Bruce by SurfBard

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                             Bruce Irvin FAQ v1.25
                                  By SurfBard

For one, this is my first FAQ, and if it sucks, let me know. If you find
anything wrong with it, let me know, I'm at .
now at
This is my attempt to giving you most of Bruce's possible combos, and there
must be about a billion of them, which is true of most Tekken characters.

This updated version of my FAQ is different from v1.0 in these ways:

Added characters and comments in VS CPU section
Damage percentage corrections

Commentary on some of Bruce's moves

LP+RP (Sledgehammer)
One problem I found with this move is the fact that you have to judge the
gap between you and your opponent, which quickly changes. This move is not
terribly fast, either, your opponent will have time to dodge or block. Use
this one mainly when your opponent is recovering from a slow move or

f,f,f+LK (Running jumpkick)
The nice thing about this one is that it stuns when blocks. Great when used
when the opponent is recovering or getting up, this is one of Bruce's key

f,F,RK (Bazooka Leg)
Like the running jumpkick, this is nice when the opponent is a few steps away.
Bruce runs and shoves his right foot out at you, and this can do a good deal
of damage, for a single-hitter.

Bruce's Moves

Note: from <LORD ZOR>'s modified Tekken 2 FAQ, Version 1.5


LP+LK                            Kneebash
RP+RK                            Ribcrusher
[from behind] LP+LK or RP+RK     Backward Fling

|Multipart Throws|

f,d,DF+LP+RP+RK                             Embracing right knee
   [From right knee] LP+RP,LP+RP,LP+RP      Tumbleweed
   [From right knee] LK,LP+RP+LK            Left Knee
   [From right knee] RK,LP+RP+LK            Left Knee
   [From left knee]  LP,LK,LP+RP+RK         Turning knee
   [From turning knee] RP,RK,LP,LP+RP+LK    Jumping Knee Kick

|Special Moves|

f,F+RK           Bazooka Leg
f,f+LK           Slice Knee
f+LP+RP          Slice Elbow
LP+RP            Sledgehammer
df+LK            Sweep kick
b,b,N,LK+RK      Somersault
f,f,f+LK         Running jumpkick
df+LK+RK         Step-in Middle Kick
df+LK,RP         Double Facebreaker
b+RK             Stopping Kick
f,F,RK           Bazooka Leg
B+RP+LK          Sidewinder (Unblockable)


I figured out the first ones myself, the juggling combos are from Meanbean's
Tekken 2 FAQ, so enjoy!

LK,RP,LP,RK           60%
LK,LK                 50%
B+RK,LK,RK            60%
F+RK,LK,RK            53%
LP,RP,LP,RP           49%
F+LP,RP,LP            50%
DF+1,2                20%
LP,RK,LK              55%
LP,RP,LK              42%
LP,RP,RK              42%
df+3,1                62%
B+3,4                 40%

|Juggle Combos|

uf+4           Jumpkick
df+2           Uppercut
df+1,2         Double uppercut
The above three moves knock the opponent into the air, and can be followed up
with these endings:

 F+LP,RP,LP         47%
 LP,RP,LP,RP        44%
 df+LP,RP           34%
 LP,df+LK,LP        65%
 B+RK,LK,RK         60%
 df+LK,LP           59%
 F+RK,LK,RK         55%
 LK,LK              55%
 B+LK,RK            48%

General Strategy For The CPU Opponents

-VS Nina
A good strategy to use against Nina is to drag the most out of the
LK,RP,LP,RK combo. Do this by first using the combo, making sure she is
knocked down by either the LP or RK at the end. Do a D+LK sweep, and then a
f,f,f,LK sidekick. If she steps or rolls to the side, hit her while turned
around with LK. There will be a few oppurtunities to get in a quick throw,
but multiparts are difficult to start here.

-VS Michelle
Dodge her combos, which she will do often, and retaliate with a quick
DF+LK,LP combo. F,F,F,LK will work while she's getting up or finishing one of
her uppercuts.

-VS King
King can be difficult, but with some good dodges, you can get a fast victory:
Wait for his Frankenstiener throw (the one where he flips and catches your
neck between his legs), get back, and sweep him as he's down. Do your
LK,RP,LP,RK combo as he gets up, and continue on with a multipart.

-VS Paul
All you really have to do here is get back and wait for his sweep-elbow combo.
Block the elbow (get out of range for the sweep), and give him the LK,RP,LP,RK
combo. If you stay out of reach, Wait for him to do one of his slow punches
and go in with a throw or a fast LK,LK combo.

-VS Heihachi
First off, avoid sweep kicks and the ever-annoying dragon punch.
The running jumpkick usually hits him, so use it often, and dont forget that
up close, he'll typically do a standing back right kick. The LK,RP,LP,RK combo
works well here, and the DF+LK,LP will work also, keeping in mind that
Heihachi is a relatively slow character. Stay about two steps away, and watch
for gaps, which appear after uppercuts and slow kicks.

-VS Jack-2
Keeping your distance is essential in this battle. Jack is slow, but a few
of his moves can mean serious damage. Also keep in mind that some of his
moves reach longer than you think. After he does a move, go in for a fast
LK,LK or LK,RP,LP,RK. After every attack you execute, dash back (b,b) and
wait for his next attempt.

-VS Yoshimitsu
Yoshimitsu, the scholar that he is, will usually do his RK,RK,RK combo, which,
in addition to being slow, is very easy to counter. Duck, and when he stops,
do a multipart throw. LK,RP,LP,RK will hit him if he tries to sit down, and
DF+LK,LP will also do the job. If he tries an unblockable sword slash, LK,LK
is quick enough to knock him out of it, and watch for his multiple sword hits
at the end of his combos.

-VS Jun
First off, Jun is fast, and can catch you easily if you're off guard.
A good time to launch a combo is after she finishes one of her strings:
LP,RK,LK will work if she's standing, and, as always, LK,RP,LP,RK will
hit her if she's low.

-VS Lei
Duck his turning punches, hit him with a ducking RK if you get the chance.
Knock him off with a combo or two, and dont forget the multiparts.

-VS Kazuya
If you can get the chance, grab him and use a multipart at the beggining of
the round. As he's getting up, use the F,F,F,LK and don't forget the
LK,RP,LP,RK combo.

-VS Devil
You probably wont get a chance to throw him before he throws you, but if
you can get one off, do a multipart. Combos work against him, especially the
LK,RP,LP,RK combo. F,F,F,LK will stun him, and sweep him when he's down,
because he'll roll away from your U+RP ground attacks.