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                      Tales of Destiny


                        (Version 3)


                       David Johnson

Welcome to my Tales of Destiny FAQ and walkthrough.  This guide

is regularly redone, so check a little further into the guide to see

what has been updated.  If any part of this guide is incorrect, or if 

there's something you want to add, email me(Dave) at 



	First and foremost I must give props to the fine folks who have 

made this update possible(listed in the order that I got their help).

1. My new best friend, Acel.  He's one of the first people who 

emailed me about this, and he was the first to tell me what the hell 

I did to get unstuck in Cherik.  He also is responsible for being one 

of the first to tell me about getting different people to take to the 

underwater ruins(the first was "sephiros striff", I believe).  He also 

is the man behind the plant chart, some of the translated F(?) clues, 

and the 21 game translation, and some of the cooking info(and a 

few other things).  And more recently, thanks to him for sending 

me a list of gameshark codes for this game.  Problem was, my 

computer couldn't really view the file, so that will have to wait 

until Version 4 when(and if) he sends me a new one.

2. MINH Gilbert(INTERNET:qix@club-internet.fr).  He told me 

about the rest of the cooking info, what you get from it, and, most 

importantly, the BC Rod!!!!!!  He also was the first to tell me 

about how to get past the teleporter in the final dungeon.  This guy 

is cool.

3.   Suryawan Budiman, for telling me the purpose of the F clues.

4. Johanes Karim, for telling me a little more about cooking, and the 

optional sword skills(like the requirements), and the first to tell me 

about how to get the golden seed.  You can find Gameshark codes 

for this game at his website, 

www.geocitites.com/TimesSquare\Realm\1946.  He, as well as 

MINH Gilbert, also gave me Japanese cooking ingredient lists.

5. The Japanese website "Hekiyuu"(or something like that): 

www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/3625/tod.  I mainly got the level 

requirements for the sword skills here and how to get the one 

elusive ingredient for food A, plus complete listings for all of the 

characters sword skills(actually, I had an almost complete list of 

my own, so this was only used for a few fill-in-the blanks).  Also, 

although I can't read much Japanese, what I was able to read on 

this site was at least able to lead me on the right path to some of 

the hidden stuff, mainly bonus dungeon floor clues, and also the 

Lilith info.

6. Matu's homepage, http://plaza22.mbn.or.jp/~matu_page.  All I got 

from here is the steal items chart for the bosses.  With both this and 

the other Japanese website, I of course couldn't ask for permission 

to use this stuff(since I don't speak the language), so I really hope 

they don't mind.  How else are non-Japanese speaking ToD 

players going to get their info?  Also, it wasn't that easy to 

translate, either.

7. RobAll, who helped me put together the bonus dungeon guide(I 

mean a BIG help).

8. Brian Anderson, for giving me English cooking instructions!

To all of you who told me stuff and I didn't credit you, either 1) sorry, 

I forgot, I'm an ass hole, or 2)you weren't the first to tell me.

If I update this faq again(which I probably will), and I include 

what you said, I'll give you credit.


Version 3:

	-made a new section with skill and spell charts, plus some of 

the weirder items

	-added lots of info to the optional section(like a bonus dungeon 


	-walkthrough section has been slightly revised

Version 2:

	-corrected two stuck points

	-revised the optional section(adding lots of info and two cool 

charts by Acel)


This guide is divided into four parts: game basics, the 

walkthrough, the optional stuff so far discovered, then finally the skills 

and items.

				     PART ONE:

Game Basics:

	Here are the basics of the game.


	Swordians are intelligent swords from an ancient civilization 

and are central to the story.  Five of the characters in the game can 

wield the five swordians(actually, there's a sixth, but it's only for story 

line purposes as far as I know).  Those five characters and their 

swordians are:

Stan: Wields the fire swordian Dimlos.

Rutee: Wields the water swordian Atwight.

Philia: Wields the lightning swordian Clemente.

Lion: Wields the earth swordian Chaltier.

Woodrow: Wields the wind swordian Igtenos(eventually)

The point of Swordians is that they allow your characters to 

use magic.  For the five characters that can wield them, there are two 

slots you can equip your swordian to.

The first one is your normal weapon, you must have the swordian 

equipped to this slot in order to use their spells.

The other slot you can equip them to is the next-to-last.  If they 

are equipped to that slot, the swordians will gain experience and gain 

new spells, so always have that characters' swordian equipped.  This 

way, even if you have another weapon equipped to the top slot, you 

can still have their swordians gain new spells.

Also, you can switch character's swordians around so that 

other characters can cast other swordian's spells.


	The bottom equip slot(only on the characters that have 

swordians), is the equip slot for discs.  Discs are basically the 

equivalent of Final Fantasy 7's materia.  They are equipped into your 

swordian to give you one to three new spells.  Discs can also increase 

your abilities while their equipped.  Basically, if the name of the discs 

is a bunch of numbers, it will enhance your abilities.  If it's not, it will 

give you spells.  So basically, it would be smart to give Rutee(who 

wields a water swordian) a fire disc.  If you gave her a water disc, 

she'd just have duplicates of spells, which would be a waste.  Also, 

you can only have one disc equipped at a time.


	This one is pretty obvious.  These are the spells you get when 

your swordians go up levels, and, as I said before, a character can only 

use their swordian's spells if they have that swordian equipped as a 



	Skills are more or less techniques that every character has, they 

take up TP points just like spells, but you can use them at any 

time(don't have to equip swordians), and your characters learn them as 

they go up levels.  Also, these skills usually involve your weapons.

	Since you control Stan, his skills are more than just names 

accessed on a menu.  You can assign four of Stan's skills to four 

button combinations: B, Up+B, Down+B, and Left or Right+B.  

Unlike Tales of Phantasia, this game's prequel, there are no short or 

long range skills.  They all can be used from any range.  Also, for all 

of Stan's optional skills, you need to have Dimlos equipped in order to 

use them.


	Food is used for two things:

1. To recover HP while you walk.  To do this, you need to just simply 

use the item.  That will put it in your food sack.  Each food has a 

numeric value that stands for how much food is in your food sack.  

Every time you take a step, your HP increases, but the food in you 

food sack decreases.  There are three sacks that you get during the 

course of the game: the small(holds 200), the medium(holds 2000), 

and the large(holds 20,000).

2. Used as ingredients in cooking, which I'll get into later in the 

optional section.


	You get lenses every time you win a battle.  As far as I know, 

there's only one main use for lenses: trading them in for a lot of gold 

in a lens shop.  The only other thing you can do with lenses is near the 

end of the game, where you can trade them in for items in a hidden 


				   PART TWO:


	Tales of Destiny opens on the Flying Dragon airship.  Once the 

monsters storm the ship and you get control of Stan, the main 

character, the first goal is to find the swordian Dimlos in the storage 

area.  Before you find him though, you'll have to solve the first puzzle 

in the game, which is just pushing and pulling some boxes out of the 

way(hold down the O button, then move forward to push and back to 


	Eventually, you'll find Dimlos, and get into your first fight, 

which is very easy.  After that, you can run into the enemies here, so 

be careful.  Now, the goal is to head back up to the upper deck where 

you were earlier mopping the floors.  If you want to, you can first raid 

the ship for treasures.  You can search one of the toilets for a 30% HP 

healer, and there are other visible treasure boxes in the various rooms.  

Also, if you find the kitchen, you can get your stats refilled by 

searching the stew.

Snow Forest:

	You'll escape in the Flying Dragon's escape pod and crash 

land in the snow forest.  You'll wake up in a cabin, and then Woodrow 

will join.  You must then exit north of the snow cabin into a little 

forest maze(VERY little), and find Chelsea, who'll join.

Then head back to the snow cabin.  Chelsea will leave, then you must 

exit south from the cabin into another little snow maze.  Work your 

way through here until you reach the town of Janos.


	As soon as you enter, Woodrow will leave.  Talk to everybody 

in town, then talk to the man upstairs in the inn.  He should run off.  

Then, once you leave the inn, you'll bump into Mary and she'll join.

	Now, you must head back into the snow forest, and when Mary 

splits up from your party and says something, you must go to the left 

and search the dead end to find the hidden cave.

First Dungeon:

	Search the sparkle to open the door.  Once in the temple 

section, and when you can go in many different directions, go up to 

find Rutee.  She'll join, then you'll have to find your first boss.

	Boss: 3 Soldiers  HP: 200  TP: 0 (each)

This is a pretty easy fight, just use Stan's skills to make short work of 


	After you take care of them, explore the dungeon(find your 

first disc), then exit to the south.  You'll wind up back in Janos, and 

after all the talking is down, exit Janos to the north to get on the 

overworld map.  Make your way to Harmenz, the second town.


	In this town, whatever you do, DON'T talk to the kid in front 

of the treasure chest.  He'll let you by in order to get the chest, but then 

he'll block your way from leaving until you give him ALL your 

money.  As far as I know, there's no way to get your money back, and 

there's nothing really good that comes out of this(except for the 

treasure in chest, which I think is a life potion or something).

	Anyway, what you need to do in this town is to go to Walt's 

mansion at the top of the hill and talk to Walt.  He'll give you 10,000 

dollars, then you next have to go to the mansion in the middle of town 

and talk to the guy behind the counter to spend the night.  In the 

morning, when you wake up, you'll have to fight eight soldiers, which 

is easy than it looks.  After killing them, you'll fight Lion, but you'll 

be forced to lose this one.


	After you lose to Lion, you'll get captured and taken back to 

Seinegard Castle, in the city of Darillshade.  Once you get control of 

your characters, and Lion joins, you next goal is to head to Hugo's 

mansion, in the upper right corner of town.  After the talking, you'll be 

allowed to leave town.  Once on the overworld, you can head north to 

the village of Armerda, but you don't have to go there.  From 

Armerda, head east to the forest.

Forest south of Straylize Shrine:

	There's nothing difficult about this place, it's just a 

straightforward dungeon with no puzzles and no boss at the end.  It 

will lead into the Straylize Shrine.

Straylize Shrine:

	In here, go into the church and talk to the priest in the back 

room.  Then head into the main building at the north end of this area.  

Walk up and talk to the skull at the top of the first room.  The idea here 

is to go throughout the shrine and kill the five minibosses and the 

crystal they guard.  Each battle is pretty easy.  After all five are 

destroyed, go back to the skull to proceed on.

You should get a priest to come with your party after the skull, 

once this happens, go back to an earlier part of the shrine(where you 

were beating up on the crystals), where the church-looking hall is.  The 

priest will open up a secret passage.  In the area afterwards, you can 

either step on all the dark switches or all the light switches to open one 

of the two doors at the end, which both lead to the same place, where 

Philia joins your party.  Once she joins, head back to Darillshade.


	There is a complex series of events that must be followed in 

order to get on the boat to go to the next area.  They are:

1. Talk to Hugo in his mansion.

2. Talk to King Seingard.

3. Talk to the two sailors on the docks.

4. Talk to Hugo.

5. Talk to King Seingard.

6. Talk to Hugo.

7. Then, go to the docks to board the ship.

Ocean Journey:

	In the middle of your journey, one of the sailors will come 

running up with sweat coming out of his head.  You'll then go onto the 

deck of the ship and see some sea monster or something.  After that, 

you'll board the sea monster and get taken down beneath the ocean.

Underwater Ruins:

	In the beginning you must pull some of the wreckage 

away(hold the O button then walk backwards) to proceed.

	In here you will the pick axe special item which will let you 

open the final door here.  Behind the final door, you'll get Philia's 

swordian, Clemente.  Once that's done, you can leave.  The ship will 

continue it's journey to the town of Cherik.


	The first thing to do in this town is to go to the building in the 

upper-left and talk to Barukk.  The next thing to do is head to 

Junkland, the town at the end of this island.  Along the way you may 

pass the town of Kalviora.


	After you reach a certain point in here, Philia will split up from 

your party and say something.  After that's over, I don't think that 

there's anything else to do.  Actually, I don't even know if you have to 

go here at all!  Anyway, where you need to go is Cherik.


	In the first version of this faq, I had no idea what I had did here 

to proceed on with the game.  Well, now I do, and it's pretty easy to 

figure, I actually don't know how I overlooked it.  Well, here goes.

	Go downstairs in the inn(the stairway sort of blends in with the 

background), and talk to the maid down there.  She'll tell you that 

Jack(who you're looking for) is at the weapon shop.

	Go to the weapon shop, and the shopkeeper will tell you that 

Jack is at the docks.  So go to the dock at Jack should be in the upper-

right hand corner.  Talk to him for an event.  Then go back and talk to 

Barukk again.  The head to Kalviora.


	Enter temple in the middle of town.  After scene, sleep at inn to 

make the scene shift to nighttime.  Enter temple through the side 

entrance, make your way through and talk to prisoner.  After that, go 

near the front door, then go right to fight guard, then proceed on to 

fight minibosses at the end.

	*There's an optional event you can do in Kalviora.  To the 

right of the Uru Uru bar, there's a little boy.  You have to go around 

the gate of the town to get to him, and once you do, you'll have to 

fight an easy enemy.  The boy will then go back to the weapon 

shop(where his mom is).  If you talk to him again, he'll give you some 

item(don't remember what it is).


	Go back to the boat here and take it to the land of Fitzgard.  

Your boat will dock in the town of Noischtat.  Once in there, go to one 

of the mansions, and there will be a brief scene with Lion.  Then go to 

the Lens shop, and talk to Ellen.  Then go back to the docks and talk to 

her again at the left-hand boat.

Pirate Ships:

	You'll encounter a fleet of pirate ships.  There will be four 

separate scenes.  For each one of them, you must traverse one or two 

pirate ships looking for the priest miniboss at the end of each.  After 

you kill the miniboss, you will advance to the next scene.  One 

warning for this part of the game is that several people have 

complained about the game locking up here(although it never 

happened to me), so if your game locks up, it's not you don't have a 

bad copy, it's just that there's a glitch in probably ALL the CDs.

	Anyway, at the end of the fourth ship, there's an actual boss, 

one of the game's harder ones.

	Boss: Bateista  HP: 4500  TP: 0

This was the only boss I actually died on in this game.  That was 

because I made the mistake of trying to kill his flunkies first, instead of 

concentrating on him, which was a big mistake.  So the basic strategy 

here is to just let loose on the boss, and keep him busy(with Stan), so 

that he can't pull off any major attacks.  Your other members can 

probably handle the flunkies themselves.

Back at Noischtat:

	Once back here, there will be a very, very, long scene(one of 

the game's longest).  You will even go to the coliseum for a fight 

against Mighty Kongman, one of the game's characters.  You don't 

have to beat him(I didn't), so I don't know if it's even possible to win, 

or what you get if you do.

	Anyway, after the long scene is over, go to docks, and take the 

boat to the town of Shiden, in the kingdom of Aquaven.


	First talk to the townspeople, then talk to the guy on boat, then 

the guy standing at the dock.  This will make a cave open up on the 

beach on this island.  Go down there and enter it.

Limestone Cave:

	This cave is pretty straightforward, except that there are some 

very hard to see "stairs" leading down into the shallow water.  At the 

end of this place, you'll have to fight a boss.

	Boss: OrgasQueen HP: 2800  TP: 0

Not too hard, this time you might want to kill the flunkies first, or go 

straight for the boss.  It doesn't really matter, this guy is pretty easy.  

After you kill him, exit the cave and walk to Mouryu.


	In town, go to the lower right hand corner to fight guards and 

get Johnny to join.  Then, try to enter the castle in the upper right, and 

after that scene, go to the rowboat and talk to the guy.  He'll take you 

to the back entrance of Mouryu Castle.

Mouryu Castle:

	This is the first tricky dungeon in Tales.  You'll have to drain 

the water in here, then push and pull blocks to cover some gaps so that 

you can walk across.  At the piano, you'll have to leave Johnny and 

one other character.  North from there, you must listen to the sounds 

emitted when you search the door, then replicate them in that order by 

stepping on the switches.  The order for the switches is 1, 8, 2, 7, 3, 6, 

4, 5.  After that, you'll find a handle to put on one of the water 

draining switches.  So go find the water draining machine without the 

handle, put the handle on it, then drain the water to proceed.

	Boss: Bateista  HP: 6000  TP: 0

Him again.  This time, you must take out the flunkies first, because 

they can cast the Storm spell, which can really screw up your fight.  

Once you take care of him, head for the dock in this town, and take the 


Ocean Journey:

	In the middle of the journey, you'll have to take out a sea 

monster that's boarded the ship.

	Boss: Kraken  HP: 10,000  TP: 0(I think)

This guy is pretty easy, as long as you relentlessly attack him.  The 

boat will then dock at the town of Toukei.


	Take the boat to a house with a machine in it.  Press the switch 

to open up a gate in the town's waterway.  Then proceed(via boat) 

through the town until you get to the mansion.


	In the beginning, you can pay the guy 500 gold to go into the 

next room, then pay the creature another 500 gold to get out.  On top 

of that, you have to pay 500 gold to get out of this room!

	In this dungeon, you must also drain the water.  In the room 

with the pit, push the big plant down into the pit, then, in the room 

where you knocked it into, push it onto the switch to open a door.

	You'll come to a room with 12 doors, each one having a 

picture of an animal on it.  You have to walk into the doors in a certain 

order, and it's pretty easy to solve with just trial and error(if you go 

into the wrong door, all doors will flash green).  But if you're too lazy 

to do just that, here's the order:

	Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, 

Monkey, Rooster, Fox, then finally the Pig.  After that it's boss time.

	Boss: Teiberius  HP: 10,000  TP: 0

The important thing to remember in this battle is that Stan's Firestorm 

spell(remember, you need to have your swordian equipped in order to 

cast spells) can do 1000 damage to this guy.  With that in mind, go kill 


	Once he's dead, go to the dock in this town, then take the ship.

Ocean Journey:

	In the middle of the journey, you'll have to fight off a fleet of 

ships, and you do that via a cool little mini-game.

	The goal is simple: kill all the enemies, and don't get killed 

yourself.  Press O button to fire your normal gun, or press Triangle to 

use your screen clearing bomb.

If you don't care about this mini-game and just want to get on 

with the game itself, hit Triangle to use your bomb and automatically 

win.  This will score you zero points.  If you don't use Triangle, just 

try to take out as many enemies as possible to get the best score.  The 

better score, the better the item you get.

	After this, you'll head to the snow kingdom of Dhandalia.


	Once you arrive in town, the first order of business is to leave, 

and head to the snow forest to the south-west.  You'll fight an easy 

miniboss, then Woodrow, the guy who joined you in the very, very 

beginning of the game, will rejoin here.  Then, you must head north to 

the snow mountain.

Snow Mountain:

	The most important thing about this place is that you will 

constantly take massive damage every step due to the cold unless you 

have the winter coat accessory equipped to all of your characters.  You 

can buy this in town for 895 gold.

	Once you reach the ice block, Woodrow will give you the 

Sorsala Ring(a classic item from the first Tales) and tell you to use it 

to melt the block of ice.  You must equip it to one of your two 

accessory slots, then press the Square button to shoot out a laser.  This 

will melt the ice block.

	In the next screen, you must slide across on ice to proceed.  

Then exit the dungeon and head to the town right in front of you.


	This town is almost totally abandoned.  Walk up to the castle to 

start an event.  You'll be taken to jail, then escape, and eventually fight 

a boss.

	Boss: Daris  HP: 7500  TP: 0

This is a pretty easy battle.  No big deal.  After he's done for, you'll 

escape into the basement of the castle.

	*There is an event here that you can do that will determine 

whether or Daris(Mary's husband) will live or die.  Instead of going 

straight to Heidelburg, go south of it to Syril, Mary's home town.  If 

you enter Mary's house, a scene will take place.  After this scene, go 

back to Heidelburg and fight Daris as usual.  If you don't do this 

scene, Daris will eventually die.  If you do see the scene, however, 

Daris will live(I think you may also have to take his sword off his desk 

to get him to live) and later on in the game, when you come back to 

this village, the guy is living with Mary, but for some reason you can't 

get Mary to join(at least not until the final stage of the game)!  If Daris 

was dead, however, a little bit later Mary can rejoin!  So, what's weird 

is that event though it's harder to do, apparently you just get nothing 

but bad things from keeping Daris alive, unless there's something you 

can get later that I don't know about yet.

Castle Basement:

	After a little exploring, you'll run into a boss.

	Boss: Ice Golem  HP: 6000  TP: 400

This has to be the easiest boss in the game.  Just use Stan's fire 

techniques to really put a hurting on this guy and finish him off 

quickly, or just run up and attack with weapons, for an equally easy, 

but slightly longer battle.

	Once he bit the dust, push up to get right next to the block that 

was behind him, then shoot your Sorsala Ring once to melt the block, 

then shoot it again to nail the thing behind it(also, you can melt the 

blocks in this area to find treasures underneath).

	After this room, you'll find yourself in the main area of the 


Castle and Clock Tower:

	You must shoot the Sorsala Ring to light some unlit torches to 

make a doorway appear.

	When you get to the "grid" of torches, light the unlit ones to 

open doors.

	Once you get to the room where there's a statue of a woman 

and a statue of a demon with a flame on it, you must push the statue of 

the demon in front of the statue of the woman so that the flame will 

touch the woman's orb and open the door.  This will lead you to the 

clock tower.

	First go to the left to push a switch.  Later on, you must leave a 

party member on another statue.  It's best to leave Woodrow, because 

at this point in the game, he really sucks.  Once someone's on the 

switch, go back to the first floor and take the elevator.

	When you get to platform where when you step on it a question 

mark appears above Stan's head, go to the lead above and shoot your 

Sorsala Ring at it to make the platform work.  Then take it and get 

your character back, then enter the door at the top of the clock tower.

	In the room with 3 doors, light up the torches on either side of 

the left and right doors so that it won't be dark in those rooms.  In the 

right room, hit the lever once, and in the left room, unfreeze the chain 

by shooting your Sorsala Ring at it.  Once all that's done, hit the 

switch in room south of there(near save spot), to open up the main 

door in the room with the three doors.  After that, it's time for a major 

boss battle.

	Boss: Greybum  HP: 13,000  TP: 999

Try to use an enemy-clearing tactic or item(like Ifrit, if you've 

managed to come across one yet) to get rid of the flunkies, then corner 

Greybum and let him have it.  Have Philia have her swordian equipped 

so that she can do damaging spells like Ray, etc.  After this, you'll find 

yourself on the Flying Dragon airship from the beginning of the game!

Flying Dragon:

	Go around and talk to the different characters, then sit back and 

watch the fake ending(don't worry, you're not even half done yet)!!

	After the fake ending, you'll be in Stan's house.  You'll eat 

breakfast, then you'll have to put the food in the sink.  Go around and 

talk to the townspeople, then go back to Stan's house and talk to Stan's 

sister.  Eventually, Philia will rejoin.

Gathering your characters:

Head south to Noischtat.  Your goal now is to gather your 

characters.  To get Woodrow back, choose Woodrow's name at the 

boat, then once to boat arrives in the snow town, go southwest through 

the forest.  Right after that, you'll have to go south through another 

short forest, in order to reach the town of Syril, Mary's hometown.  

There's a scene that takes place in Mary's house.

	Then go north to Heidelburg, and go into the castle to get 

Woodrow.  After that, go back to the port where you got here from, 

and at the boat choose option number 1(Seingard), which will take you 

to Darillshade.

	From Darillshade, walk south, then east to find Rutee's 

hometown, Cresta.  In there, you'll get Rutee to join.

Looking for Lion:

	The only person left to get for your party is Lion, right?  Well, 

as far as I know, you can never get him to join again...  But you still 

have to try to find him!

The first thing to do is to go to Darillshade and talk to the king.  

Then go to Hugo's mansion.  You should notice a bunch of guys 

walking around the main hall.  When you enter one of the rooms, Stan 

will say something.  When that happens, go search the book in that 

room.  Then go and talk to one of the Oberon guys(the guys that are 

walking around the main hall).  You'll notice they say something 

different now.  Once that's done, go back and talk to the King.  Then 

go back to Hugo's mansion and talk to the head Oberon guy(he looks 

slightly different, he's got a small beard and has a blue jewel in his 

head instead of a red one).  Then go back and talk to the King yet 

again, then board the boat in this town to head to the factory dungeon.

Oberon Factory:

	If you go left in the beginning of the dungeon, you can fight an 

Oberon guy(probably optional).  If you go in the left of the two doors 

in the beginning, then go to the lower right exit, you'll fight another 

Oberon guy and get the blue key card(definitely not optional).

	In this dungeon, you must take the conveyor belts to proceed.  

Later on in the dungeon, you'll have enter a two number combination, 

and every time you fail, you'll have to fight an easy miniboss.  The 

combination is 3, 4.  Once you open the door with that, fight another 

Oberon guy to get the red key card.  At the end of this factory, you'll 

find an elevator which will take you to an underground cave.

Cave beneath factory:

	This is a pretty simple cave, once you reach the save spot, you 

can go left to get a treasure, or to the right to fight the boss.  You can't 

go back into this dungeon, so don't miss out on some of the 

treasures(like I did).  Anyway, at the end of this dungeon you'll soon 

find out why Lion will never rejoin, because he's actually one of the 

bad guys!  And now you'll have to take down your former party 


	Boss: Lion  HP: 12,000  TP: 999

Even though this is a major battle(as far as the story line goes), Lion is 

actually a pretty simple boss.  Just corner him and constantly hack him 

with your sword.  He may get an attack or two in there, but it'll 

probably be no big deal.

	Afterwards, watch the kick-ass anime scene!

	After the long series of events, go into Darillshade and talk to 

the guy.  Then go to the docks and take the boat back to the 

underwater ruins(called Radisrou) from earlier in the game.  There will 

be no enemies in here, all you have to do is go to the final room.  At 

the end, you will get your first vehicle in the game, some sort of 

bizarre sea monster type thing(it's what you saw floating in the ocean 

when you first went to this dungeon all that time ago).

Vehicle controls:

	You can dock this at any town with a port, and get back on by 

going to your special item list and selecting the second one on the 

list(can only be used on docks, though).

Gathering even more characters:

	Now that you have a vehicle, and now that the world is in 

danger, you can collect two more(out of a possible four) characters.  If 

you go back Syril(in the snow kingdom Dhandalia), you can get Mary 

to join(good choice).  Also in Dhandalia, and right north of Syril is 

Heidelburg Castle, where Chelsea can join(bad choice, unless you like 

characters that start on level 2).  If you go back to the town Mouryu(in 

the kingdom of Aquaven, the little chain of islands with three towns, 

Mouryu is the middle town), you can get Johnny to join(not as bad as 

Chelsea, but no good either).  And if you go to the town of Noischtat, 

you can get Mighty Kongman to join(more on that in the optional 

section).  Mighty is a very good character, I would suggest getting 


	Once you're done getting your characters, go back to 

Darillshade and talk to the King.  Then go into the far left door in the 

castle courtyard, and talk to the wacky-looking blue-haired guy there.

	Now, you must choose between three different guys to get to 

come with you to Radisrou.  The three guys are:

1. A red-haired guy in a room in the Darillshade courtyard.

2. A priest in the Straylize Shrine.

3. The junkhunter in Junkland.

Once you pick one of these guys up, then take him to Radisrou.  After 

that, head to the Cave West of Linea.

Cave west of Lienea:

	West of the town of Lienea(Stan's hometown) on a beach in 

the bay near there, is a cave only accessible by your vehicle.

	Once inside, at every door you must leave one of your 

swordians(and the corresponding character).  If you choose to leave 

Stan, your remaining characters will just go in and finish the dungeon 

without you(automatically), so if you want, you can make this a very 

quick dungeon.  If you choose to take Stan all the way back(with the 

help of the two non-swordian wielding characters you picked up) you 

must fight a very easy boss at the end of this place.

	Boss: Dragonknight  HP: 2854  TP: 0

This guy's a cinch.  After he's done, grab the treasures(most 

importantly, the special item disc you'll need to take back to 



	Once you've gotten the special disc from the beach cave, go 

back to the priest who's now in here, and you'll power up this place 

and get shot up into the world in the sky.

Sky World:

	Once you exit your main base (previously the underwater 

ruins), the only thing available for you to go to is that metal tower in 

front of you, which is actually the "blue" warp tower(more on that 


Blue Warp Tower:

	You must find a room in here which has a map of the world in 

it.  If you get to the room with the save spot in it(the teleporter room), 

LEAVE.  Don't step in the warp, because you'll get warped around to 

places you're not supposed to be yet, and getting back can be a little 


	Once you've found the room with the world map, the game 

will automatically return you to Radisrou.  After the talking in there is 

done with, go back to the tower you just came from, and NOW go to 

the teleporter room.

Tower Teleporters:

	The deal here is simple:  There are four different colored glass 

panels surrounding the teleporter(blue, red, green, and yellow).  

Whenever you walk through one of the panels, ALL of the panels will 

change into the color you walked through(for example, if you walked 

through the green panel, all of the panels will turn green).  When you 

step into the beam of light in the middle, you will get teleported to 

whatever tower the color corresponds to.  The tower you start in 

corresponds to "blue", so if you ever want to go back here from 

another tower, change the color to blue then step into the beam of 


	Understand?  Well, if you don't, then reread the last paragraph.  

Anyway, the place you're headed now is the Red Warp Tower(not a 

literal translantion, I made up these names).  So change all the panels 

to red, then step into the beam.

Red Warp Tower:

	In each floor here, there are a certain amount of little egg-like 

things you must collect in order to advance to the next floor.  There are 

four floors like this.  On the fifth floor, all you have to do is to find the 

exit teleporter to leave.

	Once you've left the place, head north to get to the red 

pyramid(Mech Hall).

Mech Hall:

	In the first area(and for the rest of this place, as well) the thing 

to remember is that when you step on a platform, it won't just move 

the platform you're on, it will also reverse the position of all platforms 

of the same color.

	Later on in the dungeon(in the part where you're walking on a 

grid) you can only walk over blocks if they're full size.  If not, you'll 

fall through to the floor below.

	One of the rooms in here is a big room with lots of switches 

and platforms.  It's not that hard to get to the exit here(just mess 

around with the switches and platforms), but since I pushed so many 

buttons and rode so many platforms, I can't remember exactly what I 

did here.  But it's not like it's hard to solve or anything like that, and 

furthermore, to make it even easier, you don't meet any enemies in this 

room.  So you shouldn't have much(if any) trouble with it.

	The final puzzle room in here has a movable block and no 

enemies.  The trick here is to go to the right side, face up against that 

weird looking thing, then pull back to open the door.  The only 

problem is that as soon as you let go, the lever will slide back up into 

place, thus closing the door.  So what you must do is to push the 

movable block in it's path so that the lever can't close all the way, thus 

keeping the door open.

	You will then witness a scene involving Rembrandt and Maria.  

After the scene is over, don't immediately follow Rembrandt into the 

next room, because you'll notice that your HPs and TPs are 

dangerously low, so heal first, then take him on.

	Boss: Rembrandt  HP: 15,000  TP: 0

He's pretty easy, and furthermore, he does come into the battle with 

any flunkies, so this fight won't be that difficult at all(unless you 

forgot to heal after that last scene).

	After Rembrandt's dead, go back to your base(via the warp 

towers) and talk to the priest and choose both number one and two.  

You now have an optional of going to two different places: the Yellow 

Warp Tower, or the Green Warp Tower.  Each one of the Warp 

Towers has another dungeon following them.

*Hey, there's a fun little bonus event you can do now.  If you go to 

Armerda, and go the house in the upper-left hand corner, you can talk 

to an old woman in bed and get 500 lenses.  After that, go to the 

Oberon shop in Darrilshade and talk to the pissed-off looking man.  If 

you choose choice number two, he'll give you the Tricycle and go to 

the old woman's house.

Yellow Warp Tower:

	There are three mice running around here(they're all in the 

same general area).  You must chase them down and fight all three of 

them in order to get each one's key.  Once you have all the keys, you 

must then use them to unlock the main door and turn the power 

generator on, which will open the door to exit this place.  It's dark in 

here, and can sometimes be tricky to find the generator, but it's not 

much of bother considering the fact that there's no random encounters 

in here.  Once you leave this place, proceed onward to get to the 

garden dungeon.


	One important thing in here: don't miss the GC Rod!  If you 

miss it, once you get to the final stage of the game, you won't be able 

to go back here and get it, and it's crucial to opening the game's bonus 


	This place is very straightforward, until you reach the puzzle at 

the end(the one with pushing the orbs into the different holes).  The 

way to solve it is this: First, go upstairs and push the orb there down 

into the left hole, which will shatter it into the left spot below.  Then 

push the "sun" orb into the top spot.  Next, push the "moon" orb into 

the bottom spot.  Finally, take the little orb, and push that into the ring, 

then push the ring(with the orb stuck in the middle), in the right spot.  

Once all that's done, shoot your Sorsala Ring at the "sun" orb.  That 

will let pass in the room with the big tree in it, and let you reach the 


	Boss: Barukk:  HP: 15,000  TP: 0

A very, very, easy boss.  This guy is pathetic.  I really, really, hope 

that this guy doesn't give you trouble.  If he did, that would just be 

sad.  Anyway, once he's dead, don't forgot to search his throne to get 

the blue dragon egg, a special item that will come in handy later.

*Remember, this is a non-linear part of the game.  You must 

beat both this place and the Helios laboratory(which is located beyond 

the Green Warp Tower), in order to advance.  If you've beaten the 

laboratory, skip straight to the Belcrant section.  If not, continue on.

Green Warp Tower:

	You can see all the enemies here, but it's still pretty tricky to 

avoid them because of the narrow passages.  Unless, of course, you 

use this neat little trick: there are little black machines on these floors.  

If you shoot your Sorsala Ring at them, a small explosion will occur.  

Now, if any one of the bats happen to fly by and get hit by the 

explosion, boom!  That's it!  They're dead!  Unlike the Red Warp 

Tower, there's no little trick here to advance from floor to floor.  All 

you have to do is find the exit, which is a little tricky, but not much.  

Once you've exited this place, head over towards the Helios laboratory 



	Go through the conveyor belt "maze", then go through the 

middle of the three doors to fight a miniboss and get a Card Key.  

Once you get to the computer terminal, enter the following numbers: 

1, 4, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4.  You're spelling out the Japanese word 

Kakumei(revolution).  Then go through and fight the boss.

	Boss: Ellen  HP: 13,000  TP: 800

Another easy, easy boss(man, these easy bosses sure are a change from 

the original Tales).  Once she's dead, there's a cool scene in which she 

commits suicide by jumping out of the window of this place(you 

remember Ellen, right?  She's the girl that walked you around the town 

of Noischtat, the town with the coliseum, much earlier in the game).

	After she's down, you'll go downstairs and power up Igtenos, 

Woodrow's swordian, which couldn't be used until now.

*Now, once you've taken care of both of the garden and laboratory 

dungeon, go back to your crashed cruiser outside of the Red Warp 

Tower.  You'll fly it to Belcrant, the big place in the middle of this sky 



	There are two identical towers that each must be traversed, 

then at the end you'll confront Hugo.

	Boss: Hugo  HP: 20,000  TP: 999

Tough, but if you are relentless and surround him, you can easily nail 

him.  Once thing to watch out for, though, is that he can teleport at 

will, thus, making him able to get out of a corner or something.

	After he dies, then the real evil behind this all(or something 

like that), Miktran, appears.  After Miktran wastes your party, you'll 

wake up on a boat and realize that the sky world no longer has any 

holes in it, making it a solid crust that is covering the planet, and 

making your world dark now because there's no more sunlight.

Darkness World:

	Once you arrive in this world, you can choose to go to three 

different towns and do one of the three different events there.

Harmenz: Go kill all of the Ogres to get to the top of town, then go 

back down and kill the new ones.

Armerda: Just enter, fight the Ogre, and leave.

Cresta: Go to upper-left corner of town, and fight the Ogre.

	*All the enemies in all of these scenarios are the easy Ogre 

mini-bosses.  Here's the stats, if you even need them.

	Boss: Ogre  HP: 3500  TP: 0

Once your event is done, go back to Darillshade and talk to the King, 

then go upstairs to the meeting room.  You now have a choice of going 

to two different dungeons: the Gas Cave, or the Swordian Cave.  The 

gas cave is located in Junkland, the swordian cave is located north of 


Gas Cave:

The most important part of this dungeon is to watch out for the 

gas.  Whenever you step through gas, you will lose a lot of HP.  So 

constantly check your HP, or else you might die without knowing it.

If you search the little cracks in the walls here, the walls will 


In the very beginning of the dungeon, you can either go left or 

right, go to the left, and crumble the wall there.  Once you've 

crumbled it, walk through, then crumble the next crack which comes 

immediately after.  It will lead to a room almost totally filled with gas, 

and in that room there are two walls to crumble.  Behind one of them 

is the Bahamut's Tail, the most powerful weapon in the game that I've 

discovered so far(in Tales of Phantasia, it was the sceond-most 

powerful weapon in the game, so there's obviously going to be a 

stronger weapon in this game, I just have yet to find it).  You're going 

to want to get the Bahamut's Tail and other hidden things in here as 

soon as possible, because you won't be allowed to enter this dungeon 


	Near the end of the dungeon, you must push rocks into holes in 

order to walk over the holes.  At the end, get the part for your ship, 

then leave.

	Go to the Flying Dragon airship that's parked outside 

Darillshade, and give the part to the guy standing there.

Swordian Cave:

	The posts in here must be shot with the Sorsala Ring in order to 

make platforms appear.  In the room with many posts and platforms, 

don't step on the little skulls, or else they will warp you back to the 

beginning of the room.

	Near the end, you will reach a mechanical-looking room.  

There are 17 "mirrors" in here, and they can be moved into one of two 

positions.  Also, at the bottom of the room is a switch which will shoot 

a laser out, and the laser must reflect off of the switches in order to hit 

the statue at the top in order to proceed.

	If you look closely at the mirrors, you will notice that top red 

part(the part that moves whenever you switch the mirror's position) 

has a sort of slash going through the middle of it(you have to look 

closely to see it).  The slash is either in one of two positions: "/", or 

"\".  So I have made a "map" of the puzzle showing what position the 

mirrors need to be in.  If the switch is labeled "X", it means that it 

doesn't matter what position the mirror is in, because the laser won't 

hit that one.  Here's the correct alignment:

   X  X  \   \  X

         /   \   \   \

    /    /   \       /

    \        \  X X

	After the puzzle, you will "power-up" your swordians.  Then 

go back to Darillshade and talk to the King.

The Three Lenses:

	Now, you must get three lenses from three different towns: 

Harmenz, Armerda, and Cresta.  This can be done in any order.


	Talk to Walt, the blue-haired guy in the mansion at the top of 

town.  He'll sell you the Lens for ALL of the gold you currently have.  

But don't worry, because right when you're about to exit the mansion, 

he'll feel guilty(I guess) and return the gold.


	As there's only monsters in Armerda now, you actually don't 

go here in order to get Armerda's Lens.  Here's what you do:

	First, go upstairs to the meeting room in Darillshade's Castle.  

There should only be one man in here now, this is the mayor of 

Armerda.  Talk to him, he'll tell you about the Lens.

	Next, go east of Armerda to the forest dungeon from earlier in 

the game.  As soon as you enter, head to the right to see an Ogre 

standing by the gravestone.  You'll have to fight him to get the Lens, 

but it's the same old easy Ogre boss you fought in Cresta a while ago.


	First, talk to the couple in the house in the top middle of town.  

They'll tell you they lost the Lens.  To find it, go to the small shed in 

the upper left corner of town.  If you search in the middle of the shed, 

you'll find the Lens(you may have to search the big tree outside this 

shed before you can find the Lens.  I'm not sure).

Three Lenses Recovered:

	After you get all the Lenses, go to the castle courtyard in 

Darillshade, and give them to the guy there, then talk to the King.  

There will be a very long scene.

	Now, you can fly the Flying Dragon airship.  When you enter, 

there are three commands you can choose:

1. Fly to Dykroft(end dungeon)

2. Fly around this world manually.

3. Leave.


	This is the final dungeon in the game.  It's not that long, but 

there's one tricky part in here that I'm not exactly sure how I solved.

	The first part of this dungeon is easy.  You'll have to walk into 

mirrors to teleport around, but it's nothing major.

	After a bit, you'll walk into a teleporter that'll send your 

characters to jail.  If you have Mary in your party, she'll be teleported 

to the same cell as you, besides that, all other characters are in 

different cells, so you'll have to explore this small jail area and find 


	What you need to do here, is throughout this dungeon, there are 

four items that you will find in treasure chests.  They look like little 

yellow, um, things.  Anyway, three are throughout the dungeon, and 

the fourth is in the jail.  Once you have all four, if you go over the 

teleporter, you'll get some golden leaf emblem special item that lets 

you freely walk over the teleporter.

	A bit after this, Stan will get separated from the rest of the 

party.  What you must do now is run through this crystal area and find 

the main crystals and put them in different positions.  There are some 

things to remember when going through here:

1. There are certain rooms that, upon Stan stepping on certain floor 

tiles, will warp him out of the room.  But outside these rooms, 

there are switches which will make the rooms pitch black, but it 

will turn off the tiles which warp you out.

2. If you see your reflection in a mirror here, you will have to fight an 

easy clone of Stan.  To avoid this, push those blocks in front of the 


3. When you get to the big crystal that makes noise as you approach 

it, search it to crumble it.

Now, here's the positions that the crystals must be in:

Light Blue: West

Red: East

Dark Blue: Original position(pointing to the middle)

Green: East

Clear: West

Yellow: North

Pink: South

	Afterwards, find the room in which you can talk to your party 

members, and if the crystals are in their correct positions, you will be 

rejoined with all of your party members.

	For the final section of the end dungeon, search the crystals 

you find.  There is also a switch that turns on the power, you have to 

turn that on in order to warp through the mirrors.

	When you get to the room with the three mirrors, go into each 

mirror, and search the crystal.  Once all three have been searched, 

search the crystal in the main room(the one with the three mirrors).  

This will lead you to the end bosses.

The Final Battles:

	The end bosses in this game aren't that hard, only the last one 

will provide a challenge.

	Boss One: Lion  HP: 16,000  TP: 9999

Lion(is this even Lion?  Or is it a clone or something) is pathetically 

easy.  Just keep hacking away, and he'll go down in no time.

	Boss Two: Miktran  HP: 25,000  TP: 999

Also easy, probably slightly more challenging than Lion because he 

can teleport, making it harder for you to cancel his spells.  But if you 

stay on him, and don't let him cast spells, you'll win.

	Final Boss: NEO-Miktran  HP: 30,000  TP: 9999

This guy IS actually difficult, especially if he gets a spell off.  Because 

he can cast spells really quickly, so that means that if he gets one spell 

off, he's probably going to get a few more off, also.  And his spells are 

very powerful, new spells that you've probably never seen before.  But 

if you constantly attack, and make sure he doesn't get a spell off, the 

only time he'll damage you is with his laser attack, which isn't that 

hard to recover from.  Once he goes down, just sit back and watch the 


				   PART THREE:

	This part is dedicated to Tales of Destiny's optional stuff.  This 

part of the guide has probably been updated(and will be updated) the 


The Coliseum:

	You can first enter the coliseum when the floating world 

appears in the sky.  There will be 8 fights, then a boss fight.

	Boss: Mighty Kongman  HP: 2935  TP: 272

Not that hard, after you kill him you will have the option for him to 

join.  He's a pretty good party member, so it's a good idea to pick him 

up.  You also will get a one-use enlargement item.  Now you can re-

enter and fight again to get some more prizes:

1. Flarebasarad: Power fire sword.

2. Flame enhancement disc.

3. Leaf set.

4. Potion set.

Now, whenever you enter, you will just get the potion set.  Until, of 

course, you get to the final stage of the game, the dark world.  

	Now, in the dark world, if you enter the coliseum again, there's 

a different set of enemies, with the eighth fight being the boss.

	Boss: Wyvern  HP: 20,000

This guy can be tricky, because a lot of weapons(including your 

swordian) will either cure him or do nothing to him.  If you have the 

Bahamut's Tail or any other axe weapon, you should do fine, though.

	Whenever you beat the Wyvern, you will get a prize 

afterwards.  Here's the list of prizes you get after each time you win:

1st Time: CompuCommand(lets you do every sword skill with fighting 

game-like button combinations)

2nd Time: Channel Ring

3rd Time: Jewel Set(a bunch of jewels, not sure what each one does)

4th Time: Some sort of hood accessory for women(not sure of the 


5th Time: Potion Set

	*Actually, it seems that you only get these prizes when you are 

at the end phase of the game.  If you do the coliseum earlier, you will 

get other prizes.

After you win the fifth time, all other times you win will be the potion 

set(I think).  However, there's still more you can do with the coliseum.  

If you enter it again, there will be three options.  They are:

1. Do normal coliseum battle.

2. Play "Knock Down the Monster"

3. Exit

So now there's the game "Knock Down the Monster".  Here's how 

you play:

	There will be a bunch of guys that will teleport into the arena.  

You must run up to them and when you're right next to them, press the 

O button to swing your sword and kill them.  If you're not right next to 

them, pressing O won't do anything.  If you don't kill one in enough 

time, it will disappear.  There are 30 enemies.  If you kill them all, you 

will get a Mystic Symbol.  I entered again and won, and got a poison 

guard accessory.  I think that's all you can get from this, but I'm not 


Wacky Kids' Games:

	In a tradition started by racing a kid in the first Tales game, 

there are now two games that you can play in different towns that 

involve children and running around.  The first one is in Cherik, the 

second in Noischtat.

Cherik: Tag

	This is really fun(and addicting).  There will be four kids 

running after you(two very fast ones, one medium speed and one very 

slow), and you just have to avoid them for as long as possible.  The 

game will count how many seconds you successfully avoided them 

for.  If you get more then 20(I think), you will get an HP+TP 30% 

refiller.  If you get more than 50, you'll get an HP+TP 60% refiller.  

And if you get more than 100, you'll get the Ifrit summon item.  Once 

you've won Ifrit, you can't play this again.

Noischtat: The Race

	The race with the kid changes throughout the game.  Early in 

the game, it's a lot easier.

Race One:

	This is sort of difficult, but nothing compared to the second 

race.  At the final staircase, the kid will have one big speed burst, but it 

can be blocked by going in front of him, or maybe you'll be so far 

ahead of him that the speed burst won't matter.  When you win you'll 

get a choice of three treasures:

1. Lipstick

2. Red plant that increases max HP.

3. Thief's cloak.

You can only win three times.

Race Two:

	This is EXTREMELY difficult, much harder than the race in 

Tales of Phantasia.  As you race throughout town(follow the arrows), 

the kid will occasionally get speed-bursts(these happen on the first and 

last stairways in the race).  If he gets one of these, he will get ahead of 

you, and you WILL lose the race.  The only way to win, is to get off to 

a fast start so that you can maneuver in front of him to block his speed 

burst.  If you win, you'll get a choice of 3 items to get:

1. Elixir

2. Charmbottle(not sure what this does)

3. Nome summon item

Once you've gotten all three, you can't race anymore.

Fun n' games in the Mouryu town square:

	In the Mouryu town square, there are two main games you can 

play.  The little kid wandering around the square will charge you 100 

gold to play the old battleship game again, but I'm not sure what you 

can get from this.  The best I got was a score of a little over 10,000, 

and a rank of Captain., and I don't remember what I got, but it wasn't 

that exciting, if even anything at all.  If you get over 100,000, 

however, you will get a Mystic Symbol(guess I need to try harder).

	The other game you can play is the crazy number game.  In this 

game, a random number will be choosen(somewhere between about 

15-30), and you must subtract that number by either 1, 2, or 3.  But 

your cat opponent can subtract as well, and so you take turns 

subtracting.  Anyway, whoever is left with the last number to subtract, 

loses.  I believe(but I'm not sure) that I got an elixir from this.


	You can play a slightly different version of blackjack at the 

pub downstairs from the Noischtat inn.  Actually, this is totally 

different than blackjack, it's just that you need 21 points to win at any 

interval, you can't go over.  Here are the points of each card:

Air: 1,2,3,4             Sea: 7,8,9,10,12       Mountain: 8,9

Sun: 11                   Moon: 1,2                 Star: 5,7,8,9

Cat: 3,4                   Bird: 7,9,10              Monkey: 2,3

Magician: 1            Justice: 11                 King: 9

Strength: 8              Priestestess: 2           Tank: 7

Hanged man: 12     Lovers: 6

The prize is double cash of the 100 gold you pay, and something else(I 

think a Mental Ring).  Apparently the values of the multiple value 

cards change depending on what you do first.

*Special thanks to Acel for this whole blackjack thing here.

The Lens Master:

	On a large snow island west of the snow country, there is a hut 

hidden in the north forest area there.  In that hut lives the Lens Master.

	If you have less than 3000 lenses, depending on your increment 

of 1000, you'll get selections of different items, such as leaves that 

boost your stats, etc.

	Now what he'll do is if you have more than 3000 Lenses, he'll 

trade them in and you have a choice of getting one of the following 

four summon items.

1. Ifrit

2. Sylph

3. Nome

4. Undine

One thing to remember is, even if you have 9999 Lenses, he'll still 

take them all and you'll still get the same crappy selection.

The Crazy "Paper-Rock-Scissors" Game:

	On one of the empty islands in Aquavern is this hut hidden in 

the forest.  You can play some wacky game.  Here are the controls:

	Press O to make a closed first(rock).

	Press X to point your fingers(scissors).

	Press Square to have an open palm(paper).

Now, whenever you make a certain hand sign, your opponent(Philia) 

will also make a hand sign.  Certain hand signs beat others.  Here's 

what beats what(if you've never played paper-rock-scissors before):

	Rock beats Scissors

	Scissors beats Paper

	Paper beats Rock.

Simple, right?  Well, it's slightly more complex than that.  You don't 

automatically win or lose if you have the winning or losing hand sign.  

Now, here's where a little bit of action comes into play: if you have 

the winning hand sign, quickly press and hold down the O button 

whack Philia before she can block.  Of you have the losing hand sign, 

quicky press and hold down the X button to block before she can hit 


	There are three levels of difficulty in this game, and the higher 

the level, the more money you can bet(as far as I know, money is the 

only thing you can get out of this game).  On level 1 you can only bet 

9 gold, on level 2 only 99 gold, and on level 3, you can bet 999 gold.


	Besides the eight sword skills that Stan will learn throughout 

his quest, there are also eight bonus sword skills, seven of which can 

be gotten from gravestones.  In my last version I only said that six 

were from gravestones, but I forgot about the one in the Straylize 

forest.  In order to get them, you must meet four conditions:

1. You have the magic spell for Stan that is part of the technique.

2. You have the sword skill for Stan that is part of the technique.

3. You have Dimlos equipped to Stan.

4. Stan and Dimlos are on high enough levels to learn it.

If those three conditions are met, you will have to answer two 

questions(what the two components to the technique are).  After the 

Heidelburg Castle gravestone(which is usually the first one players 

get), you should have the required skills and spells.  So here are the 

answers to the riddles, plus the requirements(I can't translate the skills, 

as they are in Kanji, so I'll just write "SKILL", followed by the 

amount of characters in takes up, such as "Skill3".):

Location:		Requirements:			Stan's Level:   

Dimlos' Level:

Limestone Cave	Fireball	Skill3			20	


Heidelburg Dungeon	Firewall	Skill3 			25	


Linea			Firestorm	Skill4			33	


Klaudis(Garden)	FriaTornado	Skill4			38	


Swordian Cave	Exploder	Skill3			40	


Darillshade		Skill5		Skill5			48	


Straylize Forest	"Big" Disc	Skill(can't remember)	54	


Tales of Phantasia Quiz:

	Now, you might have wondered that since there are 8 optional 

sword skills, yet only 7 gravestones, where is the other?  The non-

gravestone optional sword skill is gotten from talking to Kres and 

Arche(Tales of Phantasia characters) in the town of Armerda.  They 

will be there as soon as the floating world appears, maybe even sooner.  

But in order to get the technique, you'll have to test your knowledge of 

Tales of Phantasia, in a 50 question quiz!

Now, even if you've played the original, these questions aren't 

going to be easy to answer, unless you know japanese!  So here are the 

answers for us non-japanese speaking gaming folk(even though I do 

know a little)!

1. 2

2. 1

3. 4

4. 3

5. 3

6. 4

7. 2

8. 2

9. 1

10. 3

11. 2

12. 1

13. 4

14. 3

15. 3

16. 4

17. 2

18. 1

19. 3

20. 4

21. 2

22. 2

23. 1

24. 4

25. 2

26. 3

27. 4

28. 1

29. 3

30. 4

31. 3

32. 1

33. 1

34. 3

35. 3

36. 1

37. 4

38. 1

39. 4

40. 2

41. 4

42. 2

43. 4

44. 1

45. 3

46. 2

47. 4

48. 3

49. 4

50. 3

You still with me?  Well, if you get all of them correct, you'll get a 

new sword skill and another Channel Ring.  If you get more than half 

of them correct, but not all, I believe all you'll get will be just the 

sword skill.

Growing the plant in Linea:

	If you talk to the blue-haired scientist in Darillshade Castle, 

he'll sell you some seeds for 50 gold.  If you take these seeds to the 

guy in the middle of the plants in Linea, you can grow a plant.  You 

will get a choice of what fertilizer you want to use, then if you leave 

and re-enter the place, the plant will have grow a little, you can add 

some more fertilizer.  You can do this once more, then if you leave and 

re-enter again, the plant will be grown and you can get an item from it.  

As you can imagine, there are a bunch of combinations.  One thing to 

remember: if you use the same fertilizer all three times, you'll get a 

dead plant.  Here are the combinations(special thanks again to Acel, he 

worked long and hard on these suckers, for YOUR viewing pleasure):

1,1,2 Apple gummy          2,1,1 Apple gummy

1,1,3 Orange gummy        2,1,2 Squid

1,1,4 Apple gummy          2,1,3 Long bun

1,2,1 Apple gummy	      2,1,4 Orange gummy	

1,2,2 Apple		      2,2,1 Vine	

1,2,3 Rotten apple	      2,2,3 Short sword

1,2,4 Sanma(Mackerel)    2,2,4 Orange gummy

1,3,1 Rotten apple             2,3,1 Vine	

1,3,2 Matatabi(vine)         2,3,2 Saber

1,3,3 Rotten apple             2,3,3 Lemon gummy

1,3,4 Strawberry	      2,3,4 Vine

1,4,1 Apple		      2,4,1 Pine gummy

1,4,2 Mixed gummi	      2,4,2 Lemon

1,4,3 Long sword              2,4,3 White Sillago fish

1,4,4 Apple		      2,4,4 Vine

3,1,1 Apple gummy          4,1,1 Apple gummy

3,1,2 Chestnuts	      4,1,2 Spoilt milk

3,1,3 Smelly tangerine      4,1,3 Orange gummy

3,1,4 Recure bottle	      4,1,4 Cheese

3,2,1 Smelly tangerine      4,2,1 Spoilt milk

3,2,2 Life bottle	      4,2,2 Monkey banana

3,2,3 Mackerel	      4,2,3 Vegetable

3,2,4 Lemon		      4,2,4 Milk gummy

3,3,1 Smelly tangerine      4,3,1 Cheese

3,3,2 Lemon		      4,3,2 Spoilt milk	

3,3,4 Life bottle                 4,3,3 Cheese

3,4,1 Smelly tangerine      4,3,4 Poison guard

3,4,2 Rune bottle	      4,4,1 Antidote 

3,4,3 Unagi(Eel)                4,4,2 Spoilt milk

3,4,4 Orange gummy         4,4,3 Cheese

More Seeds!

	On the coast west of Junkland, there's a hidden seed shop.  

You can buy three seeds: the one that you can get from the scientist in 

Darillshade, except it costs 1000 here.  There are also two other seeds 

you can buy, each costing 10,000.  I was originally going to make up a 

list of every single plant combo, but that would take up a lot of time 

and space, plus I saw a complete list recently on a Japanese website 

and the rewards weren't all that good.

	However, there are a few good rewards.  The main one is the 

golden seed, which can be traded in for a disc with a cool spell, and 

that disc is also part of a sword technique later on.  To get it, first you 

must go to the seed shop and buy the third item on the list, the 

"Ranakearu" seed(5 characters, 10000 gold).  Here is the complete 

steps to take to get the golden seed(special thanks to Johannes Karim 

for this info):

	Ranakearu seed: Use fertilizer combination: 3,2,3 to get 

Panpan seed(not Pompom).

	Panpan seed: Use fertilizer combination: 2,2,2 to get Tyarakk 


	Tyarakk seed: Use fertilizer combination 1,2,3 to get the 

golden seed.

Now, what to do with the gold seed?  If you take it to Otto, the 

scientist in Darillshade Castle, he'll in return give you the "Big" Disc, 

which has a spell which momentarily enlarges your character for an 

attack(there's a similar item).  What to do with that?  Well, look at the 

"gravestones" part of this FAQ, because the "Big" Disc helps in 

getting a sword skill.

	The Gourmet A fish(marusouda):

In order to complete on of the cooking ingredients, you'll need a fish 

ingredient.  However, the only time in the game to get that is from 

enemies in the pirate ship dungeon.  But don't give up, because you 

can plant a new one!

	Once you get the Tyarakk seed, plant it with the combo 2,4,4.  

Then, take that seed, and plant it with the combo 4,2,4.  Then, take the 

final seed, and plant it with the combo 4,4,1, to get the missing 


The Development Lab:

	East of Linea, in a forest is some weird development lab or 

something, and there's like at least 15 people walking around in some 

small hut.  I have no idea what these guys are talking about, but at 

least one(and maybe more) is telling about the three rods(more on that 

at the end of this section).  Can anyone translate what these guys are 


	There's a treasure chest behind one of the columns in this place 

that contains the Valkyrie call item.

Dock Warehouses:

	In each dock in each town, there are warehouses that are totally 

empty except for boxes you can push.  If you push each box into the 

correct position(you will hear a click if you stop pushing or pulling 

over the correct spot in the floor), a treasure chest will appear that you 

can get an item from.  But it's a little trickier than it sounds: in some 

warehouses, there are "fake" spots on the floor where you can hear a 

click, but that don't play a part in solving the puzzle.  You can only get 

the item from each warehouse once, but you can still repeat the puzzle 

to see the chest appear(big deal).

	Sound tedious?  Well, it is.  Sound rewarding?  Maybe a little.  

Well, I have just the thing for you!  First, I have a list which I made 

after hard, hard, work(actually, it took only about half an hour), which 

lists what item you get from every dock warehouse, so you can see 

beforehand whether it's worth your while or not.

	The Warehouse List:


	Right W: Hour glass, miracle gummy

	Middle W: Miracle gummy, red leaf(Max TP up 10%)

	Left W: ????, Elixir


	Left W: ????, Elixir

	Right W: ????, Ifrit


	Right W: Escapeboots, Sylph

	Left W: Life Bottle, Elixir


	Left W: Pompom Seed, Undine

	Right W: ????, red leaf(Max AGL up 2)


	Only W: ????, Nome


	Left W: "Big" item, ????

	Middle W: ????, Shiden Sword

	Right W: Life Bottle, Channel Ring


	Left W: Lemon gummy, Volt, Luna(the four corner puzzle in 

under 21 seconds)

	Right W: Technical Ring, Power Hat, Mystical Symbol(forget 

which puzzle, under 15 seconds maybe???)

Enjoy that?  Well, I have more warehouse news for you.  In 

floor six of the game's bonus dungeon, the item "Candle" can be 

found.  This seemingly useless item actually turns out to be very 

helpful indeed, as can be seen if you wander into any of the 

warehouses after you get it!  What does it do?  Simple.  It shows(via a 

little red outline) where every box can be put to make a "click".  It 

only takes a little experimentation to figure it out(which is why I was 

able to make the warehouse list so fast).  It can be helpful in figuring 

this stuff out, the only problem is, you can't access the Candle until 

near the very end of the game, so a lot of these items will have 

outlived their usefulness.

Now, if you look in the Snowfria part, you'll see that there are 

some treasures that need time constraints to get.  Now, for Luna, when 

I say the "four corners" puzzle, I don't mean in the four corners of the 

room, I mean where you arrange the boxes so that they form four 

corners.  Now, unless you have the candle, you won't be able to know 

exactly where those four corners are, you'll only be able to find this 

out with experimentation.


	*A note about cooking: contrary to what many people think, 

EVERY SINGLE ingredient(except two special ones), can be bought 

somewhere in this world, and usually it's pretty close(if not in the 

same town), to where the cook is.  Trust me.  If you still can't find it, 

you can look on your world map special item to see the lists of all the 

shops and what they sell.  Also, you can check the solitary vendors on 

the docks(because most of them aren't listed in the shop lists).

	If you go to Mary's house in Syril, you can cook.  You just go 

up to the sink, and she'll tell you the next item you need.  Practically 

all the items can be gotten from the shop in this town, either in their 

original form, or by using a Rune Bottle on them to transform them.  

The only hard-to-get ingredient is the Ifrit summon item(and the 

Gourmet A fish).  From doing this you will get Gourmet B.

	Of course, Mary's kitchen isn't the only place where you can 

cook.  If the kitchen in Darillshade's Castle, a chef will ask you for 

different items, most of which are in town.

There are 12 ingredients, which are mainly comprised of fruits and 

vegetables.  From this, you'll get Gourmet D.  The ingredients for 

Gourmet D are: apple, prune, strawberry, sweety, aseroga, mango, 

suchin, kyohou, blue berry, melon, monkey banana, dorian, and pine.

	In Barukk's house in the town of Cherik, a guy will ask you for 

more ingredients, most(if not all) of which are seafood type items(fish, 

crab, etc.).  From this, you'll get Gourmet C.  The ingredients for 

Gourmet C are: kuruma ebi, zuwai kani, kani miso, and an EGG.

	In Shiden, in Johnny's house(the big mansion), a cook will ask 

you for ingredients.  I found my ingredients in Snowflia(the only snow 

town with a dock), and in Toukei.  From this, you'll get Gourmet A.  

The ingredients for Gourmet A are: marusouda, katsuo, suzuki, 

shishamo, carrot, sanma, maguro, vegetable, apple, and jam.

	*Gourmet A warning!!!  Gourmet A is the gourmet in which 

you can't buy the ingredient somewhere in this world(besides the Ifrit 

ingredient in Gourmet B, and you can sort buy even that).  The 

ingredient is marusouda, a 5 character long fish.  Now, if you've 

searched the world for this sucker, if you swear you've went to every 

shop in every town and every vendor on the docks, well, chances are 

you can't find it.  Why?  Because you can only get this item from two 


1. The pirate ship dungeon, where you can win it from battles.

2. From planting.  To know exactly how to get it, refer back 

up to my planting section.

	One thing to know about the cooking.  Normally, the chefs will 

just give you general clues on what ingredients they want.  However, if 

you have Mary in your party, she'll tell you what ingredients you need, 

one at a time.  What I mean is that if you're missing an ingredient, 

she'll tell you, then once you get it and bring it back to the chef, Mary 

will tell you the next missing ingredient.  The only problem is that 

you'll never know what ingredients you need if you already have that 

item in your inventory when you talk to the chef, making it pretty hard 

to make a list of cooking ingredients for each Gourmet item.

	Well, what does all this do?  Read the next section to find out!

The Blue Dragon:

	At the end of the Garden dungeon(in the sky), you can get an 

Egg on your special item list if you search Barukk's chair.  If you take 

the egg back to Linea(I did this as soon as the world turned dark), and 

give it to your sister, she'll keep it in your house.  Now, after a certain 

amount of time has passed, you can go back to the egg, and a baby 

blue dragon will hatch out of.  It can't really do anything except to run 

around town.  Now, if you get all four Gourmet items(A-D), and feed 

them to the dragon, you will get a disc which will let you summon the 

Blue Dragon spell.

Summoned Monsters:

	If you listen to the voice test in this game, you can her the 

voices for the games' summoned monsters.  They are: Ifrit, Undine, 

Sylph, Nome, Volt, Shadow, Luna, Asga, Gremlin's Lair, and 

Chameleon.  These are all summoned monsters from the original 


Now, I've been able to get the first four from the Lens Master, 

and I've gotten Ifrit from two other places: the tag game in Cherik, and 

one of the warp towers in the Sky World.  That last one was weird.  I 

stepped onto a teleporter to warp to another room, and when appeared 

in the next room, Mary split up from the party, and an arrow pointed 

towards the wall.  I searched, and found Ifrit(that happened obviously 

because Mary is looking for Ifrit to use in her cooking).

	I have Undine in my inventory, but I have no idea where I got 

her.  And as I said earlier, I got Nome from a dock warehouse.

	Also, I got Volt and Luna from the same dock warehouse in 

Snowfria, for more info on that, go back to my dock warehouse guide.

	This of course leads to the question: where the hell are the 

other ones?  Well, I wish I knew.  If you know, please email me.  Also, 

will they all be one use items, or possibly come on discs to use for 

spells(I don't count the Demon's Lance disc as a call spell, since the 

voice test groups all the caller spells together, and Demon's Lance 

isn't there).


	Stan's sister, Lilith, is actually a hidden character in this game, 

although it's pretty hard to get her.  This may seem like BS, but trust 

me, it's in the game, I started over a new game to do this and I have 

Lilith in my party, so you have my word that it's true.

1. Make sure you have no more than five party 

members(which means you can only get one extra 

character, not two).

2. Make sure that your luck for each character is high enough 

so that on the status screen it shows a close-up of your 

characters' faces instead of the normal picture.  To change 

your luck, sleep at an inn.  Every time you wake up, your 

luck will be changed to a new random number.

3. Go to the end dungeon, and get to the crystal area save 

point.  Save your game, then leave(DON'T go into the 

crystal puzzle area AT ALL).

4. Go to the town of Mouryu, and take the boat to a house, the 

return, then go to another house until you've been to them 

all(there will be NO SIGN of anything happening, but trust 

me, I believe you have to do this).

5. Go back to the end dungeon, and beat the crystal area 

event(with Stan being all by himself where you have to 

arrange the crystals.

Now check your status screen, and Lilith will be there!  There's no 

event with her joining, there's even no sign of her joining your party.  

In fact, if you go back to Linea, you can even talk to her in Stan's 

house, even though she's in your party!  This may sound like a glitch 

or something, but she's actually a super-secret character, you can tell 

that because if you look at her stats, it's just a silhouette of her with a 

question mark over her, so it was definitely planned this way.  

Apparently, there is also a way to get Lion back like this, and when I 

mean like this, I mean some weird crap that doesn't change the story in 

anyway, and where there's no sign of him joining when he does.  But 

since it doesn't change the story at all, and you've already had Lion in 

your party, what's the point?

The Bonus Dungeon(The Tower of Druaga):

If you go back to the game's very first dungeon, and go to the 

room where there are three pedestals(where Rutee joined).  If Mary is 

in your party(is she involved in like all of the bonus stuff in this game 

or something!?), she will say something about 3 rods. So, there are 

three pedestals, and she talks about three rods.  Simple enough.  The 

three rods you need to put down on the pedestals are: the GC Rod, the 

RC Rod, and the BC Rod.  The GC Rod is in the Garden dungeon in 

the sky, the RC Rod is found in the Swordian Cave, and the BC Rod 

can be found in Walt's house in Harmenz by searching the tall dresser 

in the lower-left hand room on the second floor after he gives you his 

Lens.  Actually, that's not the BC Rod, it's some weird staff, but what 

you need to do is either use a Rune Bottle or Philia's skill to turn it 

into the BC Rod.  Those who read the first version of this faq probably 

remember me going nuts over finding this item.  Well, enough with the 

items.  Now on to the dungeon itself!

	This is one hell of a weird dungeon.  Every floor looks 

basically the same(except slightly different layouts), and you can see 

the enemies on the screen.  The object of each floor is to first collect 

the key, then use it to go through the door to proceed on to the next 

floor.  The locations of the keys and doors are random, but each floor 

is pretty small, so it's not much of a challenge.  The enemies will get 

progressively harder in here, so watch out.  In fact, you'll meet 

enemies in here that you've never seen before, and also that are far 

harder than anywhere else, including the end dungeon.  One thing to 

know is that you can crumble walls by going up to them and pressing 

the O button.

	However, this place is far more complicated than you might 

imagine.  For one, there's a treasure hidden on every floor, and the 

things that you must do to get the treasure to appear differs from floor 

to floor.  Also, there's a boss at the end, and if you scan him, it'll say 

he has 1 hp, but he's also invincible.  I have no idea how to hurt this 


	Now, here's my (incomplete)bonus dungeon guide.  Hopefully, 

by the next update, I'll have complete list, but no promises.


	In order to fully understand the clues for each floor, you're 

going to have to know what each enemy looks like.  So here's the 

enemy list.


	This is pretty easy, because the slime's names are simply what 

color they are, then the word "slime".


	Basically, little piles of goo with little "twig-arms" coming out 

of the sides.  The name of the roper is the color of the twig, then 


Will O' Wisps:

	Little hovering spheres of energy, the Will O' Wisps come in 

two colors, red and blue.

Lizard Man:

	There's only one type of these, I think.  They look like the 

green-faced hunchback guys in armor.


	This is a bit more tricky.  The blue knights are blue, and the red 

knights are red, etc., but there's also a few tricky ones.

Mirror Knights: Light blue

Hyper Knights: Yellow

Spell Casters:

	This guys are the most important to know what name 

corresponds to what color, because there's no giveaway in the name.  

They look like old men in robes, and they have long beards.

Wizard: Orange

Sorcerer: Green

Mage: Purple

Druid: White

Undead Spell Casters:

	These guys are basically the same as their living counterparts, 

with a few exceptions.  Also, on the map screen, they look a little 

different, because they have no beard, and their face is totally black 

except for two little white eyes.

WizardGhost: Orange

SorcererGhost: Green

MageGhost: Purple

DruidGhost: Light Purple(this one isn't white unlike the Druid).

W. Ghost: White(remember, this IS NOT a DruidGhost).


	These are almost like the minibosses of the dungeon.  The trick 

to killing them, is to use non-elemental attacks only.  This means that 

all swordians and spells are out, as well as any elemental weapon or 

skill.  Usually what I do have Bahamut's Tail or some other axe 

equipped and take them out that way, because then they're pretty 

weak.  Stan's 2 TP skill "Majenkin" also works well.

Kuokksu: Since these guys are green, I just refer to them in my guide 

as "green dragons".

SilverDragon: They look blue-ish/silver-ish on the screen.

BlackDragon: Looks purple.


	A hidden boss in the dungeon(an evil version of Ishtar, 

perhaps?), you can fight her on floor 57.  She's pretty easy, except for 

the fact that she can put conditions on your characters.


	The big bad boss of the dungeon, Druaga is probably the 

hardest boss in the entire game, including the end boss.  First of all, 

unless you've re-collected the GC, RC, and BC Rods, he's totally 

invincible.  You WILL NOT be able to put even a scratch on him.  

Now, once you've collected all three rods, he mysteriously can be hurt, 

but he's still hard, with 25,000 HP, and the best spells in the game, 

including "Big Bang", which you've never even seen until now.  

Anyway, as usual, just constantly attack him so that he won't be able 

to get his spells off, and hopefully you'll wear him out before he wears 

YOU out.

The Guide:

	Okay, this guide was put together mainly by me and RobAll, 

who literally spent hours down here trying out stuff.  A small 

percentage of this was figured out by attempting to translate the 

katakana from the Japanese website "Hekiyuu"(but not much).

Floor:	Treasure:		Requirements:

1.	Escape boots		The easiest to get.  They're right there in 

the beginning.

2.	DashRing		Kill 2 Black Slimes.

3.	Life Bottle		Kill a Green Slime, then a Blue Knight, 

don't get key.

4.	Paralyze Check	Hit the O button at the door, without the 


5.	Howait Sword		Kill 2 wizards, don't get hit by their 


6.	Candle			Kill 2 sorcerers on the top part of the 

screen, but don't get

				hit by their beam.


8.	STR+1 Leaf		Get hit by wizard's beam 3 times.

9.	DarkSeal		Break 2 walls on the left and 2 on top???

10.	Gauntlet		Get hit by slimes beam, then kill them.

	FightSymbol		Kill all slimes, don't get hit by 

beam(worked for me only).

11.	Disc with 1st cure	Get hit by 10 beams on the bottom of the 


12.	Battle Suit		Kill a druid on the bottom row of the 

screen, don't kill

				anyone else anywhere else.

13.	R Line Shield		Hit the O button at the door, then kill 2 

sorcerers, and 2

				blue slimes???

14.	?JEWEL(Moonstone)	Have the Mage Ghosts warp 5 times.

15.	?JEWEL(Emerald)	Kill 1 Blue Knight.

16.	"Exploder" Disc	Kill Mirror Knight.

	"Cyclone" Disc	Walk from the left end of the room to 

the right.

17.	Ribaasdooru		Leave 2 MageGhosts alive, kill everyone 


				most of the time, so obviously there's 

something else)

18. Dragon Tooth		Walk clockwise 2 times around the 


19.	Silver Cape		Don't get key, kill the dragon when he's 

on top of the door,

				then get the key and open the door.

20.	Elixir			Open up the door.


22.	Darkseal		Don't get the key, kill a sorcerer, then a 

green slime on the

				top part of the screen.

23.	"Indegunation" Disc	Kill a Wizard, Blue Slime, Wizard.

24.	"Antidote" Disc	RobAll got this once, but has no clue 



26.	HGauntlet		Don't get the key, let the Druids knock 

down 30 walls, then

				kill only the Druids.

27.	?JEWEL(Ruby)	Knock down 10 walls.


29. ComboCommand	Walk clockwise around the perimeter.


31.	Mental Ring		Kill a Blue Slime, Will O' Wisp, Blue 

Slime, Will O'

				Wisp, Blue Slime, and don't let the 

Wizards shoot you.

32.	Demon'sLance Disc	Let the dragon break 5 walls.

33.	Woodshield(crappy)	Kill Blue Dragon.

	B Line Shield		Have Stan have 1/10 of his HP, don't 

kill the blue dragon.

34.	?JEWEL(Sapphire)	Kill one Mirror Knight.

35.	?JEWEL(Topaz)	Kill 2 Ropers.

36.	Dark Bottle		Kill 4 Sorcerers, get hit by their fire.

	Princess Cape		Kill 4 Sorcerers, avoid the fire.

37. "MeteoStorm" Disc	Get key and open door, don't kill 

anyone, and let the 

Mage Ghosts break several walls(don't 

know how many), then kill the Mage 


38.	GC Rod		Kill 2 Will O' Wisps.

39.	Sliver Cape		Kill a Red Knight???

40.	Demon's Seal		Kill all enemies, make sure a Roper is 


41.	Pukurusu Stone	Kill the dragon.

42.	Star Mace		Kill a Red Will O'Wisp, get hit by the 

Mage's beam, then

				kill another Red Will O'Wisp.

43.	Dark Bottle		Kill the Green, Black, Red, Blue, 

Darkgreen, Darkyellow

				slimes in that order.

	MysticSymbol		Kill the Darkyellow, Darkgreen, Blue, 

Red, Black, Green

				slimes in that order.

44.	Magical Ribbon	Kill the Wizard, Sorcerer, Mage, then 

Druid in that order.

45.	Long Sword(crappy)	Chest in there from the beginning.

	Excalibur		Don't get the Long Sword, then kill the 

Lizard Man,

				Hyper Knight, Mirror Knight, Black 

Knight, Blue Knight

				in that order(keep the Red Knight alive).  

Then, a new chest

				appears.  Open it, then go open the 

original chest, and

				instead of there being a Long Sword, the 

chest will contain

				the mighty Excalibur, the strongest 


46.	Aqua Mantle		Touch the Upper Left, Upper Right, 

Lower Right, Lower

				Left corners(order may vary).

47.	RabbitSymbol		Kill one Roper.

48.	RC Rod		Step on each corner for 10 seconds.

49.	Lipstick		Push the O button at the door, then fight 

a Wizard.

50.	Emerald Ring		Walk a step up, down, left, then right???

51.	Fire Collection Disc	Get hit by the sorcerer's fire, then kill 

the Green, Red, then

				Blue Roper.

52.	Cloak(crappy)		Break a certain wall, don't kill any 


	Gold Armor		Break every single vertical wall, and try 

to kill the enemies

				so that they can't break any of the 

horizontal(but the game

				allows SOME horizontal walls to be 


53.	"Cure Spells" Disc	From the upper-left go across 9, down 6 

or 7?

54.	MoonCrystal		From the upper-left go across 9, down 




57.	BerserkArrow		Don't get key, hit the O button at door to 

turn the rock into

				NiseIshtar, a boss.  Kill her, then the 

Lizard Man.

58. BC Rod		Hit the O button on the door, then knock 

down every wall

(don't kill any enemies yet), then kill the 

Dragon and Red Knight???? (This has 

worked 4 out of 5 times, so I'm probably 

missing something)

59.	Nothing		The object of this floor is to make 

Druaga appear, then kill

				him.  To make him appear, kill a few 

enemies until a

				dragon appears, then kill that to make 

Druaga appear.  Then

				kill him to proceed to floor 60.  If you 

try to go up the

				staircase without killing him, the game 

will punish you by

				warping you back to an earlier floor.

60.	"Big Bang" Disc	Talk to Ishtar, then walk around until 

your character puts

				down all the rods.

				          PART FOUR:

	This section lists all of the skills and spells for every character, 

as well as odd items and equipment.  If I ever upgrade the guide again, 

I'll probably increase this section the most(like with a skills chart).

Rare or Unusual Items, Accessories, and 


Channel Ring:

	This is one of the cooler accessories in the game.  It lets you 

control whoever the ring is equipped to with the second player 

controller!  In fact, if you have four Channel Rings, and have a Multi-

Tap or some other 4-player adapter, you can have four people playing 

at once, each controlling their own character.  But one catch: each 

position on the status screen corresponds to a certain controller.  The 

position right below Stan is the one for the second player controller, so 

if you have it equipped to another position, you won't be able to 

control that person with the second player controller.  To do it, once 

you have control, you'll have to press select a few times on the fight 

scene to get the character out of being computer controlled.

Technical Ring:

	This ring lets you manually control your characters.  Again, 

you'll have to press select a few times on the fight scene to get it to 

manual.  But the problem with manual is that it instead of just pressing 

the O button and your character automatically running up to the 

enemy, you have to actually move your character up to the enemy, 

then hit the O button to swing your sword(if you tap forward twice, 

you can run).  Personally, I like the old one better.

Combo Counter:

	If you turn it on in your customs menu, it will count up the 

number of hits in your combo, and at the end of the battle, it will give 

you exp bonuses depending on the best combo you did.

Combo Command:

	This lets you perform all your sword skills using button 

combinations(like in Street Fighter).  I may have a listing of all the 

combinations later on if I update this guide.  And remember, if you use 

this with the channel ring, you can have other characters use this.  

Also, I believe there are special attacks that you can do with the combo 

command that you can't do normally(for instance, I had Stan do an E. 

Honda-style Hundred Hand Slap using his sword)!

Mystical Symbol:

	This halves the time it takes to cast spells for whoever has it 


Rabbit Symbol:

	Raises a character's luck by 30.


	If you have this equipped, you won't meet any enemies on the 

world map, but you move EXTREMELY SLOW.  It can get annoying, 


Mental Ring:

	Lets you rapidly regain TPs throughout the battle.


	Protects you from tractor beam.

Black Onyx:

	Raises your max HP by 30%.

Moon Crystal:

	Raises your max MP by 30%.

					Swordian's Spells:

Here's how the chart works:

Spell Name			TP		Level


Fireball			5		1

Eruption			16		7

Firewall			23		13

FireStorm			30		19

Fiafullflare			40		28

FriaTornado			50		32

Exploder			60		40


Fyasteado			5		2

IceNeedle			6		5

DeepMist			3		7

IceTornado			14		10

AcidRain			7		12

Antidote			8		13

Barrier				8		15

IceWall			22		17

Recover			18		19

Heal				10		21

Sharpness			12		24

Silence				10		26

Icicle				26		28

Nurse				20		36

Dispell				14		33

Blizzard			38		37

Cure				22		40

RaiseDead			26		45

Maelstrom			70		50

Resurrection			32		55

TidalWave			94		61


Fireball			5		2

WindArrow			6		4

StormBlast			5		6

Lightning			9		8

Storm				12		11

IceTornado			14		13

Tractorbeam			20		16

StoneWall			22		19

Ray				30		22

Thunderblade			33		25

Fiafullflare			40		28

HolyLance			57		31

FriaTornado			50		34

Cyclone			54		37

Indegunation			70		40

Exploder			60		45

Extinction			80		50

BlackHole			88		52

TidalWave			94		54

MeteoStorm			100		68

DivinePower			120		75


WindArrow			6		2

Storm				12		9

StreamArrow			18		12

WhirlWind			25		16

Iaslast(?)			40		22

Cyclone			54		35

ColdBreath			76		40(?)


StoneBlast			5		3

Gravi				10		8

Pocohan			9		10

StoneWall			22		16

Pocohanma			40		21

Press				43		27

Demon'sLance		57		32

Item Steal Chart:

	This is the chart of the cool items you can get from bosses if 

you use Rutee's "Rob Item" skill.

Enemy:		Item:

Bateista(1st)		Belberna

OrgasQueen		Rubee

Bateista(2nd)		Spectacles

Kraken			Aquamarine

Teiberius		Shiden (Sword)

Daris			Moonstone

Greybum		MixedGummy

Lion			Elixir

Rembrandt		SW280280(Disc)

Ellen			MentalRing

Barukk			Dark Bottle

Hugo			Mystic Symbol


	Well, I hope you enjoyed this guide.  And, if anyone has any 

corrections or knows something that I don't please email me at 

johnsonr@compuserve.com.  Your contributions will be noted.