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                     McDohl Name Correction Guide
                             Suikoden II
                    by David McGrath <>
		       Last updated: 08/23/2001
        This 'FAQ' is Copyright 2000-2001 David McGrath.  You may do
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        Suikoden II is an engrossing game, one with a deep plot with
plenty of twists and turns to keep the player interested.  It builds on
the plot in the original Suikoden without requiring the player to have
played that game.
        However, the translation /sucks/.  Due to Konami rushing the
game to get it to market (after already delaying it several months),
several bugs were included in the game.
        The most egregious of these are missing music, untranslated
text -- and the importation of the Hero's name from Suikoden.
        When starting Suikoden II, you have the opportunity to load a
saved game made at the end of Suikoden; in doing so, some of the
characters returning from Suikoden have higher stats.  Amongst these
returning characters is the main character of the first game -- McDohl.
        Unfortunately, because of the aforementioned rush, testing this
importation must have been limited -- McDohl's name was imported
incorrectly.  Although capital letters and some punctuation make it
across, lowercase letters fail to do so.  For example, if your
character's name in Suikoden was "Example", it would be imported as
"EcDohl".  If it was "JOE", the result would be "JOEohl".
        It's somewhat frustrating to complete Suikoden -- spending
perhaps hours doing so to get all your characters' stats as high as
possible -- and find that your reward is incomplete.
        Fortunately, there is a fix -- but it'll require outside
assistance in the form of a GameShark or a DexDrive.  I'll list
these in order.
	Note that if your two heroes share names, there's an EXTRA
code you'll have to input; read on for that one, too...
        There are two ways you can correct the name with a GameShark --
the first requires a GameShark Pro, while the other needs only a
GameShark (or similar device.)  Both methods will be listed below.

Method 1: GameShark Pro
        Start a new game -- or load an old one -- then press the button
on the side of the device.  Go into "Memory Editor", press the Select
button, then select "Goto Address".  Input 8006A8C4, then press 'X'.
        You should see something that looks like the following:
              8006A8C0:00 00 00 00 47 13 3E 1F      G > 
              8006A8C8:18 1C 00 00 00 3C 1F 22       < "
              8006A8D0:15 14 00 00 00 00 24 1F        $ 
              8006A8D8:1F 65 00 00 00 00 00 43  e      C
              8006A8E0:10 23 15 15 66 00 00 00  #  f
        Note that where your cursor is (the 47 in the above display) is
the first letter of the Hero's name from Suikoden.  However, the letters
aren't encoded in plain ASCII, so don't expect to read it off the
screen.  In the example above, the 47 is actually a capital M.  13 is a
lowercase c, 3E a capital D... and I'm sure you can see where this is
going.  The table of letters, numbers, and symbols is below; use it to
edit the name to your liking.
        Incidentally, there are a few other words you might wish to
twiddle with:
	Starting at 8006A840 is the name of the Hero from Suikoden II.
        Starting at 8006A8CD is the name of the castle in Suikoden II.
        Starting at 8006A8D6 is the name of the castle from Suikoden.
        Starting at 8006A8DF is the name of the army in Suikoden II.

	As well, there are some decidedly useless names you can
	Starting at 8006A852 is the fake name you give the Hero.
	Starting at 8006A864 is the fake name you give Nanami.
	Starting at 8006A878 is the fake name you give Flik.

	Memory location 8006AF6D is the one that tells the game whether
you've got Mr. McD or not.  Without him, it's 00.  With him, it's 23.
	However, if both heroes share the same name, the value is
changed to 2B.  (Or not to be?)  A few dialogue additions will appear
(notably to Gremio's) if the heroes share names.
	Note that you can use this location to turn on the McDohl quest
even if you hadn't imported a save from S1.
Method 2: GameShark
        To edit the Suikoden Hero's name:
8006A8C4 xxxx
8006A8C6 xxxx
8006A8C8 xxxx
8006A8CA xxxx

        Where you see the lowercase x's, replace them with the
characters you see below, two letters per code, using double zeroes for
unused letters.  However, for reasons to esoteric to go into right now,
you need to switch each pair of letters.  For instance, if you wanted
the Suikoden Hero's name to be Mathiu, switch the letters to get
aMhtui, and input:

8006A8C4 1147
8006A8C6 1824
8006A8C8 2519
8006A8CA 0000

        To edit the Suikoden II Hero's name (when it shows up in dialogue):
8006A840 xxxx
8006A842 xxxx
8006A844 xxxx
8006A846 xxxx

        To edit the Suikoden II castle name:
3006A8CD 00xx
8006A8CE xxxx
8006A8D0 xxxx
8006A8D2 xxxx
3006A8D4 00xx

        To edit the Suikoden 1 castle name:
8006A8D6 xxxx
8006A8D8 xxxx
8006A8DA xxxx
8006A8DC xxxx

        To edit the Suikoden II Army name:
3006A8DF 00xx
8006A8E0 xxxx
8006A8E2 xxxx
8006A8E4 xxxx
3006A8E6 00xx

	To make McDohl appear, if the two heroes' names differ:
3006AF6D 0023

	To make McDohl appear, if the two heroes' names are the same:
3006AF6D 002B

        I won't include the details on how to change the fake names
here; it should be obvious how do so if you really wanted to, though.
Just remember: 0 2 4 6 8 A C E 0
        You may only use 8 characters in total for the name; if you wish
to use fewer than that, simply fill out the rest of the spaces with 00.
        If you've already got the Suikoden Hero in your party, his
name will not change -- you'll have to save your game and restore it
for it to appear in its proper form.  It /will/ appear correct in Old
Book No. 7, and when his name is mentioned in conversations, however.
        The above may have averse effects; to be on the safe side,
edit memory/input the code, save your game to preserve the edited
names on your memory card, then reset, playing without the codes.
Method 3: DexDrive
        Reproduced below is an e-mail message I got from David "Loopy"
Holmes on how to fix McDohl's name with a DexDrive, edited slightly so
it doesn't refer to this FAQ as a separate entity.  Without further

        You can fix McDohl's name in a memory card gamesave using
DexDrive, PlaySaver or Caetla hardware, as well as the gamesave of the
PSX emulators Virtual Game Station, Bleem!, and PSEmuPro.  The easiest
way to do this, is to use the hex editor built into the PSXGameEdit
program, which can be found here: (latest version is 1.60 at time of writing)

        You can also accomplish the same task with a conventional hex
editor, but this would be more difficult, since you'll have to find the
location of the data you need amidst the entire contents of the memory
card, instead of just one save.  Because the data would vary between all
six of the above formats using this method, I will only tell you how to
do it with PSXGE, which is a must-have program for ANY gamesave hacker.

        Anyways, open the first block of the Suikoden II gamesave in
PSXGE's hex editor.  The data for McDohl's name is actually in two
locations in the gamesave.  Only the latter of these is really
important, but you should change both anyways to avoid confusion (I
believe the first value is used on the loading screen if you had McDohl
in your party when the game was saved).

        $0021C - $00221 First Value
        $01A96 - $01A9B Second Value

        These are both eight bytes long.  Do not attempt to edit more
than these eight bytes, or you will instead change completely unrelated
data, possibly corrupting your save.  [DM: Actually, in the latter,
you'll mess up the name of the castle; in the former -- who knows?]

        The data which will probably be at these locations is:

47 13 3E 1F 18 1C 00 00 (McDohl is only 6 characters, thus six bytes)

        Change these values to the characters you want in your name.
The hex values for each letter in the alphabet and more can be found in
the Suikoden II alphabet below.  If your desired name is less than eight
characters, fill the remaining spaces with "00"s.

        Remember to make the changes to both locations in the save.  If
you really only want to change one, change the second, as this is the
one used in the game.

        This mini-guide was based on both the information provided in
this FAQ, and notes on the Suikoden II gamesave.  I can also do a
great deal more with this gamesave; see my own FAQ (coming soon), or
e-mail me at, and visit my web page at
<>.  Feel free to send me any questions or

Suikoden II alphabet:
10 <space>

Lowercase letters:
11 a    12 b    13 c    14 d    15 e    16 f    17 g    18 h    19 i
1A j    1B k    1C l    1D m    1E n    1F o    20 p    21 q    22 r
23 s    24 t    25 u    26 v    27 w    28 x    29 y    2A z

Uppercase letters:
3B A    3C B    3D C    3E D    3F E    40 F    41 G    42 H    43 I
44 J    45 K    46 L    47 M    48 N    49 O    4A P    4B Q    4C R
4D S    4E T    4F U    50 V    51 W    52 X    53 Y    54 Z

Diacritical letters:
2B     2C     2D     2E 
2F     30     31     32     33 
34     35     36     37     38 
39     3A 
96     97 
AA     AB     AC     AD     AE 
AF     B0     B1     B2     B3 

64 &    65 ,    66 .    67 !    68 ?    69 (    6A )    6B +    6C -
93 :    94 %    95 #    A2 :    A3 ;    A4 "    A5 `    A6 '

98 0    99 1    9A 2    9B 3    9C 4    9D 5    9E 6    9F 7    A0 8
A1 9

[Note that there are two fonts in Suikoden 2 -- some of the below
symbols only appear in the large font.]

6D Japanese Single Open Quote           6E Japanese Single Close Quote
6F Centered Dot                         70 Japanese Double Open Quote
71 Japanese Double Close Quote          72 Circle
73 'X'                                  74 Triangle
75 Square                               76 Star
77 Red-coloured Heart                   78 '/'
79 Poison symbol                        7A Cursive Q
7B Cursive R                            7C 'H'
7D 'Lh'                                 7E 'Rh'
7F 'Lv.'                                80 First half of 'Exp.'
81 Yellow-coloured star                 82 Up arrow
83 Down arrow                           84 First half of 'STR'
85 Second half of 'STR'                 86 First half of 'MAG'
87 Second half of 'MAG'                 88 First half of 'DEF'
89 Second half of 'DEF'                 8A First half of 'MDF'
8B Second half of 'MDF'                 8C First half of 'TEC'
8D Second half of 'TEC'                 8E First half of 'SPD'
8F Second half of 'SPD'                 90 First half of 'LUC'
91 Second half of 'LUC'                 92 Bucket symbol
A7 Scroll symbol                        A8 Crystal ball
A9 Rune symbol                          B6 Item symbol
B7 Armor symbol                         B8 Blacksmith symbol
B9 Appraiser symbol                     BA Inn symbol
BB Trader symbol                        BC Helmet symbol
BD Shield symbol                        BE <blank>
BF 'Ex.' symbol                         C0 [Book?] symbol
C1 Armour symbol                        C2 Sword symbol
C3 Footwear symbol                      C4 [Window/Sound Set?] symbol
C5 Ring symbol                          C6 Necklace symbol
C7 Glove symbol
        Got any questions or additions?  By all means, send 'em along!
My address again is <> -- just change the @ to 'at' and
vice versa.  Thanks!
        Enormous thanks go to the GSCCC, who inspired this FAQ.  While
there's a code on their site that lets you change McDohl's name, it's
only temporary; this one's permanent.  They've also got a subset of
the characters list I included above.

        Thanks obviously go to David "Loopy" Holmes for writing up
the DexDrive portion of this FAQ -- and all in the space of a day!
Er ist ein DexDrive-Gott.

        MAD THANKZ! also go to Fritz Fraundorf and Kao Megura for bein'
incredible FAQ writers; to CJayC for hosting GameFAQs; and to all the
other Suikoden II FAQ writers for helping me get through the hard parts
of the game.  After I beat it myself, of course, aheh...

        Thanks go to Konami Sapporo for creating Genso Suikoden II --
thumbs down to Konami of America, though, for rushing the game into


Suikoden Copyright Konami 1996
Genso Suikoden II Copyright Konami 1995, 1998
Suikoden II and the name 'McDohl' Copyright Konami 1996, 1999
DexDrive, GameShark and GameShark Pro Copyright Interact 1999   

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