Tactis Ogre
			Let us Cling Together!

Howdy folks! :) thanks for downloading this great Tactis Ogre faq!  This will 
only help you through out the game, sorry, no translation included... otherwise 
it'd take forever to complete the faq. 

Here's what you'll see inside this faq

1) What type of characters' classes when you can selects.
2) Guide to defeat leaders
3) Training
4) Weapons to fit in what depends on character's classes you have.

					The Beginning

Now you have began your quest in Tactis Ogre!!
Watch the sequence.. sad, cool lookin.., and sad..

Now, when you and the others walks out of the house, you'll meet up with 3 
knights, wizard, and a hawkman. It'll begin the battle, quickly use your hero 
leading to the right around the house, throw a stone at a wizard, do not worry 
about the range that will limit your throw, you can still throw out of range as 
well, and it WILL hit the wizard, the wizard will receive 1 damage but you'll 
gain 30 to 37 exp! Then watch the guy trying to squash the hawkman,  then a 
sequence will begin from there. 

Inside the House

Now you're in a meeting with other fellow knights and others, planning what the 
plan for the great battle they're going in.
you will have 2 options to decide what to do. Now you are on the way to battle 
to get back the castle for the fellow knight and wizard. Depart the house and 
head to the castle.

OverWorld Map

In the overworld map, there are two types of icon you see, 
1) castle
2) house 

the castle contain shops you can buy and create characters, buy and sell 
weapons, magics, armory, and selling large characters.

the house is where enemies will attack you as the hero will say " fight it out 
". you can befriend ememies anytime, anywhere, and all the time, if it miss, try 
it again, miss again, attack them, befriend them again, it will work and take 
some times...do not worry, there are no repuation like OgreBattle version, to 
get best ending possible is based on deciding the right descision, and obtained 
all important characters.


In training mode, by pressing the X button on the over world map on castles or 
you can deploy high levels characters against low levels characters is a great 
way to build levels!!! 
You can do this anytime, anywhere, and all the time! :)


Weights are based on equiping weapons and armors, the lighter you weight, the 
higher chances to avoid enemies's attacks, arrows, stone-throwing, and ninja's 
needle star.

Percentage: are for delivering damages to your enemies  when you face enemies 
face to face, the lower percent of sucessfully, behind the enemie, 100 percent 
of sucessfully.  now, if you are on low level, enemies can simply turn around 
and block your hits.  Percentage means the sucess your percent may work,  the 
lower of your characters' percent, the higer of your enemies will block your 
attacks,  the higher your characters have, the less chance of your enemies will 
block your attack.
Hits: those are from based on your characters that will deliver damages to your 
enemies.  example:  i have a knight that are on level 20, equpped with 
flamesword that i have obtained from my enemies,  now a knight goes up to a 
enemy that i encounter,  he is standing beside the enemy and when you chose the 
sword icon which means to strike em down,  then there's will be limit range you 
must standby to strike your enemy  those number, 137 hits and 95 percent
then click on okay then the knight draws out his flame sword and attacked the 
enemy. the enemy recieves 137 damage from the knight and dies, leaving his 
items, golth, and magic spells in a bag ,  if the enemy leaves a card, it will 
increase your status, power, intelligent, mentals, luck, and stuff like that.


Okay now here's the classes!

1) fighter - of course has all generals to selects advanced classes without 
regrets. the higher level the fighter is, the more classes to select.

2) Amazon - Same as fighters but female fighters, can handle swords, bows, 
shields, shoes, helmets, and items.
these weapons and armory works great with fighters as well.

3) Wizard - weak against swords and axes of course! but insead, magic can cause 
horrible damages to enemies, enough to exterminate the ememies who gets in the 
wizards' way! i mean seriously, alot more powerful than OgreBattle version.. no 
kidding at all. have at least 5 wizards. Save one for becoming a Lich. 

4) Cleric - Pretty much as wizards but a little bit stronger, use healing magic 
to heal characters on low HPs, also can cure your character's abnormal status to 
normal again. I HIGHLY recommend you to have at least 4 clerics, and at least 
depoly 2 clerics in battle, it will help your party to be in good health to 
fight enemies.

4) Witch - A mean witch i'd say! and can be a real pain if witches are in large 
numbers!!!!!!!!! but witches learn different spells than wizards, spells that 
has ability to stun, poison, stoned ( the best ), charm, and rain healing ( 
which can heal the undead and character's hp! also the best too ).
but one thing you should be fully aware of, witches are extremely weak agaist 
weapons that can possibly be killed by one hit with high level enemies. stand as 
far as possible!!
have at least 2 witches.

5) Ninja - Ninjas are cool, but weak on physical attacks with weapons and 
arrows. Ninjas gets an extras range to walk around, uses only one spell, ( sleep 
spell i recommend ). Also don't estimate ninja's power, these ninjas can walk on 
water, can attack twice if you place two weapons!! such as i use two claws ( 
which ninjas are great to handle ) and attack a enemy, the enemy will attack 
back, and ninja will attack back again!!  which can cause devastating damage! 
useful too. have at least 4 ninjas.

6) Archer - Great to handle bows, crossbows, fairly good defense, but stay as 
far as possible away of those enemies that destire to kill archers. Archers can 
be a REAL pain in large numbers! have at least 2 or more archers.

7) Beast Tamer - Good defense power,  uses whip to destory large enemies. Again, 
can be a real pain in large numbers... nothing so exciting with this class but 
at least have 2 in stock just in case you lose a character in the battle.

8) Mage - this is only for females, uses spells to destory enemies, pretty much 
like wizards but can handle daggers and staffs, and cross bow pretty well. keep 
mages in stock at least 2 of them.

9) Priest - this is a USEFUL class, at least have 1 or 2 or more as you wish, 
has ability to use a spell that can destory undead enemies that goes in smoke! 
also can use healing spells too.

10) Shaman - An advanced cleric only, get to use holy magic to destory undead as 
well. uses powerful healing spells too. at least save 2 shamans in stock.

11) Wild Man - Great to handle axes and heavy weapons such as war hammer. this 
mean guy is great to have in stock, it can be very useful when you encounter 
wizards and this class can easily exterminate them. place 2 or 3 of this classes 
in stock just in case you encounter wizards, make sure you train them too!!!

12) Knight - The next class fighters meet the first. Very good at swords and 
heavy swords as well. This knight class can be very useful when you meet 
witches, wizards, mages, and Priest. also, in great numbers they are, the great 
pain you see!!!!!!!

13) HawkMan - This class cannot be acessed by fighters, you need to create them 
in castles. They are great for large range of movement and can fly up to higher 
floors, such as houses, castles, lands, you name it. also great handling spears, 
bows, and axes. If you wish, stock them up as many as you wish.

14) ReptileMan - A new added character in Tactis Ogre.
the higher level this class is, the more tougher to defeat! you can either 
create or befriend them. i only, myself, keep 2 reptilemen in stock because they 
are very useful against large sized characters and weak characters such as 
witches, wizards, mages, and great handling war hammers.

15) Golem - Very slow, but can deliver a crippling hits as levels goes up, it's 
very weak at first but be patient with this golem. as level goes higher, you 
will be happy as you see what's kind of defense power he has ! :) At least keep 
1, but be aware, hp is pretty low ..  have one cleric watch after this golem.

16) Octopus - Dont bother getting this character, WEAK, WEAK, WEAK, when they 
are on dry land, and can be easily be defeated. but if you really want one, my 
suggestion, have at least 2. Why you ask? just in case there's a  river,  deploy 
them! they will be much much powerful and a real pain for the enemies to kill 
them. Even they are in water, octopus receive 1 damage if they are in water! :) 
can be useful when you meet in battle where they have water though.

17) Green Dragon - Pretty much like OgreBattle, but learns Poison breath as 
level goes up and can be very powerful if you breathe it in the back of enemies, 
and can cause a huge amount of damage. Keep at least 2 of them in stock.

18) Red Dragon - Same as Green dragon but uses fire breath can bring down your 
power, which is not good. It can be in pain if they are in numbers.

19) Blue Dragon - Same as above, but breathe ice breath to put their enemies to 

20) Dragon Warrior - An advanced character from fighters, can easily kill 
dragons with great amount of  damage. Great defesne, Great attacks, great 
handling heavy weapons and armors. but in return, weak against arrows.. not to 
worry, hp is pretty good too. 
Keep 1 of this class.

21) Evil Ones - Must have high levels of wild mens, geez, evil ones looks alot 
different than the OgreBattle version! :)
I, myself keep one of these, they have great defense even i dont have to have 
them equip armors !!! 

22) Dragon Ranger - For females only, VERY USEFUL! 
can use one spell, can equip swords and shields very well, and can kill dragons 
easily too.

23) Muse - Great handling spears, the higher level muses are, the greater 
damages they can perform with spears! you can infect the maxium damage of 
wizard's hp!!!! very useful class, have at least 3 in stock! 

24) Lich - To obtain lich, find ring of death in one of the hidden lands.  to 
make lich, have one of your best wizard equipped with it and let enemies kill 
him, then a cool sequence will appear then lich is born! Females can become lich 
too. but judge is based on status, be sure you choose one character wisely.

25) Sword Master - like ninjas hold one weapon each hands and strike enemies 
tiwce!  but has better defense and handle one spell than ninjas, very, very 
powerful character in the game.

26) DollMage - uses witch's magic also one wizard's magic, acid, stronger than 
witch also useful... but it takes a while to gain a level to reach this class.

there are more classes and character to get, those in the lists are what i have 
gotten so far... so, be alert for more characters!!!!!!

Okay that's about it.. you should know all of the main basics of the game, now 
on to the game!!

Chapter 1 

Now, after you have helped those knights and wizard, the hawk man has departed, 
and in return, for helping them to get their castle back, they give you 4 
fighters and 6 amazons! they are all on level 2, which is good.
if any of your characters are on 1 level low, train them, otherwise, one level 
behind, and fighting against your enemies, you'll hit an early grave..so be 

After training, by items, weapons, armory nessasary for your characters.
Okay, the next battle stage, you'll meet a leader, a wizard!!! and some fellow 
of fighters and amazons, but wait, here comes the hawkman!! he has now join your 
he has a spear which has two steps range which you can attack your enemies one 
step away without getting hurt! 
fight, destory enemies, fight, leave the wizard alone, focus on the troops, kill 
them. Once you're finished cleaning up the troop and the wizard remains, 
beaware! This wizard has a pretty good sight! when you're beside him and ready 
to attack him, he'll turn and block your attack and give you a whopping hit with 
his wooden staff!! 
be patient to deal with him, once you have killed him, and if any of your 
character increased a level, it's training time.

once you're done training, go on to the next battle stage, dont bother checking 
the advancing classes, you need to be at least level 6 or above to do so.

There's a small village ruled by a witch, which is a leader, but wait!! theres' 
a character which will join you if you save his life, is a priest which is in 
trouble! he will kill one of the skeleton and try to make his escape but been 
blocked by even more skeletons! help him! after you help him he will feel safe 
with your party and will exterminate the skeletons.
kill enemies before they kill you, be alert! there's 2 fighters equipped with 
bows! stop them before they stop you.

now the witch remains, again, sharp sights and stronger with a wooden staff 
which she can infect more than 35 to 42 damages!! be careful.
once you finish her off, and saved the village, allow the priest to join you. 
again, if the characters' are one level up, train your low level characters!

once you finish training head to the next battle!

if you wish there's a house downward of your previous battle, if you like, go 
ahead and battle, nothing important is here, 
if you dont wish to go there, head back to the castle, talk to the king, get 
goth from him , head north house.

fight, fight, fight, fight, and fight!

now, you have reached the northern castle to speak of the king himself! talk, 
make decsision, go back to the king, who gave you goths, now, a new house will 
appear for you to fight on.

now, there's only one fighter, dont think about it!  this fighter will call help 
and there's going to be about 10 fighters to defeat! if you have advanced 
characters that are archers, you can shoot arrows from high grounds to lower 
grounds, even if its out of range you can still hit them, if you have wizards, 
use them!

okay, you destroyed all of the fighters, and talk with the elder of the village, 
one of the knights comes in and ask you to step outside to talk. talk, make a 
decision, then there going to be another battle! if a character has a low hp, 
make sure you heal them before you make your move. win the battle, and you'll go 
on to the next chapter!!!!!!

watch the sequence, now, next battle! geez, three whole battle without saving! 
okay, win, then save! 

okay, from here on, you are on your own, i'll tell you why...
the moment you talked to the knight you need to make a decision, 
1 - side with the king and kill me
2 - side with the knight and kill the king

those two decision are going to take you to two different paths in the game.. i 
have only done to side the king and kill me but was saved and i proceed, now i 
am playing from the begining and killed the king which was terribly bloody death 
for a king..when i complete the game i will complete my faq. I think you can 
manage on your own from here. i have taught you the basic of the tactis ogre. 
now, for the characters, you can have up to 30 character in your troops and 10 
characters in a battle. choose the character VERY wisely!!!!

Good luck Tactis Ogre fans!!!!!!

stuck? need help? got questions? no problem, E-Mail me!! 

Mitsuchi @ aol.com

thanks again for downloading the Tactis Ogre Faq! 
and remember, " Let us Cling Together "