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108 Stars of Destiny
by Odin

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Castle Level 1= 30 members and below
Castle Level 2= 31-60 members
Castle Level 3= 61-100 members
Castle Level 4= 101 members and above


Name			Location	How to get them

1. Hero			Start with	Start with

2. Ridley		Two River City 	Joins after Two River City beats Kiba

3. Shu 			Radat City 	Joins after you find his coin

4. Luc 			HQ	 	Lekneet brings him to you

5. Humphrey 		Rakutei Mt.	Complete Dragon Quest

6. Hauser		Tinto City 	Joins after you defeat Neclord

7. Kiba 		HQ		Don't kill him after you beat him in battle
					and he joins

8. Pesmerga		Cave of Wind	Shows up where you fought the Star Dragon
					Sword when you have 100 members talk
					with him and he will join you

9. Sierra		Tigermouth	Joins when you walk into Tigermouth with

10. Teresa		Greenhill City	Rescue from Greenhill City

11. Nina		Greenhill City  Joins when you return to HQ with Teresa

12. Monster 1		???		See monster section at bottom of faq

13. Viktor 		South Window 	Joins when you enter South Window for the first

14. Valeria		Gregminister	Choose her at Gregminister
14. Kasumi		Gregminister	Same as Valeria

15. Fitcher		Two River City 	After you defeat Kiba at Two River City

16. Clive		South Window  	Talk to him when you have a boat

17. Flik		HQ		Joins after you defend HQ for the first time

18. Tsai		Ryube Forest	Go to his house in the forest when you need
					Fire Spears

19. Jess		Tinto City	Joins after you defeat Neclord

20. Stallion		Radat Town	After fall of Greenhill, Must beat him in race
					(run from battle 50 times to win race)

21. Georg		Tigermouth Path	After beating Neclord talk to him

22. Hanna		Toto Village	Talk to her after Toto burns down

23. Killey 		South Window 	Talk to him in South Window then
					at Alex's shop then back at South
					Window After Alex has joined you
					and after Luca is dead

24. Anita		Muse City / 	Keep talking to her and saying she is
			Banner Village	beatuiful and refilling her glass (you
					have to leave the town every after time
					you talk to her

25. Monster 2		???		See monster section at bottom of faq

26. Nanami		Kyaro Town	Walk into your back yard

27. Rina		Coronet Town	Talk to her after Tai Ho agrees to take you
					to Kuskus Town

28. Tai Ho 		Kuskus Town 	Win 5000 bits from him and he will join

29. Eilie		Coronet Town	Joins with Rina

30. Yam Koo		Kuskus Town 	Joins with Tai Ho

31. Bolgan		Coronet Town 	Joins with Rina

32. Hix 		Kobold Village	After defending Two River Talk to him and
					Tengaar in Lakewest inn and then go to Kobold
					Village and complete Unicorn Quest

33. Tengaar		Kobold Village 	Joins with Hix

34. Freed Y		HQ 		Joins after South Window falls to highland

35. Yoshino		Radat Town	Bring Freed Y to her house and then leave the
					town then come back to her house and she will
					join (will only be there if shu has already

36. Chaco		2 River(Kobold)	After you defeat Kiba at Two River City joins
					when you try to leave town

37. Klaus 		HQ 		Joins with Kiba

38. Gilbert 		Battle Map 3	Wound him in battle and he joins

39. Tetsu		Lakewest Town	Buy fried tacos from Two River City(Kobold) and
					use them on the Hero until he starts smoking
					then go and talk to him

40. Jeane		2 River(Human)	Talk to her in the Rune shop after the fall of
					Greenhill City

41. Wakaba		Forest Village	Castle Level 2, Hero must be level 30+

42. Maximillian		South Window 	After you Luca has been killed he will stop
					you when you enter the town

43. Genshu		Coronet Town	Castle Level 4 Hero's weapon level 13+

44. Camus		Rockaxe Castle	Joins with Miklotov

45. Miklotov		Rockaxe Castle	Joins after returning to Rockaxe having
					completed secret mission to Muse

46. Jude		Greenhill City	After you have recapture Greenhill bring
					him  clay, a guy in Forest Village has clay

47. Lebrante		Radat Town	Buy a Ceadon Vase from the Trader in
					Gregminister and give it to him

48. Lorelai 		Gregminister	Castle level 3

49. Tony		Forest Village	Castle level 2 in the chief's house

50. Gijimu		Tinto City	Joins after defeating Neclord

51. Rikimaru		Ryube Village	Pay for his meal (3000 Bits) and he will join

52. Gantetsu		South Window	After defeating Neclord challenge him the
					parties' total strength has to be over 400

53. Simione		Radat Town	Buy a Rose Brouch at Banner Village
					and  give it to him and he will join

54. Connell		Forest Village	Castle must be level 3, bring him a sound set

55. Hans		2 River(Human)	Talk to him on the 2nd floor of the Inn

56. Huan 		HQ 		Same as Flik

57. Tuta		Muse City	Talk to her in front of Huan's house

58. Futch		Rakutei Mt	Joins with Humphrey

59. Tomo		Ryube Forest	Bring Tsai to his house when he asks to get
					get some tools, Tsai must be in party

60. Badeaux		Forest Path	Castle Level 3 must have hero and shiro in

61. Mazus		Tinto Mines	Castle Level 4 he is standing where there are
					a bunch of slides

62. Mondo		Rokkaku Hamlet	Castle Level 4 if you got Valeria or
					just have Kasumi and enter the town
					(see end of faq for directions to town)

63. Sasuke		Rokkaku Hamlet	Same as Mondo

64. Leona		HQ		Same as Flik

65. Adlai		South Window 	After you get HQ give him a sacrifice jizo
					and a wooden shield and then get a wind crystal
					and throw it at him

66. Raura		Tinto City	Joins if you have Jeane

67. Sheena		Gregminister	Find in HQ(not sure when) and he leads you to
					Gregminister where he joins

68. Kinnison		Ryube Forest 	Put nest back in tree and walk off and
					back onto the screen and he will join

69. Shiro 		Ryube Forest 	Joins with Kinnison

70. Amada		Radat Town	Go and talk to him when you need to get to
					Two River city

71. Emilia		Greenhill City	Tell her who you and Flik are (the first

72. Zamza 		Toto Village	Talk to him with Nanmai in party (before
					Toto burns down)

73. Karen 		Kuskus Town	Castle Level 3, dance with her
					after Luca has been killed

74. Lo Wen 		Tinto City	Joins with Gijimu

75. Tenkou		Crom Village 	Bring him a window set and he joins

76. Gadget		Greenhill/Muse  Joins with Meg

77. Annallee		South Window 	After Luca has been killed go to the Inn
					then talk to her again to the right of the
					town hall after she sings she joins

78. Viki		Greenhill/ 	Appears out of no where and joins

79. Koyu		Tinto City	Same as Gijmu

80. Vincent		Radat Town	Castle Level 4 bring Simione to where he
					was standing and he will join

81. Meg			Greenhill/Muse 	Castle Level 2, talk to her

82. Mukumuku		Kyaro Town 	Talk to the big tree behind the Hero's
				OR	house 3 times
			Greenhill/Muse 	Walk back and forth between Greenhill and
			Border		Greenhill/Muse Border with only the Hero
					and he will show up in a battle and he joins

83. Marlowe		Tinto City	Same as Gijimu

84. Richmond		Radat Town	Play the coin game with him once then go
					to the bar and talk to a game there and get
					another coin and play him again

85. Apple		Toto Village	When you return to Toto after buying the
					wooden amulet and she will be there

86. L. C. Chan 		CromVillage	Go to the Inn with Wakaba in your party
					then talk to him behind the house to the
					right of the Inn

87. Millie		Ryube Village	Agree to find Bonepart and when you do
					she joins

88. Tessai		Kuskus Town	After you have recaptured Greenhill bring
					Viktor to the weapon shop and he will join

89. Taki		Lakewest	Talk to her a bunch of times and she joins

90. Gengen		HQ		When you have to go get Flour

91. Gabocha		2 River(Kobold)	Bring Gengen to see him and he joins

92. Yuzu		Kobold Village	Agree to help find her sheep, must
					complete Unicorn Quest first

93. Hai Yo		HQ		Castle Level 2, On the second floor
					south balcony (right side) he will be
					talking to someone and he will join

94. Kahn		CromVillage	Talk to him in town after Tinto is taken over
					by Neclord

95. Barbara		HQ 		Same as Flik

96. Sid			2 River(sewers)	After the city is saved bring Chaco into the
					sewers and under the water fall and Sid will

97. Shin		Greenhill City 	Joins with Nina

98. Oulan		Kuskus Town 	Talk to an old lady who says some thing about
					a band of people mugging female groups then
					leave the town and go back in with a mostly
					female team and cross the bridge in the center
					of the town

99. Shilo		Lakewest Town	Castle Level 2, win 5000 bits from
					him and he joins

100. Alex		White Deer Inn	Talk to Hilda when you have a castle and they

101. Hilda		White Deer Inn	Joins with Alex

102. Bob 		2 River(Kobold)	Castle Level 3 and talk to him

103. Ayda		Forest Village 	Joins with Feather(only if you get feather

104. Pico 		Greenhill City	Talk to him when you have Annallee

105. Alberto		Tinto City	Talk to him when you have Pico and

106. Templton		Toto Village	Go to the Mercenary Fortress after it has
					burned down and meet Templton and then
					go to Toto and he joins

107. Hoi		Radat Town	After Luca has been killed walk into the bar
					and stand up for Hoi

108. Gordon		Gregminister	Make 50,000 Bits from trading and he joins


There are some charaters that do not get a star. For Makumaku, Mikimiki,
Mokumoku, and (A-Z)cDohl you will have to get them again if you get rid of

109. Makumaku		2 River City/	Walk back and forth on the road between
			Greenhill City	2 River city and Greenhill City with only
					the Main Character and he should appear in
					a battle with you(you can have other squirles
					in the party when doing this)

110. Mikimiki		Greenhill City/	Same as Makumaku Execpt walk between
			Forest Village	Greenhill City and Forest Village

111. Mekumeku		Greenhill City/	Same as Makumaku Execpt walk between
			Matilda 	Greenhill City and Matilda

112. Mokumoku		Clearing below	Same as Makumaku Execpt walk between in the
			Forest Village	the clearing below Forest Village

113. Chuchaura		HQ(docks)	Chase him around until you corner him and
					he will join(will only be there is you get
					Abizoah and Rulodia)

114. McDohl		Gregminister	There is a lot of stuff to do so temparally
					use this site for to get McDohlh

There are 3 large monsters in the game that count as stars and one that is
not a star
and they all need listening crystals. It is your choice who you get. The
three that
are stars are Feather, Sigfried, and Abizoah. The one that is not a star is
If you get Feather you get Adya too but if you get Abizoah and Rulodia you
can get
Chuchaura. Here is how to get them

Feather(Griffon)	Forest Village	Need a listening crystal, walk into center
					of town and fight griffins and he joins

Sigfried(Unicorn)       Kobold Village 	Need to bring a listening crystals
					and a pure female (Such as Nanami) the
					place where Hix defeated the Unicorn,
					must have completed the Unicorn quest

Abizoah(Octopus)	Tinto Caves	Need a listening crystal, find the lake
					in the cave it is near the beginning and
					walk near the lake and he will come out of
					the water and will offer to join

Rulodia(Octopus)	Tinto Caves	Need a listening crystal and Abizoah, go
					to the place where you got Abizoah and he
					will offer to join

How to get to Rokkaku Hamlet
On the way to Gregminister just after the cliff where you climb a bunch of
latters go north until you are stopped by trees and then go right until you
are in a path with trees above you and below you and then keep trying to go
down and through the trees. There is a hidden path somewhere in this section
that leads to the town.

I would like to say thanks to all the people who helped out especially JL
and Spencer Pantera.