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SYPHON FILTER=>      S I L E N C E  C A N   B E   D E A D L Y
Walkthru V1.6                          |Theme: Action
By Terry C.Y.H.                        | # Players: 1 
E-mail : tcyh@pacific.net.sg           | Publisher: 989 Studios
Modified: Thursday, March 04, 1999     | Developer: Idedic

Syphon Filter drops you into the shoes of Gabriel Logan, a tough-guy 
counter-terrorism specialist assigned to prevent a biological terrorist 
attack from happening in the States. To accomplish this, you'll have to 
complete numerous missions, each with it's own objectives for you to 
complete. While progressing through each mission, voice-overs & letter 
boxed real-time cinemas move the plot along.

The gameplay is presented in the 3rd person view mode during most of the 
action which the camera follows Gabe as you steer him around the 
levels. Levels are huge and also quite immerse. Some of the objectives 
which you'll need to complete, requires you to run around(using the 
torch light if it's dark) and keep your eyes peeled for things in which 
you must take or trigger in order to complete.

Staying alive is a major problem when you've only a FLAK Jacket on, 
been the only agent who can stop the terrorists & running around trying 
to save the day when your name is all over the terrorist's ammunition. 
There are a few ways in which you could stay alive.
(1) Never stand around a place where gasoline tanks, grenades, cars 
and other things which can blow up.
(2) Always wait for the elevator to arrive at where you're instead of 
just jumping down like u'r James Bond or somebody.
(3) Never let any hostile personals a chance to live. Fire b-4 they 
do 7 shoot them in their head.
(4) Don't use explosive things near a time bomb or you'll be blown 
(5) Grab any ammunition or Flak Jackets as much as you can.(If your 
quantity for that object is not max out.) 

This will let you to home on into the nearest enemy. Press & hold R1 to 
check out whether there's any enemies within the area you're in. 
Prone Position/ Kneeling
By kneeling, your accuracy of aiming is much greater. Use this steady 
your shot against enemies far off.
Flak Jacket Enemies
Always aim for a head shot when you see the Flak jacket word appear on 
the enemy. This works 100% every time if you want a quick kill.
Head Pop
Whilst holding view button, press & hold either L2 or R2 to peek out of 
where you are. This comes in handy when you need to snipe a goon 
silently & safely.

Weapons/ Items List
 -Silenced 9mm- 
Location: Default weapon
Rate of Fire: 3
Power: 2
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 15/90

[Your standard pistol, it's advantage is been fitted with a silencer. 
The key to go on unnoticed.]
-.45 Handgun-
Location: Level 4
Rate of Fire: 2
Power: 3
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 10/60

[Soup-up version of the 9mm. It's a man-stopper but not very useful in 
tight situations]
- G-18 Machine Pistol-
Location: Level 4
Rate of Fire: 5
Power: 2
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 33/198

[Most used weapon for me in this game, it's rapid fire takes the loss 
of the power of this weapon]
- BIZ-2 Submachinegun-
Location: Level 15
Rate of Fire: 3
Power: 3
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 66/396

[Most high-clip capacity weapon here...lacks in power & speed therefore 
used as a backup weapon when ammo for other weapons are scarce]
- HK-5 Submachinegun-
Location: Level 6
Rate of Fire: 4
Power: 3
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 32/192

[Quite good to use in some situations]
Location: Level 1
Rate of Fire: 2
Power: 3
Max Rounds: 25

[Fair damage point but hate it's firing rate]
-Combat Shotgun-
Location: Level 6
Rate of Fire: 2
Power: 3
Max Rounds: 30

[Not much difference except for the rounds which it can hold]
-PK-102 Assault Rifle-
Location: Level 6
Rate of Fire: 4
Power: 2
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 30/180

[Most enemies in this game uses this rifle. You won't be worrying about 
ammunition shortage but be aware of the damage you will get]
-M-16A2 Assault Rifle-
Location: Level 1
Rate of Fire: 4
Power: 2
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 30/180

[The most widely used rifle comes into the game itself]
- K3G4 Assault Rifle-
Location: Level 7
Rate of Fire: 4
Power: 5
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 20/120

[Damn.does this baby rock or what!]
-Sniper Rifle-
Location: Default weapon
Rate of Fire: 2
Power: 1
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 10/30

[Luv to snipe bad guys in their head]
- Night Vision Rifle-
Location: Level 4
Rate of Fire: 1
Power: 2
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: 10/30

[Great tool in darkness but does not seem to inflict much damage 
- Taser-
Location: Default weapon
Rate of Fire: 1
Power: Death
Charges: Unlimited

[Use this when you're pissed off & you need to let off steam!]
Location: Level 1
Rate of Fire: 1
Power: Instant Death
Max Grenades: 10

[Death to who comes in between the blast radius]
- Gas Grenade-
Location: Level 6
Rate of Fire: 1
Power: Instant Death
Max Grenades: 10

[Gives off deadly gas when explodes, causing anyone nearby to be choked 
to death]
- C4-
Location: Level 2
Rate of Fire: N/A
Power: N/A
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: N/A

[Used as an item to blast open other things]
- M-79 Grenade Launcher-
Location: Level 1
Rate of Fire: 1
Power: Death
Max Rounds: 10

[Nice fitted weapon with grenade launcher. Deadly!]
- FLAK Jacket-
Location: Scattered
Rate of Fire: N/A
Power: N/A
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: N/A

[The only thing that Gabe wears to survive shots. Keep it out of bullet 
holes if your wanna stay alive]
-Flash Light-
Location: Default
Rate of Fire: N/A
Power: N/A
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: N/A

[Quite useful when you need to see around the dark]

-Viral Antigen-
Location: Level 15
Rate of Fire: N/A
Power: N/A
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: N/A

[??? Find it out yourself!]
- Viral Scanner-
Location: Level 17
Rate of Fire: N/A
Power: N/A
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: N/A

[Helps you to find & tag Viral Carriers that Rhoemer's been hiding]
- Key Card-
Location: Scattered
Rate of Fire: N/A
Power: N/A
Clip Size/ Max Rounds: N/A

[Used to open special locked doors. Some are well hidden]


Washington DC: Georgia Street/ Level 1

Run to the firefight scene which is just right of the screen. Take out 
the hostile terrorist & hang right to get the M-16, the very weapon 
which I love to use due to its rapid fire. Proceed into the Bar which 
is just left of you. Enter the short hallway just beside the pool 
table. Along the corner of a crate is a terrorist hiding. Take him out 
& grab some M-16 ammunition. From there continue along the hallway 
until you reach the main bar. There you will find Kravitch trying to 
hide behind the bar table. As he also have a FLAK Jacket on just like 
you, shoot him in his head to take him out fast. After he's dead, go to 
the bar where Kravitch was a press the action button to grab the 
shotgun from the case. Proceed to your right to the top left corner of 
this room. The comm. Array is right on the table, destroy it & 3 more 
goons will pop up in the entrance of this room to settle scores with 
you. Without much hesitation, these 3 would be dead soon & you can 
claim some M-16 ammo from them.

Exit through where you enter from & proceed to the next destination, 
the Subway. The right hand side of the subway entrance, which is pitch 
dark contains a Flak Jacket. Use your torch light to find it or you can 
do what I do, run along the pitch dark walls & keep pressing the action 
button. Done with all the exploring, proceed to the gate entrance into 
the subway. You will find out that it's lock & you'll contact Lian-
Xing(Sounds like "lee-an" when Gabe says it) After the conversation, 
exit out of this place & prepare to bust 2 more terrorist's ass whilst 
outside. Remember the terrorist whom was hiding among some crates & 
which you climb in to claim some M-16 ammo from, that's where you'll be 
going next. When you're in the room which you're supposed to be fire a 
shot against the window or you can just climb on to it & it will just 
shatter(huh?? What the !@#$) Once out of the window into the alley, 
you'll contact Lian again & she'll tell you `bout the CBDC bomb squad 
over the vacant bank just south of here in which you'll need to help 
out. Never mind that for a while. If you look around, you'll find a 
locked gate to yer right & an exit out of this alley to yer left. Go 
over to the  locked gate & use your gun to shoot open the lock, proceed 
over to the elevator call switch which is just in front of you. Press 
it using the action button & wait for the elevator to come out. Stand 
on the elevator & press action again to make the elevator bring you 
down to the lower level. Onward the underground Gabe will contact Lian 
again. The switch to open the door in the subway is in here. Use your 
torch to locate it(on your right) & switch it off. Exit out & spray a 
few bullets into the terrorist whose on the top, trying to shoot you 
down. Collect his leftover ammo & proceed right out of this alley. Upon 
exiting, you'll hear gunshots. Climb over the blue crate into the 
shooting zone. There's a Flak Jacket & a Sniper Rifle. Don't try to 
waste ammo on the hostile as they can't be totally wiped out. Enter 
back thru the bar as you backtrack. There'll be a goon waiting for you. 
Take care of him & hop on to yer next destination, Vacant Bank.

If you're observant, you'll remember that there's an alley right from 
where you started the game from. That's where you'll go thru to get to 
the bank. Try to stay far away from the police car parked among the 
exit of the alley. It may blow off anytime if yer trapped within a 
crossfire near it. Shoot down those pesky baddies on top of the roof 
tops & go into the bank where you'll be needed as assistance. There'll 
be 2 goons guarding & a CBDC to help out. Join him in the bullet-spray 
& follow him into the bank. Be careful of the gasoline tanks outside 
the bank( how in the hell did those end up here?) if they explode & 
you're along the explosion radius you'll be blasted dead. While 
entering the bank & leading to the area where the help is needed, there 
is a Flak Jacket crate. When you reach the bomb specialist , protect 
him at all cost from the pesky terrorists. Your objective will be 
completed when all hostile attacks are off. There is not only one route 
in this area. There's another one to your right from where you entered. 
There's a M-16 crate & a Grenade crate hidden among the shadows. Get 
them & move out. While out of the bank you'll meet more hostile attacks 
from the rooftops. Run past those as fast as you can while avoiding 
their fire. Return back to the subway scene. 

The door into the subway will be opened. Upon entering, Gabe contacts 
Lian again. If yer using a Dual Shockr controller, it will vibrate when 
a train comes along the station. Proceed down to the 1st lower section 
of the subway. 6 goons will be waiting for you when you enter. There's 
a M-16 crate among the right hand corner. While running along the left 
side of this floor you'll notice that there's a blinking square in your 
radar. Look around & you'll see the bomb in which you'll need to place 
a beacon (press action while near bomb) The bomb specialist will come 
again to dispose of the bomb. After that, return to the floor opposite 
of the bomb site & proceed to the end. There'll be 6 goons among the 
exit. When Gabe enters the 2nd lower floor, he contacts Lian. Stop going 
down as the door here will be locked. Go back up & hook left, there 
you'll see another exit. Go across there. While entering, there'll be 2 
routes for you to choose. Use your torch & choose  the left one. You'll 
locate the switch on the wall, press it & go down the elevator. 
You'll enter yet another room, a red one. Go straight & turn left, 
there's a goon guarding the doorway. Stick a bullet into his head to 
end his pathetic life.  Climb onto the floor opposite of where you're 
and proceed all the way to the other end while taking out any hostile 
attacks in which you encounter. You'll meet up with a guard & a time 
bomb. Shoot the guard in his sorry head to end his life & sit back to 
watch some scenes. You'll be given the option to save after the scene.( 
finally..a save at last! )

Washington DC: Destroyed Subway/ Level 2

From where you start, hook right to get the FLAK if you need it. Run 
carefully between the flames to the other side. Turn left from here. If 
you proceed any further, you will meet up with a goon engulfed in 
flames, stand a clear distance away from him until the fire clears 
down. Proceed forward to fend off 2 or 3 more goons. There will be a 
stranded train from where you are. Search along the train to find a 
small hole enuff for you to contact Lian in order to obtain another 
obj. After that proceed to the other side of where the train is, face 
Gabe against the train, press action to make Gabe pull up onto the 
train. Run along the train & prepare to kick some more goon's ass. This 
time it's 3 more gunners & a pesky Grenadier among the flames. After 
they're dead, search among the tracks from where you dropped down to 
find the C-4.Use torch light to find it.)  Head left then right to find 
a fallen vending machine. There's another goon on top, kill him off 
first before proceeding up. After your on  the upper level, run forward 
a bit to contact Lian again. While running you will find a blinking 
square at one of the sides of the tracks. It's a left over bomb that 
has not detonate yet. But to premature handling, it will! Keep on going 
front to see a doorway that was blocked by derbis after the explosion. 
The doorway will state " Need Explosives". Remember the C-4  that you 
got earlier,  equip it to use it. After implanting it, get Gabe's damn 
ass out of the area. You will only have 4 seconds to do so. After the 
doorway's reopened, a CDBC bomb disposer agent will come running down. 
Follow him & protect him like GOD. After hostile attack has died down 
proceed to left of where the once blocked doorway was to contact Lian 
again to get new obj.  The gas valve has raptured & you need to close 
the main gas valves to get into another area to chase Rhoemer. The Gas 
main is located to the left of where you entered this area. Use your 
torch to find it. After turning it off, proceed to where the blockage 
was & go in. Cross over the stranded trains & kill 2 more goons. One 
will be running out from one corner of a train while engulfed in 
flames. You may try to use the taser to keep him a distance away from 
you. The other goon will be situated on top of where you meet up with 
the first one. Keep continuing down. You will stop in the end, watch 
some more scenes & be  prompt to save your progress.

Washington DC: Main Subway Line/ Level 3

Your main objective here is to capture Aramov. There will be a Flak 
Jacket case laying around where you start off. Get it if you need it. 
Beware of the passing trains in here, they'll be whizzing by, 
alternating from left to right. Try to stay on the correct side of the 
track of you will be knocked down by one of the passing trains. Copycat 
Aramov's way of maneuver, it's the best way to detect where the trains 
coming. Or if your using a Dual Shockr controller, try using what you 
sense on your controller for some fun. Keep following Aramov while 
dodging her shots, ignore the goons up front as they'll only slow you 
down. There'll be one part when Aramov would stood low to get to the 
other side of the track. When there's a train coming along that track, 
she'll be trapped. Just roll into where she is & shoot her right in her 
damn head. Same as usual, you'll prompt to save again. Sit back & watch 
some scenes again. This time you'll be in Washington park.

End..To be continued!

Rest of the walkthru will be updated when the author has the time to 
write it & to play the game. 
This walkthru/FAQ has been resurected by popular demand! Thanx to all 
the people who support this FAQ.

Special thankx to ExpertGamer for weapons & items info.
Thank you to all who e-mailed me! Be Cool!
End of Trannnsmmmisssionnn.............

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