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Genso Suikoden 2 Free Character List
Compiled by JL Lee <>

    The following list is of the free characters that can be recruited in the
game. They are placed in chronological order, and does not include non-stars.
Feel free to use this list at your own discretion. Please use a Japanese
translater to view the real names of the characters.

        Note: MukuMuku and Anita can be found in two places, depending on
the time of the story.

Character       Found in                How to join (exact location)

Mukumuku        Chiro                   Check the big tree behind the Hero's
ムクムク                                house {the one in the opening
                                        credits} 3 times, Hero will circle
                                        the tree once, it will appear.
                                        (Behind house, before meeting
             or Greenhill/Muse border   Wander alone back and forth along
                                        the road between Greenhill and the
                                        Greenhill/Muse border and it will 
                                        appear randomly in one of the
                                        battles (world map)

Rikimaru        Ryupun                  Pay 3000 bits for his meal (man
リキマル                                lying down at entrance)

Kimisun         Ryupun Forest           Put the birds back on the tree, he
キニスン                                will appear after some time (forest)

Shiro           Ryupun Forest           Joins with Kimisun (forest)

Millie          Ryupun                  Before Ryppun is burned down, agree
ミリー                                  to help her find her pet (before  
                                        entrance to Ryupun forest)

Zamza           Dodo                    Before Dodo is burned down, Nanami
ザムザ                                  must be in party. (Inn)

Hanna           Dodo                    After Dodo is burned down (Dodo)

Touta           Muse                    (in front of Hou An's house)

Anita           Muse                    Help her fill her glass, give her 
アニタ       or Banner                  antidote どくけしそう, or answer 
                                        でもこんなきれいなははじめて when
                                        she asks the Hero's impression of her,
                                        and she can be asked to join after
                                        doing so several times. You must exit
                                        the city/town to have her ask you again

Gilbert         Battle Map              Injure him once(Battle Map 3)

Templeton       Dodo                    Find him at Mercenery Camp first
テンブルトン                            (Dodo ruins)

Richmond        Rataido                 Play Heads/Tails with him once,get
リャチモンド                            coin in bar, look for him again
                                        (outside Appraisal shop)

Alex            Southwindow             (Inn 2nd floor)

Hilda           Southwindow             Joins with Alex(Inn 2nd floor)

Adalie          Southwindow             Give him a Sacrifice, Wood Shield
アダリー                                and throw him the Wind Crystal
                                        (inside one of the houses)

Ouran           Koskos                  Only after Richmond has checked out.
オウラン                                Bring a female only party (L of first

Eugina          Rataido                 Freid Y. must be in party (washing
ヨツノ                                  point)

Tai Ho          Koskos                  Win 5000 bits {docks}

Yam Koo         Koskos                  Joins with Tai Ho {docks}

Clive           Southwindow             Talk to him after ship travel to
クライブ                                Lakewest is possible (below entrence)

Taki            Lakewest                Talk with her 4 times (inside one of 
タキ                                    the houses)

Hans            TwoRiver(Human)         (inside Inn 2nd floor)

Cid             TwoRiver(Underground)   Charko must be in party(go L at falls)

Gaboucher       TwoRiver(Kobold)        GonGon must be in party (inside one
ガボチャ                                of the houses)

Hai Yo          HQ                      Castle must be Lv 2. On second floor
ハイ.ヨー                              balcony (R side)

Stallion        Rataido                 Possible only after fall of Greenhill.
スタリオン                              Run from battle 50 times (running)

Shiro           Lakewest                Castle must be Lv 2. Win 5000 bits
ツロウ                                  (Inn)

Tetsu           Lakewest                Buy タコスフライ from TwoRiver(Kobold),
テツ                                    use until smoke emerges from Hero,
                                        then talk to him (one of the houses)

Hix             Kobold                  Found in Lakewest inn first, then go
ヒックス                                to Kobold, and complete Unicorn Quest

Tengaar         Kobold                  Joins with Hix (Kobold)

Meg             Greenhill/Muse border   Castle must be Lv 2 (border)

Karakurimaru    Greenhill/Muse border   Joins with Meg (border)

Wakaba          Forest                  Castle must be Lv 2, Hero must be
ワカバ                                  above Lv 30. (in front of Armor shop)

Tony            Forest                  Castle must be Lv 2 (inside village
トニー                                  Chief's house)

Emilia          Greenhill               Choose the first choice when talking
エミリア                                to her (Greenhill school)

Jeane           TwoRiver(Human)         Possible only after fall of Greenhill
ジーン                                  (inside Runeshop)

Yuz             Kobold                  Possible only after Unicorn quest, 
ユズ                                    agree to help him find his sheep 

Humphrey        Street                  Complete Dragon quest (Inn)

Futch           Street                  Joins with Humphrey (Inn)

Reverand        Rataido                 Castle must be Lv 3. Asks for rare
レブラント                              item せいじのつぼ, can be bought in
                                        Griegmeister trading house-last item
                                        or dropped from enemy in area near
                                        Rataido (Appraisal)

Jamon           Rataido                 Castle must be Lv 3. Buy RoseBadge
ツモーヌ                                from Banner(at lower L of dam screen)

Lorelai         Greigmeister            Castle must be Lv 3 (Greigmeister)

Mondo           Rokkaku                 Kasumi must be in party. If Valaria
モンド                                  is recruited, Castle must be Lv 4

Sasuke          Rokkaku                 Kasumi must be in party. (In front of
サスケ                                  trading house) If Valaria is recruited,
                                        Castle must be Lv 4 {Rokkaku}

Hardo           Greenhill/Matilda Path  Castle must be Lv 3. Shiro and no
バド                                    other humans must be in party (2nd
                                        screen upon entering)

Feather         Forest                  After Hardo's Crystal obtained (in
フェザー                                front of trading center)

Eida            Forest                  Joins with Feather (in front of
エイダ                                  trading center)

Silkfried       Kobold Forest           After Hardo's Crystal obtained, 
ジークフリード                          Possible only after Unicorn Quest.
                                        Must bring at least 1 "pure" female
                                        along eg. Nanami, Ayle (Unicorn area)

Gordon          Greigmeister            Must make at least 50,000 bits profit
ゴードン                                from trading (inside Trading house)

Domo            Ryupun Forest           Castle must be Lv 3. After Shy asks
トモ                                    to go home, Shy must be in party
                                        (Shy's house)

Maximillian     Southwindow             Castle must be Lv 3. After Rugal has
マクツミリアン                          been killed (upon entering the city)

Annelie         Southwindow             Castle must be Lv 3. After Rugal has
アンネリー                              been killed, she will be inside Inn,
                                        then on R side in front of town hall.
                                        Joins after singing a song. (Inn,
                                        outside Town Hall)

Kylie           Southwindow             Castle must be Lv 3. Possible only if
キリィ                                  Alex has joined, after Rugal has been
                                        killed. After talking to him, go back
                                        to HQ, find him quarrelling with Alex,
                                        then look for him in Southwindow
                                        again (in front of trading house)

Hoi             Rataido                 After Rugal has been killed (Inn)

Cornel          Forest                  Castle must be Lv 3. Bring 1 sound
コーネル                                set to him (inside one of the houses)

Bob             TwoRiver(Kobold)        Possible only if there are 80
ボブ                                    recruits (TwoRiver Kobold)

Karen           Koskos                  Castle must be Lv 3. After Rugal has
カレン                                  been killed, dance accordingly to her
                                        steps (Inn)

RonChanChan     Crome                   Wakaba must be in party. He will run
ロンチャンチャン                        out of Inn upon reaching door (behind
                                        house on R of inn)

Tenkou          Crome                   Bring 1 Window Set to him (inside one
テンコウ                                of the houses)

Laura           Tint                    Possible only if Jeane has joined (in
ラウラ                                  front of mayor's house)

Georku          Path to TigerMouth      After defeating Neclord (go R from
ゲオルグ                                TigerMouth entrence)

Gante           Southwindow             After defeating Neclord. Party 
ガンテツ                                members' strength must be high enough
                                        to move him, >400 (below town hall)

Pico            Greenhill               Possible only if Annelie has joined
ビコ                                    (inside Inn)

Judo            Greenhill               Possible only after Greenhill has
ヅュド                                  been recaptured. When he asks for
                                        some clay, go to Forest and get from
                                        a man there (inside Forge classroom,
                                        1F, Greenhill school)

Albert          Tint                    Possible only if Annelie and Pico
アルバード                              have joined (inside Armor shop)

Vincent         Rataido                 Castle must be Lv 4, Jamon must be
ヴァンサ                                in party {where Jamon was}

Tesai           Koskos                  Castle must be Lv 2. Possible only
テッサー                                after Greenhill has been recaptured,
                                        Viktor must be in party (inside Forge)

Pesmegera       Wind Cave               Castle must be Lv 4 (sword boss)

Goncha          Koroni                  Weapon must be LV 15, castle must be
ゲンシュウ                              Lv 4 (dock)

Meisas          Crome Mines             Castle must be Lv 4, no other people
メイザース                              can be recruited {not confirmed}
                                        (place where there is a lot of 

Abizboah        Crome Mines             Castle must be Lv 3, after defeating
アビズボア                              Neclord, it will be found in the mines
                                        Must have at least one of Hardo's 
                                        Crystals (mines)

L'Roldadia      Crome Mines             Possible only after Abizboah has been
ルヮラディア                            recruited, (where Abizboah was)


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