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GENSO SUIKODEN 2 for Playsytation
updated on 24-10-99


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Oh yeah, this Character Synopsis is based on my own biased views. If 
you feel diffently we can argue until the world explodes and still 
there is no conclusion. Just tell me how you feel and I'll try to see 
if you're correct, 'k?


        I have received many e-mails regarding the characters, and on 
who to bring, what Runes to equip on etc. so I made up this character 
synopsis for everyone to choose and pick for themselves. Everyone has 
his/her favourites, so I'm not going to impose on you who to use in the 
battle against Luca or the last dungeon. Without further ado let's 
begin the detailed 119-character synopsis!!


1.   Hero - Fighter, Map

 Nuff said. The only compulsary character in the entire game. Is there 
 a way to kick him out of the party? Great all-round stats, and the 
 healing spells from the Bright Shield rune just makes him the perfect 
 attacker and healer. When he gets the second slot on his left hand, 
 you can attach a Fury Rune if you were lucky in Muse, or a Double-
 Beat Rune. Embed the Friendship Rune on his weapon, and you have an 
 unbeatable juggernaut on your hands.

2.   Barbara - Castle: Storehouse

 Not much to say except that you won't have access to your stores once 
 you lose the Mercenery Fortress, until you regain it after driving off 
 Solon Jhee. One thing to note, she can only store up to 60 items.

3.   Leona - Castle: Bar

 Sexy and businesslike, she is the one who changes your party members, 
 giving you the chance to recruit free characters BEFORE going to 
 report to Shu.

4.   GenGen - Fighter

 One of your first members, he is moderately strong, but slow. 
 Unfortunately you won't be using much of him after clearing the Sindar 
 Ruins as he will be overshadowed by others once you get your castle.

5.   MukuMuku - Fighter

 Muuu......^_^* One big plus point, you can use him when escaping from 
 Kyaro. That's about it. Crappy defense, crappy hit rate. Pray that you 
 don't get him when the Mercenery Fortress falls.

6.   Nanami - Fighter, Map

 She's noteworthy as the Hero's elder sister, and is in the active 
 party A LOT. She's fast, but a little on the weaker side. Her defense 
 is low, but her high skill and evade makes up for that. Give her a 
 Double-Beat Rune and watch her go 'whack, whack'!! Give her a Balance 
 Rune and lay all enemies flat with the Family Attack!!! 

7.   Rikimaru - Fighter

 Slow and strong. This describes many of the characters here, but none, 
 save Pesmerga and a few others, can be slower than him. He's good when 
 fighting in the Sindar Ruins though, but watch out, he won't last long 
 due to his low defense......

8.   Kinnison - Fighter

 He's useful only if Shiro is around. If not, don't even bother. Their 
 combination attack is the only reason why some use him. His attack is 
 really weak, and the same goes for his defense, and his skill level is 
 nowhere among the top.

9.   Shiro - Fighter
 VERY fast, moderate attack, great skill, crap defense. Add the fact 
 that most enemies mear the end can withstand a round of bashing, and 
 that it is S range, means that it will be forgotten very fast. His 
 combination attack with Kinnison is very good though, and that may be 
 a saving grace for him and his master.

10.  Millie - Fighter

 She's one of the dark horses that some like to use at times. First 
 off, she comes with the rare Blue Ribbon, which makes her quite immune 
 to long-range attacks. She is also one of the first people to be able 
 to equip a rune on her head, which means that she is sometimes the 
 first choice to attach the Blue Gate Rune. Her attack is weak though, 
 so is her speed, but her moderate magic sorta helps her out.

11.  Zamza - Fighter

 If not for his vainess, and that fact that he cannot wear decent 
 armor, I might be tempted to use him, but his Fire Dragon has a side 
 effect that is just plain annoying, especially when fighting against 
 bosses. Other than that hs is plainly average.

12.  Hanna - Fighter

 Strong and slow, but makes a good team with Oulan. She also comes with 
 the ability to equip a shield, which increases her defense by leaps 
 and bounds later on in the game. Add a Killer Rune, and she can be a 
 worthy contender for a regular place. 

13.  Apple - Map, Castle: Map unit changing

 The first of the returning characters this time actually is useful. 
 Talk to her to edit your battle groups, and NEVER let her choose.

14.  Tsai - Fighter, Map

 His attack is low, speed is low, defense is crap, but surprisingly 
 high skill if you take the time to train him up. Works best with his 
 daughter, otherwise he needs the Unicorn Rune to do any significant 
 damage to anyone. His Fire Spears in the map battles is another thing 

15.  Tuta - Fighter, Map

 Honestly, I never used him except when he joined up to get flour in 
 the beginning. He comes with a Medicine Rune though, which may come in 
 useful in long dungeons, but his crappy attack really kills any 
 intrest in using him. Same thing for the Map battles. Using him in 
 your group will only mean that you are wasting a space meant for 

16.  Anita - Fighter

 She's strong. Very strong. Coupled with the stats of a strong fighter 
 is her Falcon Rune, which despite having a miss rate, makes her one of 
 the strongest characters in the first part of the story. If you get 
 Valeria she becomes even more effective with their Rival Attack. Give 
 her a Gale Rune when she can equip one more, and watch her fly!!

17.  Gilbert - Map

 He is there to act as another group leader of your map battles, that's 
 all. Is there anything else to add?

18.  Rina - Fighter

 One of the first few people to join up, she is a tried and tested card 
 thrower. That's not all, her magic skills, although not really top-
 class, is pretty good. Plus the fact that she can attack from long 
 range makes her one of the most oft-used magicians. She starts out 
 with the Fire Rune which I never took out until I got the Rage Rune. 
 And the fact that she is one of the fastest magicians just adds to her 
 already impressive list. Try out and see.

19.  Eilie - Fighter

 Rina's younger sister, who is much, MUCH faster, and also a long range 
 attacker. An above average all-rounder whose magic stat is impressive. 
 Best used as a healer and support. Gice her a Kite Rune and she can go 
 ballistic, although not to the piont of being to kill off anyone in 
 one hit. If both of the sisters have Kite Runes......

20.  Bolgan - Fighter

 The third and last of the circus troupe, Bolgan packs a mean punch. 
 Unfortunately he loses out in the frontline as his Rune makes him 
 unbalanced all the time. Great combination attack to take out the 
 first boss though. Other than that......

21.  Viktor - Fighter, Map

 What should I say? Viktor is here because of Neclord, that's all. He's 
 one of the slowest characters unless you give him a Gale Rune, his 
 defense especially magic defense is crap, the only factors going for 
 him is that the Cross Attack is devestating, and that his personality 
 draws people to use him. Luckily he's not compulsary in the final 

22.  Flik - Fighter, Map

 Ahhh, Flik......crap magic, but moderate speed and high attack, plus 
 he's the favourite character of many people, makes him one of the most 
 popular. I would have forgotten about him if not for his Lightning 
 Rune and the Cross Attack......

23.  Freed Y. - Fighter, Map

 He's compulsary in two periods of time, and other than that, there's 
 no reason to use him. Low attack, low defense, low everything. Add the 
 fact that attaching elemental runes to weapons is suicide, well...... 
 you know the rest.

24.  Shu - Map

 He's the strategist, that's all.

25.  Huan - Map

 His Heal ability in the battle map is quite useful. Place him in one 
 of the groups that will never make it to the front line in time to 
 catch up with the cavalry and use that group as a long distance 

26.  Luc - Fighter, Map

 He's pretty fast, has GREAT magic, but beyond that, is CRAP. Add the 
 fact that his fighting ability is negligible makes him one of the 
 harder characters to use in dungeons. But when it comes to bosses he 
 can really deal tons of damage with his Wind Rune. Forget the Pixie 
 Rune. It can deal only minimal damage, and in the later parts of the 
 game, he is really useless unless he uses his magic, which isn't 
 really a lot.

26.  Richmond - Castle: Investigator

 He's there to help you get characters as well as give information on 
 all living characters that you have recruited. For a price of course.

27.  Alex - Castle: Item shop

 The items sold in his shop will increase once you visit other shops. 
 Note that Rare Finds will NOT be included unless they are sold in 
 shops as normal items.

28.  Hilda - Castle: Inn

 You can rest there for FREE!!

29.  Adlai - Castle: Elevator

 For the freedom of useage, use the elevator. Unless you like trekking 
 up and down staris of course.

30.  Oulan - Fighter, Map

 She's a little slow, but her Angry Dragon more than makes up for that. 
 Give her a Fury Rune if you got it in Muse, and watch her splatter 
 enemies all over the place with her "Shoryuken!". Add Hanna to the 
 entourage and the Tackle Attack can bring most enemies down.

31.  Yoshino - Fighter

 She is acting as a compliment to Freed Y., but isn't really helpful to 
 your cause at all. Let her wash clothes instead.

32. Templton - Castle: Map

 Don't you hate it when Konami can spell names wrongly? He gives you 
 the Suiko map, which is VERY useful to find your coordiantes, 
 especially if you can't find Sajah Village.

33.  Amada - Fighter

 He's average, that's all I can say......dosen't excel in any area, 
 that makes him one of the harder characters to use.

34.  Tai Ho - Fighter, Map

 His defense lets him down, but other than that makes a pretty good 
 fighter. Too bad no combination attack. Give him a Unicorn Rune to 
 increase his effectiveness in the battles.

35.  Yam Khoo - Map, Castle: Fishing

 You can't use him his time round :(

36.  Clive - Fighter

 Someone with a gun, great skill, great speed, high attack, low 
 defense. That is, if you can get him in the first place. Strangely 
 enough, he can use the Kite Rune......

37.  Taki - Castle: Gossiper


38.  Hans - Castle: Armorer

 Same as Alex, no Rare Finds, but will sell all Armor once you have 
 opened up the dialogue box with Armorers all over the game world.

40.  Fitcher - ??

 No comments here, he does have major roles to play though.

41.  Ridley - Map

 Great on the map. His Critical skill comes up more often than others.

42.  Chaco - Fighter, Map

 Fast fighter, but medium attack and low defense lets him down. On the 
 map he can let an Infantry unit fly, and that's all fot his 

43.  Sid - Fighter

 Remove his Waking Rune and you have basicially Chaco with slighter 
 higher defense and slightly lower speed. With the Waking Rune he needs 
 to be hit first before he can become effective. 

44.  Gabocha - Fighter.

 L range attacker, but low stats really make him a hard character to 
 use. Since your backline is more magic-based, it's hard for him to 
 find a place in your adventuring lineup.

45.  Hai Yo - Fighter, Castle: Restaurant

 As far as I know no one uses him in battle. Leave him in your 
 restaurant instead. And see his sub-story.

46.  Stallion - Fighter

 His main use is that you can dash on the world map. Once you get the 
 Blinking Mirror you can let him run circles in your castle. 

47.  Shilo - Castle: Chinchiron

 Wanna win easy money anyone? Lose even more due to high AI skill?

48.  Tetsu - Castle: Baths

 The baths are important this time round. Stay long enough, and when 
 your characters become 'toasty' they can heal their HP when walking 
 and in battle, for a limited time. Much better than using one slot for 
 the Sunbeam Rune.

49.  Hix - Fighter

 His speed and defense are higher than Flik's, surprisingly enough. But 
 in return his attack is lower, but it's a good enough trade-off, given 
 the fact that if Tengaar is also in your party, they make a great 

50.  Tengaar - Fighter

 She's the second-fastest magician in the game, plus the fact that she  
 is a L-ranged character makes her one of the better choices for a 
 travelling party. A Blue Ribbon cancels out her need to equip only 
 magical Robes, and with Hix in your party, they are devestating, 
 second  to the Family Attack. Give her the Mother Earth Rune and 
 Cyclone Rune and she is the best supporting character in your team. 
 Give her Rage and Thunder and she can eliminate all that stand in her 
 way. One who will give Rina or Eilie a run for their money.

51.  Meg - Fighter

 Meg is SUPPOSED to be a magician , but really excels in neither magic 
 nor fighting. Her only saving grace is her Trick Rune, and her 
 combination attack with Gadget. Best used as supporting character.

52.  Gadget - Fighter

 Good when Meg is around, CRAP if she's not. Nuff said.

53.  Wakaba - FIghter

 Good attack, good speed, crap defence. And the fact that she stands in 
 the front row dosn't help her resume one bit. AND she has to be in 
 Critical condition before her White Tiger Rune is anywhere strong 
 enough to take out end-game enemies. Sigh......

54.  Tony - Castle: Garden

 Whack-a-mole anyone?

55.  Emilia - Castle: Library

 Give her all your Old Books. Let them gather dust in the library.

56.  Jeane - Castle: Runeshop

 Same as the shops, no Rare Finds, only those that were sold before.

57.  Yuzu - Castle: Farm

 No major role to play here. Give her all the farm animals you find.

58.  Teresa - Map

 She has Bombard ability, but like all Archer units, low hit 

59.  Shin - Fighter, Map

 Great attack, but on the other hand low speed. Your choice, but a Gale 
 Rune really helps to cancel the difference.

60.  Nina - Fighter

 You must see her Groupie Attack once. It's so funny! Other than that 
 she makes one hellava good misser. 

61.  Viki - Fighter, Castle: Teleport

 She has the highset Luck in the Stars, and that definately helps out 
 when casting her Blink Rune. But if she's in your party you will not 
 be able to teleport, so why use her? let her fumble with her 
 teleporting instead.

UPDATE: She CAN teleport if she's in your party. Just walk over to the 
        spot where she's supposed to stand and she will teleport the 
        party. Kudos to Kevin Packard for that.

62.  Humphrey - Fighter, Map

 The slowest of them all, Humphrey is one BIG ROCK when it comes to 
 fighting. Give him a Gale Rune if you wish to use him. His ultra-high 
 defense even cancels out Luca's triple sword thrust!! AND his sttack 
 is high, abelit medium skill.

63.  Futch - Fighter
 Well, he's quite fast, medium attack, average defense. Basicaially an 
 all-round attacker. Will do quite well if given the Unicorn Rune and 
 Double-Beat or Killer Rune.

64.  Miklotov - Fighter, Map

 Miklo-tofu to some, he's an above-average fighter. If not for the fact 
 that there are about 30-odd people who are fighting for the lineup he
 might do better. The Knight Rune comes in handy in boss battles, and 
 his combination attack with Camus is also quite good.

65.  Camus - Fighter, Map

 He comes with an unremovable Rage Rune. That's the main reason why 
 some choose to use him. Unfortunately his magic is so low that it is 
 quite wasteful for him to use magic when he would do better cutting 
 monsters up. Generally faster than Miklotov, and lower defense.

66.  Kiba - Map

 The only Star that won't survive...*sob*

67.  Klaus - Map

 Map skills is a whopping +3 to defense!!

68.  Lebrante - Castle: Appraisal

 At 400 potch an appraisal......better go to Greenhill.

69.  Simone - Fighter

 Who uses this clown!? He is a L-range attacker, who throws ROSES for 
 goodness sake. Surprisingly high Level when he joins, you might decide 
 to use him as backline support with the Kite Rune......

70.  Valeria - Fighter, Map

 Falcon Rune + Anita = Devestating Rival Duo. She quite fast as well, 
 and has decent defense to boot.

71.  Kasumi - Fighter, Map

 Her low defense is sorta nullified by her high evade, plus the fact 
 that hse has WONDERFUL speed and great skill makes her everyone's 
 favourite. Unfortunately her attack is low, which means that you'll be 
 using her Shrike Rune most of the time, cancelling out her useful high 
 skill. And the fact that this time she can only attack from the front  
 means that you'll be healing her a lot if you decide to bring her 

72.  Sheena - Fighter

 Strangely enough, he's quite good. Not really THAT good, but above 
 average. He can also equip 3 runes at an early stage, and that's a big 
 plus. Mould him into a type of character you wish him to compliment 
 your party with.

73.  Lorelai - Fighter, Map

 She's L-range this time round, but that dosen't change anything. 
 Attack is still in the mid-range, and her low speed sorta makes her 
 one of the lesser-used characters.

74.  Mondo - Fighter

 Not as fast as Kasumi, but also packs a punch. Also short range, which 
 makes him kinda hard to use along with Kasumi, all because you can 
 bring along only 5 other characters.

75.  Sasuke - Fighter

 Lower speed and attack AND defense than either of the two ninjas, he 
 is another character who gets pushed out of the picture due to the 
 presence of better people to use.

76.  Badeaux - Fighter

 A beastmaster who is only useful if there is a L-sized monster in your 
 team. In other words, useless unless you want to try something exotic.

77.  Feather - Fighter

 L-sized monster which takes up 2 slots, Feather does well against 
 airborne enemies, but has crappy evade and attack. Not recommended to 
 use unless you want to see it's combination attack.

78.  Ayda - Fighter, Map

 With Stallion, can deal a bit of damage, but not really recommended 
 because of her low attack. More useful in the Greenhill Battle Map.

79.  Sigfried - Fighter

 Another L-sized monster that takes waaay too much space. Low attack, 
 and although its Rune is quite good, it's low magic hampers it a lot.

80.  Gordan - Castle: Trading House

 The items in his trading house will increase as you recruit more 

81.  Tomo - Fighter

 Works well with her father. Another one of those attacking all-
 rounders that you find, with higher speed and lower defense. Unicorn 
 Rune is the best for her.

82.  Maximillian - Fighter, Map

 He's too old to do anything useful, and that's a fact.

83.  Annallee - Castle: Sound Test

 Listen to her wonderful song!!

84.  Killey - Fighter

 He has a strange effect on people, but he is actually a little above 
 average in all areas. But as usual, he tends to get bumped off during 
 story events.

85.  Hoi - Fighter

 He has the Technique Rune, for those who are really desperate for 
 money......but he's the kind where you recruit for the sake of numbers 

86.  Connell - Castle: Sound Change

 The epitome of cuteness......*pukes into barf bag*

87.  Bob - Fighter

 He's wonderful once he turns wolf. Absolutely nothing, save bosses, 
 survives one round against him. Too bad you waste a turn transforming 
 and it only lasts 3 turns.

88.  Karen - Fighter, Castle: Dancing

 She's good at dancing, that's all. Not much to say that you don't 
 really wnat to break her nails fighting.

89.  Long Chan Chan - Fighter

 Another great fighter with crappy defense. Exactly the same as Wakaba 
 with slightly higher stats all round. Use him if you are really 
 feeling up to martial artists.

90.  Tenkou - Castle: Window Change

 Another character to add up the numbers.

91.  Ruara - Castle: Scroll shop

 Turns magic Runes into scrolls. Best when using Earth Crystals.

92.  Boris - Map

 Not as good as his father was. Has Evade though.

93.  Jess - ??

 Stupid Jess......

94.  Hauser - Map

 Great fighting general.

95.  Marlowe - ??

 Another one of those completely useless characters.

96.  Kahn - FIghter

 Has the Ressurection Rune. You have to use him when fighting Neclord. 
 Other than that he can still be used, but without the Ressurection 
 Rune he isn't any better than any one of those all-rounders......

97.  Sierra - Fighter

 She's a magician, can use death magic, but you'll probably use her for 
 bashing bosses. Best for haters of the snobbish Luc. Her magic stat is 
 actually comparable to him, but of course she loses out in the speed 

98.  Koyu - Fighter, Map

 Typicially fast, but weak in all other areas. Give him the Gozz Rune 
 if you feel like it, but generally a forgotten character once the 
 Neclord event is over.

99.  Gijimu - Fighter, Map

 Comes with the Double-Beat Rune, which helps out a bit. basicially a 
 stronger but slower version of Koyu.

100. Lo Wen - Fighter, Map 

 Nothing much to say about her. Good only when doing the Bandits 

101. Georg - Fighter, Map

 Comes at an astoishingly high level. Great fighter with decent 
 defense, and the low speed can be erased with a Gale Rune.

102. Gantetsu - Fighter

 Comes with the Ressurection Rune. Other than that has no use unless 
 you want to see his combination attack.

103. Abizboah - Fighter

 The third of the L-sized monsters, typicially useless unless you want 
 to get Rulodia and Chuchara.

104. Pico - Castle: Sound Test

 Creating trouble wherever he goes......

105. Jude - Castle: Guardian Deity

 Useful in making the Guardian Deity, other than that nothing much.

106. Alberto - Castle: Sound Test

 The last member of the performing band.

107. Tessei - Castle: Blacksmith

 You need him to sharpen your weapons from Lv 12 onwards.

108. Vincent - Fighter

 He can fight!! But overall is crappy......

109. Pesmerga - Fighter

 He can fight, but moderate strength plus low speed makes him one of 
 the harder characters to use, especially since he comes in so late in 
 the game......

110. Genshu - Fighter

 Another hard character to use, his Swallow Rune isn't that effective 
 in killing, since he is a little slower than most.

111. Mazus - Fighter, Map

 Crowley's rival, and has stats that nearly equal Crowley. Great when 
 fighting Lucia, but not really recommended for long dungeon treks due 
 to the fact that true magicians NEVER fight well.


112. Jowy - Fighter, Map

 One of the best characters in the game, is quite unfortunate that you 
 can use him only for a part of the game. Is best as an attacker with 
 the Buddy Attack, which can blow most enemies away. The Black Sword 
 Rune is really effective against most monsters, and the addition that 
 he is a fighter with high magic only adds to that.

113. Loradia - Fighter
 The fourth L-sized monster. Saving grace is it's Flowing Rune. But 

114. Chuchara

 The last of the L-sized monsters. Again, not useful due to the fact 
 that they take up 2 slots each......

UPDATE: With thanks to Kevin Packard, he has told me that Chuchara 
        takes up only ONE slot as it is a baby Kraken. But babies being 
        what they are, has crap stats.

115. MakuMaku

 See MukuMuku

116. MikuMiku

 See MakuMaku

117. MekuMeku

 See MikuMiku

118. MokuMoku

 See MekuMeku

119. (A-Z)cDohl

 The BEST character in the game. His Twin Heaven Fang starts at Lv 14 
 (You DID sharpen it to Lv 16 in GS1, didn't you?) and he his Soul 
 Eater, along with his high stats can do ULTRA-HIGH damage to ALL, 
 including bosses. And his combination attack with the Hero will be the 
 one that can allow you to clear random battles without breaking a 
 sweat. The only negative point (if you can call it negative) is that 
 you have to go all the way to Gregminster to get him to join.

That's about it. Now it's your turn to choose. PLEASE don't e-mail me 
asking who to bring, as I can give you MANY possible combinations which 
I have tried (successfully) to beat the final boss. It isn't that hard 
if you try hard enough and train enough.

Thanks for reading!!