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Tales of Destiny
Song Lyrics
Version 0.1
June 7, 2006

Created by: jygting
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Table of Contents
1. Lyrics
2. Version History
3. Credits

1. Lyrics
Here are the opening lyrics of the song that was available in the 
Japanese Version of ToD performed by DEEN along with the translated 

Yume de Aru Youni

Kotae ga mitsu kara nai modo kashisa de
Itsu karaka kara mawari shiteita
Chigau dareka no tokoro ni iku kimi wo semerareru hazu mo nai
Nan to naku kizuiteita kimi no mayoi

Yume de aru youni nando mo negatta yo
Utsumuita mama sasayaita kotoba kanashiku kuri kaesu
Hageshii ame ni boku no yowai kokoro wa tsuyoku utare
Subete no tsumi wo nagashite hoshikatta

Kitai to fuan ga furi sosogu kono machi de
Boku wa michi wo sagashite
Kimi wa tonari de chizu wo mite kureteta ne
Yawarakana toki wo kanji nagara arukeru youna koi datta

Yume de aru youni hitomi wo tojite ano hi wo omou
Kaze ni dakarete waratteita futari
Soshite asahi ga sasu goro boku no ude no naka
Nemuru kimi no yasashii maboroshi wo miteitai

Yume de aru youni kokoro no oku de towa ni kagayake
Kimi to no hibi wa ari no mama no boku datta
Itsuka egaiteta ashita e mou ichido aruki dasou
Tatoe subete wo ushinatte mo nanika ga umareru to shinjite
Kitto futari no deai mo tooi hi no kiseki datta kara

Translated Lyrics

With the irritation of not being able to find the answer 
When have I started wasting fruitless effort? 
Who's going to someone else's place, there's no need to assult
Your doubt that is somehow drawing near

Like a dream, I prayed many times 
Repeated the words you've whispered to me when I was down sadly 
My weak heart was heavily beaten by the violent rain 
I wanted it wash away all my sin 

In this city that's overflowing with anticipation and anxiety, 
I was searching for the road 
And you were sitting besides me, helping me looked at the map, 
Our love was like how you would feel the gentle times as we walked 

Like a dream, I close my eyes and think about that day 
Two people laughing as the wind embraced them 
And when the morning sun begins shining 
I want to see your gentle, sleeping figure in my arms. 

Like a dream, shine eternally in my heart 
I'm still the same as the days I've spent with you 
Let's walk towards tomorrow that'll someday smile 
Believing that something will be born, even if we lose everything else. 
Because our encounter must have been a miracle from the distant days.

2. Version History 
Version o.1 (June 7, 2006)
Started and finished making this Guide.

3. Credits
I wish to thank the following:

For making this game!!

For providing lyrics of this song!

For posting my guide.

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