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From: (LittleTheo)
Subject: [TK2] The kind of complete King Attack FAQ
Date: 29 Apr 1996 00:25:33 -0400

King Attack FAQ v.1.0
Date: 4/9/96

It's been some time since the Nina Williams Attack FAQ v.1.1 so I believe
it is time to put some effort in for the Master of Multis.

Table of Contents:
      1) King Moves from the definitive Tekken 2 Abstract FAQ
            (All moves altered are marked with @@@)
      2) Homemade King Combos: (forgive the pun KI people)
            Combos that work and when to use them
      3) King's timing
            Timing description for his more demanding strings and multis
      4) King and the Art of Okizeme
            What to do to keep people on the ground
      5) King against the World
            An indepth fight analysis against more popular characters

1) King Moves
The move list added on here is excerpted from
Eric & Luke's Tekken 2 FAQ
(The Luke Mook)
Abstract Version 1.0
from (K W Amico)
              * KING *
              ---Counters for MultiParts are listed in enclosures {}---
              1+3                               Coconut Crush
              2+4                               Backfall Suplex
              d/b,d/b+1+2                       DDT
              d/b,f+1+2                         Tombstone Piledriver
              <behind> 1+3                      Half-Crab
              <behind> 2+4                      Cobra Twist
@@@           QCT+1                             Jaguar Driver
              <jaguar driver> 1+2               Flying Press
              <jaguar driver> 1+2,3,4,1+2       Boston Crab
              f,HCT+1                           Giant Swing
              d/b+1+2                           Figure-4             {3+4}
@@@           D/F~(1+3 or 2+4)                  Reverse Arm Clutch   [1+3]
or [2+4] USED:
              <reverse arm clutch> 2,1,1+2      Backdrop             {1+2}
or {2+4}
              <backdrop> 3+4,1+2                German Suplex        {3+4}
or {1+3}
              <german suplex> 1,2,3+4           Powerbomb
              <powerbomb> 2,1,3,4               Giant Swing          {2+4}
or {1+2}
@@@           D/F~2+3                           Standing Achilles Hold
              <achilles> 1,2,3,1,1+2            STF                      
              <achilles> 1+2,3,1,1+3            Scorpion Death Lock      
              <achilles> 1+2,1,3,1+2+4          Indian Death Lock        
              <indian> 1+2,3,4,1+2,ALL         Romero's Special

              1,2,1                             1-2,Uppercut
              (WC)+3+4,4,4,4,4                  Ali Kick(s) (see notes for
Octopus Special)
@@@           (WC)+3+4,2                        Ali Kick, Uppercut
              D#,d/f+4,2                        Ali Kick, Middle Smash
              f,f+2                             Smash Uppercut
@@@           f,f+1+2                           Flying Cross Chop (The
              f,f+4                             Jail Kick
              f,f+3+4                           Drop Kick
              3+4                               Delayed Drop Kick
              f,f,F+3+4                         Satellite Drop Kick
              D#,D/F+2                          Dynamite Uppercut
              u/f+1+2                           Knuckle Bomb
              (WC)+1+2                          Short Elbow Drop
              D+1~(N+2)                         Low jab, Uppercut (mix-up)
              f,f,N+2                           Stomach Smash (stuns on
              <s-smash stun> 1+2                Backbreaker
              <s-smash stun> N+1+2,u,d+3+4      Powerbomb
@@@           (U/B or U or U/F)+2               Elbow Drop
              U/F+3+4                           Double Knee Drop
              d/f+3+4                           Frankensteiner (often a
throw, depending on use)
@@@           d/f+1                             Elbow Sting
@@@           d/f+2                             Elbow Swipe
              F+1+2                             Jaguar Impact
              F+1+4                             Moon Press (unblockable)
              Octopus Special:  Press (4,2,1,3) very quickly between the
third and f
ourth Ali Kick hit.
                  The button presses go: (WC)+3+4,4,4,4,2,1,3

@@@           1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,(1,[1 or 3])                 Tenstring
@@@           1,2,1,1,3,3,4,4,(1,[1 or 3])                 Tenstring
              1,2,1,1,3,3,4,3,2,1+2                        Tenstring 
(ends with a jumping powerbomb)
              ***These can be started from the second attack by holding
                 stick forward and pressing 2
              ex: F+2,1,1,3,3,4,3,2,1+2 Ninestring

2) Homemade King Combos: (forgive the pun KI people)
    These combos are what I use besides his normal 10hitstrings and ali
Poor King does not have much strength in the normal techniques department,
more than makes up for it in the major throws division.

10hitstring uppercut bait:
    When you have perfected the timing of any of his 10hitstrings, you can
insert a delayed uppercut smash after any low initiated move to catch your
opponent off guard.

i.e. 1,2,1,1,3,3,4,3,,2
     Delay the 2 to activate the uppercut instead of the middle smash
     You can add in the uppercut anywhere in the ali kick sequence

Mini Heavenly Hash: (WC)+3+4,2,,,,F+1+4
    A good ali-uppercut combo will if it both connects will give you time
to Moon Press your opponent on the ground.  This works perfectly if the
ali kick major counters any high attacks initiated.  If the ali kick is
blocked, your opponent has a chance to roll backwards which is the only
way you can avoid the Moon Press.  Rolling to the side or forward will make
you eat more King on his way down.

Major Counter Heavenly Hash: <MC> (WC)+3+4,4,4,4,2,,,F+1+4
    This gives five hits depending on how stupid your opponent is.  It 
also conditions your foe to block low two more times and then you hit them
with the built in uppercut combo.  Finish with the Moon Press.  Hey, you
don't always get to combo with an unblockable unless it's canned.

Fake-out Knuckle Bomb: u/f or u or u/b,N,u/f+1+2
    This is a more funky version of Armor King's fake-out hammer.  You
have more latitude in attacking range and really messes your opponents 
strategy to try and counter a supposedly incoming high attack.

Ali Clothesline: (WC)+3+4,F+1+2
    This combo is difficult to land because of the large setup time, but it 
does eat up 45% damage on normal machines.  Do this only if the Ali kick major
counters so your opponent is still staggering as you get the clothesline out.

3) King's Timing
    I'm guessing that since King requires so much finesse to utilize his
more damaging attacks, it is important for people to know how to more
successfully execute his strings and multithrows.  When there is a ~ it means 
the next button is immediately pressed after.  When there is a , it means 
pause one keystroke.  When there is a (), it means hold the button down and do
not release until after the following button push.


Five Flips of Doom
    As soon as King grabs:
    After the first flip:
    While King flips over his foe's body for another suplex:
    As King grabs his foe's legs for the powerbomb:

Romero's Special Deluxe Pretzel
    As soon as you see King lifting the leg above above his waist:
    While King is falling down in the Indian Death Lock:

    As soon as you see King lifting the leg above above his waist:

Scorpion Sitdown
    As soon as you see King lifting the leg above above his waist:

4) King and the Art of Okizeme

Okizeme - Rising High Kick

   Ali Surprise - For all risers who kick high, (WC)+3+4,2 will not 
only major counter, but will knock them right down again.  Perfect okizeme

   Mid Smash - When an opponent tries to rise and kick high, f,f,N+2 (Pick
your choice of throw) ducks under the sweep when timed properly and stuns
opponent.  Extremely useful to do the followup throw for extra damage.

   King's ducking multis - This is also a perfect okizeme tactic against
rising attacks.  The initial ducking dash motion will completely make a
kick whiff.  Followup as shown above.

Okizeme - Rising Low Sweep

   Knucklebomb Special - u/f+1+2 is a good foil against would be low
One problem, it needs to be executed just as your opponent is sweeping. 
If not,
their sweep for some reason knocks you out of the sky even when you are
touching the ground.

   Hop Kick - u/f+4 will knock down a low sweeping foe with a quick
jumping kick.

   The moon flip - F+1+4 will definitely knock down a rising low sweeper.
you need to get up faster than your foe after execution.

Okizeme - Rolling to the Side

   Clothesline - F+1+2 is not the best okizeme against rising people, but
you can't
imagine the number of times you can get this off.  King essentially
sidesteps the
opponent and sets up with it.  You need to activate it up close so you
don't have to
rush up and execute.  Do it as someone starts the roll.  Most the time it
will hit 
before the rising high kick comes out.

   Ali kicks tracking - As your opponent rolls, immediately initiate a
single punch to
track their trajectory and followup with the ali kicks okizeme tactic.

Okizeme - Launching lunges

   One move, u+4 to hit them as they reach you.

Okizeme - Feet Launch

   This is more fun to hit people out of with the simple u+4 kick.  Slower
attack time
compared to the launching lunges.

5) King Against the World

    I am going to set up the World section so it is divided among the main
of characters.  This will decrease the specific actions King needs to do
against specific
opponents, but I'm hoping people will read this whole FAQ before trying
out the strategies.

The reversal people:
   This poses a serious problem against King since most his strings are
executed by a series
of high attacks.  When faced with a reverser, see if he incorporates it
into his strategy. Do
a series of (1,2,1), (f,f+2), and high kicks.  Seeing this volley of
stupidly all high attacks,
your opponent will seize the opportunity to try for reversals.  If he is
any good, you can see
him whiff reversals a lot.  These moves are not entirely reversal proof so
mix it up good.  Any
other single high attacks will work.  The point of playing King is to
setup for his most damaging
throws (multis or whatever you can grab at the moment).  Whiffed reversals
are the easiest to throw
into.  Think of King being assaulted by all these Akira reversal happy
people.  Set up for a throw
and execute.  Best ones are those which require motions that end with
forward. Like the tombstone PD,
the giant swing, and the Jaguar Driver multis.  If the opponent is fairly
decent at grabbing your high
attacking self, switch to low tactics.  Ali kicks and the ali-uppercut are
your best friends.  Your foe
being the rerverser he is will switch between quick strings ending with a
reversal motion if you want
to retaliate after his attack.  I have had opponents who mix up Paul's
10hitstrings, reversals, and
other small strings to build up a formidable defense.  Mind you that it is
all defense against my multis.
That is the main reason people would pick a reverser against King.  If
they are fairly good with that
reverser, so much better.  Believe in yourself and your ability to setup
throw attempts.  Here is one good
setup combo.
(WC)+3+4,2 (When it knocks down)
           if they roll back dash in D/F+2+4,five flips of doom
           if they roll forward dash back D/F~2+4, five flips of doom
           if they roll sideways dash back (to track)
                         and they roll back dash in D/F~2+4, five flips of
                         and they roll forward too close u+4 kick to the
                         and simply get up D/F~2+4, five flips of doom
           any other u/f+4 kick, a simpler execution timed throw

The Jacks:
    Like the name of their family implies, they are simple folk who enjoy
a good face pounding. :)
A newbie Jack will go for the scissors all the time.  Ali kick out of
there.  As for Jack-2 they also love
to follow up on this with a meltdown.  Block both and d/f+1 to stup them
up and break their concentration.
The Jacks, main strength is also in their throws, but they have an added
advantage of extremely life
draining combos and strings.  Know your opponent.  Know the 10hitstrings
so you know how to block every level
of it.  Believe me there is nothing to blocking L,L,H,H,H,H,H,H,H,H for
their trademark 10hitstring.
Know the breaks in the string and punish with a mini uppercut D,N+2 or
your choice of hits.  Moon flip
aggressively.  They initiate moves too slowly.  Things to watch for are
their attempts to setup throws.
Easy response are ali kicks.  When caught by a Jack-2 in a rush i.e.
meltdown, hell press, sweep, debugger,
sweep, hell press, etc. do not be discouraged from using King's easy to
flip out 10hitstrings and mini combos.
Remember that punches always take precedence than kicks when executed at
the same time.

10hitstring happy people:
   Baek, Law, Lee, Jun, Kazuya, Heihachi, Ganryu, and Devil all go to this
category.  I don't mean that their
10hitstrings are easy to execute, but that their mini strings and combos
are devastatingly fast, and can knock
King off his feet fairly easily.  The object to winning against these
people is aggressive play.  Their easy to
accomplish mini strings are matched by King's 1,2,1,1 punches.  Always go
into a rush play with a flurry of
punches.  Watch their level of attack and ali kick major counter them. 
Execute the Heavenly Hash to these
people, they deserve the thrashing and are countered by the ali kicks
easily.  If they play more defensively or
are stuck in cheap mode i.e. Lee's d+4,4,4,4, block this particular move
if it hits initially by going d/b till
the third kick then b.  In Tekken 2, the recovery from strings is always
two hits.  After the initial two go into
the offensive after blocking the rest.  Defensive mode for these people is
always a waiting game to see what you
will go into then counter attack.  They are successful if you are not
watchful of what they do. I am going to 
list below a specific trick each of the above characters love to do to
keep you away from them so you can't throw.

Baek - d+3,N,3,3 Launch kick, repeat
  No possible counter for this besides the knucklebomb special and that is
only when you anticipate that they are
going for this tactic.  They are also fond of the three low swipes attack.
 If you are caught napping, this will
tick off all your energy before you can retaliate.  Jump back to escape
and execute a flying kick attack.  Stupid
as some people are, they continue this even if you are not close.
Law - F+1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2 and d+3,3,3,u+3
  Law is quick and annoying with these simple get away tactics.  Respond
with ali kicks and return the favor with
either the Hash or followup strings.
Lee - d+4,4,4,4 and infinity kicks
  Lee has these two annoying attacks.  The former is already mentioned
above, the latter is tricky as it has a wide
range of movement and you have to know what move to execute to break the
infinity kicks.  When they are in the high
kicks motion, rush and ali kick them out.  Another good move to do which
requires precision timing is the D/F multi-
throw which can duck a high infinity kick.  The problem comes when they
punctuate this combo with low kicks which can
knocked out by a f,f+2 uppercut, f,f,N+2 counter (evil grin) followed by
your choice of counter-throw, a well timed
clothesline F+1+2 which is more dangerous because of the setup time, a
flying kick that knocks them out, or a standing
kick at just the right distance.
Jun - Infinity combo, F+2 uppercut, cartwheels, and sweeps
  Her differing hit levels make Jun the worst character to fight King
against, and add on her reversal and its an
uphill battle for an average King.  The infinity combo can be broken at
the 3 ring circus 1+4,2,1,2.  Watch for the low
kick high punch end and hit them from crouching with a simple punch to
break the combo and go neutral+2 to uppercut them.
Jun also has a nasty uppercut which has excellent priority against kicks
and punches.  Do not be aggressive toward Jun
when she knows how to reverse and counter.  Cartwheels and sweeps are her
main staple for keeping people away from her.
Block and watch the followup moves.  There are plenty of opportunities to
attack so long as you stay focused.  Throwing
her is very difficult and can result in getting thrown yourself.  This
happened to me a couple of times.
Kazuya, Heihachi, Devil - flurries of punches strings, uppercuts, hell
  The Mishimas are masters of the uppercut which makes King's high attacks
almost useless.  Go for the ali kicks all the
time and set them up for the big throws.  Thankfully, if you can back away
fast enough, their uppercuts have horrible
recovery and can be used for throw opportunities.  The larger uppercuts,
go for the multi throw.  I would suggest to time
your multi throws as they finish their punch strings.  It always gets them
because of the recovery again. Lastly, the hell
sweeps are very annoying and are not easily blocked after you block the
initial ones.  I suggest that you take the first hit
or tow to get knocked down, and sweep them getting up.
Ganryu - Sumo push 2,1,2,1,2,1..f,f+throw
  Not his best tactic, but certainly annoying.  He can stop his attack
anywhere and followup with a f,f+2+3 throw.  Its almost
guaranteed.  Always keep a distance away and ali kick him down.  Initiate
throws from a distance and he usually obliges by
rushing up.

The Mitsus:
  Yoshi and Kuni are masters of guile and quick hits.  A standing 3 ruins
most attempts at a rush in.  Yoshi's numerous sword
swiping unblockables are also difficult to get around.  The main
suggestion is to use their slow recovery against them.  Throw
them whenever they attempt quick hits.  Their 10hitstrings can be broken
by hitting them from the high kick to the low kick
sequence.  Kuni's quick unblockables are jumpable.  Quick u+4 will knock
her back into place.  Their spinning attacks are their
folly.  Ali kick them if out of range or wait it out.  The recovery at the
end is also horrible that you can throw them here too.

That's it for now.  I am tired and wish to pursue other goals.  Forgive
the lateness of this FAQ.
Noel T.

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