?
One person contended that theory with "When you move the gate, the tree's
shadow covers part of the gate". The reason for that is simple. Shadow 
maps. That's what they use whenever a sprite passes through the Shadow 
Again, if you've used RPG Maker 2000, you'd understand how it's done.
The Shadow sprite is set to "Common Character Below", and "Transparent". 
way, it goes OVER any other sprite that passes through it, and it's 
so it looks like another shadow.
Like I said, it's a simple explanation. :p
-- Lord Dude

To which I say ... Hmmm...

The game doesn’t allow you to get into Muse from Matilda at any point
when it really doesn’t want you to get there.  When there are three
Matilda knights guarding the door, you just can’t touch it.

As for the question about pushing people, in Suikoden and Suikoden 2 it is
possible to get “cornered” by people who are moving around (I’ve had it
happen on the docks at Coronet) and the only way to get rid of them is to
be pushy.

(Although I do think it’s keen gaining a better understanding of how the
shadows work!)


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(The above list of books is from Blue Moon!  Wow!)

The Prima Guide is by Elizabeth Hollinger,
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[8.2]Short Webography

www.gamefaqs.com, and the faqs and message board there.
I started this faq to summarize the discussion at gamefaqs, since
older messages disappear after about two weeks, but the faq section
is the best on the web.  I recommend the forum here for beginners
and people who enjoy polls and speculation.
(You should know about them if you've found this faq, since it's the
place where the faq should appear.)

Vivi-Chan's homepage, "The Royal Harmonian Archive:
A wonderful source in particular for news from Japan and Suikogaiden

http: www.suikosource.com
(Blue Moon, Gengen, and Darkyoshino in combination.)
I doublechecked a number of things against the information here, both
on the site and in the forum.  While it's not yet complete, this is a
site which strives very hard for accuracy.  The forum here is more
in-depth, and very good for people who are fascinated by the intricate
details of the game series.

If you're looking for other Suikoden sites, suikosource has a list of
them under "Suikoden Portal" which tries hard to be complete, and is
more likely to be updated than this faq.  Many of the sites are quite
nice, and I recommend wandering widely.

[8.3] Other Genso Suikoden materials

There are four games at the moment (May 2001):
Genso Suikoden 1 (Japan, US/NTSC, and Europe/PAL)
Genso Suikoden 2 (Japan, US/NTSC, and (I think!) Europe/PAL)
Genso Suikogaiden 1 (Japan)
Genso Suikogaiden 2 (Japan)

Genso Suikoden 3 has been announced, but is still in development.

There are soundtrack CDs out there, too.


[9]Thanks and credits

The statements which I quote from Blue Moon are excerpted from e-mail
he sent me during April 2001.

For giving me questions that they thought needed answering, thanks
to: Tenstar, Erotic Joe, Lord Dude, Delusion, Darkannex, Abyss, Shiro,
Bob McDohl, Satanisis, Sir Miklotov,
For answers to questions when I was stuck or couldn't find it in my
notes: Blue Moon, Gundammike, Sir Miklitov
For moral support: All of the above and Shiro, Chocoboy,
There are more as well, whom I desperately want to thank, but until
the disk with the list decides to allow me to read it, I'll just have
to beg for mercy instead.

My apologies to several people who sent me information that isn't
here yet.  The disk with the information won't let me into it, and
I can't get to my friend the computer genius for at least another
month to unlock the data.
[0]The AntiFAQ

This isn't exactly an FAQ, it's more of a checklist with pointers and
as few spoilers as I can manage without leaving you unable to finish
the game successfully.

To Start With:
1.  Take it as a given that you cannot see everything in this game on
one go-through.  There are several places where you have to chose between
characters to recruit for one thing.  So relax and enjoy yourself, and
plan on going back.

2.  Get a Dexdrive or an empty memory card and save more than one
place, so if you really feel going back and trying another route, you
can.  I like to have a save at least a couple of plot points earlier
than I'm playing as a backup in case I found I've missed something or
someone important.

3.  If you haven't already played Suikoden 1, you might want to
consider going and playing it before you start Suikoden 2.  The saved
information from the earlier game has some fun consequences, and besides
you'll have better stats on the characters who come over.

4.  Talk to everyone, and try to look at everything.   Dash a lot.
(Hold down the circle button as you walk).

5.  Go back to places you've already been.  Often.  Things sometimes

6.  Running away can be a good thing.

7.  Don't ever give up!  If you die in a battle, even if you're tired
and want to go to bed now, choose the option to restart and then when
the game has reloaded, save at the save point again before you shut
down the game.

Plot guide:  (This isn't a walkthrough, it's a checkoff list.  You'll
recognize the plot bits as you get to (or past) them, but I've been
deliberately obscure, and I've left out some things.)

Camp -- POW -- Rescue 1 -- Pass -- Rescue 2 -- Recruiter -- Errand --
Apple -- Weaponry -- Major Battle 1 -- Major Battle 2 -- No Entry --
Treasure Hunt* -- Around City Hall** -- Reconnaissance -- Major Battle
3*** -- Run Away -- Transportation Troubles -- Reunion --
Castle/Cave/Castle**** -- Strategist -- Major Battle 4 -- More
Transportation Needed -- Three in One Town-Below/Fight -- College Town
day1/2/3/4 -- Knights -- Major Battle 5 -- Investigation -- Home/Bad
News -- Major Battle 6 -- Major Battle 7 -- Long Way for Allies -- Home
again -- Major Battle 8 -- Major Battle 9 -- Fight/Duel -- Truce --
Help Wanted -- Mining town -- Him AGAIN? -- Through Darkness/Fight --
Home -- Major Battle 10 -- College Town/Fight -- Major Battle 11 -- Not
What it Used to Be -- *****Home -- Major Battle 12 -- Sneak In/Fight --
Major Battle 13 -- Major Battle 14 -- Big Castle -- Decision Time --
Where Do you Go From Here?

SubQuests: Unicorn, Dragon, and McDohl. You'll need to do the first
two, but the third is only an option if you've got S1 data.
Possible diversion at Mining Town, but might end game early...

Side quests: Cooking (fun) and Clive (timed)

NOW OR NEVER  (in other words, save beforehand and make sure you've
done these things before you go on if you want all the stars or items.)
* Find a book before you go to fight the boss
** Meet a cloaked man and a woman with packages (star)
** pick up an old? friend and then ask around for a recipe (item)
** find a book (item)
*** pick up a new ally, but don't let him die of wounds (star)
**** find all the treasures, including 2 hidden rooms
*****Get All 108 Stars before talking to anyone if you want the best

People who can be in your party, your convoy, or count as one of the
108 stars --  Only I'm not saying which, and I'm not telling who! (I'll
give you first initials, though.)

Name				Star	Level	Notes
_____________________________	______	____	(your hero)____________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
A____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
B____________________________	______	____	_______________________
B____________________________	______	____	_______________________
B____________________________	______	____	_______________________
B____________________________	______	____	_______________________
B____________________________	______	____	_______________________
C____________________________	______	____	_______________________
C____________________________	______	____	_______________________
C____________________________	______	____	_______________________
C____________________________	______	____	_______________________
E____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
E____________________________	______	____	_______________________
F____________________________	______	____	_______________________
F____________________________	______	____	_______________________
F____________________________	______	____	_______________________
F____________________________	______	____	_______________________
F____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
G____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
H____________________________	______	____	_______________________
J____________________________	______	____	_______________________
J____________________________	______	____	_______________________
J____________________________	______	____	_______________________
J____________________________	______	____	_______________________
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
K____________________________	______	____	_______________________
L____________________________	______	____	_______________________
L____________________________	______	____	_______________________
L____________________________	______	____	_______________________
L____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
L____________________________	______	____	_______________________
L____________________________	______	____	_______________________
L____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
M____________________________	______	____	_______________________
N____________________________	______	____	_______________________
N____________________________	______	____	_______________________
O____________________________	______	____	_______________________
P____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
P____________________________	______	____	_______________________
P____________________________	______	____	_______________________
R____________________________	______	____	_______________________
R____________________________	______	____	_______________________
R____________________________	______	____	_______________________
R____________________________	______	____	_______________________
R____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
S____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
T____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Name				Star	Level	Notes
V____________________________	______	____	_______________________
V____________________________	______	____	_______________________
V____________________________	______	____	_______________________
V____________________________	______	____	_______________________
W____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Y____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Y____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Y____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Y____________________________	______	____	_______________________
Z____________________________	______	____	_______________________

In case I forgot someone:
_____________________________	______	____	_______________________
_____________________________	______	____	_______________________
_____________________________	______	____	_______________________
_____________________________	______	____	_______________________

Items:  (*came with the person who needs it, I think)
Window Sets 1, 2, 3*, 4*, 5, 6, 7
Sound Sets 1, 2, 3*, 4*, 5, 6, 7
Old Books  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Dragon 1*, 2, 3, 4  (1=Legs, 2=Tail, 3=Body, 4=Head)
Turtle 1, 2, 3, 4
Unicorn 1*, 2, 3, 4
Rabbit 1*, 2, 3, 4

Hammers:  Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold

Cabbage 1* 2 3  Potato 1* 2 3  Spinach 1 2 3  Tomato 1 2 3
Chick (eggs)1* 2 3  Piglet 1 2 3  Sheep/Lamb 1* 2 3 4** Calf 1 2 3
Whitefish 1 2 3 Shellfish 1 2 3  Shrimp 1 2 3 Salmon 1 2 3
Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise, Red Pepper

**you have to give up some treasure to get the fourth lamb

Recipes 1*,2,3,4*,5,6*,7*,8,9,10*,11,12,13,14,15*,16,17,18,19,20,

**very rare