Survival Mode Guide by Derrick

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by : DERRICK P.S.P. at

Characters Best Used in Survivor Mode
I've noticed & proven that PAUL, WANG, YOSHIMITSU & BAEK were able
to "survive" in the survivor mode for 22+ rounds. The technique to
use for each individual characters are discussed as follows:

When opponent close in (come nearer to you), press LH, RK, RH.
PAUL will do a hammer hand, side leg attack followed by a dashing
elbow. Keep doing this each time the opponent close in.

When opponent close in or at a distance, do the 10-HIT combo as :
LH, RH, LH, RK, RK, LH, LH, LH, LH, LH (tap..). For this 10-hit
combo, the last 3 hits will be considered as unblockable. Therefore
whether your opponent block or no block, the last 3 hit will be
connected. Should be no problem as the 10-hit is relatively easy
to execute. Repeat again when opponent is up on his/her feet.

Note : Also, you can do additional damage with a low leg sweep by
pressing down + RK if you are close to the fallen opponent.

When opponent close in, press RK, Down + RK, LH. After opponent has
been hit and on the ground, immediately press \ + LH + RH.
Repeat when opponent up on their feet.         O

When opponent close in, press Down-Diagonal-Left + LK, LK, LK.
If last kick connected, opponent will be lying on the ground.
Immediately do Down-Diagonal-Left + LK, LK, LK again for 
additional damage. repeat when opponent on their feet.

For all the above characters that i've mentioned in the Survivor Mode,
they can also be used in the TIME ATTACK mode as their time taken to
finish the games is considerably fast. Also can be usefully employed
in Normal Arcade Mode to have a perfect win so as to get KAZUYA.