Game Save Hacking Guide by DHolmes

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Suikoden II Gamesave Hacking Guide - version 1.1
Copyright (c) 2000 David Holmes aka Loopy
E-Mail: - Website:

    The latest version if this guide can be found at my website (above) or

    You may re-distribute this guide freely only under the condition that it
is not altered in any way, no exceptions, and it remains in it's current
format.  And no, you may not just copy all the data out and dump it in an
HTML file.  Note that redistribution of this file is a PRIVILEGE which I am
granting to everyone.  If I ask you to remove this file from your site, I
expect you to comply.  The author is not responsible for any damages caused
to your data, such as corrupted gamesaves.
    This applies to the ASCII text version of the document.  The HTML
version on my webpage may not be redistributed, period.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Hacking the Gamesave
  2.1 Money
  2.2 Time Played
  2.3 Names
  2.4 Character Stats
  2.5 Inventory
  2.6 Current Party Members
  2.7 Recruited Characters
3. Data Lists
  3.1 Suikoden II Alphabet
  3.2 Items and Runes
  3.3 Characters
4. Revision History
5. Credits and Thanks


    This guide will allow you to hack your memory card gamesaves with the
aid of a DexDrive, PlaySaver, or Caetla, as well as gamesaves generated by
the PlayStation emulators Virtual Game Station, Bleem!, and PSEmuPro.  There
are several ways that this could be done, but the easiest is using the
built-in hex editor of PSXGameEdit, a wonderful little program which can be
obtained here:

    In order to hack the Suikoden II gamesave, I expect you to have
knowledge of what hexadecimal is, and how it works.  I also assume that you
have experience with computers in general.  Although this is not as hard as
it sounds, it also isn't so easy that a complete newbie can do it.  It is
not only possible, but quite easy to change a gamesave in a way that causes
the console to lock up, although I will try to warn you of obvious things
that can cause this.


    Instead of giving specific instructions on how to perform each task, I
will instead tell you what to do here, and you can then apply it to each
different type of modification.  If you are particularly tech-savvy and have
experience with hex editing, you may be able to skip this section entirely.

    First, open your memory card/gamesave in PSXGameEdit, and select the
block you want to edit.  Most of the functions in this guide apply to the
FIRST block of the Suikoden II gamesave, but for those on the second, the
locations will be expressed as $2xxx, since the first block runs right into
the next.  After selecting the save to edit, click the button to go into
PSXGE's hex editor.  This will show the entire contents of the gamesave in
hexadecimal (Base 16).  Both files are 8192 bytes long, but this guide shows
locations in the file using hex values, not decimal, so A is byte #10, 10 is
byte #16, and 1FFF is byte 8191.  If you don't understand, leave and study
up on your hex.

    Integers will be represented in hex just as they are.  Note that if the
value is longer than one byte, the bytes may be in reverse order, so decimal
1234567 (hexadecimal 12D687) would be 87 D6 12.

    Strings do not use ASCII like they would with a typical computer.
Fortunatly, David McGrath, author of the McDohl Name Correction Guide, has
provided a list of all the letters in the alphabet and all their
corresponding hexadecimal values.  This list is at the bottom of the file.

    Items and Runes are used in several different ways by the gamesave,
which will be explained in the Item and Rune guide further below.

    Each character has it's own 1-byte value representing it, these will
also be listed below.

    Without further ado, on to the hacking!

2.1 Money
Location: $16CA - $16CC
Lenth: 3 bytes

    This is possibly the easiest value to change, so it comes first.  The
usefulness of this is somewhat obvious.  Your money is an integer between 0
and 2^24-1 (16,777,215).  However, it would be a very good idea not to enter
more than 999,999, which is the game's max.  It's not impossible to go
higher, but it will cause the game to get very confused.  To make this value
999,999, enter "3F 42 0F".

2.2 Time Played
  Hours Played:   $0216, $1C24
  Minutes Played: $0218, $1C26
  Seconds Played: $021A, $1C28
Lenth: 2 instances of three values of 1 byte each

    There is only one reason to change these, but it's a good one: the Clive
subquest.  By decreasing the time played to none, you can easily complete
the Clive subquest, which is next to impossible otherwise.  Read some of the
Suikoden II FAQs for more info about this subquest.

    Only the second of these two sets actually matters, but you should
change both to avoid confusion (The first is used by the game loading screen
only).  All numbers are integers between 0 and 2^8-1, but I don't recommend
going above decimal 59 (hex 3B) for the seconds or minutes, for obvious

2.3 Names
Thanks to David McGrath for all his help with this section.
  Character Names:
    Hero's Name:         $0200 - $0217, $1A12 - $1A19
    McDohl's Name:       $021C - $0221, $1A96 - $1A9B
  Greenhill Fake Names:
    Hero's Name:         $1A24 - $1A2B
    Nanami's Name:       $1A37 - $1A3E
    Flik's Name:         $1A4A - $1A57
  Other Names:
    Suikoden II Castle:  $1A9F - $1AA6
    Suikoden I Castle:   $1AA8 - $1AAF
    Army Name:           $1AB1 - $1AB8
Length: Most are 8 bytes each, Flik's Fake Name is 14 bytes

    Keep in mind that these names are not ASCII values, they use the hex
codes for the Suikoden II alphabet, found in section 3.1.

    The only really practical use for these names is to change McDohl's
name, thus fixing the name bug in the American release of Suikoden II.  Read
David McGrath's guide for more info on this.  You can also change names that
you didn't think about and now regret (I named my Suikoden I Castle "Oora"
and gave the hero a Greenhill Fake Name of "Squirtle" :)

    To edit these, simply copy the hex codes from section 3.1, and fill any
empty spaces at the end with "00"s.

    Note that the Hero and McDohl have two locations; the first is used by
the game loading screen, the second is used in the actual game.  You should
change both to avoid confusion.

2.4 Character Stats
    This will almost certainly be the most difficult section of the guide,
not because it's hard to edit, but simply because there are 83 playable
characters with stats to edit :(  Thanks to Nocturnal for some help with
this section.

    The character stats begin at $0A64, are 36 (hex 24) bytes long each, and
there are 83 (hex 53) of them.  They are in the same order in which they are
listed on the character list in section 3.3.  Note that there is no
character #0.

    Get your hex calculator ready...!

    So, in order to find the stats for a specific character, you can use
this formula:

    l = A64 + 24(c - 1)
      l: desired location
      c: character number on list

    Note to self: algebra and hex do not mix well :)  These numbers are hex,
so that 24 is actually 36 in decimal, and the A is not a variable, it is the
number A.

    Then, to find the specific value you wish to change, add "l" and the
number for that value listed below:

  0  Level
  2  Exp.
  4  Current HP
  6  Maximum HP
    These statistics are all 2-byte integers.  It is not recommended that
you go above the logical maximum for each stat.  The two bytes are in
reverse order.

  8  L1 MP
  9  L2 MP
  A  L3 MP
  B  L4 MP
    These statistics are actually two integers of half a byte each.  The
first is the current MP, the second is the maximum.  These values CAN be
higher than nine, if they are, the decimal digit for the tens column will be
truncated, so 10 will appear as 0, 14 will appear as 4.

  C  STR
  F  M DEF
 10  TECH
 11  SPEED
 12  LUCK
 13  Weapon Level
    These statistics are 1-byte integers.  The Weapon Level CAN go above 16,
but it doesn't seem to do any good...

 14  Rune (Weapon)
 15  Rune (Head)
 16  Rune (Right Hand)
 17  Rune (Left Hand)
 18  Helmet
 19  Armor
 1A  Shield
    These are each 1-byte integers.  They are the first byte of the item
code for the rune or armor, found in section 3.3.  Note that characters only
have three of the four runes, which vary between characters.  The extra
value has no use, so be sure to check which three a character can use before
changing them.  You can equip or remove any rune in any slot, but if the
slot is locked, you still won't be able to change it in the game.  Ditto
with armor.

 1B  Item 1
 1D  Item 2
 1F  Item 3
    These are each 2-byte integers.  Just copy the item's code from section

 21  Unknown
 22  Unknown
 23  Unknown
    If you know what these are, TELL ME!!

    Obviously, it would be very tedious to find a specific stat of a
specific character, but this is how it's done.

2.5 Inventory
  Party Inventory: $1680 - $16BB
    Length: an array of 30 2-byte integers

  Special Items: $16BC - $16C5
    Length: an array of 10 1-byte integers

  Castle Storehouse: $1B4F - $1BC6
    Length: an array of 60 2-byte integers

  Character Inventories: See section 2.4 above.

    The Party Inventory and Castle Storehouse work essentially the same way.
Just copy the item's hex code from section 3.2.  If you don't put them in
order, the game will automatically sort them by category, then by individual
item, with the exception of category 5, which is messed up.  For more info,
see section 3.2.

    The Special Items are only the first of the two-byte hex codes in
section 3.2.  Special Items are all, and can only be, category 0, and they
don't have quantities, since they cannot be used.  The game will not sort
these like the Party Inventory and Castle Storehouse.

2.6 Current Party Members
  Party: $020C - $0211, $1637 - $163C
    Length: 6 1-byte integers

  Convoy: $0212 - $0213, $163D - $163E
    Length: 2 1-byte integers

    One of the most useful sections of this guide, you can put any playable
character in your party at any time, including McDohl, both Jowys, whoever.
Simply copy the hex code from section 3.3.

    There are two instances of each of these; the first is for the game
loading screen only, only the second matters.

    Do not try to remove the main character from your party.  Also, if you
want to put Valeria or Kasumi in your party, they must already be recruited
on the Stone Tablet (see section 2.7).

2.7 Recruited Characters
Location: $1FE3 - $205C (extends onto second block)
  Length: 122 1-byte integers

    These are the characters which have been recruited and appear on the
stone tablet.  These values can vary, but here are the ones I've seen:

 00 Not recruited
 01 Unknown
 06 Recruited (unknown)
 07 Recruited
 94 Dead
 95 Dead

    I don't know what the difference between 06 and 07 is, or between 94 and
95.  Just use 07 if you want to recruit a character.

    The characters are in the same order as they're listed in section 3.3.
Thus, to find the location of a specific character, use this formula:

    l = 1FE3 + (c - 1)
      l: desired location
      c: character number on list

    Like in the character stats section, these values are all in hex, not


3.1 Suikoden II Alphabet
    These codes were provided by David McGrath, author of the McDohl Name
Fix Guide.

10 <space>

Lowercase letters:
11 a    12 b    13 c    14 d    15 e    16 f    17 g    18 h    19 i
1A j    1B k    1C l    1D m    1E n    1F o    20 p    21 q    22 r
23 s    24 t    25 u    26 v    27 w    28 x    29 y    2A z

Uppercase letters:
3B A    3C B    3D C    3E D    3F E    40 F    41 G    42 H    43 I
44 J    45 K    46 L    47 M    48 N    49 O    4A P    4B Q    4C R
4D S    4E T    4F U    50 V    51 W    52 X    53 Y    54 Z

Diacritical letters:
2B     2C     2D     2E 
2F     30     31     32     33 
34     35     36     37     38 
39     3A 
96     97 
AA     AB     AC     AD     AE 
AF     B0     B1     B2     B3 

64 &    65 ,    66 .    67 !    68 ?    69 (    6A )    6B +    6C -
93 :    94 %    95 #    A2 :    A3 ;    A4 "    A5 `    A6 '

98 0    99 1    9A 2    9B 3    9C 4    9D 5    9E 6    9F 7    A0 8
A1 9

[Note that there are two fonts in Suikoden 2 -- some of the below
symbols only appear in the large font.]

6D Japanese Single Open Quote           6E Japanese Single Close Quote
6F Centered Dot                         70 Japanese Double Open Quote
71 Japanese Double Close Quote          72 Circle
73 'X'                                  74 Triangle
75 Square                               76 Star
77 Red-coloured Heart                   78 '/'
79 Poison symbol                        7A Cursive Q
7B Cursive R                            7C 'H'
7D 'Lh'                                 7E 'Rh'
7F 'Lv.'                                80 First half of 'Exp.'
81 Yellow-coloured star                 82 Up arrow
83 Down arrow                           84 First half of 'STR'
85 Second half of 'STR'                 86 First half of 'MAG'
87 Second half of 'MAG'                 88 First half of 'DEF'
89 Second half of 'DEF'                 8A First half of 'MDF'
8B Second half of 'MDF'                 8C First half of 'TEC'
8D Second half of 'TEC'                 8E First half of 'SPD'
8F Second half of 'SPD'                 90 First half of 'LUC'
91 Second half of 'LUC'                 92 Bucket symbol
A7 Scroll symbol                        A8 Crystal ball
A9 Rune symbol                          B6 Item symbol
B7 Armor symbol                         B8 Blacksmith symbol
B9 Appraiser symbol                     BA Inn symbol
BB Trader symbol                        BC Helmet symbol
BD Shield symbol                        BE <blank>
BF 'Ex.' symbol                         C0 [Book?] symbol
C1 Armour symbol                        C2 Sword symbol
C3 Footwear symbol                      C4 [Window/Sound Set?] symbol
C5 Ring symbol                          C6 Necklace symbol
C7 Glove symbol

3.2 Items and Runes
    Each item in the game is represented by a 2-byte integer.  Here is how
they are broken down:

  First byte: Specific item
  Second byte:
    First nybble: Item's category & appraisal
    Second nybble: Quantity of item

    A nybble is half a byte, or four bits, or a single hexadecimal digit.
So 4109 would be nine Millet Dumplings.  If the quantity is equal to zero,
there will be one of the item.  You CAN have more than 9 of an item, but the
second decimal digit will be trucated, so 10 would appear as 0, and 15 would
appear as 5.

    If you add 8 to the first nybble of the second byte, it will become the
unappraised version of the same item.  Thanks once again to David McGrath
for this tidbit.

    This info is used for you're characters and party inventory, your
castle's storehouse, and the runes equipped by your characters.  Equipped
runes only use the first byte, as the category is always 2, and the quantity
is not applicable.

    If an item is listed as "???", "blank", or "messed up", I do not
recommend putting them in your inventory :)  Unless you're trying to help me
find new items.

    I realize these lists are not quite complete, so if you feel inclined to
test out the missing items, I'd be happy to add them to this guide :)

# Scroll
* Rune

Category 0: Consumables and Special Items
0100 Medicine                   0200 Mega Medicine
0300 Antitoxin                  0400 Throat Drops
0500 Needle                     0600 # Flaming Arrows
0700 # Dancing Flames           0800 # Fire Wall
0900 # Kindness Drops           0A00 # Protect Mist
0B00 # Kindness Rain            0C00 # Wind of Sleep
0D00 # Healing Wind             0E00 # The Shredding
0F00 # Clay Guardian            1000 # Revenge Earth
1100 # Canopy Defense           1200 # Angry Blow
1300 # Thunder Runner           1400 # Bolt of Wrath
1500 Stone of Power             1600 Stone of Magic
1700 Stone of Defense           1800 Stone of Mag-Def
1900 Stone of Skill             1A00 Stone of Speed
1B00 Stone of Luck              1C00 Dragon Incense
1D00 Blinking Mirror            1E00 Sacrificial Jizo
1F00 Chick                      2000 Boulder Set
2100 Toy Boat                   2200 Escape Talisman
2300 Suiko Map                  2400 Rag
2500 Oily rag                   2600 Rope
2700 Flint                      2800 Flint
2900 Flour                      2A00 Wooden Amulet
2B00 Healing herb               2C00 Reference
2D00 Highland Uniform           2E00 Hood of Mindfulnes (!)
2F00 Iron Hammer                3000 Copper Hammer
3100 Silver Hammer              3200 Golden Hammer
3300 Round Plate                3400 Triangle Plate
3500 Square Plate               3600 Clay
3700 * Mindfulness              3800 Two Packages
3900 Leon's letter              3A00 Entry Permit
3B00 Bath Set                   3C00 Sunglasses
3D00 Dog Whistle                3E00 Lubricating Oil
3F00 Rose Bouquet               4000 Secret Writings
4100 Millet Dumplings           4200 Leisure Set
4300 Invincible Smile           4400 Sexy Wink
4500 Recipe #25                 4600 Recipe #26
4700 Recipe #27                 4800 Recipe #28
4900 Recipe #29                 4A00 Recipe #30
4B00 Recipe #31                 4C00 Recipe #32
4D00 Recipe #33                 4E00 Recipe #34
4F00 Recipe #35                 5000 Recipe #36
5100 Recipe #37                 5200 Recipe #38
5300 Recipe #39                 5400 Recipe #40
5500 Cup of Promise

...Up to at least 9000 are messed up...

Category 1: Armor and Defensive Items
0110 Bandana                    0210 Leather Hat
0310 Feathered Hat              0410 Pointed Hat
0510 Circuret                   0610 Half Helmet
0710 Head Gear                  0810 Silver Hat
0910 Full Helmet                0A10 Wind Hat
0B10 Flame Helmet               0C10 Horned Helmet
0D10 Robe                       0E10 Tunic
0F10 Leather Coat               1010 Brass Armor
1110 Guard Robe                 1210 Karate Uniform
1310 Leather Armor              1410 Chain Mail
1510 Ninja Suit                 1610 Half Plate
1710 Magic Robe                 1810 Thunder God Garb
1910 Scale Mail                 1A10 Dragon Armor
1B10 Master Robe                1C10 Full Plate
1D10 Taikyoku Wear              1E10 Master Garb
1F10 Robe of Mist               2010 Earth Armor
2110 Dream Robe                 2210 Silver Armor
2310 Knight Armor               2410 Blood Armor
2510 Windspun Armor             2610 Wooden Shield
2710 Steel Shield               2810 Kite Shield
2910 Mangosh                    2A10 Silver Shield
2B10 Chaos Shield               2C10 Earth Shield
2D10 Wooden Shoes               2E10 Boots
2F10 Toe Shoes                  3010 Winged Boots
3110 Iron Boots                 3210 Gloves
3310 Gauntlet                   3410 Silverlet
3510 Power Gloves               3610 Goldlet
3710 Cape                       3810 Leather Cape
3910 Fur Cape                   3A10 Cape of Darkness
3B10 Crimson Cape               3C10 Necklace
3D10 Heavy Necklace             3E10 Silver Necklace
3F10 Gold Necklace              4010 Wing Ornament
4110 Leggings                   4210 Shoulder Pads
4310 Cheek Guards               4410 Belt of Strength
4510 Fire Emblem                4610 Gold Emblem
4710 Blue Ribbon                4810 Star Earrings
4910 Sun Badge                  4A10 Fish Badge
4B10 Rose Brooch                4C10 Water Amulet
4D10 Thunder Amulet             4E10 Wind Amulet
4F10 Guard Ring                 5010 Magic Ring
5110 Speed Ring                 5210 Power Ring
5310 Skill Ring                 5410 Lucky Ring
5510 Mole Helmet                5610 Mole Suit
5710 Mole Shield
At least 3 are blank

Category 2: Crystals and Runes
0120 * Fire                     0220 * Rage
0320 * Water                    0420 * Flowing
0520 * Wind                     0620 * Cyclone
0720 * Earth                    0820 * Mother Earth
0920 * Lightning                0A20 * Thunder
0B20 * Soul Eater               0C20 * Resurrection
0D20 * Bright Shield            0E20 * Black Sword
0F20 * Blinking                 1020 * Darkness
1120 * Blue Gate                1220 * White Saint
1320 * Titan                    1420 * Viper
1520 * Great Hawk               1620 * Lion
1720 * Kite                     1820 * Unicorn
1920 * Gozz                     1A20 * Pixie
1B20 * Banshee                  1C20 * Sylph
1D20 * Chimera                  1E20 * Nymph
1F20 * Dryad                    2020 ???
2120 ???                        2220 ???
2320 ???                        2420 ???
2520 ???                        2620 ???
2720 * Trick                    2820 * Shrike
2920 * Falcon                   2A20 * Mayfly
2B20 * Swallow                  2C20 * Fire Breath
2D20 * Groundhog                2E20 * Fire Dragon
2F20 * Shining Wind             3020 * Blue Drop
3120 * White Tiger              3220 * Howling
3320 * Spider Slay              3420 * Angry Dragon
3520 * Twin Ring                3620 * Rabid Fang
3720 ???                        3820 ???
3920 ???                        3A20 ???
3B20 ???                        3C20 ???
3D20 ???                        3E20 * Fortune
3F20 * Prosperity               4020 * Champion's
4120 * Double-Beat              4220 * Killer
4320 * Counter                  4420 * Spark
4520 * Gale                     4620 * Sunbeam
4720 * Phero                    4820 * Knight
4920 * Wall                     4A20 * Hazy
4B20 * Draining                 4C20 * Barrier
4D20 * Balance                  4E20 * Fire Sealing
4F20 * Skunk                    5020 * Firefly
5120 * Medicine                 5220 * Double-strike
5320 * Wizard                   5420 * Warrior
5520 * Waking                   5620 * Alert
5720 * Fury                     5820 * True Holy
5920 * Exertion                 5A20 ???
5B20 ???                        5C20 * Fire Lizard
5D20 * Magic Drain              5E20 * Hunter
5F20 * Technique                6020 * Silence
6120 * Poison                   6220 * Down
6320 * Sleep                    6420 * Friendship
6520 * Solitude                 6620 * Kindness
6720 * Exertion                 6820 ???
6920 ???                        6A20 ???
at least 13 are blank

Category 3: Seeds and Livestock
0130 Cabbage seed               0230 Seed Potato
0330 Spinach Seedling           0430 Tomato Seedling
0530 Chick                      0630 Piglet
0730 Lamb                       0830 Calf
a least 82 are messed up

Category 4: Antiques and Spices
0140 Failure Urn                0240 Octopus Urn
0340 Vase                       0440 Wide Urn
0540 Blue Dragon Urn            0640 Celadon Urn
0740 Black Urn                  0840 Fine Bone China
0940 Persian Lamp               0A40 Hex Doll
0B40 Japanese Dish              0C40 Chinese Dish
0D40 Peeing Boy                 0E40 Bonsai
0F40 Knight Statue              1040 Goddes Statue
1140 Coral                      1240 Graffiti
1340 Flower Painting            1440 Lover's Garden
1540 Landscape Paint            1640 Nature's Beauty
1740 Sugar                      1840 Salt
1940 Soy Sauce                  1A40 Mayonnaise
1B40 Red Pepper                 1C40 Candle
1D40 Fur                        1E40 Flute
1F40 Wooden Amulet              2040 Native Costume
2140 Holly Berry                2240 Wine
2340 Deer Antler                2440 Book
2540 Musk                       2640 Crystal Ball
2740 Pearl                      2840 Ancient Text
2940 Gold Bar                   2A40 Karen Painting A
2B40 Karen Painting B           2C40 Trio Painting
2D40 Karen Statue A             2E40 Karen Statue B
2F40 Karen Statue C             3040 Nanami's Vase
3140 Large Vase                 3240 Famous Vase
Two are blank, then fake copies of Category 5 begin (none of them do

Category 5: Collectables
0150 Old Book Vol. 1            0250 Old Book Vol. 2
0350 Old Book Vol. 3            0450 Old Book Vol. 4
0550 Old Book Vol. 5            0650 Old Book Vol. 6
0750 Old Book Vol. 7            0850 Old Book Vol. 8
0950 Old Book Vol. 9            0A50 Old Book Vol. 10
0B50 Old Book Vol. 11           0C50 Old Book Vol. 12
0D50 Window Set #1              0E50 Window Set #2
0F50 Window Set #3              1050 Window Set #4
1150 Window Set #5              1250 Window Set #6
1350 Window Set #7              1450 Sound Set #1
1550 Sound Set #2               1650 Sound Set #3
1750 Sound Set #4               1850 Sound Set #5
1950 Sound Set #6               1A50 Sound Set #7
1B50 Dragon Plans #1            1C50 Dragon Plans #2
1D50 Dragon Plans #3            1E50 Dragon Plans #4
1F50 Unicorn Plans #1           2050 Unicorn Plans #2
2150 Unicorn Plans #3           2250 Unicorn Plans #4
2350 Rabbit Plans #1            2450 Rabbit Plans #2
2550 Rabbit Plans #3            2650 Rabbit Plans #4
2750 Turtle Plans #1            2850 Turtle Plans #2
2950 Turtle Plans #3            2A50 Turtle Plans #4
2B50 Recipe #1                  2C50 Recipe #2
2D50 Recipe #3                  2E50 Recipe #4
2F50 Recipe #5                  3050 Recipe #6
3150 Recipe #7                  3250 Recipe #8
3350 Recipe #9                  3450 Recipe #10
3550 Recipe #11                 3650 Recipe #12
3750 Recipe #13                 3850 Recipe #14
3950 Recipe #15                 3A50 Recipe #16
3B50 Recipe #17                 3C50 Recipe #18
3D50 Recipe #19                 3E50 Recipe #20
3F50 Recipe #21                 4050 Recipe #22
4150 Recipe #23                 4250 Recipe #24
12 are blank
1 is messed up
5050 Cabbage seed               5150 Seed Potato
5250 Spinach Seedling           5350 Tomato Seedling
5450 Chick                      5550 Piglet
5650 Lamb                       5750 Calf
3 are messed up

*** If anyone can tell me what's up with this section, please do!  It
doesn't sort them correctly, and these 8 Seeds and Livestock are not real.
Tony and Yuza won't take them.  The ones in category 3 are the correct

Category 6: Food Items
0160 Tamago-Yaki                0260 Sweet Omelet
0360 Adult Fried Egg            0460 Fried Egg
0560 Egg Mayo Roll              0660 Eggsplosive
0760 Tomato Soup                0860 Tomato Juice
0960 Raw Tomato                 0A60 Tomato Miso Soup
0B60 Tomato Salad               0C60 Red Hot Tomatoes
0D60 Ohitashi                   0E60 Spinach Cake
0F60 Spinach Juice              1060 Spinach Saute
1160 Spinach Salad              1260 Spicy Stir Fry
1360 Salad                      1460 Sweet Salad
1560 Pickled Cabbage            1660 Island Salad
1760 Green Salad                1860 Veggie Stir Fry
1960 Gyoza                      1A60 Fruit Gyoza
1B60 Steamed Gyoza              1C60 Fried Gyoza
1D60 Deep-Fried Gyoza           1E60 Szechuan Gyoza
1F60 Chowder                    2060 Potato Pudding
2160 Vichyssoise                2260 Dark Chowder
2360 Egg Soup                   2460 Gumbo
2560 BBQ Meat Bun               2660 Sweet Bean Bun
2760 Ginger Beef Bun            2860 Ma Bo Bun
2960 Pirate's Bun               2A60 Pizza Bun
2B60 Buttered Clams             2C60 Clam Pudding
2D60 Grilled Scallops           2E60 Steamed Abalone
2F60 Clam Mayonnaise            3060 Mai Mai??
3160 Fish Fry                   3260 Fish Donuts
3360 Deep-Fried Fish            3460 Tatsuta Age
3560 Frech Fries                3660 Fried Tacos
3760 Ice Cream                  3860 Pudding
3960 Nanami Ice                 3A60 Soy Ice
3B60 Fried Ice Cream            3C60 Red Pepper Ice
3D60 Quiche                     3E60 Pineapple Rice
3F60 Egg Porridge               4060 Baked Mochi
4160 Cream Quiche               4260 Lasagna
4360 Sandwich                   4460 French Toast
4560 Steak Sandwich             4660 Teri-Sand
4760 Veggie Sandwich            4860 Spicy Sandwich
4960 Meat Pie                   4A60 Cream Pie
4B60 Meringue Pie               4C60 Kobald Pie
4D60 Mayonnaise Pie             4E60 Chili Pie
4F60 Simmered Fish              5060 Simmered Carp
5160 Tai-Chili Style            5260 Sole
5360 Fish with Sauce            5460 Blackened Sole
5560 Fried Fish Balls           5660 Sweet&Sour Fish
5760 Crab Cakes                 5860 Meatballs
5960 Greasy Fish                5A60 Fiery Fish Balls
5B60 Sunomono                   5C60 Sour Shrimp
5D60 Nonpei Sunomono            5E60 Gourmet Sunomono
5F60 Weird Sunomono             6060 Cajun Shrimp
6160 Cake                       6260 Shortcake
6360 Nanami Cake                6460 Black Cake
6560 Cheesecake                 6660 Fire Cake
6760 Croquettes                 6860 Sweet Croquettes
6960 Eilie Croquettes           6A60 Black Croquettes
6B60 Cream Croquettes           6C60 Hot Croquettes
6D60 Pasta                      6E60 Kiddie Pasta
6F60 Pasta Parmesan             7060 Downtown Pasta
7160 Pasta Salad                7260 Chili Pasta
7360 Tempura                    7460 Snack Tempura
7560 Real Tempura               7660 Tempura-Don
7760 Amazing Tempura            7860 Spicy Tempura
7960 Grilled Fish               7A60 Broiled Eel
7B60 Salted Fish                7C60 Dried Fish
7D60 Salmon Meunire             7E60 Grilled Red Fish
7F60 Gratin                     8060 Apple Gratin
8160 Salty Gratin               8260 Crispy Gratin
8360 Creamy Gratin              8460 Chili Gratin
8560 Rice Omelet                8660 Kid's Lunch
8760 Salty Omelet               8860 Soy Rice Omelet
8960 Mayo Rice Omelet           8A60 Red Pepper Rice
8B60 Fried Rice                 8C60 Shrimp Pilaf
8D60 Salty Fried Rice           8E60 Gunpowder Rice
8F60 Heavy Pilaf                9060 Spicy Pilaf
9160 Pizza                      9260 Pancakes
9360 Anchovy Pizza              9460 Senbei
9560 Okonomiyaki                9660 Spicy Pizza
9760 Teriyaki                   9860 Sweet Teriyaki
9960 Hot Spareribs              9A60 Mild Teriyaki
9B60 Teri-Cream                 9C60 BBQ Bomb
9D60 Tonkatsu                   9E60 Meat & Potato
9F60 Ginger Pork                A060 Soy Cutlets
A160 Cream Cutlets              A260 Spicy Cutlet
A360 Curry Rice                 A460 Kiddie Curry
A560 Salty Curry                A660 Japanese Curry
A760 Creamy Surry               A860 Red Curry
A960 Grilled Beef               AA60 Sukiyaki
AB60 Grilled Tongue             AC60 Beef Rice Bowl
AD60 Meat Salad                 AE60 Chige Nabe
AF60 Ramen                      B060 Chinese Noodles
B160 Salty Ramen                B260 Soy Sauce Ramen
B360 Gourmet Ramen              B460 Red Hot Ramen
B560 Hamburger                  B660 Suger-Cured Meat
B760 Kobold Burger              B860 Japanburger
B960 Tintoburger                BA60 Surprise Burger
BB60 Obento                     BC60 Ladies Lunch
BD60 Rising Sun Bento           BE60 Sashimi Bento
BF60 Diet Lunch                 C060 Shrimp Lunch
C160 Sushi                      C260 Chirashi-Zushi
C360 Salty Rice Ball            C460 Fancy Rice Ball
C560 French roll                C660 Tekka-don
C760 Japanese Stew              C860 Sweet Tofu
C960 Bouillabaise               CA60 Shabu Shabu
CB60 Dark Stew                  CC60 Spicy Stew
CD60 Full Course                CE60 Elf Course
CF60 Kobold Course              D060 Rokkaku Course
D160 Matilda Course             D260 Tinto Specialty
D360 Ghengis Kahn               D460 Fa Chu Chin
D560 Coopa                      D660 Ghengis Stew
D760 Cream Stew                 D860 Tom Yum Soup
D960 Steak                      DA60 Sweet Steak
DB60 Beefsteak                  DC60 Japanese Steak
DD60 Piccata                    DE60 Pepper Steak
DF60 Sashimi Combo              E060 Queen of the Sea
E160 Sea Treasure               E260 Ship Combo
E360 Salad Combo                E460 Spicy Sashimi
E560 Special Stew               E660 Sweet Syrup
E760 Adult Stew                 E860 Clear Soup
E960 Mellow Stew                EA60 Spicy Stew
EB60 Kaiseki Dinner             EC60 Candy House
ED60 Salt House                 EE60 Complete Kaiseki
EF60 Special Salad              F060 Flaming Sea
The rest are blank/messed up

They must have been insane, putting 240 types of food in this game...

3.3 Characters

    Since there are so many characters here, I assume that these same values
are used by the game for many different things, not just the characters in
your party.

    None of the NPCs may be put in your party, but any can be put in the
convoy.  Note that after Gremio (7D), none of the character's portraits show
up, except for Culgan's.

Playable Characters
01 The Hero         02 Flik             03 Viktor
04 Viki             05 Sheena           06 Clive
07 Hix              08 Tengaar          09 Futch
0A Humphrey         0B Georg            0C Valeria
0D Pesmerga         0E Lorelai          0F Shin
10 Rikimaru         11 Tomo             12 Nanami
13 Eilie            14 Rina             15 Bolgan
16 Tuta             17 Hanna            18 Millie
19 Karen            1A Shiro            1B Zamza
1C Gengen           1D Gabocha          1E Kinnison
1F Shilo            20 Miklotov         21 Camus
22 Hauser           23 Freed Y          24 Kahn
25 Amada            26 Tai Ho           27 Anita
28 Bob              29 Meg              2A Gadget
2B Ayda             2C Killey           2D Sierra
2E Oulan            2F Genshu           30 Mukumuku
31 Abizboah         32 Feather          33 Badeaux
34 Tsai             35 Luc              36 Chaco
37 Nina             38 Sid              39 Yoshino
3A Gijimu           3B Koyu             3C Lo Wen
3D Mazus            3E Sasuke           3F Mondo
40 Vincent          41 Simone           42 Hai Yo
43 Stallion         44 Wakaba           45 L.C.Chan
46 Gantetsu         47 Hoi              48 Sigfried
49 Kasumi           4A Rulodia          4B Makumaku
4C Mikumiku         4D Mekumeku         4E Mokumoku
4F Chuchara         50 Jowy             51 Jowy
52 McDohl           53 Millie

Non-Playable Characters
55 Apple            56 Templton         57 Kiba
58 Fitcher          59 Shu              5A Tetsu
5B Leona            5C Huan             5D Jess
5E Hilda            5F Alex             60 Emilia
61 Tenkou           62 Barbara          63 Richmond
64 Yam Koo          65 Teresa           66 Yuzu
67 Taki             68 Tony             69 Adlai
6A Gordon           6B Hans             6C Connell
6D Lebrante         6E Tessai           6F Raura
70 Annalle          71 Pico             72 Alberto
73 Jude             74 Jeanne           75 Ridley
76 Klaus            77 Max              78 Marlowe
79 Gilbert          7A Boris            7B Pilika (Spunky)
7C Pilika (Sad)     7D Gremio           7E --------
7F --------         80 Marx             81 Joanna
82 Leknaat          83 Lepant           84 Varkas
85 Alen             86 Grenseal         87 Anabelle
88 GRA              89 Makai            8A Gustav
8B Gorudo           8C Luca             8D Jillia
8E Solon            8F Culgan           90 Seed
91 Rowd             92 Jowy             93 Agares
94 Leon             95 Han              96 Genkaku
97 Sasarai          98 Neclord          99 Suikoden
9A Nanami           9B Jowy             9C Jillia
9D SSS              9E Lilly            9F Lucia
A0 Yuber            A1 Kage             A2 Antonio
A3 Lester           A4 Cleo             A5 Pahn
A6 Marie            A7 Sarah            A8 Tesla
A9 Luikan           AA Eileen           AB Elza
AC Ellie            AD Pohl             AE Jowy
AF Jillia           B0 Pilika           B1 Karen
B2 and on, possibly until the end, are blank.


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